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Welcome to the #HollywoodHeelTurn wrestling podcast. We talk all things current wrestling along with lots of trolling. After all...aren’t we all heels anyways? Impact, WWE, ROH, AEW, NJPW we try to catch it all and throw some news in there from time to time so you too can be informed. Support this … read more

80 Episodes | 2020 - 2022

Death before Dishonor review

July 25th, 2022


Title says it all!!! Listen up and lettme know what y’all thought about Ring of Honors most recent PPV


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Blu does movie reviews insert question mark here

July 18th, 2022


So we still trying different things on the show so how bout we review Thor Love and Thunder. Thank u for listening as always!


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UFC 276 review

July 4th, 2022


Yo I tried something new real quick for the Fourth of July. Tell me if ya dig it!!!!


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Ok we will cover the big news S.O.T.M. edition

June 26th, 2022


Ok aight listen we will finally talk about some of this foolish ass wrestling news that’s been going on lately. Stay off the mic edition!!


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Dubba or Nutin review

June 19th, 2022


Aight here it is y’all. Any beef just holla at ya boy


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Heavy Thoughts

May 28th, 2022


Yo I touched a bit on wrestling walk outs and my thoughts. Then I dive into my bit on all these shootings happening in the world today. Thank you for listening. Next episode will be the Double or Nothing review


Impact review after Rebellion

April 30th, 2022


Yoooooo! So the PPV is in the books AND the episode after but was it any good??? Let’s find out


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Impact did it up on my daddies born day! 4/14/22 review

April 16th, 2022


You read the title so you already know what it is but was Impact Wrestlings 4/14/22 show any good or was it garbage?? Listen up I’ll tell ya


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Bowser is back

March 26th, 2022


The beast wanted to get some shot off his chest so that’s what we did ya dig?


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Impact review 3/11/22

March 13th, 2022


No explanation needed right? This episode was good ya dig?


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Chopping it up with Mr D Pad Entertainment

March 12th, 2022


Yoooooooo we back on the Saturday morning grind with the Ambassador MR D PAD ENTERTAINMENT HISSELF Sgt Crack ya dig!!!!!! This was a chill episode heavy on whitty banter about numerous wrestling and gaming topics and …

Dear AEW,

March 6th, 2022


A letter from Blu if u will ….AEW I think ur shit is wack…I rarely watch it for fear I’ll have a heart attack…BARS!! If I can take a break from rhyming for a second I’ll explain that ur boy isn’t really feeling AEW …

Blu Jester vs Impact Wrestling No Surender

February 20th, 2022


Yo we right in the mix and I decided that wrestling news can fuck allll the way off this week as we focus on our first PPV review of 2022 but was it good tho 🤔🤔


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1st Impact review & a game review ALL IN ONE EPISODE!

February 13th, 2022


Yoooooo what’s going down y’all? Wrestling Twitter is treacherous so be careful in those waters ya dig? We also talk Indivsible and Sifu a bit as we …

Stay off the Mic segment along with a mash up from the Ambassador!

January 29th, 2022


We are back with the first episode of 2022!! I had to start it up with the fam and we talked everything from the sun up ya dig? Bowers blessed y’all with the 1st Stay off the Mic for 2022 and the Sgt and I talk mostly …

Last Call for 2021….

December 31st, 2021


This one don’t need explaining ya dig? End 2021 with ur boy and the #HOLLYWOODHEELTURN PODCAST


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Whitty Banter with The Bowser

December 31st, 2021


Yoooooooo welcome to double header end of the year, two episodes in one day day eyyy!! First myself and the beast covered so much so it’s hard to pinpoint every topic. We def covered some silly as well as some serious …

Twitter 2021 wrap up & Booker T….let’s roast him for a second

December 26th, 2021


Happy holidays yall!!! #HHT IS HERE FOR UR STINKING ASS!!!! Thank you to everyone that dropped their opinion on our end of the year wrap up so let’s …

Extreme talent must be stopped

December 18th, 2021


So listen…y’all hear about this ref that damn there lost his life fucking around with some loser that was probably drunk as fuck mid match? If you didn’t hear then listen up as myself and The Beast of BNRF verbally …

What’s beef? CM Punk, MJF edition

December 5th, 2021


Beef is when I see u… Greetings everyone!!!!! Yo BNRF & FNW are back so I just had to let y’all know before we talk some odd AEW news as …

The Gunn’s stand S.O.T.M. Trials

November 27th, 2021


So this Austin Gunn fellas has been found and is being tried by his peer in Stay Off The Mic court Bowser Flatliner. Is he guilty or not guilty? Let’s find out!


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November 20th, 2021


Lol that was a funny line from Ring of Honor this week. If y’all didn’t watch that’s ok……our ROH Ambassador came through to bless the track


WCFI Hangman and a life update

November 13th, 2021


Short n sweet today y’all. Love u all!!!!! Thank you for kicking it with ur boy. We just turning up


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Let’s talk DREAD & recent E firings

November 7th, 2021


Yooooooooo TAG ME IN D PAD ENT!!! It’s Sunday the d pad day and we talk Metroid Dread by giving y’all some cliff notes. Then we talk recent firing of E talent….make it make sense yall 🤣


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WCFI SS 2021 & Ring of Honor update

October 30th, 2021


Yo very short n sweet this week yall!! We fixed Survivor Series 2021 before it even went down and let’s hear about he Ring of Honor unfortunate news


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W.C.F.I. AEW Trios edition

October 24th, 2021


Yooooooooooo. Greetings all! When is the last time we did a we can fix it?? I was thinking nows the time AND AEW needs help building their Trios division so we started it up for them! YOUR WELCOME


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Let’s talk about sports “hazing”

October 16th, 2021


Yo today we go in on some ogs that are reminiscent of the “good oleeee days” and we pulled no punches. Outlaw Trio and company this time and the …

Hey is that Ring Of Honor still good or what?!?

October 9th, 2021


Yo thank the lord for my Outlaw brothers as Sgt Crack fills us in today on what’s been going down with ROH the last few months. Where would we be …


October 2nd, 2021


Stay off the mic returns with its host the beast of Southtown. The beast and blu challenge a statement made by a whatculture fav. Did he indeed have …


August 19th, 2021


This isn’t good bye forever however it is goodbye for now. Love y’all.


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Outlaw Trio Lounge Hour

August 15th, 2021


Yo I’ve been so off track I’ve asked the boys to hold me up and they have. We are mega chilling so get up in here


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Back on track!

August 7th, 2021


Yo your boy has been slacking hard bodied. Thankfully I got homies to hold me up and make a great episode! The Beast of South town came through with …

Impact Slammiversary was FUEGO

July 25th, 2021


Impact is cooking on all cylinders and im here for it!!! GET IN HERE AND TELL ME HOW YALL FEELLLLLLLLLL


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July 17th, 2021


Yoooooooooo! What’s the deal everyone? Yo fellow outlaw Sgt Crack the ring of honor ambassador here for #HHT joins us today! We tackle Ring of Honors first ppv with fans back in attendance. Was it good was it bad? Tune …

Why we no longer watch WWE

July 3rd, 2021


Yo we are very cut and dry today. I got a special guest today JERMAINE A. CLARKE as well as the Beast of Southtown Bowser Flatliner and we discuss why we no longer watch WWE. Where did they go wrong?


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ROH tourney and crazy wrestling news

June 27th, 2021


We continue with the survival of the fittest tourney coverage along with some of this wild wrestling news we have heard this week. Sound off on how y’all feel about all this!


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ROH Survival of the fittest coverage

June 19th, 2021


Yo greetings everyone! The ROH Ambassador is back and he helps me cover the next round of the Ring of honor tourney SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Get up in here


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Vice and more Darkside of the Ring

June 12th, 2021


Yoooooooo first off we are starting with some #HHT community request because I’m trying to build up and give y’all what y’all want but I need to hear from y’all in order to do that. Plus Dark side of the ring talk along …


June 5th, 2021


Welcome to the very first super show. We got stay off the mic,the roh ambassador as well as Super WubZ back to talk dark side of the ring. It’s wild up in here all as a thank you to y’all for listening to the #HHT


Ring of Honor is blazing hot!!

May 29th, 2021


Let’s talk a bit about Ring of honor this week with things on the horizon!!! We have a super show coming up soon and we are building little by little and letting the people know what’s coming down the pipeline


AEW is a roller coaster ride but good or bad?

May 15th, 2021


I’m not trying to thrash AEW tooooo much but y’all are new enough to accept change. Now take my opinion and gobble it up ya animals. Love ya and tweet ur boy at HHHEEL_TURN


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“Stay off the mic” meets its host as well as verbal assault for the Sgt’s B DAY

May 8th, 2021


Yooooooooo what’s good everyone? This one is loaded as we start off with a devils advocate “just a thought” then we serve the “internet” a verbal …

REBELLION REVIEW, stay off the mic and more RING OF HONOR!!!

May 1st, 2021


We got a little bit of everything in this episode yall so let’s get to it!! Big thank you to everyone for listening!!!!! Then we got the Impact REBELLION review with our first commercial at the end!!!! Another stay off …


April 24th, 2021


Y’all this one right here is a slobber knocker for sure!!! We touch on the card for Impact wrestling’s ppv REBELLION and we put in on who we think will win. Then we introduce you to our new segment “STAY OFF THE MIC and …

News and such as we bounce back on track

April 17th, 2021


Hey y’all so we didn’t get canceled 🤣 Thank y’all again as we take it easy with the news and some bits on AEW as we bounce back into the driver seat


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Funny story

April 10th, 2021


Give a listen and pass the message along ya dig? I appreciate y’all!


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Is the honey moon phase over with AEW?

April 3rd, 2021


Thank y’all for hanging with me during this bit of a bump in content. The WWE protest continues as well as some talk about AEW,is the honey moon phase over??


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ROH go home show and more WWE protest information

March 27th, 2021


What’s going down yall? We are keeping the protest going but first let’s get it with D Pad ent Sgt Crack in the building for the Ring of Honor go home show to the PPV that is tonight. 19th anniversary. Tell me how y’all …


March 22nd, 2021


We will no longer support WWE for their continuous use of a open racist and we will no longer stand for them putting the band aid over our eyes. We …

We booked AEW Dynamite after Revolution

March 13th, 2021


Hey y’all what’s up? This Saturday we got some wrestling news with great things going on in different promotions and then we did a We Can Fix It and …

OUTLAW TRIO went all in on AEW Revolution

March 10th, 2021


This one is hyped from start to finish. I got the whole crew with me today and we reviewed AEW’s latest PPV but was it good? Bowser, Sgt and myself …

A “PURE” episode

March 6th, 2021


Yoooooo greetings everyone!! Today is a short one because you know we have a ppv to cover Sunday night so listen up. Let’s discuss the news AEW dropped this week as well as Mondays episode of RING OF HONOR!!


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February 27th, 2021


Yo what’s going on y’all? Let’s review the WWE 2021 Elimination Chamber as well as the RAW after to see if they picked it up or if it was a ball drop


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Black History Facts and things

February 20th, 2021


Greetings all!!!! We are covering black history in wrestling today!! Talking about favorite moments and spots as well as giving y’all some random facts you may or may not have known.


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AEW Sux with Super Wubz

February 13th, 2021


Yo y’all are getting alil bit of everything today with the exception of w.c.f.I. I got a new guest today Super WubZ and we briefly talk about what I …

Are they forming the wrestling avengers??

February 6th, 2021


Short and sweet today let’s talk about news and the possible forming of the avengers


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February 1st, 2021


Yo y’all read that right...this is a full tilt, off the cuff, immediately after it ended full Royal Rumble review with the whole gang.


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Was Impact wrestling the hottest wrestling thing on tv this week?

January 23rd, 2021


Yea you read that title right y’all, impact wrestling was the hottest bit of wrestling on tv this week. They built up some stars and added some depth to the AEW cross promotion and I’m telling y’all all about it


What’s the problem with modern wrestling?

January 16th, 2021


Yoooooooo pull up in ur boy @HHHEEL_TURN and lettme know what y’all think on this topic. Y’all side with the old heads or the young cats?


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January 9th, 2021


Yoooooooo we missed u all HAPPY NEW YEAR WELCOME 2021 WITH SEASON 2 OF #HHT. Yo we are starting off with a super show. We got the BNRF draft rules …


December 31st, 2020


Yo end the year with ur boyzzz WWE specific 2020 favs and with the lame shit as well. 2020 has been tough but thank y’all for party rocking with me and my Outlaw Trio brothers!!


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Blu and the BEAST vs WWE TLC 2020

December 26th, 2020


Yo so this one is banana sandwich yall. We started off with a little bit of fantasy booking to try to get y’all hyped up for the episode with re working the raw women’s roster. After that myself and the Beast of …


December 19th, 2020


Yooooooo it’s a feed back questions episode hosted by ur boy!! Hit me on Twitter @HHHeel_turn and let me know what y’all think bout this style and this episode ya dig?


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December 12th, 2020


Yo what did y’all think about the latest Nxt TakeOver WAR GAMES??? I’ll let ya know how I feel right now


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December 5th, 2020


Yo AEW was so wild this wild that myself, BowZer Flatliner and Sgt Crack had to talk about it yall!!! Get in here and hear us review what critics are saying is the best AEW Dynamite of the year


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Outlaw Trio vs 2020 WWE Survivor Series & The Raw after

November 28th, 2020


Yo it’s a solo dolo mission today as pic_BluJester takes the option to battle and give his opinion on 2020 Survivor series and they stay around …

OUTLAW TRIO VS FULL GEAR and Dynamite after

November 14th, 2020


Yo we got the full gear coverage as well as the show immediately after so check it out again yall #aew #aewfullgear


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November 7th, 2020


The next installment of WE CAN FIX IT is here with the hype for AEW Full Gear LETS GET IT #AEW #fullgear


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October 31st, 2020


The Outlaw Trio want to wish u a happy Halloween trio style!!! Today it’s blu and the beast and we talk about masked and face painted wrestlers and their dope ass gimmicks


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October 30th, 2020


Welcome to the first episode of WE WILL FIX IT where we take a program that was absolutely garbageeee and we fix it up for ya...fantasy booking …

Blu Jester vs Impact wrestling Bound for Glory

October 27th, 2020


Yo y’all know what it is.....impact did a ppv so let’s talk about it!!!


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Blu Jester vs WWE HIAC

October 26th, 2020


Yo check it out...we watched hell in a cell and now we talking about it ya dig? Did y’all enjoy it or was it a mega flop?


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Blu Jester vs the WWE 2020 draft

October 17th, 2020


Join us at #HHT as we tackle the draft and talk about what wwe could have done to make it better


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Has Covid forced wrestling promotions to get creative?

October 10th, 2020


It’s a solo dolo show today. Looking for twitter feed back on how you guys feel about how Covid has changed wrestling. Hit us up!!


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#HHT reviews NXT TAKEOVER 31

October 5th, 2020


Nxt never misses and it continues to not disappoint again tonight. Check what we thought


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October 3rd, 2020


I have not one not two but all three members of the Outlaw Trio today!!! Today we tackle the nonsense we have been dealing with in the WWE. Has it always been slow and lame or is this recent? Join this discussion it was …


September 28th, 2020


Eyyyyy what’s going on y’all!! Let’s review our first ppv event for #hht and that is WWE clash of champions!!


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The Beast of Southtown and BNRF wrestling rises from the shadows

September 26th, 2020


The beast of Southtown Bowser Flatliner joins us for this episode about women’s wrestling. The fall of the tits and ass era and the rise of real women’s wrestling. Give a listen


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September 19th, 2020


Welcome to thee very first #hht podcast with our special guest the host of d pad entertainment Sgt Crack. Today we cover AEW Dark positives and negatives as well as representation in wrestling currently


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