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The Mother of All Demos


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A computer may have been the size of room in 1968, but it was still a watershed year for tech industry. That year saw the founding of the Intel Corporation that would revolutionize microprocessors and "the mother of all demos," a landmark event that featured the first public demonstration of a computer mouse. Our guest, Margaret O’Mara, a professor of U.S. history at the University of Washington, became fascinated with the story of the Silicon Valley through a circuitous path that involved time spent in the White House and a close encounter with the Little Rock Nine. She tells Philip how this place, once a pastoral agricultural community, became a technological and economic powerhouse – and what that meant for the people who lived there.

Read more in this accompanying article from Margaret O'Mara: In 1968, computers got personal: How the ‘mother of all demos’ changed the world

Music: “By Grace” by Podington Bear, found on, licensed under CC0 1

“Motions” by Rafael Krux, found on, licensed under CC0 1

Archival audio: Mother of All Demos - The Mouse

HAL 9000: “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”

The First Microprocessor TV Commercial

Deactivating Hal 9000 HD (COMPLETE)

Apple accused of failing to protect workers

The 68’ Salute

It was my mistake’: Facebook CEO speaks out on privacy scandal

Jeff Bezos: The $100 Billion Dollar Man | CNBC

The Disruptors: The ‘Uber effect’ on the Taxi Industry

New video shows moments before fatal self-driving Uber crash

The Little Rock 9 - Arkansas 1957

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