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Welcome! Tune in for tips on how to Heal Your Life NOW with power statements, visualization, reflection time & real-life stories with real-life people who have overcome adversity. Learn to love yourself EVEN MORE based on the techniques of Louise Hay and You Can Heal Your Life, the book. The host an… read more

135 Episodes | 2019 - 2023

Episode 136 - Change What Happened To You with Odille Remmert

February 24th, 2023


Odille Remmert teaches how we have the power to heal through gaining control over our own brain and body chemistry and changing the negative implicit …

Episode 135 - Failing Forward with Inspirational Mentor Taylor Bull

February 24th, 2023


If this podcast doesn't inspire you, check your pulse.  Taylor shares how he has transformed his life and now inspires youth and other men to do the …

Episode 134 - Realign with What You Desire with Candace Burkart

February 7th, 2023


Candace Burkart's journey with poor health and chronic pain led her to uncover the mind-body connection to help heal herself when doctors said it …

Episode 133 - Healing From Trauma with Chakra Based Energy Work Featuring Author Lisa Erickson

February 6th, 2023


"I believe you have more power within you than you are aware of. You possess an energy technology that many different spiritual and healing …

Episode 132 - Heal Your Grieving Heart with Grief Educator Amy Garcia Baker

January 23rd, 2023


Certified Grief Educator Amy Garcia Baker walks us through tips and techniques to heal different forms and stages of grief.  A student of David Kessler and Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Heart training, she combines …

Episode 131 - The Soul Solution with Leadership Expert Vanessa Loder

January 19th, 2023


Learn how to transform "I am busy" to I am calm and I have plenty of time," with a simple meditation during this podcast.  It really works!

Vanessa …

Episode 129 - Inner Work is the Key with Aura Martinez

November 23rd, 2022


Aura Martinez is a Self-Discovery and Empowerment coach.  She holds a BA in Forensic Psychology and is a Board Certified Holistic Health …

Episode 130 - Learn to Overcome Unworthiness and De-Stress with Morgan Beard

November 22nd, 2022


Join us to learn about overcoming unworthiness, maneuvering through inner obstacles, de-stressing using creativity, and connecting to your inner wisdom.

Morgan Beard received her BA in Visual and Media Studies from …

Episode - 128 - Mount Hope - A Love Letter to the LGBTQ+ Community

November 22nd, 2022


Kellie Woolf is an amazing human being who has overcome intense adversity and has chosen to transform from survivor to thriver.  Her debut novel, …

Episode 127 - Learn to Believe in Yourself Even More with Steve Lovelace

October 3rd, 2022


Steve has survived multiple traumas and lives with the painful disease of arachnoiditis.  Overcoming the HUGE obstacles in his way, Steve made …

Episode 126 - Learn to Heal Dis-ease Naturally with Dr V and Her 7 Essentials System®

September 19th, 2022


As a host, I can confidently say I learned more on this podcast than on any other I have hosted.–Victoria Johnson

Dr V and host, Victoria Johnson …

Episode 125 - Honor Your Spirit with Carolyn Coleridge

August 29th, 2022


Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW, is a Psychotherapist, Intuitive and Healer with 25 years of experience.  She is also a huge Louise Hay supporter, as …

Episode 124 - Release the Baggage of Anxiety and Depression Using EFT and Other Techniques with Rachelle McCloud

August 6th, 2022


Rachelle McCloud, LCSW, is a mental health therapist specializing in emotional wellness.  She has developed a program that empowers people to get rid of their symptoms and heal.  Join her on Facebook in her group, …

Episode 123 - Emmy Award-winning Reporter Jen Maxfield Shares True Stories of Overcoming Adversity in Her New Book, More After the Break

July 9th, 2022


Jen Maxfield is an Emmy Award-winning reporter and anchor who started at NBC New York in 2013. Previously, she was a reporter and substitute anchor for Eyewitness News (ABC7). In her 22-year career, she has interviewed …

Episode 122 - Take Back Your Life After Loss with Alison Pena

April 25th, 2022


Alison  Pena (The Bad Widow) is a grief resilience coach and author.  She and her late husband learned to live fearlessly even in the face of death. 

Trust in yourself and your future …

Episode 121 - "The Power of Affirmations" with Internationally Known Speaker and Singer, Michele Blood

April 24th, 2022


Michele Blood had an amazing career as a rock singer in Australia and a horrific accident changed her life's path.  Listen in as she tells us how she healed her broken body with affirmations and music.   Listen to her …

Episode 120 - The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss with Zahra Mahoon

April 17th, 2022


As promised, Zahra Mahoon is back.  Law of Attraction expert Zahra Mahoon teaches us how to use our thoughts and words to create better health. …

Episode 119 - Being Resilient in Times of Change with Dr. Steve Yacovelli

April 17th, 2022


Dr. Steve Yacovelli ("The Gay Leadership Dude®) shares his top three strategies for being resilient in times of change.  He has worked with Fortune 500 greats like The Walt Disney Company, Bayer, The Bill and Melinda …

Episode 118 - The Law of Attraction to Accelerate Manifestation with Zahra Mahoon

April 17th, 2022


Zahra is a master mindset and law of attraction coach and manifesting expert. She is the author of twelve books on these subjects and the creator of the Unlimited 40-day law of attraction workout and the Unlimited …

Episode 117 - Learn To Value the "Middle of the Pack" with David Richman

March 30th, 2022


As a former sedentary, over-weight, smoker, David Richman knew that he needed to focus not on what others wanted out of him, but on what he wanted out of life. Through lessons learned in business and sport, David …

Episode 116 - Claim Space with Eliza VanCort

February 17th, 2022


Meet Eliza VanCort. She is a speaker, mentor, rule breaker, rule maker,
author, and unapologetic space claimer.  She is also TikTok famous and a TedX …

Episode 115 - Soulful Evolution with Lindsay Nepoose

January 31st, 2022


Linsday Nepoose is a certified Heal Your Life® workshop teacher and life coach.  In this podcast, she shares by example the importance of sticking with personal growth to overcome adversity.  Learn how Lindsay deals …

Episode 114 - Permission to Feel with Jacqui Pugh

January 27th, 2022


Jacqui is committed to helping people unzip their life. #unzipped
She shares tools in the podcast and on her website that help you rewire your brain …

Episode 113 - What is Holding You Back From a Happy Balanced Life? Carrie has Answers!

January 25th, 2022


Carrie Farmer loves to help people tap into their intuition and grow into their personal power.  She has created a game that is a tool for doing just …

Episode 112 - Jumpstart Your Life with Diane Randall

January 18th, 2022


Diane is energized, committed, and passionate about leading wellness conversations around life balance, stress management, personal growth, …

Episode 111 - Supporting People Impacted by Domestic Violence with Debbie Mehaffy

November 28th, 2021


Trigger Warning:  This episode speaks of domestic violence.

Debbie Mehaffy is an experienced Counsellor & Life Coach who specializes in the …

Episode - 110 Join Bryan Dulaney, Marketing Expert for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi

November 23rd, 2021


Bryan Dulaney is one of the top marketers in the world and has worked with Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi on their two biggest launches.  If Bryan …

Episode - 109 What Are Lightcodes and How Can They Help You? Find Out with Experts Julie and Tash.

November 14th, 2021


Julie and Tash Lewin, a dynamic mother/daughter duo are Co-Founders of Lightcode Lab™. 

Julie has been a medical Intuitive for 37 years & is the …

Episode - 108 Spheres of Love with Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Paul Luftenegger

November 9th, 2021


The last couple of years have been hard.  Paul Luftenegger leaned into his pain and created his most heartfelt album so far.  It releases on …

Episode 107 - Adopt a Positive Mindset with Christine Carey

October 13th, 2021


Meet Christine Carey!  She has been involved with teaching and guidance in the field of recovery for over 20 years and is the Associate Vice …

Episode - 106 Learn to Trust Life with Farhana Vohra

October 1st, 2021


Farhana Vohra, Mumbai, has positively touched the lives of over 20K people through her workshops and training events.  She is immensely passionate about building relationships through connection and the understanding of …

Episode - 105 Do You Want to Know How to Live an Unstoppable Life? Ralph Graves Jr. Shares What You Can Do Today!

September 20th, 2021


Ralph was a police officer on the streets of Camden, New Jersey, for over 20 years before retiring and becoming a Pastor. While working in a hands-on …

Episode - 104 Join New York Times #1 Bestselling Author Christy Whitman to Learn About the Art of Having It All and The Desire Factor

September 17th, 2021


I'm so excited to present Christy's podcast to you.  She is enthusiastic and every sentence she shares is packed with wisdom and power.  Be sure to go to her website to get your FREE 30-day video …

Episode 103 - Discover Your Genius, Defeat Your Intruder, and Design Your Destiny with Rob White

September 8th, 2021


Rob White is a well-known columnist for The Huffington Post, an entrepreneur, and an author.  On this podcast, we talk about tapping into the power …

Episode - 102- Align with Your Unique Gifts and Follow Your Dreams with Anastasia

August 17th, 2021


For over 10 years, high achieving professionals, business owners, students, and athletes have sought Anastasia out during periods of transition in life seeking clarity about career future or business growth and building …

Episode 101 - Udo Erasmus, Legendary Health Pioneer, Offers a Free Gift and Timeless Advice on Mind/Body Connection and Finding Peace

July 5th, 2021


Enjoy Udo's free gift to you, Your Body Needs An Oil Change.  This book and video series will help you find the balance you seek.

Udo Erasmus is the founder of Udo's Choice and an award-winning author.  He teaches at …

Episode - 100 - Jill Phillips Shares The Healing Power of Connection Through Story

June 24th, 2021


We have a very special guest for our 100th episode.  

I’d like to introduce you to J.M Phillips, storyteller, and author of Lamlash Street: A Portrait of 1960's Post-War London Through One Family's Story. In her late …

Episode -99 Find Calm in the Chaos with Jennie Wise

April 12th, 2021


Jennie teaches how the power of meditation and yoga therapy combined helps to transform limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns and restore holistic …

Episode - 98 - Transforming Grief with Jenny Dilts Unique Process

March 1st, 2021


Jenny recognized grief in her own life and used it to motivate her to become educated as a certified Grief Coach.  She teaches us how to transform grief one phase at a time.  Jenni has a system that includes …

Episode - 97 Learn to Trust Your Inner Wisdom with Bunny Sutherland

January 29th, 2021


Bunny Sutherland is a Spiritual Life Coach and a Medium.  She had a profound fear of death for many years and used that fear to open up and explore who she is on a spiritual level.  This journey has brought profound …

Episode - 96 Learn About Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino

January 28th, 2021


Tom has a burning desire to make a difference in the world by providing people with what they need to restore their optimum health.  He is passionate about helping others enhance their quality of life through Scalar …

Episode - 95 How to Live Life to The Fullest with Nathanael Zurbruegg

January 22nd, 2021


I was on the edge of my seat while recording this podcast!  Be sure to have a listen.
Being chronically ill for 30 years, having had a medical …

Episode 94 - Overcome Grief and Heal Your Life with Michelle

December 30th, 2020


Consumed by grief from the loss of her son in 2013, Michelle found her health rapidly deteriorating.  From 2018 to 2020 she was on bed rest and in 2019 her stomach completely shut down leaving her living on Jello and …

Episode - 93 - Healing Through Humor with Jana Ring

December 29th, 2020


Jana wants you to know that every thought you think is creating your future - so why not make it a happy thought? Jana is a Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Coach, Reiki Master, and Certified Stage Comedian …

Episode 92 - Learn to "Shake Off The Dirt" and Use Your Thoughts To Create Your Future with Michael Arterberry

December 9th, 2020


Just listen to this podcast!  Michael is a powerful and dynamic motivational speaker who is inspiring teenagers and adults to change their lives.
He …

Episode 91 - Connect With Your Inner Child with Sarah Safaei

December 9th, 2020


Sarah shares about our infinite ability to dream big and to manifest all of our desires through our life journey without worrying about limitations.  She talks about losing her father as a young child and how she has …

Episode 90 - The Power of Positive Thinking with Donna Dueck

December 6th, 2020


"A tragedy can turn out to be our greatest good if we approach it in ways from which we can grow."  Donna Dueck
Donna used the power of positive thinking to overcome a grim health diagnosis.  She integrated exercise, …

Episode 89 - Love Is The Answer To All Questions with Johnnie Womack

September 30th, 2020


Join Johnnie Womack to hear her stories of how Louise Hay's work has impacted her life for almost 40 years.  She was a proud owner of the "Little Blue Book," and used it when working with patients in the medical clinic …

Episode 88 - Malorie Tells Us How She Overcame a Traumatic Brain Injury Using Mindset Techniques

September 29th, 2020


Join us as we talk about overcoming a traumatic brain injury and going on to create a life where Malorie now helps others decrease their stress and …

Episode 87 - Values, Vulnerability, and Vision with Jocelyn Bellows

August 17th, 2020


Jocelyn's personal mission is to elevate those around her to achieve success.  She is a Break up to Wake up Coach and host of the LEAP podcast. …

Episode 85 - Late Stage Cancer Survivor Rachelle Reid Teaches Us To Empower Ourselves and Take Control of Our Future

August 13th, 2020


"Your thoughts will manifest your life, take control of your future and empower yourself." Rachelle Reid

 Join late-stage cancer survivor Rachelle …

Episode 86 - For The First Time, Pamela Shares How She Stopped Living To Make Other People Happy And Now Lives The Life She Was Meant To

August 13th, 2020


Pamela began her own healing journey when a series of painful life events, health issues, and emotional anguish surfaced, uncovering the first layers …

Episode 84 - "Show Up As You Are," Celebrate Your Life with Celebrity Makeup Artist Kumar Iyer.

August 3rd, 2020


Kumar is a makeup artist from Mumbai (and Pune) who is known for his work in advertising, feature films, celebrity and bridal.  He has been in the industry for 25 years and has seen many changes.  He is now a celebrity …

Episode 83 - Break-up With Social Media with Johan Versteegh

July 27th, 2020


Spoiler Alert - I (the host) found out that I have unhealthy social media habits! I was shocked!  Be sure to listen to see where you can make improvements in your relationship with social media.

This interview was so …

Episode 82 - "It is Your Choices That Create Change" with Dan McPherson

July 20th, 2020


This episode is filled with inspiration!  Dan was raised in a home where he was hidden from his father, surrounded by drugs, violence, and …

Episode 81 - When You Don't Go Within, You Go Without with Kara Nicole Bitar

July 16th, 2020


Kara was a successful lawyer specializing in high stakes corporate litigation.  As her well being and happiness declined, she knew she had to make …

Episode 80 - What Do You Need To Heal? Amanda Conklin, Holistic Practitioner Teaches By Example.

May 25th, 2020


Amanda shares how she has healed from the trauma of sexual, mental and physical abuse as a child, severe bullying in high school, low self-esteem …

Episode 79 - Beata Shares How Journaling Changed Her Life - "The Pain Was Created By The Stories I Was Telling Myself."

May 21st, 2020


Beata shares an immigrant story of overcoming inner limits, cultural bias, and how she overcame change that was scary, paralyzing her and stopping …

Episode 78 - Jennie Recovered From Being A Struggling-Workaholic-People-Pleasing-Perfectionist - You Can Too!

May 18th, 2020


Jennie was overwhelmed and burned out at her corporate job. Years of being a struggling workaholic-people-pleasing-perfectionist had caught up with …

Episode 77 - What We Do Is Not Who We Are with Trial Attorney by Day, Musician by Night Bryan Smith

May 14th, 2020


What we do is not who we are, yet so often we identify ourselves with our career.  Bryan encourages listeners to connect with creative outlets that exemplify success and happiness, even while still committed to your …

Episode 75 - "The Eagle Avoids The Storm By Flying Above It" with Teri Karjala

May 11th, 2020


Teri is energizing and her enthusiasm shines through in this podcast. Pulling from her therapeutic knowledge, she combines humour and intelligent …

Episode 76 - Identify the Core Wound That Is Stopping You with Mary Lou Rodriguez

May 10th, 2020


Special Release - Mary Lou Rodriguez is a passionate professional and licensed hypnotherapist.  The is committed to healing our world and thrives on being of service.  On May 14th she as an online workshop on Manifesting

Episode - 74 Shift From Sacrificing Yourself to Celebrating Your Worth Bravely with Greguyschka

May 7th, 2020


Greguyschka overcame temporary paralysis, and mental and emotional bankruptcy to become the powerful leader that she is today.  "Everything we do is …

Episode 73 - Abundance and Prosperity-Recorded Heal Your Heart Webinar

May 5th, 2020


This was such a fun webinar and the final one in the Heal Your Heart series.  We talk about abundance and prosperity and how it is showing up in our lives in different ways.  We discuss mental blocks and how to overcome …

Episode 72 - Learn How Emotional Awareness and Emotional Connectivity Work Together in Mind/Body/Spirit with Maureen Gaetz Faubert

May 4th, 2020


Maureen shares her near-death experience and how it solidified the mind/body/spirit connection in her life. She knew she had to change her life and …

Episode 71 - Recording of Heal Your Heart Webinar - Keys to Health and Happiness

April 30th, 2020


Listen to this interactive webinar on how our mindset impacts our health and overall happiness. This is webinar #5 in the Heal Your Heart webinar Series.  Thank you! 

For more inspiration visit: for …

Episode 70 - Positive Psychology Expert Elizabeth Louis Explains How to Find The Positive Even During Covid-19

April 30th, 2020


Elizabeth holds a Masters of Science in Positive Psychology and is a mindset expert. In this podcast, she teaches us how to face anxiety and fear, …

Episode 69 - Sierra Melcher Presents How Change Really Happens - Unexpected Tools of Transformation

April 27th, 2020


Sierra Melcher is a woman devoted to helping other women.  She is a mentor, International Educator and Entrepreneur.   She is both an author and an artist.  Sierra is sharing tips from her new book - "How Change Really …

Episode 68 - Your Emotional Guidance and Support - Heal Your Heart Webinar Recording

April 22nd, 2020


This podcast features a pre-recorded webinar from April 19, 2020.  You will experience a Louise Hay Heal Your Life Meditation and then learn how your thoughts impact your emotions and behaviour.  Learn to ask yourself …

Episode 67 - Grief Guru Kelli Nielsen -Learn to Find Purpose in Tragedy-The Past Doesn't Define You, It Prepares You

April 20th, 2020


Kelli Nielsen is The Grief Guru and shares her 5-Step Framework for transforming grief with us.  Kelli shares that grief does not always mean death.  We can grieve with divorce, job loss, empty nest, relocation, and …

Episode 66 - A Powerful Conversation Between Two Heal Your Life® Coaches about Fear and Uncertianty

April 17th, 2020


Join me for this special episode.  It is a powerful conversation with Heal Your Life Coach Rachel Wald.  We went there - we talked about the fear …

Episode 65 - Webinar #3 - Your Spiritual Life, Your Way.

April 15th, 2020


Webinar #3 - This is an awesome webinar!  Participants of the webinar share their experiences with religion and spirituality and what they are doing now as a daily practice so that they can live their spiritual life, …

Episode 64 - Dr. Sue Carter Collins - "Greatness is Your Birthright and Fear is an Opportunity for Growth"

April 15th, 2020


Put your seatbelt on for this one - you are about to hear some TRUTH!  Dr. Sue Carter Collins has a Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice and is …

Episode 63 - Webinar #2 Relationships - How to Navigate in This New Reality - Plus 5 Love Languages and Letters to Louise

April 9th, 2020


Bonus - Webinar #2 - Join us and listen as we share how to navigate boundaries and differences in spiritual beliefs in our relationships.  We share …

Episode 62 - Adversity is the Door to Opportunity with Erika Shepard

April 6th, 2020


You are going to LOVE Erika's message.  She is a former nurse practitioner turned FREEDOM Coach!  Erica has learned how to balance taking action and sitting back and allowing.  Like many of us, this did not come …

Episode 61 - Bonus - Relaxation Meditation to Release Fear and Anxiety with Victoria Johnson and Louise Hay Affirmations

April 4th, 2020


Give yourself a 15-minute break. Make yourself comfortable and settle into this relaxing and healing meditation.  Victoria's calming voice is set to …

Episode 60 - Heal Your Heart Webinar - Week 1 - Be Inspired to Live in Positivity and Hope During This Challenging time.

March 31st, 2020


Join us live for upcoming webinars or have them come directly to your inbox! Register here - it takes less than a minute. 

Let's join together to heal our hearts, and reduce anxiety and fear in our lives.  Experience …

Episode 59 - 5 Days to Vibrant Health with Jessica Green

March 30th, 2020


Jessica Green shares how "taking responsibility for my health was one of the biggest factors in my recovery."  Jessica is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Heal Coach and is passionate about teaching health and …

Episode 58 - "The Extra Mile Pushes You and Creates the Growth" with Roxy Wright

March 23rd, 2020


Roxy is an Equestrian Canada Certified Riding Instructor, Certified EFT Level 3 Practitioner and Trainer and a Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach.  She also specializes in Qigong meditation work (to put …

Episode 57 - From Her Honeymoon to The Hospital, Janeris Leads by Example - Watch Me Overcome This!

March 16th, 2020


Shortly after Janeris was married her health rapidly deteriorated.  Her lungs and heart were failing, and she was on oxygen to survive.  She literally went from her honeymoon to the hospital.  Thanks to her strong …

Episode 56 - "Life Lessons from a 40 Something" with Bestselling Author Pamela Sommers

March 9th, 2020


(I know we are not supposed to have favourites...but...this is one of my favourite podcasts that I have ever recorded.  I hope you enjoy it too.)

Pamela's journey took a drastic turn after she had an accident and went …

Episode 55 - Girl, Get Off The Couch with Dr. Radisha Brown

March 2nd, 2020


Dr.  Brown is the author of the book "Girl, Get Off The Couch," a self-help book to help women drop the weight they want to lose and to silence the negative thinking that is attacking our feelings of self-worth.  She is …

Episode 54 - Learn How Glenda Designed a Life of Less and Got More of What She Loves

February 24th, 2020


Glenda  Hoon is the author of "The Status Foe," coming out in 2020.  The book speaks to how living the status quo is the enemy of living the life you …

Episode 53 - Be Focused on the Good - That is Where Your Miracles Will Be with Dr. Izdihar Jamil

February 17th, 2020


Dr. Izdihar Jamil is a Computer Scientist who moved to America in 2015.  Dr. Izdihar Jamil is a Money Coach and consultant who lives in California …

Episode 52 - Overcoming Shame, Guilt, Resentment and Embarrassment and Growing Into The Person You REALLY Are with Cat Coley

February 10th, 2020


Cat was living a picturesque life with her husband and daughter when a crime from her distant past came back to haunt her and found her serving a 19-month sentence in prison.  While incarcerated she spent her time …

Episode 51 - You Are Not Broken, You are Never Lacking, Embrace Your Greatness with Jessie-Lynn MacDonald

February 3rd, 2020


Jessie-Lynn is a Mental Health and Well-Being coach, and founder of My Mental Health Rocks in Canada, a program that promotes wellbeing, resilience and raising awareness of innate mental health in children and teens. (

Episode 50 - Learn How to Put Yourself First When You are Feeling Lost and Unfulfilled with Michelle Bateman

January 30th, 2020


Michele lives by the motto "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life."  Overcoming two divorces she transformed her life and now helps others do the same with her coaching and workshops.  She teaches deservability and how …

Episode 49 - Helping Introverts Lean In To Who They Really Are with Karen Hewitt

January 27th, 2020


Karen helps introverts lean into who they really are and use their hidden gifts.  Her company is Blossom to Success LLC, and she is a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and Speaker.  Karen is a survivor of …

Episode 48 - Is Your Obsession or Neglect of Your Body a Cover for Your Real Pain? Guest Nichole Clark

January 23rd, 2020


Nichole teaches about the law of attraction, health and fitness, personal development and family and finances.  She is the author of the book, "The …

Episode 47 - "You Can't Heal What You Don't Feel" (David Kessler) with Harriet Cabelly

January 19th, 2020


Learn about the 6th Stage of Grief with Harriet Cabelly.  Harriet is a Grief and Adversity Counsellor based out of New York.  Her book "Living Well Despite Adversity" contains interviews with  Cheryl Strayed, Temple …

Episode 46 - Do You Want to Pursue Your Passion Projects but Your Passion Projects Don't Pay the Bills - Yet?

January 16th, 2020


Rhianna Basore suffered from starving artist syndrome.  Find out how she became a successful Professional Actor, Writer, Director and Producer by …

Episode 45 - Is it Possible to Overcome Mental Illness Through Self-Growth and Spiritual Exploration?

January 13th, 2020


Is it Possible to Overcome Mental Illness Through Self-Growth and Spiritual Exploration?  Today's guest did - and she wants to help others do the same.  Brittany shares that you and only you have the power to change …

Episode 44 - "Who is the most powerful version of me and what would she be saying right now?" - Cara Mendez

January 9th, 2020


Cara Mendez is a recovering perfectionist, self-care and wellness advocate and Certified Pranic Healer. 

She wanted it all, to be the perfect mom, the perfect entrepreneur, and the perfect woman.  In the process she …

Episode 43 - Practice Positive Self-Talk to Clear the Roadblocks in Your Path, and Say YES to Reclaiming Your Mental Power

January 3rd, 2020


Sabrina is a surgical provider serving veterans in Houston, Texas. She is all about productivity - working smarter not harder - and finding the joy in life while still maintaining a healthy career.  Sabrina shares what …

Episode 42 - Regain Control of Your Body and Mind with Kristin Burdi

January 2nd, 2020


Kristin developed anorexia when she was 15 years old.  She recovered from it but never dealt with the underlying issues and a few years later found …

Episode 41 - From Victim to Victor; Homeless to Home Owner; Felon to Fabulous. Learn How to Turn Your Trials Into Triumph

December 30th, 2019


From Victim to Victor; Homeless to Home Owner; Felon to Fabulous.  Ramona Stillwagon shares this motivational quote and inspirational life story. …

Episode 40 - Launch 2020 with Rachel Wald! Learn how to have Confidence, Clarity and Courage and How to Implement it Today!

December 30th, 2019


Rachel is motivating and inspiring as she openly shares her stories of bravery and following your dreams.  Learn how to refuel your life with the …

Episode 39 Encore Podcast with Elizabeth - Retrain Your Brain in 6 Months or Less

December 29th, 2019


Elizabeth transformed her life from being homeless and abused to living a fulfilling life and even earning her Masters of Science in Positive …

Episode 38 - Learn to Redesign Your Body WIth Your Words

December 29th, 2019


In 2009 Charlotte felt like she had lost it all. As a Registered Nurse, she was used to dealing with the practical/medical side of health care, …

Episode 37 - Strategies to Step Into Your Power as a Leader with Alicia Marie

December 29th, 2019


This is a power-packed podcast with strategies that are soul-aligned and designed to help you step into your power as a leader.  Alicia was a single …

Episode 36 - Change Your Brain by 90% in 6 Months or Less

December 13th, 2019


Elizabeth transformed her life from being homeless and abused to living a fulfilling life and even earning her Masters of Science in Positive …

Episdode 35 - Judy Rafat - Professional Vocal Coach and Jazz Singer Shares How She Creates Miracles with Her Students.

December 12th, 2019


Judy has been working as a vocal coach and jazz singer for over 30 years. An important insight of her many years of teaching is that many students …

Episode 34 - Calling ALL Listeners with Daddy Issues!

December 2nd, 2019


Remember Luann from about 4 weeks ago?  She was doing a 30-day challenge to overcome negative messaging and to restore her perception of her relationship with her father.  Find out how it went - spoiler alert - it was …

Episode 33-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Paul Luftenegger Shares The Power of Words

November 28th, 2019


Paul Luftenegger has seven conscious albums to help self-love and self-worth prosper from within.  His music has been positively reviewed by Oprah, …

Episode 32- Learn How Annette Supported her Transformation to Self-Awareness

November 26th, 2019


Annette is a beautiful and knowledgeable Soul who has experienced many things in her lifetime.  As a young adult, she found herself in a state where …

Episode 31 - Life After Abuse - Jackie Thomson Shares Her Story

November 23rd, 2019


Jackie shares her heartbreaking story of years of abuse that led her to believe that she was unlovable.  Once she broke free from the cycle of abuse, …

Episode 30 - Do You Want to Stop Self-Sabotage and Silence Your Inner Critic? Fiona Drake Will Help You With That!

November 20th, 2019


I am beyond excited to present this amazing woman to you! May I present Fiona Drake, from

Fiona is a Mindset Coach and Law of Attraction Specialist.  She is also a Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher. …

Episode 29-The Answers to All of Your Questions about the 2020 Heal Your LIfe® Certification Training

November 7th, 2019


Episode 29 - Have you thought about earning your certification as a Heal Your Life Teacher or Coach?  Here are the details you need plus all of my contact information.  Victoria Johnson, Call or text 780.228.1238, …

Episode 28 -Managing Self-Talk Through Crises. Check out this 30 Mirror Work Experiment!

November 4th, 2019


Luann is an accomplished actor and writer who lives in California.  She is certified in Spiritual Psychology and is a Heal Your Life Teacher and …

Podcast 27- Meditation / Affirmations - Louise Hay Affirmations from the Book You Can Heal Your Life

October 16th, 2019


Take some time today - and every day -  to listen to the affirmations from the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  I have read all the affirmations from each chapter and recorded them for you here.  The …

Episode 26-Webinar 3 - Louise Hay Tribute with Victoria Johnson and Guest Michele Joy from Law of Attraction in Action

October 11th, 2019


This podcast is a great review of the foundational work of Louise Hay.  Learn to Love yourself even more!  We share about the power of love with …

Episode 25- Louise Hay Webinar Series (2 of 4) Audio recorded Sept 15,2019

September 29th, 2019


Join me and a panel of experts as we talk about the legacy of Louise Hay. Her philosophies are timeless! For more information on becoming certified Heal Your Life® Teacher / Heal Your Life® Coach visit my website.

Episode 24- (Wealth and Abundance) Manifest Your Best Life Event, Portland Oregon, Nov 2019

September 15th, 2019


This episode is a copy of the live recording between myself and Michele and was originally aired on her podcast "Law of Attraction in Action,"  In this episode, we talk about weath and abundance and how to create what …

Episode 23-Louise Hay Webinar Series (1 of 4 )Recordings - Audio Recorded Sept 1/2019

September 15th, 2019


In order to pay tribute to everything I have learned from Louise Hay and the empire she created, I have created a 4 part webinar series.  This is part one of four webinars.  In this webinar we focus on deservability and …

Episode 22-Divine Compassion with Master Teacher Trish Bowie

September 15th, 2019


OMG everyone, you are going to love this podcast.  Trish is an expert in both Eastern and Western Teachings and has been a Reiki Master for decades!  She has been led to start her own movement entitled "Divine …

Episode 21 (Health) Manifest Your Best Life Events, Portland, Oregon - November 2019

September 15th, 2019


This episode is a replay of a live recording that Michele Joy and I recorded on her podcast "Law of Attraction in Action."  We talk about Health in this episode, scratching the surface to what we will be covering at the …

Episode 20 - 365 Days of Joy with Michele-Joy! What is Next for this Manifesting Trail-Blazer?

July 25th, 2019


Michele left her nursing job without a plan - but with a burning desire in her heart.  She wanted to share with the world all she knows about the law of attraction and miracles.  She recorded 365 consecutive days of …

Episode 18 - Erin Strayer is an Amazing Woman Doing Amazing Things, Creating an Impact by Helping Others Rise Up!

July 25th, 2019


Erin has a hugely successful podcast (among other things) and regularly features thought leaders making a difference and generating change for a …

Episode 17 - Dr. Don and Lisa Teach us that "Once You Become Fearless, Life Becomes Limitless"

July 25th, 2019


For Dr. Don and Lisa everything looked beautiful on the outside.  On the inside, they both had an aching desire to make a difference in the lives of …

Episode 16 - Learn to Heal Your Life® while Spending Time with Horses at Hearts Haven Ranch

July 25th, 2019



Roxy is an EFT Practitioner, Certified Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner, Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach. She teaches us to immerse ourselves in positive thoughts, people, and actions …

Episode 15 - Alanna Learned how to Stop Acting Like "The Strong One", and to Embrace Self-Discovery

July 25th, 2019



Alanna is a powerful teacher and coach who uses her own life experiences to share life lessons with her clients to help them heal their lives – …

Episode 14 - Tobilynn is Passionate About Working with Families - "Parents Create the Life Experiences of the Children."

July 24th, 2019



Tobilynn first learned about metaphysical healing back in the 1990s. She is an intuitive healing facilitator, metaphysical counsellor and a Heal Your Life® teacher and coach. Tobilynn loves to work with parents …

Episode 13 - Learn How Maureen's Near Death Experience Changed Her Life

July 24th, 2019



Maureen Gaetz Faubert is the founder of ‘Head to Heart – Connecting to Your Truth’.  She is a Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach and Founder of Canadian Organizations for Rare Disorders.  Maureen had a near-death …

Episode 12 - Something More - A Deep Meditation for Inner Peace, Written and Narrated by Victoria Johnson (20 mins)

March 15th, 2019


Tune in for this relaxing 20 minute meditation that will take you through many emotions, thoughts and positive affirmations.

Deep in the center of my mind, there is a place of pure love and everlasting peace. This place …

Episode 11 - Liz Left a Lucrative Career as a Professor and Senior Lecturer to Return Home to Care For Her Parents...And That Was Just the Beginning.

March 15th, 2019


After 30+ years in the world of business and academia, Liz Peterson had a major shift in her life.  In 2015 she walked away from her career and returned home to care for her parents.  In the midst of her father's death …

Episode 10 - Antoinette Teaches How Spontaneous Writing Helps us Let Go of Negative Emotions

March 15th, 2019


Antoinette is an award winning Wedding Celebrant in Ireland as well as a Heal Your Life Teacher, Coach, and Business Trainer.  She has earned the designation of Personal Development Practitioner and you will be able to …

Episode 9 - Jennifer Explains How to Live Your Dream, Even if it Means Giving up Fear and Relying on Trust

March 15th, 2019


Jennifer, a former veterinarian and manager of a multi-national corporation is now a successful entrepreneur.  She has created a multifaceted …

Episode 8 - Mind, Body, Soul Connection Melody Saul Teaches Us How to Identify our Feelings and Re-Learn to Listen

March 15th, 2019


Melody  is a Mind, Body Soul Connection expert that helps people to see how stress and other dis-ease in our body is directly related to what we …

Episode 7 - Part 2 of Ep. 6 - Kumar Overcame Tragedy, Loss and Trauma and Created an Exceptional Life

March 15th, 2019


 Stories like Kumar's are why I do the work I do and why I wrote my book.  Kumar faced adversity at every turn and instead of letting it defeat him …

Episode 6 - Part 1 of 2 - Kumar Overcame Tragedy, Loss and Trauma and Created an Exceptional Life

March 15th, 2019


Stories like Kumar's are why I do the work I do and why I wrote my book.  Kumar faced adversity at every turn and instead of letting it defeat him he …

Episode 5 - Sharon was at "Rock Bottom" but Didn't Give Up!

March 15th, 2019


Two years ago Sharon Noullett was at rock-bottom emotionally but knew that there must be an answer somewhere. She left a corporate job because of the …

Episode 4 - Forgiveness Meditation - Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others with this Powerful Forgiveness Meditation written by Louise Hay.

March 15th, 2019


Forgiveness Meditation - Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others with this Powerful Forgiveness Meditation written by Louise Hay.  If you would like to …

Episode 3 - Author Genie Lee Perron Survived and Thrived through a "Terminal" Cancer Diagnosis.

March 15th, 2019


Genie overcame a prognosis of "3 to 5 years" and is thriving today.  She used Louise Hay affirmations to overcome the fear and trauma of her fatal diagnosis.  Shortly after her diagnosis she lost her mother and her …

Episode 2 - Holly Goodings used Louise Hay Philosophies to Heal Her Body!

March 15th, 2019


Holly is a former social worker turned entrepreneur.  She healed herself from an incurable disease by making changes to her diet and using the …

Episode 1 - Find Your Joy with my Guest Michele Joy

March 15th, 2019


 If you want to hear an interview with someone who has completely transformed their life, this is for you. Michele left a nursing career to pursue her passion!  Find out more about how she healed her mental state of …

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