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Haas Team Podcast, Episode 002 - Australian Grand Prix Results and Captain Denmark

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Episode description

On this episode of the Haas Team Podcast, we discuss the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, and the finishes by Haas F1 Team drivers, Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean, as well as the popularity of F1 and Haas F1 Team on the heels of the Netflix series, Drive to Survive. 

  • Massive reception with      thousands and thousands of listens from around the world
    • Massive reception with thousands and thousands of listens from around the world platforms
    • Now the podcast is on 21 total podcast platforms
    • Episodes have been listened to over 2,400 times across more than 35 countries
      • We see you Bosnia, Vietnam and India! 
  • The Danes Dominated Early and listens, at one point 57% of the listeners were Danish, while just 32% of      listeners were American - leaving us to ask, is there a Captain Denmark?
    • That number has since flip-flopped (52% US, 32% Denmark), but for nearly a week, the Danes held       the top spot
    • No other country is over 2%, step it up Canada!
    • South Park S20E06 - Fort Collins
    • No Captain Demark, but there is Holger Danske (from @RedTilt1 on Twitter)
Australian Grand Prix Recap

Kevin Magnussen finished P6, securing 8 points, while Romain Grosjean was forced to retire and DNF. 

K-Mag's Finish Grosjean's Bad Luck Down Under Continues

Romain Grosjean failed to finish the Australian Grand Prix for the third season in a row. 

Even with the terrible result, by no fault of his own, according to Steiner RG8 is still in good spirits (source).

"He was disappointed. I spoke with him about it, which is the right thing to do, and apologised because this should not happen ... But he's in good spirits because the car is good. It's not his last chance to make points." Bill Burr is a Fan of Haas F1 Team

He had some great takes on Ricciardo's DNF, Hamilton's whining, and Ferrari underperforming

Hate us Cause They Ain't Us

Doesn't like Haas very much, and they are jealous of the success that the Haas F1 Team has found so far with in F1 (source). 

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