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Guild of Adventurers – Episode 11 – Did Ever a Dragon Keep So Fair A Cave

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Good things come to those who wait, and for our heroic adventurers Tal, Arlen, and Calgaar, they’ve waited a whole 10 episodes before getting the chance to level up and claim some tremendous loot – but things are never that quite that simple. While this audio drama is based on 5th Ed. D&D – we still enjoy the role play and story telling, and so, in this epic (over one hour!) episode of Guild of Adventurers, Tal achieve Level 3 Thief by some intense rooftop training with Lt Dan, Arlen beings to better understand the cycles of life and death with none-other than Rat Queen of the Dorestir Sewers – Setta Sim, and Calgaar delves into Cpt Grinfold’s past and learns a measure of the quality of patience and meets a creature he’s only dreamed of.

We are once again joined by guest voice Rachel, reprising her character of Illiana Alvingham, and we are joined as well by a new voice – Seth Merlo playing the character Brannin Teine (more on him in future episodes!).

Lastly, this episode is in-part dedicated to our loyal listener and ever faithful patron – Gio. His patronage has award him a recurring NPC character roughly based on himself, who you will meet in this, and future, episodes. Thank you for your support Gio!

Special thanks to our other patrons: Andrew W & newcomer Ryan M

Music by: Purple Planet (Mirrorball)

Friday Morning Kevin MacLeod (
Open Those Bright Eyes Kevin MacCleod
Sneaky Adventure Kevin MacCleod
Long Road Ahead B Kevin MacCleod
Ascending the Vale Kevin MacCleod
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Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacCleod
An Upsetting Theme Kevin MacCleod
Quinn’s Song The Dance Begins Kevin MacCleod
Friday Morning Kevin MacCleod
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