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Self Pity On The Road To #LiveDifferent - E103

May 17th, 2019


Do you need to eliminate Self Pity? It's a natural emotion that can help heal us or destroy us. We break down what self pity is, where it comes from and how to leverage it to #LiveDifferent. With JJ White and co-host …

What Are You Anchored To In Life? #LiveDifferent - E102

May 9th, 2019


Every decision you make in life (up to 10,000 a day!) is anchored to something, good or bad. You are anchored to people, experiences, material things and/or God. Anchors are designed to keep you steady, not drag you …

Are You Selfless Enough to #LiveDifferent? - E101

May 2nd, 2019


Do you have enough balance of selfishness and selflessness in your life? Too much of either isn't healthy for you and the people around you. On this episode we discuss the barriers to being selfless and what you can do …

How To Get to "100" In Life - E100 (Anniversary Show)

April 25th, 2019


How do you get to a 100 in anything in life? 100%? 100 times? One hundred anything can be a huge accomplishment. On our 100th episode, we talk about …

Do You Aspire To #LiveDifferent? - E99

April 22nd, 2019


Our decisions, actions and thoughts can all lead to one almighty aspiration. What is yours? Who do you aspire to become? How far can you see into your own future? JJ White and James Munsey break it down on this episode …

Great People Session - Will Turner and Christopher Jones - E2

April 15th, 2019


Will Turner and Chris Jones join JJ White in the Great People Studio for another Great People Session where we bring together two leaders from …

Do You Have Courage To #LiveDifferent? - E98

April 11th, 2019


After looking at the major barriers to #LiveDifferent, on this show we break down the most important ingredient to #LiveDifferent, COURAGE. What is courage and how do we get more of it? Listen to find out! With JJ White …

Who Is Holding You Back? #LiveDifferent - E97

April 4th, 2019


The greatest 'barrier' to Living Different are the people closest to you. They (usually) mean well but often they will stop you in your tracks. On …

What Is Worth Risking To #LiveDifferent? - E96

March 29th, 2019


Welcome to Episode 3 to our series on #LiveDifferent where we are still tacking the challenges to a different life. On this episode, we hit risk "head" on because most of risk is a mindset. We believe you may have it …

Are You Alive or Living? #LiveDifferent - E95

March 21st, 2019


Are you alive or living? Sounds like a simple question but it's not. You may just be alive and taking up space in this world OR you are on a path to #LiveDifferent and making a true difference in the lives of the people …

Great People Session - Sam Hayes & Chris Jones - E1

March 19th, 2019


Sam Hayes and Chris Jones join JJ White in the Great People Studio for our inaugural Great People Session where we bring together two leaders from different worlds to discuss what living different is all about.

How to Change to #LiveDifferent - E94

March 14th, 2019


#LiveDifferent is a new series we are kicking off on this episode and we start with the hardest of them all...CHANGE!

- Why Change is Necessary

- Way …

How to Accept Help - E93

March 7th, 2019


Do you have trouble accepting help? Do you too often say 'No Thanks, I've got this'? You may be missing an opportunity to not only be more successful …

How to Deal with Un[great]ful People (and not BE Un[great]ful either) - E92

February 28th, 2019


Why is being ungrateful such a common trait of humanity? We deal with it every day and usually do our best to avoid it. In the spirit of being GREAT, …

BONUS - JJ Presentation at Parliament - February 21, 2019

February 26th, 2019


BONUS EPISODE! For the first time in almost 20 years I was asked to give a presentation about ME! I went out of my way to give my (mostly) life story …

How To Get Started (and Not Quit) - E91

February 21st, 2019


Getting started is the hardest thing to do in life. But getting started in the BIG GOALS we have is even harder. Why? Listen to this episode and you'll find out...and ways to overcome that failure to launch. With JJ …

Love As A Skill (and How To Practice) - E90

February 14th, 2019


We recorded this show on Valentine's Day so it only made sense to talk about LOVE. But not the kind you are used to hearing about (or feeling). We're talking about loving ALL the people around you and exercising that …

How To Overcome Apathy in Yourself and Others - E89

February 7th, 2019


Apathy (Indifference) is being emotionless...not caring. While there are always times we just need a break, apathy can ruin relationships and cause you to miss your calling in life. It's the greatest anchor we can tie …

How To Transform Others - E88

January 31st, 2019


The ultimate measure of greatness is what you do for others. What is your roll in transforming others? Does that mean you have to 'change them'? It …

Are You Ready For a RESET In Life? - E87

January 24th, 2019


How do you know when its time to reset things in life...or the whole darn thing?! Pruning is necessary, as painful as it might seem at the moment.

How To Become More Vulnerable (your success depends on it) - E86

January 17th, 2019


Are you vulnerable eough? Too much? Is vulnerability a bad thing? On this episode we tackle these questions and give you the path to the right amount …

How To Stop Drifting Through Life - E85

January 10th, 2019


Do you drift too much in life? Relationships, goals, can happen in any area. On this episode we give you the insights and tools to stop …

Crushing 2019 Goals! - E84

January 3rd, 2019


It's that time of year again. Resolutions suck but goals are the fuel of champions. On this episode we give you a better path to who you want to be …

How To Manage REAL Stress - E83

December 28th, 2018


Handing stress can define who you are. Special guest co-host Yedda brings a whole bag of 'wake up calls' to this episode and we explore not only how …

How To Deal With Difficult Personalities - E82

December 20th, 2018


What personalities do you have the most problems with? The ego maniac, the know-it-all, the never-stop-talking and the closed off. So many to choose from. On this show we'll help you manage these personalities and …

How to Overcome Negative Self Talk - E81

December 13th, 2018


You talk to yourself all day, what do you say? It's probably negative and I bet you beat yourself up a lot. It's costing you more than you realize and it stops on this episode of the Great People Show! With JJ White and …

How To Get Over Pet Peeves - E80

December 6th, 2018


Everyone has pet peeves and they are getting int he way of building relationships with others. Join James Munsey and special guest cohost Dan Kern to give you the insights for a life is pet peevelessness. 😂💦💦


How To Become More Coachable (and actually reach your goals) - E79

November 29th, 2018


Are you coachable? Can you take advice from others and make the necessary changes to reach your goals? Being coachable is a key a tribute to being an effective leader. On this episode we give you the insights and …

How To Make Thanksgiving Meaningful Again - E78

November 22nd, 2018


Thanksgiving is a perfect time to do a relationship reset and recalibrate your goals around the most important people in your life. Don't let …

How To Build Rapport Quickly (Especially With New People) - E77

November 15th, 2018


Building rapport is tough for many of you. Doing it quickly and effectively just seems like a gift for some. On this episode James Munsey and Jonathan the Juggler discuss how to build intentional rapport, tear down …

How To Understand Others Better (Election Edition) - E76

November 6th, 2018


We recorded a special show to help you keep yourself in check during the election this week. Friends can be lost, family members forgotten, relationships torn apart if you can't understand othesr better. We give you …

Are You Pretending To Be Someone Else? - E75 #HalloweenEdition

November 1st, 2018


Pretending to be someone else isn't just for happens every day. Whether you are new in a job, a relationship or just trying to keep up with the Jonses' it's a part of life. Or is it? JJ White and James …

How To Get Disciplined - E74

October 25th, 2018


You Lack Discipline! Why? Especially for the areas of life that are most meaningful to you? Your health, family, finance...what gives? On this …

The Ultimate Sacrifice of Firefighter Brad Clark and How We Can Learn From His Example - E73

October 18th, 2018


On Thursday, October 11, 2018 Lieutenant Brad Clark of the Hanover, Virginia Fire Department was killed in the line of duty. Brad was scheduled to …

What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned (and did you really learn?) - E72

October 11th, 2018


What are the greatest lessons you've ever learned? It's probably bad stuff. We can learn in good times but we tend to let the bad times define us. How can we leverage lessons BEFORE we experience them? With JJ White and …

How To Avoid Bragging (and avoid those that do) - E71

October 4th, 2018


Talking too much about yourself is the kiss of death to a strong relationship. Nobody wants to be around a braggart. We discuss how to manage those that are all about themself and provide tips on not becoming that …

How Desperation Can Ruin or Rescue You - E70

September 27th, 2018


When have you wanted something so bad you’d do anything for it? Anything? Desperation is a complicated emotion that can ruin or rescue you. JJ White and James Munsey light it up on this episode of the Great People Show!

How To Live Your Core Values - E69

September 20th, 2018


Core Values...Beliefs...Principles...these all drive your daily decisions and reflect who you really are in this world. What are yours and how do you live them? With JJ White, James Munsey and special guest Dick …

How To Deal with Anger and Over-Reaction - E68

September 13th, 2018


What triggers you to get angry? Everyone has something. The key is what we do with it. Anger can destroy relationships and everything else in your …

What Is Sacrificing Everything? (Including Analysis of Nike and Kaepernick) - E67

September 6th, 2018


Did Colin Kaepernick really sacrifice everything according to his Nike ad? Do you need to? Wow what a lightning rod conversation.

Sacrifice is a part …

Being 'In The Zone' and How To Get There - E66

August 30th, 2018


Very few people every have a true 'mountain top experience' or even understand what it is. Often called 'Flow' or being 'In the Zone' it's when time, evergy even reality ceases to exist. It's not meant to be permanent …

What Prejudices Are In Your Way? (And there are some....) - E65

August 23rd, 2018


You make 10,000 decisions a day and they are all full of prejudice! On this episode we expose which ones are getting in your way and how to manage …

Why Do People Lie? (and how make sure you aren't one of them) - E64

August 16th, 2018


Most people lie some of the time...more than you know. There's multiple reasons why people lie and they are all hazardous to your relationships. JJ …

How To Achieve Unconditional Self-Acceptance - E63

August 9th, 2018


Unconditional self-acceptance is "the realistic (yet subjective) appraisal of one's talents, capabilities, and general worth." Self-acceptance leads to a clear path on reaching your significance in this world. On …

How To Overcome Materialism (and not let it interfere with your significance) - E62

August 2nd, 2018


Materialism is a DISEASE in our society today. How has it affected you? You may be more materialistic than you think. And if you are, what are you to do about it? On this episode we break it down to make sure it doesn't …

Fatherhood, Faith and How To Be Free - Conversation with Stephen Jenkins - BONUS EPISODE

July 29th, 2018


An impromptu conversation between Stephen Jenkins and me about being the right parent, integrating faith and how significance is every where and every day in our life. And we talk about ice cubes on just …

What Is The Significance of YOUR Life? - E61

July 26th, 2018


'Why Am I Here?' is a question you've asked yourself at some point. Some call it purpose, passion, calling but ultimately its about your …

How To Be More Persistent - E60

July 19th, 2018


Do you NEVER give up? Or do you fold like a lawn chair when the going gets tough? Join us on this episode with JJ White and James Munsey to give you …

How to Quiet the Critic Within YOU - E59

July 12th, 2018


Are you too critical of yourself? Self criticism is THE MOST destructive thing you can do to yourself next to suicide. What we say to ourself dictates the course of our entire life. On this episode with guest co-host …

How To Practice Better Self Care (and stop putting yourself last) - E58

July 5th, 2018


Do you put yourself last at home, work, with friends and everywhere else? That's admirable but not healthy. On this episode of the Great People Show we talk about why Self Care is critical to being the best version of …

How To Apologize The Right Way (Because 'I'm Sorry' usually isn't) - E57

June 28th, 2018


Do you not apologize enough? Or say 'I'm sorry' TOO MUCH? There are only a couple of ways to apologize the right way and we show you on this episode …

How To Give Unsolicited Advice - E56

June 21st, 2018


It’s critical to get out of your comfort zone and speak truth into others’ life. There’s a right way to do it! Don’t hold back on giving unsolicited …

How To Avoid FOBO and Make Better Decision - E55

June 14th, 2018


Where you are today is a direct result of every decision you've made your entire life! Want to change the course of your life? Make decisions …

How To Get Out of a Rut! - E54

June 7th, 2018


Are you stuck in a rut somewhere in your life? It happens to all of us at some point. It’s YOUR rut so we spent the show giving you the insights and …

How To Manage Disrespect (and ensure you’re being respectful) - E53

May 31st, 2018


Do you get disrespected too often? You may be taking it too personal! Respect is a core fabric that holds great relationships together. On this …

Why Are Some People So Lazy? (and how to make sure you aren’t)

May 24th, 2018


Laziness comes from a lack of discipline. On this episode we break down when laziness isn’t a bad thing but can also be your biggest barrier to success.

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How to Be a GREAT Team Player - E51

May 17th, 2018


Are you a good follower? Your entire life is a series of serving in 100s of teams. Are you the best team player?

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How to be a GREAT friend (and avoid being a bad one) - E50

May 10th, 2018


BFF. Bestie. Squad. Are you at your best for the most important to you? We break down the role friends play, signs you’re a bad friend and how to be …

How To Re-Energize! - E49

May 4th, 2018


Do you go too hard and run out of passion, energy? How do you re-energize? On this episode JJ and James give you the insights to make sure you’re doing the right things to stay in the game.

How To Start Over in Life - E48

April 26th, 2018


Have you started over in life? Maybe it was against your will (divorce, death, disease) or maybe you did it out of boredom? There is a right and wrong way to do it. With Special Guest Co-Host #TheFrazierHughesExperience.

How to Overcome Social Fatigue - E47

April 19th, 2018


Do you run out of gas too early in a day? It may be because you are interacting with too many people. You're not broken! On this episode of the Great People Show we give you tips to overcoming social fatigue.

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What is Real Confidence? (and how to get it) - E46

April 12th, 2018


I think society has confidence all wrong. Lack of confidence is about YOU but Real Confidence isn't. Check out this episode on how to get Read Confidence. With Host JJ White and Co-Host James Munsey.

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How to Get the World to See Your True Self (Stop Hiding!) - E45

April 5th, 2018


Are you hiding your true self from others? Why? We explore the reason we hide things, hold secrets, why its important to come clean and how to do it. …

How to Handle the Doubters In Your Life - E44

March 29th, 2018


How do you handle the people that stand in the way of your dreams? Are the people closest to you doubting you? We break down why and how to deal with these people better and get closer to your goals.

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Change the way you see obstacles and transform your life! - E43

March 22nd, 2018


Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals - Cheesy Motivational Poster But it's true! On this episode we make our case that obstacles are what we make of them and by changing our point of view, …

Why do good relationships go bad? (And how to make them stronger) - E42

March 15th, 2018


Good relationships go bad but the strong ones rarely do! What are the greatest causes to failed relationships and how to prevent that from happening.

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day we have found the worlds only real …

How to Create Rewarding Experiences (for you and others) - E41

March 8th, 2018


Rewarding experiences in your life are rare. Mainly because they occur by chance. It shouldn't be that way! We discuss ways to create more rewarding …

How to Change and Do It Right - E40

March 1st, 2018


Why is change so hard? If there is something in your life you need to change RIGHT NOW listen to this show and you'll be on your way to being THE GREATEST person you can be for others in your life.

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How To Focus - E39

February 22nd, 2018


What causes you to lose focus? Is TRUE FOCUS even possible in this distracted world? We talk Olympics and dedicate the end of the show to a true Great Person, Billy Graham (and he was really focused).

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Can Envy Be Good for You? (Probably Not) - E38

February 15th, 2018


Envy is the only seven deadly sin that is no fun. Is there an upside? Some people revolve their whole life around envy (spouse, job, friends). Is it …

How To Surrender (without giving up) - E37

February 8th, 2018


What does it mean to truly 'surrender' and why its CRITICAL in order to be your truest self. With Host JJ White and guest co-host Yedda!

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How to Manage Big Egos - E36

February 1st, 2018


Why do some people have such big egos? Having to deal with someone and their ego can be a huge challenge. Especially if they are a spouse, co-worker or good friend. On this episode we discuss the ego and how we can …

How to Serve Others (and what gets in our way) - E35

January 26th, 2018


We were ON LOCATION this week at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill! Special Guest Co-host Doug Stewart.

While many people stay confused on …

How To Inspire with the Power of Words (and Quotes) - E34

January 18th, 2018


Are you quotable in all the right ways for the people in your life? On this episode, we look at the worlds greatest quotes and why they are so …

How You Can Achieve Work Life Balance! - E33

January 11th, 2018


Is your life out of whack? Not enough time to get it all done? Striving for Work-Life-Balance? It's not a myth!

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The Greatest Barrier to Greatness: Your Comfort Zone (And How to Move It) - E32

January 4th, 2018


How often do you move out of your comfort zone? (Just to come right back) It's the first and last barrier to achieving greatness. On this show, we explore 63 self limiting beliefs and how to stretch 'the zone'.

How To Crush Your 2018 Goals and Get Real Results - E31

December 28th, 2017


Resolutions suck and its time to get serious about your 2018 RESULTS. DO you have the desire? What is your vision? What structure do you have in …

Being Let Down and How to Avoid It - E30

December 21st, 2017


Do people and situations let you down too often? Did Star Wars: The Last Jedi disappoint you? (yes JJ was disappointed) On this show we discuss how to set and manage expectations we have of other people and our own …

How to Listen to Your Intuition - E29

December 14th, 2017


How well do you listen to yourself? Join us with special guest Marie Ringler.

How To Fight Complacency - E28

December 7th, 2017


Are you too complacent? Do you have to deal with complacent people? On this episode of the Great People Show we get off our ____ and tackle this issue for you!

How Complaining Holds You Back - E27

December 1st, 2017


Why do some people complain too much? We discuss how the little things, like complaining too much, can re-wire your brain for negativity and what to do about it.

Make Thanksgiving Great Again - E26

November 22nd, 2017


On this special Thanksgiving Edition of the Great People Show we give sound advice on how to strengthen (or rebuild) family ties during the holiday.

What is the key to resilience during failure? - E25

November 16th, 2017


How resilient are you? On this episode we explore why resilience it critical to growth and how to overcome the 'comfortable' life. With special guest Angela Atkinson, one of the most resilient people we know.

Are You An Introvert or An Extrovert? What It Means For Your Success! - E24

November 9th, 2017


It can be tough for an introvert living in an extroverted world, especially if you are in business. On this episode of the Great People Show we bring hope to all introverts!

What Is Your Calling? - E23

November 2nd, 2017


Do you have a calling? How do you know? We break down the challenges to knowing and achieving your calling.

Are You Obsessed (Enough)? - E22

October 26th, 2017


Is being obsessed a driver of greatness or a bad thing? Where do you draw the line? On this week's episode of the Great People Show we break it down.

Are You Too Competitive? - E21

October 19th, 2017


Do you have a competitive nature that is driving you too far? Or does it only drive you to excellence? There is a fine line. On this episode we break it down for you!

How to Forgive and Forget - E20

October 12th, 2017


Is true forgiveness even possible? If you 'forgive but never forget' does that count? We have heated debates on the purpose of forgiveness and how to do it!

How To Overcome Fear - E19

October 5th, 2017


Does fear debilitate you or drive you? We all have something we fear. On this episode we challenge your fear and give you some tips to overcome it!

Dave Lopez Interview - E19 [BONUS]

September 29th, 2017


Dave Lopez, friend of Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers, joins the show as we talk about how people overreacted to KneelGate without knowing the facts. He brings tremendous insight to what really happened and how …

Do You Judge Too Fast? - E18 [FULL EPISODE]

September 29th, 2017


We take on KneelGate from the NFL on Sunday. Dave Lopez, friend of Mike Tomlin and the Steelers joins us to discuss rushing to judgement and not listening to others.

Are You Fulfilled or Just Happy? - E17

September 21st, 2017


Our world puts a lot of emphasis on being happy but what about fulfillment? We show you a better path on this episode of the Great People Show!

Are Your Expectations Too High? - E16

September 14th, 2017


When is good, good enough for you? Are high expectations of yourself helping or hurting your success? On this week's show we help you determine the right expectations and how to manage them.

Are You a Risk Taker? - E15

September 7th, 2017


Are you a Risk Taker? What are you holding yourself back from? On this show JJ and James disect what holds us back from making better decisions and …

Power of Words - E14

August 31st, 2017


Words can be the most powerful force in the universe. JJ White and guest co-host Peter Larsen explore what you can say different for amazing change …

How to React When Your Beliefs Are Questioned - E13

August 24th, 2017


You're on Facebook and someone RIPS into your belief system! Or did they? How do you handle it? Relationships are at stake. JJ White and guest co-host James Munsey discuss how to handle your emotions and relationships …

How Do You Define Greatness (you'll be surprised)? - E12

August 17th, 2017


How greatness is defined by society is WRONG! What? Watch the show to find out more. With special guest host Yedda! Ainsley, Bob and CJ join us as guests.

How To Unplug From the Chaos of Life - E11

August 11th, 2017


Recorded from OBX me and my guest co-host Mike discuss how to unplug from the chaos of life.

Grit - E10

August 3rd, 2017


Do you have what it takes? DO you have GRIT? We talk about the word and what it really means in your life. A breast cancer survivor and a (twice) flooded business owner share how they 'Got Grit'.

Do You Have Regrets? - E9

July 27th, 2017


Do you have regrets? Maybe you don't believe in them because these events have defined who you are today. Host JJ White answers the questions you have on regrets and living an intentional life.

Are you inspired? Or inspiring? - E8

July 20th, 2017


Who inspires you and how? What inspires you? How do you keep inspiration? What robs it from you? Host JJ White talks with Stu and Ryan about how it's MORE important to live a life of inspiring than to wait around to be …

Are you too stubborn? (Probably) - E7

July 12th, 2017


Are you stubborn? Dig your heels in? Where do you need to be more flexible to become great? Callers Nicole and Matt join host JJ White to share where …

How to Be More Grateful - E6

July 6th, 2017


We know gratitude is important. It's like knowing water is wet. How can we change the habit of gratitude to obtain the attitude of gratitude? Host JJ White breaks it down with Anje and Jen to figure out how to have and …

GPS Xtra - Mike DiLeon -How to OWN Your Enthusiasm!

July 4th, 2017


Mike is a role model on creating habits and attitudes to maintain enthusiasm in his life!

How To Maintain Enthusiasm - E5

June 30th, 2017


How do you maintain enthusiasm every day? Host JJ White talks with Michael and Lin on their habits that help them maintain enthusiasm with their job and families.

Adversity Leads to Greatness - E4

June 23rd, 2017


Host JJ White discusses how adversity can be the fuel that drives you to greatness!

Are you a control freak? - E3

June 15th, 2017


Do you try to hold on to too much? We discuss the signs of being a control freak, the effects it has on our ability to be great and what to do about …

What Are Your Blind Spots? - E2

June 8th, 2017


Your Guide to Greatness. Are YOU holding YOU back from greatness? We talk about the mysterious Johari dude and callers Brandon and Val share their …

When Do You Quit? - E1

June 2nd, 2017


Do you quit too soon? Too late? NEVER? We discuss how quitting at the wrong time can ruin greatness. Where is 'Q' in your alphabet?

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