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Now more than ever, the need to be an engaged citizen is critical. Future Hindsight presents interviews that explore how each of us has the power to shape our society and fulfill our shared civic responsibility.

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The Precarity of Taxi Work: Veena Dubal

November 24th, 2020

Proposition 22

Prop 22, the most expensive California ballot initiative in history, carves out app-based gig economy workers as a new employee class that lacks the benefits and protections that other workers in …

The Future of Antitrust: Zephyr Teachout

November 20th, 2020

Monopolies are Anti-Democratic

A monopoly is a company that has the power to set the terms of interactions, from the pricing of consumer goods to …

A Keynesian Future: Zach Carter

November 13th, 2020

Keynes's Goals

Keynes concerned himself with his day's most significant problems: WWI and WWII, the rise of fascism and revolution, and the Great …

Season 12 Trailer

November 9th, 2020


This is a thought-provoking season of visionary and practical ideas to reimagine our future in a post pandemic and post trump world.

We cover everything from needing to be civically engaged all the time, which is to say …

Lasting Civic Engagement: Maria Yuan

November 6th, 2020

Civic Engagement Online and In-Person

Technology can make participating in democracy easier than ever before because it’s scalable and makes it …

October Surprise: Devlin Barrett

October 30th, 2020


October Surprise

The term ‘October Surprise’ refers to a type of dirty trick that comes so late in the election calendar that a candidate does not have the time or space to respond, and voters don’t have the time to …

Building Authoritarian Power: Nathan Stoltzfus

October 16th, 2020


Hitler is one of the early modern autocrats for whom legitimacy was crucial to his claim to power. He recognized the importance of including the people and representing himself as presenting the will of the …

Building Power Online: Alice Marwick

October 9th, 2020

Hashtag Activism

Black Lives Matter is the epitome of ‘hashtag activism.’ #BLM is a native social media activist movement that started on the internet and builds support for itself there. #BLM combines traditional …

Digital Labor Organizing: Jess Kutch

October 2nd, 2020

Democracy at Work

Our work lives are an important place to practice democracy. Union members learn negotiation and problem solving skills to …

Civics Club: Adam Cohen

September 26th, 2020


Wondering what being a member of our Civics Club is like on Patreon? Well, here’s a free look at our bonus content from our talk this week with Adam Cohen! Each week we take time to ask our guests personal questions …

Supreme Inequality: Adam Cohen

September 25th, 2020

Supreme Court’s Agenda

Although we are taught to believe the Supreme Court is a neutral institution whose primary concern is justice, it is actually …

Decolonizing America: Nick Tilsen

September 18th, 2020


Self-determination empowers those who are most affected to be in the driver’s seat of policy-making decisions. For example, if an …

Building Civic Power: K. Sabeel Rahman

September 11th, 2020

Civic Power

Civic power puts communities most impacted by legislative decisions in the drivers’ seat of making public policy. Community members get …

State Capture: Alex Hertel-Fernandez

September 4th, 2020

Capturing State Legislatures

State capture refers to the idea that a set of organizations, businesses, and movements can capture a political office …

Organized Power: Theda Skocpol and Caroline Tervo

August 28th, 2020

Political Learning

In response to the elections of Obama and Trump, grassroots political movements sprung up on the right and the left. Members of …

Energizing Local Politics: Drew Kromer

August 21st, 2020

Building Precincts

Precincts are critical to building local and regional party power. Kromer started Davidson’s Democratic party precinct with only …

Politics is for Power: Eitan D. Hersh

August 14th, 2020

Politics Begins with Service

Political power starts with service to others. For instance, Russian immigrant and Boston resident Naakh Vysoky began …

Introducing the Future Hindsight Civics Club

August 7th, 2020

Introducing the Civics Club!

Signup at today!

By supporting Future Hindsight, you're helping this independent podcast deliver the information you need every week to stay civically …

Sexual Citizens: Jennifer S. Hirsch & Shamus Khan

July 23rd, 2020

Sexual Citizenship

The concept of sexual citizenship asserts that people have the right to sexual self-determination, including young people. Recognizing young people’s sexual citizenship prepares them to both say no …

Surveillance Capitalism: Shoshana Zuboff

July 17th, 2020

Surveillance Capitalism

Surveillance Capitalism is the dominant economic logic in our world today. It claims private human experience for the marketplace and turns it into a commodity. Vast amounts of personal data are …

Canvassing with Love: David Fleischer

July 10th, 2020


After listening to this episode, try deep canvassing yourself! Click HERE to read the step-by-step guide. We'd love to compare notes and see how you did. After you've canvassed, tell us about your experience by leaving …

Deconstructing the Alt-Right: Alexandra Minna Stern

July 3rd, 2020

Culture Informs Politics

The Alt-Right believes politics is downstream from culture. They operate in this meta-political sphere where changing …

The Roots of Conservative Media: Nicole Hemmer

June 26th, 2020

Conservative media activism

Beginning with the America First Movement, conservative political activists also became conservative media figures. In …

Political Communication Ethics: Peter Loge

June 19th, 2020

Ethical Communication

Ethical communication involves respect and civil discourse. Taking time to listen to other sides and treating lawmakers with …

Fact-Checking for Truth: Jon Z. Greenberg

June 12th, 2020

Who Gets Fact-Checked?

PolitiFact finds statements of “fact” by American politicians that can be verified and are highly visible, or pertinent, to a …

The New Conspiracism: Nancy Rosenblum

June 5th, 2020


A functional conspiracy theory uses facts and rational arguments to prove that things are not as they seem. Conspiracism is a conspiracy …

The Risks of Fake News: Travis I. Trammell & Elisabeth Paté-Cornell

May 29th, 2020

Viral Model

Trammell created a viral disease model to mimic how fake news spreads. People must come in to contact with the fake information in order to be infected, just as with a virus. The more people are exposed, the …

The Truth Sandwich: George Lakoff

May 22nd, 2020

Truth sandwich

George Lakoff invented a construct called the Truth Sandwich in order to effectively frame the truth and negate a lie. In it, true statements act as "bread," and the lie is the "filling." A truth sandwich …

Post-Truth: Lee C. McIntyre

May 15th, 2020


Post-truth is the political subordination of reality. It is not a failing of knowledge, but one of politics. Authoritarians use post-truth …

Authoritarianism Under COVID-19: Thomas O. Melia

May 8th, 2020

COVID & Authoritarianism

COVID-19 has created an excuse for authoritarians around the world to consolidate power. Repressive regimes such as …

Civic Engagement, Social Distancing, and Democracy Reform

May 4th, 2020


Recently, Mila sat down with other podcast hosts from our podcast network The Democracy Group, to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on our …

ExxonMobil’s Dirty Secret: Geoffrey Supran

May 1st, 2020

ExxonMobil’s Knowledge

Beginning in 1959, ExxonMobil became scientifically aware of the dangers of human-caused climate change. By the 1970s-80s, they had a detailed, precise understanding of climate change. Their …

Ending the Nuclear Era: Fred Pearce

April 24th, 2020

Legacy of Secrecy

Nuclear technology has a long history of secrecy, cover-up, and deceit from military officials and government leaders, starting …

Our Radioactive Ocean: Ken Buesseler

April 17th, 2020

The Pacific Ocean is Safe

After the Fukushima reactor accident, radiation leaked into the Pacific Ocean, sparking global worry. In the months after the accident, levels were high, but not high enough to cause marine …

A Renewable Future: Mark Z. Jacobson

April 10th, 2020

Nuclear Power is Impractical

Building nuclear power plants is extremely costly and time-consuming; projects are often plagued by cost overruns and construction delays. Between permitting, planning, and construction, it …

COVID-19 Special Edition

April 9th, 2020


Stephen Pimpare is a nationally recognized expert on poverty and U.S. social policy. Hedebunks the idea that COVID is the great equalizer, and …

A Nuclear Future: Joshua Goldstein

April 3rd, 2020

Green Power

Nuclear energy offers large amounts of power, produces no carbon dioxide, uses a comparatively small amount of land, and runs around the clock. Although nuclear power produces hazardous waste, the amount of …

Criminalizing Ecocide: Jojo Mehta

March 27th, 2020

What is Ecocide?

The crime of ecocide is the "extensive loss, damage, or destruction of ecosystems such that their inhabitants can no longer enjoy …

Climate Policy Failures: Leah Stokes

March 20th, 2020

Fighting for Climate Policy

Dismantling the energy system is crucial to breaking the energy crisis. Implementing clean energy policies is the most …

Climate Justice: Julian Brave NoiseCat

March 13th, 2020

Climate Justice

Many low-income communities bear the brunt of industrial pollution or the harshest consequences of climate change. In order to …

Writing Climate Policy: Jerry Taylor

March 6th, 2020

Carbon Tax

The climate crisis is a global collective problem that requires a collective global solution. Robust and bipartisan public policy must be …

The Actual Cost of Fast Fashion: Jussara Lee

February 28th, 2020

Use Your Purchasing Power

Corporations only care about their bottom-line, so boycotting stores you don’t believe in does make a difference. Taking …

The Future of Food: Lenore Newman

February 21st, 2020

Sustainable Food Supply

We can create a sustainable food supply for future populations with technology and a change in diet. We cannot feed the world …

A Call to Arms: Bill McKibben

February 14th, 2020

Nonviolent Social Movement

Through non-violent social movements, we can demand meaningful change in the political and economic calculus for …

Towards a Sustainable Future: Katherine Richardson

February 7th, 2020

The UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda

The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030 lists 17 goals designed to improve human well-being, while also managing the Earth’s resources for the future. We have …

The End of Welfare: Kathryn Edin (Rebroadcast)

January 31st, 2020

The end of welfare

Welfare ceased being guaranteed after reform in 1996. Although the safety net for the working class was strengthened through tax credits, the safety net for those who are jobless disappeared. In its …

Democracy and Freedom: Season Round Up

January 25th, 2020

Empowering citizens

Many Americans are unsure of how their government works. Civic education is the manual for democracy, which Civics 101 offers in …

Ending Urban Violence: Thomas Abt

January 18th, 2020

Focus on Violence First

Abt’s central thesis for solving violence in urban areas is fairly straightforward: focus on the violence—and not other …

The Meritocracy Trap: Daniel Markovits

January 11th, 2020

The Cost of Human Capital

Meritocracy gives the illusion that we are all equally competing at a level playing field. The reality is that the elite is able to purchase better education, which means they are more …

Bipartisan Civil Discourse: Michael Baranowski

January 4th, 2020

Agreeing on the basic fundamentals

The need for positive, bipartisan discourse is acute. In today’s politically charged environment, it's important …

Protecting Free Speech: Suzanne Nossel

December 28th, 2019

The First Amendment

The First Amendment protects four types of freedom of expression: freedom of speech, belief, assembly, and the ability to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It states that “Congress …

Practical Equality: Robert L. Tsai

December 21st, 2019

Law as a Framework

Equality creates a framework for how we should treat others, and how we should expect to be treated by others. The institution of …

Deliberative Democracy: Jane Suiter and David Farrell of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly

December 14th, 2019

Citizens’ forum

The Irish Citizens’ Assembly was formed in response to the severe social and economic crisis caused by the global financial meltdown …

Responsible Statecraft: Stephen Wertheim

December 7th, 2019


Responsible Statecraft

Responsible statecraft should derive from serious consideration of the public interest, with robust public debate and a strong …

Keeping Government Accountable: David Greising

November 30th, 2019

Investigations Get Results

Since 1957, BGA investigations have uncovered corruption and unfair practices throughout Chicago and the state of …

Powering American Democracy: Seth Flaxman

November 23rd, 2019

Technology for Democracy

Democracy Works remedies some of the most pervasive and mundane reasons we don’t vote. TurboVote is a tool that enables …

Protecting our Elections: Marcia Johnson-Blanco

November 16th, 2019

Protecting our Elections

Most Americans take for granted that our elections will be free and fair. However, this would not be the case without the …

Podcasting for Democracy: Civics 101

November 9th, 2019

Civic education for all

Many Americans are unsure of how their government works. Civic education is the manual for democracy, and Civics 101 offers …

Reimagining Civic Learning: Louise Dubé

November 2nd, 2019

High-quality civic education

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor founded iCivics in 2009 because she believed that the practice of democracy must be taught and learned anew by each generation. High-quality civic …

Of the People, By the People: Mila Atmos

October 26th, 2019

We Are Our Government

In our representative democracy, every citizen of the United States is ultimately a part of the government. One of our civic …

The Sustaining Power of Passion: Mila Atmos

October 19th, 2019

Passion Informs Engagement

Creating a stronger community and society comes through a continuous commitment to civic engagement. Passion about certain …

The Three Dimensions of Freedom: Billy Bragg

October 12th, 2019

Loss of Agency

One of the most important factors in a healthy democracy is the sense of agency. When citizens in a democracy feel they have some …

The Power of Civic Engagement: Mila Atmos

October 4th, 2019

Engagement and Representation

There are a multitude of ways to become an engaged citizen. Often people think of civic engagement as an overwhelming …

The Time for Civic Engagement is Now: Mila Atmos

September 28th, 2019


Since the 2016 election, it has become increasingly imperative that we participate in our democracy as citizens. There are many ways to be civically …

The Blueprint for American Democracy: Ezra Levin

September 14th, 2019

Democracy Reform

When American democracy was conceived, the US was comprised of 13 states on the Eastern Seaboard, with a population of just over 2.5 …

The Ethics of Big Data: Matthew L. Jones

September 7th, 2019

Fourth Amendment

The Fourth amendment protects people from unlawful searches and seizures. For example, in the 1970s the Supreme Court ruled that a …

Achieving Tolerable Climate: Jonathan Lamontagne

August 31st, 2019



Tolerable climate and economic conditions

Lamontagne’s study defines tolerable economic conditions as follows: the present value of abatement costs …

The Crisis in Higher Education: Liz Willen

August 24th, 2019

Education Inequity

There is a college completion crisis and access crisis in America: black adults are only two thirds as likely to hold college …

The Economics of Health: James Knickman

August 17th, 2019

Social Determinants

Good health is the product of access to quality medical care and sound public health policy. Effective policies that improve …

Eradicating Cash Bail: Robin Steinberg

August 10th, 2019

The price of freedom

Cash bail was initially conceived as a way to incentivize the accused to come to court at their appointed court dates. As the criminal legal system expanded during the tough-on-crime years, cash …

The Human Rights of Women: Lynn Paltrow

August 3rd, 2019

The human rights of women

The health needs of half of our population – women – include maternal and reproductive health. Equal rights mean that women …

Gender Parity: Melissa Mark-Viverito

July 27th, 2019

Gender equity in government

It’s a disservice to our communities and our democracy when the voices of women are missing in government. Women have a right for government to reflect their needs. The actual, lived …

Census 2020: Ashley Allison (Rebroadcast)

July 13th, 2019

Census data supports communities

Government and businesses rely on census data to provide the necessary services that make healthy and vibrant communities possible. The data reveals how many grocery stores, pharmacies, …

Micah White

June 29th, 2019

The crisis of our time

People have very little political power beyond voting on election day. Current governing structures are incapable of changing …

Dave Archambault II

June 22nd, 2019

Financial risk and social cost

Engaging in early and constructive dialogue between indigenous communities and corporations is crucial for success. …

Jackie Zammuto

June 15th, 2019

See it, film it, change it

Video documentation of injustice and systemic abuse can be a powerful tool for holding offenders accountable. The key is …

Alan Yarborough and Bill Steverson

June 8th, 2019

Enhance understanding

The purpose of civil discourse is to enhance understanding, not to change minds. It’s always helpful to have a diversity of …

María Urbina

June 1st, 2019

Grassroots power

Grassroots movements believe that change starts on the local level. Indivisible started with sharing a Google doc guide to empower everyday people to now having over 4,000 groups throughout the country. …

Bradford Fitch

May 25th, 2019

Meet your Member of Congress

If a lawmaker has not yet made a firm decision on an issue, an in-person meeting has a ninety-four percent efficacy rate as an advocacy strategy. It’s important for constituents to connect a …

Julianne Hoffenberg

May 18th, 2019

Effective advocacy

The Gathering excels at bringing coalitions together with a common agenda; rapid and urgent response to crisis situations in communities; organizing, like marching in protest to Washington, D.C., from …

L.A. Kauffman

May 11th, 2019

1963 March on Washington

The 1963 March on Washington was the first mass protest in America. Due to the anxiety around such a massive group …

Trailer: The Power of Protest?

May 4th, 2019


Our new season examines the power of protest and other civic action. Guests include activists who protest and advocates who don’t, from Brad Fitch of the Congressional Management Foundation and Jackie Zammuto of WITNESS …

Democracy Works: David Frum

April 27th, 2019


This is a bonus episode from the Democracy Works podcast, which examines what it means to live in a democracy. Host Jenna Spinelle interviews David Frum, the author of Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic

Beto O'Rourke (Rebroadcast)

April 20th, 2019

Rebuilding democracy from the ground up

We need representatives who truly represent the people by directly engaging with and listening to their …

Season Round Up: Poverty

April 13th, 2019


Revisit some of the highlights of this season that gave us so much insight into poverty in America, added to our discourse, and helped us revise our thinking.

Kathryn Edin

April 6th, 2019

The end of welfare

Welfare ceased being guaranteed after reform in 1996. Although the safety net for the working class was strengthened through tax credits, the safety net for those who are jobless disappeared. In its …

Stephen Pimpare

March 30th, 2019

Poverty is widespread

Hardship in America is common. In all of rich democracies, we have the highest rates of poverty among the elderly and also among children. In fact, the majority of Americans will be poor for a …

Gail Joseph

March 23rd, 2019

Invest in early learning

Because the foundation for all of life’s successes -- whether academic, social, or emotional -- is laid in the first five years of life, it is critically important to invest in early learning. …

Dan Weissmann

March 16th, 2019

Picking an insurance plan is nearly impossible

Although it is no surprise that picking an insurance plan is complicated, it turns out it is nearly impossible. A study by George Loewenstein at Carnegie Mellon reveals …

Maria Foscarinis

March 9th, 2019

The housing crisis started with a policy decision

The leading cause was cutbacks to federal funding for housing for poor people starting with the …

Max Kenner

March 2nd, 2019


Max Kenner is the founder and executive director of the Bard Prison Initiative, a college that is spread across six interconnected prisons in New …

Stephen Bright

February 23rd, 2019


Stephen Bright served as the director of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta, and is currently a lecturer at Yale Law School, as well as …

Ross Morales Rocketto

February 16th, 2019


Ross Morales Rocketto is co-founder of Run For Something, an organization that supports diverse, young progressives running for state and local office. We discuss which candidates win, why building a bench of local and …

Season 5 Trailer: Ross Morales Rocketto

February 7th, 2019


"Telling these types of stories, showing people that it's not just white dudes who are lawyers, who have a lot of money, that can do this type of …

Ted Dintersmith

November 17th, 2018

Human Potential

Education should be a path for children to develop into self-directed, self-supporting, skill-equipped young adults. This may or may …

Ben Theodore

November 10th, 2018

Local Politics

The impact of individual and group efforts can be decisive in local political races, such as in the elections for a judge, a district …

Robert P. Jones, Ph.D.

November 3rd, 2018


People broadly agree that voter turnout should be higher and that voting should be easier, for example by making Election Day a holiday. …

Max Feldman

October 27th, 2018

The Powers of Voting

Voting is our civic duty and our opportunity to participate in our democracy. We can hold our leaders accountable and also …

Cristóbal Alex

October 20th, 2018


Political Power

The proactive strategy of Latino Victory to build power through elections is a recipe for success. They focus on grooming and …

Phil Polakoff

October 13th, 2018


Phil Polakoff is a physician with a distinguished career in public health and clinical medicine, the CEO of A Healthier We, and a consulting …

Ashley Allison

October 6th, 2018


Census data supports communities
Government and businesses rely on census data to provide the necessary services that make healthy and vibrant communities possible. The data reveals how many grocery stores, pharmacies, …

Esther de Rothschild and Aicha Cherif

September 29th, 2018


The power of love and relational organizing
When people realize that their vote matters personally to others, they are more likely to show up and exercise this right. Ineligible voters, such as teenagers or formerly …

Brian Miller

September 22nd, 2018


Brian Miller is the Executive Director of Nonprofit VOTE, an organization that partners with other nonprofits to integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities. We discuss the importance of promoting voter …

Season 4 Trailer: Brian Miller

September 15th, 2018


A sneak peek of the first episode of Season 4: Brian Miller makes a
case for registering and voting. National Voter Registration Day is on
September 25, 2018.

Pam Elam and Namita Luthra

August 25th, 2018


Pam Elam and Namita Luthra serve on the Board of Directors of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Fund. Their Monumental Women campaign will bring the first statue commemorating real women to New York City’s …

Michael Faye

August 18th, 2018


Michael Faye is the president and co-founder of GiveDirectly, an organization that sends cash directly to people living in extreme poverty. We …

Maria Yuan

August 11th, 2018


Maria Yuan is the founder of Issue Voter, an organization whose mission is to make civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful. We talk …

Rachel Leyland and Dr. Kendra Abel

August 4th, 2018


Rachel Leyland and Kendra Abel are public school teachers in Oklahoma City who participated in the walkout in April of 2018. We discuss how the …

Scott Warren

July 28th, 2018


Scott Warren is the CEO and co-founder of Generation Citizen, an organization that works to ensure students in the United States receive an effective …

Brent Wilkes

July 21st, 2018


Brent Wilkes is the former CEO of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and a lifelong advocate for Latino rights. We discuss what …

Mark Hetfield

July 14th, 2018


Mark Hetfield is the President and CEO of HIAS, the oldest refugee assistance organization in operation. We discuss our humanitarian obligations to …

Paul Lagunes

July 7th, 2018


Paul Lagunes is a Columbia University political scientist whose scholarship focuses on corruption in the Americas. His current book project is …

Ian Bremmer

May 26th, 2018


Raise consciousness:

Globalists have been willing to stand by while many people were left behind. Elites need to acknowledge their complicity in order to reverse the increasing division between us and them, as well as …

Shafi Goldwasser

May 19th, 2018


Shafi Goldwasser is an award-winning mathematician and computer scientist and the Director of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC …

Jennifer March

May 12th, 2018


Jennifer March is the Executive Director of the Citizen’s Committee for Children of New York. This non-profit and nonpartisan child advocacy …

Beto O'Rourke

May 5th, 2018


Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke represents his hometown, El Paso, TX. Currently a Candidate for US Senate, he is running a people-powered campaign, visiting every single county in Texas and listening to the needs …

Ruth Milkman

April 28th, 2018


Ruth Milkman is a sociologist of labor and labor movements, and Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center and at the Joseph S. …

Robert Hammond

April 21st, 2018


Robert Hammond is the executive director and co-founder of Friends of the High Line, which was the driving force behind turning an abandoned elevated railroad in New York City into a public park. We discuss the …

Nick Ehrmann

April 14th, 2018


Nick Ehrmann is the founder and president of Blue Engine, which was borne from the discovery that the strongest predictor of college completion is …

Tyler Ruzich

April 7th, 2018


Tyler Ruzich is a 17-year old Republican candidate for governor of Kansas, one of eight teens in the race this year. We discuss what it means to be a …

Season 2 Trailer

March 31st, 2018


A sneak peek of our next episode: civic engagement requires no minimum age. Tyler Ruzich, 17-year old Kansan, shows us how.

Ai-Jen Poo

March 10th, 2018


In the 8th and last episode of Season 1, we discuss the elder boom, and the increasing importance of home care and domestic work in our society.

Award-winning activist Ai-Jen Poo, a leading advocate for domestic …

Andrea Miller (Part 2)

March 6th, 2018


Andrea Miller is the president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health. We talk about the broad support among men for Roe vs. Wade, the Hyde Amendment, and the two most damaging misconceptions about abortions.

Andrea Miller (Part 1)

March 3rd, 2018


Andrea Miller is the president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health. We talk about the impact that reproductive legislation has in society and how it’s historically been affected by safety and public health …

Joe Hartigan

February 24th, 2018


Joe Hartigan has cracked the code on how to effect change. He is a retired NYC Fire Department lieutenant and community activist since 1995. His passion, dedication, and consistency over many years brought about ferry …

Roland Augustine

February 17th, 2018


Roland Augustine is an art dealer, tireless activist, and active member at the Bard College Prison Initiative. We discuss the necessity of finding …

James Doty

February 10th, 2018


James R. Doty, MD, is a neurosurgeon and clinical professor at Stanford University. He shows us how to shape our own lives and of those around us by reframing, practicing compassion, and living with an open heart.

Richard Betts

February 3rd, 2018


Richard K. Betts, Ph.D, is the Director of the Saltzmann Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University. We talk about how we can be …

Matt Kalmans

January 27th, 2018


Matt Kalmans is the CEO and co-founder of Applecart, a strategic political consultancy and lab. We discuss the power of voting, how social pressure …

Bernard Harcourt

January 20th, 2018


Bernard Harcourt is an author, lawyer, and critical theorist. In our conversation, we discover that civic engagement is a learned skill, the power of …

Premier Trailer

January 18th, 2018


A sneak peak of the first episode of Future Hindsight — Bernard Harcourt discusses why and how civic engagement matters.

Future Hindsight Trailer

January 8th, 2018


The Future Hindsight podcast launched on January 20, 2018. Join us for our premier episode where we interview Bernard Harcourt to speak about civic …

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