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Why Are Copyrights on YouTube So Confusing?

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, and millions of users upload all kinds of videos to it every day. Some of these are original productions, but there are also song covers, clips from television or movies, and lots of other content that occupy a murky gray area with respect to copyright. Including a caption like "no copyright infringement intended" doesn't actually protect you from copyright violation claims and  YouTube's Content ID system could ensure that your video is demonetized or blocked from the platform completely.

On this week's episode of Function, we look into YouTube and copyright infringement with entertainment lawyer Gordon Firemark and YouTuber and musician Paul Davids. Gordon specializes in theatre, film, television, and new media law. He breaks down how a work becomes copyrighted and the concept of fair use. He also explains why a copyright disclaimer could do more harm than good.

Later, Anil speaks with Paul about how YouTube's Content ID system flagged him for violating the copyright on an original song he composed. Paul describes the incident and how it changed the way he shares content.

Show notes and references:It's Over! Viacom and Google Settle YouTube Lawsuit. (Recode)Fair useDigital Millennium Copyright ActWhat is a YouTube Content ID claim?YouTuber in row over copyright infringement of his own song (BBC News)Gordon's Entertainment Law podcast where he often answers questions about copyright

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