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Data vs. Hamburgers


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Is the humble hamburger our planet’s new hero? It is according to biochemist Pat Brown. In this episode of ‘Fixed That For You’ we visit Brown’s Impossible Foods lab where he’s broken down America’s favorite food into one delicious dataset. Join us as we figure out exactly which molecules make burgers taste the way they do, and then try to find those exact same molecules in plants.

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In this episode, Pat Brown talks about Impossible 2.0 and the future of meat.

Impossible Foods is a must try especially for those that are major carnivores — you may never want to go back to meat again. The possibilities of what you can make is endless, from pizza to meatballs, sandwiches and even chili cheese fries. Find an Impossible Burger near you.

Check out other plant-based foods such as: Beyond Meat, JUST Egg, and Morning Star Farms.

In Los Angeles for a weekend? Stop by Jared Simons restaurant No Name, one of LA’s new secret hot spots. Or if you’re too far from there, check out the recipe from Jared on how to make your own vegan BLT.

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