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February 22nd, 2024


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49 - Series Entropy - Rick and Morty

October 4th, 2021


What happens when one of your favorite shows starts to wane? Does life lose all meaning and you end up a directionless, joyless husk? Undoubtedly yes. But when it comes to Rick and Morty, do we ask for too much as fans? …

Rick and Morty: S5E9&10 - Companion

September 13th, 2021


In the culmination of Season 5 of Rick and Morty, we finally get some closure on back story and cannon. Oh yeah, and they also had a crow episode for …

Rick and Morty: S5E8 - Companion

August 30th, 2021


There's no denying that season 5 of Rick and Morty has been a bit of a let down so far. But the writers felt like they finally owed us one and we get …

Rick and Morty: S5E7 - Companion

August 23rd, 2021


Rickmorty Evangello-ion Vower Rangtrons is the working title for our 7th episode of our season 5 Rick and Morty companion. Did Rick and Morty finally have a classic adventure? Did this episode do enough to restore our …

Rick and Morty: S5E6 - Companion

August 9th, 2021


Gobble Gobble, Mr. President. It translates to "Lock & Load, Mr. President"... Yeah, turkey humor is probably always doomed to fail. Did Rick and …

Rick and Morty: S5E5 - Companion

July 26th, 2021


In Rick and Morty S5E5, we get introduced to Bruce Chutback. Aaaaaaaannnnnndddd he's gone... Jerry gets some much needed screen time and shine while Rick and Beth appear to be along for the ride. We revisit the most …

Rick and Morty: S5E4 - Companion

July 19th, 2021


Rick and Morty episode 4 is a crossover between previous episodes, but seemingly unwittingly borrowing from past tropes. We're not sure if this is the new normal and the timeless pattern of decay, or if they thought …

Rick and Morty: S5E3 - Companion

July 12th, 2021


Season 5 Episode 3 of Rick and Morty is many things, but glaringly missing that special something. While breaking down this episode of Rick and Morty, we come to the realization that it's perhaps becoming a victim of …

Rick and Morty: S5E2 - Companion

July 5th, 2021


This week we're covering the second episode of season 5 of Rick and Morty. It's a regular "who done it", and what exactly is an Asimov Cascade? Are …

Rick and Morty: S5E1 - Companion

June 28th, 2021


We aren't beavers but parts of this episode reminded us of Narnia.  We've also cracked the code on what exactly is cannon and what isn't in Rick and Morty. Join us as we break down the first episode of season 5 of Rick …

48 - Inspirations & Archetypes: Nobody

June 21st, 2021


Thanks to a global crisis, nobody saw Nobody except us. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but Bob Odenkirk starring in Nobody is the answer to the …

47 - Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Pop a Squad!

June 14th, 2021


The Bad Batch is Disney's latest foray into the Star Wars universe. In this episode we discuss Star Wars: The Bad Batch as a series so far, and dive into the effectiveness of Squad tropes. Did Dave Filoni hit a home run …

46 - Jean Claude Van Damme, These Suck: Sudden Death

April 20th, 2021


Sudden Death starring Jean Claude Van Damme may be one of the best hockey movies of all time. What happens when you piss off a Jean Claude Van Damme? You suddenly die of Sudden Death. Join us as we discuss our favorite …

45 - Prepare To Be Reckoned: Tombstone

April 14th, 2021


Join us as we discuss the best movie ever to be made in Tombstone Arizona. Was Doc Holiday a real doctor? Was Tombstone the inspiration for the pizza …

BONUS - Softcore History: How We Got Batman Begins

April 12th, 2021


Do you think Christopher Nolan knew how Batman Began before he'd begun it? It seems like he only had a vague notion. And perhaps you'd only had a …

44 - Chistopher Nolan's Batman Begins: Character Analysis

April 6th, 2021


In this Character Analysis, we discuss Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. Some would argue this is the only Batman movie to ever go over his actual …

BONUS - Attack on Titan: Season 4 Recap

April 2nd, 2021


Well we said we'd do it... and now we've done it! When we recorded our episode on Attack on Titan's Trojan Horse, we still had about half the season's episodes unreleased. Now, with Attack on Titan's 4th and Final (NOT) …

43 - Rage in the Cage: The Rock

April 2nd, 2021


THIS IS THE MOMENT... The moment we reveal the true origins of "Rage in the Cage". In 1996's Michal Bay action epic, "The Rock", We find Nicolas …

42 - Show Don't Tell: Breaking Bad - Season 4

March 25th, 2021


We must be warming up to these Breaking Bad cold opens... because we're back for Season 4! With the bar already so high, did Season 4 live up to …

BONUS - Softcore History: How'd We Get WandaVision?

March 19th, 2021


Seems like everyone's been askin' lately... "Hey, WHEN'S WandaVision!?" Not enough people have been asking, 'Hey HOW'D WandaVision?', or 'WHY Wandavision"!? So Kev dives deep, almost too deep, into 15 minutes worth of …

41 - Series Entropy: WandaVision

March 15th, 2021


WandaVision has now wrapped up on Disney Plus and we break down our thoughts on the mini-series and what it ultimately could mean for future Disney …

40 - Top Ten: Most Embarrassing Yahoo Answers

March 8th, 2021


Frivolous Fandom becomes a man now that we've reached 40 episodes. You don't get to this point without doing everything right, we're 40 and we're a …

BONUS - Live Reaction: Is Revenge of the Sith the Greatest Work of Art in 30 Years?

March 5th, 2021


In this bonus, we give a live reaction to a talk discussing Revenge of the Sith as the greatest piece of art in 30 years. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the presenter or our take on it. And let us know if …

39 - Jean Claude Van Damme, These Suck: Death Warrant

March 1st, 2021


Jean Claude Van Damme goes to prison. Does he meet Ernest there? Does he sign his own Death Warrant? Does he learn vital skills and then take what he knows and start a prune orchard to make Pruno? What exactly happens …

BONUS - Ranking Every Attack on Titan Intro/Outro

February 25th, 2021


Attack on Titan is known for some of the most iconic intro/outro credit sequences in the business. From rock infused bombastic action montages, to ballad laden character portraits, Attack on Titan really has something …

38 - Trojan Horse: Attack on Titan

February 22nd, 2021


Attack on Titan is back for its 4th and final season. How many episodes will season 4 of Attack on Titan have? How will Attack on Titan end? Lastly, how is it a Trojan Horse that took it's story in the best possible …

BONUS - Mad Lib Thursday's

February 18th, 2021


Gimme a verb: how's about hilarious? Gimme an adjective: how's about instant classic? Gimme the correct person place or thing I asked for? Yeah right! Join Curtis and Kevin as we have a few hyuks and chortles on this …

37 - Sad Solo Space: Ad Astra

February 15th, 2021


In sad solo space, not even being Brad Pitt can save you. In sad solo space, it's a bummer to be married to Liv Tyler. In sad solo space, you're …

BONUS - Softcore History: Bullet Time

February 11th, 2021


In this weeks bonus, we take a look at the history of bullet time. Where did this come from and how did it get here you ask? Why is bullet time even …

36 - Prepare To Be Revenged: Max Payne

February 8th, 2021


When Moderate Payne failed in the board room, the solution became obvious...increase the amount of Payne. Max Payne was a revolutionary game for the …

BONUS - Softcore History: Will Smith and Cobra Kai

February 4th, 2021


Will Smith gets what Will Smith wants. When he wants Karate Kid... he gets Karate Kid! When he wants Cobra Kai... he gets Cobra Kai!!... What's that? Oh you had no idea Will Smith had anything to do with the Karate Kid …

35 - Series Entropy: Cobra Kai

February 1st, 2021


Fear does not exist in this podcast, does it? No Friv Fam! Pain does not exist in this podcast, does it? No Friv Fam! How does Cobra Kai stack up now that we're done with season 3 and a shift to a new streaming service? …

BONUS - Fan Theory: The Mr. Charles Ultimatum

January 28th, 2021


"You've actually been trained for this Mr. Fischer. Pay attention to the strangeness of the weather, the shift in gravity... none of this is real... you're in a dream."

Inspired by the Mr. Charles gambit from Inception, …

34 - Prepare to be Revenged: John Wick 3

January 25th, 2021


It's whispered that if you say his name 3 times, he unleashes the fury... john wick... John Wick... JOHN WICK!!! I'm getting hungry for BK chicken fries just thinking about it! Join Curtis and Kevin as we break down …

33 - College Football: Why It's Broken, How We Can Fix It

January 18th, 2021


In what was the lowest rated College Football championship game ever, we saw two of the biggest brands duke it out for what felt like another …

BONUS - Hero's Journey: Frivolous Fandom @ 6 Months

January 14th, 2021


We check in to discuss the state of the podcast and give a behind the scenes look at our process. We talk about what's gone well and what you can expect next. Thanks for all you do... like that 5 star on Apple Podcasts …

32 - Jean-Claude Van Damme These Suck: Kickboxer

January 11th, 2021


Curtis and Kevin are going to 'kick' off 2021 with a banger of an episode. In the year of our lord, 1960, born unto the world was the greatest karate master of them all....Jean-Claude Van Damme. We explore his immediate …

31 - Mandalorian Season 2: Recap

December 28th, 2020


Join us as we take a look back on season 2 of Star Wars: Mandalorian. We check our receipts to figure out how many of our predictions were right, and how many Kev missed. We also take a look at what we think might be in …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 8 - Companion

December 24th, 2020


We continue our Star Wars Mandalorian companion journey with episode 8 of season 2. Is Luke Skywalkers CGI deep fake your spirit animal too? Does Bo Katan have to kill, marry or F Din now? Answers to this and more on …

30 - Top Ten: Pitched Down Songs

December 21st, 2020


Side splitting? Check... Catchy? Double Check... How do we come up with this stuff? We try hard and believe in ourselves! Join Curtis and Kevin as we explore what may be the greatest list of pitched down songs ever …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 7 - Companion

December 17th, 2020


We continue our Star Wars Mandalorian companion journey with episode 7 of season 2. Is Bill Burr your spirit animal too? Does Boba Fett add racing stripes to his armor? Answers to this and more on this weeks companion …

29 - Cyberpunk 2077: Impressions... The One with the Pee-pee's

December 15th, 2020


Cyberpunk 2077 took the gaming world by storm this week... is a storm always a good thing though? Curt picked it up day 1 and gives Kev (and the world) his first impressions on Cyberpunk 2077. Does it live up to the …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 6 - Companion

December 10th, 2020


We continue our Star Wars Mandalorian companion journey with episode 6 of season 2. Is Grogu Aang's spirit animal? Does Boba Fett still fit into his armor? Answers to this and more on this weeks companion to Star Wars …

28 - Trojan Horse: Metal Gear Solid 3

December 8th, 2020


Fool me once Metal Gear Solid, shame on you. Fool me twice Metal Gear Solid, shame on you again and seriously wtf!?!? Fool me three times Metal Gear …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 5 - Companion

December 3rd, 2020


This week we take a deep dive on Chapter 13 of Mandalorian season 2. The baby Yoda finally gets a proper name, and as the title suggests we see an actual jedi!?!? What does this mean for the future of Mandalorian? Join …

27 - Prepare To Be Revenged: John Wick 2

November 30th, 2020


You thought he retired!?!? Well.... he did but then he didn't. He unretired so hard they had to make a second one. Join Curtis and Kevin as they relive the country music embodiment without the actual music on the second …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 4 - Companion

November 26th, 2020


We're a little surprised Carl Weathers didn't call his own number in this episode of Mandalorian. He finally had a chance to give us all the on screen death we've been waiting for, but he lives to fight another day. …

26 - Criminally Underrated: Death to Smoochy

November 23rd, 2020


In this criminally underrated episode, we discuss the hidden gem that is Death to Smoochy. The cast is amazing, the comedy is dark and this is one of Robin Williams best characters ever. Join us as we discuss this …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 3 - Companion

November 19th, 2020


Join us for this pivotal episode as we break down what we saw from Chapter 11 (episode 3) of the new Mandalorian season! And to the faithful that go …

25 - Rage in the Cage: Face/Off

November 16th, 2020


How many times have you been laying in bed at night and wondered...what would it be like to be Nicolas Cage for a day? Well you're in luck my …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 2 - Companion

November 12th, 2020


We're back with our companion for the 2nd episode of this seasons Mandalorian! Join us as we break down the episode and discuss what stood out, and …

Mandalorian: Season 2 Ep. 1 - Companion

November 5th, 2020


Our Mandalorian companions are a chance for us to dive deeper into each episode and explore the things we might have missed. It's also a chance to discuss the significance of what we see, and mispronounce Jon Favreau's …

24 - Mandalorian: Season 2 Predictions

November 2nd, 2020


Buckle up, the steamy hot action of Mandalorian Season 2 has begun! And with our expert timing, we're doing a prediction of Mandalorian Season 2 …

BONUS - Softcore History: Lone Wolf and Cub, Where'd They Come From?

October 29th, 2020


In this episode, we take a look at the two lead actors in Lone Wolf and Cub, Itto and Daigoro. Enjoy!

23 - Mandalorian x Lone Wolf and Cub: Inspirations and Archetypes

October 26th, 2020


There's no three man wolf pack on this blazing hot episode! Stick with us as we discuss the genesis for Mandalorian's likely inspiration:  Lone Wolf …

BONUS - Softcore History: Jay Baruchel, Where'd He Come From?

October 23rd, 2020


We decided we were a little heavy handed in our critique of Jay in our premiere episode this week. In this one, we take a look at who he is as an …

22 - I Can't Take This Seriously: Sorcerer's Apprentice

October 19th, 2020


A while ago we said we'd cover this steaming pile of a movie if someone retweeted us. Low and behold some one took us up on it. Sorcerer's Apprentice …

BONUS - Books on Tape: Kev's Tenet Article

October 16th, 2020


Kev wrote an article that took a deep dive into the themes presented in Tenet. Some critics have said Tenet is a shallow film, so he thought he'd put it to the test for himself. He also knows reading isn't for everyone, …

21 - Christopher Nolan's Tenet: Character Analysis

October 12th, 2020


Spoilers ahead as we discuss the movie Tenet from Christopher Nolan. Was it as good as we hoped it would be? Did he drop the ball on the characters …

BONUS - Infomercial Remix

October 8th, 2020


How do you make an infomercial better? Other than deleting it off the face of the earth you mean? Oh, well there's only one way...remix! These come from a Youtube creator DJsteveporter. Enjoy!

Check out more of our …

20 - Top Ten: Unfortunate Products

October 5th, 2020


You know what sucks? Infomercials and commercials. You know what sucks more? Their products.... Join us on this milestone episode as we thrown down a …

BONUS - Star Wars Fan Theory: Baby Yoda

October 1st, 2020


What is a Yoda you ask? Good question. In this episode, Curtis takes a look at the fan favorite Baby Yoda, the history behind the character and species, as well as the many fan theories that abound. Does his own fan …

19 - Star Wars Character Analysis: Boba Fett vs Mandalorian

September 28th, 2020


With Mandalorian Season 2 set to begin in a galaxy far away etc., Curtis and Kevin discuss the impact Boba Fett had on the Mandalorian and the deep lore George Lucas "definitely intended". Curtis also shares his own …

BONUS - Deep Thoughts with Jean-Claude Van Damme

September 24th, 2020


And you thought JCVD wasn't a man of infinite talents. Check out some of the best quotes to ever come from the Fred Astaire of karate. Jean-Claude's words, not mine...Enjoy!

Check out more of our content at …

18 - Jean-Claude Van Damme These Suck: Hard Target

September 21st, 2020


Curtis and Kevin discuss their love of JCVD and the magic treasure trove that is his action movies. Don't let the title fool you, this can't miss …

BONUS - Rick & Morty VS Genocider: A Live Reaction

September 17th, 2020


Curtis and Kevin explore the crazy twists and turns of the wildly popular Rick & Morty in this anime inspired short. Huge surprises in store for …

17 - I Can't Take This Seriously: Kerbal Space Program

September 14th, 2020


In this episode, Kevin and Curtis discuss the impact Kerbal Space Program can have on your view of Science Fiction films.  Does this wonderful and …

BONUS - Books on Tape: Jonathan Nolan's "Memento Mori"

September 10th, 2020


Many do not know about Jonathan Nolan's short-story "Memento Mori" which inspired his brother's film. Curtis' dramatic reading will be a real treat …

16 - Christopher Nolan's Memento: Character Analysis

September 7th, 2020


This weeks episode marks the inception, wink wink, of a series where Curtis and Kevin relive and review each of Christopher Nolan's movies. Our aim, …

BONUS - Final Fantasy VII: In My Feels

September 3rd, 2020


The long awaited (15ish years awaited to almost be exact) Final Fantasy VII Remake was released in 2020. Kev played it... caught major feels... reflected on those feels... marinated on them... then finally composed them …

15 - Play Don't Show: Final Fantasy VII

August 31st, 2020


In videogames, it can be extremely difficult to avoid resorting to cutscenes to tell the story. When games can find a way to communicate their story …

BONUS - Books on Tape: The Shocking Conspiracy Behind Shadow Moses

August 27th, 2020


This week Kevin did something a little special for everyone. "The Shocking Conspiracy Behind Shadow Moses" is a fictional book that you can access …

BONUS - Rick & Morty Live Reaction: Samurai & Shogun

August 26th, 2020


Kevin and Curtis decide to have a little fun watching the Rick & Morty shorts that were released in between season 4 and 4.5. Check out our live commentary and reaction, and in case you haven't seen it yet, here's a …

14 - Trojan Horse: Metal Gear Solid 2

August 24th, 2020


In this episode, we rediscover the prophetic plot behind Metal Gear Solid 2. This episode has the potential of changing your mind about how you …

BONUS - Softcore History: Giancarlo Esposito, Where'd He Come From?

August 20th, 2020


In this episode, Curtis takes a look at the actor that plays one of the darkest villains in television. Giancarlos Esposito gives the perfect portrayal of the ruthless drug lord Gus Fring, but where did Giancarlo the …

13 - Show Don't Tell: Breaking Bad - Season 3

August 17th, 2020


We're back at it again for round 3 of the Breaking Bad cold opens. In this one, Curtis and Kev discuss the significance of the pre-intro shorts, and …

BONUS - Softcore History: John Wick at the Box Office

August 13th, 2020


In this Softcore History, Curtis takes a look at one of the better mindless action films from the last few years. If John Wick doesn't get your blood …

12 - Prepare to be Revenged: John Wick

August 10th, 2020


In this episode, Curtis and Kevin explore what a movie would look like if you took a country song and turned it into a screen play; but without being …

BONUS - Softcore History: Bob Odenkirk, Where'd He Come From?

August 6th, 2020


In this installment of Softcore History, Curtis takes a look at the greatest TV lawyer since Andy Griffith, the one and only Bob Odenkirk. You know him, you love him, and you call him when you need a "Criminal" lawyer. …

11 - Show Don't Tell: Breaking Bad - Season 2

August 3rd, 2020


Curtis and Kevin revisit Breaking Bad and break down the cold opens of Season 2. Walt's tighty whities also make a comeback in this glorious season. …

BONUS - Softcore History: What About Anti-Smoking PSAs?

July 30th, 2020


In this episode of Softcore History, Don Draper, I mean Kevin, breaks up with smoking before it can break up with him as he takes a look at the PSA …

10 - Top 10 Worst PSAs of the 80's and 90's

July 27th, 2020


Our lucky #10 episode has to be a top 10. And in this episode, Curtis and Kevin explore the worst PSAs the 80's and 90's produced from a comedic …

BONUS - Softcore History: Kung Pow at the Box Office

July 25th, 2020


In this episode, Curtis takes a look at the box office success/failure of the cult classic, Kung Pow Enter the Fist. If you like stupid comedies, …

BONUS - Softcore History: Nicolas Cage Financial Woes

July 23rd, 2020


Curtis brings you this Softcore History on one of America's most beloved screaming actors, Nicolas Cage. This episode serves as a reminder, that even …

9 - I Can't Take This Seriously: National Treasure

July 20th, 2020


The film National Treasure, and by extension Nicolas Cage, are this weeks punching bag for our own series trope: I Can't Take This Seriously. …

BONUS - Movie Notes: Escape from New York

July 16th, 2020


In this Bonus Movie Notes, Curtis shares his break down and commentary on this 80's classic. You don't have to have listened to our prior episode, …

8 - Trojan Horse: Metal Gear Solid

July 13th, 2020


In this episode, Curtis and Kevin discuss the Trojan Horse nature of Metal Gear Solid and it's impact on modern pop culture. Billed as a playable …

BONUS - Softcore History: Death to Smoochy at the Box Office

July 9th, 2020


You won't believe your ears on this Softcore History. In this episode, Curtis takes a shallow dive into the pool of tears created from the box office …

7 - Criminal Series Intro: Top 5 Underrated Comedies

July 6th, 2020


In this episode, we introduce our Criminal Series. Our goal with Criminal Series is to explore the Movie, TV or Video Games we feel are criminally underrated, overrated, or just plain bad. This introductory episode …

BONUS - Softcore History: Vince Gilligan, Where'd he come from?

July 4th, 2020


Curtis spends no more than 5 minutes researching and then presenting on Vince Gilligan and his history before his meteoric rise as a critically acclaimed writer, director and creator of the Breaking Bad and Better Call …

6 - Show Don't Tell: Breaking Bad - Season 1

July 2nd, 2020


In this episode we discuss the old adage in television, that showing is better than telling. What better way to discover the wonders of show don't …

5 - Commando vs. Double Team - Who worst it best?

June 25th, 2020


This episode features a debate battle for moron supremacy as two brothers argue who worst it best: Commando or Double Team? Tune in to this non-stop 80's and 90's action episode, replete with amazing one liners and even …

BONUS - Movie Notes: Commando Vs Double Team

June 25th, 2020


In this bonus episode, Curtis takes us through a magical journey of the mind in a fire side chat style reading and interpretation of his movie notes. …

BONUS - Softcore History: Resident Evil Live Action

June 24th, 2020


During the Jump the Shark: Resident Evil cast, Kev was not prepared with the history surrounding the filming of the live action cut-scenes in the original PS1 game. He wants to set the record straight with a new segment …

4 - Jump the Shark: Resident Evil

June 20th, 2020


The best way to jump the shark is to do it twice! In this episode, we explore the differences of Jumping the Shark in a video-game as opposed to a …

3 - Jump the Shark: The Walking Dead

June 20th, 2020


Taking inspiration from the Fonz, we introduce a series we'll be doing called "Jump the Shark". We'll be discussing at which point a franchise, movie, tv show, video game or other media has officially jumped the shark. …

2 - The Great Carl Weathers Debate

June 17th, 2020


In this episode, we duke it out on which actor has died the most as a character in major cinema. Curtis refused to do any research and took a hard line stance that Carl Weathers is the current champ. Kevin is left to …

1 - Frivolous Fandom RELAUNCH

June 16th, 2020


In this premiere episode, we discuss what our goal behind our podcast is, and what we hope to get out of it. We understand this will be a journey, …

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