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Are you looking for great podcast episode recommendations? Want to say that you found that podcast before it blew up and went mainstream? Fresh This Week makes it easy to listen to episodes highlighted in dozens of podcast newsletters. Fresh This Week is brought to you by the Podcast Librarian at RadioPublic. Download the RadioPublic app for iOS and Android at RadioPublic makes it easy to listen to the shows you love while discovering new shows and episodes.

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  • 26:51

    We’re Going To Space

    SPACE 1: We're Going To Space

    Erik from Hurt Your Brain says, “I love space. I love Planet Money. So a Planet Money four-part mini-series about the business of space makes me really happy. The Planet Money team procured (borrowed) their very own loaf of bread sized satellite and you’ll learn so much about the state of the private space economy as they navigate how to actually get it into orbit. SpaceX isn’t the only cool thing going on in the private space sector.”

  • 55:16

    It’s a Real Mother, Part 1: Governor Mom

    #141 It's A Real Mother, Part 1: Governor Mom

    Sara from Audible Feast says, “What a smart choice to profile a former Republican governor, Jane Swift, whose story may have been unknown to many listeners but absolutely resonates. This entire mini-series really made me think a lot about working mother discrimination, I listened to all four episodes straight through.”

  • 36:52

    Court of Memory

    #05: Court of Memory

    The NYC Chapter of the Podcast Brunch Club says, “In the criminal justice system, the stakes of memory can be dangerously high. A faulty memory can put the wrong person in jail and leave the real criminal free. Host Terence Mickey explores what happens when faulty memories land in a courtroom.”

  • 33:31

    Even Greater London

    Episode 1 - Even Greater London

    Aurora from Good Listener says, “I don’t listen to much fiction at all, so when I got a recommendation for this stempunky mystery series set in Victorian London I assumed it wouldn’t be quite my jam. Much to my surprise I’ve been quite charmed by it’s joyfully weird sense of humor. For example, the robot secretary Miss Botkin greets a character with “Would you like some tea? I’ve got some brewing in my shoulder.” I’m not sure exactly why that’s funny but man I like weird robot jokes, and this show delivers. I haven’t gotten far enough in to know if the mystery itself will be satisfying, but I’m having a good time on the way there!”

  • 39:49

    The Barbarian World

    2: The Barbarian World

    John from Not My First Radio says, “Patrick Wyman — of the also-great Tides of History — hosts this pod about, well, you can probably guess. Something of an overview episode, I found this one really enlightening. Having never learned much about the so-called barbarians in school, I’d assumed they were like borderline feral people who lived in unorganized societies and just loved killing the civilized Romans for fun. Obviously, this is very wrong. They traded with, borrowed cultural practices from, and engaged in military alliances with the Romans. Wyman creates a fictitious Goth called Wulfila (little wolf lol) as a way of giving us an on-the-ground look at the life of a barbarian around the fourth century CE.”

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