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44: Mirela Sula Global Woman Club Founder: Build Your Brand And Go Global

FWEP00044 Mirela Sula Today we have a very special guest. Her name is Mirela Sula, the founder of Global Woman Club. She has a platform that connects a lot of business women around the world.  Our prime purpose in life is to help others. Ms. Sula known her purpose in life from her younger years. And with her knowledge and experience, she used these to inspire women know their rights and how to be confident. (01:27-01:46) Well I’m supposed to be based in London but in the last 3, 4 years I’ve been all over the world. Living my dream of meeting some inspirational woman. Finding their dreams and connections on how we can serve to the world with what we do.  (02:03-02:55) Well the same as you do, because, you know, when you’re living your purpose and when you’re thinking and so loyal to that purpose then everything else will just fall into its places.  Of course, it started with the global magazine because that is my background. I’ve been working in the media for a long time and my passion, of course, worked overtime to help and support women because I came from a culture that women didn’t have a strong voice and they didn’t have that power to express themselves, that's why I always had this passion inside me that everything that I accumulate inside myself, knowledge, experience, networking opportunities to turn it into something that helps others as well.  (04:04-04:34) Well, since we are here now in Singapore with rich women and Robert Kiyosaki, definitely that book has changed in ruling my life but the lives of many women who wanted to become financially independent that was a big thing. I have studied one of their Masters degree and PhD and everything it takes like the culture and of course, family and everything that we embrace while we are growing up in that culture.  

Make goals, dream big and live with passion. Change is painful but it is more painful staying stuck somewhere that you don’t belong. Ms. Sula shared how she deals with women who are currently stuck and unhappy with their present lives. (05:32-05:48) Yeah, I keep going. I’m just living the big passion that I have inside me, the big dream. And then I don’t need to go anywhere. Things that I want, they come.  (06:17-06:45) Oh that’s very interesting! When I meet women the day that they know they are stuck and they are looking for a new direction in life and they say Okay, let’s find where you are because that's a very important thing to do the assessment where you are because you don’t know where you are going and before you find out where are you located. You do an assessment of the situation that you are at that moment.  (06:58-07:33) To see if you are still sleeping or you are awakening up slowly. It’s really hard to see that some women they never even get to the awakening up momentum. So until you come to that momentum, no matter how clever you are and how much knowledge you have inside if you are not using that knowledge, if you are not awakened person you just go around then look for different directions but you will not get what you really deserve. So that’s why number 1 is to  find you where you are and to find out if you are still sleeping or awakened.  (08:03-08:33) I always say, look, if you are not happy where you are then, you move because you’re not a tree. That’s why it’s very important to start moving and to be honest, nothing changes until something moves and people keep asking themselves why my life is not changing? Because you’re not moving and if you want something that you never had, you have to do something that you never had done before so that’s why I encourage women first of all, to wake up then to start moving. Learn how to cope because there will really be dark days in our lives. All of us will have bad times, dark days and dark momentum but these dark days will make us stronger. Some of the dark days of Ms. Sula was conquering depression that she had before. (09:09-09:41) Well, that’s very interesting because sometimes you have to reach dark zone, dark momentum and seek for solutions before you see the light. Because of course, we have seen a lot of big names and big personalities now that they care a lot about the challenges that they had in life and difficulties and as a psychologist, I have seen a lot of people come to therapy looking for answers and for solutions after they have flashed. (09:56-10:34)  The big first crashed is when I lost my first child and I went to severe deep depression. At that time, in our culture, psychology was quite a new field, nobody new about depression or stress . Then I gave  to my son and you know, postpartum depression nailed and nobody could help me and that was the biggest dark zone that I experience in my life and I had to choices to do, to just give up my life or just get out of the dark zone.  (12:01-12:26) Well, at that time, was not possible because nobody could help in this situation because as I said psychology  is rare at that time under communist regime and the word depression didn’t exist at the vocabulary. People could go through this difficult issues, science term of issues and never knew what is that about.  (13:52-14:29) I had a private practice in helping people in psychotherapy for quite a long time and I started big movement on helping women empower themselves for me, that was another discovery that if you want to empower yourself, first you have to build your confidence, the confidence of the internal work and that led me to new projects on empowering people around me but especially women where they were always suppress and under pressure and suffering inside. Media can be useful to share impact to people. With Ms. Sula’s knowledge and experience together with the media, she was able to expand their club and it continued inspiring women to move if they are unhappy and be confident.  (14:49-14:59) Now, we have access to more information as I said at that time it was no internet, no computer, nothing you could get  this information anywhere that’s why we're like in an isolation.  (15:08-15:25) Great things have changed the new paradigm has proved that humans have the ability to change themselves to re-brain themselves to re-create themselves and the same I see as an opportunity for women.  (16:38-17:10) So I first started working as a trainer of domestic violence in London one of the biggest organizations in London  and then while working and conducting my PhD research about domestic violence, I realize that two big things why women really suffer on domestic violence is number 1, confidence and number 2 financial dependency and I said how do I turn this into something that, it’s my passion and I wanna turn into business.  (17:43-18:08) Then I came up with this idea of building a new platform. First, interviewing them and finding out their issues, their problems, their concerns, challenges, what are the main problems and then once I learned that if you find the problem then you are in business because you find the solution and that’s it (18:34-19:09) The question is how do you do that? I just put together psychology and media together plus my experiences then how do I do their confidence? I give them a microphone and then they realize if you want transparent woman, give them a microphone. I’ve seen how women changed completely, the language, the voice, the power that they stand it’s completely shifted to the whole course of journey. And I just started to see the results. What was the journey like? No journey is long when your dreams are big and you’re so passionate about it. The club is continuously growing up until this day. Ms. Sula remembers how the club started from her magazine. (20:18-20:31) The journey of thousands of miles starts with the first step. Absolutely! As I’ve said in the beginning it started with the magazine I grow together with a group of amazing women that I interviewed. (20:38-21:14) We ended up crying at the end of the day because it was very emotional, we started to open up and share and why we don’t do more like this? Again, it started in my office in the Novabone street in London and for 7 to 8 months, it was just free invitation only. Then it started to grow and grow then the demand became so big and then we say Okay, let’s start the proper platform the membership scheme. Then women started to travel  from other countries to attend this club in London. (21:16-21:39) I wish I had it in Paris. I wish I had it in Amsterdam or France or Vienna or Stockhelm or New York or L.A or in Dubai and these women were traveling to London coming and seeing the model on how we put and seeing the results and said how do I get this in my country and this is how it became now wide global.  (21:58-22:29) In the club we meet at breakfast, we have some nice food  and then working and conversations and then members come in and we gave them a microphone and we say, come in and tell us who you are. Sometimes, at the beginning, we had some resistance like Oh, I don’t have much to say, I’m not sure like whatever just two minutes and say whatever you want. Tell us story, what did you do when you were a child or in the school or What was your dream.  (22:30-23:01) And I realize at the beginning women were hesitating to take the microphone but trust me once they grab that microphone, they wouldn’t want to leave it and will say Please, give me the microphone back now two minutes so we give them two minutes then they take more now. And then they move from two minutes, to ten or twelve and thirty. At the beginning in front of 30 to 40 women in this small club and then they move to big stages and we have seen women that they never had spoken before and you know the biggest fear after death is public speaking.  

Every great achiever is encouraged by a great mentor. Ms. Veronica was her mentor that helped and is still helping the club to grow. Her existence amazes so many women and she is indeed, an influential person. (23:32-24:21) Yes, I am so excited because it was so funny. Veronica Tan has been like my mentor, not only for me but for many women who has managed to meet her. It’s like a miracle. She doesn’t know the effect, the magic, the impact she creates just by her presence. She has been supporting us behind the scenes over time and women, when they get to know that Veronica is coming, they come just to meet her and just do a picture with her. But she’s such a humble person so she never realized, she never knew how big her influence was on all these women that she was meeting.  (24:25-24:55) She has been helping me, running the clubs all over. Everywhere that we invite her, she comes and supports like a condition. We just realized that we don’t have a club in Singapore and she said Okay, we’ll a club in Singapore! And the team is asking by the way, Who is going to be the director of Global Women Club in Singapore? Veronica! They were so excited!  (25:13-25:30) Now we are here to launch the club for the very first time in Singapore. Veronica, I’m sure is going to turn this club in a big success. Not only for the Global Women platform but especially,  it is a gift for women who live in this country. 

Just keep taking the next step! The fortunate ones are the ones who take the risk on their first step. Ms. Sula shared her daily routine to keep her going on inspiring women as much as possible women in the whole wide world. (25:38-26:31) My vision is always growing and growing. It’s like it’s changing its CV all the time because it’s becoming bigger than I thought. Of course, it’s connected with the strong desire to see women standing in their power like seeing women not only in developed countries but all over the world. Then once we kind of extend this movement and make it accessible for any woman who wants number one, to build confidence and make their money like can confidently say that Men are not financial plan and get the rights to have their own money and feel so good about being taking ownership of their life, that is my dream.  (26:53-27:48) Well I think that they are connected because you need to feel fabulous. If you don’t feel fabulous then you don’t feel like you have that freedom. This freedom is all about feeling good enough with yourself. And a lot of women, I’ve seen they really lack that freedom of feeling good enough because they live in the cage of what other people created for them. They are connected together. Freedom doesn’t come if you don’t connect that fabulous component inside yourself. And once fabulous and freedom meet each other then you build everything. You can build finance, you can build success, you can build significance, fulfillment and everything.  (28:43-29:32) That’s the most important question because everything, it’s a daily routine. You can’t go here if you don’t take the steps. You can’t take the leap there. And the steps  is how you treat yourself every single day. How you feed yourself. What kind of food you are putting in your body and to your mind and your spirit. What kind of diet you are using. It’s not just one day, it has to be consistent. The consistency is the most important thing that helps us to create the habit. If we keep that consistency, we create a habit of success instead creating the habit of failure.  

Change is equal to self-improvement. The good in living is to be able to try new things that may be out of our comfort zone. But it will lead us to self improvement and realizing even more our self worth. Ms. Sula mentioned how important our mental health and how to keep it healthy. (29:46-30:18) So for me as being very important from the very beginning when I started this journey of self-development number one, never quit the steps towards feeding yourself and no resharing and investing in yourself. It can be an event like this for example. It can be reading a book, meditation, conversation with yourself. All of them. All the things that you need in a consistent basis. (30:20-30:42) This is also very important because we all the time need to add into the new program. If you want to change yourself, you need to recharge the programming and recharge means we need to add up new content to our program and that new content has to be on a daily basis. (31:13-31:29) Well, it’s not hard because it’s like the same way you wake up, you brush your teeth or you get your coffee. The same way is like you give the food to your mental workers that are working inside you. (32:01-32:31) If you think that staying anonymous is going to help you grow your business that’s not going to work. So everybody is reaching you. I’m all over, everywhere just tag Global Woman and people don’t remember my name they remember Global Woman and they find everything where I am, what I am doing, insta story, everything, Tv, live, we are so visible and I encourage all women not to hide. (34:03-34:36) It has been amazing, absolutely amazing journey. Of course, we had our challenges as we had to go through a lot of change. But I’m really feeling everyday, like my son is part of the whole mission now. He’s studying biomedical science and he’s very awakened person, very aligned with his mission. He knows what he wants in life. Millenials know better than we know before and I’m very proud of what he has achieved.  (35:05-35:48) First of all I would say that question yourself where were you are. Ask yourself questions because the quality of our questions define the quality of our present life. Ask any kind of question and then the answers stuck because these answers will help us to  move to the next level and for that it’s really important to surround with the right people. Surrounded with the right people is absolutely fundamental because we are the average type of people that we spend most of the time.  

Key Takeaways: 
  1. Put all excuses aside and believe that you can do right.
  2. Great things happen when you move.
  3. Health and fitness will help us improve our lives.
  4. When women support and believe each other, incredible things happen.
  5. Be a woman that man needs.

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