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FNO: InsureTech is a place where movers and shakers from all points within the insurance ecosystem gather and discuss all things insuretech. Industry veterans Matt D. Fatheree, Lee Boyd, and Rob Beller talk technology and innovation and how it affects and drives change in the industry.We sit down an… read more

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Ep 77 – Tower Hill Insurance Group’s Vice President of Claims, Steven Gregory

May 29th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Steven Gregory, Vice President of Claims at Tower Hill Insurance Group (THIG).

As one of Florida’s largest residential property insurers, Tower Hill has been …

BONUS: Helping Build A Career in Claims: We talk with Mathew Allen of AdjusterTV

May 26th, 2020


On this special, bonus episode of FNO: InsureTech, we talk with Mathew Allen, creator and founder of AdjusterTV.

AdjusterTV aims to help property and auto IAs make more money, save more time, and help more people …

Ep 76 – Juniper Labs CEO Lance Poole, and Coterie Founder & CEO David McFarland

May 22nd, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Lance Poole, CEO of Juniper Labs, and David McFarland, Founder & CEO, of Coterie.

Juniper …

Ep 75 – Zendrive CEO & Founder, Jonathan Matus

May 15th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Jonathan Matus, CEO & Founder of Zendrive.

Knowing when and how your users drive lets you adapt to their context. Zendrive leverages over 180 billion miles of …

Ep 74 – Hippo Insurance CEO & Co-Founder, Assaf Wand

May 8th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Assaf Wand, CEO & Co-Founder of Hippo Insurance.

Since 2015, Hippo Insurance has leveraged …

Ep 73 – Donan President & CEO, Lyle Donan

May 1st, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Lyle Donan, President & CEO of Donan.

A nationally recognized leader in forensic engineering …

Ep 72 – RiskGenius Co-Founder & CEO Chris Cheatham

April 24th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Chris Cheatham, Co-Founder and CEO of RiskGenius.

RiskGenius leverages an Al-driven, SaaS-based …

Ep 71 – Insuretech Disruption? Caribou Honig & Martha Notaras Think About the Impact of COVID-19 on the Insuretech Ecosystem

April 17th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Caribou Honig, Co-founder and Chairman at InsureTech Connect, and Martha Notaras, Managing Partner at Brewer Lane Ventures.

What is the next normal? What happens …

Ep 70 – Insurtech Insights’ Chief Content Officer, Ellenie Chan

April 10th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Ellenie Chan, Chief Content Officer at Insurtech Insights.

Insurtech Insights has created one of the prominent insuretech communities with conferences in London, New …

Ep 69 – HOVER’s CEO & Co-Founder, A.J. Altman

April 3rd, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by A.J. Altman, CEO and Co-Founder of HOVER.

HOVER is building the future of 3D property data with a platform that lets anyone create accurate 3D models, from just a few …

Ep 68 – Swyfft’s Chief Claims Officer, John Langowski

March 27th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by John Langowski, Chief Claims Officer of Swyfft.

Swyfft is in the business to save insureds time and money. They are leveraging patented analytical methods and unique …

Ep 67 – Chisel AI's CEO & Founder, Ron Glozman

March 20th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Ron Glozman, CEO & Founder of Chisel AI.

While attending the University of Waterloo in the 2010s, Ron thought of ways to read and comprehend lengthy texts quickly …

Ep 66 – Bryan Falchuk, Author, Speaker, & Life Coach

March 13th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Author, Speaker, and Life Coach Bryan Falchuk. Bryan has a lot of knowledge and experience to leverage. Life and executive coach, public speaker, C-level executive and …

Ep 65 – Texas Windstorm Insurance Association/Texas Fair Plan Association's Chief Claims Officer, Dave Williams

March 6th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Dave Williams, Chief Claims Officer at Texas Windstorm Insurance Association/Texas Fair Plan Association. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) was …

BONUS: FNO: Conferences - Elevate 2020 Conference: Conversations with Carriers

March 3rd, 2020


The FNO: InsureTech Podcast had the wonderful opportunity to talk with several insurance carriers attending the Elevate 2020 Conference on February …

Ep 64 – Xactware's President, Mike Fulton

February 28th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Mike Fulton, President of Xactware. Xactware’s integrated solutions for estimating, managing, and …

Ep 63 – Quesnay Co-Founder & President, Jennifer Byrne

February 21st, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Jennifer Byrne, Co-Founder and President of Quesnay. Quesnay connects innovators and ideas to the resources required to realize them, through innovation competitions, …

Ep 62 – Ladder’s CEO & Co-Founder, Jamie Hale

February 14th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Jamie Hale, CEO & Co-Founder at Ladder. Ladder is enabling the insured to make the kind of …

BONUS: We Explore InsureTech & the Claims Conference with PLRB On Demand

February 11th, 2020


The FNO: InsureTech team joins the PLRB On Demand ("POD") podcast in exploring insuretech and the PLRB Claims Conference.
Learn more about PLRB, the Claims Conference, and the beginnings of the FNO: InsureTech podcast …

Ep 61 – Hippo Insurance’s VP of Growth Initiatives, Daniel Blanaru, and Co-founder of Sheltr, Andrew Wynn

February 7th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Daniel Blanaru, VP of Growth Initiatives at Hippo Insurance, and Andrew Wynn, Co-founder of Sheltr. At the end of 2019, Sheltr joined the Hippo Insurance family. Hippo …

Ep 60 – Surround Insurance Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Kate Terry

January 31st, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Kate Terry, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Surround Insurance. Surround Insurance is …

BONUS: FNO: News - InsurTechNY's David Gritz shares info on InsurTech Startup Competition 2020

January 30th, 2020


Guest David Gritz, of InsurTechNY, shares information on the InsurTech Startup Competition 2020.

For more information, visit:

Ep 59 – Coverager Founder, Shefi Ben-Hutta

January 24th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Shefi Ben-Hutta, Founder of Coverager. Coverager is the go-to source for insurance innovation that leverages data and information; and creates coverage on topics …

Ep 58 – Strategy Meets Action Partner, Karen Furtado

January 17th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Karen Furtado, Strategic Advisor and Insurance Industry Expert at Strategy Meets Action (SMA). …

Ep 57 – InsureTech Connect Co-founders Caribou Honig & Jay Weintraub

January 10th, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by InsureTech Connect (ITC) Co-founders Caribou Honig & Jay Weintraub. With 2019 InsureTech Connect having come and gone, the ripples of September’s event are making …

Ep 56 – Snapsheet Director of Innovation, Alex Meisner

January 3rd, 2020


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Alex Meisner, Director of Innovation at Snapsheet. As a claims technology and services company, …

Ep 55 – Elsewhen Co-Founder and CPO/CSO, Leon Gauhman

December 20th, 2019


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Leon Gauhman, Co-Founder & CPO/CSO of Elsewhen. Since 2011, Elsewhen has provided a different …

Ep 54 – HazardHub CEO & Co-Founder, Bob Frady

December 13th, 2019


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech we are joined by Bob Frady, Co-Founder & CEO of HazardHub. HazardHub uses geographic risk data sets to create assessments for a number of different hazards – things like risk of …

Ep 53 – Kin Insurance Co-Founder & CEO, Sean Harper

December 6th, 2019


In 2016, our guest’s company formed to disrupt the insurance space. They felt that homeowners deserve an easy-to-understand policy, insurance …

Ep 52 – Kangaroo Co-Founder & CEO Maximus Yaney

November 29th, 2019


Over 59 million people in America don’t have home security. Our guest is on a mission to change that. Their goal: provide super simple security …

Ep 51 - Kemper's Vice President of Claims, Mick Zondory

November 22nd, 2019

This week, we are joined by Mick Zondory, Vice President of Claims at Kemper.

As one of the nation’s leading specialized insurers serving over 6.4 …

Ep 50 – FNO: InsureTech Podcast hosts Rob Beller, Lee Boyd, & Matt D. Fatheree

November 15th, 2019


The hosts of the FNO: InsureTech Podcast look back to the last 49 episodes and reflect on the guests, topics, and episodes of the past.

Join us in …

Ep 49 – Gradient AI Founder & CEO, Stan Smith

November 8th, 2019

On this episode we are joined by Stan Smith, Founder & CEO of Gradient AI.

Gradient AI develops and leverages decision support tools and workflow …

Ep 48 – SPLICE Software’s President & CEO, Tara Kelly

November 1st, 2019


Communication is the lifeline of customer-driven businesses. Establishing and maintaining a line of communication from consumer to business and being …

Ep 47 – Grange Insurance’s Brent Hammer, Innovation Officer

October 25th, 2019


Innovation comes in different forms and happens at different times. Having a dedicated innovation team allows opportunities for growth, efficiency,   

Our guest has over 13 years of experience with Grange Insurance’s …

Ep 46 – GloveBox Co-Founders Ryan Mathisen, CEO, and Sean Mulhern, CIO

October 18th, 2019


When there is a disconnect, someone has to bring the two ends together to make things work. In marketplace with fragmented services, it’s difficult …

Ep 45 – Mike McCann, Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, at Rev1 Ventures

October 11th, 2019


Startups require attention, resources, and time. Finding an investor or partner that offers these factors is not an easy task and requires thoughtful …

Ep 44 – Darin McCarthy, Vice President of Claims at Hippo Insurance

October 4th, 2019


On this episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are joined by Darin McCarthy, Vice President of Claims at Hippo Insurance. Hippo has automated the process and …

Ep 43 – Mark Breading, Partner & Chief Research Officer at Strategy Meets Action (SMA)

September 27th, 2019


Strategy is important when it comes to developing an idea, a goal, an action, and for our intent and purpose, insurance.

By developing a strategy, a path can be formed that allows for clarity, understanding, and …

Ep 42 – Demetrius Gray, CEO & Co-Founder of WeatherCheck

September 20th, 2019


Weather is the lifeblood of claims. It can be the decisionmaker, the telltale sign, the cause. 

One company has taken its roots in the weather, providing data points that can be used in predicting claims patterns and …

Ep 41 – Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder & CEO of Open Data Nation (ODN)

September 13th, 2019


Data is power. It creates. It moves. With data comes knowledge and information that can be integral and crucial to a business, organization, even an infrastructure of a city.


This week, we talk with a business that …

Ep 40 – Catherine Reese, Chief Claims Officer at Tower Hill Insurance Group

September 6th, 2019


***This episode of the FNO: InsureTech was recorded prior to Hurricane Dorian. Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by this storm.***

Ep 39 – Miguel Fernandez, CEO & Co-Founder of Claimbot

August 30th, 2019


Communicating with customers is integral to any business. When it comes to communicating with the insured, it’s important to build rapport and relationships that allow easy flow of information. 

On this week’s episode …

Ep 38 – Andy “Maverick” Liu, Founder & CEO of Bees360 Inc.

August 23rd, 2019


“Artificial Intelligence” and “Drone Technology” have been recent and relevant buzz phrases in the insuretech industry. The application of these …

Ep 37 – Alex Beller, Co-Founder/President at Postscript

August 16th, 2019


SMS is has become a commonplace form of communication. Notifications have become the normal. The ease of communication has opened up opportunities to contact customers on a more personable, direct way.

One company has …

Ep 36 – Dan Reed, Managing Director, American Family Ventures

August 9th, 2019


In the space of insuretech, there is a lot of opportunity. Efficiency opportunity, growth opportunity, distribution opportunity, and more. 

Growing a …

Ep 35 – Tony Triola, Director of Claims, Strategic Supplier Management

August 2nd, 2019


Not many people have a front row seat to insuretech. To see ideas and concepts from conception to reality, to watch the wave of innovation crash on the shores of the insurance industry.

Our guest this week has the …

Ep 34 – Brett Jurgens, Co-Founder & CEO at Notion

July 26th, 2019


The rise of IoT (Internet of Things) has given customers the connectivity, and ability, to control and monitor their property. Partnering IoTs with …

Ep 33 – Rob Galbraith, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker & Author

July 19th, 2019


Writing a book takes content and a timeline.

Being a thought leader requires identifying problems and finding solutions. 

Becoming a keynote speaker …

Ep 32 – Matt Talbot, CEO/Co-Founder at GoSpotCheck

July 12th, 2019


It is essential to empower your workforce nowadays. 

Utilizing things like mobile technology, automation, and analytics can create useable data, …

Ep 31 – Ashish Dudani, Vice President - Insurance, KiwiTech

July 5th, 2019


A startup company can face many challenges in their early stages: fundraising, technology, and developing business relationships.


That is why …

Ep 30 – Adam Kostecki, Sr. Asst. Vice President, Amica Mutual Insurance

June 28th, 2019


When it comes to innovation, there is a process that is involved in discovering technology initiatives and emerging technologies.

When you combine …

Ep 29 – Pascal Begin, Sr. Leader, Product Management, CoreLogic Symbility

June 21st, 2019


When someone knows the market and listens to the market, they can create a product that is able to provide the solutions desired and needed.

In …

Ep 28 – Cameron MacArthur, Founder and CEO at A.I. Insurance Inc.

June 14th, 2019


Data is essential in developing a comprehensive claim. It’s about making sense of the information collected. Data, however, can be a pain point. The …

PLRB 2019 Conference Preview

March 27th, 2019


On today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech—we are discussing the upcoming PLRB conference. Seated are Matt D. Fatheree, Rob Beller, Lee Boyd, and Janine Davis. Tune in to this episode to get the inside scoop for the upcoming …

Ep 13 - David Williams, VP Claims, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

March 8th, 2019

“Better beats perfect.” - David Williams

(click to tweet)

Disasters happen.

And when that time of crisis hits, all touchpoints of the insurance chain of command are notified. But is this communication seamless? Or, are …

Ep 12 - John Langowski, Chief Claims Officer, Swyfft

March 1st, 2019

“We always want the risk. We just have to put a price on it.” - John Langowski

(click to tweet)

Most people think paperwork when they hear the word ‘insurance.’

From filling out applications to filing claims, it seems …

Ep 10 - Dan Burton, Founder & CEO, Dronebase

February 16th, 2019

“Our view is that being a professional drone pilot is a new class of skilled labor.” - Dan Burton

(click to tweet)

Drones are all the buzz.

We hear about Amazon now delivering packages via drone flight and our neighbor …

Ep 8 - Andy Greff, CEO at PLNAR (SmartPicture)

February 1st, 2019

“We try to not just focus on the measurement piece of it, but the context piece as well.” - Andy Greff

(click to tweet)

For property claims, the outside is much easier to assess than the inside.

Whether it’s via drones …

Ep 6 - Elevate Conference Preview

January 25th, 2019

“Elevate is where business gets done.” - Dustin Barrington

(click to tweet)

On today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are joined by Dustin …

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