Finding solace in artists' journeys

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Stories about making creative work and living a creative life are like eating a nourishing meal for me, especially when the artists let their guard down and go deep. These are some of the podcast episodes I keep coming back to, to make me feel inspired, connected, or when I’m in a hole that I need h… read more

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A stripped away second version

February 8th, 2017


Hearing Bjork describe how she works and breaking down the creation of a song piece by piece, layer by layer, is the ultimate masterclass for any …

Creating a narrative arc

February 8th, 2017


Whenever I’m really stuck on a story’s structure, I come back to this episode. It offers up the kind of storytelling tools that I used to run a mile …

Doing the risky thing

February 8th, 2017


Finding that I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be and do my job the way wanted to do it, I made the decision to jump, to follow my creative …

Animal vocals and field recording

February 8th, 2017


Ann Kroeber has a passion and wonder for recording sound that is infectious, and you have definitely heard her work. She collaborated on the sound …

Combining illustration, art, and journalism

February 8th, 2017


Molly Crabapple has forged a path as an artist, illustrator and journalist and talks with great candor about what it took to get there, and her work …

Guidance for writing a second book

February 8th, 2017


A woman who left the successful career that made her miserable to become a writer and had success with her first book, is blocked with her second. …

The contributing Esquire editor on memory and loss

February 8th, 2017


Curiosity, reporting, writing, and the exploration of family secrets, with the author of Patient HM. Longform is a weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer about how they got their start and how they tell their …

Natural sounds and white noise

February 8th, 2017


The experience of being immersed in this composer’s work, influences, and approaches to creative exploration was, for me, invigorating, moving and inspiring.

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