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Episode 8: Space


Episode description

They say that that in space, no one can hear you scream…but since we host a podcast, we’re used to screaming fruitlessly into the void, so it’s fine! In this episode, Emily, Rob, and Noah explore the vast reaches of space, as well as all the ways that space reaches into each and every one of our lives. Tune in to discover why scientists are taking pictures of penguin poop from orbit, whether “Icy Chaos” is more than just a good name for a band, and who was the first person to drink alcohol on a planetary body other than Earth.

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Episode 32: Bloopers, Outtakes, & Shenanigans

August 20th, 2019


We're taking a break for a few weeks while we work on some *big plans*! In the meantime enjoy this episode of our unaired failures and musical interludes.

Episode 31: The Ass Files (We Are Not A Mules)

August 6th, 2019


At long last, the Facts Machine episode theme you've all been waiting for -- Donkeys! Our equine friends have an incredible history, from being …

Episode 30: Women's Issues & Man-Sized Tissues

July 23rd, 2019


 In this episode, we talk male show-vinism, tell the incredible story of an Irish pirate queen, and find out what female mice really want.

Episode 29: Fruits & Veggies

July 9th, 2019


This is a podcast about Pythagoras and beans, Oklahoma and the truth, and Princess Alice and her pet Spinach. Everything you think is a vegetable is a fruit. Ben Franklin has a plan for your farts.

Episode 28: Famous Inventors, Overshadowed Inventions

June 25th, 2019


Don't you just hate it when people only want to talk about how you discovered universal gravitation, but not about your passion project, making proportionately-sized doors for cats? Or when the press loves how you …

Episode 27: This Week We Learned (at Science Friday Trivia)

June 11th, 2019


Emily, Rob, and Noah went to Science Friday’s science trivia night, and they won! They also learned some interesting facts that they have brought back to share with you in this episode. Listen to find out why you …

Episode 26: Sportsball!

May 28th, 2019


When Facts Machine does an episode about sports, somehow you leave with more information about the mysteriously accurate predictions of 19th century authors, the ability to pinpoint the true origin of referred pain in …

Episode 25: (Live at Caveat) The Periodic Table of Elements

May 14th, 2019


Live at Caveat in NYC, Noah, Emily, and Rob head back to class with their first ever guest host, chemistry teacher extraordinaire Rich Fisler! In this episode, the facts are elementary, the laughs are periodic, and …

Episode 24: In Dog We Trust

April 30th, 2019


In this episode, Facts Machine makes a PAWEDcast! Noah, Rob, and Emily learn all about dogs — the good boys and good girls who make life worth living. Listen to find out how good the first good boy was, how some good …

Episode 23: Hocus POTUS

April 16th, 2019


Hail to the Chief! It's an episode of Facts Machine all about U.S. presidents. Listen to find out why it's not safe to run for president in 2020, how …

Episode 22: That Sh*t Cray

April 2nd, 2019


“More intellectual than I expected.” Our listeners should expect nothing less from an episode of Facts Machine all about poop! Would you believe that …

Episode 21: My Goodness, My Guinness

March 19th, 2019


Top of the morning to ya! In honor of St. Paddy’s day, we’re Dublin down on this week’s theme: Guinness! Listen to find out why nitrogen is “an obvious gas”, how the t-test was invented by a Guinness employee, and how …

Episode 20: Facts Machine ~After Dark~

March 5th, 2019


This week, Facts Machine becomes FaXXX Machine as Emily, Rob, and Noah discuss facts of a more...intimate...nature. Get your mind in the gutter with our titillating (hehehe) tales about the Urban Dictionary of the …

Episode 19: The Wild West

February 19th, 2019


Have your lassos, pistols, and...sarsaparilla (?) at the ready, because this week Facts Machine is comin' atcha with some Wild West facts! Tune in to …

Episode 18: Only In New York

February 5th, 2019


You can learn a lot in a New York minute, but you can learn even more in sixty! Facts Machine is back with an episode all about our hometown, the Big Apple. Listen to learn why The Strand bookstore is the last shop …

Episode 17: Crime Immemorial

January 22nd, 2019


It would be criminal to miss this episode of Facts Machine! Let us steal your attention with gritty tales of (surprisingly) true crime, featuring …

Episode 16: I'm With The Banned

January 8th, 2019


Noah, Emily and Rob are back with a BAN-tastic episode all about bans, censorship, and prohibitions! Listen to find out why Ray Bradbury should have …

Episode 15: Have Yourself A Merry Little Podcast

December 11th, 2018


Podcast ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay! For Noah, Emily, and Rob have come to you to say: Remember facts like Ol’ Saint Nick was skinny in his day! Oh tidings of Facts Machine pod! Give us five stars! Ohhhh …

Episode 14: Blame It On The Alcohol

November 27th, 2018


Bottoms up! It's an episode of Facts Machine all about booze. Tune in to learn how John Chapman planted cider apple trees until he became known as …

Episode 13: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

November 13th, 2018


Grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and get your glove out from under your mattress. The baseball season might be over, but it's opening day for America's *real* pastime: trivia! There will be more twists than one of …

Episode 12: Happy Halloween!

October 30th, 2018


Boo! Did we scare you? No? Well maybe our most recent episode will do the trick (or treat)! This week, Rob, Noah, and Emily explore the overuse of Franken as a prefix, the spooky physics (or lack thereof) of ghosts, and …

Episode 11: The Reviews Are In...

October 16th, 2018


"I was laughing for half of the episode, and thinking for the other half!", "As funny as 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!'", "I love Facts Machine, but please don't open any more cellophane packages on-air."
The above are all …

Episode 10: Playing With Our Food

October 2nd, 2018


Food fight!!! Grab a gluten-free communion wafer, a rotten tomato, or a cookie that thinks it's a cake, and get ready to throw them at Noah, Emily and Rob as they set the table and dig in to find out the precise gluten …

Episode 9: Boring Conspiracy Theories

September 18th, 2018


UFOs…chem trails…lizard people…Facts Machine? You’re not crazy (maybe); all the aforementioned things are sources of conspiracy theories! Hold onto …

Episode 7: Unsung Heroes

August 21st, 2018


Some historical heroes are household names, whereas others fade into history, or worse, suffer the cruel fate of not even meriting a Wikipedia page. …

Episode 6: Do Animals Suck?

August 7th, 2018


Have you ever wondered whether some animals, despite the best efforts of the powerful pro-animal lobby to convince us otherwise (we’re looking at …

Episode 5: Where There's A Will...

July 24th, 2018


What will you leave behind when you die? If you're lucky, you'll leave behind the Earth when your ashes are blasted into outer space! Alternatively, you might pass on your birth date to an unlucky child born too close …

Episode 4: The World Cup

July 10th, 2018


Want to learn lots of cool stuff about The World Cup, but don’t want to have to learn anything about soccer itself? Do we ever have a podcast for …

Episode 3: What's in a Name?

June 26th, 2018


Would a podcast by any other name sound as sweet? That's what Facts Machine is here to find out. In this episode, Rob, Noah, and Emily dish on their …

Episode 2: Rise and Shine

April 27th, 2018


Facts Machine Trivia Podcast has returned for a *second* episode! Listen to find out how a one-eyed astronomer, anthropomorphic trains, and the country of Finland relate to this week's early bird-friendly theme: Rise …

Episode 1: The Olympics

March 13th, 2018


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Facts Machine Trivia Podcast! Listen to find out how swimming hieroglyphics, hitchhiking, and the casting of Tarzan are somehow connected to this week's theme: The Olympics.
We …

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