Exploring the Mystical Side of Life

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Come explore the mystical side of life with Linda Lang, a healer and mentor with over 30 years experience. Enjoy the conversation on a wide variety of topics including intuition, spirituality, mind-body-spirit, personal transformation, dreams, spirit guides and more... Join Linda, her occasional coh… read more

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Walking Compassion on the Camino

July 12th, 2019


The Power of Collective Healing; Acts of Self-compassion; Finding compassion for others; Metaphorical Life Teachings, Extending your own personal …

Healing with the Dolphins

June 28th, 2019


How do dolphins heal? Sharing the magic and healing power of the dolphins; Healing physical and emotional pain: Clairvoyant meditation; Watching the …

Harnessing the Energy of the Moon for Transformation

June 14th, 2019


Using the energy of the Moon and the Elementals for healing; Shadow work with the Moon; How to work with vibrational essences; Flower essences created in the moonlight; Using rituals for transformation; Becoming your …

Angels & Guides At Your Side

May 31st, 2019



Receiving messages from angels, spirit guides, crossed over loved ones, tarot cards and spirit animals; Tips to connect and receive clarity; The importance of being open to receive, asking for help, interpreting …

Working with Dragon Energy

May 17th, 2019


Do you love dragons? Or are they scary or dark? Or well-rounded multi-dimensional beings? In this episode:  How you can connect with dragons and work …

Aligning Your Thoughts with Your Purpose

May 10th, 2019


In this episode: How thoughts create our experience; Combining intuition and mindset for positive change; The impact of negative thinking and patterns; How food can become emotional triggers; How to know if something is …

Mother Whale Wisdom

April 26th, 2019



Meet the Keeper of the Golden Keys of the Mother Whale, Christine Amala, and her induction into whale wisdom, psychically receiving codes for …

Old Souls, Starseeds & Walk-ins

April 18th, 2019


Think you are an old soul or a starseed? Join me for this mini episode of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life.
My guest is Scott Mandelker PhD, …

Sacred Sexuality

April 12th, 2019



Sacred Sexuality – what is it? How do we integrate all the levels of our Being – Mind, Body & Spirit – into our expression; The changing world of sexuality; The healing potential inherent in sexual union; …

Becoming a Wisdom Channel

March 29th, 2019


Everyone has intuitive abilities and spirit guides; Learn how to connect with your guides and step out of the way; Move from automatic writing to becoming a verbal channel; Different ways intuition shows up; How …

The Soul's Evolution Through the Chakras

March 15th, 2019


What does the Ra Material, channeled teachings from 6 dimensions beings, say about human consciousness and evolution?  The 7 chakra system as a path …

The Art of Spiritual Mechanics

March 1st, 2019


Everything in physical form is spiritual!  In this episode: Shifting mindset to enjoy the adventure of life, and to extend an invitation to the "atmosphere"; The importance of team work (with physical and spirit …

The Journey of Soul Alchemy

February 23rd, 2019



Exploring the landscape of the Soul and your inner stories to create change in your outside world. Find the gifts of your Spirit and the …

Developing Spiritual Consciousness

February 15th, 2019


Life experiences can call you to the spiritual path. Will you answer?

In this episode: Divine Bliss and mystical experiences as awakenings; The …

Money & the Path of the Lightworker

February 8th, 2019


Lightworkers & Money: Why it's important that Lightworkers prosper; Conditioning and negative beliefs that get in the way from receiving; The influence of past life trauma; Healing the fear; The importance of …

Embracing the Divine Feminine

February 1st, 2019



Goddess Energy this time on Exploring the Mystical Side of Life.  We take a deep look at the Divine Feminine; The fall from grace; The profound …

How to Change Your Luck ~ Good Luck, Bad Luck & Curses

January 25th, 2019


 What is good luck? How do you create more of it? 

In this Episode: Learning how to follow the signs; What throws your luck off? The impact jealousy …

Spiritual Perspectives on Bullying & Victim Mindset

January 18th, 2019



Are their spiritual lessons within the experience of trauma and bullying. Join Michelle & Linda as they share their stories  of being bullied, …

Spirit Helpers in the Animal Kingdom

January 11th, 2019


Learn how to access your animal spirit guides and the wisdom of the animal kingdom. Working with spirit animals can help you transform your life.

In this episode:  The grounding power of animal guides; How to call in …

Developing Your Intuitive Self

January 3rd, 2019


Intuition is a natural faculty everyone can develop. In this episode: The importance of giving yourself permission to be present and to experience …

Manifestations & Mystical Musings

December 27th, 2018


 Join us as we share our insights from the past year and project our intentions into the New Year. 

In this episode: What does solstice energy …

Spoon Bending | Using Your Mind to Bend Reality

December 22nd, 2018


Everything is energy and something we can affect consciously.  Our guest is Miche Meizner, coach and spiritual teacher, who shares with us how spoon bending can change your life.  

By showing you how your mind can help …

Meeting Your Baby's Spirit Before Birth

December 16th, 2018


Why is important to develop a strong soul connection with new babies coming to the earth plane? It is possible to learn how to communicate …

Moldavite for Transformation

December 12th, 2018


Discover the transformational qualities of Moldavite; Where does Moldavite come from? How can you work with it?

In this episode: Moldavite for 3rd …

Soul Contracts & the Power of Your Name

December 9th, 2018


Discover your soul's destiny. In this episode: Your soul's contract forms the trajectory for your soul in this lifetime and your birth name holds the …

The God Helmet & Raising Consciousness

December 5th, 2018


What is the God Helmet? Using technology to trigger spiritual experiences and brain chemicals; Parallels to the Huna Hiolani meditation; Having the …

How to Work with Stones & Crystals

December 1st, 2018


Crystal Wisdom: learn how to choose crystals, how to connect & work with them, how they communicate, how to set an intention, and a simple easy way to cleanse them.

Crystal suggestions for intuition, clarity, …

What is Spiritual Bypass? Do You Do It?

November 28th, 2018


What is Spiritual Bypass? Is "everything" divine or are you just avoiding? Is the Law of Attraction just one big spiritual bypass?

In this episode: How to process issues and emotions so they don't become road blocks; …

Animal Totems and Spirit Guides

November 24th, 2018


What is a Power Animal? How do you know what yours is? What is their purpose? According to Native tradition, everyone has animal spirits that help them.

In this episode: Connecting with your spirit animals; Discover …

Can You Rewrite the Path You Are On?

November 21st, 2018


Change your trajectory by changing your definition of yourself; Create new neuro pathways in the brain by using your imagination and by thinking new …

Awakening the Kundalini Energy

November 16th, 2018


What is kundalini rising? Discover the challenges, the cautions and the gifts of a kundalini opening as our guest, George Kokich, shares his insights on his life changing, 21 year long kundalini experience. George …

Discovering Your Divine Gift

November 13th, 2018


What are the 8 divine gifts of the soul and how do they relate to your life purpose? These soul level gifts follow you throughout your evolution. …

Energy Calibration Techniques

November 9th, 2018


In this episode, How to Calibrate Energy and Align for Spiritual Growth, Health & Happiness.

What is energy calibration? Using pendulums, dowsing …

The Mystical Brain | Rewire Your Brain for Health & Happiness

November 6th, 2018


HOW TO rewire your brain to improve your health and your life; How the brain is affected by what you think, feel and do; How your thoughts in turn affect your DNA. The most important environment is inside of you!

The Magic of Sacred Geometry & Sound Healing

November 3rd, 2018


Join Sonia Grover and Linda Lang this episode as they discuss Sacred Geometry & Sound Healing. You'll learn about the use of numbers, shapes, …

Spirit Encounters

October 30th, 2018


Spirits and ghost encounters in this episode... Linda & Michelle share some of their experiences; How spirits can interact with us; Knowing the …

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

October 28th, 2018


How do the stories of your life can define you? Do they hold you back or empower you?

In this episode: Victim Consciousness; Michelle's journey …

Exploring the Akashic Records and Your Soul Profile

October 24th, 2018


What are the Akashic Records and what kind of information you can find there that can help you in this lifetime? What is an Akashic experience like? …

Shamanic Space Clearing

October 21st, 2018


How does the vibration of places affect you? Learn how energy can linger and become anchored into objects and places, and the nature of how energy works. Quantum level healing, miracles are normal, and how long distant …

Hypnosis Hacks | How Hypnosis Can Heal Your Life

October 19th, 2018


In this episode: Learn about self hypnosis and how it can help you to heal, relax and reduce stress reactions; Find your life purpose, learn new …

How to Use Prayer as a Manifestation Tool

October 17th, 2018


Thoughts create and words have power! In this episode, learn tips on how to use intentions and prayer as an effective tool for manifestation; the …

Spirit Teachings & the Importance of You Being You

October 14th, 2018


In this episode, Linda shares some teachings she is receiving from her Guides. This goes deep and we discuss Soul Expression vs. Codependent …

How to Read the I-Ching for Guidance

October 12th, 2018


Find out what a LIVE "I-Ching" reading (Book of Changes) is like. In this episode, Linda asks a question, Michelle does a reading using the Book and gives Linda her interpretation.

Find out what happens... Learn how to …

Raising Your Vibration Strategies

October 10th, 2018


Here we share tips for how we raise our vibration and make shifts... people often 'want' to raise their vibration, but the question is 'how do I do it'?

Michelle shares a story about the amazing car ride of joy, using …

The Power of Your Words

October 7th, 2018


How do your words impact the creation of your life? Learn how the unconscious mind interprets your words and takes direction from them; The difference between high and low energy words, How to "feel" the energy of …

Resonance & the Law of Attraction

October 6th, 2018


We attract according to our aura, our energetic frequency. What is resonance and why is it important to clear up our 'baggage.' Learn about the law of attraction; how to know how you are 'vibrating' based on what is …

Auras, Energy, Intuition | Past Lives | Opening Your Third Eye

October 4th, 2018


In this episode: Do we have more than one lifetime? How to see your past life selves using a candle and mirror; How to interpret past life experiences in different ways; How to see past lives, energy fields, and auras. …

How do Books, TV & Media Affect Your Energy, Vibration & Consciousness

October 2nd, 2018


Do books, tv, and other media affect your consciousness and your energetic system? How can you know if this is this happening to you?

Are we getting vibrational upgrades when we read certain books? What does that feel …

What Do Your Hands Say About You?

September 29th, 2018


Discover what your hands say about your personality and your purpose. Our guest this episode is Helen Elizabeth Evans, the leading UK specialist for hand analysis.

Learn what each finger represents, the difference …

How to Manifest What You Want Fast

September 27th, 2018


Manifestation tips: Abraham Hicks, How easy it is to manifest the big things as it is the small things; Thinking of things causally can manifest them easily!

How to get into the vortex; How to step away from struggle, …

Spiritual Growing Pains

September 26th, 2018


In this episode: How to manage when you are expanding in areas of life, but others that you care about may not be expanding in the same direction.

Miracles, Molecules & Vibrational Shifts

September 24th, 2018


This episode: How vibrational healing can impact the physical body, how it appears and feels. How to energize food and water....
How to get out of the rat race in your head... How to speak to your own cells, doing your …

Repeating Messages & What They Mean

September 20th, 2018


We get messages from our Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Intuition, etc and when we don't follow them, they become more persistent!

In this episode: …

Egyptian Alchemy | How to Work with Anubis & Thoth for Transformation

September 18th, 2018


Learn how to connect with Anubis, Thoth and other deities for transformation; the power of using the Kemetic names for the gods; the meaning of the Staff of Life and the Ankh.

Anubis (Anpu) as the guardian of the …

Is the Universe Trying to Get Your Attention?

September 17th, 2018


How does the Universe send you messages? What is the meaning of 11:11 and other repeating numbers? Do repeating numbers and master numbers (such as 22, 33, 44) have a spiritual message for you? What about ascending …

Changing Earth Vibrations & How That Can Affect You

September 15th, 2018


It can be challenging to navigate the shifting energies on the planet. Relationships can be affected, work patterns, habits.... Anything that is not in resonance or 'coherence' can leave our lives. It can feel like a …

What is Your Shadow & Is It Sabotaging You?

September 13th, 2018


Why is it so difficult to make and sustain positive change?
How come when we try to make positive lifestyle changes, it can feel like we take one step …


September 11th, 2018


Learn about Hawaiian Huna Chanting; Shamanic Chanting & Shamanism; Sound Healing & Vibration; Hawaii, the healing power of the land; How the Huna Lineage speaks through those who chant, and how Linda accesses …

How to Bend Time & Plark

September 10th, 2018


We start the conversation with the desire to make work more fun! Access more joy within yourself; the power of Intention; "PLORK" (combining play and work); the difference between "Plork" and "Plark";

Shifting your …

How to Get in the Vortex

September 9th, 2018


Join Michelle and Linda as they discuss how the universe has your back, even when you go through difficult things... Is it possible that there are no …

What Happens When Your 3 Selves Align?

September 7th, 2018


What are your 3 Selves? Linda's dream about aligning the three parts of herself (the conscious, unconscious and higher self). Kryon's message about the new energies; How to go with the flow more easily, even if you feel …

The Power of Your Thoughts

September 6th, 2018


Today we discuss how to rewrite your path and create new potentials for the future. Joe Dispenza goes through the science around how we can rewire new neural pathways in our brains by using our imagination. (

How to Meditate When You Don't Want to (Hacks)

September 5th, 2018


Today we talk about meditation... What to do if you struggle with Meditation... Are there other ways of meditating? ... Is there a 'right' way or 'wrong' way to do it? Learn about the Couch Potato Meditation Method …

Declutter Your Life

September 4th, 2018


What happened when Linda asked her subconscious to give her a meaningful dream.... Linda's dream telling her to declutter. Michelle & Linda share …

Tapping into Intuition

September 3rd, 2018


Today's conversation is about receiving guidance from the Higher Self. Learn techniques to receive messages through Intuitive Art and dream interpretation.

Also on the table... Spoon bending, being in flow, faith, the …

How to Keep an Open Heart when the World Seems Out of Balance

September 2nd, 2018


Join us as we discuss the transformation of sitting with the shadow self, and the importance of keeping an Open Heart when there are difficult things …

How to Connect with Your Inner Guidance

September 1st, 2018


Inner guidance, tips on how to develop listening skills, how to listen to our bodies signals as a form of guidance, how Michelle's inner guidance often sends her messages through Google, and getting in touch with our …

Dream Messages from the Spirit Realm & the Unconscious

August 31st, 2018


Dreams, dream symbolism, shamanic journeys, messages from the unconscious and spirit realms, how to have lucid dreams, how to decipher the messages …

A Spiritual Journey of Healing Cancer Alternatively

August 30th, 2018


Linda talks about how she miraculously healed herself from an aggressive form of cancer over 30 years ago using holistic methods.

She started having …

The Power of Alternative & Energy Healing

August 29th, 2018


This episode is all about healing... The need to listen to your own wisdom when choosing healers and modalities, and developing discernment. Are we lacking anything? Do we need to bring in energy? Or send our energy …

Finding the Magic in Life

August 28th, 2018


Healing and how the way you look at life can impact your path…. Does logic and planning get in the way? How to get into the magical feeling of life …

Exploring the Mystical Side of Life (Pilot)

August 28th, 2018


Meet and greet Linda Lang and Michelle Aubin. This is our pilot episode - join us as we dive in and follow our intuition about what to talk about!

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