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🌞😁 Listen to "Espresso With Love" and Wake Up With A Smile!! Every Monday at 6AM EST! 15min of motivation, accountability and a ton of love! Jump your start your week with DISCO.

169 Episodes | 2018 - 2021

Episode 169 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 26th, 2021


🙊😬 No matter how CRAZY you think I am, I promise I will give you the answer to success this morning. There is only 1 thing holding you back from …

Episode 168 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 19th, 2021


🙊😬 Imagine if there was one single thing you can do to turn all your negative output and frustrations into energy that would simply disappear …

Episode 167 - Espresso With LOVE @1lovepodcast

April 5th, 2021


🧐😯 The only thing on this planet that we can all change to literally make a tremendous impact just so happens to be the same thing nobody wants to do. Until now, it's time to upgrade yourself and tune in.

☕️ Get that …

Episode 166 - Espresso With LOVE - 1 LOVE Podcast

March 22nd, 2021


♥️ ♥️ It's a new day, a new week and for some a HAPPY New Year! But what is more important, how you got here or what you decide to do from today on? …

Episode 165 - Cancel Culture?! - Espresso With LOVE

March 15th, 2021


🤔 It’s always interesting to realize what motivates people to step outside their comfort zone and honestly express themselves. Last year alone, we saw racism, masks and even lockdowns push people to feel it necessary …

Episode 164 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

March 8th, 2021


♥️ 📚 Life is literally a story that you have almost complete control over. But why is it that most people will choose to have others be the author …

Episode 163 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

March 1st, 2021


😢🙃🙂 From funerals to job loss, to even losing close friends. This past year has brought nothing but challenges for the most of us. So how do you deal with it? Do you even have a plan when problems seem so “in your …

Episode 162 - Espresso With LOVE - 1 LOVE Podcast

February 22nd, 2021


💪🏼 Playing pretend can be fun, but when it comes to your thoughts, feelings and emotions, playing pretend can only cause you harm. The good news is …

Episode 161 - Espresso With LOVE - 1 LOVE Podcast

February 15th, 2021


🥰 While most people pretend to fall in and out of love with other people, places and/or things. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and fell head over heels for yourself……? That is exactly what I thought!

Episode 160 - Espresso With LOVE @1lovepodcast

February 8th, 2021


💪🏼 Let’s be honest. If education is so important yet we have never been taught about money, taxes or how to be self sufficient, by what standard are we basing our own greatness?? Yes, I’m a little confused too, but …

Episode 159 - Espresso With LOVE - 1 LOVE Podcast

February 1st, 2021


We need to stop depending for-profit companies with no history of compassion to help make a positive impact in society. Stop letting corporations take advantage of your LOVE. Do you even mean it when you say you care?? …

Episode 158 - Season 3 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

January 25th, 2021


❤️😀 After over 275 days off, it feels so good to be back! None of this was planned but that is the beauty of life, the best things never are. The world has been a little depressing the past year and there is no way I …

Episode 157 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 21st, 2018


䷆🇨🇦There are millions of people everyday who sacrifice their lives for not just this country but almost any country in the world. But who is there to look after them when they come home and have that combat within …

Episode 156 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 20th, 2018


🧐Attempt + Success = Fail. This is the equation to most of our lives, yet the problem is we refuse to try again. Imagine touring with two of the …

Episode 155 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 19th, 2018


🥰The Holidays. The best excuse to forget about all your health and fitness goals. Not if we have ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Another Segment of Workout …

Episode 154 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 18th, 2018


🥰GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Eventually this world that we are living in will change from being a society who dominates thoughts of selfishness and entitlement to that of togetherness and kindness. It’s going to …

Episode 153 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 17th, 2018


🥰It’s your favourite day of the week! Good morning beautiful people! If nobody has done anything to try to make you SMILE this morning, than I beg …

Episode 152 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 14th, 2018


😇The weekend is here. If you look forward to giving up and tapping out, just skip this episode. But if you want some inspiration, motivation and fire up under that @$$, then just hit PLAY! It’s Episode 152! Wake Up …

Episode 151 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 13th, 2018


😇The Holidays. The time when couples kill you with endless pictures of their happiness and single people remember what’s actually most important. …

Episode 150 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 12th, 2018


😇Question for you. What came first, mental or physical health?! Confused?! Wonderful. Join us for another Segment of #workoutwednesdays with Taylor …

Episode 149 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 11th, 2018


😇Being #mindful has certainly amped my awareness for my surroundings and moreso the actions and existence of others. I know that can be a burden, …

Episode 148 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 10th, 2018


🎉Jan 1st is just around the corner and we know what that means, time for empty promises and fake hope for change in our lives. Don’t get caught up in the hype, I’ve got 2 tips on how to help you actually succeed at …

Episode 147 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 7th, 2018


😲❤️WOW! Can’t believe we did it. We hit 10,000 plays!! Thank you so much to all of you that continue to support us through this unknown path, we can’t express how much it means. Do you know how many times we’ve thought …

Episode 146 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 6th, 2018


🧐What would you do if you had your social media account Hacked. Held for ransom. Paid up the money and STILL not given access?! Can you detach …

Episode 145 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 5th, 2018


big changes in your life to actually making the big changes in your life?! There is no better way to be inspired then by seeing your own co-host, @littletfitness leave the country to do just that!! It’s Episode 145! …

Episode 144 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 4th, 2018


🕎Mindfulness. The idea or thought of being aware. Well are you aware of this incredible Celebration that is happening all week long?! Neither was I …

Episode 143 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

December 3rd, 2018


😀HAPPY MONDAY!! I know I know, that type of reaction first thing in the morning at the beginning of the week totally seems illogical…but let’s be …

Episode 142 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 30th, 2018


🧐What if you knew the reason why MOST people (including you) don’t even dare to pursue their passion or dreams?! Would you change anything about …

Episode 141 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 29th, 2018


🎅🏽No matter what Holiday you’re celebrating, you either love this time of year or you don’t. Who’s side are you on?! Another Episode of Pauly’s …

Episode 140 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 28th, 2018


😇Health. Fitness. Entrepreneurship. What can they possibly have in common?! Another one to make you SMILE today! Join me and Taylor from @littletfitness on Instagram for another segment of #workoutwednesdays! It’s …

Episode 139 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 27th, 2018


😇Blessing or a Sin. Being aware of being aware is certainly a mental challenge that once fought through, will open your mind to things you never thought possible. Please don’t be driving or operating heavy machinery …

Episode 138 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 26th, 2018


🥋Bruce Lee said - “The More We Value Things, The More We Value Ourselves." Stay focused and "Wake up with a SMILE!" with a 1 Love Edition of Cyber …

Episode 137 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 23rd, 2018


❤️Not because of Thanksgiving. Not because of Black Friday. Today is going to be an amazing day, because of so many reasons that only you can recognize!... Don't be confused! Listen Up! It’s Episode 137!! Wake up …

Episode 136 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

November 22nd, 2018


🙃So you took a chance and broke the ice! Now what do you say?! Well if you’re like me, you melt…slowly…awkwardly…obviously. Join myself and Co-Host …

Episode 135 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 21st, 2018


🙏🏼To eat or not to eat? That is the question. Not really, you should def be eating every single morning. But let’s be real, if you’re sticking to …

Episode 134 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 20th, 2018


🙏🏼The best part about mindfulness is being “aware” of almost everything. The bad part about mindfulness is being “aware” of almost everything. It’s …

Episode 133 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 19th, 2018


☃️As the weather gets colder it only becomes harder to deal with Mondays. So what can you do to make sure you start the week off strong and with a …

Episode 132 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 16th, 2018


🧐It’s our final segment in our 3 part mini series featuring @jennelle_gordon on “The Reality of Sex Trafficking in North America”. We know the …

Episode 131 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 15th, 2018


🧐How do you deal with stress?! Holiday season is coming up and while we may pretend that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, the materialism …

Episode 130 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 14th, 2018


🏋🏼‍♂️Ok, you’re ready to make that change and give fitness another try in your life. So where do you start? What programs or exercises do you go after first? What muscle groups to focus on?! It can easily get a little …

Episode 129 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 13th, 2018


😍It’s crazy how unprintable life can be. One min you’re a celebrity with everything. Next minute Mother Nature robs you of your material possessions. It’s also crazy how people can easily to turn to hate when deep down …

Episode 128 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 12th, 2018


😍There is a very fine line between mental and physical health! If you feel you need a talking to, medicine or just some motivation, I’m gonna smack …

Episode 127 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 9th, 2018


😍I am honoured to host Part II of our 3 Part Series about “The Nature Of Sex Trafficking in North America” with my incredible guest @jennelle_gordon. We promise you won’t get depressed and we will still make you smile! …

Episode 126 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 8th, 2018


🧐If you’re like us, you may have a ton of goals for yourself! The worst part is not being able to figure out what to attack first and getting frustrated over not being able to achieve them in the time you thought it …

Episode 125 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 7th, 2018


🧐What’s worse, waiting till New Years to start your goals, or just having the most unattainable ones in general?! Either way, we are going to get you on track with another segment of #workoutwednesdays with …

Episode 124 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 6th, 2018


🧐They say knowledge is power. I strongly disagree! It’s another segment of “Mind Your Tuesday’s!” with Breanna from @artsofcompassionhealing. Wake …

Episode 123 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

November 1st, 2018


🎃Halloween. The day everyone get’s to dress up in costume. It’s also the same day some people finally get to wear almost nothing. Is that a trick or …

Episode 122 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 31st, 2018


🏋🏼‍♀️Frustrated about your results? Trying to understand why things won’t grow or when the fat will actually decide to leave your body?? Join …

Episode 121 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 30th, 2018


🤗Mindfulness. If you don’t know, you’re probably in the dark about a lot of things. Let us help you shed the light in to love, compassion and all …

Episode 120 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 29th, 2018


😕There is an industry of evil that is operating right within our own communities. To most of us, it’s a news story residing somewhere else in the world or theme of the next blockbuster movie. To some of us though, it’s …

Episode 119 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 26th, 2018


🛌How excited are you to wake up early on the weekend tomorrow and just get right to work?!! Super excited right??! I know this is the Internet but I can hear crickets!! C’mon guys. You need this, you want this and deep …

Episode 118 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 25th, 2018


🏋🏼‍♀️Have you ever encountered that “special” person at the gym. The one who saves different machines at the same time in random areas without telling anyone and then gets really frustrated when you start using it?! …

Episode 117 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 24th, 2018


🏋🏼‍♀️When it comes to workouts…. “To Split or Not To Split?”, that is the question! It’s Episode 117!! Join Taylor from @littletfintess and I as we …

Episode 116 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 23rd, 2018


🤗Mindfulness. If you don’t know, you’re probably in the dark about a lot of things. Let us help you shed the light in to love, compassion and all …

Episode 115 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 22nd, 2018


😛Happy MONDAY! Being able to wake up early is damn difficult. We’ve heard the usual terms and different ways to make it happen, but sometimes we …

Episode 114 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 19th, 2018


😛It’s the end of the week yet again! FRIDAY!! I know I know, you can’t wait till the clock strikes 5:00 this afternoon and you can just “yabadaba-doooo” all the way home, kick back, relax and get the weekend started… …

Episode 113 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 18th, 2018


🏋🏼‍♀️In an age where anything can be taken the wrong way, cops get called for any reason and the advancement of technology has bruised meaningful …

Episode 112 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 17th, 2018


🏋🏼‍♀️Fasted Cardio, Fasted Workouts? You’ve heard about them but which is right for you?! It’s Episode 112!! Join Taylor from @littletfintess and I …

Episode 111 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 16th, 2018


🙏🏼It’s #mindyourtuesday with Breanna from @artsofcompassionhealing! Join us this morning as we bring you up to date on our new favourite topic, …

Episode 110 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 15th, 2018


🧐We work hard every morning to provide with a reason to just smile! Well the government finally wants to help with that and this week we are all apart of history! But how HIGH can you actually get?! 5 Things you need …

Episode 109 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 12th, 2018


🧐It’s FRIDAY and I know we can’t wait for the weekend! But when Sunday night or Monday morning rolls around, how confident will you be in attacking …

Episode 108 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 11th, 2018


🧐I want to ask you something so personal I will already assume you’re not going to be honest. How much does it effect you when you don’t get the reaction or response to something you’ve posted online?! Now if you want …

Episode 107 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 10th, 2018


🏋🏼‍♂️TABATA - HIIT - SIIT - If you don’t even know the terms how can you possibly starting workout out in the most effective way possible?! Join my new co host Taylor from @littletfitness and I learn very SIMPLE and …

Episode 106 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 9th, 2018


🤗Mindfulness. If you don’t know, you’re probably in the dark about a lot of things. Let us help you shed the light in to love, compassion and all …

Episode 105 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 5th, 2018


😔The Weekend. The Perfect Distraction. Many people use this time to forget about the challenges of the week that’s passed and do whatever it takes to get distracted from the week ahead. But whether you are an …

Episode 104 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 4th, 2018


😔Don’t let the clouds in the air become energy you transform to your head. We always find reasons and excuses to not move forward, to procrastinate and deal with it later. We need to change our perspective… Join me …

Episode 103 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 3rd, 2018


🏋🏼‍♂️Don’t you hate those people who workout all the time and feel really good about themselves then they go out and accomplish all these other things in their lives..?! Well, we don’t and we REALLY want to help you …

Episode 102 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 2nd, 2018


🤗Mindfulness. The exact opposite of “Mind Your Business”. Confused? Perfect. Join my new co host Breanna from @artsofcompassionhealing and I and …

Episode 101 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

October 1st, 2018


🤗After a month off, it feels so good to be back! We’re bringing you the same energy, now joined by more friends, more fun, and more LOVE! Can’t …

Episode 100 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 24th, 2018


🙃Bet you never thought a Season of ANYTHING would last 100 Episodes! Well, we made it! 100 Episodes in 4 months. We have a special guest interview …

Episode 99 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 23rd, 2018


🙃If you thought you couldn’t Pay It Forward because you have no money, we got some news for you. Let’s brighten up someone else day with 5 unique …

Episode 98 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 22nd, 2018


🙃Sometimes, you just wanna punch people in the face! Sometimes, they REALLY deserve it! Your day can easily be ruined and they probably want that to …

Episode 97 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

August 21st, 2018


🙃“Even when you cant see the effect of what you do, never give up. No amount of money or connections can equal hard work and most importantly, …

Episode 96 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 20th, 2018


🙃The act of “doing” is more important than the thought of something “great”, quote us on that. You’re going to LOVE Monday’s! It’s Episode 96!! Wake …

Episode 95 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 17th, 2018


😍You can choose to be sad, or realize there is always reason to be happy. “All I ask is that you show a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T” - Tribute to Ms. …

Episode 94 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 16th, 2018


🤨Have you ever lied before?? Well if you said no, that would actually mean yes.. So who’s the worst person you can lie to? It’s Episode 94! Wake up …

Episode 93 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 15th, 2018


🙃The hardest thing about success, is complete failure. The ignorant thing about success, is to think you won’t fail. Confused? Perfect. It’s Episode …

Episode 92 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 14th, 2018


😀I can’t believe this whole time humans had the ability to actually posses a form of “super power”. The saddest part is, it was literally sitting on …

Episode 91 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 13th, 2018


😍If you feel your heart racing this morning, you are not alone. Science tells us that Monday’s can actually be lethal?! But before you call in sick, let us prescribe some natural medication. Compassion, perseverance …

Episode 90 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 10th, 2018


🤨YouTube, Blogs, DIY Mastery and a regular job?! I thought I had a lot on my plate! An awesome interview with a beautiful human being! @ciekaikai is …

Episode 89 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 9th, 2018


😍It’s the FINAL REP! You can do it! Part 3 of our #braingains mini series. LIFT that beautiful mind of yours! It’s Episode 89!! Wake up beautiful …

Episode 88 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 8th, 2018


😍It’s time to WORKOUT…. that BRAIN! #braingains continue today with 2 more tips on how to exercise your beautiful noggin! It’s Episode 88!! Wake up …

Episode 87 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 7th, 2018


😍We get it, it’s hard to motivate yourself to hit the gym everyday. Luckily your most important muscle is your brain!! You’re definitely going to want to know a couple easy and simple ways to exercise it first thing in …

Episode 86 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 3rd, 2018


😍With so much positive vibes being felt this week I have one simple question for you. Other than a significant other or family member, when was the last time you either embraced or delivered an epic HUG?! Do you know …

Episode 85 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 2nd, 2018


🤩We attend a beautiful event hosted by SO MANY beautiful people who simply wanted to show the community….love. It’s always been the only answer and …

Episode 84 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

August 1st, 2018


☺️It’s a new day, a new month, but is it the same ol' you?! If only we could Alt + Control + Delete life sometimes. Don't worry! I got 3 tips on easy …

Episode 83 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 31st, 2018


🤩It’s so easy to doubt yourself, even easier to give up. So we have just one question for you. Are you a Potato, Egg or Coffee Bean?? It’s Episode …

Episode 82 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 30th, 2018


🤩I’m sure you’re so excited to hit the ground and get the week started right!...but WHY?! I have a feeling it’s not the actual reason you thought it was. We’re spreading some wise words from Simon Sinek to help us …

Episode 81 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 27th, 2018


🤩It’s Friday baby! The perfect day to hear some words of wisdom from @brucelee to get that beautiful brain of yours buzzing with knowledge and …

Episode 80 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 26th, 2018


🙃One minute everything is just fine. The next minute the clouds of anxiety and depression meet to cause a psychological storm. How’s the weather in …

Episode 79 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 25th, 2018


🧐What do you do when you know you have so much to do and even have the time to do it, but can’t understand why you haven’t started?! Yea, we’re …

Episode 78 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 24th, 2018


🧐A tragedy has occurred yet again in our beautiful city. And while the action of this individual was nothing short of disgusting….so was the media …

Episode 77 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 23rd, 2018


🤪The Monday Blues are a genre of music that hasn’t had a hit since inception. But I can’t wait to share with you a story that I KNOW will make you …

Episode 76 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 20th, 2018


🤪It’s the weekend BABY! The easiest time to SLACK OFF! SO I have an AWESOME episode with my friend and founder of the Quit Bitchin Coalition, Rosario sharing his story on how was able to build this incredible brand …

Episode 75 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 19th, 2018


🤨LIES! LIES! LIES! Oh sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of politics lately. Finding out different ways that you can overcome being a LIAR is …

Episode 74 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 18th, 2018


😁We make sacrifices to get in shape and maybe even diet to loose weight. We follow plans for our workouts to maximize muscle growth in our arms, …

Episode 73 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 17th, 2018


😁We learned a lot about American Politics yesterday. Well not really, but we do remember that a President nor a Prime Minister are at the end of the …

Episode 72 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 16th, 2018


😁It’s everyone’s favourite day! We bet you never thought an elephant and a rope can give you a push to help you deal with any Monday Blues! It’s Episode 72!! Let’s Wake Up With A Smile!
🤣The Perfect Way To Start Your …

Episode 71 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 13th, 2018


😁Leaving gun violence to police and politicians is like leaving slavery to police and politicians. It’s not going to go away if you don’t stand up …

Episode 70 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 12th, 2018


😁Are you as excited for tomorrow as most people?! Damn. I was hoping you’d say otherwise. We get some help from the amazing @garyvee today and we also address the blatant hate in our society and some ways to deal with …

Episode 69 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 12th, 2018


😁Well it’s Humpday! and it’s Episode 69! What did you think we were gonna talk about?! Let’s wake up with a SMILE! PG-13 on this one folks. 🤣The …

Episode 68 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 10th, 2018


🤨We’re dropping the mic on the shootings surrounding our beautiful city this year. If you think politicians or police have a real solution, you …

Episode 67 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 9th, 2018


😁If you had too much fun this past weekend I can only imagine how HAPPY you are it’s MONDAY!! We get it, it’s tough to stay motivated, that’s why today we’re giving you “3 Proven Ways to Help You Make Monday's a HAPPY …

Episode 66 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 6th, 2018


😁It’s the weekend baby! You’ve worked hard, you haven’t slept and with all the reasons to just be lazy, let me give you 3 tips on more productive ways you can allow “happiness” to make a comeback! It’s Episode 66! …

Episode 65 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 5th, 2018


😁It’s my birthday!! And I wanted to share with you guys something I have never shared publicly More than just Gary Vee! It’s Episode 65! Let’s “Wake Up With A Smile!”
🤣The Perfect Way To Start Your Bathroom Break
🌞 …

Episode 64 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 4th, 2018


😁July the 4th has 2 significant meanings. Today, a history lesson. We learn about when America was GREAT the first time around! It’s almost like …

Episode 63 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

July 3rd, 2018


😁A beautiful weekend, full of love and celebration, could only be ruined by unnecessary gun violence. The politicians say it’s nothing to worry …

Episode 62 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 29th, 2018


😁I’ve been waiting for him for so long! A very special guest on a very special episode! The infamous Youtube Host and my local Toronto celebrity, Mr. Daniel Pillai and I discuss all things PRIDE plus I have some …

Episode 61 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 28th, 2018


😁Don’t you wish you could just eat something that will scientifically make you happy?! Of course I have the answer for you! It’s Episode 61!! Let me …

Episode 60 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 27th, 2018


😁Happy HUMP DAY! And for those that don’t celebrate..HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I never thought we would make it this far! It’s Episode 60!! Let me help you, …

Episode 59 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 26th, 2018


😁How often do you tell someone how grateful you are for them being your life? You want to learn how? Well today, it’s all about you, our listeners! …

Episode 58 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 25th, 2018


😁It’s everyone’s favourite day!! Don’t start it with a frown. We have some passion, gratitude and LOVE just waiting for you! It’s Episode 58 baby!! Tune In and Find Out!
🤣The Perfect Way To Start Your Bathroom Break
🌞 …

Episode 57 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 22nd, 2018


😁Did someone say there’s a party this weekend?! How can a group of people who have suffered nothing but prejudice by capable of so much love?! It’s Episode 57 baby!! Tune In and Find Out!
🤣The Perfect Way To Start Your …

Episode 56 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 21st, 2018


😁Sometimes a country can forget how easy and important it is to just be nice. This morning, let us remind you of why we all need to do it! It’s Episode 56! Tune In and Find Out!
🤣The Perfect Way To Start Your Bathroom …

Episode 55 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 20th, 2018


😁Hump day. Everyones favourite day!! Now, is winning or losing more important? Well, that depends… It’s Episode 54! Tune In and Find Out!
🤣The Perfect Way To Start Your Bathroom Break
🌞 Every morning at 6am EST with …

Episode 54 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 19th, 2018


😁And on Tuesday the Lord said: "You better WAKE UP WITH A SMILE!!" I’m sharing an awesome concept on how to separate yourself from or at least understand the difference between positive and negative people.! Don’t be …

Episode 53 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 18th, 2018


😁Monday’s never sounded so good!! We can wish for money, we can pray for success. But why waste time when there is something far greater you can ask for?! Plus, where did Father’s Day even come from?! It’s Episode 53! …

Episode 52 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 15th, 2018


🎵I can’t wait…for the weekend to begin!🎵Congrats! You made it to Friday! Now let me give 3 AWESOME TIPS on how to have an Incredibly Productive Weekend! It’s Episode 52! Tune In and Find Out!!
🤣The Perfect Way To …

Episode 51 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 14th, 2018


😁It’s not Friday yet but it is the first day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! But where did this tournament of fine gentleman playing with balls in their short shorts start from? It’s Episode 51! Tune In and Find Out!!
🌞 …

Episode 50 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 13th, 2018


😁I totally forgot that it’s actually Episode 50!! The World Cup starts tomorrow and as a Thank You, one lucky person will win a Soccer Jersey of …

Episode 49 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 12th, 2018


😁What does a Car accident, the government and aliens all have in common?! Well, It’s EPISODE 49! Tune In and Find Out!
🌞 😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am EST with TORONTO's No 1 Morning Show! (thanks mom!) …

Episode 48 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 11th, 2018


😁It’s a bird. It’s a plane! No it’s actually the G7, but I’m going to assume you don’t know exactly what that means! Get your learn on and let’s spread some love today! It’s EPISODE 48! Tune In and Find Out!
🌞 😁Wake …

Episode 47 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 8th, 2018


😁Elections are finally over! That’s all I got on that topic lol Our first contest is happening today, I’m buying you a copy of Jermaine Tolbert’s …

Episode 46 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 7th, 2018


😁Finally, the last day of the Provincial Elections, and I never knew you can state your case out loud at the voting station?! The colour blue can …

Episode 45 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 6th, 2018


😁It’s National #highereducationday in the U.S. - but why work so hard to try to get higher education, when lower education lacks logic already?!! …

Episode 44 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 5th, 2018


😯IF YOU CAN’T REUSE IT….REFUSE IT! It’s been around for over 40 years but do you know you can play a role in #worldenvironmentday?! Its Episode 44!! …

Episode 43 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

June 4th, 2018


😁The month of June is so important to Toronto. Start of Summer? World Cup? Elections finally over? All good answers, but nope! How much PRIDE do you have? It's Episode 43!! Tune In and Find Out!🌞
😁Wake Up With A …

Episode 42 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 31st, 2018


😁We’ve come to the end of our first two months together and all I can say is WOW! This has been such an incredible journey. and I can’t wait to share what’s in store for June!! It's Episode 42!! Tune In and Find Out!🌞

Episode 41 - Espresso With Love

May 30th, 2018


😁This podcast started because of one simple idea. Wanting to help people “Wake Up With A Smile”. Can you believe we found an actual article titled the same thing?! You won’t believe what the last tip was! You’re …

Episode 40 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 29th, 2018


🙌🏼It’s cheap night at the movies! But slow down there cowboy (or girl). How many hours in your day do you dedicate to the benefit of you? 1, 2 maybe 3? If you answered anything but ZERO, you’re on the right track! …

Episode 39 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 28th, 2018


😝 HAPPY MONDAY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! Don’t touch that Radio and tune into your "NEW FAVOURITE MORNING SHOW!!" (thanks mom!) - Have you ever taken time off social media? How long did you last? Being connected to others is …

Episode 38 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 25th, 2018


🤪 TGIF!! But that doesn't mean we're all smiles today. Actually who you kidding, we are always full of LOVE! Today we get a little in your face and …

Episode 37 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 24th, 2018


🧐 What's holding you back from seriously tackling your goals today? With so many things on your mind how do you possibly know what to do first? …

Episode 36 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 23rd, 2018


😰 Not feeling well? Why don't you take a "Mental Health Day". Then what do you do?? 🧐Is it true that actually recommends you listen to "Espresso With LOVE", OUR PODCAST?!?! It's Episode 36 and …

Episode 35 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 22nd, 2018


A Royal wedding… not my cup of tea. But did you hear that Pastor?!? Join us and listen to his beautiful statement about.....LOVE!

😳And If you …

Episode 34 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 18th, 2018


😍It's Victoria Day long weekend in Canada! But who is this awfully special lady and what's up with this wedding the world's been taking about?.... …

Episode 33 - Espresso With LOVE = @1lovepodcast

May 17th, 2018


😍It's been an incredible week thus far! I can FEEL THE LOVE! I can't wait to share with you who our NEXT SPECIAL GUEST is!! But to be honest, I have a secret that I am dying to share with you guys, but it's a 2 way …

Episode 32 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 16th, 2018


🤪”A to-do list that isn’t properly prioritized is just a disorganized mess of things that either won’t get done or will get done poorly.” - Brent Gleeson - Now let’s changed that up and see how we can be more effective …

Episode 31 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 15th, 2018


😇Life is a long game. You can go "all-in" on your dreams, but recognize that each hand is as much of a win as the overall jackpot. No matter how many rounds it takes, patience is always rewarded. Don't try to cheat the …

Episode 30 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 14th, 2018


😍 Mother's Day was upon us and in celebration we have our very first SPECIAL GUEST! My MOM! I surprised my mother by asking her to share her story and explaining how she is able to champion every day with a SMILE!! …

Episode 29 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 11th, 2018


🤔Can you actually spot #depression? It may be possible, not just in ourselves, but also in others. I'll go through 10 quick signs that can help you be more aware. Friday baby! Also the last day of #mentalhealth week. …

Episode 28 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 10th, 2018


😀"Stick and Stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me." For the first time, there is actual science that demonstrates this may not be as easily brushed off as we'd imagined. All thanks to.....IKEA?! It's …

Episode 27 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 9th, 2018


😀It's not all smiles and sunshine when you are professional sports player. #mentalhealthweek continues and we discuss the link between The Toronto Raptors and Mental Illness, if it can effect them, it can effect …

Episode 26 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 8th, 2018


😀#mentalhealthweek continues, and who knew that stats in Canada when it comes to Mental Illness were so profound?! We can surely deal with this together. It's Episode 26! Tune In and Find Out!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! …

Episode 25 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 7th, 2018


😀It's your favourite day of the week! MONDAY!! I can hear the boo's already... Well what can we do to ensure you get your day off on a positive note?! It's Episode 25! Tune In and Find Out!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! …

Episode 24 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

May 4th, 2018


😀It's the end of the work week baby!! How many hours did you put into yourself? The weekend can always seem like a getaway but don't forget about …

Episode 23 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 3rd, 2018


😀How EASY is it to show LOVE to ANYBODY, especially people you don't know, without making it seem awkward or uncomfortable?! Let me open your mind and your heart on this one!! It's Episode 23! Tune In and Find Out!

Episode 22 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 2nd, 2018


😀How did we go from Ice Storm to Heat wave in one week?! Find out how Mother Nature can easily play MIND GAMES and how impactful it is on our …

Episode 21 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

May 1st, 2018


😀Finally some beautiful weather and already I can feel different. The energy levels are up (more than usual). So how connected is our mood to the …

Episode 20 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 30th, 2018


🧐Our community is stronger, but why does it always seem like it's because of a tragedy? Why aren't we encouraged to come together on the regular? A …

Episode 19 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 27th, 2018


🧐When was the last time you willingly reached out to someone you haven't spoken to in over 10 years?? Why does it feel SO GOOD?! It's Episode 19! Tune In and Find Out!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15 …

Episode 18 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 26th, 2018


😯On the matter of LOVE. Why do we see it prominently when tragedy occurs? Will owning a dog make the world a better place? It's Episode 18! Tune In and Find Out!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15 min …

Episode 17 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 25th, 2018


😯For the most part it's been a sad 2 days to say the least in Toronto. How do deal with this pain and what do we do next? Does the blame lay on our education system?? It's going to be Episode 17!! Tune In and Find …

Episode 16 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 24th, 2018


🙁A tragedy that many other countries have been victim to, has finally struck Toronto, Canada. Let's talk about how we are going to deal with it and see if it's even possible to find the LOVE out of it. Tune In and Find …

Episode 15 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 23rd, 2018


🧐What day of the week is the most common to have a heart attack on? Can you believe that there's an answer?? Tune In and Find Out!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of motivation, news, weather, …

Episode 14 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 20th, 2018


🧐What does 4/20 and "Alternative" Breakfast have in common?? Tune In and Find Out!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE! Tune In and Find Out! …

Episode 13 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 19th, 2018


🧐Let me help you with 3 EASY and QUICK Breakfast ideas that will have you NEVER to think about Fast Food again!
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of …

Episode 12 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

April 18th, 2018


🧐We already know it's the most important meal of the day but how do you incorporate it into your daily routine? What is the most effective thing to eat?
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of …

Episode 11 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

April 17th, 2018


🧐Do you EAT BREAKFAST?! Always hitting up that Drive Thru? Do you know where the word originated from??
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE! …

Episode 10 - Espresso With Love - @1lovepodcast

April 16th, 2018


🧐Let me give you a couple tips on how to "break the ice" with your car! #icestorm2018
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE! Tune In and Find Out! …

Espresso With Love - Episode 9 - 1 LOVE Podcast

April 13th, 2018


🧐Are you superstitious? Do you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia?
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of information, motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE! Tune In and Find Out! #podcast …

Espresso With Love - Episode 8 - 1 Love Podcast

April 12th, 2018


🧐How do you deal with your Menstrual Pains??
🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of information, motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE! Tune In and Find Out! #podcast #realnews #toronto …

Espresso With LOVE - Episode 7 - 1 LOVE Podcast

April 11th, 2018


🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!! Every morning at 6am! 15min of information, motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE! What's up with your …

Espresso With Love - Episode 6

April 10th, 2018


🌞😁Wake Up With A Smile!!
Tomorrow morning at 6am!! 15min of information, motivation, news, weather, sports and a lot of LOVE!
This episode is dedicated to all those affected by the tragedy over the weekend, the …

Espresso With Love - Episode 5 - 1 LOVE Podcast

April 9th, 2018


🤓 Do you drink water everyday? Why is it so important? You think you know! Well, maybe you do.
Find Out on Espresso With Love - Wake Up With A SMILE!

Espresso With Love - Episode 4

April 6th, 2018


🤓Do you have a daily routine? Why is it so important?

Find out tomorrow morning on "Espresso With Love! - Wake Up With A Smile!!"
Mon-Fri at 6am EST!

*News/Weather/Sports all in 15min 😁

Subscribe to us on and …

Espresso With LOVE - Episode 3

April 5th, 2018


The Hardest Part Of Being Successful.

Espresso With Love - Are You A Professional Hider??

April 4th, 2018


1 Love Podcast - Wake up with a SMILE! Mon-Fri @ 6am EST

Espresso With LOVE - Episode 1

April 3rd, 2018


Our FIRST EPISODE! Wake Up With A SMILE! Please SUBSCRIBE and listen MON-FRI at 6am EST. #1love

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