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WWDC 2019 - Swift UI with Jason Anderson


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GuestPrevious EpisodesSponsors360|iDev- August 25 - 28th - Denver, CO
  • The Leading indie iOS/Mac (and watchOS, and tvOS) Developer conference
  • It’s all about Community and Code!
  • Four days of hands-on training, amazing sessions, and the great community. All Swift.
Use the promo code FriendsInHighPlaces to get 20% off registration.

We have an opening for sponsorsFunctional Reactive ProgrammingUnderstanding Declarative Programming
  • Better for Multiple Devices
  • Improved Team Collaboration
  • Xcode LivePreview
  • Keep View Model and Data Model Separate
  • Faster Iterative Development Long-Term
Drawbacks of using Swift UI
  • Limited to latest OS (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS)
  • Lack of Documentation and Support
  • Collection Views (i.e. Grids)
  • Good Support of Communication Between of UIKit and SwiftUI
  • Not Best for New Recent Releases
  • Do Need To Use It Now
  • Leo’s Swift UI Stream
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