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Test-Driven Development with Joshua Greene and Michael Katz


Episode description

GuestsBook - iOS Test Driven Development LinksPrevious EpisodesShow NotesThe Components of Test-Driven Development
  • Keep Your Iterations Small
  • Test First 
  • Circular Progress of Testing and Developing Functionality
  • Avoid Testing other APIs (i.e. Integration Testing)
  • Use Mock Data for Outside Dependencies
  • Behavioral Driven Development vs XCTest
How to Encourage TDD in Your Team and Company
  • Make sure Maintainability and Specs are Met
  • Prevent Regressions with New Features
  • Regular Code Reviews
  • Tests Should Be Required Before Deployment
  • Encourage a Culture of Testing
  • Slow Add Tests to Projects Missing Them
Common Mistakes When Doing Test Driven Development
  • Following the Golden Pathand not testing edge cases and errors
  • Following Test Coverage too strictly or not enough
  • Use Multiple Test Targets
  • Write Tests First
For Experimenting with New APIs
  • Use Spike Solutions to Experiment
  • Write Temporary Tests
  • Use Playground to Test Code
Continuous Integration Tools
  • Jenkins
  • Travis-CI
  • CircleCI
  • Xcode Server
  • Fastlane
  • New Performance Tests
  • Test Plan for Xcode
  • SwiftUI, Live Previews, and Modeling
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