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Previous EpisodesReddit ThreadsDatabase Collaboration ToolManaging DevicesManaging Software and Disk
  • DaisyDisk - Manage and Visualize Disk Space
  • Homebrew - Command Line Application Package Installer
Creative AppsMarketing Apps Communication and Todo Apps
  • FullContact - Manage Multiple Different Address Books
  • Slack - Chat Application
  • Doodle - Setup Polls, especially for Meetings
  • Todoist - Todo app, pro version includes sharing of tasks
Finances Apps
  • Quickbooks - Business Accounting
  • Genius Scan - Scan Documents From Your Phone
  • Receipt Bank - Scan Receipts and Hook up to your Quickbooks
  • Expensify - Scan Expense Receipts and Hook up to your Quickbooks
  • Wave - Business Accounting
  • Paypal - Transfer Money
Music by Bimbotronic from Fugue

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