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Ares vs Loki Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Ares vs Loki episode

[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic dual podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we’re going to find out who exactly would win in a fight between the Wonder Woman villain Ares and the Thor villain Loki now we pit Wonder Woman and Thor in one of our earlier duel episodes Wonder Woman versus Thor and now we have their enemies going head-to-head yeah this is gonna be an awesome match two gods going against each other now I know who Loki is I don’t quite know everything he can do uh-huh and I’m looking forward to seeing like the differences between these two because we know that they’re both really powerful right but who could win yeah I have no idea who’s gonna win and of course we’re doing this duel matchup because in our previous episode we reviewed the Avengers film the first one and in that movie Loki was the villain so this is a great tie-in to that so look forward to that matchup later on this episode before we get into that we’re gonna go over the konkuk movie news from the past week of which there were a few items we learned that Andy Serkis is going to be directing the venom sequel huge it’s huge cloak and dagger from the free form channel are going to be making a guest appearance on the runaways show on Hulu for season 3 and Kevin Conroy who does the voice of Batman in the animated series is going to be playing a live-action version of Batman in CW’s crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event yeah there’s quite a bit of interesting news surrounding that but we’ll get into it later right as always you can go ahead and check out our episode description where you can see the chapter times for each topic that we talked about if you want to skip around yeah this is an old episode definitely skip to the dual part though news is old yeah you don’t hear about old news come on but before we get into that we want to give a quick shout-out to everyone who gave us ratings on Apple podcasts of which that was actually no.1 we still have 131 ratings but we did get one awesome review by beats beats on Apple podcasts so while it was a bummer that we didn’t get any new ratings and we’re not any closer to our goal of 200 ratings on iTunes we are very grateful for beats beats for that awesome review yeah you’re their MVP of this episode beats beats yeah more reviews means more exposure as does more ratings right but more ratings means that we get closer to 200 which is the criteria that rotten tomatoes has set for us in order to become eligible to become Rotten Tomatoes critics and have our reviews of the Marvel and DC films count toward those tomato meters it’s a huge goal of ours as always if you guys could share us with your friends and family people that you think would enjoy the show the quicker will be more likely to hit that goal yeah but we could hit 200 ratings before the end of the year that would be amazing it would be incredible if we could hit it before next week that would be even better 70 ratings in the next week we can do it you guys could do it we believe in you with that all out of the way quick to the no prize so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic dual no prize is the digital Lord that we post on social media that I added drawing - for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was a ripoff of the previous week’s question which was Marvel based this one is which DC Comics character that has never been on screen before do you most hope gets their own film in the next five years a lot of great answers this week yeah we’re gonna start things off with an honorable mention to Jaime wood chick who gave the answer Batman Beyond I would love to see a live-action Batman Beyond if you could get Michael Keaton to play Bruce Wayne - that would be a dream come true honorable mention also goes to ellen gibson who gave the answer captain carrot and the zoo crew which i suspect is a joke answer that’s so that’s a really obscure answer good on you Alan Gibson it would make a great like 3d animated movie though like in the vein of like big hero 6 oh yeah for sure we’ll be getting born to the zoo crew later on in this year actually during our holiday dual episode right yeah we’ll talk more about that later honorable mention goes to Caleb Albers who gave the answer Hawkman that would be really cool a Hawkman that’s a great answer I mean technically he’s been on The CW show but like so many superheroes have we ever seen him on the big screen right and if they could do that well that would be fantastic it would be it would be like Cloud Atlas eats Conan the Barbarian oh my gosh sold sold take my money Destin welcome gave the answer of Booster Gold he’s of course a time traveler to learn more about him in our brewster gold versus cable episode yeah and Dustin suggested that if they go with this time-travel hero he could help fix the DC timeline since it appears to be in disarray right now with the new Batman we’d be coming out now a horrible idea at all Aaron Alexander Jones gave the answer of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle the Ted Kord version I’m a bigger fan of the Jaime Reyes version but I love the dynamic between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle so yeah that would be a great buddy comedy and Joel Seagrave gave the same answer Jeremy Ora answered with Blue Beetle the Jaime Reyes version which maybe could be a sequel to the blue and gold movie well its headquarter would have to die in that that’s fine that would make people sad whatever Mike a Fitzgerald gave the answer of ambush bug which you could almost do like a Deadpool kind of movie based on him because he breaks the fourth wall exactly yeah yeah Bubba we gave the answer of vixen I think she’s been in some of the CW DC shows yeah she’s been in legends of tomorrow just like Hawkman and she had her own miniseries I think online right yeah it was animated yeah she’s a great character she could definitely do a movie on her in the same vein of like black panther or something from Africa if I’m correct yes she is boto winter gave the answer of mixi spit lick which would be crazy I think you’d have to throw in some other DC heroes in there well that’s how he sold it he sold it as an anthology featuring different heroes trapped in a mixie occipital ik world that I kind of realized what’s going on joined forces together against him Ken Johnson gave the answer dead man and Zatanna leading into a Justice League dark movie I don’t know if he wanted eight that in my movie and as a tandem movie or if it was a team-up but I loved both of those answers yeah just do it like Avenger style yeah Jason barely gave the answer of Swamp Thing which would also lead into a Justice League dark film although that kind of broke the rules of the question because we’ve seen live-action swamp things both on the small screen and the big screen yeah but that was in the 80s no one remembers the 80s we’re all on coke his TV show is going on right now yeah but that’s on the small screen we’re talking about big screen Jim Brown gave the answer of the Legion of super-heroes it’s like Star Trek both with superheroes that’s actually a great answer if they ever did a live-action Legion of super-heroes TV show or movie that would be awesome Harrison Fox gave the answer of static shock one’s name is just static you may know him from the cartoon static shock oh I did not know that Jeff miles jr. also said static honestly I’m still hoping he’ll pop up in the black lightning TV show they have similar power sets and I think static was inspired by black lightning from the comics yeah psychic was sort of Black Lightning sidekick in the Young Justice cartoon series really yeah interesting Andrew Jason Ellen gave the answer of Red Hood and you could have a cameo in that movie by the Joker maybe by Joaquin Phoenix pink shoes rock of Instagram gave the answer of animal man that is a fantastic answer now she specified that she wanted to see an animated film by could go either way the animated shorts that they have of him on DC Universe are so hilarious I’ve seen them like 50 times each really yeah they’re really good honorable mention also goes to Colby hench’s who gave the answer to Jon Stewart in in Green Lantern Corps movie which i think is kind of in the works they’re planning on that if you get in the works for years yeah it’s never gonna happen we know that shut your mouth --kavitha McNeese jr. gave the answer of the terrific s-- which consists of mr. terrific Metamorpho Plastic Man and phantom girl really they formed a team called the terrific’s yeah Oh interesting it’s essentially our Fantastic Four I think he was trying to get us riled up well I am no these are a bunch of nobodies that I really care about him what I’m rattled up now sort of John Spees gave the answer of detective chimp I would love to see like an animated film with detective chimp I want to see live action I mean when’s the last time we had like a chimpanzee film you know Planet of the Apes and those were great films and finally Bo Bermudez gave the answer of mr. miracle and I actually think this is going to happen I would be surprised if mr. miracle scot-free wasn’t the protagonist of the New Gods film written by Ava Duvernay and Tom King or maybe pickle Ryan as their main character or even darkside who knows yeah one of those three probably will be the central focus but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to Jacob Bell for his answer of Martian Manhunter no it’s the one of the original seven Justice League members who hasn’t been on screen yet he has been in Supergirl The CW show and he looked fantastic in that show and just goes to show how cool he might look with a bigger budget on the big screen also super biased about this answer because it just took me back to my movie pitch that we did for our patrons of a martian manhunter film yeah that was pretty good actually it was really good it was really good everybody go check out Jonathan’s amazing film pitch of Martian Manhunter on I’m seriously thinking about making that free available for everyone to listen everyone gonna be like yes this needs to be made just a tweet storm just forget it man it’s never gonna happen your dreams will die I know just remember that Congrats again to Jakob Bell you are the winner of this week’s no prize and quick shout out to Jakob Bell’s new podcast movie planet which you can listen to on Spotify he just started it there about three episodes in as of this recording check it out but a few the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week now that that’s done onto the news [Music] all right we got confirmation today it had been long rumored that Andy Serkis was attached to direct the sequel to the venom film and today we know that that is now the case so it’s kind of a horribly kept secret yeah because Tom Hardy was posting on his Instagram images of Andy Serkis you can tell he was heavily campaigning for him or he was just trying to break the news early you know any circus as we know is the actor behind Gollum in Lord of the Rings and Caesar and Planet of the Apes and he also played ulysses klaw in Avengers age of Ultron and the black panther films now his character was great in those movies I think they cut the character all too short when they killed him off because claw you know is one of the premiere Black Panther villains right so I was sad to see him go but I’m really happy that he’s working on this venom sequel behind the scenes because if you’ve seen any of Andy circus’s directorial work you’ll know that he’s actually a pretty damn decent director I’ve only seen the Jungle Book I’m actually not sure what else he’s directed I wasn’t called the jungle book it was called Mowgli and it was a Netflix original it was produced by Warner Brothers and it was originally gonna go to theaters I think it did go to select theaters but it was primarily distributed on Netflix and it was fantastic the special effects on that movie were amazing and it told you know the full story of the jungle book not just the short section that Disney adapted I think that Andy Serkis is version of the jungle book could stand toe-to-toe with Jon Favreau’s version no absolutely in terms of how just beautiful the movie looks dandy circus has a huge background of special effects he’s one of the pioneers of motion capture technology so the fact that we have two primary CG characters in venom and carnage gets me super excited and I’m really glad that they went with him for this movie oh I know I’m not sure if Tom Hardy did all of the mocap work for venom I don’t think he did I would have be surprised if Andy Serkis took that upon himself and just made it awesome yeah you could play venom and carnage and you’ll know he’ll find a way to differentiate those two roles just learn his movement yeah he’s brilliant because the guy is just so fantastic now a lot of people weren’t too thrilled with the venom film we gave it three-and-a-half stars if I remember correctly we thought it was not great but it was you know pretty good it was good enough it was serviceable yeah it made shit ton of money at the box office though over 800 million if I’m not mistaken so it obviously was going to weren’t a sequel and I am really excited to see the character of carnage we’ll definitely have to do a carnage versus somebody duel around that time that that movie drops which should be around October of next year 2020 hopefully if this movie is as well made as I hope it will be considering who’s involved Kevin Feige will be a little bit more willing to allow this version of the character into the MCU yeah that would be great now ruben fleischer was the director of the first film but he wasn’t able to direct the second one because they want to start production on that this fall and ruben fleischer will be busy with post-production and promotion of zombie land to which that trailer just released this past week and it looks amazing yeah it’s pretty great but that does it for this news this past week we also learned that cloak-and-dagger are going to make a guest appearance on Runaways season 3 now we reviewed Runaways season 2 at the start of this year the new season comes out at the end of this year and we’ll be reviewing season 3 at the start of 2020 as you guys may know I’m not the hugest fan of The Runaways television show I’d yeah there’s not enough super heroics and just too much just teenage drama bullshit that I don’t care about right but you know we’re committed to reviewing all of these streaming shows and movies whether we want to or not but you like cloak and dagger I really like cloak and dagger cloak and dagger is like a much better version of the runaway show I think because although they’re completely different characters they handle a lot of like the same teenage angst topics and cloak and dagger just handles the things so much better in every way and they met in the comics right exactly I think within the first like 12 issues of The Runaways comics series by Brian cave on cloak and dagger were contacted by the pride to help find their children because they knew that cloak and dagger were like the premier superheroes to deal with child issues that’s what cloak and era kind of focused on helping other runaways right exactly so they managed to track down the runaways and of course they had the obligatory superhero battle before they learned that it was all just a big misunderstanding and the runaways convinced cloak and dagger to go back to New York to tell the rest of the heroes about this crime organization known as the pride but their minds are erased before they’re able to do so I don’t know if the show is going to follow the exact same arc as the comics did but these characters just belonged together and I think Tandy and Tyrone the actors that play ma BRE Joseph and olivia holt they have such great chemistry together and I think that I had a wonderful dynamic to the cast of The Runaways as well what’s so cool about this is at the end of cloak-and-dagger season two allegedly these guys are gonna be like full-fledged superheroes and so they’re gonna be able to kind of show the runaways the ropes because there are ways are still just fucking around right yeah I haven’t seen anything from cloak and dagger I just I’m familiar with the characters based off of our duel episode where we put them against the Wonder Twins yeah that was a great episode I do think they’re cool characters so I am actually looking forward to these crossover episodes those are probably the only episodes I’ll be looking forward to yeah because let’s face it the runaways is not our show we said in our season 2 review that it probably appeals more to the demographic that is aimed toward and you and I are just two old men that don’t get it apparently that makes me feel old although I do get coke and dagger it’s a great show if you haven’t watched cloak and dagger definitely check that out but that brings us to our question of the week name two other Marvel television shows or two other DC television shows that you would have liked to have seen crossover that haven’t already post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic dual podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer next week and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media and speaking of television crossovers and our last bit of news Kevin Conroy is going to play a live-action Batman and the CW’s crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event now we don’t know a version of the character he’s gonna be playing but how cool would it be if you played like a live-action version of the animated character that he voices well isn’t Kevin Conroy a little bit old to be playing a live-action version of the animated series Batman I mean if you put his face behind a mask you can’t really tell just keep him in the shadows he’s Batman we have a lot of like seasoned actors playing Batman in the upcoming months here we have Kevin Conroy of course has played the character you know since the animated series first debuted back in the early 90s but there’s also Ian Glenn from Game of Thrones who’s gonna be playing Bruce Wayne on Titan season two well I’ve heard that we’re not going to see Ian Glenn in the cape and cowl on the talent show oh really yeah bummer but I think we will see Kevin Conroy and for all I know maybe he’s the baman that’s in the universe of the new Batwoman show Oh interesting they’re also bringing in Brandon brows as Superman again he’s playing the Kingdom Come version oh really yeah so what is a show gonna do when the Kingdom Come version of Superman Meets The CW version of the atom they’re not gonna worry about it they’re gonna be like oh we’re twins yeah alright it’ll be interesting to see you out back in the role yeah yeah I actually recently saw Superman Returns again cuz like Apple was having the sale on DC movies and so I got like a whole bunch of Batman in Superman movies including Superman Returns and I have to say his Superman was pretty damn good yeah just the film that sucked yeah yeah but like it felt like Superman in a way that like Henry cavils never really has and I was really surprised by that it just seems so much more true to character in a way that Henry cavils hasn’t or ever will since he’s not in the role anymore allegedly maybe yeah I’m definitely interested in reviewing super vendor turns down the line yeah I’ve only seen it once so what I’ll watch it again Wow and the last bit of news for this item Marv Wolfman who wrote crisis on Infinite Earths back in the 80s is co-writing one of the episodes the arrow episode it’s pretty cool it is incredible that they’re actually bringing on comic book telling to help with the stories that they did decades ago in comic book form now does Marv Wolfman have any other screen credits yeah I think he helped out with the blade movies and the Blade TV show oh that’s right he did yeah I remember that and he’s also done like a few animated features for DC like like Teen Titans the Judas contract okay well he’s a great talent can’t wait to hear about how that crossover event unfolds with his writing and with Kevin Conroy as Batman yeah I’ll definitely be watching it and I’ll definitely give my opinion of it once it’s over it’ll be just so cool to hear Batman’s real voice coming out of a live-action actor yeah it’s gonna be insane so that does it for all the news let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we find out once and for all who would win in a fight between Aries and Loki [Music] alright I’m super excited about this matchup not only because are we dealing with super powerful characters here we’re dealing with characters with somewhat vague power sets you know there’s a little bit of flexibility and exactly what they can do but what they can do is make life a living hell for Wonder Woman and Thor and probably each other yes I’m looking forward to this - I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve done a dual episode yeah an essence batwing vs. spider-man which was before Comic Con so it has been a while if you guys are new to the show the way we determine a winner between these two characters is through statistics we take their statistics and we put them in a probabilistic model known as a Monte Carlo simulation which randomizes their base stat numbers along a normal distribution which is a bell curve and compares those numbers a thousand times so we have a thousand simulated battles between the characters and from that we get a percentage of wins for each character and we determine the overall winner to be the character with the highest percentage of wins now no character ever wins 100% of the battles there’s always a way for one character to defeat another yeah as we’ve seen in the comics and we find that this mathematical model does a great job of illustrating that yeah this method is used across a variety of applications including like business risk analysis and video game AI who was used by Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior television series about ten years ago yeah that’s where we got the idea for this so the winner isn’t decided by fan votes we don’t consider uncharacteristic feats of strength it’s base statistics for the characters which we get from the Marvel power grid right and those are official ratings and we use those criteria that they give to extrapolate the DC character stats and we incorporate a few more statistics just to make a more robust simulation before we run these simulations we like to go into the backgrounds and powers of each character so you get to know them followed up by an improvised speculation of how we think one of the 1000 simulation battles will go now I think I start first with my profile of Ares yeah I think you’re right let’s hear it so the DC Comics version of Ares was created and introduced in the comics in 1942 though from his second appearance up until the late 80s he went by his Roman name Mars okay it wasn’t until George Perez’s reinvention of the Wonder Woman character Ares was restored to his Greek moniker and dressed in the iconic blue and black armor that comic fans are familiar with today Ares was born as the God of War to Zeus and Hera of the Greek pantheon who resided on Mount Olympus in the dimensional plane known as Skyland which is in the sphere of gods outside of the multiverse growing up he fell in love with the Greek goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite with whom he fathered twin sons Phobos and Deimos fear and dread essentially as time went on however Ares was slowly driven mad due to his role as the God of War and his absorption over time of violent psychic energies he left Olympus and formed his own realm the Aero Pegasus from where he could observe and corrupt mankind into warring with one another allowing him to derive and direct worship through the act of war itself Aphrodite in an effort to prevent Ares from creating an eternal war created a new ageless race of women the Amazons from ocean clay the Amazons emerged from the sea like Aphrodite and formed a peaceful city-state named Amazonia where they taught love and inspired mankind they were protected by their Queen Hippolyta who was given a golden girdle that made her invincible enraged by the effectiveness of the Amazons in quelling to mankind’s bloodlust Ares influenced Hercules to send his army to Amazonia where he lost in a one-on-one combat with Hippolyta she was impressed with Hercules fighting prowess however and invited his men into their City where the Amazons were drugged raped and enslaved she’s after Hercules stole Hippolytus golden girdle angry with Hippolyta for being so easily seduced Aphrodite allowed the Amazons to remain enslaved for decades until a plea from Hippolyta softened to the goddesses hearts and effort i.t returned to the golden girdle to her Hippolyta led the Amazons to an easy victory against their captors stealing Hercules fleets of ships and sailing away to find a new land for them to settle outside the realm men they settled on the hidden island paradise of the mascara protected from men yeah also unaware of Aries continued manipulations of the world’s political leaders resulting in multiple world wars huh so just like the Wonder Woman movie Aries was behind those Wars yes yeah by the time World War two broke out the Amazonian champion known as Wonder Roman who you can learn more about in our Wonder Woman vs. Thor episode emerged on the scene to take up the Amazonian mission of stopping Aries influence despite enlisting his children or descendants to help thou’rt Wonder Woman Ares plans were often stopped by her though Ares maintained his power thanks to mankind’s never-ending supply of conflict and violence while faith-based deities like Zeus and Hera became weaker over time the power of Ares Aphrodite and Athena thanks to the rise of technology increased and the three of them took over Olympus as its new rulers during the height of the Cold War Ares attempted to initiate World War aimed at the United States and Russia from famous Kyra situated between the two countries using Wonder Woman’s unwitting romantic interest Steve Trevor Wonder Woman while in battle with Ares managed to get her golden lasso of truth around him allowing him to realize that a world war involving nuclear weapons would result in his own annihilation as there would be no one left for him to draw power from any longer he subsequently tasked Wonder Woman with a new mission to save humanity from itself with a promise to return if he noticed her failing at her task Ares decided after that to cause conflict at a much smaller scale by possessing a human body and going by the name Arry Buchanan a criminal who climbed to the business underworld as a weapons distributor during this time he impregnated the Wonder Woman villain Circe whom he tried to kill when he learned she was bearing his child in retaliation Circe created a black hole using magic that captured and banished Ares one Roman helped to deliver the child whom Circe named Leda after Wonder Woman’s mother the new mother and her infant daughter took up residence on thymus Kira to live under the amazons protection years later Ares returned during a family coup among the gods of Olympus Ares seized the title of ruler of the underworld from his brother Hades making him the god of war and death and granting can command over armies of the undead he invaded the mascara and kidnapped his daughter forcing Cersei to join his side once again and raise their daughter in the underworld with his increase to power Ares imbued cassie sandsmark aka the teenage hero Wonder Girl with a portion of his power making her his champion Ares was also able to reach into the future and bring back Wonder Woman’s dead body reanimating it to serve as his new bride and personal warrior resulting in the villain known as genocide huh genocide nearly killed Wonder Woman though the hero was able to drown her in the ocean well Ares attacked the mascara once more Wonder Woman confronted Ares and killed him with an axe to the head damn his spirit moved on to an afterlife reserved for gods where he was continuously tortured by the souls of those who died in war despite this he was shown as still capable of manipulating events in man’s world in the new 52 reboot of DC continuity it was revealed to the Ares secretly trained to want a Roman in warfare as a child and she was forced to kill Ares and absorb his power before azusa’s firstborn son did the same in the following rebirth era of DC Comics Ares has returned and it was revealed that he was imprisoned inside the tree onthe mascara for millennia and that the prior instances in which Wonder Woman encountered Ares she actually faced one of his sons in disguise as him Ares eventually escaped imprisonment thanks to Darkseid’s daughter Grail and her god-killer sword powers wise Ares is both immortal and invulnerable he cannot be harmed by mortal weapons or attacks his strength level is near infinite and he has cosmic level awareness he can teleport fly and manipulate fire electricity and dark he can alter his physical form into any other form he chooses and he could mentally influence anyone especially if they have violent tendencies or are in his proximity he can cast illusions and he can transform any object or material into armor or weapons his greatest weakness of course is love and I don’t see that being offered by that’s gonna happen yeah yeah look he’s gonna love Ares I’m gonna love beating the shit out of him there you go violent tendencies so Ares was trapped in a tree for a while Oh like for all of history yeah what a ripoff really yeah because let me get into the history of Loki now Loki lafi son was born in the ice realm of Jotunheim to the king of the frost giants lafi and his wife Queen Parvati Loki was short for a frost giant and was an embarrassment to his parents often ridiculed secluded and full of anger loki manipulated events during a war between Jotunheim and Asgard so that his father Lao fee would be killed by Odin who would then adopt Loki as his own son oh wow alongside Thor whom you can learn more about in our Wonder Woman versus Thor duel episode now loki a Thor and the rest of the inhabitants of the nine realms of Norse mythology are in a constant cycle of death and rebirth which takes place over the course of millennia though the current cycle in the Marvel Comics universe was halted by Thor during the events of the most recent Ragnarok or twilight of the Gods this is just to say that much of Thor’s and Loki’s early years have been lost to myth over the course of thousands of years what is known however is that Loki’s fate of feeling unwanted did not really change despite his new family as Guardians being a race of warriors favorite strength and courage above all else traits which Thor excelled in and Loki lacked Loki’s gifts were in his intelligence and magical aptitude and he trained into becoming one of Asgard’s most powerful sorcerers over the years Loki’s jealousy of Thor grew and reached its pinnacle when Odin gifted his real son with the mighty uru hammer Mjolnir enchanted so that only the worthy could wield it this perceived snub by Odin transformed Loki’s anger and jealousy into evil and Loki vowed to become Asgard’s most powerful God to kill his brother Thor and to rule the realm his mischievous crimes once caused Odin to imprison him in a tree as punishment proclaiming that Loki would only be freed when someone shed a tear for him after many years Loki’s influence caused a leaf to fall from the tree and poke the Asgardian Heimdall in the eye causing him to tear up loki was then free from his prison and free to wreak havoc on his brother in the modern era he was delighted to learn that odin had banished Thor to earth in mortal form as dr. Donald Blake he fought Thor often and often lost but was persistent at times when Loki was forbidden to travel the realms or his misdeeds he would manipulate other beings on earth into doing his bidding one of these manipulations involved the simple-minded Hulk who is tricked into fighting Thor Iron Man ant-man and the wasp after the ruse behind Hulk’s mindset was discovered the heroes teamed up to defeat Loki and ended up forming the Avengers and you can learn more about the history of that team in our Justice League vs Avengers duel episode Loki continued pursuing his goal of defeating Thor no matter how many times he was imprisoned on Asgard he created or conned a vast majority of Thor’s rogues gallery including The Enchantress and executioner the absorbing man mr. Hyde and the destroyer armor he even successfully seized Asgard’s throne on multiple occasions though it was never able to hold on to it for too long as Loki was never able to defeat his father Odin a day came though when Odin was slain in battle by the fire demon Surtur and thor became the new king of Asgard loki was pissed loki set Ragnarok into motion by stealing the forge that created neil near and granted the enemies of Asgard with powerful weapons Loki used one of these to kill Balder Thor’s friend signalling the twilight of the gods the Asgardians all perished in battle against Loki and the fire demon Surtur and thor hung himself from the Yggdrasil world tree in a sacrificial quest for knowledge Thor went to hell the Asgardian realm of the Dead where he met Odin and was granted his power the odinforce which he used to behead Loki destroy the world tree and confront to the mysterious deities that fed off the Asgardian cycle of death and rebirth and put an end to them the nine realms were no more eventually Thor was summoned from his eternal slumber by the physician Donald Blake and he restored Yggdrasil and all the lives that perished in Ragnarok including Loki Asgard was rebuilt on earth in oklahoma and loki was reborn as a woman having stolen the hosts body of Thor’s lover lady SIF as lady Loki he joined Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign of super heroics after the fall of shield and he convinced the Dark Avengers to lay siege to Asgard planning on Osborne’s failure to cause Asgard to move back into its proper realm however Loki underestimated the power of the centuries alter ego the void and he was killed however Loki had a contingency in place after striking a deal with hella the goddess of death and he was reborn back as a male though in a younger teenage form unaware of his previous misdeeds when Thor died in battle against the serpent during the fear itself storyline the young Loki revived him he even became semi heroic as a member of the Young Avengers before being consumed by an echo of the spirit of his previous self so he’s still in a younger body but he’s back to being a shithead basically okay as an Asgardian Loki possesses much greater natural abilities than normal humans though he’s not the strongest Asgardian only able to lift about 50 tons he can temporarily enhance his strength through magic to the point where he can destroy a building with a punch he also has increased durability speed and healing but it’s rare that he ever relies on these physical facets his greatest power is in his sorcery and he can use his magic for a variety of effects this includes shape-shifting illusion casting teleportation matter transmutation telepathy hypnosis intangibility telekinesis manipulation of mystical energies such as blasts and shields he can also use his magic to imbue objects and people with powers of their own he’s able to hold his own in battle as he is a reasonable hand-to-hand combatant and he also often carries some form of bladed weapon whether it be a pair of daggers a lance or his sword leave attain I’ve seen him use a whip - Loki possesses a genius intellect and is an extremely cunning man you later and strategist I guess that’s the one thing I didn’t mention about Ares is that areas is also a master strategist no isn’t that yeah he’s yeah is the God of War of course he is right so they’re fairly similar in their power sets though it seems like yeah that you could both basically do anything this is gonna be interesting yeah so now that we’ve gone over the histories and abilities let’s go ahead and go into our improvised speculation of how a battle would go we set no rules for this scenario say for the fact that the characters know nothing about each other other than that they know that each other are threats that need to be put down and the characters start about 50 metres apart from each other at the start of the battle and you’ll know if you’ve listened to our wonder Roman vs Thor episode that the speculations are not what decide the results of the simulations this is just for funsies yeah it’s how we imagined one of these fights would go the fight takes place in a basically non environment it’s what we call no environment because we don’t take steps for their surroundings and as we know environment plays a huge factor in any battle yes and since some characters can have an advantage in certain environments over others it’s too big of a variable these characters are going to fight and win on their own merits not because of their surroundings so let’s go ahead and get into it Ares versus Loki who goes first I think areas would go first just because you know he’s the god of war he’s a big angry guy and Loki is a little bit more mischievous he might wait and see what happens and react accordingly yeah look he’s a little bit more cunning I would say Aries is definitely a little bit more brash so what he does first is he conjures up a huge ass sword in one hand and then like four strokes Loki with the other and pulls him right towards him so that he could impale him with his sword okay so Loki is getting pulled toward Aries so Loki just teleports out of areas like telekinetic grip and appears directly behind Aries brandishing a golden Lance and he plunges for the Lance forward and stabs areas right in the back okay stab him in the back just like a coward oh yeah all right he’s not above that for sure okay well as Aries is about to be stabbed he turns into a puff of smoke and he swirls around the Lance and Loki and that reforms around Loki in a chokehold except that before Aries could actually manifest his physical form from his cloud form his smoke form Loki summons discussed a wind like a whirlwind around him and just gonna blows the smoke away so Aries is like far away now you can control where he moves the wind isn’t gonna affect his magic wind it affects him okay yeah magic does affect Aries okay then you know as he’s getting blown away that’s when he reforms himself along with a bunch of other duplicate areas around Loki they manifested these spears and these shields like Spartans they slowly marching towards Loki Oh like a phalanx yes okay that’s fascinating that’s really cool actually I like that move as the Phalanx come in towards Loki he just flies straight up into the air above their spears and then he shoots down like this green magic fire blast that kind of just like incinerates the whole phalanx of Ares clones okay well joke’s on you Ares can control fire so Ares is on fire but that green fire slowly starts to turn red okay okay then he collects the red fire and he forms into like this long fiery chain with a hook at the end and he throws up to locate Ghost Rider and Yanks him dead to the ground okay so Loki gets pulled to the ground with this fiery hook chain stuck into him he grabs the hook and using his natural frost giant powers he freezes the chain and the fire dissipates and he transmutes this chain into a large serpent what and the serpent grows and it tries to bite areas it starts attacking areas okay so Ares grows bigger and then he just like chokes the life out of the snake and he turns it into this poisonous spear which he hurls that Loki as he shrinks back down to normal size okay so Loki gets like stabbed will say you know in the shoulder somewhere non-vital okay with this poisonous spear he rips it out and I wasn’t and yet but he casts this like spell of healing over his wound so that the poison doesn’t take him Loki takes the spear and he Pierce’s it into the ground opening up like this green fissure that cracks and spreads toward Aries and opens the ground beneath him and Aries falls into this crevice in the ground that’s now there so he’s like falling inside the fissure now as he’s like sinking into the fissure he creates this like double pronged spear that like style you do is create weapons yeah it’s fucking Ares so that stops his descent then he uses it to like launch himself into the air out of the fissure and as he’s about to land unlucky he fashions these twin battle axes uh-huh and he just slams them right into Loki know what he does is he crashes into this mystical barrier that Loki had already set up as he saw Ares about to fly on top of him yeah okay well areas just keeps hammering away at that barrier with enough strength that it starts cracking and then right as Ares busts through the barrier Loki just disappears and reappears like 20 yards away ready to throw one of his twin daggers Ares okay so Ares notices that Loki is gone but he senses Loki’s violent intent so as the blade is about to reach him he just turns around and grabs out of the air well his senses must be shit because guess what that was an illusion Loki was still underneath the barrier that he initially created these are actually reappeared twenty yards away and throw the dagger what he’s still standing right in front of them and he fucking impales areas right through the chest with his sword to leave a tane deception the dagger throat was just a diversion okay that that is a good move oh yeah um okay so Ares is hurt yeah but that’s when he grows like this longsword blade out of his battle axes and he has two of them to go up against Loki bring it on they start sword fighting and since Ares is a master of every martial art form in a military tactic he easily trances Loki except areas wasn’t prepared during their sword fight for a Loki secret whip that he conjured out wrapped around Ares legs and yanked tripping Ares onto the ground so and then wall Ares is on the ground Loki turns into this giant wolf kind of like his son Fenris wolf and he just pounces on top of Ares and starts just like choking the shit out of him ripping him to shreds geez okay okay so as Ares is being mauled by this wolf he saves himself by zapping it with this lightning blast Oh Loki does not like lightning blast and then Ares himself turns into like this giant like demonic RAM and then he just charges Loki as the wolf well that’s a mistake don’t you know that wolves Rams not demon Rams demons could totally annihilate wolves all right so the wolf charges the RAM who’s charging Kim and I’m pretty sure as wolves are natural predators of Rams that the wolf’s probably gonna win that demon Rams are they are the predators of rent well Rams are sheep wolves eat sheep not demon chief demon chief okay well let’s go ahead and leave the match they’re either Loki wins in his giant wolf form or Aries wins in his giant demon sheep form crammed in RAM the demon Ram is better giant horns all right we’ll run the simulations and come back to you guys with a winner all right that was kind of fun that was fun like I’m always a little bit nervous before the episodes where the characters can do so many things that I’m like hampered by indecision you know exactly yeah characters like dr. Faye or the spectre right those are definitely always a challenge mm-hmm I agree this was a good match it was also a lot of fun putting in the characters stats they weren’t nearly as comparable as I perhaps initially thought they were when we first conceived of this duel episode there are a lot of differences here now they’re comparable in terms of like speed and range but they have a lot of differences here one of the main things that I thought Loki had a leg up on was the fact that he’s a master sorcerer so he can do a lot of different like trickery and magic things that Aries doesn’t typically do being more of a hand-to-hand combatant I want to say Aries is non-magical where actually uses a lot of elements at his disposal pretty often yeah in the end the two were comparable in terms of their ability to inflict massive amounts of damage despite how they go about doing it their gods after all right we said Ares was stronger but Loki was smarter and Loki was better at evading attacks through his illusion casting and trickery but Ares is a better fighter right so a lot of back and forth here really excited to see how this all plays out yeah I have the results on hand who do you think came out the victor I think that is pretty damn close I’m gonna go with I don’t know I feel like Ares took this one even though I want Loki to wane just something in my gut feeling tells me Ares one well it would be hard to take out in battle the god war and your rights Ares 1 563 matches out of a thousand flow yeah it’s closer than I thought Loki 1 in that’s not bad that’s not a bad duel episode right there between these two legends of myth I’m bummed that Loki lost but I’m glad that he put up a damn good fight I actually thought it was gonna be closer than this really I mean it’s pretty damn close what are you talking about it’s within like 8% right no it’s actually over 10% because once you cross the 55% mark yeah whatever dusk I’ve been to school we all know how math works but no yeah look you did put up a good fight and the end look II just couldn’t handle the awesome might that is DC divinity Oh DC divinity is that your new stripper name I totally would be yes alright well that does it for this episode of guys go ahead and let us know what you guys thought of the matchup by reaching out to us via social media on Twitter Facebook or Instagram and you can email us at dynamic to a podcast at as always you can find us on social media by visiting dynamic dual comm and clicking those links there and you know I’m pretty sure that Tom Hiddleston could still kick David Thewlis ass oh the through plate areas and water women yeah yeah so we got that going for us if you visit our website you could also find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public and just a heads up they’re having a big flash sale on August 8th and 9th right so if you’ve ever wanted some dynamic dual merch this weekend is that time right you can get cell phone cases you can get t-shirts pillows laptop cases who doesn’t want Aires pillow I don’t actually but you could get a low-key pillow everybody wants a fucking low-key pillow an Aries pillow would be great in a pillow fight like automatically winning right there alright guys in our next episode we will be reviewing the DC animated film that has come out Batman hush which was a fantastic story can’t wait to review this film I haven’t seen it yet yeah neither have I hopefully it’s on DC Universe I haven’t checked recently yea if not we’ll have to rent it or something yeah but we’ll definitely be reviewing it so look forward to that the any of you guys could share the podcast and subscribe to it if you haven’t read us and review us especially on Apple podcasts that’s much appreciated yeah big shout out to those of you who have shared us on your social media accounts we always see it we always like it it’s a huge honor alright talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers

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