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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review episode

Listen to our Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review episode here!

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duo podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I was twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we are going to be reviewing the film Justice League the flashpoint paradox it’s a DC animated film it came out where did this come out it came out in 2013 2013 yes a damn good movie you’ve been waiting a while to review it because we’ve often heard that it’s one of the best animated films that DC has put out and it did not disappoint at this point it is a great film can’t wait to talk about it later on this episode we are reviewing it of course as a tie-in to our previous episode which was a duel match between Wally West flash and speedball yeah Wally West is not in this film but it’s flash adjacent right right and that episode of course was in lead-up to our duel match between the Teen Titans and the x-men yeah look forward to that episode coming up in the next few months here but before we get to the review we’re gonna break down the news items from the past week we’ll be talking about the Suicide Squad two casts which has been named the Suicide Squad right that has been revealed by James Gunn we don’t know who all of these actors are playing but it looks like quite the fun cast oh yeah for sure we’ll also be talking about how deadline has reported that Robert Downey jr. will be returning as Tony Stark in the Black Widow movie and finally we’ll be discussing the new Watchmen official trailer the HBO put out of course feel free to jump around in the episode our segment times are in our episode description so if this is old news just skip to the good stuff quick shout out to Bicks head for giving us our 147th rating on Apple podcasts we’re at 147 now almost to 200 we’re getting like 1 or 2 ratings a week so we might not make it this year but hopefully if we just keep talking about it you guys will help us get to 200 ratings on Apple podcasts because at that point our reviews of the Marvel and DC films will become eligible to be counted on the rotten tomatoes tomato meters for those films so huge goal of ours if you guys could help us by rating us on Apple podcasts if you haven’t already or by sharing the podcast with your friends and family it would be a huge help yeah that’s really the biggest thing you could do to help us if you wanted to help us is just share the show and now that that’s done quick to the no prize so a no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version of the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was who would you cast as Miss Marvel Moon Knight and/or she-hulk for the upcoming Disney Plus series so our first honorable mention goes to red hood of twitter for his answer of michelle borth as she-hulk and you may be familiar with michelle borth if you saw the Shazam movie she played Mary Marvel yeah the adult Mary Marvel or lady she’s an whatever her name is now yeah honorable mention goes to Jacob Bell who gave the answer of me only Scott form is Marvel which is a great answer Naomi played Princess Jasmine in the latest Aladdin movie she was the pink Power Ranger and right it’s Power Rangers film yeah she was born in England but her only descends from the indian-pakistani area so that’d be great because miss marvel is pakistani-american Jacob also suggested Keanu Reeves for moon night a lot of people gave the Keanu Reeves answer just stick with Warner Brothers Keanu I mean Keanu does have that like grunge violence edge to him that I think is necessary for moon night he’s also half asian yeah he is half asian and moon nights Jewish roots are such a huge part of his backstory I always imagine them going with the Jewish actor for moon night but I could totally see Keanu Reeves pulling it off I mean you could totally play a Jewish character as well yeah Jacob also mentioned Michelle Rodriguez for she-hulk and yeah that would be great I could totally see her as being good cousin of Mark Ruffalo - Gavin um I gave the answer of Christina Hendricks as she-hulk and I’ve always been a big Christina Hendricks fan ever since Mad Men and she’s got a great figure I mean I imagine that she hook character herself will be CG yeah but Christina Hendricks has a good foundation from which to build upon I think definitely Jeff miles jr. give the answer of Lila Ally for she-hulk and Laila Ali is Muhammad Ali’s daughter and she has a nice build - she’s pretty big I think a lot of listeners gave the answer assuming that she Hulk would just be an actress that’s painted green so they cast a lot of like body bill types right it’s not like Mark Ruffalo is a bodybuilder right right I’m assuming given the rumored budget that a lot of these Disney Plus shows have that she-hulk will actually be a CGI creation much like Thanos and Hulk Matthew Rivera gave the answer of Cobie Smulders or Gina Carano for she-hulk but of course those actors are already playing characters in the Marvel Universe’s right Cobie Smulders is Maria Hill Nick Fury’s right-hand woman and Gina Carano was angel dust in the Deadpool movie Gina Carano I think if they didn’t go the CGI route and they went the painted bodybuilder route like Lou Ferrigno I think Gina Khurana would be a great she-hulk because she was an American Gladiator an MMA fighter she starred in her own movie called haywire which is actually was pretty damn decent so I’d like to see that Shannon Sanderson gave the answer of Keanu Reeves for MU tonight Eliza Dushku for she-hulk I think Eliza would make it great Jennifer Walters she really looks the part and Eliza has been like overdue for a superhero role for a long time I think I know yeah she’s a big part of the fandom I’m surprised she hasn’t been in a superhero film yet right Kolby hen she’s gave the answer of Linnea birth Wilson yeah she played 8th in stranger things season 2 the one who can create mental illusions well that’s a great choice yeah really good choice he also said Jennifer Love Hewitt should be she-hulk you know Jennifer Love Hewitt definitely has the look of Jennifer Walters she might be a little bit up there in age nowadays how old is Jen yes she’s 40 years old what I’m just piece of shit she looks younger than 40 years old obviously yeah I would probably want to go like early to mid-30s for this role colby also gave the answer of joe manganiello for moon night it’s like I guess he’s not Deathstroke anymore so no Anna right honorable mention goes to George kinetise who said that again Keanu Reeves her play Moon Knight Gina Carano should play she-hulk we had talked about her and linnéa birth Olson should play Miss Marvel those are all great answers joel Seagrave gave the answer of Taron Egerton for moon night yeah he’s the guy from Kingsman yeah you could definitely play the role I think he also said Rosamund Pike should be she-hulk which that’s a great answer I kind of like I always like Rosamund Pike as a Bond girl she played were on defrost and die another day and she was probably the best part of that movie she’s always been very sophisticated I’ve always seen her as like a British sophisticates so when I think of her don’t think of Jennifer Walters maybe it’s the haircolor thing because Rosamond is very blonde and Jennifer Walters to me is very brunette she’s a fantastic actress I know what you’re talking about for Miss Marvel Josie Graves said that they should cast an unknown Bollywood actress and I am all for that as well yeah it’s probably going to be an unknown honorable mention goes to Dustin Balcom who said Jackie Earle Haley should play moon night what he’s a little bit up there in the years he played Rorschach in the Watchmen movie by Zack Snyder that’s an interesting choice but he kind of has that grunge edgy violent feel to him so like someone of that type could totally play midnight Dustin said sofia boutella should play MS Marvel Sofia was in the new mummy movie and she was also in the first Kingsman movie she played the bad guy with like the knives four legs should be my choice that’s a great answer yeah and finally Dustin said that Courtney Ford should play she-hulk and I don’t know who that is she was in Dexter she’s great she would actually fit the role really well John Spees gave the answer of Christian Bale for MU night which get the fuck out of here he also said they you still want Christian Bale to play any other Wow what are you doing what are you doing I mean if he played Batman he might be able to play even late yeah maybe we should also cast Robert Downey jr. as Superman let’s do that that would be weird he also said Naomi Scott should be Miss Marvel ya from Aladdin yep and his brother Adam speed said Ramy Malik should play Moon Knight which was fascinating to me because moon nights although in the comics he is Jewish he’s the champion of the Egyptian deity khonshu and Rami Malek of course his family descends from Egypt so you could have an Egyptian moon night which is interesting I actually really like that idea if you didn’t go Jewish with him it would be great to go Egyptian and Adam also said Linnea birth Olson as MS Marvel from stranger things all great answers but the winners of this week’s no prize go to Kenneth McNeese jr. for his answer of Sofia Taylor Ali as Miss Marvel right she’s probably an unknown to a lot of people I didn’t know who Sophia Ali was but if you look her up she’s a 23 year old actress who starred in Grey’s Anatomy and in a horror film called truth or dare she is Pakistani American and she looks the part so much she could easily play like a late teenager which is what ms marvel is she’s perfect for the role if don’t cast her I would be surprised she’s almost so perfect that I would have to think that she’s in Marvel’s shortlist Kenneth also gave the answer of Liev Schreiber for a moon night and he Liza Dushku for she-hulk both great answers Liev Schreiber a little bit up there an age maybe but yeah he would make a great Moon Knight because he’s also Jewish second no prize goes to Harrison Fox who said that Jessica Biel should play she-hulk now Jessica Biel had like a huge movie career like a decade ago and she kind of faded away but recently has been making a comeback with television shows like the sinner and I think this is like prime for her to fully make her comeback by starting in a show like she-hulk I really think she looks almost exactly like the comic book version of Jennifer Walters yeah when I think of Jennifer Walters I think of you know a lawyer I don’t think of like a bodybuilder right I think she could totally pull that off definitely definitely Jessica Biel would be like a plus casting for this Harrison Fox also mentioned Joe Manganiello from moon night and Jamila Jameel for MS Marvel Jamila being an actress from the show the good place and the last note Prize winner goes to Matt Estes for his answer of Shia LaBeouf for moon night hear me out on this one guys all right people are probably going like what the fuck Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf is Jewish each I LaBeouf has been in many action movies and I think he handles action pretty well but I think most of all what Shia LaBeouf has is this punchable quality he has he looks like the kind of guy who can dish it out but also take it and you know muna is a character who has serious mental health issues he has multiple personality disorder like I said before in our duel with him against Batman I kind of view him as like The Fight Club of superheroes Tyler Durden in superhero form yeah if you mix Ed Norton Norton with Brad Pitt right I think Shia LaBeouf is a good enough actor to pull off a lot of like the darkness that the character needs he just has that grungy violent edge that I think the role needs yeah we’ll see how much hate mail we get for this one like I didn’t like it at first when I first saw the answer but it really grew on me to the point where I just really liked it who did you cast again in your movie pitch that we did for patreon for my moon night movie pitch I cast Ben Foster who angel in x-men three let’s ring who was also another Jewish actor who has played multiple comic-book roles in multiple movies man SS also answered Dana Lynn Bailey for she-hulk she’s a bodybuilder and Ariel winter for MS Marvel which they don’t really get yeah that’s not the answer you won you’re no prize for no it’s not so yes Sofia Taylor Ali from is Marvel Jessica Biel for she-hulk and Shia LaBeouf from Moon Knight I could definitely get behind all three of those casting choices so Congrats again - Kenneth McNeese jr. Harrison Fox I’m Matt Estes you guys win this week’s no prizes if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week moving on from all the controversy onto the news [Music] okay so last week James Gunn on Twitter revealed a cast list for the Suicide Squad yeah that’s a big reveal in itself the movies not going to be called Suicide Squad - it’s going to be called the Suicide Squad how do you feel about that I mean I prefer it to Suicide Squad - and you know I am NOT a big fan of like subtitles in general so I think I think it totally works because the team was often referred to as the Suicide Squad right and the title treatment the logo that they have for this is a lot less bubblegum and much more like grindhouse which is exactly what I think the Suicide Squad film should be yeah the cast itself looks like it’s gonna be a really fun time in the theater and I can’t wait to see who some of them are playing some of the cast of course is returning from the previous film you have Jai Courtney coming back as Captain Boomerang you have Viola Davis coming back as Amanda Waller which thank goodness thank God yes seriously margot robbie of course is coming back as Harley Quinn nice and we’ll see how big of a role she has in this movie uh-huh and finally Joel Kinnaman is returning as Rick Flagg I’m surprised that characters like katana or El Diablo weren’t making a return yeah personally I would have loved to have seen what they were gonna do with Killer Croc but kind of looks like they replaced him with King shark who according to rumors is gonna be played by Steve Agee mm-hmm we also know that David the small chain is gonna be polkadot man and it’s rumored that John Cena is gonna be peacemaker who’s kind of like the comedian okay from Watchmen yeah we don’t know who what key and Castillo is gonna be but it’s rumored that he’s gonna be the film’s villain like he’s gonna be like this South American dictator character interesting Nathan Fillion has been cast in the film I can’t wait to see who he’s gonna play he’s probably not gonna be a Green Lantern probably not who of course he voices and a lot of animated films including the film we’ll be reviewing later on this episode the flashpoint paradox maling mm I think that’s how you pronounce your last name it’s it’s ng not sure who she’s playing a lot of these names honestly are like unknown actors I’ve never heard of before and I’m not surprised that there’s so many unknowns in here considering I imagine a lot of them are just gonna die yeah James Gunn said don’t get too attached to any of them right yeah which this Twitter post is great yes a great line that’s exactly how you want your Suicide Squad film to be some of these deaths I imagine are gonna be so friggin hilarious like I could already guarantee you Pete Davidson I’m not sure who he’s gonna play hilarious death he’s totally dying okay Sean gun James guns brother is gonna be in this film of course you know him from the guardians of the galaxy films he did the mocap work for Rocket Raccoon yeah he also plays Craig Lim also from the Marvel Universe is take a white TD yeah that’s crazy there’s a few Marvel Universe guys here it’s like they’re all coming to DC to have fun it’s like Marvel you go to work DC come ahead no I know they’re just showing their support for James Gunn yeah that’s partly true I love that he’s cast yeah he’s a hilarious actor he really is Ellis Braga is in this film and of course she’s already been cast in the New Mutants as well yeah we’ll see who she plays Jennifer Holland is in the film and that’s James Gunn’s girlfriend oh really yeah Peter Capaldi he was one of the Doctor Who’s yeah actually a recent Doctor Who and it’s rumored I think right now that he might be the thinker though I’m not sure Danijela Melchior we know has been cast as the ratcatcher she’s like a gender bent female version of the character from the comics she’ll be controlling brats and finally we have Michael Rooker yondu yeah yeah I do I always thought he would play polkadot man considering he looks fucking exactly like polkadot man from the comics yeah yeah we’ll see who he plays he’s great for this movie oh absolutely yeah once I saw this cast list I just was like blown away by how much fun I imagine this film is going to be yeah 20:21 can get here soon enough huh is it two years away still yeah for some reason I was thinking it was coming out next year no August 6th 2021 I know that they did a table reading with the full cast like recently just like a week ago uh-huh and apparently it was good times good times were held by all and I imagine it’ll be the same thing in the movie theater I’m really excited to see which villains pop up and which ones are gonna be killed off in this movie that brings us to our question of the week which DC villains do you hope to see in the Suicide Squad and which of these cast members do you want to portray them post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we will pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media and I’ll make sure to post the image of the cast list on social media so everyone can see all the names yeah and so you can match your favorite villains to them for the ones who we don’t know who they’re playing yeah yeah yeah I’m moving on to Black Widow news deadline reported Robert Downey jr. will be reprising his role one more time in the Black Widow movie that comes out next year now this doesn’t surprise me it’s been confirmed that the film takes place in between the events of Captain America’s Civil War and Avengers infinity war do you remember at the end of Civil War where Black Widow just kind of like walked away I imagine that means in this film she’s gonna be on the run you know from the US government yeah most likely yeah they announced that RDJ is going to be making an appearance here but I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Evans also is going to be making an appearance I hope they’re just cameos honestly like I don’t want Robert Downey jr. to be involved like to the extent of say something like spider-man homecoming yeah yeah the news was announced by deadlines during the report on the Saturn Awards during which Robert Downey jr. won the Best Actor in a film award that’s just because the Joker hasn’t come out yet I don’t know I mean if he’s winning these actor Awards who’s to say that he might get a nomination for the Oscars well King Phoenix won an award at TIFF who cares I’m talking about Robert Downey jr. what are you gonna do if Robert Downey jr. gets nominated and actually wins an Oscar over Joaquin Phoenix dude I am so not even intimidated by that that’s not good what are you gonna do if that happens congratulate you I guess no you’re not you’re gonna crash it you’re gonna cry I will cry he’s that’ll be bullshit it’s not gonna happen so I have nothing to worry us all I want I just want to see you crying do you think it’s too soon like he just died and was like a huge thing and now they’re kind of like undoing the impact of it maybe a little bit compared to something like Hugh Jackman’s turn as Wolverine where you know he never revisited the role and never will but I kind of like seeing him still exist within the universe and still have a presence but yeah I want to see Chris Evans make a cameo too I want to see how she meets up with him so that they’re together as a team at the start of infinity war and also they’ve had a much closer relationship I think so in other news HBO released an official watchman trailer for their HBO series coming out later this year how many trailers is a show gonna have you know honestly I’m kind of wondering the same thing you know the comic-con trailer I really liked yeah you know right away off the bat you see a character you’re familiar with hooded justice they talked about dr. Manhattan they mentioned him by name you see dr. Manhattan yeah you get ass nice hand this trailer didn’t feel really connected to the Watchmen universe in the same way right now there’s still so much mystique about this show at this point I’m like just explain what the show is about and like what’s gonna happen because right now I’m having trouble kind of caring as much I feel disconnected from it like it doesn’t take place in New York it takes place in like some kind of like southern state I think it’s Tulsa oh is it yeah Houma yeah okay I don’t really recognize any of the characters either there are a lot of oh ma jizz - the Watchmen series within this trailer but nothing that feels compelling to me honestly well sort of I mean one thing we didn’t mention in the last trailer because somehow I didn’t make the connection but gene smart the character who’s playing Laurie Blake that’s a fucking Laurie just a chick from Watchmen Silk Spectre yeah she’s an FBI agent now she’s taking up her father’s last name Edward Blake this is the same character that Mellon Ackerman played in The Watchmen movie exactly yeah James smarts playing an older version of her oh that’s kind of fascinating it is it kind of boggles the mind how you know a character like Laurie and Dan who are on the run and that she’s an FBI agent it’s like how did that happen yeah that’s kind of weird under what Dan is doing I mean we see another shot of Archie maybe dance in the a low ship I don’t know I don’t know who knows but the trailer starts off with Laurie like lecturing her Gina kinks character I think her name is Angela Abrams you know she’s the police detective about how people who wear masks are obsessed with justice and they’re wearing the masks because of someone and justice that they’ve suffered to hide from the pain essentially yeah I mean it’s in keeping with sort of the Watchmen theme of people who are masks aren’t quite right mm-hmm but again we know why these police officers are wearing masks is because the 7th Calvary the rorschach cult started killing them off and they kind of go into that conflict throughout this trailer yeah yeah we see Angela Abrams character like kidnap one of them in her trunk and then he gets put into this pod they’re calling it a pod with Looking Glass yeah that was weird what was that about I have no idea they’re like interrogate interrogating Kim or like hypnotizing Kim later on in the trailer we see like this interesting blue tree that starts sprouting looks very much like something like of dr. Manhattan as they’re talking about conspiracies that are fun and stuff like that a lot of the same dialogue that they used in previous trailers mm-hmm but no other real hook besides that if I watch this it’s gonna be to see those characters that I know and love yeah I’m the watchman comical legacy of these characters right now what they’ve left behind it seems not really as interesting as who they were and I may be judging it like to prematurely I just I don’t need any more trailers that are just really mysterious and stuff like that I just just want to watch the show already I feel like it’s gonna be boring man I hope I’m proven wrong we’ll find out on October 20th you know it’s in 34 days so we’ll see I’m really curious to see what our listeners feel about these trailers and you know they’re pumped up before the Watchmen show how they feel about it yeah because I’m like totally mare right now well you’re fucking biased but the people who have read The Watchmen comic are they going to watch this we’ll see but that is it for all the news for this episode let’s go ahead and get into the main event where we review the film Justice League the flashpoint paradox [Music] okay Justice League the flashpoint paradox this film came out in 2013 so there’s been a lot of time to have seen it already if you haven’t though listen no further because spoilers are afoot and spoiler it’s a damn good film so you should watch it before you ruin it for yourself by listening to this review it’s available on DC Universe if your subscriber to that and if you’re not you could get a free like 7-day trial if you go to DC Universe comm they should really be paying me to say that but do that it’s a good it’s a great platform you also find it for rents on the Google Play or iTunes or something for fairly cheap I think yeah yeah find a way to see it it’s really good it’s one of the best DC animated films that I’ve ever seen and if you’re a fan of the flash oh boy that’s a good one yeah yeah for sure so the flashpoint paradox of course adapts a five-part miniseries written by Geoff Johns in resetting DC Comics continuity and relaunching their line of comics with 52 new titles which is known as the new 52 and I mentioned the new 52 all the time in our duel episodes yeah the first digital comic I’d ever bought was Justice League number one which was the first title launched by DC the week after the flashpoint storyline concluded and I’d heard that flashpoint was really good in the months leading up to the big company-wide reboot but I only read the series for the first time this past week in preparation for this review and man it was a fantastic storyline and this film does a fantastic job of adapting it and dare I say improved upon it in some ways really yeah similar to how it was in the comics this film was the launch pad for a new DC animated movie universe the flashpoint paradox is a heartfelt bookend to DC’s prior animated movie universe which started with Superman doomsday in 2007 so the animated film Justice League war is kind of like the animated universes start of the new 52 continuity exactly that’s exactly what it is okay that’s essentially adapting like the first four or five comics of the new 52 s Justice League run does that mean that they’re going to come out with a rebirth animated movie do you think oh that would be interesting you’d have to do rebirth and probably Doomsday Clock which of course is still ongoing we’re not sure how that’s going to end yet if you did watch the old animated movies or watch the Justice League cartoons it really helped going into this film to be familiar with the characters the impact of seeing these alternate characters and this alternate flashpoint reality carries much more weight that way right I just saw this movie for the first time this past weekend man I loved it it was good it was really good its storyline is convoluted there’s a lot to it but like as a DC fan I found it both you know accessible and enjoyable my wife and daughters not so much no no they were like why is everyone mean I was like because it’s it’s an alternate reality and they don’t know what that means but the flashpoint reality is just as intriguing to me as DC’s other alternate realities like Kingdom Come injustice The Dark Knight Returns or even like Batman Beyond now we’ve heard rumors in the past that the upcoming live-action flash movie was going to be an adaptation of this storyline and an adapting flashpoint it would kind of reset the DC EU continuity which I still think is a wonderful idea and honestly I think they should have gone that route they still might I think it’s been pretty much confirmed that they’re not going to really this would be a perfect live-action movie especially since you’ve already had the Justice League film and all the major players in this storyline were in that film as well right right it would be a great way to explain how Ben Affleck has now turned into Robert Pattinson exactly I’m not sure why they decided not to go that route and there’s a rumor that Wonder Woman is actually gonna act as a sort of flashpoint on its own that’s just a rumor though okay as a final note regarding the movie as a whole I want to say that the animation for this film is so much better than the animation that we’ve seen in the recent DC animated adaptations so absolutely including like Batman hush and reign of the Superman movies even other films that like we rated pretty highly like Constantine city of demons yeah those rife with like cheap animation I didn’t see any of that here this felt very animated to me honestly it was like if Bruce Timm style merged with an anime film you would get this animation style in flashpoint and the action was just so well choreographed so many of the action scenes oh man you were amazing and there were a few action scenes tossed in just for the fun of it that weren’t in the main five issue comic storyline uh-huh but yeah I agree it was really cool to see these super-powered beings just go at each other yeah it felt like enemy action I mean not so much is like Batman ninja which I still think has the best animation despite the fact that it was computer-generated but yeah I really appreciated the look and feel of this movie I went against the character breakdown let’s talk about the flash so the flash and Barry Allen were voiced by Justin chambers of Grey’s Anatomy his arc was foreshadowed in the film’s first scene it’s the prayer that his mom tells him to accept the things he cannot change have the courage to change the things he can and to have the wisdom to know the difference yeah basically he doesn’t do that like no he changes something in history but isn’t wise enough to know whether or not he should exactly that theme of accepting things he can’t change is drilled into Barry twice early in the film the second time by Barry’s wife iris during the graveyard scene and you’re right he clearly didn’t catch on because what does he do not accept his mother’s murder and try to change the past to prevent it from happening the story of the film is essentially Barry learning the hard way what his mom taught him as a boy now granted he’s the flash and he could time-travel so he doesn’t necessarily need to accept the things the way they are because he could always go back and change the timeline but that can have drastic consequences as he learns in this film yet time ripples where a lot of things play out in just a slightly different way but it has a huge impact over time yeah it’s like dominoes yeah he essentially develops the courage and wisdom to accept that this tragic event from his life isn’t something he should change because he himself has touched so many other’s lives as a hero it’s the comic book version of It’s a Wonderful Life and it brings a tear to my eye in exactly the same way to me this is I think the most heartfelt DC story I’ve seen on screen besides maybe like the Wonder Woman film when she lost to Steve Trevor that’s right yeah let’s talk about this flashpoint version of Batman Thomas Wayne of course is dr. Thomas Wayne he was so cool yeah he was like if Batman had a baby with the Punisher exactly just super dark he of course was voiced by Kevin McKidd also from Grey’s Anatomy I got a lot of cast members from there for some reason but you know just as a parent the story of the flashpoint Batman is so heartbreaking so resonant just like seeing how Bruce Wayne’s death as a child drove his father Thomas and to becoming a violent and embittered gun-wielding Batman and his mother Martha to go manic and insane with grief becoming the Joker it just hugs at the heart yeah I like his badass attitude though it’s very not Batman he reminded me a lot of Wolverine honestly oh yeah I could totally see that even as like the stubble yeah this story goes like straight for the fields on two fronts one with the fact that Barry just wants to save his mom and the other in the fact that dr. Wayne just wants to save his son and it’s like what more motivation do these characters need like everyone can relate to them yeah he’s willing to sacrifice his entire timeline just so that his son can continue living yeah yeah there’s a scene from the comics that I wish was in this film where Barry realizes that he may not be able to fix the timeline he may just forget the other one entirely and because of that like he and Batman he says you know they need to save this world from destruction and a Batman is like firmly like no we either find a way to fix this timeline or this entire world and everyone in it can just burn in hell Wow and the fact that dr. Wayne is able to deliver a note to a son Bruce on the corrected timeline at the end of this film like just the thought of that makes my eyes will up I want to know what the note said oh we know what the note said in the comics oh really addressed that later on in a storyline called the button it’s kind of like a sequel to flashpoint uh-huh it’s essentially dr. Wayne telling Bruce not to be Batman like not to live his life as this tortured soul seeking revenge really he wants him to be happy interesting so in the comics Batman for a time was you know considering giving up being Batman but the Sun can’t no you can’t you can’t still Batman moving that to cyborg Victor stone I remember watching the movie I was thinking man they really cast like a Michael B Jordan II guy to do the role for cyborg and then I saw the credits I’m like oh that was Michael B Jordan it’s cool longer freaking kill monger yeah I think this storyline specifically is one of the reasons why cyborg has been elevated to Justice League status like he’s the Superman surrogate here an American made champion who genuinely wants to do good and be a hero he’s Batman’s foil essentially yeah yeah and usually with cyborg writers take a Frankenstein’s monster approach where he’s like not comfortable with what he is but you didn’t see any of that and this story no he was like America’s number one hero and he knew it like without any ego I like the way they portrayed his powers in this movie yeah in this film and Justice League war like that’s the coolest I’ve ever seen his powers depicted way cooler than the Justice League film the way he just like integrates with other machinery and stuff like that yeah it’s really cool and he was huge in this film like he was twice as tall as anyone else I was like a giant is that that’s kind of weird he wasn’t that tall in the comics now here’s a little bit taller but I think he was just as tall as he was normally for the most part in normal continuity I wonder why they made that design choice for this I don’t know yeah overall like the design choices were pretty much straight from the comic I did notice that the flash had a different costume at the end of the movie compared to the beginning so did Batman he did yeah oh so this is like their new 52 costumes exactly exactly Oh in the beginning of the film Batman had a blue cowl and then the end of the film he had a black one really yeah I didn’t not even catch that interesting moving on to the last character that I want to touch on before we get into the story breakdown professor zoom yo Bart Thawne yeah in the comics professor zoom is the one who killed Barry’s mom Nora and they changed that here and I’m not sure why it’s an important aspect of the character and one in fact that we learned about in the flash rebirth comic series that led ain’t a flashpoint that’s sort of the precursor to flashpoint okay but even though they left that angle out here I still think they did a really good job with this character especially when we get to reveal that it wasn’t him who created the flashpoint timeline it was Barry and he just hammers home that Barry could have done so many other things to benefit history like kill Hitler or save JFK and instead Barry chose to be selfish yeah and save his mom the fact that Barry caused this chaos essentially was something that zoom just really relished in oh yeah oh yeah he even tells him like you give the nerve to call me the villain I love that dr. Wayne was the one to kill zoom because zoom was so undaunted by the prospect of death especially film at watching Barry die with him like all he ever wanted to do was destroy the Flash’s legacy and here he was in a world that didn’t even know the flash existed one that was about to be destroyed because of the Flash’s choices yeah and he gets robbed of it at the last minute of watching the Flash’s destruction play out it’s just poetry I think if they would have retained the fact that zoom killed Flash’s mom it would have added like a whole other hour to this movie I think Barry would have been a lot more compelled to stop the killing if it was zoom that did it as opposed to some thief because then it feels less faded and it feels more like time-travel manipulation I could definitely see how the film would have felt like unfinished right if at the end soom did kill his mom because then the villain received no come up in maybe right yeah but still like it’s kind of a big deal in the larger continuity yes for the purposes of the standalone film probably and probably not yeah you’re right so let’s get into the highlights in the opening minutes of the film were introduced to Barry’s mom Nora and you know we see in horrifying detail along with Barry that his mom had been killed yeah that was a devastating scene yeah it’s traumatic for him in the same way that it was for Bruce Wayne when he saw his parents murdered the difference being that Bruce Wayne sought revenge on all criminals and Barry swore he’d prove his father’s innocence by becoming a forensic scientist it’s not really touched on in this film yeah we see Barry visit his mom’s grave on her birthday and it’s cut short when he leaves to stop the Rogues from destroying the flash Museum in Central City this wasn’t in the comics but it was kind of necessary to show these characters default states the Justice League characters default state yeah before we see the alternate reality I really love the scene because it made it not just a great Justice League alternate reality movie but it made it a great flash movie yeah you get to see him take on his biggest rogues ever in one big fight and he is one of the best rogues galleries like in all of comics they are fantastic up there yeah it’s always fun to see them team up to like they really make life hell for him they really don’t stand a chance against him Oh together they absolutely do not in this it was all Zuma in the comics yeah did the flash hadouken a lightning bolt at zoom to remove that bomb off of him I think so yeah can he do that he’s done it before it’s really rare again as we mentioned in our last episode with like Wally West yeah it’s not something he does he just vibrated his hand a lot until enough electricity formed in his palm that he could throw it like a Thunder ball that’s weird to me yeah it’s not really something that I think should be a default part of the Flash’s parish set but what are you gonna do the Rogues led of course by Professor zoom are almost successful in blowing up the museum and thousands of people in Central City until the Justice League arrives and they each have their own way of disabling each bomb that was cool when they moved them like away from each other that was really cool Superman’s way was the best it was it was so badass all you had to do was just hold it everyone else was just like sweating but he was awesome Green Lantern and Batman had to deactivate theirs in space to isolate it Aquaman had like aquatic microorganisms eat away at the wiring of the bomb yeah water Romans was kind of like the lamest if you don’t count the flashes with his Hadouken yeah she just you know took Captain colds gun and froze it which I guess would work cyborg hacked his yeah that was cool by the end the Rogues including zoom are taken away into custody and then the movie really starts Barry wakes up in a new reality where he doesn’t have his power his mom’s alive the Justice League doesn’t exist and the world is about to end in a war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans and I guess basically he has like time amnesia so he went back saved his mom and then woke up in the new timeline not having any recollection that he did that yeah later on in the movie professor zoom mentions that when flash broke the time barrier because Barry does really break the time barrier he doesn’t have that finesse he normally uses the cosmic treadmill but when he broke the time barrier there was a time boom that resulted and then I like a sonic boom exactly and that knocked him into this new reality that he created without any memory so the whole world’s like going to shit no one knows who he is meanwhile a gun-wielding Batman fights a Harley Quinn s character named yo-yo to find the whereabouts of the Joker cyborg rescues yo-yo from death than implores Batman to join his Suicide Squad and try and stop the war between Wonder Woman’s Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlanteans and the war is taking place because there was a treaty between the Atlanteans and Amazons and Aquaman ended up having an affair with Diana Mira found out and the two fought and Wonder Woman killed Mira and so Atlantis went to war with the Amazons in a revenge for that right and of course this resulted in the Amazons leaving Paradise Island taking up residence in the UK and declaring that as their own and Aquaman at the start of the war essentially overcompensating and destroying all of Western Europe yeah that was fucked up it was crazy basically this war is bringing the world to an end and cyborg is trying to stop it with the help of Batman but Batman refuses by this point Barry drives to a decrepit Wayne Manor and makes his way into the Batcave where Batman confronts him and Barry realizes it’s Thomas Wayne Barry explains to Batman that this is an alternate timeline and realizes that professor zoom must be involved or Sookie thinks we get our first look at Wonder Woman and her Amazons as they hunt down and kill Steve Trevor who is a United States agent within new that mascara the former UK meanwhile Barry tries to get his power back with the help of Batman those are some of my favorite scenes yeah using this electric chair set up on top of Wayne Manor it was a very like mad scientist Frankenstein ish absolutely and bama is like you’re crazy yeah yeah Barry gets struck by lightning but gets third-degree burns instead of powers and when that happened I was like oh no it’s kind of funny wonder why it didn’t work the first time the experiment the lightning bolt wasn’t powerful enough in the comics that’s what happened okay but the moment that it happens to raining at the time cuz you know there’s a thunderstorm and the raindrops just stop you know and the landing just stops and you see very perceiving everything in bullet time slow motion that’s so cool and he saves Batman from being impaled on the Wayne Manor gate really cool it was a really cool scene around this time we also get our first look at Aquaman who’s atlante and allies help him take down a ship led by Deathstroke that was looking for Aquaman’s underwater ultimate weapon and how awesome is it that Deathstroke the eyepatch wearing Deathstroke was a pirate it was a really cool action scene - we see how Superman’s spaceship flew over Smallville and crashed in the center of Metropolis and knew the mascara Lois Lane is rescued by the resistance and a mysterious speedster who we later learned is professor zoom what was interesting was that they were incorporating characters from the Wildstorm universe created by Jim Lee is that who that guy was the grift grifter yeah yeah first I thought it was Arsenal but then I was like he kind of looks like the Wildstorm guy yeah they kind of set up that like he would be like Robin later on in the film which I thought was pretty funny yeah he’s a pretty cool character I’ve never read any Wildcats comics but I know the character of the grifter the flash and Batman recruit cyborg in order to help them rescue Superman who’s being held in a top secret bunker by the US government they find Superman weak and skittish though he helps rescue them from the government forces before flying away his whole story arc was pretty damn fascinating I thought it’s like what happens if the government gets control of Superman you know they would hide him away keep him D powered and then what would it be like when he first sees the Sun how would he cope without the moral installation provided by the Kent’s right you see how like the government was like experimenting on Krypto you see a skeleton it’s like no yeah I said at this point we see he’ll Jordan he’s ordered to fly the spacecraft from the alien Green Lantern heaven sewer to the area of Aquaman’s ultimate weapon in the last-ditch effort to destroy it and save humanity his craft of course is swallowed by a giant sea creature of Aquaman’s bidding and Hal Jordan dies in an explosion I really liked the way they did held Jordan here it’s different from what they did in the comics and I think this version is a lot better what did they do in the comics with him in the comics Abin sewer wasn’t dead he was the Green Lantern okay and Hal Jordan just flew a plane his missile was called the Green Arrow cause like it always hit its target interesting but the fact that they had him to fly like a Green Lantern spacecraft I thought was really cool and just like how he explained how he was afraid to do this because he gets to fly a badass alien ship and save humanity yeah it’s like it’s so on character yeah it seems like what they did in the movie was better the flash wakes up in a suburban home of the Shazam foster kids and with the news of Hell’s death rallies the heroes the nihilistic Batman in particular that was important to save the world by stopping Aquaman and Wonder Woman themselves as the heroes fly to new the mascara Batman shows the flash footage captured by Lois Lane that shows professor zoom is in new Themis Kyra and that’s one of the reasons why Batman even agreed to go help stop the war because he doesn’t really care he cares more about helping the flash and the timeline exactly yeah my favorite gag probably of this whole film was when the flash asked Batman are we all gonna fit in your bat plan and he was like the what what’s a bet plane he’s just so angry this is great their plane is shot down by Atlantean forces as they storm new Themis Kira but the flash helps them survive the the crash the Flash’s allies and the resistance joined the battle between the Amazons and the Atlanteans trying to capture Wonder Woman and Aquaman and Batman is mortally injured in the fray I love how it took like three of them to try and stop Aquaman just shows how much of a badass he is all commands character design was pretty ridiculous in this movie the he was drawn like the Hulk I thought he was huge he was so huge his neck was three times the size of his head so weird but it was a good way to portray his strength I guess oh yeah yeah I liked that they made him like a match for Wonder Woman because in the comics and he’s not as strong as her but the characters have a lot of similarity so they were both royalty they both you know like wield weapons they have like this mythical background yeah it made sense to have them on par yeah zoom appears at this time when he reveals that Barry is responsible for this corrupted timeline due to saving his mom from being killed resulting in a time boom that affected events around that time zoom beats the flash to the ground and makes him watch the battle unfold I always like seeing speedsters fights because it always turns into like this game of tag or they’re just running and they’re like running alongside each other just trying to hit each other right occasionally they’ll pause and like throw a punch but that doesn’t work so they’ll just like chase after each other and yeah like up buildings and through buildings and all around the environment yeah it’s pretty cool we see Wonder Woman kill Billy Batson and Aquaman kills cyborg that’s like know what he’s doing Wonder Woman was way too cold-blooded in this story totally don’t get what inspires it she decapitated mera yeah it’s weird those crazy they never explain what happened in her history for her to turn out that way not in this film the flashpoint storyline itself in the comics spanned like I want to say like I’m ballparking get there but there are a lot more tie-in comics that went into like Wonder Woman’s history and Aquaman’s history and stuff like that a lot of the storylines that you see in this film like the fair between Wonder Woman and Aquaman did it happen in the main five issue series or any point okay yeah same thing with Martha Wayne is the Joker like you learned that and at one of the tie-in series Aquaman kills cyborg though he loses an arm for that when Superman appears and Superman had a much bigger role in the comic at the end Superman essentially like saves the day he stops a Wonder Woman and Aquaman he doesn’t do that here in this film he essentially just kind of cares for cyborg do they have the captain Adam Bomb in the comic cuz that bomb was crazy they didn’t it was more of like an earthquake machine it was the same machine that kind of like sunk Atlantis but like on a global scale interesting yeah it was horrifying honestly it’s like what I imagine seeing a nuclear explosion coming at you would be like oh yeah just seeing just everything decimated and buried just seeing that knowing that he’s responsible well you know doom is gloating and as he’s doing that Batman shoots him in the back of the head yeah of course was spoiled for us in the Suicide Squad held to pay film right so at this point he gets shot in the head and before he dies he stretches out that moment to like near infinite near infinity anytime travels to the Suicide Squad storyline where he tries to get ahold of the get out of hell free card exactly yeah and the interesting thing that they established in the comic that they don’t you hear is that because zoom was traveling through the time line when Barry made his change zoom was no longer dependent on Barry for his creation he became an anomaly because in the comics zoom Abarth on in the 25th century needed Barry to create the Speed Force and build up the Speed Force so that he would access it that’s why he was never able to kill Barry in the comics because if he killed Barry he would no longer have his abilities in the future gotcha so this kind of separated him from that need of Barry so he could kill Barry whenever he wants exactly exactly hmm after zoom dies Batman gives flash a note for his son telling him to save everyone by fixing the timeline flash runs into the timestream and stops himself that was a saving his mom that was I think the climax of this movie though you see the flash he’s trying to outrun this nuclear explosion you got a pole through the leg you know there’s a big hole in his leg and he’s just trying to run his hardest yeah run his fastest to try to save the day it was a great moment I was on the edge of my seat especially when like the younger flash like knocked him I was like you were you go away I was like no no very successful he wakes up in the new timeline and things are mostly restored to as they were before the film ends with the flash giving baman the know his father wrote for him which of course was just heartbreaking all the fields all of them did Barry not care at all that he woke up to a timeline that was still not in his rifle place I’m not sure he retained the full memories of the timeline pre flashpoint honestly he certainly didn’t in the comics in the new 52 he remembered flashpoint cuz he had the memories of his mom he tells Batman that yeah but growing up with her but no I think the changes were minimal enough that he didn’t have any recollection that things had changed I guess in the comics its Wally West that kind of notify his Barry that things still aren’t right right and notifies Barry that he may not be entirely responsible for the resetting of the new 52 dr. Manhattan had a hand in that interesting yeah they definitely got to come out with a rebirth animated move that would be really cool they need to do the button and rebirth and then Doomsday Clock one of my favorite parts of this movie is the very last scene where we had just have a moment of Barry running through Central City oh yeah it’s like it’s like the end scene of Spider Man or what Aquaman swimming through the ocean at the end of his movie yeah when you have characters that can like travel in an interesting way it’s always kind of cool to just see them do that throughout the city that they’re protecting yeah and just like right off into the sunset yeah it like blew my mind like the things that I’ve never seen the flesh do that I saw him do here where he’s like running up the side of a building and then he like pivots and he’s running on top of the building and he just runs right off but he’s still running in a straight line and next thing you know he’s running on the next skyscraper you know I’ve been like across helicopter blades and stuff like that was so cool it made me watch flashed a video game it was honestly it was like ultimate parkour like large-scale parkour where he wasn’t just like running through a street he was running over rooftops and shit that does it for this film as I mentioned earlier to me this is one of the best DC animated films like by far we’ve seen a lot of them by now we haven’t seen all of them but I would say that this is the best so far and because of that I’m giving this a 4.5 out of 5 stars I would say that I mean it not only is a great flash movie it’s a great Justice League movie it’s both and you know the animation is solid a lot better than a lot of the adaptations that we’ve seen and the storyline was heartfelt emotional powerful it was just great I’m really wishing that they did this in live-action yeah just adapt it to live-action now just exactly this you’ll have a winner what everyone was talking about that I was like oh I’m not sure but now that I’ve read the comic now that I’ve seen this adaptation and like - all on board I’m fully on board with that absolutely if you’ve seen this film reach out to us and let us know what you thought of it yeah you can write us via email at dynamic duel podcast at or on social media on Instagram Twitter or Facebook just send us a DM and you can find links to those platforms on our website dynamic duel comm where of course you could find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public this week I will be drawing Beast Boy for our no prize so he’s going to end up on t-shirts and a mug or a phone case or whatever you choose to buy with the artwork on it yeah and you’re gonna drop Beast Boy because in our next episode we will be pitting Beast Boy against Beast now I know a lot of people say oh like you know the marble equivalent of Beast Boy is probably reptile or Wolfsbane or something like that but I want to go with beast because essentially Wolfsbane can only turn into a wolf and reptile can only turn into prehistoric characters beast what could do that already so I have a feeling how the match would go I don’t know who would win in a fight between Beast Boy and beast though considering that beast is so much more intelligent and is stronger than any animal out there anyway yeah we’ll see how it goes it’s gonna be like versatility versus just solid foundation of power and physical ability yeah yeah it’ll be great so look forward to that in our next episode and also we want to say now look forward to some updates that we were making to our patreon page we are introducing new tiers for you guys including tiers that include duel requests that you guys can make to us and executive producer privileges so we’ll be making that announcement in our next episode look out for that I think that covers everything we’ll talk to you guys in a week up up and away true believers

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