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Doctor Manhattan vs Molecule Man

Transcription of our Doctor Manhattan vs Molecule Man episode.

Listen to our Doctor Manhattan vs Molecule Man episode here!

[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m his twin brother marvelous Joe and in this episode we are pitting dr. Manhattan against molecule man and I don’t know who molecule man is well he’s like dr. Manhattan he was once a man who was given godlike power in some ways these two characters are even more powerful than the spectre versus Galactus fight that we had earlier so it’s gonna be really interesting to you know improvise our speculation on how the match will go later on in this episode what I’m really looking forward to it yeah me too I mean like dr. Manhattan has been one of our most requested characters I think yeah usually people ask to put him against like Franklin Richards or the Beyonder so I’m curious as to why he chose molecule man but we’ll get into that later on that’s an easy quick answer Franklin Richards is powerful but he’s just a kid and I don’t believe he’s as powerful as molecule man who I think is as equally powerful as dr. Manhattan so it’s as simple as that okay yeah I have no idea how this speculation will be going either it’s gonna be ridiculous but it’s gonna be fun before we get into that we’re gonna break down the news from the past week we’re gonna be talking about the flash and the Shazam sequel getting release dates hmm and then we’re also gonna talk about trailers newly released for a Superman red Sun the animated film and the star girl television series yeah no Marvel news once again I feel like I say that a lot lately but you know one of these days guys they’ll come through for us that’s right Marvel always letting people down they’ve done far enough to endear themselves to me that I can forgive them for the occasional letdown excuses are like elbows you mean assholes yes they’re like you everyone has to as always our segment times are listed in our episode description so go ahead and check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic but before we get into the news we want to give a quick shout out to Susan Hensel who is randomly selected to win the whatsit and spider-ham original artwork drawn by Nathan Santa Stephen for our annual holiday charity fundraiser yeah that duel matchup was week’s episode and Susan Hansel was kind enough to donate to our fundraiser for pop culture classroom and she helped us reach 100 dollars in total that we raise for that organization so thank you to everybody who donated this was probably our most successful fundraiser yet oh it definitely was and all of that money’s going towards a great cause so thanks once again everyone who donated just a heads up for those who are curious about this podcast status with Rotten Tomatoes the site currently has their critic Applications closed until March 1st so that’s a bummer so we can’t officially apply again until springtime but at that point we will be more than ready so in the meantime if you guys haven’t rated us this is probably the last time we’ll ever ask for it feel free to keep writing us at your leisure it helps spread the word of the podcast and we really appreciate it yeah thanks guys now that that’s done quick to the no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was which trailer did you prefer between Black Widow and one room in 1984 and why this is a great question I was really looking forward to seeing what the answers were gonna be because both the Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 trailers were pretty amazing in different ways and it was cool to see which one resonated more with you guys our first honorable mention goes to Red Hood who chose Wonder Woman 1984 because he can’t wait to see Diana’s story continued Jeremy or also gave the answer of Wonder Woman 1984 because he said that Marvel can eat a dick that’s right which is my least favorite answer and of all of these that’s my favorite one that’s like uncalled-for have I ever told DC to eat a dick dude yeah you have it’s awesome I guess I say it every day of my life fair enough Harrison Fox gave the answer of Black Widow saying that it looks like a great spy movie Dustin Balcom gets honorable mentions saying that he preferred the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer because he prefers more fantastical heroes over street-level heroes Sena Fargo monde gave the answer of Black Widow saying that taskmaster is this favorite villain yet taskmaster is going to be frickin awesome in that movie Irani gummi from Instagram give the answer of Black Widow because he says that Wonder Woman looks like it’s full of plot holes I think specifically in regards to the story revolving around Steve Trevor but he doesn’t know what the plot is yet I mean obviously if this movie takes place before Justice League there already is a plot hole so yeah he’s not wrong there I don’t believe you it’s gonna make sense story wise trust me Kelvin John de la Merced gave the answer of one room in 1984 saying that it won the simulation he ran and one woman’s win came down two black widows death meaning there’s no future black widow movies and the fact that he’s a DC fan boy okay so it was a biased simulation okay okay no honorable mention goes to Matt Estes who said he preferred Black Widow because the action scenes and the white suit looked awesome and Wonder Woman can’t Webb slink like she did in that trailer I think she can because she just did again Ken Johnson gave the answer of wonder room in 1984 saying that it has the promise of more content you can make more Wonder Woman films because the main character isn’t killed off as we know Black Widow is in endgame well you can still make prequels of Black Widow even though Scarlett Johansson will be getting older yep this is make any sense Caleb Mitch Mattingly gave the answer of Black Widow because he said he’s been waiting forever for a black widow solo film yeah he likes the mystique around the character in the other Marvel films Jonathan Hazleton gave the answer of one to him in 1984 because visually it looks a lot cooler than Black Widow is it a yes yeah it does and the final honorable mention goes to Adam Spees who said that he preferred Black Widow because he was underwhelmed by the Wonder Woman trailer now for those of you keeping score at home that’s six votes for Wonder Woman and six votes for Black Widow so the winner of this week’s no prize goes to lose 613 from Instagram for his answer of Black Widow black know is damn X Black Widow got seven votes over one Romans six and Lew said that he prefers the Black Widow trailer because it gave off heavy vibes reminiscent of the Winter Soldier movie and I really like that answer I thought that exact same thing and the Winter Soldier is one of my favorite movies made by Marvel Studios so that answer connected with me personally and that’s why it wins the no prize yeah Congrats on black widows oh well thanks man yeah you’re welcome yeah they said show up DC fans come on there’s so few of you out there though no there’s not shut up Congrats again to lose six thirteen you and this week’s no prize if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week with that out of the way on to the news [Music] so the rapper revealed last week I think it was the rap that broke the news for both release dates that Shazam - and the flash will both be released in 2020 - with Shazam coming out first on April the Black Adam movie that comes out with Dwayne Johnson correct yeah it’s I think it’s like less than three months later because the Black Adam film is coming out around Christmas of 2021 my first thought was that it’s gonna be slightly confusing for the Shazam movie to come out so close to the Black Adam film because people are going to notice that the two characters are very similar they have you know similar power sets and black Adam is a Shazam villain after all so if Black Adam is not the main villain for the Shazam sequel which he may be people are going to be wondering where he is I’m sure he’ll make some kind of appearance in the film whether it’s a cameo whether he becomes part of the Shazam family to take on Savannah and mr. mind who knows you know eventually he could probably make his way from a member of the Shazam family to becoming a villain you know we don’t know anything about the story yet ultimately I think this is probably a smart move on Warner Brothers behalf because it’s going to associate the Zachary Levi Shazam character with the rock who’s just like box-office gold the first Shazam film was such a good film but it didn’t make any money box-office wise it made a profit because it was so cheap to produce but not enough people saw I think it made enough to greenlight a sequel well obviously but I think having the Black Adam film come up before the next Shazam film will only increase the hype for it that’s true if it’s successful this all hinges on the success of Black Adam yeah if it totally flops what are they going to do no one’s gonna want to see the Shazam sequel if that happens hmm ultimately I think that this shows Warner Brothers has a lot of faith in Black Adam for them to be doing something like this well it is gonna have the JSA in it so I can’t wait to see Hawkman honestly I’m probably looking forward more to seeing Hawkman than I am black Adam like realized on the silver screen and I’m looking forward to seeing Zachary Levi as the Shazam character again the film still quite a ways off so I made sure we won’t be seeing anything until probably summer of 2021 but I’m still looking forward to it I’m glad that it was announced finally I’ve been waiting for this again I really liked the film I liked him more than Justice League for sure and I think Ezra Miller could only hope to be as funny as exactly Levi’s because you know he went for it in Justice League but the more time has passed and the more I reflect on the film the more I really wish they didn’t go that route with the character you mean like the silly route yes well he needed some kind of comedic relief for that film all the characters were pretty serious except for maybe Aquaman and that’s a valid point and that’s probably why they chose to go that direction but I’m wondering how that’s gonna translate into his own solo film now is it gonna be a comedy is it gonna be something closer to like Man of Steel well I mean the director what’s his name Andy machete yeah he directed the it films yeah I think he knows how to balance humor well with other genre elements I think we talked a lot about him when it was first announced that he was directing yeah I guess Christina Hudson is still on board to write this film she also wrote birds of prey so we’ll see how that film goes in February yeah yeah right now birds of prey is tracking to make about the same opening weekend as Shazam so that’s not like the greatest news hopefully it’s gonna start tracking a little bit better soon but but it seems like it was made for less money than Shazam was - though it does it does yeah for sure movie got two other news the first trailer for super van red Sun DC’s next animated film came out on Monday and it looks pretty interesting to be honest I’ve never actually read the miniseries think it was written by Mark Millar so I’m not too familiar with the storyline though I understand the gist of it being Superman you know landing in Russia and the Soviet Union instead of you know Smallville Kansas mm-hmm which in itself is pretty interesting so when you see it kind of like realized on the screen it definitely has me intrigued and I’ve heard such great things about it and I think it’s not DC Universe so I definitely plan on reading it before this film comes out just so I could you know talk about the comparisons between the film in the comic uh-huh it looks pretty damn action-packed it’s really cool to see like these alternate Cold War versions of all the DC characters yeah like the Green Lantern Corps yeah that was interesting and especially Batman and he’s just wearing like this Russian fur cap I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s always fun to see you know Batman and Superman go head-to-head with each other we actually get to see all three members of the Trinity in this trailer what Roman is there and her suit is darker as well it kind of makes you wonder if she adopted the American flag as her colors initially because Superman was there and she was inspired by him now it looks like you know she’s inspired by Superman’s darker colors now this film takes place in a world where Russia won the Cold War correct with Superman’s help no I think it takes place during the Cold War I don’t know I don’t think it’s after the Cold War at all I think it’s during the height of the Cold War in the 80s yeah it definitely looks like the US has a hard time going up against Superman and mentions in the trailer that he’s like taking over almost all of Western Europe well as part of Russia you know we get a seem chatting with Joseph Stalin I guess he’s a character in this film which shouldn’t be surprising I guess but I’m definitely curious to see like who the villain of the storyline is is it gonna be Stalin is it gonna be Batman Superman is getting shot with a lot of red lasers in this trailer which makes me wonder if another Kryptonian shows up I think the thing that surprised me most about this trailer was the characterization of Superman it doesn’t feel like Superman ultimately if I had to guess I would say by the end of the film he probably has a change of heart and you know becomes sort of the figure of Hope instead of the figure of communism and oppression you know I’m sure it becomes much more of a hopeful character well he does say at the end that he’s gonna go save the world so he’s still portrayed in a heroic light yeah this is kind of awkward talking about it I’m sure a lot of you guys out there who have actually read the storyline notice a lot more things than I am just from this trailer but I’m looking forward to it DC’s animated films of late have been really good I really like the Batman hush I really liked the death of Superman I really liked Wonder Woman bloodlines so yeah those are all great I’m not sure when this movie drops I don’t think the trailer revealed a release date but it’s got to be within the next few months or so here it’ll be interesting to revisit the next trailer once you’ve read the story and we could watch the trailer with the context for sure I don’t think they released too many trailers for these animated films essentially released two of them yeah and the next one will probably be right up against the release date the other trailer that was released this past week was for the star girl television series which is debuting on both the DC Universe platform the CW network Ryan this show is definitely coming out sometime in the second quarter of 2020 so after March now the trailer starts off with Luke Wilson’s character Pat Dugan he’s stripe from the comic yeah he was still the star-spangled kids sidekick of sorts well I mean I didn’t even know Luke Wilson was gonna be in the show until I saw the trailer like I’ve a glee remember discussing the fact that Joel McHale was gonna be star man but to see like all these comedic actors show up in this series makes me really damn interested like I went from like a level two interests to like a level seven because Amy Smart is also in the show dude this cast is amazing it’s also gonna have like Lou Ferrigno jr. he’s gonna be Rex Tyler our man the JSA is gonna be a big component I guess of this show interesting you could see like at the beginning of the trailer when Luke Wilson’s like running into like this mansion I’m assuming it’s like the headquarters of the Justice Society of America you could see green flames and all these other like powers just like being tossed about it looks like the destruction of like the old Justice Society of America and I would have be surprised if like one of the major like plot points of the series is sort of star girl kind of bearing the torch for rebuilding that team in establishing the legacy yeah exactly we get to see the first star-spangled kid you know played by Joel McHale in the trailer of course I think Luke Wilson’s character her first time as star man in the comics sargol got her mantle from the star-spangled kid that was her name for a long time before she switched to star girl I thought she got the rod from Jack Knight star man yes she’s carrying his rod that was his rod that he built Jack and I of course was the son of the original star man Ted Knight who invented the cosmic rod now star girl didn’t always have the star rod right prior to her obtaining the rod and taking up star man’s mantle she was known as star-spangled kid and she had different powers yeah she had some like power gadgets like a power belts I think it wasn’t been gloves that she found them they were made by her stepfather Pat Dugan who again is being played by Luke Wilson and it looks like by the end of this you know she’s sort of enlisting his help to help her in her own burgeoning superhero career can you give us a quick overview of what star girls powers are what she can do with the star rod she could generate like force fields she could shoot energy blast she can fly she kind of like sits on it kind like a witch’s broom when she wants to go through the air that’s cool ultimately when you see characters like luke wilson and joel mchale you think it’s gonna be like a comedy i didn’t really get that vibe from this trailer no it looks fairly serious yeah it looks much more like a teen drama and you know since it’s on the CW i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the angle they’re going I’m just like waiting for Will Ferrell to show up or something because I like I love all of these actors Luke Wilson has been in some hilarious movies and so was Joel McHale it’s really shaping up I think to be one of the best DC superhero ensemble casts of all time as a matter of personal preference oh yeah it’s by far like the most renowned cast that they’ve ever had on the CW network these aren’t CW actors you know yeah they’re film actors for the most part but that brings us to our question of the week who has been the best cast Marvel or DC hero on television and why now there have been a lot of great cast superheroes for both Marvel and DC throughout their television history we’re looking for the one that stood out to you the most post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic tool no prize that will post to social media I think that does it for all of the news let’s get into our main event where we pit dr. Manhattan against molecule man [Music] okay dr. Manhattan against molecule man to godlike beings facing off against each other one of them dressed one of them naked or that’s the strategy I will be using well how is that a strategy you ever fight a grown man naked no would you want to know exactly exactly Touche Touche of course we’re doing this matchup now because not only is the last issue of Doomsday Clock coming out tomorrow but also because the watchman television series on HBO just came to its conclusion in which dr. Manhattan played a big role yeah there’s never been a better time to learn about dr. Manhattan and molecule man recently a few years ago had a big role to play in the secret war storyline the original secret war storyline as well so he’s a big Marvel character if you know your Marvel villains if you haven’t listened to our podcaster before we always like to give a breakdown of each character’s powers and abilities just so that you’re more familiar with them when we pit them against each other and the way we find out who would win between the two characters is through their statistics we take those numbers from the official Marvel Power Rankings grid and then extrapolate the DC stats from that criteria and we run the figures through a probabilistic model known as a Monte Carlo simulation what that does is it randomizes their stat numbers accounting for all the variables in battle and it compares the numbers against each other from those simulations we get a percentage of wings now no one character ever wins 100% of the time you know there’s always a way in story for writers to find a way for Batman to defeat Superman and the variation in our stats through the Monte Carlo simulation accounts for that occasional happenstance so it’s a very mathematical scientific approach to the question of who would win Jonathan and I do this because we’re both heavily biased in the Marvel and DC camps you know so this is the most objective way we could think of and it was a method used by the Deadliest Warrior television show that used to be on Spike TV but of course before we run all the simulations as I mentioned earlier we like to give a background of the characters histories and abilities I think it’s my turn to go first with dr. Manhattan yeah I think so so I do want to start off with a spoiler warning for Watchmen dr. Manhattan has recently appeared in other comics such as before watchman and Doomsday Clock but most of his story exists within the self-contained story of Watchmen which has a twist ending that I hate ruining for anyone who hasn’t read the book or seen the movie so if you don’t want to be spoiled stop listening now go to the chapter time codes in our episode description and skip ahead to molecule man’s backstory I mean I think most people have either read Watchmen or seen the movie so I don’t think you’re spoiling anything for too many people you’re probably right but I think there’s a lot of Marvel fans who may not you know be too familiar with the Watchmen comic normal fans don’t care they should absolutely don’t care about this we skip ahead to the Marvel BIOS anyway so if you’re still listening you know you probably already know that Jonathan Osterman was born in 1929 in Germany to a Jewish family he and his family emigrated to America when John was a young boy in order to escape the National Socialist Party that had come into power John’s father was a watchmaker who trained Jonn to follow in his profession until 1945 when John was Hiroshima John’s father told John their profession was outdated since time was relative and encouraged his son to study nuclear science in school which John did when he went to Princeton University graduating with a PhD in atomic physics by 1959 John began studying intrinsic fields of physical objects at the Gila flats research base in the Arizona desert what’s an intrinsic field it’s a term that Watchmen made up I think it’s meant to represent a strong nuclear force oh the force that holds matter together that holds nuclei together okay okay interesting it was there that John met Jenny Slater a fellow scientist with whom John began a romantic relationship Jenny’s wristwatch broke during an excursion to an amusement park which John promised to fix it was just a matter of reassembling the components in the correct sequence John left the repaired watch in an intrinsic field generator one day and when he went to grab it he was accidentally locked in the test chamber and his atoms were torn apart in front of his colleagues over the next several months strange apparitions flickered around the research base scientists and custodians reported seeing a floating blowing nervous system than a circulatory system that a partially muscled skeletal system screaming the base was thought to be haunted until the fully formed jonathan Osterman now blue bald and glowing formed in the bases cafeteria during the work day upon his Reformation John began experiencing time nonlinearly and exhibited other superpowers that made him a viable asset of the United States government whom gave John the codename dr. Manhattan for the ominous associations the title would have to America’s enemies John chose the symbol of a hydrogen atom to represent him burning the mark into his forehead at the request of the then President Richard Nixon dr. Manhattan intervened in the Vietnam War securing a victory for the u.s. within three months which gave Nixon the leverage to repeal the terms as president all the way into the Soviet Union grew hot under the potential threat of dr. Manhattan’s power by this time costume to vigilantism had been outlawed by the Keene Act of 1977 making dr. Manhattan one of the few superheroes to operate legally since he operated under the direction of the US government since he was a deterrent to most international conflicts dr. Manhattan spent a majority of his time conducting research experiments resulting in numerous scientific breakthroughs that benefitted mankind and the environments in many of his experiments dr. Manhattan partnered with Adrian Veidt the smartest and wealthiest man in the world as well as the former crime fighter known as a Zemon Dias Veidt once invited dr. Manhattan to join a failed superhero team known as the crime busters where dr. Manhattan first met the young law Regis perchik aka Silk Spectre who inherited her crime-fighting mantle from her mother the model / super heroine Sally Jupiter dr. Manhattan did not age he grew disinterested in the aging Janey Slater and began a love affair with Lori Lori eventually moved in with dr. Manhattan at the Rockefeller military research center where they were eventually visited by the vigilante Rorschach to warn them of a killer targeting former crime fighters Rorschach’s conspiracy eventually led to the discovery that veidt’s framed dr. Manhattan for radiation poisoning JD Slater and other former colleagues a scandal that caused dr. Manhattan to abandon earth for Mars while Veidt plotted an extraterrestrial invasion hoax that would unite the world’s hostile nations and stem mankind’s nuclear extinction dr. Manhattan brought Laurie to Mars where she convinced him to return to Earth and save mankind after he realized she was the product of an unlikely union between her mother Sally and Edward Blake aka the comedian a crime fighter who raped Sally early in their superhero career after decades of growing more and more apathetic toward humanity dr. Manhattan realized the miraculous nature of Laurie’s existence as a product of a later union between Sally and Edward which in turn made him realized the miraculous nature of all conscious beings he and Laurie returned to earth too late however in a giant fake alien squid type being it violently appeared in the middle of New York City exploding and killing half of its population dr. Manhattan traced to the energy signature of the fake alien divides antarctic base Karnak where Veidt was successful in tricking dr. Manhattan into another intrinsic field trap dr. Manhattan’s body was once again ripped apart but he was able to reconstitute himself in minutes and confronted veidt’s Veidt revealed that his plan had brought peace and unity to the world however and dr. Manhattan was forced to kill Rorschach to prevent fight seeker from being uncovered ruining the peace with a newfound respect for life dr. Manhattan left the Milky Way galaxy for one less complicated and to create life of his own during his travels through the cosmos and the multiverse dr. Manhattan discovered the prime DC Universe which he dubbed the Metaverse as changes to its fabric and timeline affected every other universe in existence he was obsessed with Superman especially as his quantum perception of time ended with an enraged Superman punching him leading dr. Manhattan to conclude that either Superman kills him or he himself destroys the Metaverse and thus all universes in noticing the consistently shifting timeline of the Metaverse during his observations dr. Manhattan interfered with Barry Allen’s correction of the flashpoint timeline at the end of that storyline this interference resulted and the new 52 reboot of continuity which seemingly stole at least 10 years away from the universe’s history and erased almost everyone’s memory dr. Manhattan interfered with the timeline on several more occasions erasing the Justice Society of America from existence and saving Superman’s father jor-el from Krypton’s destruction but with the re-emergence of Wally West who you can learn more about in our Wally West flash vs. speedball episode dr. Manhattan’s actions had to become apparent to the meta versus superheroes and though almost the entirety of Earth’s heroes were unable to defeat dr. Manhattan in the latest issue of Doomsday Clock Superman himself finally confronts dr. Manhattan the last issue of doomsday clock hits comic shops the day after this episode drops so if you want to know how the story ends make sure you pick up Doomsday Clock number 12 powers wise dr. Manhattan is nigh am nipa tenth he could manipulate matter and energy he is invulnerable he can go intangible he can fly he can regenerate his entire body if it’s destroyed he can change his size he could emit radiation and electricity he can teleport he can duplicate himself in alter his appearance he doesn’t age he doesn’t need to eat sleep or breathe he can create life and his senses are acute enough to perceive events so small and fast that they could be said to not have existed at all most importantly he knows how this match is going to play out before he even begins as he has a fifth dimensional view of his own time so he’s not even gonna try them cuz he already knows he’s gonna lose no he sees his win obviously we’ll see alright let me go ahead and get into molecule man who many of our listeners may not be familiar with I know you Jonathan or not nope I don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy he’s a bad guy although he’s done heroic feats before now - no Owen Reese the molecule man is to first know who the beyonders are the beyonders exist outside the reality of the multiverse and our omnipotent beings with the power to create and destroy entire universes with a thought once the evil organization known as aim made just the slightest of breaches into the beyonders dimension and with even that small amount of energy they created the Cosmic Cube one of the most powerful weapons in Marvel that could be used to conquer a universe these beyonders were experimental by nature often provoking cosmic events to satisfy their curiosity oh and Reese the molecule man was central to their greatest experiments the largest experiment of all time though for most of his life he was just a regular man Owen was born in dinosaur Colorado to a single mother have you ever been to Dennis or Colorado I don’t like dinosaur Ridge yeah dinosaur Colorado’s up in the far northwest near Utah which was south of the Dinosaur National Monument it only has a population of like 300 people oh and that’s Colorado shout out there hell yeah now Owen was shy in nature he was often dismissed or ridiculed by his peers striving to be noticed he studied to become a lab technician and got a job at the acne Atomics corporation in Brooklyn New York while staying late at work one day fixing an experimental atomic device he accidentally triggered an explosion that seared lightning bolt shaped scars onto his face and opened a pinprick sized hole between his dimension and the beyonders the mishap bombarded him with the same energy that created the Cosmic Cube and like the cube he was filled with infinite power but much like how a cosmic cube requires practice and skill to use effectively it took Owen some time before he became aware of his full potential he was fired from his job for causing the accident and in his anger he plotted to take over New York City one of his early limitations was that after discovering he had the ability to affect matter at the subatomic level he thought the power could only be controlled through a magic wand and that he could only affect inorganic matter so in his initial fight against the Fantastic Four he was defeated when the team disguised themselves as statues and stole his wand but he eventually retrieved the wand and after hearing the story of the Silver Surfer he decided that he was going to devour the earth just like Galactus the Avengers joined the Silver Surfer and attempting to stop him however they were all easily defeated when Owen disintegrated Captain America’s shield Iron Man’s armor Thor’s hammer and the silver surfers board dang in the end it was Tygra that saved the day by convincing Owen that instead of consuming earth he could use his powers to help people he ended up surrendering to the authorities and promised to see a therapist unfortunately soon after he was one of the many heroes and villains that were plucked from earth by a beyonder to do battle against each other on battle world this beyonder was a young member of the omnipotent race who was pulled into the Marvel Universe by a group of scientist villains and he became fascinated with the human concepts of morality and heroism his battleworld experiment was to find out who would win in a battle between the forces of good and evil in a secret war though the Beyonder ordered Owen and the other villains to attack and defeat the recruited heroes oh and instead sided with dr. doom who rejected the beyonders experiment as stated in our Superman vs dr. doom episode doom was over time able to steal the power of the Beyonder oh and assumed doom had turned on everyone and was the only person powerful enough to confront him instead of fighting doom helped Owen realize his full powerful potential and that his abilities were nearly limitless using this knowledge Owen transported himself and his newfound lover named volcana back to earth and away from battleworld and though he tried to live a quiet peaceful life in Denver Colorado it was not the last time that he would have to deal with the Beyonder who one day returned to earth to find emotional fulfillment as a mortal being owen teamed up with Earth’s heroes to stop him from destroying the universe in the process and diverted the godlike beyonders energy into the beyonders dimension from which it came he also used his powers to repair all the damage the Beyonder had caused on earth and then subsequently retired from super villainy and heroics for a time up until this point Owen was often pitted against the Beyonder simply because he was one of the only beings powerful enough to stop him ironically he later learned about the truth of his origin how his power derived from the energy of the beyonders when his lab accident exposed him to their dimension this was revealed to owen by a being named Kubik who was a cosmic cube that had gained sentience owen and the Beyonder met once again and combined their powers to create a new cube which they believed would hatch another sentence like Kubik and it eventually did creating the being known as cosmos despite this Owen ended up fighting the Beyonder again across time space and dimensions nearly destroying the universe before being stopped by Kubek oh and later settled back down in his hometown of dinosaur Colorado where he controlled the local populace and disintegrated anyone who visited this caught the attention of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers who molecule man made short work of including the century however the century reformed his body and seemingly slayed Owen though Owen was able to reform his body later on as well he was revived by Doctor Doom who knew that Owens powers might be the key in stopping the incursions of realities that were slowly destroying the multiverse it was revealed that across the multiverse all the alternate versions of Owen underwent the same power transformation at the exact same moment in time Owens origin was a planned occurrence by the beyonders race who in recreating Owen as the molecule man created a being who could destroy the universe they planted in each version of him a fuse that they would one day set off as an experiment to see what would happen when every reality in the multiverse abruptly came to an end simultaneously alongside doom Owen hatched a plot to ruin the beyonders plan by killing alternate versions of himself and destroying universes prematurely all in an effort to use that energy to kill the beyonders them cell and save their own reality the result was the latest secret wars where Doctor Doom ruled over a patchwork universe composited into a new battle world as its supreme Emperor God he was granted the power through Owen who had harnessed the energy of the destroyed beyonders and funneled it into Doctor Doom Owen had no loyalty to doom however and after a time ended up bestowing the beyonders power to mr. fantastic whom do med mitad would wield the power better using this power mr. fantastic recreated the multiverse with the assistance of his son Franklin Richards and Owen powers wise molecule man is often described as the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe capable of destroying beings like Galactus with a thought you can mentally control transform and otherwise manipulate the atomic structure of all matter and energy across any distance this can manifest as animating inanimate objects changing objects into different forms and substances such as air into glass he can create energy constructs and force fields wormholes through space for universal travel and he wants to recreated an entire galaxy that the Beyonder destroyed weakness wise for as powerful as he is he is just a man with a man’s brain and often finds that his mental capacity is not strong enough to endure such power within him and he often deteriorates into madness and that’s the molecule man so now you know about him what do you think I think dr. Manhattan does not deteriorate and to madness he kind of did with his apathy I think it’s a different sort of madness it’s not like crazy it’s more just like uncaring - logical yeah yeah yeah okay so now that we’ve gone over the backstories and abilities of each of the characters what we like to do is speculate on how one of the 1,000 simulations that we run will play out right we don’t set any rules for this particular speculation but we do say that the characters don’t know anything about each other say for the fact that the other one is a threat they also start about 50 yards apart from each other on the battlefield which just seems weird to say I mean I guess unlike our Specter vs. Galactus episode where we couldn’t really pit them 50 yards apart from each other because they’re just so both gigantic right both of these guys can manifest themselves as just regular men so they actually can’t start about 50 or apart from each other on a battlefield that plays no part in the battle itself because we don’t take stats for the environment and sometimes certain environments give advantages to certain characters over the other and we want to say that these characters win on their own merits now in this particular matchup that statement makes no sense because these guys can create any environment that they want to exactly and they probably will so this will be fun let’s go ahead and get into it dr. Manhattan vs molecule man start about 50 yards apart from each other I’m a little bit scared who goes first yeah you’re scared you should be scared I’m scared to be scared because honestly I’m not even sure what the first move is gonna be well I’ll tell you what it’s gonna be since molecule man is a little bit more wild and a little bit less calculating he’s gonna go first by putting some pants on dr. manhattan’s body because he does now wanna see his dick well dr. Manhattan doesn’t like to wear clothes so he just turns those pants invisible deal with it well annoyed that he could still see dr. Mann hands dick he turns him into a Ken doll basically he just erases dr. manhattan’s junk from existence so he’s essentially sexless now you know I think dr. Manhattan is okay with that he doesn’t care all right good all right and dr. Manhattan responds in turn by causing molecule man’s entire body to explode into a million pieces okay boom nailed it nice and simple it’s like the only thing dr. Manhattan can do okay so essentially he just ripped molecule man apart by his molecules yeah but each of those molecules is now its own molecule man that’s how Owen uses his powers now he’s like the real molecule man so there’s like a billion of him just swarming around dr. Manhattan which you know dr. Manhattan can perceive because he can see microscopic events like that right and what these billions of molecule men do is they enter into dr. Manhattan’s body through his butt hole which is exposed oh is this like an ant-man Thanos thing yes it is and then molecule man forms into one expands and makes dr. Manhattan explode through his rectum she’s destroying him okay except as he feels that this is happening this is very uncomfortable he just teleports away well now molecule man is regretting having ever gone up there exactly so dr. Manhattan saw that there are a bunch of little tiny molecule men so he’s gonna kind of take that as inspiration and duplicate himself he just makes like an army of dr. Manhattan around the newly constituted molecule man and simultaneously each one of them blasts molecule man bless him with what I don’t know like electromagnetic energy well molecule man holds up his hands like neo and he’s like no and we’re just a wave of his hand he sends all the energy flying directly back at the dr. Manhattan army and just causes them all to blow up okay but the first trick that dr. Manhattan learned was to reform his atoms so that’s what he does he just reforms himself back into one being at which point he creates like this massive like clockwork prison around molecule man that’s made up of like solidified gravity or something like this impenetrable force a prison made out of impenetrable gravity force that’s interesting so it’s probably like cooling molecule man in all sorts of directions and stuff yeah while he’s trapped inside of it yeah it’s probably like warming his body in ways that like a three-dimensional being probably couldn’t understand okay well molecule man kind of like compresses this gravitational energy and himself into a black hole through which he travels and comes out behind dr. Manhattan and kind of like a wormhole teleportation uh-huh and he forms like this 150 million tonne melon above the head of dr. Manhattan and just crushes him okay so there’s this mountain in place of where dr. Manhattan used to be yes yes and then you just see dr. Manhattan like phase right through to the top and now he’s standing at the top of the mountain oh god it just phase right through it at which point dr. Manhattan starts to grow and I mean like bigger than the malian okay big enough so that the mountain just like sits in his palm and he just uses it to smash molecule man into the ground except Owen doesn’t get smashed by some rock because he’s growing as well but he’s not only growing he was like turning his entire body into energy like plasma like that of the so he’s like this huge giant plasma man huh who with the force of a trillion stars just punches dr. Manhattan right in the face but dr. Manhattan isn’t gonna be like affected by plasma he’s walked on the surface of the Sun before but he gets affected by a punch to the face so he may not be burned but I mean if Superman could punch him molecule man can certainly punch him so he just got punched well that just pisses him off okay now he’s showing some emotion but he’s super cools the plasma transforming it into ice like an ice sculpture and then he punches ball cooled man’s head is knocking it off his body and the head that fell off just starts laughing because he doesn’t need his head his body still moves and he kicks dr. Manhattan right in the balls oh you mean right in the area that you turned into a Ken doll oh shit that’s right it’s the doctor man hands just like been there that’s when dr. Manhattan summons like this cosmic storm of like lightning and radiation all just plows right into molecule man just like sending him careening through the galaxy so molecule man’s like flying backward you know being blasted by all this energy but then he just snaps his fingers and all of a sudden everything changes the entire reality dr. Manhattan blinks and finds himself no longer blue-skinned strapped down in a hospital bed and alongside him are all the people in his life that he believed that he gave cancer to like Janey Slater you know his scientist friend all the Watchmen heck yes a psychic attack you can’t read dr. Manhattan’s mind though sure you can okay but you have to realize that dr. Brandt Hatton is gonna see through this illusion why is of the way he perceives time the solution is not gonna last because right away when it happens dr. Manhattan knows what his future is already gonna hold so he snaps this illusion out of existence except dr. Manhattan doesn’t know what’s gonna fold because molecule man creates a nuclear explosion that forms these tachyons that render dr. Manhattan’s time vision useless so yeah he changed his reality to put dr. Manhattan in a hospital bed where he’s dying of cancer next to all of his friends and then he creates the nuclear explosion and this nuclear explosion happened like right outside the hospital so not only does dr. Manhattan see his friends tank of cancer he also sees all his friends vaporized and himself vaporized and there’s nothing left but dust match over what a weird scenario there you go okay okay so I imagine that molecule man is just like there in the rubble and the aftermath right right okay he’s probably you know pretty confident and pretty happy that he just won the match except that this whole thing has been taking place in the palm of dr. Manhattan’s hand molecule man has been fighting in Manhattan duplicate this whole time that’s when dr. Ranta hand just clenches his fist and destroys all reality including molecule man oh he thinks he does but then it turns out that he’s been in the palm of molecule man’s hand in this entire time you can’t copy a copy this is just go on for infinity maybe it does go on for infinity boom mind blown all right I think there’s no other place to take this matchup so let’s go ahead and run the statistics on these guys and find out which one is the winner fight between dr. Manhattan and molecule man makes my brain hurt as it should as it should these are two of the most powerful characters and their respective universes I mean it was similar to the Spector versus Galactus fight that we had but when you consider that these are both men with previous lives in human history’s you know added an interesting dynamic to the fight itself but stats wise dr. Manhattan and molecule man are also literally off the charts they’re both extremely powerful of a pretty tip for tat when it came to comparing stats yeah in terms of movement speed they can both teleport through black holes they can both be anywhere they want to be faster than light travel strength they can lift all the things like lift planets neither um are very experienced fighters hand-to-hand fighters so we give them kind of low fighting skill stats but they’re maxed out on damage right exactly their powers can reach across dimensions and universes so obviously the range is maxed out one thing they varied pretty greatly on though however is strategic intelligence yeah I mean molecule man is not the brightest crayon in the box I’ll say that dr. Manhattan not only was he smart as a man he got his ph.d but because the way he perceives time he’s not omniscient by any means because he is only dependent on his own experiences but he is highly aware of all things that are going on around him not only in this moment but throughout his entire life and he can’t change the future because to him there is no future it’s all one simultaneous kind of moment it’s already happened essential exactly but put some at an awareness level that molecule man is always at sounds about right that being said I’m not very confident that molecule man is gonna win this one but you know they always factor randomization into these results followers on Instagram they took a poll stating who they thought would win between these two characters and 77% of them said that they thought dr. Manhattan would win which isn’t surprising I mean the Instagram and Facebook polls are popularity contests let’s be honest yeah yeah but in this case the more popular character did wane I figured and he saw it coming dr. Manhattan beat molecule man seventy four point six percent of the one-thousand match yeah so molecule man only won two hundred fifty four matches well his intelligence really played that much of a factor huh well is a big gap in intelligence is there no accounting for the unpredictability that craziness Springs I guess not when you can see through time huh no all right I don’t know darn well despite the horrible disparity between those figures I still think that this was a good matchup and probably one of the better matchups that I could have picked to go up against dr. Manhattan I can’t imagine we’ll ever do another match with characters as powerful as these guys are yet cuz you really don’t get more powerful than this although I’m not gonna lie this is gonna be really embarrassing if dr. Manhattan gets killed by a Superman punch yeah then this whole thing will be a sham and I’ll be sure to bring that up in our next episode which is going to be a review of Watchmen season 1 yeah if you guys haven’t been watching that show on HBO yet definitely check it out it is amazing so far I’m only on Episode six right now still have a few more to go but I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far it’s a great follow-up to the book that ties in to the original Watchmen story in ways that I never would have I’m still kind of torn whether or not I prefer this as the sequel to Watchmen or Doomsday Clock these are both really good mm-hmm now probably be making a few comparisons in our next episode yeah looking forward to that go ahead and reach out to us guys let us know what you thought about this episode on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and you can find links to all of our social media accounts by visiting our website dynamic duel comm which if you visit our website within the few days after this episode drops you’ll still get to partake in the massive sale that t public is running right now yeah the sales going on until December 18th so if you need a last minute gift that’s Marvel or DC related you know such as like a t-shirt or a mug or a pillow or a phone case something like that check out our shop all of the items there make terrific gifts for Marvel and DC fans alike don’t forget to subscribe to the show if you haven’t already guys and if you have please share us with your friends and family or rate us or review us if you can it’s always nice special thank you to our executive producers Jon Spees and boto winter and that is it for this episode we’ll talk to you guys next week be sure to catch up on Watchmen and up up and away true believers

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