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2019 San Diego Comic Con Episode Transcript

Transcription of our 2019 San Diego Comic Con episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we are doing neither a duel nor a review but we are going over all the news that was released at San Diego comic-con 2019 as we do every year we’d like to dedicate an entire episode to the events of comic-con primarily because there’s just so much news that comes out during this time that we don’t really have time for anything else right as you guys know we’d like to talk about the comic book movie news in every episode so today we’re going to discuss how Avengers endgame has become the highest-grossing movie of all time the first Watchmen trailer we’re going to talk about the Marvel Studios Hall H panel that revealed all the different phase 4 movies including Black Widow the Eternals shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness Thor love and thunder blade and we’ll also talk about the television shows they introduced including the Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1 division Loki what if and Hawkeye and then we’ll wrap it up with a discussion of the new Harley Quinn trailer for DC Universe so little BC news to talk about this year you know overall this is kind of the worst comic-con ever and not just for a DC fan I mean a lot of people are excited about the Marvel news that it has come out but ultimately like what came out of the show like we don’t have any posters we don’t have any trailers or anything like that we have a few pieces of concept art we have two pieces of concept art that were officially released so it’s not about the visuals sometimes it’s just about the news and the anticipation that it sets up sometimes it’s about quality over quantity unveiling like the 10 new films and Marvel slate like isn’t as big a deal I think as people realize like oh whatever if this was fucking DC announcing their over this maybe I would yeah but at least hope that they would like unveil some kind of trailer or poster which things exactly I do so I don’t just knowing what’s coming in the future is enough to get hyped it just amazes me how little Marvel can show people and people still lose their shit yeah definitely it’s the mark of a good brand right there you’re right yeah that’s true before we get into the news though we do want to give a shout out to the Emerald Dragonette who was kind enough to leave us a lovely review on Apple podcasts she got us to 127 ratings and she is the real MVP of this episode if you guys want to be the real MVP of our future episodes please go ahead and rate us on Apple podcasts because we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on that platform so that our reviews of the marble and DC movies and shows will be eligible to be included toward the official tomato meter yeah we’ll have met all the criteria that they outlined thanks once again to the Emerald dragon it one of the things that the Emerald dragon it said in her review was that she’s surprised that our show doesn’t have a larger audience and I’m like yeah right right right so I mean you get you guys have to be our marketing team for us because Jonathan and I just really suck at marketing so just again tell everybody you know about the show but with that out of the way quick to the no prize so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was if you could only choose one would you rather subscribe to HBO max or Disney Plus right HBO max is the new Warner Brothers streaming service that’s coming out that has DC’s content on it not all the same content that the DC Universe app has but it’ll have a lot of their original shows and Disney Plus is the app that will have all the new Marvel content on it including some of the television shows that we’ll be discussing later on this episode I guess so far we’ve learned that the only show that’s gonna transfer from DC Universe to HBO max is Doom Patrol Oh what about Titans they haven’t confirmed that yet I thought they did but they haven’t oh so HBO max barely has any DC content at all what’s gonna have a lot of the CW shows as well okay so that’s right it’ll have Batwoman right we’ve got a lot of answers our first honorable mention goes to Mitch Phipps who said that he would rather subscribe to HBO max because there’s gonna be more content that reaches a broader audience Jase krump gets honorable mention for saying that if you had to choose he would pick Disney plus because Marvel is better obvious available debatable haunted movies and shows that his family loves on their Andrew Jason Ellen said he would rather choose Disney Plus even though he’s a DC guy his girlfriend is probably gonna make him get Disney Plus because Disney because his girlfriend is cooler than he is no way man no way honorable mention goes to Aaron Alexander Jones who said that he would subscribe to Disney plus because HBO has too much content and he’s already invested in Marvel and Star Wars stories so he’ll go with Disney Plus and the DC Universe app and just skip over HBO I could kind of see that sometimes I go into the stereo Island like so many choices buy all the cereal right yeah it’s just buy all the cereal Shannon Sanderson chose Disney plus because $6.99 a month is a pretty cheap price for all the content that you receive this is true honorable mention also goes to CJ Kraft for answering Disney Plus because the new Marvel shows sound amazing and he thinks it would be cool if they rolled the Disney Plus app into the Marvel unlimited comics app which I think would be amazing that’d be like kind of like the DC Universe app does yeah yeah you wish you had the DC Universe app for Marvel yeah I do it probably would not though yeah I know Spees gave the answer at Disney Plus because he mentioned that some Disney content with their Disney Vault and everything like that is difficult to find honorable mention goes to Cobie hench’s who gave the answer HBO max because it has more grown-up offerings yeah try finding nudity on Disney Plus not gonna happen speaking of nudity do you ever think that Cinemax should be suing HBO max for the name of their app no I don’t honorable mention also goes to David Cowan who’s a good childhood friend of ours he gave the answer HBO max due to their wider program selection from sports to movies and I’m totally down with that news sports don’t talk like you’re hip and you’re not down with anything I know when watch sports being able to watch sports if I wanted to there you go honorable mention goes to Kenneth McNees jr. who answered HBO backs because his kids boomerang and Cartoon Network now a lot of these answers saying Disney Plus have talked about the family-friendly content but one also has to acknowledge all the family-friendly content that HBO Max does have right right yeah Jonathan Hazleton gets honorable mention for his answer of HBO max though you said he’ll probably also get Disney Plus for his two kids no no that was not the question Gunn your head you can only pick one well he said he would prefer to get HBO max okay well Matt Estes gave the answer to Disney Plus because he’s a huge fan of Star Wars and of course they’ll have original Star Wars content on Disney Plus like this show the Mandalorian yeah that’s cool I guess if you’re into that sort of thing you know yeah yeah and last but not least Joel Seagrave gets our final honorable mention for his answer of Disney Plus because it’s catered to families and the price is a plus pun intended yay but the winners of this week’s no prize are Tim Brown who said that he would subscribe to Disney Plus because it’s cheaper has lots of great content and you mentioned something that no one else gave in their answer and that it could possibly be bundled with a Hulu app now that Disney now owns a majority share of Hulu and also they’re producing a lot of original content for Hulu including Marvel’s The Runaways and the upcoming Ghost Rider hellström Howard the Duck Dazzler and Tiger show MODOK and hit monkey shows that’s right those animated shows right yeah they’re gonna have a lot of content on Hulu so they’re almost gonna be like sister apps anyway the the other winner of this week’s no prize is Michael Owen who gave the answer of HBO max because not only does it have more content but Marvel and Star Wars are starting to feel a little oversaturated oh really agree I know why you chose this answer totally feeling the over saturation of that you know a big ol hater it’s like after endgame do we even need any more Marvel movies yeah I don’t think so and also we’re gonna get them I thought that if Warner Brothers would have released the birds of prey in one room in 1984 trailers Monday morning like first thing I’d have been like the most baller move ever they would have dominated the new cycle they could have released posters do and just like all the visuals yeah compared to like Marvel’s zero visuals will come they would have killed it we hire me warner brothers just hire me they didn’t do that though I know I’m so sad Congrats again to Tim Brown and Michael Owen for winning this week’s no prizes if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week and other that’s done on to the news all right first on the news Duquette we have the news that avengers endgame has now become the highest grossing film of all time worldwide this is huge gigantic news it’s bigger than anything that came out of Comic Con honestly this is true it’s surpassed avatar has made more money than any other movie ever made you know not accounting for inflation but if you account for inflation the highest-grossing movie of all time is still gone with the wind and no one likes to think that it’s too long that’s too long of a movie I was really nervous that Avengers endgame wouldn’t make it past avatar but during comic-con weekend Avengers the end game surpassed avatar by 1 million dollars and now has a gross of 2 billion 790 million six hundred thousand dollars over avatars 2 billion dollars so just barely it’s enough it’s enough how many all-time box-office records does DC have I still remember when the Dark Knight was number two yeah but now the Dark Knight Rises is number 27 of all time and the Dark Knight is number 39 of all time Jesus I do have to admit that the timing of this broken record is pretty amazing to have it done like the same day as the Hall H panel yeah lucky bastards it was faded but Marvel got their props from James Cameron and everything of course in the end Disney’s the real winner because now they own both avatar and Marvel that’s true this is true Disney Disney owns your soul not mine I’m not getting Disney Plus but congrats to the Russo brothers they deserved it with his awesome movie that they made Congrats to cam Feige and everyone else who was involved in making these wonderful wonderful films I imagine it’ll be a long time before that record is broken oh yeah hell yeah okay so moving on to the next but in news unlike Marvel DC actually put out a couple of trailers does Comic Con one of them being yeah no one talks about it people talked about Watchmen it trended it was like number two trending on Twitter for a while it’s still trending on YouTube it’s like the number twenty ninth video right now twenty ninth yeah I’m sure it was higher earlier uh-huh anyway the trailer is pretty awesome if of course it’s for the upcoming series that’s gonna debut on HBO this October they announced so it’s coming up soon yeah we won’t be reviewing it because it’s not gonna be released all at once and it’s not bin jabal uh-huh but I’ll be giving my thoughts on the pilot episode once it airs so the trailer starts off I think it starts off in a TV show we see hooded justice who we know is an all-time superhero from the Minutemen yeah he crashes them through a convenience store window to stop a burglar and of course we realized that this is being watched by the character of Looking Glass who’s played by Tim Blake Nelson Oh Tim Blake Nelson yeah yeah he was the leader in the Incredible Hulk movie yeah I do like his mirror mask yeah it’s pretty cool and it’s pretty interesting he’s sitting there wearing this mask eating this can of beans yeah and on the show hooded justice is like if I knew who I was I wouldn’t be wearing a mask and then Leia doesn’t make any sense doesn’t make any sense to me really but it seems to ring some kind of cord with Looking Glass so after that line that the trailer cuts to a modern day like small town neighborhood it kind of looks like they’re advertising a show called American hero story mm-hmm it looks like it’s gonna have something to do with Ozymandias and hooded justice we get our first look at Regina King coming off of her Oscar win she’s playing the character Angela Abraham which is a great superhero name now I think the show will go between her when she’s older and when she’s young because this whole thing is intercut with footage of a young girl who looks like regina king in an older setting yeah she’s probably recalling the events that took place in The Watchmen original graphic novel yeah and it seems like she’s really been affected right then because you know in the narration she’s talking about how people see the world as this great place full of lollipops and rainbows and she’s telling this young girl that the world is really in black and white which is interesting because because it’s not true well it’s how Rorschach sees the world yeah and of course right after she says that we cut to what appears to be like a blue color kind of Rorschach militia they’re quoting lines from his diary in The Watchmen comic series polluting to the fact that Rorschach’s Journal was released to buy the new frontiersman and this Rorschach militia seems to be pretty upset by the established order like the cops because they attack all of them in their homes which causes the police as we learned in this trailer to start wearing masks which is fascinating it’s a fascinating concept right it’s to protect their secret identity and these police officers of course include Looking Glass who’s standing with the cops which is why I’m saying he’s not a successor to Rorschach okay and Regina Kings character of Angela Abraham so both looking less and Angela Abraham are both police officers I think so they may be detectives because they don’t wear like the standard kind of cop uniform with like the yellow kind of covering okay we see some funerals for some police officers are we gonna see like the new world wide flag it looks like it looks like the world was united it’s pretty interesting during the funeral scene an FBI agent played by Jean smart approaches Regina Kings character and asks her if she knows the difference between a vigilante and a cop who wears a mask and she doesn’t know the answer to that question well the answer that is a badge there are some lines coming out of this trailer they I’m a little bit iffy with I’ll say that where Regina Kings character yeah you’re right she does wear a badge on her belt it’s actually a pretty good answer after that Regina King starts talking with his old men who starts talking about a vast conspiracy and dr. Manhattan then we get the great song in the trailer that his David Bowie’s life on Mars and it’s almost like this whole show was written based off of that song the lyrics match everything so perfectly yeah when they’re talking about like how the lawman is beating up the wrong guy yeah yeah it’s a great song it goes really well with this trailer I agree but there’s a bunch of quick shots you get to see Don Johnson as chief Judd Crawford flying the owl ship looks like the the police like commandeered niteowl ship and are using it you know for their own purposes they get into some kind of fight but all looks like all this chaos that is happening is another Ozymandias plan the trailer ends with Jeremy Irons he’s playing Adrian vite Ozymandias repeating dr. manhattan’s line from the end of the comic about how nothing ever ends uh-huh he says it’s just a beginning oh I got chills that was when I got chills I did like I’m like oh shit he’s lining up some more stuff and you know when he’s plotting up stuff it’s it’s never good people are gonna die yeah people are gonna die it’s gonna be scary one of the more interesting things towards the end of this trailer is what’s known as a squid shower I said oh yeah that’s what those were and I don’t know if that has to do anything with Ozymandias plan or what but apparently these things are deadly we saw the front of a newspaper earlier on and the trailer that mentioned these squid showers and how they killed a whole bunch of people in Boise so people are thinking that the squid aliens as it were are attacking again maybe maybe possibly or maybe just like a regular unfortunate occurrence because Regina King seems kind of like annoyed by the squid shower and that like frightened by it hmm the trailer of course ends with dr. Manhattan oh my gosh picking up a blue dr. Manhattan Mascis I’m some kind of County Fair I just lost my shit and that happened I did not expect to see him and in this show I think he looks weird cuz he’s not glowing like how he was in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie and I’m used to seeing him that way and here he just looks like a dude who’s painted blue maybe they just haven’t added the special effects yet maybe but we reviewed the Watchmen movie about like a year and a half ago yeah so one of my favorite episodes one of my favorite reviews that we’ve done we said that it was like a great palatable to our adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel do you think that what you see here is a worthy successor to that film I know Dave Lindell off the the Shorin er four Watchmen likes Zack Snyder’s Watchmen film I’m hoping it’s a straight sequel honestly like I’m hoping dr. Manhattan is being played by Billy Crudup no that’ll be fascinating there so still so much mystery behind it I don’t know if I could say just up based off the trailer whether it’s a worthy successor uh-huh it does have me intrigued though I can’t wait to watch it looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are about it later on this October alright let’s get into the real big news of the episode and of the weekend which was Marvel’s Hall H comic-con panel where they unveiled all their upcoming phase four slate of movies as well as talked a little bit about some of what’s to come in phase five and also about what’s to come on the Disney Plus streaming app now I’m gonna go through all these movies in chronological order of release date in which they’re coming out so the next movie to come out obviously is Black Widow now we all knew that movie was coming up because we’ve seen a lot of behind the scenes footage of the film although the movie was never officially confirmed until now with a release date and everything black widow is coming out May 1st 2020 and Marvel unveiled concept art of the movie as well as brief footage from the film now the concept art was pretty cool because it confirmed that taskmaster is going to be the primary villain in this movie we had already suspected that because in the set photos there was a guy that looked vaguely like taskmaster a lot like Ted but now we get to see what his full costume looks like and I’m pretty damn impressed if you guys haven’t checked out this concept art yet definitely check it out it’s an image of Black Widow going hand to hand with the villain on a bridge and it’s pretty damn cool looking what I think is most interesting is the fact that he’s holding a circular shield just like Captain America well yeah right taskmaster does carry a sword and shield in the comic books here he doesn’t have his trademark sword but he does have a shield that is very much reminiscent of Captain America’s I’m figuring that since taskmasters whole like superpower ability is photographic reflexes meaning he can copy the physical fighting style of anyone he sees that he did some research studying Captain America and is therefore now super adept at using that style of shield twenty bucks says he has all of Captain America’s gym physical fitness videos on VHS Blair now I’m wondering if he doesn’t have the sword on him because we haven’t really seen anybody in the MCU up to this point and use a sword but I’m sure that at some point along the way in this movie he’s gonna be equipping a massive sword and maybe a bow and arrow since he uses that in the comic books too that’s not the only character that was revealed no so the cast announcements included Florence pew who was confirmed to be Elena Bulova who was the you know the short blonde haired black widow character another woman to come out of the Soviet Red Room and arrival to Natasha Romanov again being played by Scarlett Johansson we also learned that David Harbor who is Hooper from stranger things he’s going to be playing Alexi szostak ah’ve who in the comics was the black widows first husband and he later became the Russian equivalent of Captain America called Red Guardian that’s kind of interesting and we also learned that Rachel Vice is going to be in the movie and she’ll be playing Melina Vostok off who in the comics is Iron Maiden and in this movie is being described as a seasoned spy also from the Soviet Red Room program that Natasha Angelina both went through it’s shaping up to be a pretty cool cast of characters oh definitely and we’re not done yet because we learned that an actor named and I’m not sure how to pronounce this but I think it’s ot fuck Ben Lee he’s playing a character called Mason don’t know who that is but he’s being described as a fixer from Natasha’s past and it’s highly suspected that he will end up actually being the taskmaster character oh it’s a mystery as to who’s playing him yeah exactly we don’t know which actor is behind the taskmaster mask yet it’s likely it could be Rachel by Stephen too we don’t know yet well that’d be cool that would be really cool no of course this is supposed to be a prequel that takes place before endgame right cuz she’s still alive right I wonder if it’ll feature Hawkeye in some way hopefully because apparently this movie does reference the budapest mission or her return to budapest where she meets Yelena Bulova according to a description of the footage that was shown at the event now this footage was described as very Jason Bourne slash Winter Soldier esque in terms of its visceral action apparently Tasha walks into a hotel room where Elena has a gun drawn on her they both have guns drawn on each other and they keep stealing each other’s guns during the course of the fight and the fight moves over to the kitchen and Elena’s face gets smashed into a sink and Natasha gets choked out with a towel if someone grabs a kitchen knife at some point it sounds really high-octane it ends with both of them like choking each other out with a curtain and then sharing around a vodka or something like that so Russian there’s also a motorcycle chase that took place during this footage as well as a fight between Black Widow and taskmaster on a bridge and during the fight he’s like mirroring her every move using his photographic reflexes so when she throws you know a left hook he throws a right hook and it just counters everything like that is apparently it was really cool to see so I’m really excited for this I still don’t know what to expect from director Kate Shortland but so far it looks like a lot of fun I wanted it to be a lot like Jason Bourne and the Winter Soldier because that’s when Black Widow was the best piñon yeah and this looks to be more of that well I’ve heard that a lot of the action scenes in the Marvel films are second-unit so the main director does not direct those scenes they have their own like choreographer and action director so that the director can just focus on like the more dramatic moments mm-hmm it’s a pretty good system I think I think it’s worked out pretty well for them yeah so the next film coming out next year is Eternals yeah Eternals comes out November 6 2020 and they kind of gave a vague synopsis of the film saying that immortal beings are sent to earth by the Celestials to protect ancient humans from deviants and they set up in Olympia and are mistaken for Greek gods like how they were in the comics that’s not quite their origin from the comics in the source material the Eternals were created from Homo sapiens by the Celestials they were experimented on and that’s also how the deviants were created on earth there are all just human experiments I wonder if they’ll learn during the course of the movie that hey these guys are our ancestors after all oh my gosh yeah it’s possible they may suspect that they’re aliens and then learn during the course of the film that they’re actually not now a lot of people don’t know what to think about this film and I just have to say to them get excited because the movie is gonna be amazing if it’s anything like I want it to be it’s gonna be like Troy Meets The Avengers I still highly suspect that the films gonna take place primarily in the past in ancient times right when they are worshiped as Greek deities and I’m still hoping that Marvel will use this film to sort of set up mutants they have to because when the Celestials did experiment on humans they created not only the Eternals and the deviants they also instilled in humanity the potential for powerful mutations in the far future I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s sort of like the culmination of this film like the climax like maybe even the Eternals are the ones who imbue mankind with the potential for powerful mutations for powers yeah that would be great a great set up you would think that if Kevin Feige was going to introduce me ants to the MCU he would go all the way back to the beginning and tell how that even happened right because it wouldn’t make sense for them to just start popping up I think yeah yeah so we got a big huge cast list for this movie Angelina Jolie was revealed to not be playing Cersei but she’s playing a character named Athena who was a prime maternal from the comics she’s Thanos his cousin and she’s the daughter of xerus who was mistaken Zuse so I think that she’s gonna be the primary leader and the prime maternal during the course of this movie Richard Madden is the male lead who you know from Game of Thrones if you watch that he was Robb Stark and he’s playing Icarus who is the Eternals finest warrior and probably the most powerful on earth now all the Eternals essentially have the same power set with like flight strength immortality teleportation teleportation cosmic energy manipulation psychic ability capabilities they just have all the damn powers but they can specialize in certain ones and Icarus is one of the most powerful at using his cosmic energy powers kind of like Captain Marvel right a little bit yeah the septic issue his beams from his eyes oh okay okay he’s more like Superman okay yeah Kamille Nanjiani is revealed to be playing Kingo who in the comics is actually a more traditional eternal he lived on an eternal Japanese settlement and he dresses as a samurai and everything like that so this is gonna be kind of like a different take probably a more Indian take on the character and is probably worshipped as a Hindu deity Oh interesting selma hayek has been announced as a jack and this is actually gender Bank character and the comics a jack is male but Salman will be playing the primary liaison to the Celestials basically she’s the one who communicates with those god-like beings oh wow interesting Brian Tyree Henry was announced as face tose now that actor played the voice of Jefferson Davis who is Miles Morales his dad in the into the spider-verse movie oh and he’s in the Joker film yeah he’s gonna be in the upcoming Joker film as well he is the Eternals weaponsmith and technologist and he uses like his cosmic energy to heat his Forge and everything like that it’s really cool but he’s gonna be mistaken for the Greek god Hephaestus right Laura and Riddler is an actress I’ve never seen before but she’s in The Walking Dead show I think that’s her primary credit she’s gonna be playing Macari who was worshipped as mercury by the ancient Greeks then this is also a gender Bank character as well McCarty is actually a male character in the comics but here she’s female and she is the fastest eternal as she’s focused all of her eternal energies primarily on her speed a great actor from south korea named dongseok ma is playing Gilgamesh who is the physically strongest of all eternals and it makes sense that this guy would be playing that role because he is freakin huge he is jacked I don’t know if you guys have seen the Korean film train to Busan it’s a zombie film that takes place on a train yeah to Busan right I’ve seen that he is such a badass in that movie like you see him like punching the shit out of Abhi’s oh that guy yeah the big huge one yeah he’s a great actor it’ll be cool to see him in this role and last but not least Lia McHugh was announced playing the eternal character of sprite who in the comics is like the youngest looking trickster of the group who specialized in her psionic powers specifically the ability to cast mental illusions she liked the lookie of the group yeah but not evil and it would actually be cool if like Thor and Loki showed up at some point during the course of this movie in ancient history just kind of like I don’t know like oh it’s the library see Eternals yeah this is how you cast illusions check this out something like that that’d be great we did get a bit of concept art for this movie which showed us what the Celestials look like although we already know what they look like from the guardians of the galaxy movie when the collector was explaining the history of the stones they’re still very heavily inspired by Jack Kirby’s art but they all look very unique and pretty damn cool looking if I have to say so much they look a lot cooler than Kurt Russell right I still don’t know why they called Kurosawa celestial and guardians of the galaxy - they should have just called him an elder of the universe right because he was based off of the elder the gardener like the collector or Grand Master the gardener yeah anyway but that is therefore the Eternals news really looking forward to that movie again I’m hoping for Troy Meets Avengers that’s what I want the movie to be like should be amazing alright let’s talk about the shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings film this movie’s coming out February 12th 2021 I do like the title oh yeah the ten rings right when I heard that I was like oh snap right because we know that it’s going to include the Mandarin now now our theory this whole time if you’ve been listening to the show is that they’re going to replace the character of fu-manchu’s from the comics who is the father of shang-chi with the Mandarin and have the Mandarin be the father of shang-chi we also have conjecture that Keanu Reeves would be playing the Mandarin but instead the Mandarin is going to be played by Tony chi-wai Leung I hope I’m pronouncing that right and he’s going to be the real threat behind many of the Iron Man films you know the whole thing that was ruined in Iron Man 3 with Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery right but then it was revealed in a short that the real Mandarin actually does exist and is actually really out there it’s just so cool to see something that like was called back in Iron Man 1 uh-huh make its way all the way into phase 4 yeah I mean it’s too bad now that Iron Man is dead and can’t fight the Mandarin but I think shang-chi is gonna prove to be a worthy substitute rival primarily just because I just really love kung fu films they are the best and I think they seem to be just jam-packed full of kung fu and like energy mysticism with the Rings unless they’re tech based I don’t know but I’m hoping that the Rings are magic I mean it has to have a lot of fighting because shengshi doesn’t have any powers in the comics right now I don’t know why either of these actors have done shanky I’d forget to mention this earlier he’s being played by Sai MooMoo who I don’t know from anything I’d recognize some of the shows that he’s been in including the upcoming season of fresh off the boats and orphan black he definitely looks like a badass dude is jacked he’s a lot more muscular than I thought he would be yeah but you know he’s still lean so he looks like he could be fast in a fight and everything like that what’s your favourite kung-fu movie of all time well it’s not really cont foo my favorite martial arts film is probably the raid oh really yeah I think mine is a toss-up between legend a drunken master with Jackie Chan I also really liked hero with Jet Li and Donnie Yen I still liked Enter the Dragon that’s a great one too although my favorite Bruce Lee movie is Game of Death I think but this movie’s gonna top all of those shut up terms of martial arts and gonna be amazing let’s blast it’s gonna be it’s gonna be choreographed by looping is it no I don’t know that yes that’s read that room I hope it is because he’s one of the greats but yeah really looking forward to this movie aquafina is in it that’s right aquafina is the one cast member that I forgot to mention but we don’t know who she’s playing yet aquafina was in the movie crazy rich Asians right big up-and-coming Asian actress so we’ll see who she plays when they nest that ultimately I think it’s just a really cool that we got to see a new character that we’ve never seen before on screen yeah and that brings us to our question of the week which other Marvel character that has never been on screen before do you hope gets their own film in phase 5 post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media moving on to probably my favorite news coming out of this con which is Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness film that was announced it’s coming out May 7th 2021 so just a few months after shang-chi first of all I wasn’t expecting a Doctor Strange film to be announced no I thought they were gonna hold off on that for a little bit also the title is freaking amazing it’s so freaking cool it is a cool title and it’s supposed to guest star Scarlet Witch right yeah and who knows does she have anything to do with the whole madness of the multiverse like does she go crazy from the events of her vision and Scarlet Witch television show and like do some House of M shit who knows but it sounds amazing regardless this takes place after her show right yes I remember Scott Derrickson saying that he wanted a knight married to be the villain of the next one which would be fantastic because he’s another dimensional villain just like Dormammu was and it seems like they’re hopping through a bunch of different dimensions in this movie and scott derrickson also said that this is going to be Marvel’s first horror film it’s gonna be pg-13 rated still of course but that really excites me because I’m a big fan of the horror genre and Scott Derrickson just does horror really well he made one of the scariest horror movies I’ve ever seen in the first sinister movie that movie still haunts me to this day so I mean he’s gonna go really out there with it and probably pretty frightening but you know it’s Marvel so it’s gonna stay relatively kid-friendly and visually poppy but I’m sure it’s still gonna be scary yes and I can see what they got away with in Shazam yes right some of that was pretty scary too they picked the perfect director for these Doctor Strange films yeah I think he’s done a really good job and really looking forward to what happens in this movie hopefully nightmare is the villain and hopefully it just blows my mind while also simultaneously making me crap my pants sounds like a good time at the theater hell yeah I remember not being a big fan of the first Doctor Strange film I thought was you know pretty generic but after infinity war and seeing like the fully realized dr. strange I am looking forward to this yeah and I highly suspect that he might be introducing Scarlet Witch to the concept of magic and how to use magic to control her powers I don’t know if they’ll go into you know cath on and chaos magic and all that stuff but I am suspecting that’s why she’s in this movie because she was trained by Agatha Harkness who was a witch in the Marvel Comics and then I think Doctor Strange will replace her in that role she’ll have more than just like telekinesis now right and energy blast right she’ll be able to create hexes crazy alright moving on to Thor love and thunder this film was announced at Comic Con and it was totally out of left field for me I was not expecting another Thor film to be made yeah although I am really excited that it is because I was such a huge fan of Thor Ragnarok and Tyco whitey DS vision for this franchise yeah this was a big surprise for me if anything I thought they were gonna continue Thor it would have been like an a TV show like a Valkyrie TV show right or something like that yeah I’m really surprised we’re getting another movie yeah but it’s coming out November 5th Marvel Studios movie to come out that year it again stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie but they announced that Natalie Portman will be coming back I guess she buried the hatchet with Marvel Studios after she got pissed that patty Jenkins was let go from the Thor sequel and thank God she was because we got the awesome Wonder Woman film out of that right but um it’ll be cool to see Natalie Portman now play a superhero now she’s gonna be the Mighty Thor yeah she’s gonna be the Mighty Thor who also wields Mjolnir as Jane Foster Jane Foster in the comics at the time she’s dying of cancer but she kind of forgoes that frail sickly form and becomes store when she wields the hammer so it’ll be an interesting dynamic as we see how she gets the hammer how that relates to Thor and how it relates to new Asgard which is currently being run by Valkyrie what do you think of the title um I hate it honestly I do not like the title love and thunder although it does feel very taiko YTD it’s a little bit rock and roll right I don’t understand like is that a reference to something because they’re like an album called love and thunder if there is it’s over my head but I’m sure it’ll be fine when the movie comes out you know they’re turning thor into a comedy yeah they’re definitely going very eccentric with the character in the comic store was never that eccentric but i it works because ragnerok was the best Thor for sure and I felt like it was still true to character yeah that films eccentricities primarily worked because of the setting of Sekar it was just such an out-there planet I’m not sure how high cos gonna be able to bring in so much eccentricities into this if it’s going to primarily take place on earth unless of course they take it to outer space which they might do with the story and move new Asgard from earth back into its rightful realm yeah that’d be cool so that’s all of phase 4 right there that’s just two years of movies so it looks like these phases are going to be going a lot quicker from here on out one of the films that it was announced that’s being developed for phase 5 is blade oh my god blew my mind who who expected this I think this might be the biggest shocker of the entire con in that it was also announced that the character will be played by Omar shala Ali who was a two-time Oscar winner I mean if it wasn’t gonna be Wesley Snipes who is probably well into his 60s by now I’m really glad that it’s this actor I’m sure Wesley Snipes is pissed off well he’s heavily campaigning for the role yeah I know he came he’s probably gonna say some shit that he’s gonna regret later on well I don’t really care about that because I’m just glad that we have a great actor playing this great role yeah I guess Ali contacted Marvel like right after his latest Oscar went yeah I was like hey I want to be blade and he’s such a badass actor too he was great and Luke Cage he was fantastic he was the best part of season 1 and he was great as the voice of Aaron Davis the Prowler and into the spider-verse I haven’t seen the latest season of True detective yet but I definitely want to check that out because I heard he was amazing yeah there’s not too much more to talk about other than the film was announced and it’ll be starring him well did they even say it was a film is it gonna be a TV show variety confirmed that it was a film okay yeah but in addition to the blade film Kevin Feige also confirmed that they’re gonna be working on black panther 2 guardians of the galaxy 3 Captain Marvel 2 as well as get this drumroll Fantastic Four and an x-men movie yeah I guess James Gunn reached out to fans who were kind of disappointed that they weren’t gonna see Thor next in the guardians of the galaxy film uh-huh he was like hey I got to finish Suicide Squad first right the Fantastic Four news was great to hear yes I can’t wait to see the Fantastic Four finally done justice finally done the right way I really hope that they get Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for the role because I think they were just freaking perfect for it it should put the Incredibles movie to shame since we all know how much The Incredibles ripped off Fantastic Four I want to see them Fantastic Four one-up The Incredibles if I was Kevin Feige I’d be like Disney we’re done with the Incredibles movies any ideas you have give them to me we’re gonna put them in Fantastic Four right exactly so you can’t have competitive franchises like that yeah under the same umbrella yes exactly if you guys want to hear a pitch on a Fantastic Four story that they could use for the movie go ahead and subscribe to our patreon it’s just two bucks a month and you’ll get access to all of our movie pitches that we did I’m especially proud of Fantastic Four and the Inhumans and Martian Manhunter pretty much all these movies I was expecting I thought they would all be in phase four but it looks like they’re all going to phase five the one thing that wasn’t announced or mentioned was Ant Man and the wasp which is a little disappointing for me the most disappointing thing was no mention of a Spider Man sequel well no Sony announced that earlier this month that they were working on a Spider Man far from home sequel they didn’t announce that at Comic Con because they didn’t have a panel oh so I’m guessing that a Spider Man seeker will probably come out probably 2021 2022 yeah because they need to make that movie as soon as possible yes considering you know the mid-credits scene from spider-man far from home that was just amazing all right real quick let’s jam through the television shows that are going to be on the Disney Plus app we have the Falcon in the Winter Soldier TV show that’s gonna come out in fall of 2020 and it’s going to start Anthony Mackie as the Falcon Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier and it’s also going to start Daniel Bruhl who played Baron Zemo in the Civil War movie and they announced that in this he’s going to be wearing the iconic Baron Zemo bass mask well they showed a footage of him wearing the mask oh I didn’t see that no they didn’t release it well I’m not I mean I said I’ve missed it then I am sad I didn’t go to Comic Con because this was amazing we’re gonna have to go next year yeah but they’re not gonna have like a huge lineup announcement like this next year we’ll have to go in two years carries DC is gonna own it know that whatever either way really looking forward to the Falcon and the Winter Soldier definitely getting that Disney Plus app for that they also talked about wan division we found out that that show is gonna come out in spring of 2021 right before the Doctor Strange movie and the show is gonna lead right into the Doctor Strange movie since it’s going to start elizabeth olsen as the Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as the vision does that mean I’m gonna have to watch that TV show if I will you want to watch all these season shows because we’re gonna be reviewing all these TVs if they’re at least all at once they will be you don’t know that I am like guessing that they will be apparently the one division show is going to be about the Scarlet Witch and vision trying to start a normal life in the suburbs that sounds like Tom King yes so it might be loosely based off of Tom King’s vision run in the comics which was fantastic yeah and of course I’ll probably bring try to bring vision back to life but he’s gonna not have all the same you know emotions and memories as the previous model did just like how happened in the comics great drama it’s gonna be awesome the low-key TV shows was also announced for spring 2021 coming out around the same exact time and the logo for this looks like somebody was writing a ransom letter and just spelled out the word Loki it just slapped it on the screen it was really bad I don’t get it although I have to say all the logos for all these movies and shows look great Loki is the big misstep I mean I’m sure the show is gonna be awesome because I love Tom Hiddleston as the character it was confirmed that this series is gonna take place after the events of Avengers endgame when he used the test track to slip out of the Avengers Tower and we see what happens to him there having not been through any of the redemptive arcs of Thor the dark world or Thor Ragnarok so he’ll be primarily villainous again which is cool I don’t know how I’m gonna feel seeing him outside of the context of the world of Thor well I mean he’s been in literally all the Thor movies so you know time for him to branch out and have new adventures they’ll be exciting to see the only animated Marvel television show that’s coming out to Disney Plus is called what if we talked about this a few months ago on the podcast nothing really new to report other than the fact that Jeffrey Wright will be narrating the show as The Watcher yeah uatu the watcher which is huge I love the actor Jeffrey Wright he’s my favorite felix leiter from the James Bond movies and he just has just a great voice for this hopefully they model who watched The Watcher using the same design that they used in guardians of the galaxy volume 2 and that one of those into credits when Stanley was talking to them and we already know that the first what if episode is going to involve Peggy Carter getting the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers and what that would be like the movie cast is going to lend their voice to the show it’s gonna be awesome look forward to that the show that we did not know about prior to Comic Con was Hawkeye there’s gonna be a Hawkeye television show that’s coming out in fall of 2021 and it’s going to star Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and be loosely based off of the Matt Fraction run from the comics which is amazing it’s the best Hawkeye run you should definitely check it out and also heavily features Kate Bishop and her training under Clint Barton Kate Bishop is also going to be in the show they showed an opening cinematic at Comic Con of like the title treatment for the show and it looks amazing it looks just so damn cool I’m really excited about this one especially since it might mean that we finally get to see Hawkeye done justice in these MCU films because if you guys listen to our Hawkeye vs Green Arrow episode you know how much of a huge fan of Hawkeye I am and how I feel like he’s been done a big disservice in the MCU thus far like people make fun of Hawkeye you don’t want to make fun of Hawkeye you’ll fucking kill you really and you won’t even see it coming yeah we’ll see if they could do better than the arrow TV show but yeah that does it for all the Marvel Hall H panel Comic Con news final um it’s a whole that’s to cover and hopefully you guys are as excited as I am for like literally everything that was announced on this list it’s an amazing time to be alive really well tell you what you should be excited about DC universes Harley Quinn official trailer it’s pretty awesome actually it’s like Teen Titans go meets Rick and Morty why the comparison to Teen Titans go cuz it’s definitely not kiddush no it’s absolutely not in fact they even have a warning at the beginning of the trailer saying hey this is for mature audiences right the comparison to Teen Titans go is just serve the animation style and sort of what they’re saying is gonna be like a lot of like fourth-wall breaking and it’s just zaniness making fun of the DC Universe and things like that so you really cannot have enough shows that make fun of the DC Universe well I’m sure like the offenders cartoon series on Hulu are gonna make fun of Marvel in some way that’s valid like Howard the Duck and MODOK yeah for sure right now this trailer is even more jam-packed than the Watchmen trailer the whole thing is just a series of quick cuts of Harley Quinn like kicking all kinds of asses and just like crazy things have a see yeah yeah apparently she’s like drinking buddies with dr. psycho and Clayface although I guess Clayface is the the bartender yeah Clayface is being voiced by Alan Tudyk alan tudyk is also voicing the Joker I guess Oh dr. psycho is being voiced by Tony Hale Oh from Arrested Development right he did the voice for the Joker in Batman ninja you did yeah great voice the voice cast of this is just gonna be amazing Wanda Sykes Jason Alexander JB Smoove he’s gonna be Phil the plant which of course poison ivy plant is gonna be his own character yeah I really like this song that they chose for this trailer and you know a riff off of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song done in like an 80s Ramones Punk style yeah exactly it makes it kind of feel like Daria do you remember that show yeah well he just doesn’t give a shit that’s how I feel exactly about this but with superheroes which is a great compliment it looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun King shark looks like he’s gonna be a giant wussy it gets like this cigarette butt flicked at him he’s like yeah I like when she’s flossing and doesn’t give a shit away from the cut away from the bar you know doing the dance the floss I’m gonna start doing that whenever I want to leave a conversation now the touch on hardly is romance with poison ivy yeah briefly she’s being voiced by Lake Bell who’s a phenomenal voice actor are you still a big fan of Kaley cuoco’s voice oh yeah absolutely she’s just perfect like every time I hear it it’s like yeah that was a great choice cast but we do get to see Harley Quinn strangely enough like throat punch Aquaman just like she just has so much attitude thought this whole thing would Aquaman be hurt by a throat punch by Harley no we’ve you get to see Batman too and that’s sort of how the trailer ends she’s like holy shit can we do that again a Batman’s like no is it Kevin Conroy doing the Batman voice that sounds like it no it’s diedrich bader oh the guy from office space yeah yeah yes though life neighbor right right that’s that’s a great choice it is he has a great like low gruff voice yeah yeah we don’t have a release date yet it is coming out in the fall though of this year yeah along with Titans too which has been renewed for a second season uh-huh so has Doom Patrol and Young Justice has also been renewed for a fourth season nice so basically all the DC TV shows except for Swamp Thing I’m still hoping that gets changed eventually yeah that’s kind of a bummer we also have stark girls still to look forward to next year that was supposed to actually debut this year but they pushed it back that’s two men but I think that does it for everybody news on the docket yeah I think you’re right holy crap so let’s move on to our main event of no that’s the whole episode this week guys there was a whole lot to talk about hopefully you guys enjoyed listening to it in our next episode we’re gonna get back to regular programming and we’re gonna do a review of the first Avengers movie in honor of endgame breaking the record yeah it’s the only Avengers film we haven’t reviewed yet yeah because we reviewed endgame and infinity war and age of Ultron so this is the last one to get to I’m gonna have a lot of fun doing it because I love that movie and in the following episode we’re gonna have a duel between Loki and Ares yeah so look forward to that let us know what you thought about all this Comic Con news by reaching out to us on social media on Facebook Twitter or Instagram or you can email us at dynamic duo podcast at if you visit our website dynamic duel comm you can find links to our social media profiles there as well as a link to our merchandise store which is on T public comm if you use the link from our website you’ll get a discount on any purchase you make from our t public store and of course all of our artwork that goes on the merchandise from t-shirts to mugs to phone cases is the no prize art we do every week and who are you drawing this week Black Widow sweet I’ll buy that t-shirt for sure go ahead and hit that subscribe button and again remember to please share us with your friends and family and on social media so we can up our listenership and get to 200 ratings on Apple podcasts or you could rate or review us on whatever platform you’re listening to us on yeah that definitely helps in spreading the word about the show and we will talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers

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