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Riddler vs Arcade Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Riddler vs Arcade episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we will be finding out who would win in a fight between the Riddler and arcade the x-men villain this is going to be one of the more unique duel episodes that we’ve ever done we’re dealing with characters that don’t really get into physical altercations they prefer to fight with their mind they’re all about prep time yeah yeah these characters create these elaborate traps for the heroes they go up against but also considering the fact that we don’t take environment into account we had to get creative when I came to finding a way to pit these characters against each other yeah so go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we actually delve into this match and run the simulations and find out who would win before we get into that duel matchup we’re gonna go over the news from the past week of which there wasn’t very much we’ll be talking about how the John wick director chats to house key is going to be directing the action scenes for the birds of prey movie as always you can look up the segment times in the episode description to go ahead and jump to whatever topic you want to listen to but before we get into the news we just want to give a quick shout out to Ben O’Neil who gave us a second review on iTunes yeah I guess he has two accounts or something or he’s just using someone else’s account I don’t know quite how Apple would feel about that hey you know what a rating we got a radio radio where we’re at 138 or that much closer to our get to 200 ratings Ron tomatos says we’re eligible to have our reviews of Marvel and DC films count toward those films tomato meters which is a huge dream of ours we have wanted to be film critics ever since we were in high school so if you guys can help us get there be hugely appreciated we love putting this show together for you guys every week and if you guys could just give back by doing that be fantastic yes please and thank you but now that that’s done quick to the no prize so what no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version of the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was what character from the spider-man comics do you most want to see Phil Lord and Chris Miller adapts into a live-action television series and this is coming off the news that Phil Lord and Chris Miller who are the producers of the into the spider-verse movie they signed a contract with Sony to develop several live-action Spiderman based television series so we got a lot of great answers of the shows that you guys would like to see the first honorable mention goes to Anika Sasha who gave the answer of squadron sinister and the Grand Master now this was not an answer that was really spider-man adjacent I don’t consider the squadron supreme or squadron sinister to be part of the spider-man universe it’s possible that she may have meant sinister six but she also mentioned the Grand Master so I’m not sure either way a show involving these characters especially the Grand Master would be pretty damn incredible Christian rabito also gets honorable mention for his answer of hydro-man yeah Hydra man I don’t know if he might be the only one that wants a television show based on hydro-man that being said I do agree that Hydra man is severely underrated it would have been cool to maybe see him down the line like way down the line in a spider-man movie although they can use that up with the elementals from far from home but he’s pretty powerful honorable mention also goes to Caleb Albers who gave the answer of spider-man 2099 he was afraid that this answer was gonna be like the quote basic bitch answer and it was and it was because lots of other people answered spider-man 2099 including Chris Castaneda Tim Brown and Matthew Gonzales though Matthew Gonzalez also mentioned spider punk what I really liked about spider-man 2099 though is is that in some ways this is the perfect answer and that’s probably why so many people gave it because you have such an opportunity for like high concept high-octane science-fiction action within this it could be like Tron meets Fifth Element meets spider-man sold exactly so many great things so many cool things that can be done with a spider-man 2099 show so yeah great answer guys Jeff miles junior also gets honorable mention for his answer of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy yeah to see that relationship further develop in a television show although I think Sony’s gonna prefer to explore that within the spider-verse sequel that they’re making in the animated universe that they’ve established right honorable mention goes to John Spees were also given the answer of Miles Morales and Harrison Fox gave the answer of spider-gwen as did Matt Estes honorable mention goes to Joel Seagrave who said that he wants a Clone Saga television show which could be really fascinating you know the Clone Saga was a series from the 90s that Marvel put out that was often derided by fans because the left is questioning whether or not Peter Parker was actually you know the real Peter Parker or not I think that’s kind of a fascinating concept especially when it’s explored on its own outside of you know everything else that is Peter Parker related or just like seeing what they’re getting up to you I think would make a pretty decent show it’s interesting how you could explore both Peter Parker’s clones and his multiverse selves there’s like so many just so many different versions of spider-man in the Marvel Comics universe and I think Joel Seagrave mentioned that if anyone could get that right it’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller yeah definitely the great writers Aaron Alexander Jones also gave the answer of the Clone Saga Salvador Martinez gave the answer of manspider is when Peter Parker mutated into a spider okay and he said that the series could follow Madame web trying to put a stop to him and he said a twist at the end could be that man spider fuses with carnage which would be so deadly and pretty badass King Johnson gets honorable mention for his answer of Craven yeah that would be a fantastic show I’m not sure quite how it would work I guess you would have him like hunting a different quarry like every week it could be like you know Dog the Bounty Hunter but without the bounty just the hunter you know I can only see like a fat craving just like balding bear mace in people’s face exactly they believe that Sony is currently working on a live-action feature length film for this character in much in the same way that they’re working on Morbius and venom yeah that’s the rumor Kolbe hench’s gave the answer of superior spider-man which i think would be a fantastic miniseries superior spider-man was a great book I love the aesthetic of the character like I wish that was just Peter Parker like not Doctor Octopus just just gives all that gear to Peter party he should have adapted all those upgrades that Doctor Octopus made to his whole getup became spider-man right yeah and finally Red Hood gave the answer of Spider X blood spider or Ezekiel Simms who are probably like the three most obscure characters in spider-man thought oh gee you know having only been any handful of issues themselves yeah I think I only know one of those characters but you know a television show is a great way to explore these characters and develop them even further but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to CJ Kraft for his answer of spider-man war and the way he described the show made it seem like basically since city I would love to see a spider-man more meets like Sin City type show that one just really captured my imagination just as much as a spider-man 2099 show would capture my imagination really both those ideas have equal merit but CJ Kraft was the only one they gave the spider-man or answer so he gave it to him basically yeah I love the visual look of what Robert Rodriguez did with the Sin City live-action movies it’s just so stylish it’s so cool and now make it more 1930s and add spider-man into the mix boom so congrats to CJ Kraft you win this week’s no prize so Jonathan will go ahead and draw who you’d run this week I’m drugged arcade you’re gonna get the drying of arcade that will post a social media go ahead and check that out if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week now that that’s done onto the news [Music] okay so The Hollywood Reporter broke the news a few days ago that John wick director chads2 he’ll ski is going to design and tackle new action scenes for the birds of prey film dropping next February now there’s two different ways you can take this news essentially the first way that I took it was oh birds of prey you know the movies in trouble it doesn’t have a good enough action they’re gonna have to bring in someone to help fix this movie kind of like the way they had to fix rogue one with Star Wars or like World War Z yeah but those movies turned out great they did actually and what’s the other way you could take it the other way you could take it is that hey you know a lot of these directors don’t actually shoot a lot of the action scenes in their films like take the Russo brothers for example they use a lot of second unit direction when it comes to high-octane action that’s one of the reasons why the Winter Soldier was so good and guess who directed the action scenes in the Winter Soldier Chad Sahel ski what he did yeah holy shit yeah he’s also done Ninja Assassin he’s done The Hunger Games he started off actually as Keanu Reeves stunt double in the matrix yeah before breaking into direction his stump firm I think it’s called 8711 uh-huh was already working on this film doing the stunts for it and they’re like they’re doing insane stunt work right now have you’ve seen any of the John wick films you know how crazy their stuff is yeah he’s directed all of the John wick films right he co-directed the first John wick with David leach who later went on to work on films like Deadpool - right right what’s interesting here is that he is taking an uncredited role directing these action scenes well he’s not gonna get director credit I think that’s what they were mentioning I assume that he’s still gonna get credited for his stunt work I mean his firm will but the shots he’s directing will be uncredited my interpretation of that uncredited news would be that he wouldn’t get a co-director credit given that he’s a big name yeah I guess we’ll see when it comes out I think this is good news it is good news it is it is great news if you’re gonna get any action director to direct your action scenes get the fucking guy that did John wick and Winter Soldier in my opinion he is like the biggest name and stunt work and action scenes in the business right now so hopefully by him taking this work maybe he’ll get a bigger DC Comics character to work with in the future what care would you like to see him work with personally I’ve always wanted to see a question film he’s not superhuman so there’d be an opportunity for a lot of stunt work it’s pretty gritty yeah it’s pretty dark but I could also probably describe the birds of prey so it seems like it’s a good fit yeah the birds of prey have never been really over at least super-powered so you can get really grounded with the action exactly exactly and actually I just realized if david leitch directed deadpool to hell ski should direct Deathstroke oh that would be sweet that movie needs to be made his action style is probably more suited to someone like Deathstroke then say the birds of prey cuz Deathstroke uses guns does anyone from birds of prey use guns Huntress uses a crossbow Harley Quinn uses guns that’s true sure ultimately I think this movie may have the best action scenes we’ve ever seen in a DC film well that’s a short part to clear honestly oh fuck off name a great DC action scene a Batman V Superman the warehouse scene that’s like the only one the only like grounded one there’s plenty of action scenes yeah that a crap oh oh okay Black Manta versus Aquaman was crap okay no that was pretty good actually Wonder Woman and the enemy soldiers in the town was crap you know yeah you’re right they’ve had a few they’ve had a few Superman versus Zod was crap oh yeah that was totally shit no I can’t give me that one I would expect you to know good action this all brings us to our question of the week what is your favorite action scene in a Marvel or DC Film post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic do a podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media but that doesn’t for all the news nothing really else too much to talk about that’s not a rumor so who knows maybe next week will be a heavy news week but now let’s get into our main event where we pit Arcade against Riddler and find out who will be the champion [Music] all right arcade vs Riddler we have a primarily x-men villain in arcade and a Batman villain and the Riddler two characters who primarily fight using not their fists but their brains and of course we’re doing this match now having just come off of our review of Batman hush last week in which the Riddler played a pretty prominent role he was so great in that movie in Batman hush so we knew that we had to use them for a duel in this episode and who better to pit him against then Marvel’s own suit wearing puzzling trickster arcade now this is your first time listening to one of our duel episodes the way we determine the winner between these two characters is we run a series of Monte Carlo simulations using the characters based stats now these stats are randomized along a normal distribution which is a bell curve and that represents all the different variables that take place in battle we use the stats that are given in the Marvel official Power Rankings and we extrapolate the DC character stats from those criteria and we also incorporate a few more stats just to make a war robust simulation we take this approach because Joseph and I are both heavily biased in favor of either DC or marvel right and this is the most scientific approach that we could think of to determine the answer of who would win exactly it was the same approach that Spike TV did in their show Deadliest Warrior that was on the air about 10 or so years ago probably more than that now yeah the simulation results give us a percentage of wins for each character because there’s always one way a character can defeat another always way for Batman to defeat Superman right so no character ever wins 100% of the time if we’ve done our job right in picking a fair match up so we don’t consider fan votes and we don’t consider like extraordinary feats of strength that are been characteristic for the character right 90% of the time it’s just these base stats with the simulations now before we run these simulations we’d like to go into the histories and abilities of each character I think it’s my turn to go first with Arcade now I’m not sure how many people out there actually know a lot about the history of arcade to give him that he hasn’t been in a whole lot of comic book issues I don’t remember him from the cartoon at all you don’t know he was in x-men evolution he was even in ultimate spider-man cartoon wow yeah he’s been in a lot of different things primarily though he I think he really works best in the video games I remember the arcade boss battle in Marvel Ultimate Alliance the whole murderer world level was incredible use a villain that was like tailor-made for video games well with a name like arcade you would hope so right exactly so little is known about the villain arcades early history even his real name has never been revealed he has told however that he was born to an incredibly wealthy family and had a lifelong fixation with toys and games his father detested his childish hobbies and abused arcade when he was young on his 21st birthday his parents withdrew his trust fund and in retaliation arcade killed his parents with a car bomb inheriting all their wealth it’s unknown if that story is actually part of arcades past or not or if he made it up just for his own sick enjoyment what is known is that as a young adult arcade turned his enjoyment of murder into a career as an assassin charging 1 million dollars per contract over time he grew bored of killing people using conventional means and started using his technological genius to build elaborate murder traps in a mobile facility he called murder world he based his traps on his targets greatest fears and weaknesses by vetting his victims and learning everything about them he could tailor his deadly machinations to provide them with the most amount of despair while simultaneously providing himself with the most amount of amusement he enjoys watching people dying though arcade loved relishing how much his victims suffered he would often laugh at and taught them through a loudspeaker he would always give them a tiny chance of escape for sport though no one ever escaped murder world made him renowned in the criminal underworld and he took on the codename arcade he’s a lot like jigsaw from like the Saw films yeah pretty much and I guess like the Riddler from the Arkham games yeah although arcade is a little bit more whimsical or at least he used to be like one of his most memorable appearances was when he put the x-men in a giant pinball machine that sounds cool so arcade hired two assistants mr. chambers his chief engineer and Miss Locke a martial art expert and field agent assigned to lure arcades victims into murder world she was also arcades lover and the two often played deadly games with each other for the thrill time arcade killed numerous conventional targets and eventually grew bored again but a contract to kill captain britain led to the first murder world escape and brought a newfound enjoyment to arcade who decided he would dedicate his resources toward killing superheroes not for the money before the challenge he was not very successful and failed to kill heroes such as spider-man and teams such as x-men x-factor and Excalibur but although the heroes kept escaping arcade at least managed to avoid capture himself each time one day while recuperating from his latest failure he grew angry and stabbed his lover miss Locke too deep while they were in bed playing with a knife yeah unable to cope with the idea that he murdered her he convinced himself that Wolverine had done it and employed the mutant illusionist mastermind to help him get his revenge though in the end mastermind learned the truth and turned on arcade imprisoning him in a murder world in his own mind arcade later recovered and went on to terrorize superheroes such as Deadpool Hercules and black cat once teaming up with the mystical villain nightmare to create a murder world - that was a terrifying labyrinth however arcade still had yet to keep a hero from escaping after learning that most other villains thought of him as a gimmicky joke arcade grew depressed and decided that playing for amusement was less important than playing to win he hired a new assistant named Miss corriander who helped him build a murderer world in Antarctica using nanotechnology as well as a special suit that would grant him godlike powers within the facility he captured young teenage heroes from Avengers Academy The Runaways and Xavier school for the gifted and told him they would have to kill each other and that only the survivor would escape in the Avengers arena miniseries he pretty much admitted that he stole the idea from The Hunger Games books I was gonna say a battle royale yeah well the young heroes instantly rebelled but he used his god powers to kill metal from The Avengers Academy Red Raven then tried to escape but she broke her neck by slamming into the facility’s barrier the teens fled and hid across murder world creating alliances just as arcade’ hoped he manipulated the terrain and drew them toward each other with supplies and weapons leading to a hero named anachronism killing Kid Britain the game of death brought out the dark side of the hero apex who killed Avengers Academy teammate Justin safer and Runaways member Nico Minato although Nico managed to resurrect herself and in turn killed Apex and death Lockett who is the cyborg daughter of the creator of the deathlok program when the Avengers began investigating the teens disappearance arcade used robots wearing the dead teen skin to convince them everything was fine holy shit as more of the teens died it seemed arcade had finally achieved success as a supervillain the contest was cut short however when death locket was revealed to have survived her death and access to murder world’s control panel but arcade managed to teleport away and uploaded the events of that murder world to YouTube finally earning him respect among his peers oh shit this story was so brutal I highly suggest reading Avengers arena if you haven’t already you already know the ending but you know you knew the ending of Hunger Games before you saw that right read the right so you know read it I highly recommend it so a few of the surviving heroes from that Antartica murder world managed to track arcade down by going to undercover in the Masters of evil they strapped into the front of a shield Helicarrier as they flew around on their missions and that was the last that he was seen holy cow now arcade has a genius-level intellect and is an expert when it comes to electronics robotics engineering and design he even taught himself to master the Shiar holographic technology that once powered the x-men’s Danger Room training sessions he prefers not to fight but has a history involving some hand-to-hand training but he also has equipped various personal defense weapons but instead he prefers to defeat his enemies in murder world as his main weakness is definitely his intense need for entertaining mental stimulation and that’s arcade he was like super a DD and you combine that with violent psychopathic tendencies and you have a recipe for disaster he’s a really fascinating villain one that I really never gave enough credit until I read up on him that recipe for disaster is pretty close to the recipe that made the Riddler as well really there’s some strong connections there interesting let’s hear it now The Riddler aka Edward nygma is one of the most notorious and ridiculed villains of Batman’s rogues gallery born Edward Nash tin he grew up to an abusive father and absentee mother while in school at a young age Edwards teacher promised a prize to the student who could solve a puzzle the fastest showing both compulsive and narcissistic tendencies early on Edward broke into the school at night to figure out how to solve the puzzle in under a minute and when he did it the next day he was given a book of riddles as a prize Edwards intelligence was often praised but not by his father who disliked his son being smarter than him and often accused him of cheating something Edward himself would frequently accused Batman of later in life his father’s beatings only drove Edwards obsession with proving his intellectual superiority suffering from severe insecurity born distress if he was unable to do so like a surprising many of Batman’s villains The Riddler worked early on at a carnival where he used his deductive skills to cheat the carnival goers out of their money wishing to move up in the world he changed his name to Edward nygma and climbed up the corporate worlds to become the chief strategist at Wayne Enterprises during Bruce Wayne’s worldwide travels in preparation to fight crime in Gotham City with Edwards shady back to her schemes and profiteering exposed upon Bruce Wayne’s return Edwards career was left in ruins wishing her revenge against Wayne Enterprises and all of the idiots in Gotham City Edward orchestrated an elaborate blackout and flooding of the city during a hurricane as the Riddler making him the first masked villain of Batman’s crime-fighting career post new explosive weather balloons The Riddler secret location was eventually tracked down by Batman and when the Riddler threatened to blow up the city unless bama could solve 12 of his riddles batma surprisingly answered by punching the Riddler in the face his reign of terror diagnosed with a form of obsessive compulsive disorder Edward was sentenced to Arkham Asylum for psychiatric treatment to learn more about Batman check out our Batman vs. moon night episode so after proving himself a valuable criminal profiler and act informant of Gotham’s underworld to the police force The Riddler eventually grew bored at Arkham and walked out simply by reciting the names of the guards loved ones as they confronted him huh offering to team up with the Joker to kill Batman the Riddler was instead shot by the Clown Prince of Crime starting two large-scale gang war known as the war of jokes and riddles in which Batman’s rogues divided their loyalties into two factions the Joker’s or the Riddler’s Batman eventually sighted with the Riddler in an attempt to stem the amount of innocent bystanders killed in the supervillain feud though by the end famine nearly killed the Riddler and anger and Edward and the Joker were sent back to Arkham you can of course learn more about the Joker and our Joker vs Green Goblin episode during one of his stints at the asylum the Riddler was freed along with the rest of Batman’s enemies by the villain Bane during the nightfall storyline which you can learn more about in our Bane vs Iron Fist episode The Riddler psychologically incapable of not leaving Clues to stop his crimes since several letters to the Gotham police department all of which were ignored as the police were overwhelmed by the other arkham villains out causing mayhem after the Riddler’s henchmen abandoned him after they grew tired of waiting for the police to fall into his trap The Riddler hijacked a local news television show in a bid for attention holding the live audience hostage with a bomb detonator distressed that no one in the live audience could answer his riddles he was thwarted by Robin alone after the sidekick deduced that the Riddler’s bomb was fake now considered an incompetent joke amongst Gotham’s underworld for most of his career the Riddler was elevated to a new threatening level during the hush storyline when the Riddler bathed in a rejuvenating Lazarus pay and a desperate move to cure a malignant tumor that had developed in his brain in the overwhelming clarity about by the Lazarus Pit The Riddler deduced that Batman’s real identity was Bruce Wayne and he teamed with a villain hush to mastermind a plan that nearly drove Batman insane as Bruce Wayne’s loved ones were targeted by nearly every member of his rogues gallery bemmon prevailed in the end and reminded the captured Riddler that a riddle everyone knew the answer to was worthless ensuring that the Riddler kept his secret identity during the Infinite Crisis storyline The Riddler joined the ranks of the secret society of super villains only to be knocked unconscious and panic coma by the hero shining night waking up a year later with amnesia Eduard amassed a small fortune legally as a private investigator frequently helping Batman and other heroes solve crimes for some time before he was kinda an explosion during the heroic escapades that retriggered his psychosis whether he’s plotting schemes against Batman Green Arrow or even the flash the Riddler is pretty inconsistent when it comes to success sometimes failing in hilarious fashion and other times proving himself frightening Lee capable and underestimated while the jury’s out on whether or not he’s as intelligent as he claims to be and though he has no powers or physical abilities of note he does have a genius-level intellect capable of crafting elaborate death traps and lethal weapons more likely than not designed around a questionmark motif like his staff which has served successfully as a trigger for various tricks and snares and somewhat less successfully as a combat weapon that’s the Riddler yeah there were quite a few similarities there - fascinating villains let’s go ahead and find out who’d win in a fight now before we run the simulations what we’d like to do on this podcast is kind of improvise a scenario and talk about how we think one of these 1000 simulated battles would actually play out we don’t say any rules for this battle say for the fact that the characters don’t know anything about each other when they first meet other than that the other one is a threat that needs to be put down and the fight takes place in an environment that plays no bearing on the match itself in an on environment as it were now these rules would normally apply to our duel episodes however this one we’re taking a different approach this improvised scenario is not actually 100% improvised since these characters fight more with their brains than with their fists we did a little bit of prep work and you’ll see what I mean as we get into it so the characters start off 50 yards apart from each other on an on environment field who goes first the Riddler okay right away he goes riddle me this so obviously these characters like they don’t really fight hand-to-hand so we figure that what they’ll end up doing is they’ll end up like talking it out basically and try to figure out exactly which of them is smarter yeah now to that end both Jonathan and I have prepared riddles for each other and logic puzzles to kind of simulate this battle of the minds if you will so the characters they sit down next to each other arcade pulls out these taser discs that he usually uses to strap on to hit victims that he’s luring in to murder world and he straps a Taser disk onto himself and to the Riddler and the scenario is this the characters each have to answer five riddles whoever gets the most incorrect gets zapped and electrocuted and dies and that’s how this speculation is gonna play out this is already gonna be a horrible speculation I am nowhere near as intelligent as the Riddler I’m nervous I’m super nervous yeah this for arcade I didn’t develop riddles so much as themed existing logic puzzles to the x-men characters I just tried to find riddles some of them actually are riddles that the Riddler has actually used in the comics not all of them but hopefully they’re clever enough to stump you okay so let’s get into it okay okay okay riddle me this all right it holds most knowledge that’s ever been said but is not the brain and is not the head - feathers they’re masters both Bane and Boone respectively when empty and went full the feathers make me think it’s like a quill is it a pen no is it a book no no close though is it a bookshelf no how many answers do you get as many as I fucking need I’m not as smart as Arcade okay is it so it’s close to a book okay is it a piece of paper yeah is it a letter yeah there you go it’s paper paper okay awesome yeah writers use like feathered cool pens and you know when the page is full of writing gets good and when it’s empty it’s not okay yeah that’s what I figured yeah after like five tries I thought it was like when the pan was full of ink as opposed to when the pen was empty no anyway I arcade does not get zapped cuz I got the answer right Josh now okay now our Cade has a puzzle for the Riddler at multiple man caught a cold and began sneezing at the start of every minutes every time he sneezed he created a duplicate of himself with the same exact cult and each time a duplicate sneezed it created its own duplicate at exactly dupes at what time will his apartment be completely full let’s that’s an easy one I mean if he’s doubling every minute and then at 9:06 his apartments half-full it means that 907 it will be full correct it was an easy one yeah the number of multiple men doubles each minutes therefore you could say that at 907 his apartment is full being half fold the previous minute okay I don’t get zapped either then yay all right riddle me this I’m always moving forward never looking back my aunt limit no one knows more of me they lack like a river I do flow like a bird I fly now go on and take a guess what say you mi it’s either a clock or time motherfucker time yeah it’s Sam yeah yeah that makes sense because time flies it always goes forward you can never go back in time that was an easy one okay yeah I guess so you’re right it was an easy one all right all right next puzzle for the Riddler the villain toad is stuck in a muddy hole 100 deep and is trying to get out every minute he jumps up 25 feet but slides down 24 feet how long does it take toad to leap out the hole this is the like the frog in the well yes except it’s toad in the hole as opposed to frog in a well okay math okay it’s not that hard of an essentially he’s going up a foot a minute correct okay but by 75 minutes he’ll need is one more jump oh so 76 minutes correct at 76 minutes or an hour in 16 minutes we’ll take him up to a height of 76 feet at which point when he leaps he’ll leap 25 be as usual he’ll leap out of the hole and you won’t slide back down nice I was worried for a second I was gonna do the math on that one a lot of people say it’ll take him the one foot per minute thing but they don’t think about that last jump yeah okay good thank you doing pretty well so far okay I’m trying to stump you I’m trying let’s see if I could do it with this next one riddle me this when I’m quick I am deadly a rock shell and bone medley as a man I to make you dream nearby ocean sea and stream rock shell and bone medley makes me think it’s like a wave or something but what makes you dream sleep like what puts you to sleep like laying by the ocean puts you to sleep no is that sand man sand no I mother yes sin yeah it’s sin yeah that’s the answer I was worried about that third line as I was reading I was like ah this is too easy yeah that kind of gives it away the whole as a man I make you sleep thing that’s really the whole riddle right yeah yeah that’s the whole riddle right there yeah all right so next puzzle for the Riddler you are night crawler you are trying to save juggernaut Deadpool and a chimichanga from the roof of a burning building you have to teleport all three to the safety of the street below but you can only teleport one at a time now you can’t leave Deadpool all alone with the chimichanga because he’ll eat it you can’t leave juggernaut all alone with Deadpool because he’ll rip Deadpool to shreds now in what sequence can you safely teleport all three from the burning building to the street can’t you just have deadpool eat the chimichanga what’s wrong with him eating but do you have to save the chimichanga that’s part of the rules of the puzzle you have to save the juggernaut Deadpool and the chimichanga from the burning building through teleportation okay again you can only teleport one at a time and you can’t leave Deadpool alone with either the chimichanga and you can’t leave him alone with the juggernaut okay so what’s the sequence okay so like okay so juggernaut is not gonna eat the chimichanga correct right yeah he’s safe with the chimichanga okay okay so Nightcrawler will teleport Deadpool first and then go back for juggernaut okay okay so then he takes juggernaut I’ll cross the street but he he could take Deadpool back to the burning building right correct yeah okay well then he takes Deadpool back to the burning building grabs the chimichanga goes back across the street leaves the chimichanga with juggernaut and then goes back for Deadpool and it brings him back across the street so all are safe now yep you got it you got it fuck I thought that would be a hard one it’s just a lot it takes a lot of back-and-forth yeah basically you just remember that juggernaut is safe for the chimichanga then you kind of work from there yeah then it’s pretty straight board yeah alright next riddle me this reaching stiffly for the sky I bare my fingers when it’s cold in warmth I wear an emerald glove and in between I dress in gold reached gloved hands to the cold sky yeah dressing in green and gold yes in warm oh it’s a three or a branch okay alright yes either a ranch or a tree that was obvious okay I suck these are way easy the Riddler is a horrible deliverer of riddles alright Riddler’s turn so a mirage from the New Mutants encounters a bear in a wasteland at night where no one else is around mistaking it for the demon bear Mirage runs away to the north by 20 yards the bear runs away to the west by aims her psionic boat directly south and shoots the bear with in neural arrow what color was the bear what the fuck why doesn’t matter if she shoots him she would have missed cuz he wasn’t there to begin with she aims directly south and she shoots but he’s not there because he’s yard yards west that doesn’t make any sense the question is what color is the bear sir I don’t you never said the color of the brown the bear is brown Brent bears are brown boom you just got electrocuted Riddler just got electrocuted why don’t I get like five guesses the bear was red the Burr was orange the bear was yellow the bear was white why Mirage fired her neural arrow from the North Pole where any direction she faces is considered south the only bears that naturally live in proximity of the North Pole are polar bears which are white what the fuck yes you’re using that like you sital in geometry on me yeah actually I’m stained wrote this riddle really yeah except obviously he didn’t use Mirage and the demon bear it was just a hunter and a polar bear first of all you said a wasteland yeah the North Pole is a fucking wasteland or whatever fine all right okay yeah I’m winning okay here we go last one prepared to be electrocuted riddle me this what’s the beginning of eternity the end of time and space the beginning of every end and the end of every race I know this one what I’ve heard this one before it’s the letter e fuck right what the beginning of eternity the end of time and space time-space ends with the letter e the beginning of every end yeah and the end of every race right look at you I got him all right all right here’s the last puzzle for the Riddler beast is developing a chemical solution to power the x-jet with alternative fuels his new formula calls for exactly four liters of liquid nitrogen the problem is he only has an unmarked five liter Erlenmeyer flask and an unmarked 3-liter Erlenmeyer flask how can you use these flasks to measure out the 4 litres of liquid that he needs why are all of yours involving math that’s what I was like this is barely math it’s like elementary addition and subtraction okay yeah so they’re unmarked flasks and he needs 4 liters right did you ever see die hard with a vengeance this puzzle was in that movie oh yeah yeah awesome I should have seen the movie I don’t know how it would do it I would fill up the five liter flask uh-huh and then I would empty three of the leaders into the three liter flask right you’d fill that three liter flask up right all the way to the top so I would I know I would have two liters in the five liter flask right and three liters in the three liter flask correct so I just need to figure out how to get rid of the 1 and the 3 liter well where’s the nitrogen coming from it’s coming from a liquid nitrogen tank you can pour liquid out too as all I’m saying just dump it on the floor you know he has an unlimited supply of liquid nitrogen okay that’s good to know okay so I still have five liters I’ll empty out the three liter flask put the two liters that I still have in the five liter flask into the three liter flask right so it’s 1 liter away from being full correct and there’s nothing in the I’ll just fill up the 5 liter flask and then empty empty one liter of it into the 3 liter flask so I have 4 left over in the 5 and I’ll just dump what’s ever around the 3 liter Frank’s can you have your 4 liters boom you got it I’m smart all I know is that we’ve come to the end of the riddles and the puzzles and the Riddler was the only one that got any of these questions wrong so guess what arcade presses his trigger and the Riddler gets zapped and electrocuted until he dies yeah except that the Riddler used a reverse frequency analyzer on his cane what to redirect the frequency to arcade and he got electrocuted he doesn’t have a record it’s a reverse frequency and versus transmission frequencies shut up that’s cheating no yeah let’s fight well the Riddler cheats he cheats always hi guess what little did you know that arcade wouldn’t dare risk putting an electrified taser disk on his own body not knowing whether or not he would know the answers and get out of this alive so he actually just projected a hologram of himself right there that was a hologram that was answering these questions in reality our Akkad’s been standing behind Riddler this whole time and he just shoots him with a gun oh yeah yeah well little did you know the Riddler notice the arcade was a hologram through his powers of deduction and he knew that the real one was probably up behind him what so before our cave could fire that gun The Riddler spins around in his chair and uses his cane to knock the gun out of our kids hand all right okay so now this is just like a full-on brawl in ass do it when I’m fighting with their brains any word come at me bro so arcade lunges that Riddler and pounces on him knocks him off his chair and starts choking the shit out of them are you gonna choke someone with a belong metal cane who’s hitting you in the head well our kid gets hit in the head and he rolls away and then now he’s out he’s been knocked and I know he’s concussed he’s not unconscious but he like throws up his fists and like this hard light holographic like boxing glove on a spring shoots out and punches Riddler in the face knocking him out cold hard light yes she our technology okay well if arcade isn’t knocked unconscious with the cane the Riddler is in with the boxing glove that’s fair I guess and then the Riddler pulls out a gun and shoots arcade in the face except arcade leaps out of the way and he starts flying using these air stepper shoes that he has or if you like walk on air the fuck is this shit yeah he has those and then he just drops a bomb onto the Riddler okay well as the bomb is dropping that’s when the Riddler’s like riddle me this I see without seeing to me darkness is as clear as daylight what am I arkaid says who gives a shit and then Riddler blows up a bat and so he swings his cane like a bat knocking the bomb back at arcade you got that riddle from Batman Forever the only thing I should come up with at the last minute for a bet okay so allegedly this is the type of bomb that could be batted upwards yes and still not explode yeah whatever well well and our improvised scenario there where either our Cade gets blown up with his own bomb or the Riddler gets blown up with our Cades bomb and we’ll go ahead and run the simulations and find out which of these characters wins this match all right as much as I wanted that to be a battle of minds you made it devolve into a battle of fists in the end yeah what for your transmitter reversal device they had to start punching each other because they couldn’t electric it each other now intelligence wise these guys are probably on par with each other now I would say that Riddler has a higher success rate in the comics than arcade however arcade frequently goes up against more powerful heroes than I would say the Riddler does for the most part the Riddler usually sticks to Gotham City and Batman right but you know he’s taken his gig to Central City to fight the flash before that being said it’s pretty rare yeah the rest of their stats were also pretty comparable in addition to their intelligence it’s hard to say exactly what equipment each of these characters has on them so we kind of went with what you could consider default weapons for Riddler it included his cane as well as some question mark flash bangs and a gun a pistol arcade that was even harder but we assume that he had some kind of holographic image inducer maybe some explosives maybe a gun so that being said we figured arcade could probably deliver a higher damage level than Riddler at any average given moment correct cuz basically he’s just dealing with technology that’s a little bit more advanced than the Riddler typically works with right but in terms of like you know strength speed durability they’re average they’re not typically lifting weights yeah the only things these guys are lifting our pencils to fill out their Sudoku right exactly all right so who do you think won between these two characters I’m pretty convinced it’s arcade just because of the few stats where he ranks higher than the Riddler in namely damage and evasiveness we figured that his holograms would make him a little bit more tricky with his illusion cast and possible forcefield generation right again it all comes down to the toys that they’re using at the moment so that being said the winner of the riddler versus arcade is you’re correct its arcade what a cheater arcade one 651 matches out of the 1000 simulations with the Riddler only one 349 so it wasn’t that close of a match no I’m not surprised when one character is higher than another character even if it’s by a little bit in multiple stats it’s gonna skew the results in their favor by skew you mean totally totally cheats annihilate what a cheater and totally win I’m just in character right now what a cheater that does it for this episode arcade beats Riddler 65.1% of the time go ahead and reach out to us guys let us know what you thought about this matchup and you can do that on social media on Facebook Instagram or Twitter just visit our website dynamic duel comm and you could get links to all of our social media profiles if you visit our website at dynamic duel comm you’ll also find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public and if you use that link you could get a discount on your first order of t-shirts or phone cases or stickers stickers are awesome tickers are freaking awesome and they’re only like two dollars yeah definitely give those a check out that does it for this episode in our next episode we will be reviewing an x-men film since we’re kind of on the theme of x-men with the villain arcade we’re gonna be reviewing an earlier x-men movie x-men Days of Future past which i think is one of the better x-men films it’s definitely one of the more interesting and it’s certainly novel in the way that the two x-men generation casts kind of meet together in this one movie so really looking forward to talking about that film go ahead and watch it again if you guys haven’t seen it recently and we’ll be back next week to go ahead and talk about it please don’t forget to share subscribe rate or review our podcast on whatever platform you’re listening to us on it goes a long way in helping spread the word about the show again we’re trying to get to 200 ratings specifically on iTunes but if you’re listening to us somewhere else such as Spotify or stitcher please don’t forget to subscribe or rate us hope you guys enjoyed we’ll talk to you guys next time up up and away truly

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