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Blade II Review Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Blade II Review episode.

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hey everyone Johnny DC here at the top of the episode to remind you that one of your fellow listeners CJ Kraft has written a chilling a collection of short stories titled three tales pages of terror which you can buy and read now for a dollar fifty on it’s a quick but haunting read perfect for Halloween check out the link in our episode description to buy the book and support an indie creator today on with the show [Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic dual podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations on marvelous Joe and I’m a twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode this is our Halloween episode normally we have like a duel that ties into this or at least we try to have one close by right not this episode not this year no but we are reviewing blade 2 which of course has to do with vampires and is supernatural themed and fitting for the holiday it’s a great movie had a lot of fun watching it I haven’t watched the movie in quite a while yeah I really like it it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it I can’t wait to talk about it yeah we’ll get into our thoughts later on in this episode before the review we’re going to discuss the latest comic book movie news that has come out in the past week including the fact that Joker has become the number one r-rated film of all time yeah boy eating out Deadpool and the news that Jeff low up who will be leaving Marvel television due to the fact that Kevin Feige was promoted to the chief creative position at Marvel and will be taking over Marvel television duties that was news that also brought about the cancellation of cloak and dagger which we’ll also be talking about yeah we’ll get onto all those details later our segment times are in our episode description if you want to skip around the episode feel free just a reminder to our patrons who subscribe to us on patreon you will be getting a bonus blooper episode at the start of November as well as the coupon code to use in our t public shop where we sell our merchandise all three tiers on our patreon account get a coupon code yeah offering various discounts depending on the level those of you in our second tier who get customized do requests look forward to your results in the coming week and those of you and our executive producer tier keep being awesome thanks for your help we want to give a quick shout out to is this a creative nickname who gave us a review on iTunes and a rating we’re up to 165 ratings now on Apple podcasts and iTunes as you guys know we’re trying to get to 200 because then our reviews of these Marvel and DC movies including this one for bleh 2 will count toward rotten tomatoes tomato meter it’s always been a huge goal of ours to be like official movie critics so please if you guys have already rated us on iTunes or Apple podcasts share the show with a family member or a friend or on social media and just spread the word about the show and get other people listening yeah there’s millions of comic book movie film fans out there and a small fraction of them who would actually enjoy the show but we only need about 35 of them to give us a rating so help us out that would be great now that that’s done quick to the no prize so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic dual no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was who would you cast as the penguin in Matt Reeves upcoming the Batman film and this was coming off to the news that Jonah Hill had dropped out we got a lot of great answers our first honorable mention goes to Adam Spees for his answer of Timothy Spall who you may know as Wormtail in the Harry Potter franchise yeah he definitely looks the part yeah he’s great playing like these smarmy stout characters and he is sort of perfect for the penguin if he got the role I would not be upset at all I don’t think I would be upset with any of the answers that we got honestly when Jonah Hill was out of the running guy was like oh god there’s like nobody left who could play the penguin but going down this list there’s so many great answers next honorable mention goes to Jeremy or Sanofi ramond and Matt Estes who all gave the answer of Andy Serkis another great answer and I’ve seen concept art of him in the role yeah oh man that’s probably where this answer came from yeah he wouldn’t nail it of course he’s pretty tied to Marvel right now directing venom - yeah he also played claw ain’t black panther although he’s dead now you know so he’s free to go over to the DC side yeah and he’s worked with Matt Reeves before on the Planet of the Apes films right so yeah there’s already a working relationship there I totally forgot about why didn’t this answer not win the nope I don’t know because I forgot about that are all perfect all these answers that is a great choice Jacob Bell gets the answer for James Corden he’s the talk-show host isn’t he yeah but he’s also an actor he’s gonna be in the upcoming cat’s movie Oh looking forward to that nobody I think he definitely looks the part too I think you would actually do well in the role and surprising he seems a lot like a song-and-dance kind of guy and he’s a little friendly featured I think same thing with Jeff Miles juniors answer of Josh GAD both of those actors look the part physically but I would have a hard time believing either of them as like really evil yeah I can see might work out perfectly though you know maybe anomalous analogy and Iran egami from Instagram gave the answer of Danny DeVito sure I mean he’s played the role before you could probably de-age him using d aging special effects he is the perfect actor for the character of course he was fantastic and Batman Returns I would like to see a version of him that’s not so monstrous and more like an aristocrat yeah Amex yeah so not the Tim Burton version but an updated version I think he could still do it he could do it my now I’ve decided the answer of Mark Strong which if you’re gonna cast him as the penguin just cast him as Lex Luthor and everyone else I want him to play as the villain because he is the perfect DC villain character well he’s already played doctor sivana in the Shazam movie and he was Sinestro oh yeah he would just be great as every single DC villain came Morgan said that the penguin should be played by two actual penguins on top of each other in a trench coat yeah and all the characters in the movie could just go around thinking that this was an actual human being you know just like the strong silent type kind of version of the penguin and then cast the cheetah as a real cheetah yeah Kobe hen cheese gave the answer of edy as nur which I actually really liked that choice he’s pretty old he’s really old he was in the Doom Patrol and the guy is definitely up there in the years but he’s a fantastic actor and he has a lot of comic-book cred you know he’s done a lot of voiceover work for both Marvel and DC Jonathan Hazleton said that Vincent D’Onofrio should play the penguin and I hate this answer that is a great answer no cuz he’s already the kingpin yet not anymore not anymore you would be actually a damn good penguin and he reached out to Matt Reeves on Twitter really when this story broke that they were looking for the penguin so yeah if he’s not gonna be a kingpin anymore which hopefully he still will be but if he’s not the penguin that role should be his Joel Seagrave gave the answer of Jorge Garcia you may know him as Hurley from lost yeah I haven’t really seen him in anything else since that show ended but he definitely has the look for the character final honorable mention goes to Harrison Fox who said that Jason Alexander George Costanza and Seinfeld should play the character of the penguin and he’s also expressed on social media that he wants to roll as well oh really I think he would be great I think he’s an underrated actor yeah I think so too if they are going in the comedic route you know there were rumors swirling around Seth Rogen I don’t want to see that if they are going the comedic route I would rather see somebody like Jason Alexander get this but the winners of this week’s know prize goes to John Spees and Shannon Sanderson we had to pick two answers because we couldn’t agree on who we wanted more my choice went to John Spees for his answer of Peter Dinklage yeah I mean he’s the right stature the penguin is supposed to be a shorter guy yeah he definitely has that aristocratic class to him oh for sure and one of the biggest traits I’m looking for in the penguin character for this film is someone who is easy to underestimate but you do so at your own peril yeah yeah I think a lot of people could underestimate Peter Dinklage and then die because of that exactly that’s why I chose Shannon Sanderson’s answer of Rainn Wilson because I think that he’s also someone that could be underestimated I think he really looks the part we haven’t seen a whole lot of him since the office show using James Gunn’s movie super and that was really good but you know he has DC cred he’s done the voice of Lex Luthor and some of the animated stuff and he’s easy to hate you know I think he’d be great for this great he’s just look too tall for me personally uh-huh if I could see where you’re coming for I don’t care about height so much Congrats once again to John Smith and Shannon Sanderson if you the listener want to win your own no prize stay tuned to the rest of the episode where we’ll ask another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news [Music] so todd phillips film the joker starring joaquin phoenix is now the number one rated hour film of all time in the worldwide box office as of right now as of this recording it has almost 850 million dollars worldwide and quick footnote Jonathan and I currently have a side bet going as to whether or not the movie will break a billion dollars I say it won’t and I’m pretty damn positive I’m gonna win that twenty bucks I don’t know it’s pretty close it’s definitely gonna break 900 million box office it’s actually the first rated hour film to break 800 million we’ll see in the coming months if actually crosses the 1 billion dollar mark which would be insane right now the film is already as profitable as avengers endgame yeah that’s crazy and it costs like four hundred million dollars less to me yeah I mean Congrats to it it’s it’s well deserved I think I loved Ryan Reynolds reaction to this news that Joker has beaten Deadpool and he sent a message to the Joker movie accounts those of the Joker movie poster and I said you motherfucker that was great yeah he has a great sense of humor of course it was done in stride I think everybody’s happy to see that this movie is doing so well especially since it branches out so much from traditional superhero fare at a time when you have film creators like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese really ragging on the genre oh yeah absolutely if anything it just stresses the importance of how these superhero movies need to break away from formula and explore their own individual genres and be their own thing or at least DC you know I don’t think Marvel fans want that do they um to a lesser extent yes you look at films like the Winter Soldier which heavily incorporated thriller elements or ant-man which try to be a heist film or even the upcoming Black Widow movie it which is more a spy movie than a superhero one I think the standard marble elements need to be there but the more that they can be tweaked the longer audiences will avoid being fatigued yeah I don’t think Disney or Marvel would ever attempt anything like the Joker though I mean Warner Brothers even saw it as super risky yeah you know the was making a ton of profit but Warner Brothers only get half of it because they Co financed the production with bran studios and Village Roadshow it in order to minimize their losses because they weren’t convinced when the movie was being made that it was gonna be a success right they thought people were gonna hate it yeah but as of right now it’s the number four highest grossing DC film of all time it just to be that Wonder Woman well that’s crazy and if it breaks a billion dollars chances are it’s probably gonna top the Dark Knight as well so it’ll be number three think so while Keene Phoenix’s Joker will out gross Heath Ledger’s yeah we get to account for inflation in that the number of tickets doesn’t make a difference and this isn’t even including China if this would have been released in China hands down it would have broken a billion but it’s not and you’re still gonna owe me  been announced that Jeff lobe will be leaving Marvel as the head of their Marvel television division and go to another company we’re not sure I don’t know if he’s still gonna be working with comic books it looks like he’s seeking to find a similar position as some kind of television executive at a different company now it’s hard to say how I feel about Jeff lope because although I love him as a comic book creative he has been wildly inconsistent with his television shows he gave us a great amazing television like Daredevil and Jessica Jones and I would put agents of shield really high up there but he’s also given us like Iron Fist and the Inhumans right but those were both show run by Scott buck so I don’t know if I blame lower boar buck on that oh that’s right fuck Scott buck hashtag Buck’s got buck remember that yeah that was the thing that we tried to get started I think I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt because I do think that he is a gifted creative mind and part of me is sad to see him go but not so much because I think that Kevin Feige is even better the upcoming shows that are going to be released on the Disney Plus app you know Falcon and the Winter Soldier Wan division Hawkeye what if what we’ve seen from those shows so far what we’ve heard gets me really excited so I know if I he’s gonna do great I’m sure Loeb will land on his feet somewhere else and do a great job but what’s sad about Loeb leaving is that we’re also seeing all of these Marvel tell shows being canceled agents of shield is going into its last season all the Netflix shows are gone the upcoming Ghost Rider series was cancelled the gifted on Fox was canceled Legion heir de / season and that was a great show fuckin love that show and now it’s been announced that cloak and dagger has been cancelled which was another show that I loved I’m sure runaways is on its tail yeah Runaways is on the chopping block next fortunately with cloak and dagger we do get to see them one more time in a guest spot on the runaways television show so that’ll be nice the crazy thing about him leaving now is that there’s starting to be rumors that he was kind of a jerk behind the scenes I heard that too I don’t know how much credence I want to lend those rumors by speculating on him he definitely made some mistakes though like Medusa’s wig in the Inhumans television show he had Surinder Swan shave her head and put on this atrocious wig that totally got trashed by social media it’s horrible and then apparently it cost over a hundred thousand dollars to fix the wig using special effects when the show actually aired because for some reason they thought that this horrendous wig would hold up under the scrutiny of imax film cameras stupid yeah that was his decision I I mean he had the ability to stop that you know I guess when you’re in management all mistakes fall on you right exactly yeah you could have pulled the plug on that wig long before the fans got to see what it looked like so yeah I guess thank you Jeff Loeb for the good work that you were able to do at Marble television but don’t let the door hit you on the way out but the news of all these Marvel television shows getting cancelled brings us to our question of the week out of the canceled and potentially canceled Marvel television shows which one will you miss the most and why and these are shows under the Jeph Loeb era yes correct post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duo podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media I think that does it for all of the comic book movie news for this past week so let’s go ahead and get into the main portion of this episode where we review the movie laid to [Music] okay blade - starting Wesley Snipes and directed by Guillermo del Toro I think this is one of the best movies that we could have done out of Marvel and DC’s pantheon of films for Halloween it was a great Halloween film because not only does it deal with vampires it’s also one of the scariest Marvel films I think out there it is definitely the scariest of the blade trilogy yeah it has more of those horror elements because the primary antagonists of this movie are the Reapers which is like a strain of vampirism that makes vampires act more like zombies so you have zombies in this movie you have vampires you have lots of blood just perfect for Halloween time now if you haven’t seen blade 2 yet I don’t know why that would be the case it’s been out since 2002 I highly recommend the movie it’s a whole lot of fun definitely check it out before you listen to this review because this is a spoiler review as all of our reviews are when this movie came out you and I were too young to see it in theaters so we didn’t see it until the movie came out on DVD and I think at the time that I saw it we were about 16 it was the most violent movie I had ever seen Oh hands down yeah so while I did enjoy this movie as a teenager I was also disturbed by it for a long while yeah when I first saw it I remember not liking it initially uh-huh but I’ve since come around to it it’s a lot of fun yeah now that I’m able to like handle it a little bit better as an adult yeah yeah I think it’s a lot of fun the film does have an unabashedly crude tone but it totally fits the world of blade you know the first film directed by Stephen Norrington is also pretty unapologetic in his tone this movie of course again was directed by Guillermo de Toro and I loved his work I think this was the first film I had seen of his oh yeah this definitely brought his name to my attention log before you know he was winning Oscars for like shape of water and stuff like that right right yeah his sequel here is less stylized visually than the first movie but I would say even more stylish if that makes sense del Toro toned down the more artistic aesthetic that Norrington brought to the first play movie but he kept the cool factor I would disagree with really his cinematography and just like his use of color and stuff I was much better done in this film than the prior one well do you remember how artistic the first movie was it felt very surreal you know had D saturated colors except for like the bright reds of blood it had the speed ramping yeah it was just more artistic this one is a little bit more comic book II it has the bright bold colors and it’s still very well shot it’s kind of like a satin kind of finish to it but I would actually describe this movie as more accessible than the first blade movie I could see that like they didn’t do like the music video cuts and stuff like that right it was much more smooth exactly one of the advantages that blade 2 has over its predecessor is that blade 2 has a more complex story you know the first blade was fairly straightforward he’s trying to stop a guy who’s trying to become an all-powerful vampire God but here there’s complexity to it he not only has to fight vampires he has to team up with the vampires to fight another version of vampires yeah there’s a lot of turns and twists in this one that weren’t in the first one yes I’m betrayals and stuff I actually really like the world of this one a lot more than the first blade and I don’t know if it’s just because it’s set like an Eastern Europe uh-huh but like the head vampire in this film is way cooler than the Council of Elders in the first film yeah he was a lot more scary-looking he’s more like Nosferatu yes to just like a council of board members for a business I liked the character design in this movie del Toro has always been really good at creature work you know a lot of his movies involve creatures it’s one of the reasons why he got the Hellboy movie you know and in this one he definitely got more creative with the look of the vampires and the look of the Reapers you know not too many directors would go so far out there with that whole mandible thing you must hug gross looks it’s so awesome though it’s one of the things that del Toro does best though he really stretched the limits of the art rating here I think for a superhero film this might be the most violent Marvel or DC film of all time do you think yeah I can’t think of another one I mean Punisher war zone was pretty violent but then again I’m Punisher war zone like you’re gonna see like half chopped off heads yeah like brain cross-sections right things like that the violence and the aesthetic and the hypnotists it almost feel like an anime and I think which is what del Toro was kind of going for yeah absolutely it’s intense and hyperkinetic especially the action what did you think about the action I loved the action yeah I loved the choreography uh-huh the framing of the fight scenes and I also liked how they like seamlessly mixed in CG with it I don’t know like the models looked a little bit rubbery I could definitely tell when there were CG models looked pretty bad I think that being said over the years my eyes are a lot more forgiving of bad CGI than they were when I first saw this movie so I didn’t mind as much as I watched it again I didn’t even notice it the first time I watched this movie what I didn’t realize that they were occasionally CG characters I only recognized it now really yeah oh you needed stronger prescription glasses when you’re apparently apparently there was no scene in this movie though that I thought topped the blood rave fight but overall I yeah I think the action was just very well done here very martial arts oriented which I realized we don’t see enough in modern superhero movies anymore definitely not like any of the MCU films although I guess there was some pretty sweet hand-to-hand stuff in the Winter Soldier between cap and bat rock and Bucky I’m really hoping that Shane Chi and the legend of the ten rings really brings back the hand-to-hand stuff fireworks that’d be cool yeah and also of course I hope the upcoming blade MCU movie with Mahalo Ali brings back a lot of the hand-to-hands there’s no way Disney is gonna be able to match the tone and the action and the violence of this film that’s true yeah watching this actually makes me nervous for the Maha Charla I’ll leave film yet because these films are bloody you know blood is a massive part of the theme of vampires and I’m unsure of Disney is brave enough to take the steps it needs to to do justice to the world of blade yeah are you ever gonna see blade like stepping out of a bloodbath yeah way are you gonna see Blade II even stake somebody in the heart in those films who knows you know they’re probably gonna take away his glaive all the cool shit that he has I am nervous yeah unless you know Disney changes their mind and they start producing r-rated Marvel content the rumor is that Deadpool is going to continue being r-rated yeah but that’s just a rumor this is why I’m a DC fan because if we wanted to do a radio tower Joker movie there’s nothing stopping us yeah owned by Disney a family-oriented company right yeah I will give you that one Marvel still better now as good as this movie is it does have a few gaffes going against I ll say I think that the film has some pacing issues primarily when it comes to the two of the big action set pieces of the film specifically the House of Pain and the sewer scene I think those dragged on a little bit longer than they should have they could have been a little bit punchier a little bit tighter you think that this film would have been all the better for it well I think a lot of that has to do with the ensemble nature of the film yeah you have to cover a lot of different characters right they don’t care about yeah right well yeah that’s part of the problem too is that all of the characters in this movie are OneNote all of them including blade which we mentioned in our review of the first blade movie as cool as Wesley Snipes is he does actually bring a whole lot to the role character wise other than the sick martial arts action that he can do and the superhero posing and stuff right blade is not really a compelling character is he’s very mysterious but not necessarily always in a good way yeah he’s very like robotic yeah and you could say that about a lot of the characters in this film like the Blood Pack there’s not much going on there they’re badass though are they yeah I thought they were some of them are laying some of them more than others we’ll get into it in our character breakdown which we should get into now of course let’s start off talking about blade also known as Erik Brooks played by Wesley Snipes as we mentioned before Wesley Snipes was born to play this role he was born to play a superhero as badass as blade he is blade he’s just like that good I really loved how he added a little bit of flourish to the character in this movie showed that he had like a sense of humor particularly in the scene where he slaps the bomb onto Reinhardt oh yeah where he’s like watch the stake and he like spins it around and then he slaps it’s okay go ahead Adolphe make your move yeah just little things like that I think actually reveal a lot about his character and I think it’s a strategy of Snipes that he employed in this film where you can have a character who is compelling despite his lack of dialogue when he does reveal some kind of like quirk or something like that it’s all the more interesting than a character who’s just quirky non-stop yeah it shines all the more bright exactly you could really tell in certain scenes that he cares about Whistler you know there are very subtle signs there he sees him like a father so there are some heart there he’s not just a killing machine and he showed that he cared a lot for Nisa right yeah I’m pretty glad that they didn’t go too far into the romantic subtext I think they went just as far as they needed to because blade was obviously attracted to her but I’ll ever see him settling down with a vampire I never saw as a romantic relationship honestly really I saw it more is just like almost like a father-daughter or like a brother-sister kind of relationship Oh cared for her yeah I don’t necessarily think it was romantic no I kind of thought he had the hots for her she is hot so that helps but yeah in his interactions with nice ax blade proved that he you know was an honorable character you know he stayed true to his word and even helped save her life when she was dying even though he knew that they were gonna try and screw him over the first chance they got right right there was an interesting moment that the two shared where she talks about how she accepted who she was a long time ago and she commented on how he was using the serum to suppress his thirst and in these movies that’s always kind of something that blade feels shame about he is ashamed that he has this vampire thirst yeah it’s almost like a medication he needs to take birth sickness those are the type of story elements that I wish that these movies expanded more upon I know that they’re trying to play all the characters beats subtly but it’s such a fascinating aspect of the blade character that I would just love to delve more into now I have to say I think this is blades best costume that he has in altering movies this is the one that introduced like the red lining to it yes jacket it almost looks like a superhero cape yeah no like Superman has his red cape blade has his red lined trench coat I thought he had the same suit in the third film though no they changed it up just a little bit they gave him like this weird like diamond emblem on his chest plate but here it was more like buckles the rest but like stylized buckles I really liked his look in this movie I would totally wear that like every day if I could pull it off yes let’s talk about the primary antagonist of this movie no Mac played by Luke Goss I think the guy is an amazing actor I really liked his work in this movie I really liked him in Guillermo del Toro’s other film Hellboy  you mean bad guy in that movie yeah he has an interesting voice I think that’s one of the best things he has going for him it used to be a musician I guess and that might play into that but here despite the fact that he has kind of like this drug addict vibe and style and personality you’re still able to connect with him like through his eyes and through his vocal work he feels like a real character in a way that blade kind of doesn’t yeah most yeah he kind of turned out to be a little bit sympathetic he had real emotion behind a lot of his performance and you know he was like insanely powerful believe couldn’t stop him with lead you’re gonna stop him with garlic he had an incredibly fast healing factor he killed like climb on walls and shit here’s like spider-man yeah super cool the only way he could be stopped was with sunlight which was awesome I like the fact that they used like a no-name actor as opposed to someone who’s like really well-known because he was know Mac and that just really helped make a much more believable character yeah there definitely is a benefit to going with no name actors in iconic roles like these in that the audience doesn’t just see the actor playing the role they see the role right speaking of notable actors talk about Norman Reedus who played scut in this movie now Norman Reedus I think this is the first movie I ever saw him and I don’t know if it was this or if I saw Boondock Saints first we saw this first yeah okay I love that actor he’s also really good in the walking dead and he’s like a fan favorite on that show he was my favorite in this movie yeah like right from the get-go like despite not knowing anything about him or never having seen this character before I thought he was like a really cool replacement for Whistler he just has this awesome attitude I mean it’s a shitty attitude but it’s like a cool badass attitude that I wish I had just like don’t give a fuck you know yeah just have a cigarette between your lips the whole time I know I’m a badass be really smart and witty but the downside is that he’s a little bit too loose which gets on whistlers nerves I like their dynamic a lot it was great yeah they’re great foils I was actually genuinely shocked at the twist of this movie when Scott turned out to be a familiar I was disappointed by that yeah I was like how could you man I felt betrayed same here because I love the character and then all of a sudden now he has to die and he went and like it’s such a spectacular fashion it was crazy it was funny I mean it was a little bit cheap and that blade just knew best gut was a traitor there was no foreshadowing to that at all there was a little bit like earlier on when blade was tying Whistler to to keep her friends close your enemies closer oh yeah like the composition of this shot you could see scud like right behind blade it was just the three of those characters in the shot yeah that totally has a different meaning when you see the movie a second time yeah for sure so yeah I guess it did have foreshadowing it was just you know super subtle super subtle let’s talk about Whistler what can be said that we didn’t say in the review for the first blade movie Kris Kristofferson is tough as nails but also just really great for a laugh as well I loved the way he played off of Scud and the vampires and I loved the mystery of the character too like a majority of the film you’re not sure if he’s completely on blade side I never really questioned it blade question did scout a question that it was Scott was a shithead but we didn’t know that I was actually really surprised that they brought Whistler back for this film really you know he died he died in the first film he shot himself so that he would have become a vampire but I guess he was too far along in his transformation after being bitten in the neck they don’t say that explicitly in this film so I remember being really confused the first time I saw it it’s it’s implied but yeah it’s not outright said it was a clever way to bring them back though yeah definitely I liked the way they handled it the character of Whistler is just such an integral part of these blade movies and it’s you know it’s a shame that he died in the third one and that’s probably one of the reasons why that movie sucks so much I know David Goyer explicitly said he wrote this movie he were all the blade films but he said that he wanted Whistler to die and stay dead in the first film because that’s sort of what has to happen to the mentor figure right but people liked him so much that they had to bring him back for the second and the third and he was like finally in the third I’m finally gonna kill him off and he did the one member of the blood pack that I think is worth talking about in detail is Ron Perlman’s character of Reinhardt’s this character sucks he does suck the character is not nearly as cool as he thinks he is I never once bought Reinhardt as any kind of badass as any kind of threat or any now that being said I really do like Ron Perlman’s performance he is a great job of making himself kind of despicable it really despised them but I just feel like there were moments in the film where they really try to sell me on how much of a badass he was like in the sewer scene where he was going up against the Reapers yeah he wouldn’t been able to hold his own now that’s like you my daddy wanted me cookies but he stands out and I think that’s a testament to Ron Perlman as an actor I think he was born to play Hellboy and I’m really sad that that didn’t continue right yeah would have loved to have seen a third film with him but Reinhart was the character that I loved to hate in this movie I loved it when blade put the bomb on the back of his head like that whole scene was just freakin great from the moment when he asks his blade if he could blush and I’m like oh the students a racist to him getting the bomb on the back of his head like it was just justice and even to the way he died yeah you know like he tried to use blades own sword against them and just blade wasn’t having it now cut him in half I think Perlman added a lot to this movie and this role that it wouldn’t have had without him I think the movie would have been just fine without his character no I absolutely disagree you needed someone on the blood pack to be that primary villain because the rest of them were all fodder for the Reapers I agree that you needed a character for blade to hate and a character that would stand out in the blood pack but I also believe that you could come up with a character that was actually believable as a threat or badass well that’s what nomack was about you know I think what you would have gained in credibility you would have lost in personality with anybody else that’s probably fair and the character of nomack probably would have suffered because of that yeah I could see that yeah last character I want to talk about is Nisa played by Ileana Varela as you said she’s really hot I think she has a great look about her I really like like the nubian neck pieces that she would wear which was really thematic when it comes to vampires you know yeah it was a great look amazing beautiful but a horrible actress I don’t think she was that bad I thought she was pretty damn bad like every single line that she delivered except for maybe like towards the end of the movie and was so wooden and just cringe-inducing I couldn’t stand it but you didn’t think it was that bad I didn’t think that at all this last time I saw it really huh I thought she did fight in fact I was thinking like what is she doing more work what else has she been in let’s look it up uh she’s been in a lot of stuff but I don’t really recognize any of it apparently she was in an episode of agents of shield playing a character called Camila Reyes so she’s been in a lot of things I just I just haven’t seen him but if I didn’t recognize her as bad in agents of shield she’s probably become a much better actress since her time in this movie I don’t know I don’t see it I think she was perfectly fine in the role especially in the third act after the sewer scene when she’s there with her dad and you got to see that relationship and how betrayed she feels mm-hmm yeah I do think that she got progressively better as the film went on but that’s all the characters I think that stood out in the movie at least to me it’s going to get into our story highlights breakdown so the movie starts off in the blood bank were introduced to the character of no man I thought it was interesting how the film decided to start off this way so I set up for how threatening the main bad guy of this movie is gonna be I remember being really surprised I remember thinking he was a vampire then realizing oh wait no the blood bank are the vampires oh wait yeah what is this guy then he kills vampires you don’t get a see like the whole mandible action yet right so you’re just it’s just a mystery as to what exactly he is what he can do it was a great start as was the scene with blade yeah we get into the opening credits and we have this like cool like electronic jazz music going and blade gives exposition about you know where he is in the state of his journey searching for Whistler we understand why the last movie ended in Moscow and how whistlers back alive again it really served to highlight how little exposition these blade movies really need right right exactly you could pretty much just jump in see him kill vampires and you get pretty much the whole gist of what these movies are about exactly and what a fun time it is to see blade chasing down these vampires through this abandoned building you know and they jump down to the alleyway and he lifts out of the window like a badass ninja superhero which is what he is and he just utterly annihilates these vampire guys and just the coolest fashion possible you know he shoots the first guy he takes like this silver razor wire on the second guy threatens to kill the third guy but leads him over to that other vampire safe house where he just annihilates these fools I love how he pulls out the stakes when you could have like much work effectively and easily gun on them it’s like he enjoys his work right he wants to like take his time with it and not rush it yeah the action is so kinetic and frenzied and the music accents it perfectly I could rewatch this opening late scene again and again and I’m pretty sure I have but he finds Whistler carries him home cures him we meet Scud and two vampires from the Blood Pack break in to offer him a truce there was another fright here that was pretty cool I just like the concept of the suits that the vampires were wearing to protect themselves from any UV light weapons so cool yeah gave the idea that they’re learning from Blade yeah and that appears several times throughout the film they offer blade a truce and they take him to the head of their vampire clan damn escy knows where it’s explained to blade that member ism is a virus that has evolved into the reaper strain these guys are much more thirsty than vampires but they’re also much more powerful and if blade doesn’t team up with the vampires to stop them the reaper race will grow exponentially there are a lot more like zombies than anything else I loved the concept of this whole thing yeah of vampirism as like a virus that evolves these blade movies have always had the best take on members and I think way better than underworld way better than Twilight you know so so late takes the mission realizing the risk and what’s at stake here he gets to meet the Blood Pack they all hate each other but he’s leading them just the dynamic between everybody is so fantastic for much like the first third of this movie I had a big smile on my face that just didn’t go away the only member of the blood pack that stood out to me other than Reinhardt was fucking Donnie Yen yeah I could not believe that he was in this movie did you forget that I mean when I first saw it I didn’t even know who he was but since then like after seeing movies like hero and eat maan like he’s a badass yeah and is he doing in this role he was little underutilized in this movie absolutely he did have like this pretty cool jump double kick and that was it that was it he was so much better than that but it was cool that he was in the film regardless he played snowman there was also chupa who was like the big gun wielding guy with the frosted hair there was Assad who was the most well-mannered of the vampires the blood Peck yeah here’s ‘ln who attacked blade with nice initially in his headquarters yeah he was cool I liked him yeah there was Verlaine and light hammer they were the the lovers in the group they’re lame they were pretty lame priest who pretty much died right away but that’s cool because he was the worst ever and of course Nisa they all go to the House of Pain which was a nightclub they went there because that happened to be where the largest congregation of vampires was in that area and they knew that that would be where the Reapers would attack so they go there and I think we spend just a little bit too much time taking in the ambiance of everything like I said I think this film has pacing issues and I think this is where it starts to creep up we didn’t need to see them wandering around finding nothing we didn’t need to spend so much time just watching people dance you know I think we could have had the Reapers pop up a little bit sooner oh yeah I agree but when the Reapers do show up and they start attacking it’s a whole lot of fun we learned that the Reapers aren’t dying due to the silver we get to see you know the mandibles open up for the first time how fucking gross that is yeah we get to see that cool ass fight between blade and no Mack for the first time where they’re fighting in that like Church and again we get a little bit more detail on how powerful no mech is all of them the craziest moment in this whole scene is when Donnie yen’s character snowman like impales one of the Reapers on a wall with his katana yes oh the river just like what climbs up the wall backwards just like slicing himself from like chest to groin it’s like what was that they must not feel much pain I would think or they’re probably so jacked up on like adrenaline needing that blood fix that they they just don’t think about anything else right what did you think of the blade versus no mech fight I for one was surprised to learn that no mech was like a martial artist yeah yeah that came out of nowhere I’m also surprised blade didn’t utilize the Sun as a weapon like earlier on yeah so what are you doing stop doing rent houses just open up the windows I liked how he was able to reflect the sunlight off of his sword though that was a pretty neat effect too you know into that fight at that time the blood pack takes one of the Dead Reapers and they perform an autopsy on it to learn the Reapers weaknesses those grows one of the grossest scenes in the sense I think was one of the reasons why I had such a problem with Snoopy when I was a kid because of this scene we see too many vampire insights in this but like even the concept of like a heart that is protected by a bone shell it’s just fucking disgusting and the mandible I think that was the grossest thing yeah it looks like a vagina from hell yeah I mean like that’s the kind of imagery you don’t want to see when you’re going through puberty no you know it’s right up there with the face huggers of aliens though and they’re like just how exactly gross and confusing it is so anyway in the autopsy they learned the Reapers weaknesses you know basically just sunlight and the thirst itself they have to keep feeding otherwise their bodies start to eat themselves but it’s only the turned Reapers like no Mack doesn’t suffer from that no but due to their extreme weakness to sunlight they decided to attack the Reaper pack at night so they go into the sewers where it’s you know dark they know the Reapers will be there and they take with them these sunlight flashbang grenades which is a little bit fucking ridiculous it is but you know it’s actually really really bad just like the scene towards the end where they detonate like the huge box of grenade bombs yes and like Lisa sees the light like turning around the corner it’s like it’s fucking light yeah it’s like flowing by that’s exactly by the time you see it it’s already hit you it’s not like you be fire it’s a light right right I like the effect of what would happened to the Reapers when they would be hit by sunlight they wouldn’t turn to like orange embers like regular vampires would they would like detonate in this like wild blue explosion it’s crazy I think that was only your product of the grenades because earlier on in the club when Reinhardt was flashing his light on that Reaper they had staked to the wall he did get burned up well even if you think about the end of this movie when nomic kills himself by shoving the blade into his heart he dies in blue fire as well it’s weird cuz he’s also like shining UV light out of his eyes and mouth when he does them right right weird so just one of their characteristics I thought it was pretty cool just a way to differentiate them from normal vampires yeah again this tunnel scene though is one of the moments of the movie that I think dragged on just a little bit longer than it needed to spent too much time just like walking through the sewers and like nothing happens I think they could have stumbled upon the Reapers it’s a little bit sooner and had more action crammed into that time frame when we did see the Reapers though it was cool just like seeing their shadows like crawling across walls and stuff like that really cool villain henchman characters like Xenomorphs or something like that yeah oh yeah kind of like the aliens from the alien movies that’s pretty good comparison like mate those with the zombie and you have your Reapers that’s an image a blade gets captured in the sewers because as he’s feeding Nissa they electrocute him and he’s taken captive over to domsky knows his place where they pretty much reveal that the Reapers are not an evolution of the vampire virus but an experimental strain in efforts on their behalf to create daywalkers like blade which i thought was pretty cool and made sense story-wise they’re making all these adaptations from blade it made sense that they would try and become like him right right Scott is revealed to be a familiar he gets blown to bits The Electric you blade again and freakin impale him and all these sharp steaks extract his blood and better learn how to create more beings like him oh man like just when I thought that blood extractor cage from the first movie was bad yeah with like the blades on the wrists yeah they do this yeah yeah yeah but Whistler manages to escape Reinhardt and he rescues blade and yeah it doesn’t kill Reinhardt’s yeah yeah that’s right he just like knocks him out huh stupid oh but I mean it’s not like Reinhardt lives long and it leads to a great scene where blade falls into the blood pool and comes out you know super jacked super strong and enhanced and he takes out this entire mess of fools that are trying to electrocute him again I really liked that scene I really liked the music that was playing I like - up until the fact where he did that wrestling move on the very last guy we’re just like holds him vertically straight in the air and just falls backwards that like jumps up pops a back up into frame right away I was like what well he’s a he’s in full comic-book mode man though he could do stuff like that when he’s in that mode he kills Reinhardt slices him right down the middle super gross and then he goes and chases after nomic who arrives on the scene looking to kill his father Thomas quino’s I love the way dem asked eNOS died like Novak didn’t bite him he just like ripped open his throat and just let him bleed out and unlike other vampires when they die when they like turns like cinders and ash yeah he like turns to ice and just like cracks that was cool that was cool but can you kill a vampire like that I guess a Reaper can and maybe a really fucking old vampire like that so damn mosquitoes is dead no man tries to turn Nisa I think is what he’s doing he’s trying to turn her into a Reaper his sister and then blade shows up and they have their big climactic and fight which I really liked you know there were some parts that were heavily CG but the choreography I thought was fantastic is it was even better than the fight that they had earlier in the church just the camera angles and everything that they chose oh yeah it was just straight out of a comic book splash page it’s a lot better climactic fight than I think the first blade movie for sure yes yeah it was hardcore too they were really going at it slamming into each other and like they’re shooting blood out of their mouths and stuff like that it was brutal in all the ways that you know epic blade fights should be and I like the way that blade figured out a way to kill no Mac without using sunlight because I remember watching it at the time I was like how is this gonna end yeah right in the side of the heart that’s how yeah he went around his bone shell so it was you know lucky for them they were able to perform that autopsy otherwise blade wouldn’t have known to do that it is interesting how in the end no Mac ended up taking his own life you know essentially he was dead already but he like delivered the final coup de Gras to himself which highlighted just how much of kind of like a sympathetic character he was he didn’t want to be this experiment he don’t want to exist right he was mad at his creators for existing it’s very much like a Frankenstein kind of concept oh absolutely we just kind of what makes him such a great character yeah missa doesn’t want to turn to a reaper so she asks blade to carry her out into the sunlight so she can die while she’s still a vampire that was a beautiful scene it’s so beautiful oh my god again straight out of an anime - just reminded me so much of Japanese animation I like that the last thing she looked wasn’t the Sun but was him yeah she was staring at him yeah I think in that one way I think that’s where I got the heavy like romantic vibes as opposed to like father-daughter kind of brother-sister vibes maybe she deeply cared for him in the same way that he cared yeah and he like tried to like touch her cheek at that moment but she just kind of like crumbled away so sad yeah so the movie ends and there’s kind of an epilogue of sorts that happens right after that where blade is back in London and he’s at a video arcade to kill the vampire that he let go as a loose end at the start of the movie it was such a hardcore way to end a film just seeing a sword go into somebody’s forehead right now it just has to do with the whole crass attitude of the film itself the whole nature of the franchise in general but particularly with this movie where it just doesn’t give a fuck and it’ll be as violent as it wants to be because hey you’re dealing with a movie about fucking vampires a killer who kills other killers essentially right it’s dark unapologetic stuff and I’m glad that this style of film was able to be made back when it was before marbles acquisition by Disney yeah this is back when Warner Brothers was making Marvel films right yeah with New Line Cinema yeah yep thanks for that by the way yeah and Warner Brothers also did blade Trinity so don’t think I’m too but yeah that does it for this movie in all I have a hard time choosing which blade movie I like more between blade and blade - I like him both for different reasons blade was a very stylized artistic and modern take on vampire mythology whereas blade 2 was just a whole lot of fun focused more on the things that made the first movie so enjoyable although sacrifice some character development at the expense of that I think and to that end I think I actually like laid one a little bit more because it had just as much action as play - but I think technically it was a better film uh-huh so I give blade two three and a half stars whereas blade one we gave four stars it’s kind of strange to say that Stephen Norrington is more technical than guillermo del toro yes Stephen Norrington is not doing anything anymore no after like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen offed right and Guerra de toros off went making you know for winning films yeah Best Picture winners sigh Roenick but I do have to agree that I also still like the first blade more than this one the way it set up the mythology and the characters I just cared a lot more about them than the ones in this film to me this was just a nice add-on a really well-made add-on but not superior to the original I know a lot of people who do actually like this one more than the first film I totally understand where they’re coming from yeah I’m just not there so I agree  and let us know what you guys thought about this movie by writing in to us at dynamic dual podcast at or you can reach us on social media on facebook twitter or instagram that does it for this review yeah in our next episode we will be doing a duel between the Metal Men and Colossus from the x-men right and that’s in the lead up to our big episode 150 where we’re pitting the Titans against the x-men just a reminder that if you visit our website at dynamic duel comm you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public and there you can find all kinds of merchandise from cell phone covers to pillows to t-shirts with our no prize hoodies since you know winter’s coming up right yeah who doesn’t want a cool like Batman Blade hoodie we do actually have a blade shirt yeah it’s it’s really cool who are you gonna draw for this week’s no prize what new merch is gonna be available I think it’s gonna be Colossus can’t wait to see how your drawing comes out please don’t forget to share subscribe rate and review our podcast on whatever platform you’re listening to us on but especially on iTunes if you could give us a rating if you haven’t yet already we’re trying to get to 200 once again don’t forget to purchase three tales pages of Terror written by fellow listener CJ craft available on you can find the link in our episode description and patrons of ours don’t forget that you’re getting a bonus blooper episode at the  producers of the show Jon Spees and boto winter that does it for this episode talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers

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