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Batman: Hush Review Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Batman: Hush Review episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m his twin brother marvelous Joe and in this episode we are reviewing Batman hush it’s a little late they kind of pushed up the date of the blu-ray release so we didn’t foresee that happening so a lot of you have probably already seen this movie which is good yeah which means that we don’t have to tell you to make sure to watch it before we give this spoiler review yet if you haven’t seen the film you’re probably familiar with the storyline that came out in the comics in the early 2000s it’s sort of like a quintessential Batman storyline not only because I featured so many of Batman’s villains but also because they had so many firsts like Batman’s first fight with Superman in continuity and things like that yeah and I had great art by Jim Lee and was written by Jeff flow it was a great story I’m glad they adapted it to film yeah yeah it’s about time if you are familiar with the storyline from the comics but haven’t yet seen the film there’s some surprises so we’ll talk about those later on in our review before that we’re gonna break down the news items from the past week there’s two DC trailers there’s the Titans season 2 trailer and a Wonder Woman bloodlines trailer we also got word that Phil Lord and Chris Miller who produced the spider-man into the spider-verse movie are also working on multiple live-action television projects for Sony involving characters from the spider-man universe yeah it’s exciting we’ll be talking about that as well as always our segment types are in our episode description so feel free to jump around the episode to wherever you want to listen especially if this is old news to you just skip it we want to give a quick shout out to Ben O’Neill white wolf Azul jamie-lynn 3 1/8 Marvel Forever 99 and / during one for all giving us reviews on Apple podcasts that’s a huge number of reviews yeah that’s fantastic we’re up to a 137 ratings now on Apple podcast in iTunes as you guys know we’re trying to get to 200 ratings because then Rotten Tomatoes will let Jonathan and my reviews of the Marvel and DC films count toward the official run tomatoes meter we’re so close so close to getting to this podcast with friends and family that you know would enjoy it they would really help us promote the show to people who may also be able to give us ratings on Apple podcasts and get us closer to that goal we also want to thank everybody else that didn’t leave us a review but did rate us yeah because it’s the ratings that really count right the reviews are just kind of like the cherry on top they’re so fun to read it’s always great to hear that you guys like the show as much as we enjoy making it thank you again but with that all out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic dueled no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week and last week’s question was in regards to the cloak and dagger and runaways television show crossover and we asked named two other Marvel television shows or two other DC television shows that you would have liked to have seen crossover that haven’t already or never did or never did or never will we have some great answers for this one first honorable mention goes to CJ Kraft who wants to see an agents of shield slash Hawkeye slash Falcon and the Winter Soldier crossover event I could definitely see all those worlds kind of coming together for a crossover event honorable mention also goes to Dustin Balcom who gave the answer of Doom Patrol slash Swamp Thing now I almost thought that this was gonna happen cuz there was one episode in Doom Patrol who were cliff steel robot man goes into the swamp searching for a crocodile and just I was just waiting for a Swamp Thing to pop out why is he searching for a crocodile it’s a long story don’t worry about it alright honorable mention also goes to Jeff miles Jr who gave the answer of cloak and dagger meets the gifted and that would be a pretty good crossover because you could have cloak and dagger questioning whether or not they themselves are mutants in the comics it turns out that they’re actually mutates the drug that they took awoke like this mystical power within them you’re are you mentioning that in our cloak-and-dagger versus Wonder Twins episode yeah yeah go ahead and check that out if you guys want to learn more about cloak and dagger that was a great answer Jacob Bell gave the answer of arrow and Titans which makes sense like totally I feel like science was pretty heavily inspired by the arrowverse which tends to be a little bit more ground so they would fit well together I think honourable mention also goes to Trevor Wallace who gave the answer runaways meets cloak-and-dagger meets Titans so this is a Marvel and DC crossover which is pretty cool yeah he knows we would automatically gravitate towards this answer oh yeah I think that would be a great mashup considering all the characters are really young but considering the tones of the Titans television show I would almost want to see a defenders Titans matchup just for those you know similar tones yeah they’re all tv-ma so it would probably make more sense for them to crossover right joël Seagrave gets honorable mention for his answer of Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the X been 90 s cartoon right and those were both animated television shows I would probably amend this one from the and the x-men cartoon just because it had a very similar art style to Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but that’s great I’d love to see you the x-men and the Avengers team-up in an animated crossover episode kind of like how spider-man did with the 90s cartoon the great there’s a great cross is so much fun Caleb Albers gets honorable mentioned for his answer of agents of shield and Loki which would be fantastic because he would have Phil Coulson getting revenge on Loki possibly and he also gave the answer of the Wonder Woman the 70s flash from the 90s Batman from the 60s and The Adventures of Superman from the 50s how cool would that be to see Lynda Carter meet Adam West’s meet George Reeves meet John Wesley Shipp it would involve a lot of time travel those shows were on at the same time yeah that’s like a 40 year different so the flesh can do it right exactly yeah be really cool honorable mention goes to Matt Estes who gave the answer of agents of shield meets the defenders that would be fantastic in the comics Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and daredevil and Iron Fist they’ve all worked with shield multiple times so yeah that’s fitting and our final honorable mention goes to John Spees who gave the answer of Smallville and birds of prey now they were on around the same time on the Warner Brothers Network that used to exist I’m sure they would have eventually crossed over if birds of prey had lasted long enough yeah if it lasted more than a season right but we have two winners for this week’s no prize one DC answer and one Marvel answer that we liked the most the DC answer was given by Shannon Sanderson who gave the answer of Constantine and Swamp Thing two great shows that were both cut down in their prime didn’t even get to see a second season I thought we did get a second season I’m Constantine well Constantine appeared later on in arrow and legends of tomorrow but he didn’t get to keep his own show and it would have been great to see him in Swamp Thing because it was the swampthing comic where the character of Constantine first appeared oh I’m giving the Marvel no prize to Salvador Martinez who gave the answer of daredevil and Hawkeye now Hawkeye we know is getting some Disney Plus show later on in 2021 but I think he would pair really well with Charlie Cox’s you know defenders daredevil character and what made this answer so compelling to me was the fact that Salvador Martinez elaborated that bull’s eye would be the primary villain so you would have Hawkeye and daredevil teaming up to take on bullseye from season 3 of daredevil and that’s fitting because for a while bull’s eye was mimicking Hawkeye right he was Dark Avengers Hawkeye for a while so I thought that was a great answer Congrats to Salvador Martinez and Shannon Sanderson you guys both win this episodes no prize if you the listener would like to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week and now that that’s done onto the news [Music] okay so this past week we got our first look at Titan season two which of course is a show on the DC Universe platform I’ve been looking forward to this for a while because it debuts pretty soon now that swampthing is over it starts early next month on September 6 oh wow that’s really quick yeah so I hope this isn’t the only trailer and I don’t think it will be because the whole thing is under a minute long it’s only 53 seconds long okay it starts off with Bruce Wayne talking with Dick Grayson and we get to see Ian Glen as the character of Bruce Wayne for the first time he’s a little up there in years he is and it’s to me it does not read as Bruce Wayne it reads as Jorah Mormont’s rum maybe I kind of you know what the accents and everything it’s not how Bruce Wayne sounds when I’m reading the comic yeah he’s talking with dick about his new Titans friends which is quickly interrupted by Jason Todd jumping in front of a camera saying we’re back bitches which is kind of funny but I hate the character of Jason Todd I think you’re meant to dislike him he was always the annoying Rob and he didn’t really become really cool until he was red hood well he’s like really violent in the show like he hates cops and he has no qualms about like snapping a cop’s neck like paralyzing cam thing it’s just really brutal so to see him here I’m like uh get the fuck off the screen Jason move along I want to see you a star fire looks like which we do get like a brief glimpse of we don’t get to see like her final costume that was revealed later on by an ad up on Instagram but she’s you know like she didn’t got fire and stuff so Starfire looks so much better this season than she did in the last one she doesn’t have like the weird like fur coat and Lena the prostitute outfit although star fires out from the comics is still kind of a prostitute outfit but we’re talking like a real prostitute as opposed to a space prostitute well in the comics she’s Tam Iranian and alien species that don’t wear clothes so story wise it makes sense we do get to see a lot of costumes in this trailer like way more than I thought we would I think there’s a flashbacks to like an earlier version of the Titans like the Teen Titans from the comics yeah you get to see Wonder Girl you get to see Aqualad of course Hawk and Dove return their cost always looked cool yeah at the end of the first season of Titans Robin burned his Robin outfit so that kind of like paved the way for him eventually becoming Nightwing so I think anytime you see him in his Robin outfit in this trailer it’s actually a flashback oh really yeah interesting there’s a lot of quick cuts here we get a seer avenger’ who is Deathstroke’s daughter you can tell because like she’s wearing an eyepatch and she’s just being like a martial arts badass she’s a pretty cool character from the comics we also get to see Superboy who I’m most looking forward to in this new season yeah and Kryptos in it - yeah of course both Krypto and Superboy were teased at the end of the last season yeah it’s gonna be great to see those two together of the returning characters I think the most interesting look now belongs to Raven you know she’s paler she has that like red jewel and she has the purple hair it’s a good look of course the trailer ends with a shot of Deathstroke and I’m not sure who’s talking I think it’s Jason Todd who’s like oh my gosh he seems like very concerned that we’re seeing death struck when we finally get to see like the full reveal of him he’s wearing like a red light over one of his eyes you know it seems very like Deadshot II it bothers me I thought the same thing I was like ooh that’s not Deathstroke that’s Deadshot I think the outfit that they revealed at the end of the Justice League movie that was worn by a Joe Manganiello yeah was a much better costume design they should have just used that costume honestly it’s not like anyone else is using it right now the actor who’s playing Deathstroke is acai Morales you may remember from the movie la Bamba okay oh yes this is the brother yeah yeah the alcoholic brother I think he’s gonna do a fantastic job in the role he’s gonna have a hard time topping men yuba Nets interpretation of the character and arrow season - those are fantastic interpretation I’m really looking forward to seeing Kim and Superboy I’m just looking forward to all of season two I think it’s gonna be great in other news we learned this past week that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been contracted by Sony to develop a handful of television series based on spider-man characters now Phil Lord and Chris Miller were the minds behind spider-man into the spider-verse they didn’t direct it they produced it but it was pretty much their brainchild and while I love that movie so much my first reaction to this news was just I know don’t do that because I have a feeling that they’re gonna take a lot of these like Spidey d-list characters and then start making serious about them that either people won’t care about or will interfere with the Marvel Cinematic version of spider-man Tom Holland exactly it’s gonna lead to confusion the same confusion that we talked about happening between the flash TV show and the live-action film of the flash rather that really hasn’t happened yet but we talked about like brand confusion when you go to the toy store and you want to buy a toy for your like nephew that’s of the flash you may get confused as to which version of the flash that kid likes right exactly and now we don’t know if that’s gonna happen in this case because we don’t know what shows they’re going to be developing you know this is just announced these shows are a long ways away from being on the air and we don’t even know if they have the MC use blessing like if Marvel Studios or Marvel television has any part of this deal which I assume that they don’t I think Sony is just doing their own thing here and trusting Phil Lord and Chris Miller to put their genius to work this whole concept may work if they decide to explore you know the spider verse or just explore our characters that they don’t ever foresee interacting with Tom Hollands spider-man character in the MCU if they can pull that off I would actually look forward to these series they said a handful of series I don’t know how much that is that’s probably like two to four you’re guessing I don’t know how many television shows you can hold in a hand but I’m actually hoping it’s closer to about two shows yeah I’m really curious to see which characters they choose and that brings us to our question of the week what character from the spider-man comics do you most want to see Phil Lord and Chris Miller adapt into a live-action television series post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media in our last bit of news we got our first look at Wonder Woman bloodlines the animated film that’s coming out later this year we don’t have a hard release date but it’s assuming that it’ll come out sometime in October and we’ll be reviewing it once it does the movie actually looks pretty cool it seems to kind of retread part of the same story that the Wonder Woman film did but then it jumps to the modern era and it’s kind of like Wonder Woman versus like the best of her rogues gallery yeah this looks to be like a much different storyline than I thought it was going to be I thought this was going to be an adaptation of Brian Azzarello initial 52 run where she learns that she is a daughter of Zeus so I’m kind of disappointed that it doesn’t seem to be that but you’re right it does look like this is a mixture between an origin story and some kind of conflict set in like the modern time of the DC animated movie universe so the trailer starts off with Steve Trevor crashing his fighter jet near the mascara and he gets saved by Diana it looks like they hit it off pretty early on and Wonder Woman makes it pretty clear that she is going to be leaving with him to go save man’s world which her mother doesn’t like but of course we know what happens there what’s interesting about this part is that Diana is wearing like her traditional Wonder Woman costume with like the yellow Eagle breastplate and the yellow tiara she doesn’t wear that in the DC animated movie universe she wears more of like her new 52 get up with it’s all silver do you prefer the gold or the silver I absolutely prefer the gold I don’t know I kind of like the silver I know a lot of people like like the blue top it’s real like a sleeveless turtleneck I don’t even know what to call it but it goes all the way up to our neck uh-huh I mean I think it looks a little bit more fierce a little bit more practical and battle-ready her breasts aren’t ready to pop out I’m gonna mention this later on in our Batman hush review but the character design they have for the DC Animated universe superheroes are very hit and miss for me there one woman one is alright again I would much prefer to see her traditional like gal gadot costume and that is a great design that one I love that one well there’s more bronze than gold or silver I think they went with the silver design in the new 52 to kind of like match her silver bracelets yeah I agree plus it kind of steered away from like the whole red blue and yellow color scheme the Superman already has yeah yeah the trailer then flashes forward to the modern day yeah and then we get to see some other villains that she’ll be facing off in this movie including cheetah there’s Giganta there’s dr. Poisson yeah who’s the vulture looking lady Silver Swan okay she’s actually like a descendent of Ares what do you think of the character designs of the villains I thought they were fine I thought cheetah was way too buff I’m just gonna say that she just should be buff because not a lot of people know just how strong cheetah is they think she’s like Tygra from the Marvel Universe cheetah is actually about almost as strong as Wonder Woman in the comics so if you have a bulky cheetah character you know that she can actually physically go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman yeah and that’s probably something that most people will learn in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film where you know she’ll be played by Kristen Wiig what’s interesting from a story perspective from this trailer is that they seem to be borrowing something from Greg Rekha’s rebirth arc in the comics where once Diana left the mascara she never actually returned like those were implanted memories from the gods it was all very strange and interesting yeah it seems like here she’s trying to get back to the mascara to prevent a war between her rogues gallery and the thymus Kieran’s and that looks like the big climactic battle but she has to find her way back and so she’s like consulting this Grail or this chalice of liquid or something yeah trying to get some kind of vision from that I do hope that once the film is released they work a little bit better at syncing up the voices with the characters because in this trailer the animation does not match up as great as Rosario Dawson’s voice as the character is all of the performances seemed like really passionate and the characters are just like very flat like no expression well I would agree that’s the case for a of the DC Animated universe artwork in general the characters are very wooden yeah I would agree that that was definitely the case and Batman hush yeah let’s get on to that review I think that does it for all of the news this week yeah I can’t wait to discuss it it was a lot of fun let’s get into it [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so Batman hush is DC’s latest installment in its animated movie universe and of course it’s based on the Tron by comic superstar Jim Lee as always this is a spoiler review and given the mystery nature of the storyline I highly recommend seeing the film before listening any further I would even recommend reading the hush story arc from the comics before seeing the film because it just kind of adds to your enjoyment of the liberties taken with the story a little bit more that’s true it’s true I mean even if you’ve read the comics that the film is based on there are some big surprises here that I imagine you won’t want to spoil for yourself the film has been available to stream since Comic Con and it’s been on blu-ray since August 6th it was released as we mentioned earlier a week early which is why this review was scheduled so late but as of today you can stream it on the DC Universe app for free with their 7 day trial period find a way to see it it’s good yeah I mean if you like Batman if you like that sort of thing yeah who doesn’t like Batman everybody likes Batman it would Marvel fans like Batman do be though yeah you know in your heart you like hmm now it’s not a perfect film like the chief animation in DC’s recent animated films still makes me cringe sometimes yeah there’s not enough frames in some shot no yeah it’s passable the best thing about this film is that it ends on a really strong note now I’m surprised this wasn’t adapted to animation sooner it’s kind of the perfect Batman storyline in that it’s a mystery that features a wide sampling of Batman’s rogues gallery second only to probably the long Halloween which was also written by Jeff flub but it’s never been clear as to whether that storyline is actually canon the hush storyline is also a pretty decent mystery - yeah yeah it’s always interesting to see BAM and actually be a detective you know yeah he’s built as the world’s greatest detective now hush was canon in the comics up until the new 52 and it was notable because it not only featured the first in continuity fight between Batman and Superman but also because they teased to the return of Jason Todd and it was when Batman revealed his secret identity to Catwoman I collected the entire run when I came out it was a big deal though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by the storyline by the time it was done you and I were both avid readers of wizard magazine in the early aughts which is where all comic book readers got their news before the internet took over so I knew going into the hush comic that the storyline was going to feature a bunch of Batman’s rogues and introduced a new villain known as hush now the character of Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend dr. Thomas Eliot was introduced to pretty early in the hush storyline yeah and we all figured that he was gonna be hush and yeah everyone reading it pretty much thought that he was gonna be hush and though Jeff Loeb and Jim Lee tried to pull a fast one on us by having the Joker killed dr. Elliot halfway through the series by the end sure enough dr. Elliot was hush and the reason he became a villain was basically because he was an entitled brat who hated Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas for saving dr. Elliot’s parents from a car accident when dr. Elliot was a boy it was kind of weak yeah and I was never really a huge fan of the design of the character of hush he reminded me a lot of negative man from Doom Patrol absolutely yeah they’re interchangeable yeah the character of hush really fell flat and he was never successfully used as a Batman villain ever again like in my opinion uh-huh so I had mixed feelings going into this movie you know figuring that I’d be disappointed by the end of it because of hushes identity reveal but the film tricked me in a way that literally almost had me standing up from my seat going we learned that hush wasn’t dr. Elliot in this film it was spoiler alert The Riddler which was so perfect because one of the best things about the hush storyline of the comics was how it elevated the character of the Riddler from like an annoying c-list villain to a dangerous mastermind incredible threat to Batman because he found out during that storyline that Bruce Wayne was Batman right they took that aspect of the character in this film and like amplified it making the Riddler the most badass he’s ever been and any medium ever even dare I say the Arkham video games what do you mean how is he in the games in the games he’s kind of like jigsaw from like the Saw movies oh really yeah oh that’s pretty cool it was a great interpretation but while that may be like the most maybe successful adaptation this is the most badass The Riddler has ever been in my opinion in any medium this film what about Jim Carrey shut up a character that I was surprised to see that was featured so prominently within this storyline was Catwoman because I don’t remember her being so involved in the comics of this story arc I think it’s been a long while since you’ve read the comic because she was pretty heavily involved in the comic was she yeah so she was like fighting crime alongside Batman like teaming up against two-face and they were like boning in the shower and all that stuff I don’t remember the boning in the shower and yeah you may be right they may not have teamed up in the comic but she was still a major player okay because I almost felt like the actual hush storyline took a backseat to this Batman Catwoman love story and this movie almost could have been called Batman and Catwoman oh I agree like you could definitely classify this film as a mystery but I think at its core it’s a romance you know this film is really the answer to why Batman and Catwoman can’t be together and a majority of the scenes were dedicated to exploring the relationship but I think it works because that relationship like especially now when they almost just got married in the comics this film seems a little bit more relevant than probably would have been a few years ago their relationship is a fascinating one because that’s essentially the story of this guy who has dedicated his entire life to this cause and a woman who’s essentially against that cause in some respects trying to win his love and affection and attention star-crossed lovers doomed from the start exactly exactly let’s get into the character breakdown so we could talk a little bit more about Batman and Catwoman starting off with Batman so Batman was voiced by Jason O’Mara as in past films of the DC animated movie universe this is surprisingly the first solo Batman film I’ve seen in that universe like I haven’t seen bad blood or Batman versus Robin I’ve just seen him in films like Justice League dark or throne of Atlantis so my first take on Jason O’Mara’s Bruce Wayne is that he sucks really yeah like it makes me really wish that Kevin Conroy was voicing the character because he’s really good at making Batman sound menacing and Bruce Wayne sound charming to me there was no difference between Jason O’Mara’s Batman and Bruce Wayne voice and that bothered me yeah yeah I mean he’s a little bit flat in his delivery I could see that it’s OneNote it’s the same thing it’s hard for me to say that though because I really liked Jason O’Mara as an actor he had a prominent spot on agents of shield season four I think it was where he played the patriot and he was great in that show some kind of a fan of his no just Kevin Conroy all day every day yeah another thing that bothered me about this Batman was this costume change halfway through the film yeah now as I mentioned earlier like I found the character design and this animated universe like really hit or miss and I think the blue cape and cowl homage to Jim Lee’s interpretation of the character was a mistake because the starting design of Batman like the same one that he’s used in the past films is really good yeah the black and gray outfit yeah yeah well the blue cape probably makes the character look more heroic it doesn’t make sense for the character I think yeah Batman should never be wearing blue he’s like a stealthy ninja he needs to be wearing black in my opinion and that’s what he was wearing in his first appearance in Detective Comics was black and gray I mean he also had purple gloves but really but his cape was black okay what they did get right about Batman in this film and this is probably more important than anything is his character the conflict he has with starting a relationship with Catwoman and the drive to find out who’s manipulating events behind the scenes his code of honor and the sense of justice and the intellect all of that is on display here and it’s all done really well and I think the filmmakers have to give a lot of credit to Jeph Loeb for that yeah line delivery notwithstanding his dialogue as a character was pretty damn good yeah as it was Catwoman’s yeah I didn’t know that was Jennifer Morrison I liked Jennifer Morrison I didn’t honestly care for her voice work either you just don’t like anybody do you like the sultry voice of Selina Kyle I hear in my head when I read the comics is not the same voice I heard coming through my speakers when we wash to this movie what does her voice sound like let me hear it [Laughter] why did I even try didn’t sound like that either I don’t know what I was trying to do Eartha Kitt I didn’t know movie gun in my head she sounds more like Michelle Pfeiffer I guess uh-huh just super sultry sex kitten a voice like velvet and to touch on character design again hers was just horrible I did not like her mask no her tiny goggles on her long facial structure made her look like her eyes were too far apart and I think the animators had a really challenging time with her all-black costume because like her contour lines weren’t visible and that forced to them to add like some dimension to the outfit using like tints of greyish purple unsuccessfully and made her costume looked super shiny but also out of place with her surroundings exactly exactly all that said I think it was easy to identify with Cattleman’s viewpoint throughout the film as easy as it was for Batman especially at the end when she realized that she and Batman couldn’t be together yeah that was kind of heartbreaking because it was like but you guys belong together but do they do they now they do so well for each other they make each other happy he’s just being a stubborn dick I think both of them are unwilling to compromise and that’s never a good sign in a relationship unfortunately the sex is probably fantastic though I think that’s what it is I think they’re just both really athletic and flexible and I think it’s a sex thing they’re both super physically compatible without being morally compatible which you can’t you can’t maintain right right that kind of relationship so yeah I guess the best thing they could be is just friends with benefits since neither of them are getting married but I don’t want that for Batman I want something more for him moving that to Nightwing I didn’t care for Nightwing’s voice either but you know he had some of the best two action scenes and most importantly his character also brought human to Batman in a way the only Dick Grayson can like he’s the closest thing that Batman has to a family member or friend and dick prevents Batman from getting too serious you really get this sense that like Nightwing is happy with Batman’s relationship with Catwoman yeah it’s like that’s healthy that’s good for you Batman it’s like seeing your friend finally settle down or something speaking of the action though it was like they saved all of the frames in the movie for Knight Ming’s action scenes cuz the action was fluid and it was well choreographed it was really well done yeah like seeing him doing like a spinning kicks handstand that was really cool and it’s true - like how Nightwing probably would fight it’s just very acrobatic mm-hmm so Commissioner Gordon this horse cast was just horrible but I couldn’t think it brand Cranston for the voice again what he did the voice of James Gordon and Batman year one and it was perfect oh it was so good yeah that would be good I don’t have too much to say about Commissioner Gordon other than he plays a pretty critical role in the film and in the comics in a reminding Batman about his code of honor and how he needs to keep it no matter what Batman such a hypocrite he was so ready to break his code of honor when I came to killing the Joker but he wanted to let the Riddler live at the end well right right Commissioner Gordon was there to remind him that he’s better than that that he should not stoop to their level and I think in part that’s why Batman tried to save the Riddler at the end yeah you’re probably right so Superman this was good voice acting Jerry O’Connell did a great job as the character as he has in past films and Lois Lane was also voiced by Rebecca romaine again and that was great she was fantastic as that character yeah I mentioned I was a fan of O’Connell’s back in our death of Superman and reign of the Superman review it was nice to see those characters again yeah DC doesn’t have much continuity going in terms of like the live-action film universe so it’s good to see returning characters come for these animated films Ivan if there’s small parts right like that’s great to see yeah and Rainn Wilson returned for Lex Luthor as well yeah Lex Luthor has kind of like an ally role in this film he helps Batman track down poison ivy and they mentioned how he joined the Justice League at the end of the reign of the Superman film I’m still curious which direction they’re going with that decision Batgirl also has a cameo kind of taking the role at the Huntress head in the comics I’m not sure why they did that I guess Batgirl is just more popular than the Huntress and Robin Damian Wayne makes an appearance calling Catwoman trollop instead to make sure he uses protection did that was a little awkward that was I surely don’t want any more of you it’s kind of like one of those instances where I feel like the writers of these animated films interject sort of like this crass humor and like foul language just to make it pg-13 yeah that as well as like brief sexuality I didn’t get to see the actual love scene between Batman and Selena because all of a sudden your daughters ran down to the basement where we were watching the movie and you’re like oh shit I mean like yeah like skip ahead like 30 seconds or something like that I’m not sure why they would feel the need to interject that into the animated films moving on to the villains of the film starting with hush of course for most of the film I assumed he was dr. Tommy Elliott’s and I just kind of rolled my eyes whenever dr. Elliott was on screen taking note of the obvious foreshadowing they placed it in his scenes to set up his reveal as Hache well they did set up some foreshadowing yeah like as he was walking out of Bruce Wayne’s hospital room and he had like that weird sideways glance yeah yeah I was like okay I saw that duh that wasn’t subtle at all I know you guys really don’t see it yeah already we were all duped though it was the Riddler dr. Elliott really did die and so did the Riddler at the end like I thought I knew things but it turned out I knew nothing and I really liked this film because of that you did a good job of subverting expectations absolutely and it made the character of hush like way cooler to me than he ever was in the comics yeah I mean despite the fact that there was that great reveal that the Riddler was hush I still feel like the character of hush was still underutilized in the movie he had barely any screen time he was like just standing there mysterious like if you didn’t know who he was you I think you would just be so frustrated at the lack of development that the character was getting oh absolutely if motive stayed as him being Tommy Elliot I agree I think it would have been really disappointing I remember even in the comic series that you would do flashbacks between Bruce Wayne and Thomas Eliot that were like done in watercolor or something like that yeah and it reminded me of when the Batman ninja movie had their little interlude with the Joker that was done in watercolor oh yeah that was great and I thought it would be so cool if this movie did something similar to that in developing the main villain of course we know they didn’t do that now because Thomas Eliot really had nothing to do with this story it was all the Riddler and I love the interpretation they did of the Riddler with like his brain surgery scar that was on shaped like a question mark yeah bad ass that was really cool and you know the Riddler had like a reason to hate Thomas Eliot’s and kill him because he wasn’t able to successfully remove the tumor from his brain I think the writers of this film did a really really good job of trimming the fat that was in the comic yeah it was lean I mean it was a 12 issue comic that they cut down into about 80 minutes and he didn’t feel like there was a big chunk of story missing or anything like that no no it felt faithful it felt faithful except for you know the twist at the end but again I think that is an improvement upon the comic moving on to Bane he took the place of Killer Croc from the comics I’m not sure why they did that like Bane is a fantastic villain but I think he needs to be used sparingly kind of like doomsday you know like Bane is of course famous for defeating Batman and breaking his back but you have him popping up frequently and consistently getting defeated their initial victory loses its impact I always hate when Bane is treated like as this brute muscle because he’s actually really intelligent yeah but here he was like suffering from addiction to the new super venom that Riddler gave him so he was kind of acting out of character anyway yeah a lot of the villains were and that’s sort of what made Batman curious about everything that was going on you know Bane didn’t speak much in this film he was voiced by Adam Gilford who also did the voice of Clayface and that voice work was was fine I thought I thought the voice acting for poison ivy Harley Quinn and the Joker was also fantastic and their roles were pretty much identical to what they did in the comics like the beating the Joker takes was just as long and borderline uncomfortable as it was on the page yeah I remember that being intense it always gets me how the Joker’s just like stop stop Batman stop stop me if you’ve heard this one before I’m innocent it’s such great writing great red ink I want to move on to the highlights from the film the film starts off with Bruce Wayne at like this elegant party shunning his guests so he could like talk into this extra large bluetooth earpiece yeah that was a little douche-baggy yeah what can I do SH bag where’s a Bluetooth with the tuxedo Bruce Wayne was that guy of course Bruce Lee is selina kyle wearing a very revealing dress and he introduces Selina to his childhood friend the renowned brain surgeon dr. Thomas Eliot in the comic the story line starts off where he’s trying to rescue the kid who was ransomed but that’s the next scene in this film Bruce leaves the party when he learns that Bane has kidnapped the son of a billionaire and is holding him for ransom Batman saves the boy from Bane and in the aftermath he notices Bane has a leaf on him and Lady Shiva of the League of Assassins makes an appearance to ask Batman if he knows of a recent unauthorized use of a Lazarus Pit foreshadowing yeah did that happen in the comics that didn’t happen in the comics so Lady Shiva was in the storyline from the comics but I think it was actually Rachel Ghul who reached out to Batman to see if he knew anything about the Lazarus Pit okay Batman realizes the ransom money was stolen by Catwoman and he chases after her getting his grapple cables severed by the villain hush mid chase and Batman falls from an insane height onto his head fracturing his skull that was brutal yeah that was pretty bad like all the blood pouring from his face but we got that cool cameo by Batgirl yeah bad girl and Catwoman both kind of save Batman from like a group of street thugs as he laid unconscious after which Catwoman delivered the ransom money to poison ivy who was controlling her and bad girl takes spammin to the Batcave Bruce is taken to the hospital and dr. Elliot removes the skull fragments from Bruce’s brain being bad it was that bad and as Bruce Wayne recovers he gets a new suit and goes to Blackgate penitentiary to at arrogate Bane only to find him being transferred by Amanda Waller for her Suicide Squad whatever the next Suicide Squad animated film to come out will be I’m sure Bane will be a part of it that’s pretty cool yeah yeah Bane escapes though and leaves BAM into Poison Ivy’s abandoned lair to wear Catwoman has returned Batman helps amandawaldo recapture Bane and Batman and Catwoman agreed to team up to find poison ivy which they find her in metropolis where she reveals that she’s gained control over Superman Batman and Superman fight and it takes Catwoman dropping Lois Lane off of a building for Superman to shake his hypnosis no I thought this fight played out a little bit weaker than it did in the comic I think it was a matter of timing yeah or if it was just Jim Lee’s art but I wasn’t as impressed I did like how they used like Kryptonite lipstick on poison ivy and that was the way she was able to control Superman yeah in the comics he had like a Laurel kind of like wreath around his neck I don’t think they ever explicitly said that she kissed him but no Jim Lee is pacing is some of the best in the industry and I agreed the fight felt much more frantic and fast-paced in the comic I did think it was a little messed up of Batman to pull out like these spiked knuckle dusters made of Kryptonite as opposed to his kryptonite ring that he had in the comment yeah this is Batman Superman and Catwoman confronts poison ivy and she reveals that hush is behind everything Bruce and selina go on a date together with dr. Elliot to the Opera where Harley Quinn who’s being manipulated by hush tries to kill Bruce Wayne Catwoman stops Harley but Batman stumbles upon dr. Elliot dead at the Joker’s feet and it takes Commissioner Gordon to stop Batman from killing the Joker after dr. Elliot’s funeral Batman deduces the hush knows that he’s Bruce Wayne after capturing the Riddler during a robbery Batman encounters hush who warns Batman that he’s going after those closest to him so of course Batman goes to Catwoman asking her to leave town for her protection but she refuses he reveals his secret identity as Bruce Wayne to her and the two become a crime-fighting romantic couple that was kind of cool to see that was really cool like they were going up against two-face and they went up against the penguin there’s like almost a whole movie in there by itself oh yeah definitely I’d love to see that so while investigating dr. Elliot’s office Batman discover as one of his patients was a man named Arthur Wynn who had an inoperable brain tumor and there Wayne was the creator of the crossword puzzle so Batman was able to deduce that the patient of Thomas Elliott’s was the Riddler right detective ‘ti meanwhile dying and Catwoman investigated graveyard break-in and are attacked by the Scarecrow yet and the break-in was dr. Elliot’s grave though in the comics this was actually Jason Todd’s grave like his body was removed from the grave and when Batman showed up on the scene that’s when he fought Jason Todd oh well now that turned out to be Clayface in the comics they kind of did a twist on that for this film because while cowman and Nightwing you know face the Scarecrow Batman and Commissioner Gordon are interrogating the Riddler since Batman has deduced like you mentioned the Hughes Arthur Wynn and the one who used the Lazarus Pit the regular reveals that he’s hush that he knows Batman’s identity right when Batman figures out that he’s actually interrogating Clayface posing as the Riddler how did he know that because he’s Batman that was the one thing I didn’t get Batman like slits the Riddler’s throat and I’m like oh dang he’s got evil right when the Riddler was about to say that he’s Bruce Wayne it was pretty shocking it was shocking yeah but you know it turns out it was Clayface I’m sure he knew just based on like the Riddler’s mannerisms you know Clayface is a talented actor but bemmon’s a better detective the fight against Clayface was pretty fun I thought that was fun Clayface doing the same much so it was really fun to have the Joker there just like adding his own colorful commentary to the whole battle right and when Clayface like swallowed up Jim Gordon that was kind of scary that was crazy yeah it’s always great to see how Batman can use his environment to take down foes who are like more powerful than he is yeah of course in this instance using a fire hose so after Batman defeated Clayface he tracked the Riddler aka hush to a steel works where Catwoman was being held hostage and I really like how the Riddler was able to kind of like reverse-engineer Batman’s detective work revealing that he knew exactly how Batman would find out their location and it’s not like you know if the Riddler left a huge amount of clues yeah he didn’t really leave any clues except for the whole Arthur one thing but it’s amazing how from that Batman such a badass detective was able to deduce everything else yeah so Batman and the Riddler fight in a great face-off like the Riddler has never been this capable and yeah when is The Riddler such an awesome martial artist ever since the Lazarus Pit and it was cool that his cane was like a weapon cuz it’s always been like like a remote control or a club but I don’t remember ever seeing it have a blade on it yeah that’s deadly as they’re fighting the Riddler realizes that the effects of the Lazarus Pit are wearing off and these explosions tear their surrounding machinery apart and in the chaos The Riddler nearly falls to his death though he’s saved by Batman with a grapple line now not wanting Batman to die and and different to the Riddler’s life Catwoman cut the grapple line yes ending Riddler to his death which was hardcore and a pissed Batman off Leia she saved both their lives by doing that exactly exactly Batman and Catwoman escaped the building just as it explodes and they decide to go their separate ways after Catwoman realizes that saving people even bad people is more important to Batman than his life or any kind of life with her Savage that was really well rain yeah like I was just so heartbroken during that moment I was just thinking that Batman needs to get his ass to a hospital because he probably needs a shit ton of stitches to close up those wounds caused by the Riddler’s death oh absolutely yeah well emergency vehicles like show up on the scene right as Catwoman flees and that sort of ends the film this ending really hit home for me because I was one of those people who were really upset by the fact that Batman and Catwoman didn’t get married recently in the comics you were yeah it’s like you know Superman can find happiness in marriage so can Aquaman well why can’t Batman and this fake as he’s Batman this film answers that question in a way that I hadn’t really been able to rationalize prior for myself I think everyone who’s super angry at Tom King right now the writer of the whole arc involving kalman and Batman’s marriage they just need to watch this movie and chill out overall I think this ending really saved the film for me these changes that they made to the original comic storyline making the Riddler the villain hush and making me realize why Batman and Catwoman can’t be together it made me really really liked this film again it’s not perfect but I think it’s four out of five stars did this movie make any changes to the comic book storyline that you thought were for the worse they did make it so that Bruce Wayne was much less paranoid than he was in the comics mm-hmm because like in the comics you know Thomas Eliot operated on his brain Catwoman was kissing him all the time and she had been involved with poison ivy so like he didn’t know exactly like if he could trust his own mind that whole aspect was missing from this film and scarecrow also played a hand in the comics in manipulating Bruce Wayne right yeah that’s right his fear toxin was manipulating Batman and those closest to him as well interesting I do think that that aspect probably would have made this film better but I understand why the writers kind of cut it it’s not the deepest of Batman films you look at a movie like under the Red Hood or something like that oh yeah I think that was much more well done on a psychological level absolutely as the best Batman movie should be this one was almost more of like a popcorn movie I can see that just kind of like a greatest hits of Batman’s rogues which sounds enjoyable in itself and this movie was enjoyable well I don’t think that this movie was an exceptional entry in the DC Animated universe I thought it was done well enough and in quite a fun watch I think so I’d give him four stars as well I’m glad ultimately that the film was made because I think a lot more people watch these movies than actually read the comics so allowing people the opportunity to experience this storyline in some medium or another is better than not having it because it is kind of a classic now it’s a contemporary classic storyline yeah yeah well I think that does it for the review if you guys have seen the film go ahead and reach out to us and let us know what you thought about Batman hush either on social media on Facebook Twitter or Instagram or you can email us at dynamic duel podcast at of course you can find links to all of our social media profiles by visiting our website dynamic duel comm and if you visit our website you’ll also notice a link to our merchandise store which is on T public if you use that link you’ll get a discount on your first order of any of our merchandise we use our no prize art on products such as t-shirts and mugs and cellphone cases and pillows and laptop cases and a whole bunch of cool stuff so definitely check our store out in our next episode that’ll be a duel episode and we will find out who would win in a fight between the primary villain of this hush movie the Riddler and arcade the x-men villain we have something planned definitely make sure to check back in next week in the meantime please don’t forget to share subscribe rate and review our podcast on whatever platform you are listening to us on it goes a long way and helping us promote our show yeah we really appreciate it especially if you can rate us on Apple podcasts as we mentioned earlier so we could get to 200 ratings but I think that’s everything so we’ll talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers

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