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Jessica Jones Season 3 Review Episode Transcript

Transcript of our Jessica Jones Season 3 Review episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we will be reviewing Jessica Jones season 3 now I think Jessica Jones season 2 our review of that season was one of our least listened to episodes of all time so I’m expecting this one to just be a winner gangbusters otherwise honestly if you’re a fan of Jessica Jones season 1 or 2 I think you’ll really like Jessica Jones season 3 it does a good job of following up on those seasons and bringing some story arcs to their inevitable conclusion right exactly so we’ll talk all about that later under this episode before we get into the review though and it is a spoiler review I should add we’ll be going over the last week’s comic book movie news there wasn’t too much but we will be talking about how Marvel is going to be making a presence at San Diego Comic Con this year Hall H that we will be discussing the Avengers end game film getting a re-release with additional footage and that’s gonna come out actually this upcoming weekend starting June 28th I believe where as Justice League’s rerelease the Snyder cut right it’s like it didn’t make enough money it’s not gonna happen they’re not even close to being on track for the highest box office earnings of all time so look at you so happy yeah Marvel rocks in your face bitch geez sorry well I got carried away there you can skip to whatever topic you want to listen to you by checking out our show notes because we have all the topic times listed there we want to give a quick shout-out though to those who got us to 116 rating right on iTunes yes that was a huge leap that’s like 5 more ratings than we had last week so people have really been coming out for us and can’t thank you enough it’s just so awesome if you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while you know that we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on iTunes or Apple podcasts because once we hit that number we will be eligible to be critics on Rotten Tomatoes and have our reviews count towards their tomato meter yeah it’s a huge goal of ours and you guys have really been coming through I’m starting to actually think that we might make it now holy cow yeah if we just get like five ratings each week here’s the thing with the numbers we get week to week if everyone listen to us on iTunes gave us a rating we would hit that number yeah you kind of sound like Wikipedia right now or they’re like if everybody reading this donated just two dollars this fundraiser would be over straight it’s kind of true but no we’re very appreciative of those who gave us the ratings and the reviews we got a review from haunted gambits and from skyrim runner yeah skyrim runner mentioned in his review that we were looking for 200 reviews but we’re actually just looking for ratings yes it’s even easier than taking two minutes to do a review it just takes 10 seconds to leave a rating all right reviews are nice too though but you know reviews are fantastic ratings are the goal yes thanks again to everyone and with that out of the way quick to the no prize so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week and last week regarding the news about the Avengers video game trailer that came out we asked what has been your favorite DC or Marvel video game and why and we quickly realized that this was a horrible question for guys who are non gamers right well it’s just a horrible question in general because every answer is correct there are so many great video games out there and you know it’s someone’s opinion you can’t necessarily argue with that and pick like the best opinion because to them it was the very best video game and you know not everybody’s played every video game so they might not know either so yeah it’s just a bad question so what ended up happening is we have a whole lot of no prize winners so this is oh yeah but we do want to give honorable mention to Jace Crump who gave the answer of x-men legends because he grew up with the x-men cartoon and the movies and I did play x-men legends and that was a precursor to Marvel Ultimate Alliance it was a great top-down action role-playing game and the story was just amazing I loved x-men legends great answer speaking of Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mitch Phipps gave that his answer because of the boss battles they were cool and ahead of their time yeah I played Ultimate Alliance - that was a great game and it really built upon what x-men legends had started and let you play with like almost all the great Marvel characters honorable mention also goes to Gabi my who answered Marvel vs. Capcom which was a street fighter esque fighting game I usually found in most arcades and I was really kick-ass with gambit and war machine I think that was in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 I haven’t played the latest Marvel vs. Capcom I think it’s the fourth one but it just it looked amazing like Doctor Strange I really want to play as him speaking of fighting games Kenneth the big nice jr. gave the answer of injustice which is another excellent fighting game with an amazing story in the game and in the tie-in comics that story along with Kingdom Come or like some of my favorite DC storylines and Kobe hench’s also gave the answer of injustice because of its story honorable mention also goes to Andrew Jason Ellen and Alec siennas who both gave the answer of DC Universe Online which gives you the ability to create your own superhero and fight alongside DC’s popular superheroes yeah it looks awesome I’ve never actually played it because I never had a computer that was able to play it I’ve always had max yeah so but I knew if I played it like I would just probably die because I wouldn’t eat or sleep or do anything else but play that honorable mention also goes to joel Seagrave who gave the answer The Punisher for PlayStation 2 I loved that game so much I say I thought you played that I almost gave that the no prize because the Punisher ps2 game was just so dark so violent so true to the character of Frank Castle it was really fun but the best parts about it were like the kill zones where you could take bad guys to like these special areas within the environment and just annihilate them in like special ways it was so hardcore but so true to what a Punisher game should be it was so much fun I love that game honorable mention also goes to John Spees who gave the answer Lego Marvel Super Heroes because it allows him to introduce his son to more characters that have not yet been in the films and I can relate because I’ve introduced my daughters to a bunch of DC characters in like Batman Lego 3 well what’s great about Lego Marvel Super Heroes even though I haven’t played it I have watched videos of it is the variety of Marvel characters that you can be they have like by far the largest roster of Marvel superheroes that you could play as within an open-world environment now the graphics aren’t you know they’re Lego graphics but the gameplay isn’t bad and if you want to play a game just with an open environment as like someone as random as like Iron Fist you can do that with this game I want to buy it you’re not really strikes me as interesting is that Lego has like so many licenses to so many characters if anyone can make a Marvel and DC game it’s Lego yeah they should do that I would have in mind that it was Lego I wouldn’t mind either do it please do it Lego she’s doing Shannon Sanderson gets honorable mention as well for his answer of the x-men Konami arcade game that was fun I remember playing that at Boardwalk USA and they also had at the movie theater when we were kids yeah always loves playing that game I always used to play as Colossus you would just give like that growl kind of shout whenever he activated his power yeah and it would be like energy based you send it like this energy pulse and we’ll drink a shootout like energy lasers from his claws and like Nightcrawler would like turn into energy and zip around the stage it was all energy based media powers yeah but you could also be Dazzler or Cyclops I think I’d remember that yeah the x1 arcade game the 90s Ninja Turtles arcade game The Simpsons arcade game and Captain America and the Avengers were my Jam’s back in the day those are all great games yeah honorable mention also goes to Jeremy or who gave the answer of Hulk ultimate destruction because of its pure stupid fun where you can use cars as skateboards and boxing gloves and you could just throw cows all over the stage that was a great game that was like one of the last games I played for GameCube and you could like go in between the city world and the desert world and they were both open environments and you could just destroy everything you could pick up anything and make it into a weapon basically yeah that’s great open-world games are just the best yes yeah the final honorable mention goes to Jacob Bell for his answer of spider-man 2 right which was another open-world game probably the first best one for spider-man it was amazing I probably played spider-man 2 more than any other superhero game in terms of hours spent because I remember spider-man 2 came out and I loved the movie and I bought the soundtrack and I got the video game for Gamecube and it was right about the same time that my high school girlfriend broke up with me so I just remember like isolating myself in the basement just swinging around the city not not even like completing missions or anything just listening to the soundtrack and going like I am selfish just spending so much time I remember they’re just doing that so it has a little special place in my heart that game but that answer still didn’t get the no prize what did get the no prize is Jonathan well we have a DC answer and a Marvel answer and the awards go to Ken Johnson Nik Avant Oh Harrison Foxx Dustin Wray Balcom and Salvador Martinez for their answers of either the Batman Arkham games or spider-man for ps4 right now spider-man for the ps4 is like spider-man 2 on steroids I took everything that was great about spider-man 2 and just amplified it into its best possible iteration it’s an amazing game that I’ve only played a little bit of but it was so impressive that it makes me want to buy a Playstation I played Batman Arkham City and origins and Arkham Knight and all of those were fantastic especially the latter because just being able to drive around the city which is massive in the Batmobile or swing around there was just so much freedom and it totally put you in the character which is what I think a really good superhero game should do right it should give you missions to do it should give you a story but it should also let you do whatever you want and that’s what made these games so great every superhero deserves to have a game like spider-man ps4 and the Arkham games because that’s the ultimate fantasy that you really feel like you’re the character when you play those games and it’s the one advantage that video games have over cinema is that you could really take control of the protagonist and make decisions for that character right exactly so yeah all you guys get the no price for this episode but thank you to everyone who answered again there was no real right answer here but if you the listener want to go ahead and win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done I’ll do the news [Music] all right and one of the best examples of one-upsmanship in the marvel NBC rivalry we have learned this past week that Marvel will be having a presentation at San Diego Comic Cons Hall H this year which is next month of course they will yeah and this is hot off the news of Warner Brothers in DC announcing that they would not be making a presence at Hall age so the timing is a little bit suspect but also fucking awesome suspect I think it’s pretty blatant rubble has it out for DC so hard so hard white why do they hate DC so much because we’re so badass I’m like I think that just makes you guys assholes yeah and we’re fine with that as long as we keep winning but yeah this is exciting news there are a few things that I really hope to see in this presentation that I want to talk about so first I want to know the phase four movie slate because after spider-man we don’t know specifically what films are going to come out within the next few years I mean what we do know Eternals is gonna be one we do know that Black Widow is going to be one because its shooting but those are the only two films that have been confirmed actually guardians of the galaxy has been confirmed because it has a director now we are likely going to see sequels for Black Panther and Doctor Strange and the studio has insinuated as much that will get those films but we haven’t got an official confirmation nor have we gotten release dates and really that’s what I’m looking for a confirmation and release dates I want to know what’s coming out when there’s also shang-chi right and a fan named Salvador Martinez asked us about the rumors regarding Marvel courting Keanu Reeves for a potential role in the in the MCU and he asked us who we thought Keanu Reeves should play and I think that Keanu Reeves would actually be great for the shang-chi movie because as we know from the comics shengqi’s dad is foo Manchu now you don’t really want to adapt foo Manchu for the MCU because he’s just such a stereotypical character but rumors have been going around saying that Marvel is considering using the Mandarin the real Mandarin not the one that was in Iron Man 3 right but the real Mandarin as the main antagonist for the shang-chi film and I would love to see Keanu Reeves play that role because I think he’d make a great villain for one and two he really looks the part he’s half asian exactly and so is the Mandarin so he would just be perfect for their role I love to see that casting announcement for San Diego comic-con I would just lose my mind in addition I’d love to see news about all the shows that we’re getting for the Disney Plus platform I’m sure we’ll definitely hear about that yeah maybe we’ll get trailers of the shows and some information regarding this story that they will be telling with Loki one division and Falcon and Winter Soldier beyond to those films on Disney plus we’re also getting those who bow shows as well so I hope they give it a short presentation about the animated shows Howard the Duck hit monkey desert and Tygra and MODOK because all those shows have great talent behind them including Kevin Smith Patton Oswalt’s Chelsea Handler remember yeah I hope they’re all there to give marvel has so much going free I’m so happy oh they have the Ghost Rider show coming out and hellström under the spirits of vengeance banner that they’re developing for Hulu there’s a lot to talk about so much to talk about so much that Marvel has announced over the course of the past month that we don’t have any specifics on and I’m hoping to get as many specifics as possible basically I mean there’s there’s a lot going for DC to that really I mean if you think about it the nasty day actually that like all of the DC shows well they’re not going to be in Hall H they will have their own panels throughout Comic Con and DC itself is gonna have like a two-story booth on the convention floor two stories lots of people have two story booths dude shut up nothing no have you ever been to San Diego comic-con never neither have i but i imagine that a lot of the companies have two story booths so i don’t know i know they’re making a big deal about it in the article i read if you guys are going to comic-con let us know let us know what you’re gonna be doing there you plan on doing but yeah take photos and then post them on our Facebook or something like that that’ll be fantastic let me live vicariously through you so yeah exciting stuff that’s pretty much all we have to say about that news are we going to have a Comic Con episode now yes we are let’s move on to the news regarding Avengers and Game getting a rerelease in theaters this Friday June blatant attempt for the endgame film to get the title of highest-grossing film of all time worldwide but I don’t mind that yeah I don’t mind either just as long as that knocks Avatar down right and avatar itself had a rerelease in theaters I counted towards its worldwide box-office gross right so this isn’t cheating per se because avatar and Titanic both did the same thing and Avengers endgame has already passed the initial box office run of Avatar already right and apparently this additional footage is going to take place you know after the credits of the film the film itself is not retouched it’s not like an extended version of the movie it’s the same cut that was originally released in theaters but what you’re gonna get is a deleted scene after the credits is supposed to involve the Hulk and we’re also gonna get a little tribute probably to Stan Lee and I think an introduction by the directors the Russo brothers so it’s not quite what I expected I thought it was gonna be like an extended version with new footage that is actually cut into the film itself certainly three hours long but at that point I think they would actually have to classify the film as a different movie if they did an extended version kind of similar like how they had to classified once upon a Deadpool as a different movie right even though it was largely the same the question now is is a director intro and a Hulk deleted scene enough to get you back to go see endgame again nope not me for me yes because one in game is just such a fucking masterpiece I will go see that movie in the theater as many times as they need me to and to I just really want to see this additional hulk deleted scene I have no idea what it could be and I’m curious and I don’t want other people to know without me knowing even though I got your hook line and sinker buddy I’m pretty sure they’re gonna release this deleted scene on the eventual blu-ray and Digital home release it doesn’t feel quite so greedy to me knowing that by doing this they will get the record I mean if they were just doing it just to do it I might be just like a little put off by it but they’re doing it for greed they’re not doing it for greed they have all the money that they want they’re doing it for the title they’re doing it for glory and that feels better than doing it for greed and then you know it’s a little something extra force fans so I’d be interested in hearing from our listeners how many of them are going to see this release and what they think about it in general but that brings us to our question of the week so we have a little creative writing exercise for you with this one we would like for you to write us your own one sentence description of a deleted scene that you would love to see from Avengers end game go ahead and post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media and make sure it’s one sentence because our no price sections are getting longer and longer as more people are participating right yeah but it should be a fun one it should be fun can’t wait to read your answers in next week’s episode but I think that does up for all the news here so let’s go ahead and get into the main event where we review season three of marble and Netflix’s Jessica Jones [Music] as we mentioned earlier in this episode this is a spoiler review of Jessica Jones season 3 so if you haven’t watched the show yet I would recommend it honestly if you’re a Jessica Jones fan because this takes what made the previous season so great and just continues that forward as well as doing a pretty good job of completing Jessica Jones story what’s unique about this particular season though is that it’s the effective end of the marble in Netflix partnership so we won’t be getting any more seasons of daredevil iron fists Luke Cage Jessica Jones or The Punisher so the season itself had kind of like a bittersweet note to it and really said that this will be like the last time that we’ll be reviewing these shows on this podcast yeah actually saw a lot of parallels between this show and Dark Phoenix this is sort of bringing an end to this universe huh and I sort of felt about them largely the same way I think they touched on a lot of similar themes as well they were both emotionally complex I think yeah yeah I mean Jessica Jones has always been the most emotionally complex out of the marble Netflix shows although I would say that Punisher is a close second but what’s been unique and appealing about the show is that it lasted three seasons the only other one to do that was Daredevil and Jessica Jones has felt the most connected between the seasons I think absolutely it feels less stand-alone than the other shows more cumulative in that the primary characters here have arcs that trace all the way back to Episode one of the first season and I like that I was happy that Jessica Jones season 3 picked up right where season 2 ended because I wanted to really explore the impact of that moment at the end of season 2 that still sticks with me when Trish killed Jessica’s mom ELISA oh absolutely spoiler alert if you haven’t seen Jessica Jones season 2 but it’s season 3 almost entirely deals with the ramifications of what happened at the end of season 2 right and what I also really liked about this season is its themes of heroism and the exploration of consequentialism that is do the ends justify the means now Trish is a firm believer that any action taken that results in a good outcome is a good act but is that always true you know Jessica would say no because you know she’s smart she is and always has been a realist and shows in this sea and that there is no real answer to that question everything is circumstantial good intentions and quote good actions can produce negative consequences and vice versa it’s a similar sort of argument that daredevil and the Punisher had in daredevil season 2 although I would say less extreme because daredevil is you know much more optimistic than Jessica and Punisher is much more I guess pessimistic than Trish but I love these philosophical approaches you can take to the issue of superhero ethics oh absolutely you mentioned consequentialism but I think you could more narrowly be defined into utilitarianism which is a branch of consequentialism and it basically explains that the moral worth of an action is determined by its contribution to the overall unity and maximizing happiness or pleasure for the most amount of people right so Trish is trying to make the world or at least New York a better place in essence by taking out these violent criminals right but it’s it’s also so Friedrich Nietzsche and that she’s fighting monsters and she needs to see that she in the process does not become a monster as his quote describes it’s fascinating stuff I mean the show also explored what it means to help bad people or those people that don’t deserve help like are you still a hero if your moral action your quote good action helps an evil person or is a heroic to let bad things happen to bad people I just love how jessica jones story arc has progressed in that in season two she finally makes this decision to be a good righteous moral person right today I’m indifferent right but now in season three she now has to live with the fact that she is going to be a good person in a not good world with not good people yeah there are some great topics and questions that this season asks that surprisingly most superhero media hasn’t up to this point again I think Dark Phoenix touched on it I think Watchmen has touched on it but this may be one of the more easily digestible it’s kind of like philosophy yeah which I would totally take that college course absolutely sign me up I think what went wrong this season there were a few things that went wrong this but one of them was that the show brought up a lot of threads here that were never really addressed again or never addressed in a satisfactory manner you know they brought up the topic of euthanasia what about Jessica’s spleen whatever happened with that right they brought up the issue of superhero law ethics which is what the the professor killed himself over yeah Malcolm had a vigilante streak that was never addressed again the whole statue thing within the first few episodes I want to know if the sister got the statue back the bookie and the pimp both of those characters we never really heard from him again right there’s just so much so many elements that were brought up only for the show to completely abandon them once you know they push the plot forward which kind of felt like cheating I guess I mean don’t get me wrong I’m glad these threads were abandoned in favor of the primary narrative but I would have rather seen less time devoted to these random plot points and Hogarth’s story and more time devoted to like Malcolm story or Salinger story right you know make Salinger a bigger badass like did Jessica need to lose her spleen if it only affected her for one episode I would have loved to have seen it effect earlier on in episodes like she couldn’t get as drunk as she used to or something like that because that’s a big part of the character right it may be like part of her struggle this season would be working towards sobriety oh that would be fascinating honestly just as sober Jessica Jones might but the random abandoned plot threads are not this season’s biggest issue seasons the biggest issue is the villain yeah you’re a very Salinger who’s the character of fool-killer in the comics he was a huge disappointment here and he was definitely not what we were promised in the show’s trailers and he definitely didn’t live up to the standard of kilgrave or Jessica Jones’s mother right he was a red herring kind of I think the real villain of this season turned out to be Hellcat Trish yeah but we’ll talk more about those two in the character breakdown which we’ll get into right now so let’s first talk about Jessica Jones it was really nice to see how this show culminated her decision to become an actual heroic figure loathe as she is maybe to want to do it she maybe feels obligated to do it her motivations primarily come out of the time that she spent with her mom who really convinced her that she could do good in the world you know she’s taking on all these pro bono cases at the beginning of the season right which was another kind of dangled thread but was fine because you assume it kind of all happened off-screen right we always wanted to see secur Jones play the hero and while she kind of dabbled with that reluctantly in both seasons 1 & 2 season 3 was really where she got to shine as the character that she should be she never wanted to call herself a superhero even in season she wanted to in her own words or her mother’s words give a shit right so this season was less about her journey and finding herself and much more about what happens when you do find herself and the world stays the same as you mentioned before Krysten Ritter really made this role her own it’s kind of sad that she will no longer be playing this character I know because I really have a hard time imagining anyone else play this character out of all the other Marvel Netflix actors as great as they all are and they’re all great I’m not sure they are as irreplaceable because I could see Matt Murdock and Luke Cage recasts though it breaks my heart to say but I have a harder time imagining someone else pulling off what Krysten Ritter did here you’d almost have to reinvent the character a little maybe something a little bit closer to the comics where jessica has lightened up a little and embraced her heroic side a little bit more I like to think that’s where Jessica Jones ends up at the end of this season though you know embracing her desire to be heroic happier sober and getting freaky with Luke Cage yeah just don’t anja the whole Luke Cage cameo was much more brief than I thought it would be or at the end I thought like she was going to take a train to Harlem and like that would have been a great ending I thought oh that would have been cool well maybe she walks to Harlem from Grand Central Station you know I guess yeah why would you take a train to Harlem exactly well you could take the subway to Harlem there you go that’s what she did can you catch the subway at Grand Central Station I don’t know I’m not from New York I don’t know these things and walking here let’s move on to Trish Walker / Hellcat even though she was never referred to as Hellcat who was played by Rachel Taylor now I really hated Trish for what she did at the end of season 2 I hated her and I remember being mostly unsatisfied with how things were left off that last season I wanted to see her taught a lesson although I was excited to see her new Hellcat powers so in the end I was kind of glad that the show kind of pulled a switcheroo at the end and made her the season’s primary villain and although I dislike the idea of the character of Hellcat being made a bad guy I think it made sense for this and where the characters were going and I like the exploration of those two opposing Kara wisdom philosophies her arc came again to its logical conclusion she wanted to be a hero she became one but due to her upbringing she was a little bit too extreme and kind of removed yeah I’ll admit I feel kind of like a hypocrite because I really enjoyed Dark Phoenix and I know a lot of fans aren’t happy with liberties they took with those characters right as a DC fan I could say hey I don’t really care about them I’m a DC fan whatever these characters I’ve spent a lot more time with these Jessica Jones characters right you know hours upon hours upon hours as opposed to you know like in a bothers me that they made Hellcat a villain honestly really yeah it was so natural though it was it was like the opposite of Game of Thrones with like Daenerys where her whole bad turn took place in like a matter of seconds yeah Tricia’s bad turn you can see coming since season one it was a believable turn for sure yeah that said I want to see the costume I want to see her kick ass you know and she did in this season she did for a little while I mean she didn’t get the costume there was a nice homage when she was in the costume shop and she was wearing the yellow outfit she was like hell no it was the same exact moment that we’ve seen you know Luke Cage have right and Jessica Jones so it was kind of like a you know a little bit i rolling where it really just won’t commit to the costumes great but yes she got to be her heroic badass at least a little bit during the course of the show she was she was an unstoppable force I mean the only person who could stop her was Jessica yeah I’m glad she was so badass yeah it was awesome to see her just like taking multiple people down yeah like the stunt work they had for her character and whoever her stunt double was was just so agile they did some great wire work on this oh yeah so yeah in the end I guess I was satisfied with her character where she went and I’d like to see like you know like follow up show where she leaves the rats rehabilitated and you know joins the defenders because you know really Hellcat is the only true defender out of all these characters she’s only one that’s really been on the defenders team prior to you know the defender series that they launched last year in Marvel Comics with you know the Netflix show characters right let’s move on to Malcolm Dukas played by eka Darville Malcolm’s Ark here was probably the most unsatisfying he seems somewhat unfinished in that I’m not sure what the show was trying to say specifically about his relationship decisions but I did like Equis portrayal of Malcolm’s moral struggle it felt very real to me and relatable I was just gonna say it like his whole story arc it seems a very real world yeah you know at the end he doesn’t know who he is or what he wants but I mean how many of us have been there exactly I mean it was nice how the show began in season 1 with Malcolm as Jessica’s junkie roommate and he became Jessica’s Ward in season 2 hit of like Apprentice and now you know at the end of season 3 he’s the new head of alias investigations he’s probably had the most character growth out of the three primary Jessica Jones characters four primary I guess cuz hogarth counts as one yeah so that was nice although you know I’m not sure what he’s doing with Briana like I’m not even sure if he actually likes her or if he’s depressed over Ziya and she’s the rebound what’s going on there I think he senses a kinship with her and I think you know there’s a connection there yeah I guess they’re both overcoming hard times right and he likes to help people so maybe he needs the any relationship he could not maintain a relationship with Ziya in a way that was healthy for him because she didn’t need him mm-hmm maybe yeah and maybe he needs to be in a relationship with someone that again he can help he could beat himself with her as opposed to Ziya she wanted him to be something he wasn’t yeah so wise you should be a relationship counselor Thanks let’s move on to Erik geldan who is mind wave in the comics but is played by Benjamin Walker I had to look up Erik geldan after the first episode because I knew he had to be somebody right you’re right in the comics Erik geldan is mind wave who is a low-level daredevil villain with ESP and when he first showed up I was like who the fuck is this nobody using your perfect hamburger as a come on get the fuck out of here but he really grew on me as the season progressed specifically in episode three and you know his personality really started to make sense in the context of his powers like why he’s so pessimistic and it right it’s an interesting power to have this kind of like evil sense a morality meter yeah he gets physically ill around people who have done bad things and don’t feel guilt over them I think that was the big thing yeah I think so it was kind of he’s kind of the perfect pairing to a private investigator or a cop and I kind of hope that they bring mind wave back in a big way in the comics now to like maybe help out like X Factor investigations if that was still a thing with like Jaime madrix or something I think that I think they’d make a great team that would be cool the actor who played him I don’t know his name but human Walker he did a great job in the role didn’t he yeah I thought he really did he was really charismatic and kind of endearing yeah especially as the show went on yeah I’ve never seen him in anything else I don’t think no but no he’s a good actor he kind of reminds me of like a mix between Eric Bana and Chris Pratt like if those two actors had like a love child it would be this guy so yeah it’d be cool to see him and more stuff because he’s pretty awesome yeah I was talking about Gerry Hogarth played by Carrey and moss oh my god honestly okay I’m a huge fan of carry on Moss as an actress and for the most part I’ve never been put off by Hogarth you know Carey certainly nails the acting and the director has always been pretty compelling but I really did not give a shit about anything regarding Gerry Hogarth this season really yeah it was just a waste of time for me you know at least in the last season’s arc she was diagnosed with ALS she was trying to find a cure she was robbed and she manipulated a couple into shooting each other that was kind of interesting here she just tries to manipulate her old flame back into her life because she’s lonely and it really has nothing to do with the main narrative of the story I think if they followed the character threats to their logical conclusion Hogarth would have been killed by Trish yeah I think that definitely would have been the way to go and they you know that almost happened in the last episode but in the end Hogarth was just left alone you know to die alone over time as the disease took over her body but she was looking for someone to put her out of her you know eventual misery and it would have been so poetic if it would have been Trisha at the end it’s like here’s what you wanted be careful what you wish for right yeah I totally agree with that I totally agree with that that would have been much more fitting because in the end she was still kind of defiant she was still the same person she told kif you know you’re the last mistake I’ll ever make so she didn’t really grow she was static exactly but it seems like you didn’t mind that whole kiss story as much as I did I just really liked seeing carrie-anne moss perform uh-huh she is a phenomenal actress it could see her getting an Emmy nomination for this role I’m surprised she hasn’t already because she’s just you know yeah I’ve been a force throughout all three seasons and the defender show and even iron fist now that the show has ended I need to see her in more work it would be cool to get a law procedural show with Hogarth oh that I would watch that finally let’s talk about the character of Gregory Salinger’s slash fool-killer played by Jeremy Bob now I saved him for last because that’s what I think about the character there’s really not too much to him he was a huge disappointment as I mentioned before definitely was not like what the trailers were making him out to be although he did kill Dorothy Walker which was huge yeah and he was really fucked up about it too it was a little bit too little too late like it wasn’t enough to save this character who I thought was going to be like frightening but ended up just kind of a little bit pathetic honestly pathetic entitled like a whiny child yeah and I’m not sure if the role was miscast or if it was just miss written but I think the disappointment of Salinger was the worst thing about this season when he should have been the best thing I never found him threatening in any way right and I never found him endearing or even really interesting yeah in the way that kilgrave or Jessica’s mother were yeah he was kind of just like they’re a piece of shit guy and it’s like really that’s that’s your villain yeah he didn’t seem like calculating enough either like it like a Dexter oh yeah sure like a Michael C Hall would have been perfect for this role if it was written better you know he had all these degrees on his wall and stuff like that but I never once bought him as someone who was like a master mind capable about witting someone like Jessica Jones raised he didn’t know he didn’t he never did you know she was smart enough to bug her apartment with cameras and microphones and stuff and draw his confession out but he wasn’t smart enough to bug her apartment when she was planning all this shit against him bro and he we know that he broke into there because he got his knife back you described the character a fool killer a few episodes ago and the comic iteration sounded so much more interesting than what we got here some guy yeah yeah he should have been like another vigilante like another hero for Jessica to go up against maybe and you know he kind of is in the comic scene he’s not a vigilante fighting for the side of good but he does kill people who he thinks deserve it like Trish right you almost think that they were writing the character a full killer like he is in the comics but then they were like oh wait Trish’s Ark is sort of going towards this maybe he’ll K is the villain yeah yeah I would totally buy that yeah that does it for all the characters let’s go ahead and get into the episode highlights so episode 1 was called aka the perfect burger and in it Jessica is still working as a private investigator though now having to deal more with public criticism of her work now that she’s performing more heroic actions hogarth asks Jessica to euthanize her when the ALS takes over Malcolm struggles ethically with helping criminals in working with Hogarth’s law firm and he ends up injuring a baseball player with a past of causing drunk driving accidents doors weird yeah that was kind of weird huh there’s another plethora that was dropped like we never got to see vigilante Malcom do anything else no Dorothy Walker asks Jessica for help in fighting Trish who’s gone missing and Jessica discovers that Trish has been staking out a criminal and has super agility powers now due to malice experiments from the last season Jessica meets Eric in a bar takes him home gets a knock at the door answers it and is stabbed that was a pretty shocking ending for episode 1 I thought on episode 2 it was called aka you’re welcome this one was actually directed by Krysten Ritter and it was a flashback episode where we see Trish train using her new powers and her first few experiences with heroism she catches a phone thief she tries to buy a costume she gets sued by the cellphone thief she establishes her daytime cover as a host on a television shopping channel and she stakes out a guy named Andrew who hospitalized his sister over an heirloom statue it was really interesting to see these episodes from Trish’s perspective yes because it just adds more justification as to why she becomes the way she does later on yeah they do a great job of rationalizing her motivations especially the later flashback episode but what I really like about this episode was it realistic portrayal of what it might be like to stock a crime in a city you know that part where she’s like running five blocks over to get to this this robbery in progress only for the cops to show up like moments before her I thought yeah that’s pretty real I mean this is why you don’t kind of stop crime using a police scanner because any criminal activity you’re notified by on the scanner you know the police already know about and can handle if superheroes were real and crime fighters really existed they would have to you know kind of find their own crime basically yeah I thought that scene was kind of silly I was like haha Trish what are you doing in this episode back in the present Trish visits Jessica Jones in the hospital and gives her Andrews name since Jessica thinks it was he who stabbed her an episode three that was called aka I have no spleen Jessica struggles with not having a spleen in that she’s weaker and still drinking too much hogarth starts having an affair with an old college girlfriends named Keith and looks into blackmailing Keith’s husband to have Keith to herself so she’s not alone when the ALS takes her Jessica and Trish independently find Andrews location though Jessica learns he had nothing to do with her stabbing and she realizes the attacker must have been after Eric what I liked most about this episode was the whole superhero one-upsmanship thing that was going on here where Trish and Jess were racing to get to Andrew first and you know Jessica did kind of cheat by hitting Trish to like teach her a lesson in humility though I don’t think that Trish got the message definitely not in episode 4 which was called aka customer services standing by Eric reveals that he has empathic powers they make him feel pain when he’s around bad people a power that he uses to blackmail those people in order to pay for his gambling debts Jessica suspects that one of the people that he’s blackmailed are out to kill him so they investigate the suspects Eric pays the bookie who still drowns him for paying glades and Trish saves Eric’s life as Jessica discovers that her attacker was Gregory Salinger an intelligent serial killer I actually think that episode 3 was my favorite episode because I really liked the mind wave Jessica team-up or they were like catching pedophiles and embezzlers together I thought it was pretty fun in episode 5 which was called aka I wish Jessica and Trish stakeout Salinger at his apartment as Trish breaks in and discovers photographs of his victims Jessica sees him approach Eric and assumes that the two are in cahoots however it turns out that Salinger was threatening Eric and his prostitute sister Brianna Hogarth releases damaging information about kids husband and he ends up killing himself disparaging Hogarth and the firm in his suicide video saying that Hogarth unfairly protects super-powered people Jess and Trish learned that Salinger dismembered his victims and disposes of them in plastic bags so they manipulate him into leading them to his disposal location Jessica almost dies in a trap but Trish saves her and in the moment the two seem to come to terms with Jessica’s mom’s death Salinger ends up ambushing Eric in his apartment and abducts him I did think that the plan of throwing up a limb in a bag - Salinger was an interesting one it was fucking ridiculous like Salinger was such a idiot to think that you know one of his body parts would just be thrown up at him you know obviously he has to dispose of it like he looked at and he’s like do I know you and like the fact that he even took it to the same disposal location right I guess maybe he knew he was being set up and he was in turn setting them up with the trap with the acid or the gas or something like how did he know those gonna happen how do you know that they were going to take that approach with the limb exactly exactly so dumb and also I do think that Jessica would have been able to punch her way out of that container she’s strong enough to she may have been a little bit weakened by the gas but at the very least she would have been able to dislodge the hinges on the ceiling door I think they’ve established that that’s within her power level during the course of this show yeah episode six was called aka sorry face Salinger tortures Erick to try and learn how he and Jessica found out about him and he learns about their powers and accuses them of cheating and even that where he just approaches Erick it’s a pretty big leap to be like oh you’re a super-powered individual who can sense evil like what what right you could have just had a bloody nose or something exactly jessica informs Trish’s mom Dorothea about Trish’s powers by throwing Trish out of a window which I thought was a great moment Salinger calls Jessica to let her know he has Eric and she and Trish track them to an abandoned warehouse and end up saving Eric Salinger is arrested however there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute him without Eric’s testimony which he won’t give because the lack of a lingual and him in prison where his empathic powers will torture him this was the episode that kind of revealed Salinger’s motivations I think and I thought it was pretty interesting because he’s a self-made man he’s very accomplished he takes great pride in everything that he’s been able to achieve in his life so when he you know encounters these super-powered people who kind of stumbled upon him through like dumb luck over the use of their minds you know he calls it fortune over ability and I thought that was kind of a fascinating look into why he would have a vendetta against Jessica Jones and Eric it’s kind of like Lex Luthor with Superman right exactly but you know they never really quite follow through on that in the way that I would have liked because it turns out that you know Salinger really isn’t that capable Episode seven was called aka the double half whap injure Hogarth’s takes Salinger on as a client in her firm to garner some press showing that her firm doesn’t protect superheroes dumb Jessica and Trish traveled to Salinger’s home town called WAP injure to investigate his brother’s death believing that that was his first murder instead they learned that his first murder was of his high school wrestling partner whom Jess discovers he buried under their family’s gazebo which was kind of messed up that was crazy the police get the body for investigation Trish gets publicity as a vigilante and Hogarth discovers that Trish has been using the firm’s resources to get leads on bad guys Jessica confronts Salinger at a high-school gym where he coaches wrestling and she tells him she knows about his first kill and she takes him down easily in front of his students in a fight it really bothered me when Trish set up like her photo reveal yeah like she just needs that attention right annoying so annoying but that’s the character you know she’s had attention ever since she was young being a child star and she wants to be recognized for her efforts she wanted to be the lead in the story that is her life not the co-star right right exactly I just thought it was so meta how like later on when Trish’s mom was asking her like who’s the main character of the story it’s not you right because young Trish was auditioning for that’s my girl and she got it she got the role of the best friend yeah if she only knew that she was the co-star on a show called Jessica Jones episode eight was called aka camera-friendly Salinger sends Jessica a video of someone he’s claiming he’s going to kill that evening and Hogarth publicly calls for the unmasking of Hellcat Jess and Trish bringing Dorothy to help set up a live press statement warning Salinger’s potential victim that evening Jessa Trish believe they find her and set out to protect her but the real victim ends up being Dorothy Trish finds her mother tortured and killed in her apartment and she breaks into Salinger’s place and fights him defeating him easily that was stopped from killing him by Jessica who shows up at the last minute now if Sellinger was a good villain he would have been able to kill that girl that he said he was gonna kill in addition to Dorothy why is this because he made a promise mm-hmm like it wasn’t clever it was a clever trick it was just a lie I don’t think he ever explicitly stated I’m going to kill this girl that’s in this video I think Jess and Trish just assumed that but you’re right it was heavily implied so much so that it could be perceived as a lie or it would have been interesting if like later on they found that Dorothy was in those videos and they just didn’t happen to see it I don’t know I thought it was just really shitty and poorly done I did think that the end of this was shocking though where we find out that Dorothy dies and there were you know it was kind of reminiscent of Dexter season 3 when you know Julie Benz character was killed by the Trinity Killer yeah I agree but like it was shocking because we didn’t see it coming right and I would love it if I would had to go back to earlier episodes and realized you know like there was Dorothy all along you know right it was just I think it’s just lazy yet Salinger was not that smart of a character it’s you know to give his hand away episodes prior episode 9 was called aka I did something today Salinger is sent to the hospital with serious injuries and Jessica cleans Tricia and hides her away in a motel as the two grieve over Dorothy Salinger sends Jessica a photo that proves Trish’s Hellcat and that she was the one who fought him threatening to send it to authorities unless Jessica destroys the evidence leading him to the whoppin Germer der Jessica uses Eric’s help to convince a crooked cop named nussbaumer to get her into the forensics lab where she loses the evidence incriminating Salinger this pisses Trish off as I mean Salinger will go free after being released from the hospital Malcolm quits Hogarth’s firm and Hogarth learns in a security video that Trish is Hellcat investigators show up at Jessica’s door accusing her of the murder of nussbaumer in a way it’s this episode that makes Jessica responsible for Trish’s complete turn to the darks although that probably would have happened anyway you write everything that she does in this episode it turns out to be pointless because not only is the fight with Salinger not over later on she also ends up revealing Trish’s identity to the public herself so yeah if she just did it so so yeah if she chose not to cooperate with Salinger and just you know let the police find that evidence and connect him to the Whopper drew murders this would have been an entirely different ending I think and yeah let Tricia be the famous superhero like why not it’s like everyone knows who Tony Stark is well as long as she’s not killing people although she probably wouldn’t have killed people if it wasn’t for her mother’s death she would have been more heroic who wanted to be seen as more of a heroic if she was a public hero right less vengeful in episode 10 which is called aka hero pants after the investigators leave Jessica’s apartment she suspects that Eric is the one who murdered Ness bomber so she has Malcolm investigate Eric’s next potential target an arsonist named Jase Montero whom she discovered a file on in Eric’s closet Jessica and Trish attend Dorothy’s funeral where Jessica learns that the police have a warrant out for her arrest and discovers that Trish was nesebar MERS actual murderer and leaves during the eulogy jessica trails Trish but is caught and arrested Eric walks in on Trish murdering Jase Montero in a construction trailer that was an interesting reveal and I almost felt at the end of this episode when we see the look in Trish’s eyes I almost felt the same way that I did about her when she killed Jessica’s mom there’s just something really haunting about the actress Rachel Taylor when she’s doing something like supremely evil she would be great in some horror films well she was in man-thing the 2005 sci-fi movie I really yeah that was the very first time I saw the actress she’s Australian and the man thing was an Australian production so she’s been in quite a few marble projects episode 12 is called aka a lot of worms Eric goes to Jessica to tell her about Trish intentionally killing criminals and Jessica saves Salinger from Trish the hospital by throwing Trish across a rooftop I thought that was a great moment yeah she takes Salinger to his apartment where she pretends to attack him knowing Trish would be watching but in reality Jessica was searching for the camera where the photo of Trish beating up Salinger was stored Malcolm and Eric ambush the distracted Trish tase her and chained her leg to a pole in her apartment Salinger then captures Jessica at her apartment and ties her to a chair to kill her he confesses to Dorothy’s murder and Jessica breaks free revealing the confession was recorded Salinger is arrested and sent to prison and Jessica frees Trish thinking gets over but Trish beats and murder Salinger during his prison transfer oh that was so heartbreaking it was it’s really heartbreaking to see Trish do this evil shit yeah it really is I do think the moments where she was chained to the pole in her apartment talking with Malcolm that was sort of like the thesis of the show yeah kind of they had a discussion basically Malcolm was asking her you know if you fight evil and you’re doing it not necessarily as a means to an end like how do you know when you become evil it’s sort of like the whole Dark Knight thing where you either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain right and he also you know posed the question to her who are you to determine what is right and wrong pretty much exactly she’s just like everyone else it’s the Watchmen question like at what point are you as a superhero just a fascist imposing your morality on others through physical force exactly right fascinating stuff the worst thing about this episode though was Salinger he was so fucking stupid when he was in Jessica’s apartment the fact that he didn’t even suspect that her place might be bugged he’s just an idiot and I was glad to see him die this episode because it means that we were kind of free from him in the last episode when everything would be resolved I don’t know I think that’s a little dark I think I would have just rather have seen him go to jail for the rest of his life and just not up here in the last episode whatever as long as he’s just gone from the show yeah yeah episode 13 the last episode is called aka everything Jessica meets with Luke Cage who relates his experience of sending a sibling to the raft prison which was a reference to Diamondback from Luke Cage season 1 and it’s like why even make me remember Luke Cage season 1 that was garbage that was a garbage fight at the end with Diamond Beck but um you know it was kind of a nice throwback and it was cool that they had that connection they were made for each other exactly Jessica uses hogarth as bait to lure Trish to her and after a confrontation Trish escapes with Hogarth to flee the country Jessica exposes Trish’s Hellcat identity to the public and tracks her to an airport where the two fight that was a heartbreaking fight didn’t want to see it happen it’s like Trish what are you doing put away the knife now yeah Trish ends up stabbing Jessica through the hand and that’s just the final straw you know really broke Jessica’s heart you could tell just get ends up defeating Trish and Trish is arrested while being processed Trish comes to the realization that she’s the bad guy it’s like yeah yeah yeah yeah idiot what everyone has been trying to tell you where you’ve been too stubborn to realize yeah you’re the fucking bad guy yeah dumb dummy yeah Jessica leaves alias investigations and hands the company over to Malcolm and she watches as Trish is escorted by a helicopter to be taken to the raft prison which was kind of a nice call-out to Captain America Civil War Jessica then goes to a train station to buy a ticket to Mexico but after hearing kilgrave’s voice in her head telling her to abandon everyone and go to Mexico she decides instead to stay in New York that was weird and random I kind of like a good ambiguous ending although I don’t think this was that ambiguous because we saw in season two that kilgrave has really become like the little devil on Jessica’s shoulder that is you know her pessimistic negative side tells her to do bad things and it is really haunting her so I think wall that affected her in season two by this point she’s kind of recognized this voice in her head as something to not listen to but it hadn’t come up during this whole season you kind of assumed that she had moved past that right and in that regard I also think that this moment was just a little bit of fanservice to people who are still big fans of David Tenace portrayal as kilgrave you know kilgrave was such a huge part of Jessica’s personality and such a huge part of season one that you kind of keep wanting to see him return even though you know he’s dead now and I could totally see that I just thought they should have alluded to at least earlier on at some point in this season yeah I agree with that because like she just like turns around and smiles it’s like okay first of all that’s kind of haunting that voice that just appears out of nowhere you think like if it just came back after so long there would be some sign for concern I’m under the impression that it didn’t just come back in this moment that it’s always kind of a part of her and actually does play a large part in her decision-making process throughout most days she has PTSD her experience with killgrave is something that she lives with daily and that’s fair but showed that right right right yeah I’m not gonna argue that point for sure but yeah that’s pretty much the whole show again there are quite a few things wrong here in terms of discarded plot points and the villain but I think this season’s greatest strengths were the ethical questions that are brought up yeah for sure for sure and that’s why overall I was a fan of this season and I think while it didn’t quite hold up to the previous seasons I thought it held up anyway just fine the Jessica Jones seasons kind of progressively dipped in quality I don’t think this was as good as season - I don’t think season two is as good as season 1 that being said they’re still good yeah overall I would still rate the series pretty damn highly it was really a great watch not necessarily an enjoyable watch because you know this show definitely got very dark in its themes and you know very mature with its subject matter but I kind of like how that separated the show from it’s marble Netflix counterparts so what rating would you give this season if I gave season one four and a half stars and I gave season two four stars I would give this one three and a half stars we never officially reviewed season one right because it came out before this podcast started but yeah I would race season one four and a half stars I thought that was just a fantastic season of television now I would give season three this season three and a half stars as well yeah I do have a question for you yeah now that the Marvel Netflix universe is officially over hmm do you want Kevin Feige to recast those characters and make movies in the MCU I would like Kevin Feige to make MCU movies but not recast I’m not sure how many of these actors actually want to move on from the roles it seems maybe like Krysten Ritter does want to move on from this role right but you know those who want to stay I think should stay because I’ve grown so accustomed to them over the course of these long 13 hour seasons yeah we’ve spent more time with these characters than any other characters in the MCU yeah we spend a lot of time with them we probably know Matt Murdock better than we know Tony Stark yeah too bad it’s over I’m sure we’ll have plenty of more Marvel television shows to talk about what’s Disney Plus comes up because I’m pretty confident they’re not gonna repeat the same mistake of DC Universe and release those episodes week by week yeah these superhero shows have to be bendable bin jabal television is just so much easier to watch and it allows us to you know do these reviews in a timely manner so hopefully that happens but we do know that none of these Netflix characters can be really touched in live-action media for another five years according to the Marlin Netflix contract I think that’s the case I’ll have to look that up again but I’m pretty sure that’s the case but that does it for this episode go ahead and write in to us and let us know what you guys thought about Jessica Jones season 3 by reaching out to us via email at dynamic duel podcast at or via social media on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and you can find links to all those social media platforms by visiting dynamic duel comm where you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public the illustrations we use for our no prizes is the artwork that we put on our merchandise and this week I’ll be adding a hellcat design to our store yeah so you could get a hellcat t-shirt or Hellcats pillow or coffee mug or all manner of items that they have for sale or a notebook in our next episode following up on our Jessica Jones review we will be doing a duel episode where we put Catwoman against Hellcat right yeah I know a lot of people were hoping for Catwoman versus black cat like it has her you know her bad luck powers whereas Hellcat also does have powers in the comics but it’s more of like a supernatural and psychic sense and you know resistance something that wouldn’t come into play in a fight against Catwoman so I think there are more on an even keel yeah I don’t want the whole Harley Quinn Domino debacle to repeat itself exactly exactly so yeah I look forward to that episode next week and don’t forget to subscribe to our show if you haven’t or share us if you have with your friends and family that you think would be interested in anything Marvel and DC related please please if you haven’t radiated us yet write us on Apple podcasts just like two seconds well maybe more like 10 seconds not much more than that though we’d really appreciate it helps so much honestly but yeah we’ll talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers

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