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Catwoman vs Hellcast Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Catwoman vs Hellcat episode

[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in step based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m his twin brother marvelous Joe and in this episode we are pitting Catwoman versus Hellcats it’s gonna be a good fight everybody knows Catwoman I don’t think most people are familiar with Hellcat unless of course you watch Jessica Jones where she’s played by Rachel Taylor and played a prominent role in season 3 which we reviewed last week if you didn’t watch Jessica Jones you may also be aware of Hellcat from the defenders comics where she’s a primary member of the defenders team yeah I think it’s gonna be an interesting match we’ll get into that later on in the episode but before that we’re gonna break down Marvel and DC news from the past week full disclaimer we are actually recording this episode a day earlier than what we normally do so if we miss any news that comes out on Monday we’ll just address it in the following episode in this episode we’ll be talking about the black widow set photos that seemingly confirm Yelena Bulova and possibly taskmaster as being in the film and we’ll also talk about the Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans trailer that dropped earlier this week as always feel free to jump around in this episode as we put our segment x in our episode description a quick shout out to Yanni gommi og the last Son of Krypton child is Victorino and shift Jude Bick for the reviews of the show on Apple podcasts as you guys know we’re trying to get to 200 ratings and as of this recording we’re at 122 ratings huge jump you strong huge test week we’re gonna make it I feel like we’re gonna make it we’re so close oh my god now don’t try to be the hero that gets us to the 200th rating yes be the hero who gets us to 123 exactly we will appreciate all of you equally okay so if you’re if you’re holding out waiting to get us to 200 just don’t help us get to 200 right thank you to everyone who’s left us a review and rating and we are trying to get to 200 ratings because at that point we’ll become eligible to have our reviews for Marvel and DC films count toward the official Rotten Tomatoes tomato meter so huge goal of ours love to see it happen so please help us out if you can with that all out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was more of a creative writing assignment we asked you to write us your own one sentence description of a deleted scene from Avengers and game that you would love to see and that was based off of the news that Avengers endgame would be released this past weekend with an additional deleted scene at the end credits now I haven’t actually seen that to leave it seen yet because I actually have my tickets to go see the film after we record this episode the reason we’re recording it dailies because Jonathan’s going camping this week and I didn’t know that was gonna happen so yeah we won’t be talking about that deleted scene from endgame for this episode but if it’s worth talking about we’ll talk about it in the next episode if you happen to give us an answer after Sunday June 30th afternoon just know that you answer was special and that you’re special we got a ton of answers for the shit ton yeah everyone who’s ever given us an answer gave us an answer this week as well but there’s a lot of great answers here so we’ll go into the honorable mentions first real quick we asked for a one-sentence answer if you gave us more than one sentence we condensed that into one sentence for you yeah you’re welcome there’s a lot of work but honorable mention goes to nml dad for writing a scene showing cap when he returns mule near to Asgard Dustin Balcom gave the answer riri williams accepts a package from the mail carrier and out pops an AI of Tony Stark that’d be cool RiRi Williams of course is Iron Heart in the comics she was Iron Man for a while Shannon Sanderson wrote Deadpool popping up out of nowhere during the battle scene and taking the column from Tony saying I got this mister Tin Man and destroys Thanos himself that makes sense since Deadpool would be able to heal from the snap right probably anyway I’m irani gummi answered Howard the Duck rocket and Cosmo the dog have a short but funny dialogue regarding their anthropomorphic status in the MCU and possibly hinting at the existence of other similar characters such as spider-ham or titus but a winter rates the power stone breaks then we pan to the watcher holding baby galactus with an OMG look on his face but what glock this has never been a baby yeah if you want to learn more about galactus go ahead and check out our Galactus vs. the specter episode Josey grave broke a crack in space appears following Tony Stark using the Infinity Gauntlet in the final battle and you hear I hunger with Galactus his hand or eye appearing in the crack and the crack you honorable mention goes to Victor who wrote that he wants a cameo by Johnny D see you yeah in the big fight scene against Thanos because one he’s the better-looking one sure is not true - he’s smarter not very true and three wears tights all the time anyway very insurance is true yes Gavin oh my wrote I want to see the defenders Luke Jessica man Frank enter and fight in the final battle that would have been amazing it would have been such an easy cameo to do - dota meant that they would have been dusted though that’s fine although I would like to see Dani in that group as well he was left out of that answer honorable mention goes to Nikki Bono who wrote as all the heroes step through thus lingering portals another portal opens and the Justice League steps through and saves the day they totally would like you don’t even need anyone else just just the Justice thing than handling it Aaron Alexander Jones wrote a scene where general Ross makes a move to capture the Hulk at the funeral that’s cold Harrison Fox wrote Captain America encountering red skull on Vermeer that would’ve been interesting to see Colby hench’s wrote Captain Marvel shaves a mohawk on the sleeping rocket while the rest of the guardians watch that’s pretty good Nick Maiden wrote The Avengers characters say oh shit there’s Adam warlock now that’s who we really needed which of course would have been a great shout out to the comics kenneth deepika nice jr. wrote a scene showing how banner was able to merge banner and hulk yeah i would have liked to have seen that a few radiation experiments that he performed on himself to get those results george grenada throat the original Avengers go to get schwarmann as a tribute to Stark and Black Widow and as they go to order the shop owner turns around to be revealed as Deadpool who says sorry folks were fresh out of shwarma but can I interest you in a chimichanga that is my favorite answer it was a great one that is a really good answer really them could have been a great way to introduce Ryan Reynolds Deadpool since we know he’s sticking around right right Caleb elvers gave the answer old cap picking newspaper with the headline Tony Stark is missing with a closing shot of him smiling kind of sinister apparently that’s a meme I haven’t seen it I haven’t either Ken Johnson answered an Irish wake following Tony’s funeral complete with drunken stories where Thor is mimicking the Iron Man suit so kind of like a get-together scene those in age of Ultron and Salvador Martinez gets the final honorable mention for his answer uncle Aaron comes back and sees his nephew five years older with powers that he obtained from snooping around and abandoned Oscorp building and of course his nephew is Miles Morales and of course uncle Aaron is played by Donald Glover the winners of this week’s no prize go to Tim Brown and kion 1.0 who both basically wrote in a deleted scene of Natasha’s funeral Tim Brown wrote late at night fury Steve Thor roadie Hulk Wanda Sam Clint and his family have a silent personal vigil for Natasha and kyon 1.0 wrote the original Avengers standing around Natasha’s grave for a menacing and saying their goodbyes and as they leave the hulk stands behind reverts back to Bruce and places flowers over her grave heartbreak heartbreaking gets you right in the field right there I mean as great as the Deadpool chimichanga answer was I like this one a little bit more because even if Deadpool was in the movie I still would have wanted to see a funeral scene for Natasha some kind of remembrance some kind of vigil something for her and I think both of these guys gave great answers that really tugged at the heartstrings so congrats again to Tim Brown and kyon 1.0 you guys win this week’s no prize and if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week and with that all out of the way onto the news [Music] so over the course of the past few weeks some set photos have leaked of the black widow movie that’s currently being shot in Budapest Hungary well apparently we’re gonna find out exactly what happened in Budapest with Black Widow one of these shots confirms that the character Yelena Bulova is going to be in the movie and of course she is the secondary black widow the blonde Black Widow that appeared in the Marvel Knights comic books back in the early out of the Soviet Red Room kind of like Natasha’s rival yeah I remember you mentioning the Red Room in our Black Canary vs. Black Widow episode right yeah the other set photos that came out though we’re a little bit more exciting because it appears as if taskmaster is going to be the primary villain in this film we see shots of him riding in this armored tank car thing and although he looks a little bit weird I’m really excited that he’s gonna be in this movie because he’s such a fantastic character there’s a lot of people questioning whether its taskmaster but I mean come on like he has the skull helmet he has a white hood he has like blue and orange on his costume is it a skull helmet or is it just evocative of a skull helmet cuz to me actually I’ll be honest when I first saw these photos I actually thought that Dark Hawk was gonna be in the film and I was so confused I was like why are they putting dark Hawk in a Black Widow film he looks almost exactly like him at least how he’s shown in these set photos but as you take a closer look you realize that yeah the mask does kind of have this front section that makes it look like a skull the costume does have a hood which is iconic to taskmaster and he’s carrying like this collapsible compound bow and taskmaster of course is a master of all weaponry I don’t know if you guys are familiar with test master he’s a Marvel villain and mercenary who is able to copy the fighting style of any person he sees instead of like photographic memory he has like photographic physicality yeah exactly fascinating character we’re gonna have to do duel with him soon oh yeah I can’t wait to do a duel with him maybe with like Sportsmaster or something like that we’ll figure it out when the time comes but this take on taskmaster is certainly interesting now the character in the comics has always had sort of like a medieval type of look with the hood and the armor and the sword and the shield but this approach seems to be much more modern almost borderline postmodern like futuristic so in keeping with the aesthetic of the MCU right kind of like how a cross look was adapted for the civil war movie exactly in that same vein now one of the things that’s still up in the air about this film is exactly when it takes place you mentioned that this may be like a flashback to what happened in Budapest but this also may be a return to Budapest right because one of the so photos reveals that she’s driving a select that this film takes place between the events of Civil War and Avengers infinity war but then again wouldn’t she have her blonde hair might be revealed that she ends up dying her hair blonde in a kind of homage to Yelena Bulova and that’s why we see her that way in infinity war ah yeah that makes sense who knows but yeah these are interesting shots I really can’t wait to get a clear picture of what taskmaster looks like and hopefully they’ll reveal that in the Hall H panel that they have at San Diego comic-con yeah hopefully we’ll get a trailer or something for this film yeah moving on to DC news we got our first trailer for Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans now this film was announced earlier but we weren’t sure if it was gonna be direct-to-video or if it was gonna be released in theaters right just like the Teen Titans go the movie that came out last year exactly this is a sequel to that because the very end credits scene for Teen Titans go to the movies they tease - the Teen Titans coming back so I thought it would be in theaters but it’s it’s not going to be probably due to the lackluster box office of the Teen Titans go to the movies movie the box office was fine it made money these were so cheap to make uh-huh the animation is actually pretty cheaply done in flash which is actually one of the criticisms that this trailer is facing from fans right now because Teen Titans go has always been animated in that style but never Teen Titans there are some people complaining that it’s not like the traditional less streamlined animation style but it doesn’t bother me too much no because it’s easier to adapt the more serious Titans in that style than it would be to adapt the Teen Titans go in a more traditional style it just wouldn’t look right exactly exactly so the trailer starts off with the Teen Titans go in this arena that lights up and we see this character I’m not sure who it is and maybe the master of games from the Teen Titans series huh but he wasn’t blue in this series this guy’s blue and he’s voiced by Rhys Darby Oh Murray from Flight of the Conchords exactly and he’s explaining how the Teen tans ago were gonna face their biggest challenge ends up being the Teen Titans yeah I like Robins reaction he’s like yes a chance to show that were the best Teen Titans in the multiverse right and then they all charge each other and the Ravens deduce that it’s probably their father Trigon who is sort of orchestrating this whole thing it was cool to see the two different versions of Trigon the serious Teen Titans version is like this huge character who looks very imposing whereas the Teen Titans go version of Trigon is just silly that’s the whole appeal of Teen Titans go so it looks like the verses word in the title of Teen Titans go versus Teen Titans actually alludes more to the fact that they’re being competitive while teaming up to take down the trigons which I like as an approach it does seem like the Teen Titans go team gets more of the spotlight here in this trailer oh absolutely the Teen Titans team barely has any dialogue in this trailer it looks like Teen Titans goes absolutely going to steal the show I mean even the environment in the worlds they’re in look like it’s from Teen Titans go and not from Teen Titans so we’ll see how people feel about that I’m sure everyone’s gonna hate it because everyone hates Teen Titans go I personally don’t mind it I have been watching Teen Titans on DC Universe and it is very good but I can live with both so it’ll be nice to see both of these teams in the same movie yeah we should be reviewing it here within like the next month or so I guess whenever it comes out yeah I think it’s coming out pretty soon there’s no official release date but I imagine it’ll be this summer or in the fall cool well that brings us to our question of the week who are you rooting for Teen Titans go or Teen Titans and why post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media and I think that does it for all of the news from this episode so let’s get on to the duel portion where we pick cattleman vs. Hellcat bring it on oh it’s already been Brighton [Music] okay Kelvin versus hellcat we are putting these two characters against each other of course because they’re both cat women right yeah they’re both you know dressed up as cats neither of them really have superpowers that would give each other an advantage in battle so we thought they were pretty evenly matched here Catwoman of course being the popular Batman related character and Hellcat being the less popular character but who has played prominently in television media in the Marvel Netflix series through the character Trish played by Rachel Taylor I consider her a primary member of the defenders comic book team now the main defenders have always been dr. strange the Silver Surfer Hulk and Namor but there was kind of like this kind of be secondary group within that team with Valkyrie Nighthawk and Hellcat right both characters go back all the way to the Golden Age I believe yeah so they have a lot of history to them which we’ll get into pretty soon but before that if you haven’t listened to one of our episodes the way we approach these battles is through statistics we take each character statistics and run them through a probabilistic model known as the Monte Carlo simulation right and what that does is it takes their base stat numbers and it randomizes it along a normal distribution which is represented by a bell curve and that represents all the different variables that may take place during the course of battle now we compare each character statistics against each other 1,000 times to simulate 1,000 battles and whoever has higher percentage of lanes we declare the victor right now no character ever wins 100% of the matches especially if we’ve picked our matches correctly even though most powerful heroes sometimes lose to the weakest like Batman always has a way to defeat Superman and we feel like this is accurately represented through the Monte Carlo method right and of course that method is also used across a variety of applications including video game AI and business risk analysis yes and this method was also used in the Deadliest Warrior spike television show to determine who would win between their warriors such as like a Spartan and a ninja so it’s fairly scientific fairly non biased being that both Jonathan and I are both extremely biased to the respective Marvel and DC companies right so we don’t consider anything like fan votes we don’t really take like feats into consideration because the characters top-end feats usually tend to be not what is typical of the character we use the characters based stats based on the Marvel Power Rankings which are official from that we extrapolate the DC stats and we Accor per eight a few other statistical categories just to make a more robust simulation right but before we run the numbers we like to detail each character’s backstory and powers and then speculate on how we think one of these 1000 matches would actually play out so I think you go first in this particular episode so I’m interested in hearing all about the history of Catwoman so before she became the femme fatale or feline fatale known as Catwoman Selina Kyle was separated from her sister at a young age and raised in a Gotham City juvenile detention center after her mother committed suicide and her abusive father drank himself to death soon after she eventually escaped the detention center and tried her hand at pickpocketing outside of a traveling carnival near Gotham she was caught by the owner of the carnival but instead of turning her in to the police he offered to have her join his traveling troupe which she accepted while working for the carnival Selina learned the art of contortionism gymnastics and sleight of hand she left the carnival when the owner died in an accident and she returns to Gotham where she survived as a petty thief and prostitute during which time she cared for a young underage girl named Holly Robinson whom she protected from their abusive pimp Stan after one of his beatings landed her in the hospital Selina was introduced through a sympathetic police detective to Ted grant aka Wildcat one of the best martial artists on the planet who trained her on how to fight and use a bullwhip inspired by Batman who can learn more about in our Batman vs. moon is owed Selina left prostitution and fashioned herself a cat costume due to her love of cats and stalks Gotham’s criminal elite as the cat burglar Catwoman for one of her first heists she targeted mob boss carmine Falcone and left scratch marks scars across his face as a signature Batman witnessed Catwoman attack carmine and while he did nothing at the time they eventually got in each other’s way and count more often than not got away by seducing and tricking Batman the two teamed up on occasion notably during the long Halloween storyline when Harvey Dent’s became two-face and killed carmine Falcone while continuing to investigate the Falcone crime family Selina traveled to Rome where she robbed the Vatican and discovered she may have been the daughter of carmine Falcone and his first wife Louisa who sent her to America where she was soon given up for adoption she returns to Gotham and to her life of vigilant crime where she used her thieving skills altruistic Lee like when she stole a deadly toxin to prevent a terrorist attack or somewhat more selfishly like when she stole a cybernetic enabler to save a friend in the hospital after a massive earthquake struck Gotham Selina ran out of money as she stayed in the designated no-man’s land to help others trapped there as Gotham City recovered Selina became disillusioned with the glamorous lifestyle and moved to Gotham’s East End to look out for others she found her old friend Holly working the streets again though Selina convinced her to be an undercover informant and help her protect people on the street together the two helped bring down crooked cops working for the villain Black Mask using millions of dollars of stolen money Selina opened a community center in East End to help the neighborhood she had a surprise visit from her sister Maggie and her husband during the center’s opening ceremony but that night the community center was destroyed in an explosion Catwoman chased down the Bombers but they were killed before she could interrogate them and Holly Maggie and her husband were all kidnapped by the time she got back Catwoman discovered Black Mask was behind the bombing and kidnapping but by the time she tracked Black Mask down Maggie had been tortured and her husband was killed well Catwoman seemingly killed black mask and rescued her sister and Holly though Maggie had gone insane from the ordeal and had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital after surviving a fight with Superman and nearly killing the Joker Batman finally revealed his identity Bruce Wayne to Catwoman their romance blossomed for a time until Catwoman learned that she like many super villains may have been mentally manipulated in the past by Zatanna and the Justice League which you can learn more about in our Zatanna vs. Scarlet Witch episode kalman feared that her feelings for Batman and heroic tendencies were results from that manipulation she let Holly take up the mantle of Catwoman for a while during which time Selina gave birth to a daughter named Helena who may have been the result of a one-night stand with an undercover cop when the supervillain film freak deduced to the Catwoman was Selina Kyle Catwoman enlisted the tennis help to Mindwipe the villain and protect her daughter knowing her lifestyle was too dangerous for a child Selina had Bruce Wayne help arrange Helena’s adoption and she and Batman resumed their romantic relationship after Selina had her literal heart stolen by the villain hush Batman recovered the Oregon and it was surgically replaced after which Catwoman tortured hush and stole the villains entire family fortune after Batman’s death soon after Catwoman helped protect the streets by forming the team known as Gotham City sirens with the villains poison ivy and Harley Quinn the latter of whom you can learn more about in our Harley Quinn vs. Domino episode Harley and Ivy helped cattlemen save her sister Maggie from the resurrected black mask during the blackest night event Maggie escaped the ordeal murdered a nun and dressed in her bloody gown becoming the villain sister zero who attempted to exorcise the cat demon from her sister who had ruined both of their lives hmm okay in the new 52 Catwoman was drafted into Amanda Waller’s Justice League of America as she was considered the perfect foil to go against Batman she eventually left the team after she broke into Argus headquarters and deleted the file they had on her she learns that her father was actually a mobster currently locked up in Blackgate penitentiary known as Rex Calabresi from whom carmine Falcone had usurped his mob power and for a time Selina became the head of the rising Calabrese a crime family after she was wrongfully arrested and put on death row for the mass murder of over 200 terrorist soldiers Batman rescued Selina and discovered the killer was actually her friend Holly Selina took up her Catwoman mantle again and she and Batman rekindled their romance Batman proposed marriage to Selina and she accepted though she left him at the altar after being convinced by her friend Holly who was secretly working for Bane that making Batman happy would lead to his and Gotham’s undoing hmm now Kellerman has no superhuman abilities though she’s one of the foremost thieves in DC Comics she’s a skilled contortionist and Acrobat and an expert in the martial arts of boxing capoeira dragon style kung-fu and more she’s also a master of seduction and silent stealth and she’s equipped with retractable steel claws in her gloves and boots as well as her signature bullwhip now depending on the costume she’s wearing Catwoman also has worn infrared goggles or worn a utility belt with gadgets such as caltrops bolas and tracking devices and what costume will she be wearing during this fight that’s a good question I don’t know if I should determine that honestly I think for the sake of this battle she’s probably just going to have her bullwhip because that’s been one consistent thing throughout her entire history yeah I’m perfectly fine with that being the Hellcat doesn’t have any weapons of her own now Hellcats actually has a huge history within Marvel Comics the publisher dating all the way back to the Golden Age let me go ahead and get into her history Patricia Walker was born in Centreville California to Joshua Walker a comic-book writer and Dorothy Walker as a child patsy began modeling and acting with Dorothy serving as her agent her biggest exposure however came from a comic book called Patsy Walker which in real life was an actual comic book Marvel put out in the 1940s after World War two ended and readers became less interested in superhero comics and more interested in romantic comics Patsy was huge starring in multiple comic series that ran until the 1960s these books were retconned into the Marvel Universe continuity as fictionalized stories about Patsy’s teenage years with her he D and Buzz Petty was never comfortable with her mother’s exploits of her personal life through the comics and was grateful when the series ended but Patsy was fascinated with the medium itself and idolized all the superheroes featured in other comic books desperately wanting to be a superhero herself after a longtime teen romance with buzz patsy married him and moved with him to several military bases before he was eventually assigned a security post at the government-subsidized brand corporation at the time Hank McCoy aka beast was working a brand conducting genetic research this was before he experimented on himself and became furry and blue Patsy discovered that Hank was a secret mutant and a member of the x-men superhero team she confronted him and promised to keep his secret safe if he helped her one day become a superhero herself Oh black male and she agreed years passed and Patsy and Buzz’s marriage eventually ended remembering Hanks promise she went looking for him and saw that he was now blue and furry and a member of the Avengers as she shadowed the team during an investigation into brand she and the Avengers were captured by the corporation and her ex-husband buzz there patsy found an old yellow costume used by the avenger Tigra who used to go by the superhero named the cat before she was transformed into a half cat being since Tiger was no longer using the outfit Patsy donned it and took on the name Hellcat helping the team escape brand by slashing buzzes face Patsy was offered membership in the Avengers but she instead chose to travel to Saturn’s moon Titan where she could study advanced martial arts and trained in psychic abilities under a moon dragon a psychic superhero who is the daughter of Drax on Titan Patsy received organic enhancements that gave her a minor psychic potential when she came back to earth she fought alongside dr. strange and joined his superhero team the defenders alongside the Hulk Silver Surfer the Submariner Nighthawk and Valkyrie she became a mainstay of that team being the only member of the team that could calm down the Hulk while with the defenders she meant Daimon Hellstrom who was the son of satan cured of his demonic aspect daemon joined the team as the superhero hellstorm and he and Patsy fell in love eventually they married and retired from the defenders and from costumes superheroics they moved to San Francisco where they assisted the West Coast Avengers with any paranormal investigations over time the demonic aspect of Damon’s soul reman a festive and Patsy was driven mad to learn her husband was the demon spawn of Satan she was in a near vegetable state for months before a villain named death urghhh convinced her to euthanize herself she died and her spirit went to a realm of Mephisto sin hell called the arena of tainted souls when the team the Thunderbolts traveled to Mephisto’s realm led by Hawkeye in order to resurrect his deceased wife Mockingbird daemon tricked them into resurrecting Patsy instead depressed over her time in Hell Patsy went home to Central California where she found that her fame as a teen star had turned the small town into a tourist attraction her time in the underworld gave her a supernatural sense and she learned Centreville was overrun with a cult called the sons of the serpents she called The Avengers and fought the cult alongside them back in costume as hell camp she rejoined the reformed defenders team and became friends with she-hulk who forced her to register under the superhuman Registration Act during the events of civil war now under government sanction she was assigned to fight crime in Alaska there she uncovered a plot involving the kidnapped daughter of a group of witches and she also wrote an autobiography of her life eventually she came back to New York to join she Hulk’s new private law practice as her in-house case investigator during this time she discovered that reprints of her old comics were becoming wildly popular and with the help of she-hulk and Jessica Jones pets you want a legal case against her old friend Headey for the rights to the comic since then he has sought revenge against Patsy through behind-the-scenes manipulations such as convincing Patsy’s ex-husbands buzz and Damon to attack Patsy and starting a relationship with a demon named Belial in order to curse Patsy and that’s pretty much her story up to this point now powers wise Hellcats physical abilities are enhanced to their full potential through her cat suit as well as her extensive physical training on titan through her cat suit she has enhanced hearing and night vision as well as retractable steel alloy claws on her gloves and boots that scratched through stone and she has a grappling hook her training under moon dragon as well as her time spent in Hell has left her with a sensitivity to psychic and supernatural phenomena as well as a resistance to psychic and magical attacks she is also an adept Acrobat and martial artist with an expertise in moon dragons Titanian fighting style and that’s how ok methinks someone tried to cash in on the success of Catwoman on this one well I mean technically I think Patsy might predate Catwoman since Patsy came out in no Catwoman actually debuted in 1940 but she debuted as the cat oh really yeah the Avenger Tygra used to be called to the cat yeah she’s also a ripoff yet yeah I guess so fuckin marvel man what can you do what are you gonna do about it beat your ass in this match just what I’m gonna do about it alright let’s go ahead and get into it so I now that we’ve got in the history is out of the way we like to speculate on how we think one of the 1000 simulations that we run will actually play out and kind of an improvised scenario now we don’t set any rules for the scenario other than that the characters don’t know anything about each other upon meeting but they do know that they have to take each other down as threats they start about 50 yards apart from each other and they fight in a location that has no bearing on the match itself right because we don’t take statistics for the environment right so each character has to win on their own merit without using outside help so let’s go ahead and get into it Catwoman versus Hellcat who goes first this is gonna be a tough one for Kat will win just because she uses the environment is so much to her advantage as a stealth character uh-huh ellika isn’t quite so stealthy like her costume is you know bright yellow bright blue so right she definitely does have that going for her that being said she’s a go-getter and I think cut one might be just like a little bit smarter a little bit more pensive even though she has a villainous type character I actually think Hellcat would go first okay so she’s gonna run across the field doing front handsprings to cover the distance and leap eye into the air and come down with this devastating slash attack across the kettlemans face okay but as Hellcat is approaching Kellan pulls out her bullwhip and wraps it around Hellcats wrist as she’s coming down okay and she Yanks on it deflecting Cal cats attack okay so Hellcat lands on the ground in like this cool like cat pose and her wrist is bound by the swip and so she grabs the whip and she Yanks it and it pulls right out of cat woman’s hand no because Catwoman still holds onto it and as she gets yanked forward she uses that momentum to do like this front flip kick straight to hell cat’s face okay well using the momentum of getting kicked in the face khoka spins around her wrist still bound by the whip right and spins around Catwoman and pulls the whip around Cattleman’s throat choking her out and like a Garrett attack you can’t use the momentum from getting kicked in the face spinning around you serve all first of all the angles she was kicked would knock her down to the ground not like have her twirl around magically you know either lay down that means to use the momentum of her head being knocked back from the ground to do a handspring up into the air to still eventually get around Cattleman’s Bank lane yes that’s how that were she’s that good of an acrobat her Titanian martial arts training teaches her how to use momentum to her advantage and that could include redirection from being attacked it’s a thing okay so as she knows how to roll with this okay whatever so as Catwoman is being choked out that’s when she reaches with her claws behind her and just like digs her nails into Hellcats face and leaves deep scratches in her face and then makes her let go of the whip well I mean the Hellcat has long flowing hair that comes out of her mask so Calvin really didn’t do as much damage as she thought she hairy does not protect steel blades I mean if it provided some protection in the same way of you know a lion’s mane would protect they’re not fucking good so anyway they didn’t do quite as much damage as you suspect but it probably did cut some of her hair and you know Patsy’s fucking pissed by that I bet so she lets go of the whip and just boots Kettleman brain the small of her back sending your flank right onto her face okay but Catwoman uses the momentum to do a front handspring at which point during mid handspring she uses her whip to grab Hellcats ankle Yanks so now Hellcats on the ground alright by this point Hellcats just over the whip so she uses her claws to slash that motherfucker it renders it useless and frees her ankle okay now it’s Cattleman’s trying to be pissed she would really like that whip so as hell cat is on the ground removing the the snare from our ankle that’s when kalman just leaves tortured claws forward and just slashes the heck out of her chest so Patsy’s like oh and she has this huge like slash marks across her costume yeah dangerous but Hellcat slashes back and she slashes Cattleman’s chest and I don’t like where this is going and now both of the costumes does not turn this way my heart is so she gets slashed both of the costumes are still pretty much fully intact right right it’s not really revealing no not at all let’s establish that okay but Catwoman follows up Hellcats attack by grabbing Hellcats hair and just holding it as she repeatedly punches her face yeah that’s that’s why you hide your heads shit well while Hellcats getting punched in the face she like reaches her clawed hand around Cattleman’s mask and slashes to reveal Selina Kyle’s own hair which she starts yanking it’s short her hair is sure it’s not gonna like fall out of the costume okay well then Patsy discovers this and is still probably getting punched in the face and then she kicks Catwoman away right in the solar plexus real hard okay that woman has like the the breath knocked out of her and at this point Hellcat straight-up pounces and tackles Catwoman and starts ripping her to shreds on the floor okay the gentlemanlike rolls over now she’s on top of Hellcat and she likes pranks her touch we’re not the right people this is a literal catfight what he’s supposed to do well Patsy’s offended she’s not having that at all swoosh she kicks backwards and connects with Catwoman stomach with her clawed boots oh so Catwoman is now like punctured in the stomach right I don’t want this to be sexy and vile I not me neither me neither when that cow it’s like you bitch and then she takes her own clubfoot and kicks Hellcat in the back and then and then Hellcat spins around real quick and shoots Catwoman point-blank with her four o’clock grappling hook so it’s kind of like well Rorschach did to that police officer and Watchmen uh-huh just like the impact just incapacitates Catwoman and she’s knocked down to the ground unconscious Hellcat wins no no Catwoman sees this coming so she dodges the grapple and then like slices the cable line and uses that line since she’s an expert with a whip to knock Hellcat out that’s pretty good if it happened I don’t think that won’t actually dodge that attack but we’ll go ahead and leave the match there since there’s really nowhere else for this to go either Catwoman didn’t dodge the attack and she lost or Hellcats falls to her own weapon let’s go ahead and run the stats on these two characters and come back with a winner okay we are no longer allowed to do two female characters and sexy cat costume right with who have slashing ability exactly I mean what we did do katana versus a lecture but nothing really happened let’s just costume was already like half gone anyway Oh God alright so we ran the stats on these two characters and they were pretty much nearly identical there were a few discrepancies in that Catwoman is an expert of more fighting styles than Hellcat is although the bullwhip that Catwoman has doesn’t grant her nearly as much of an advantage as you would think it does because it’s range is only eight feet right and health care is skilled enough to make up for that distance pretty easily right so they’re fairly close now Catwoman is pretty much peak human in terms of her physical abilities Hellcats costume was made by a scientist to grant any woman who wears it peak human physical abilities as well which is weird cuz like it doesn’t seem like a tech suit at all I don’t know how it works honestly that’s dum-dum marvel but anyway physicality wise they’re equal intelligence wise they’re about equal especially when you factor in Hellcats psychic and supernatural proclivities but again those are mainly geared towards magic so again they wouldn’t really help her in this fight as much as you would think right so we have the results who do you think came out on top I think Catwoman did just because she’s a slightly more studied fighter I think yeah that makes sense and the results agree with you because Kalman won fifty six point eight percent of the time she won five hundred sixty eight out of the four hundred and thirty two wins I kind of felt like this is coming honestly because yeah Kelvin is a slightly better fighter if she does have the bullwhip whereas Hellcat has no bullwhip she just has that grappling hook but it’s not really an effective you know combat weapon right so that makes sense I don’t even feel bad about this it was a close duel and the characters were fairly evenly matched so I’m satisfied with this this is fine yeah yeah I enjoyed it as well I really liked learning about Hellcat a little bit more it would have been cool if Rachel Taylor would have gotten her own Hellcat series now she’s a bad guy yeah she’s a bad guy now but she could be reformed but anyway that doesn’t for this match go ahead and let us know what you guys thought about it by writing in to us on social media on Facebook Instagram or Twitter or you can email us at dynamic duo podcast at you could visit our website dynamic duel comm to listen to all of our episodes learn more about jonathan and i and check out cool merchandise that we sell through t public yeah the link to our merchandise store is on our website and if you use that link you’ll get a discount on your first order for this episode I’m gonna be uploading some Catwoman art and who doesn’t want Catwoman schwag so I think that does it for this episode in our next episode we will be reviewing spider-man far from home and oh crap I do not have my tickets yet well that movie actually comes out the day that this podcast episode drops and that’s the day that I’ll be seeing it so I’m really excited a lot of people are saying amazing things about the spider-man film they’re saying that the trailers don’t even cover nearly anything about this massive massive film yeah they’re saying it’s like the best spider-man movie that’s ever come out which is fascinating to me I can’t wait to see it but yeah we’ll be reviewing that in next week’s episode so definitely check us out then don’t forget to answer the question of the week and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already or share the show with someone that you think would enjoy it and also please don’t forget to rate and review us again we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on Apple podcasts that would be fantastic yes all right we’ll talk to you guys next week you’re a member of patreon remember that you get a bonus blooper episode on patreon at the first of the next month everybody have a happy 4th of July if you’re in America if you’re in America and have fun watching spider-man up up and away true believers

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