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Spider-Man: Far From Home Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Spider-Man: Far From Home episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we will be reviewing spider-man far from home it was a fantastic film there was a whole lot of interesting plot twists and spoilers and things that we can’t really talk about now but we’ll talk about later on in this episode yeah I can’t wait just be forewarned that it will be a spoiler review so if you haven’t seen the film definitely go see the film because it’s fantastic it was so great I think a lot of people have it’s surpassed expectations in the box-office good good it deserves it yeah great film before we get into the review we’ll be going over the comic book movie news from the past week two items here we got news that the flash movie yet again got another new director Goldstein and daily have left and now Andy machete is in so we’ll be talking about that and we’ll also be talking about how Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series is going to be adapted by Netflix exciting news so it’s all DC news this week as always feel free to jump around in this episode our second night times are in our episode description right so you could listen to what you want to quick shout out goes to Brandon 1973 0-5 for leaving a sort of view on Apple podcasts I’m not sure if he got us to 123 ratings I think he did okay fantastic he’s the hero that got us to 123 yay you be the hero that gets us to writing number one 24 cuz as you all know by now we’re trying to get to 200 ratings that way our reviews count toward the official Rotten Tomatoes meter right over there Marvel and DC films that we review will have met Oliver on Tomatoes criteria to do that right it’s a huge goal of ours if you guys could help us out by either rating us on Apple podcasts or at least sharing us with your friends and family on social media you know spread the word of the show out there and and hopefully we’ll draw in more ratings that way but yeah I think that does it for all that so quick to the mill prize so no price is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was who are you going to root for Teen Titans go or Teen Titans and why and that was in reference to the upcoming film that’s coming out later this year Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans right almost everyone basically alluded to the fact that you know they preferred Teen Titans because it was what they would grow up with and that makes me feel really old because the show first debuted when I was like 17 yeah I guess our listeners are all younger than we are but that’s good because it means we’re an authority figure yeah honorable mention for this week’s question of the week goes to geremy org who said he prefers Teen Titans go because cyborg is just too sassy honorable mention also goes to joel Seagrave who is Team Teen Titans go because he says they have done more for the DC EU than Justice League ever could Plus Teen Titans go inspired the pennyworth television show is that true that might be true because pennyworth the show was announced after we saw that gag in the trailer for Teen Titans go to the movies right hey DC is just a big joke shows your face didn’t I say that were twins Babri meat is gave the answer Teen Titans because there’s more opportunities for them as far as content goes and he’d like to see them grow out of their Teen Titans years and be Titans well lucky for him there is a Titans TV show on DC Universe that’s very adult since they’re very adult yeah honorable mention goes to Birdman Taylor red who is Team Teen Titans because they’re more kick-ass than just a kiddie comedy I could totally see that yeah I could totally do that Ken Johnson gave the answer Teen Titans because you could do so much more with a serious show honorable mention on us goes to Dustin Balcom who gave the answer Teen Titans because it’s the show that he grew up on and Jace Crump gave basically the same answer Teen Titans because he loved the show when he was a kid and finally the last honorable mention goes to Irani gummy again check him out on Instagram it’s just imaginary spelled backwards he has great content on his profile but he gave answered Teen Titans because Teen Titans go is funny but it’s written basically as a parody of the comics and the fandom that’s very true in a way it’s sort of like DC’s Deadpool right now ya know they can make fun of anything and break the fourth wall even their own franchise right exactly exactly but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to Nick abano for his answer of Teen Titans saying that Teen Titans go wouldn’t exist if the original Teen Titans show didn’t kick so much ass he’s right Teen Titans go would not exist if it wasn’t for Teen Titans like the parody could not exist without the original and the original is a fantastic show it’s a really good show yeah so hopefully we all see the Teen Titans kick Teen Titans goes ass when that wave comes out I don’t think that’ll happen but congratulations Ana kobato for winning this week’s no prize if you the listener would like to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week now that that’s done on to the news [Music] so I think they announced the DCE you flash film back in 2016 uh-huh and since then each year they have announced a new director for it is it’s getting ridiculous at this point yeah it started off with the Phil Lord and Chris Miller which would have been amazing right so what they did with spider-verse although they didn’t direct spider-verse they just produced it just produced it right but they dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and then it went to Seth grahame-smith and that would have been his directorial debut huh so they kind of dodged a bullet with that one probably next I went to Rick Femi UWE who directed dope right and I’m not sure what he’s directed since then but most recently it went to John Francis daley and Jonathan Goldstein who directed game night yeah they seem like a good match for this as well and it seems like they had the right intent in order to make the film more of like you know a fun fast-paced comedy action movie but I guess word on the street is that Ezra Miller wants to make it a more dark zack snyder inspired film exactly which is why the most recent news to come out of this was that he and Grant Morrison were writing a script together which to me did not sound like the best of ideas if you remember I was talking about down the podcast a few months ago because Grant Morrison’s stuff isn’t the most accessible of material it mean it’s good high concept stuff for superhero comics especially superhero comics that you’ve grown accustomed to and everything like that I need a new take on but for introducing audiences to the flesh I agree I don’t know if he was the best choice yeah the more there’s no way the Marvel crowd would have been smart enough to understand that film exactly seems like it seems like you know that skirt is been scrapped and Warner Brothers has not only tapped it director Andy Moscone to direct now uh-huh but they’ve also tapped christina hudson who wrote bumblebee and birds of prey to write the new script I mean this won’t be the first time that Warner Brothers has reached out to their horror movie talent in order to make their superhero films so that’s what they did for Shazam and what they did for it man yeah so it seems to work it seems to really work and it chapter one was a fantastic film yeah well I was so scared in that movie theater but does anything about that say flash to you to me it says good direction okay I mean you could say the same thing about the conjuring movie it’s nothing about the conjuring movie said Aquaman exactly and you’re Aquaman was a fantastic movie to me this is really really exciting news not only because a Nima sketti looks like a really good director uh-huh but Christina Hudson is kind of a hot commodity in Hollywood yeah but bumblebee wasn’t that great of a film apparently and we don’t even know how birds of prey is going to turn out as a film was bumblebee not good I’d actually never saw him that’s what I heard I heard it was okay what’s important is that she’s a hot commodity do you like the idea of Moo sketti directing more than daily and Goldstein I absolutely do really I absolutely do why because I think it was better crafted than something like game night I think here’s a little bit more never saw a game night Wheeler’s we all know you never saw some railings for it like you know do you not like this news yes because the tone I always imagined for a flash movie is more in the vein of a film like game night than in the vein of it I guess I understand that a lot of people like their Flash’s comedic character but in the comics that’s more of a Wally West thing it always has been Barry Allen is a little bit more grounded uh-huh and what he was not the grounded one in Justice League he was a fucking joke in Justice League did you see how as Remillard ran in that movie they had to fix his running in that movie they had a CGI his legs kiss he was running like a big weirdo uh yeah in our review badge that we do for all of our review episodes we write like a little blurb for the episode cover and the Justice League film we wrote that the characterization was spot-on and I always kind of regret that because if there is one character who is just completely not like his comics counterpart it was Ezra Miller is Barry Allen right he was pretty much more like Wally West he was whatever the fuck Ezra Miller why I don’t understand what that was the more time that has passed since the Justice League film was released and the more changes that come about like Batman being recast uh-huh it just makes me dislike Ezra Miller’s interpretation of Barry Allen so much more really I would I’d love to see him recast like Batman was well what a 180 you flip here what but that brings us to our question of the week should they recast Barry Allen or do you like Ezra Miller if they do recast who would you like to see in the role post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media now we don’t have a release date for the flash I think that they’re just starting the writing process it’ll be probably two three years before we see it on the screen yeah two three years ever since 2016 yeah it’s been a long time it’ll be a long long road but hopefully hopefully it pays off in the end and I think with this team it will I’ve heard this before whatever moving got to other DC news Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is going to be adapted by Netflix which is amazing in its own right but in addition to that we learned that Allan Heinberg will act as the showrunner now he wrote the Wonder Woman movie and he’s also you know a comic book writer as well and David Goyer who helped write you know Christopher Nolan’s Batman films will serve as an executive producer along with Neil Gaiman Oh Neil Gaiman is actually producing yes that’s good it is fantastic news that he’s involved he is such a fantastic writer I love The Sandman series Jesus yes yes have you read it you know why would I read it it’s DC’s your your fucking loss you know it is some of the best comics that have ever been written it is amazing the world that he created with Sandman huh you’re just ignorant he’s willfully ignorant Wow you have no idea what’s out there DC’s so awesome and actually DC has recently sort of like re-established his Sandman universe like the Sandman universe is its own line within DC Comics now I mean the Sandman even considered to be in the DC Universe well yeah actually the characters in Sandman just recently made an appearance in Scott Snyder’s Dark Knight’s metal series okay but they ever crossed over before that yeah in Grant Morrison’s JLA plus some of the DC characters have appeared in the Sandman graphic novels like a Martian Manhunter and scarecrow got you know that’s just like in the first graphic novel so but no a good question because there are some properties that DC owns that aren’t necessarily in the DC universe and it’s the same with Marvel I mean Marvel makes Star Wars comics but it’s not like we’re reviewing Star Wars films well apparently the movie that’s coming out called the kitchen is a DC movie that’s right yeah the trailer came out for that recently it’s starring Melissa McCarthy Tiffany Haddish and Elizabeth moss yeah we’re not reviewing that ok it does interact with the greater DC Universe you sure I hope I hope not I’ve actually read that but no we’re not reviewing that we’re not reviewing Star Wars that we’re not reviewing read yeah a superhero podcast it’s okay so okay if you remember not too long ago Joseph gordon-levitt was attached to direct a Sandman film and said RNA right well I don’t think he ever got around to sank he wasn’t a star on it but that would have been my dream I thought he would have made a great Morpheus that didn’t happen but like this is almost better news than a movie do you think they should get Laurence Fishburne to play Morpheus you’re so ignorant gosh he’ll game is actually talked about the show he’s mentioned that the first season is gonna be 11 episodes and that it’s gonna adapt preludes and nocturnes which was his first graphic novel collection of the Sandman series okay I cannot wait for this I cannot wait that we get to review this this is gonna be the first DC television show that we actually get to reveal because it’s all gonna come out at once and able to be binge dwith in the course of a weekend right because that’s how Netflix releases it shows speaking of that why isn’t this show being released on the DC Universe app that’s actually a really good question I forgot who reported on this I think was The Hollywood Reporter maybe or maybe it was variety but they essentially said that Warner Brothers wanted to shop this out with a partner in order to get more funding for it because apparently it’s gonna be the most expensive television show that Warner Brothers has ever produced yeah I could see a sandwich series being a lot more expensive than say a Titan series oh yeah there’s gonna be so much CG involved there’s no way you could do it without that you have to build an entire world for this show to work well if you haven’t read Sandman Joseph I’m looking at you ever definitely pick it up you’re doing yourself a disservice you haven’t read one of the the seminal works in comics well one of the issues did win a World Fantasy Award yeah it did and controversially like as soon as it won the next day they made it so that a comic book can never win the award again yeah which is bullshit it’s it’s really dumb but yeah it’s a great piece of literature there’s not too much more to say about it it was just announced there’s no at least eight there’s no casting news or anything like that but we’ll definitely be talking more about this as news is released so look forward to that I think that does it for all the news for this episode so with all that out of the way let’s jump into our review of spider-man far from home can’t wait to talk about it it’s gonna be amazing [Music] all right spider-man far from home came out last week in the middle of the week it was a Tuesday before fourth of July I’ve seen it twice now and it was a damn good movie it was a whole lot of fun there was so much more movie there than was ever marketed in the trailers I think to try and surprise people that being said the movie has a lot of surprises in it this is a spoiler review as well so if you haven’t seen the film don’t ruin the surprise for yourself it’s a great movie and you should see it so as far as this spoiler review goes I want to start off by saying that obviously I love the movie it was a whole lot of fun it was a great summer movie it was charming it was humorous and I found myself just smiling a lot during the course of the movie because it really had so much going for it you know the story is there the action is incredible the villain was just perfectly adapted from exciting and Marvel did a great job of building on the themes that were established in homecoming right so what we’ve seen in these films so far is basically a Spider Man who’s not really ready to be the hero that he’s supposed to be or even occasionally wants to be as we see in the case of this movie in homecoming his will to be heroic was there and he got in over his head with the vulture and the lesson that he learned was to you know stay close to the ground he learned that he wasn’t ready to join the avengers yet and that he was still just a kid in Avengers infinity war the lesson didn’t quite stick yet as he got in over his head again right though the stakes were high enough that he kind of had to you know but in this movie he starts out having definitely taken the first movies lesson to heart you know he wants to be a kid he wants to experience normal teenage kid things which I don’t begrudge him because he did die in infinity war and he did watch his mentor die in endgame yeah if there’s one thing that’s consistent across spider-man films is that life is really hard for Peter Parker yeah and you know that’s consistent with the comics spider-man has always been the hero who has struggled to balance his personal life with his responsibilities as a superhero although I will say as a side note I think Sam Raimi’s spider-man 2 handled this a little bit better than this movie a lot of people are saying that this film is like the best spider-man film that’s ever been made I still think Raimi’s spider-man 2 is probably a better film but I would say this film probably a close second it’s definitely up there for me I mean I don’t know if you count spider-verse among those list of films because it’s animated but I would think I still prefer spider-verse as the ultimate spider-man movie so far but yeah in this movie Peter struggling with his personal life and his superhero life he’s definitely ready for a vacation which he deserves and here he gets the opportunity to have a vacation the problem is that as a hero he can’t really have a vacation you know when you have that kind of power there’s no holiday from responsibility and the lesson he learns in this movie is kind of an addendum to homecomings lesson he shouldn’t overextend himself and he should realize that he’s just a kid who can only do so much but he also can’t avoid his duty no matter how much you may want to its precarious being spider-man and has a lot of parallels to the lessons that we all learned growing up in general in that we all have to balance our enjoyment of life with our responsibilities as working adults and to that end I thought this is a very well-written film it was fantastically rain I loved how they carried over the arcs and the characters continued to grow our will is so fantastic at making these films that are like complete in and of themselves but there’s still a serialization yeah DC take note seriously yeah I’m not gonna disagree with that honestly because I loved seeing Peter Parker continue to grow yes I mean if there’s any issue with this film its inherent within the direction the MCU and Sony have taken with the character in that here we have a movie about a superhero who’s still learning how to be a superhero it’s basically a continuation of his origin story essentially and while that’s fine considering Peter Parker is still young here and still has plenty of time to grow into spider-man I do feel like as audience members though we have been waiting a long time to see spider-man who is in green behind the gills but that’s my favorite spider-man really I mean yeah I mean when they flash forwarded in the Raimi films right - you know when he’s in college it’s like no keep him in high school let him still struggle well what about adult Peter Parker in the spider-verse movie he was fantastic in that and he still had struggles in his personal life they even then liked the character I most identified with was still miles more despite being an adult you’re a fucking adult man yeah I know you’re right it is great to see Peter grow in each film it’s just it’s hard not to be impatient but I do appreciate how they’re slowly building into spider-man and really like I’m just excited for the future of the character and I’ll say now if Sony and Marvel continue handling this character right this version of Peter Parker spider-man has the potential to be one of the most carefully crafted protagonists throughout a franchise in the history of cinema I sort of feel like with spider-man he could be competent but with Peter Parker he should always sort of be down on his luck yeah I mean well because that’s how normal people kind of feel all the time right life is just one big prolonged sadden moment punctuated by a small happy moments right conversely life could also be like the happy moments the experience when life is not also taking a shit on you which hopefully is far in view between yeah I really liked this film but I’ll be honest it sort of took me until Mysterio’s revelation to really like the film the second half is definitely more interesting than the first once the whole con is revealed basically because I’m really trying to fool their fool me I mean yeah we were just waiting for that moment and also the elementals were severely generic characters but you know they were they were supposed to be kind of but it was thought that with like the story itself was kind of you know like it was a little bit faster paced than I thought it was gonna be the editing I didn’t think was as good as it could have been huh there were some missing scenes I sort of felt like like we never saw that him fighting the mobsters in that like Italian restaurant that we saw from the trailer yeah but I think that scene got a lot of backlash from the trailers because he was telling cops basically that he was doing their jobs for them yeah you know they maybe could have used an action beat at the beginning of the movie but I’m glad that they didn’t include that scene because honestly I didn’t think it was necessary I still had fun watching the first half of this movie yeah I mean it definitely moved along at a pretty quick clip yeah so maybe they didn’t need that extra action scene to bog it down because it did work you’re right it did work but I did like the film a lot more when they everyone learned that Mysterio was a villain just because I loved how well they adapted the character of Mysterio you we’ll get into him as soon as we get into the character breakdown which is right now so let’s talk about Peter Parker slash spider-man who was played by Tom Holland I think Tom is a remarkable actor for his age he’s only know the best of the MCU actors and he is really I think the reason why this movie version of spider-man has been so successful because he’s just so damn charming so easy to root for and really just embodies the character of both Peter Parker and spider-man he’s really relatable and I’m always amazed like it’s always nice to see someone like Tom Holland who can go toe-to-toe with someone like Robert Downey jr. or Jon Favreau or Jake Gyllenhaal he always handles like the romantic charming stuff really well but he also handles the action really well I thought this movie had some of the best spider-man action scenes out of all the spider-man movies the way he was taking out those drones was just amazing yeah it doesn’t hurt when your main actor is an actual gymnast in real life right like if you just asked Tom Holland to do a backflip he could probably just do it on the spot yeah yeah that’s so cool what did you think about his suits in this movie he had so many suits in this movie he started off in his iron spider suit but he also had a standard suit which he wore for a very brief period as he was talking to Mysterio and Nick Fury for the first time yeah I’m really glad they switched to that suit and didn’t stick with the nanotech suit because there’s something that just really bugs me about your friendly neighborhood spider-man using an Iron Man suit I think in general I’d like to see the series move more away from Tony Stark because I think he’s just been a huge influence over this franchise so far in general yeah and I think the time has come for Spider Man to really kind of be his own character yeah I agree I agree maybe you don’t even mention Iron Man in the next film he’s like he’s dead get over it geez Oh while I did like the noir inspired suit the Spider Man stealth suit the night monkey suit yeah yeah essentially I really did enjoy the last one that he had because it just had all the bells and whistles but with a sleek new design I liked the reasoning they gave for him having the different suits because I was kind of worried like from the trailers like they’re just doing this to sell toys yeah you know and you know they are right but but you know having four different suits in the mood and having a justification for all of them I’m sure was a huge challenge but they pulled it off really well they really did like the night monkey suit was you know so he was a recognized amongst his classmates right since yeah the new upgraded suit was because he didn’t have his old suit because he was in Tony Stark’s plane on his way to go stop a threat and he needed the extra gear to stop someone like Mysteria who was such a big threat you know this Avengers level threat right on his own yeah I mean it didn’t really have too many new bells and whistles to fight Mysterio other than you know that parachute that he used to drop in and the electrical webbing gave the electric webbing and I think he also had a timed explosive on there as well but you know what that’s all he needs yes all he needed like anything born I would’ve been spider-man right let’s talk about Quentin Beck slash Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal now I remember wondering why they chose Gyllenhaal for this role and it really just seemed like stunt casting to me at the time like they chose him because he’s somewhat of a big name and a great actor but nothing about him really screamed Quentin Beck from the comics at me cuz I’ve always pictured Beck as like a loser you know yeah and Gyllenhaal has always been like this big star but it becomes all too apparent through the course of this film that this was brilliant perfect casting he’s supposed to be Tony Stark lights yeah you know this barely it’s eccentric tech mastermind Peter is supposed to see in Beck his old mentor and they really hammered that home when Gyllenhaal put on the Edith glasses and you know in another life could have been Gyllenhaal who was planning guy and man this whole time yeah he probably would have been a great Tony Stark he plays a good asshole he does yeah I mean like the actor does have this like innate darkness to him which I think makes him like this perfect Dark Mirror version of Robert Downey jr. I loved it in the movie I loved it so much when they did the flashback to when Tony Stark was giving that presentation with the hologram tech cuz I remember that scene from Civil War and the fact that they were able to incorporate Gyllenhaal like into that scene and just seeing him being assaulted just all the disgust on his face did he go my ticket barf it was so well done it was a brilliant use of continuity he makes you wonder if they had planned it that way all along like they were playing the really long game right or if it was just the writers just you know like using what has come before in this just brilliant way Marvel does that so many times in their films it just surprises me so much I hate them so much for it yeah DC could do it if they you know every gun interconnected franchise going you think I don’t know this okay I think this adaptation of the character of Mysterio in terms of how he uses his powers was a brilliant modern take on it instead of a special effect his genius that uses hallucinogens and robots and stuff like that he was this stark employee that invented this holographic tech and I loved they had like a whole production crew yes with him yeah that was fantastic there were all disgruntled Stark employees because of course they would be because Tony Stark was an asshole yeah it’s weird that these spider-man villains have all kind of been birthed from Tony Stark like the vulture became the vulture because of Tony Stark in the put him out of business and he was disgruntled by that yeah Mysterio became Mysterio because of Tony Stark and he was disgruntled by how he was treated as an employee that’s interesting Peter Parker always having to clean up Tony Stark’s messes yeah and speaking of how they adapted Mysterio here I really liked how they adapted his dome helmet as kind of like this heads-up display device for Edith yeah that was really cool and I loved his suit you know that you see sort of like and behind-the-scenes stills all the time from when they were making movies with special effects the motion capture shoots and it’s like his head like even like the Mysterio eyeballs on it it was so so well imagined so well thought out I love the way Marvel is interpreting these spider-man villains yes Mysterio of the vulture so much more well done so much cooler in these movies than they ever were in the comics really you think about the amazing spider-man films like the lizard electro they suck they sucked horribly horrible interpretations these ones that the MCU is doing just so well done and like worthy adaptations of spider-man’s rogues gallery because he is one of the best rogues galleries in comics right so I can’t wait to see what they do with further villains and further films down the line yeah and you have to wonder if they’re going to just bypass Sandman and hydro-man and molten man because while although the L mentals our actual villain characters from the comics the way they were presented here makes me think that you can’t use those other villains and that’s fine like spider-man has so many other great villains I know the writers for this film said that if the rat the next film they want to use Kraven as yo yes yeah that would be nice especially how this film ends yeah we’ll get into that yeah we’ll get into that first let’s talk about MJ who was played by zendaya they didn’t call her Michelle in this film no they didn’t which was confusing like I’m still trying to figure out if she is Mary Jane or if she is Michelle or what’s going on with the whole MJ thing part of me just really wished she would have been like Michelle is my middle name yes there’s something like that you know yeah that would make more sense but I do like her in this movie I like her more in this movie than I liked her in the last one because she’s more charming in this fed more heart yeah she’s not so standoffish she was just adorable like the chemistry that she had with Tom Holland it was just like puppy dog stuff you could also see more about why Peter was into her right because like he didn’t really seem that into her in the last movie he was into Liz right so I was wondering how they were gonna transition it and they didn’t really they just kind of started off the movie with him into her but it worked definitely worked I’m surprised that Liz wasn’t in this film well she moved to Oregon in the last movement that’s right and who knows she probably didn’t blip she’s probably five years older than everybody else now oh that’s right I didn’t think about that I liked the conflict they set up with the blip and you know like the the love interest that MJ had with the other guy - yeah the nerdy little kid that grew into like the big hotshot yeah and was like competing with Peter for her affections yeah exactly there’s another like good piece of conflict that they had that led to some great moments in the film with like the photo on camera that was great speaking of Peters friends let’s talk about Ned Leeds played by Jacob Beth alone there’s not too much to say but I do want to comment that Ned and Betty’s relationship in this movie was hilarious to me it was everything really yeah I thought it was hilarious when she first comes up to him and she was like hey babe I was like yes that’s my boy man and the way he was like trying to like lecture Peter on how to have like a romantic relationship and like when I ended he was like you know sometimes men and women grow apart but the journey will always stay with them like he was trying to be so wise but he was really just full of shit you know mids always been full of shit and that’s kind of what’s endearing about the character let’s move on to Nick Fury who was played by samuel l.jackson during the course of the movie I thought he was being a little bit harsh with Peter but he was really right the whole time you know this is the fate of the world that is at stake allegedly you know and Peter should have stepped up as a hero so for the majority the movie I was kind of like well Nick Fury is kind of being a dickhead and also he’s kind of being a little bit gullible getting duped by Mysterio so I kind of like off put by Nick Fury through this movie so I was really glad when I saw in the end credits scene that it turned out to be Talos all along and it makes me wonder how long the theory has been Talos I guess someone pointed out that in the Captain Marvel movie Nick Fury mentions how he hates cutting his toast diagonally uh-huh just a weird throwaway line but I guess in age of Ultron he cuts his toast diagonally what’s really yeah oh shit so he may have been off planet ever since the events of Winter Soldier cuz I definitely think that was Nick Fury I think that’s probably the case interesting but Marvel might really be playing the long game here crazy I actually knew this spoiler going into the film that he was Talos why did you know that I spoiled why would you do that to yourself cuz I was like it’s Marvel fuck it I’ll just look at them don’t you regret doing that now though no I don’t probably because it helped you see Nick Fury as less of a jerk dumbass it helped me understand why he would say lines like he’s not from your world and things like don’t VOC her name like when Peter mentioned to Captain Marvel uh-huh I would have been like what if I didn’t know that huh that reveal I guess I really try not to spoil myself on anything and I’m glad I didn’t for this Nick Fury reveal I guess I do kind of regret it good always save the surprise for the moment it’s always better that way I used to worry about spoilers a lot less before doing this podcast but now I feel like if I don’t have the genuine reaction during the film then I don’t have the proper experience for the film right let’s move on to happy hogan who is played by Jon Favreau I thought Jon Favreau was hilarious in this movie he was really great and touching in the scene when they were in the plane when he was telling Peter that you know he’ll never be Tony Stark he doesn’t need to be it was a great moment of growth I think and it really served as a catalyst for giving Peter the motivation he needed for fighting that and fight heavy is like kind of like a loathing Alfred in a way in these movies he’s like The Reluctant assistant you know yeah I really love that role for this movie Jon Favreau just nails it yeah he’s just really good it sort of makes me feel sad that at the end like Aunt May didn’t sort of feel the same way about the relationship yeah it’s like oh of course poor happy Hogan can’t catch a break no poor guy I think those two will end up together I just have a feeling I hope so finally I just want to talk briefly about mr. Harrington and mr. Dell who were played by Martin Starr and j.b smoove I thought they were both great comedic relief in this movie more Martin Starr than anything because JB Smoove really only had the witches joke right it was great the first time but they kind of like ran with it a little bit too much I don’t understand why the movie needed both of them well because you probably need two chaperones for a class that big I’m thinking and JB Smoove actually played in one of the commercials for spider-man homecoming where he was the driver’s ed instructor so it’s kind of in continuity I guess he was also a science teacher as well okay I loved the bit so much in the film when Martin Stars character was talking about how his wife faked that whole scene it was a great work he’s like perfume allergy I take this very seriously and he moves Peter to the back of the plane well he makes MJ sit next to Brad yeah so good and the part with the camera where he’s trying to take a photo of himself and then like he almost drops the camera in the water but then doesn’t and then accidentally does it anyway it was just great physical humor for that part I thought he’s just a good actor like I’m a big fan of him from like Silicon Valley and like freaks and geeks yeah he sort of usually plays like an asshole so this is sort of like off character for him but he just does it so well yeah so that does it for the character breakdown let’s go hide in and get into the story highlights the movie opens up in Easton Co Mexico where we see the earth elemental and we were introduced to Mysterio I mean there wasn’t really much to the scene but I think it did a great job of setting up the potential stakes that were to come later on down the film because really we don’t deal with Mysterio for like another good hour after that and also further established that these monsters are appearing around the world I remember when I first heard the news that this film would be taking place like in Europe yeah and how disappointed I was by that news just think you know what’s it’s spider-man has always been about New York you know yeah this is the first spider-man in film to take place almost entirely not in New York City which I thought was a good change of pace yeah I also like how the whole reason like Nick Fury really pressed on needing spider-man was because this was a worldwide threat he was an Avenger and he was the only one that was there in the local area at the time right after that scene we get the marble opening logo set to the tune of Whitney Houston’s I will always love you which I thought was hilarious because it was being used as an in memoriam made by the students for the heroes that were lost in an Avengers end game right hilarious gag I just love that whole scene and we learned about Peter’s plan to you know tell MJ that he likes her on top of the Eiffel Tower and everything like that from this scene we go to the fundraiser where Peter be ghosts Nick Fury through a phone call and Peter starts packing for his trip Aunt May throws a banana at him and questions why his Peter tingle wasn’t working what wasn’t it working well because he wasn’t in imminent danger I did love how uncomfortable he was with the word Peter tingle well the writers said they didn’t use the word spider-sense because I felt a little bit too on-the-nose they tried to say quirky right of stuff yeah and the Peter jingle gag came up quite a few times during the course of the movie but I never really feel like it lost its humor unlike you know the witches gay right right you know one thing I did like about Aunt May during the fundraiser event was just hearing how when she came back how other people were in her apartment and how they thought like she was a ghost or mistress that was grace it’s just great world building yeah that anecdote as well as the footage of the band coming back during the basketball game in the gymnasium yeah it makes you wonder a lot about the fate of people who came back in the exact same location who may have not been in like the safest of places like what if you were driving down the highway and you blip for in an airplane right you’d blip back in midair or back in the middle of a street or something like that the Hulk just killed a whole bunch of people yeah threw a snap and I also thought it was interesting how they called it the blip instead of the snap it makes in that nobody really knew it was a snap that caused everybody to disappear right right right only the Avengers probably knew that yeah Peter gets on the plane has that put hilarious plane scene go they go to Venice in Venice we see the water elemental arise from the canals and I feel like Peter really did nothing to fight any of these elementals including the molten man including hydro man like he showed a web a hydro man it was like what the fuck was he expecting that to do you know this is really mysterious thing you know is apparently he could hurt them through his magic blasts or whatever Peter Parker was really just on damage control yeah he’s running the ground game making sure people weren’t getting hurt that there wasn’t too much property damage I guess I also really do like the Jester mask that he had on although that was lame those kind of funny yeah he’s like hey I can help I’m strong and sticky in second viewing of this movie I really wonder how the drones were able to pull off some of these effects that happened during the course of this hydro-man attack like Peter got punched by water he was covered in water there was water all over him yeah I got splashed so they must have outfitted these drones on an ad hoc basis where like some drones were able to carry water yeah they would just shoot like water out of a hose instead of like a flamethrower yeah I know that in the very final scene we see like some drones shooting shockwaves through the water which we’re creating these massive waves and some drones were shooting fire which would explain a lot of the molten man’s heat but as far as actually shooting water itself I’m not sure how they did that I’d like to kind of get a behind-the-scenes look at how Mysterio was able to pull off some of these these tricks after the attack enter Nick Fury who takes Peter to meet Mysterio and he learns about the multiverse and the elementals and it was really quite a lame story I think that Mysterio came up with here yeah but the fact that people will believe anything like these elemental mythical creatures are believable in the MCU because Thor is around you know Peter mentioned that we’ve seen frost giants right yeah I wonder how many people went into this film actually believing that Mysterio was a hero was a superhero probably only a few I think Mysterio is widely known as a spider-man villain but I’d really like to see the people who were shocked by that whole reveal that happened later on in the film Peters class trip gets hijacked and they end up in Prague where Peter activates Edith for the first time it was given to him by Nick Fury he turns it on and he learns that he gives him access to this weapons cache the satellite weapons drone cache as well as gives him access to telecommunications on the way to Prague the class bus takes a bathroom break and you have a hilarious scene whoo where Peter has to take off his clothes in front of this sexy shield spy and it gets his photograph taken by Brad who’s gonna use it to blackmail him and Peter tries to stop Brad by accidentally summons a drone to come kill him and so has to deal with that that was fantastic racine I do have to wonder why they went with Brad and not Flash Thompson because they had Flash Thompson in the movie when I just keep him sort of like Peter Parker’s antagonist rival that’s a great question I don’t know why I have no idea whoever made more sense probably given the history of the characters and the movies in the books right in Prague Mysterio and spider-man team-up two fights I call him the molten man but really was that you know the fire elemental was he made of metal he was made of just like molten rock and metal I think it was so cool-looking he was really cool like it was it looks so real yeah but once again Peter was not really able to do anything against him no I mean you know not considering the fact that it was made out of drones you know right right it was so cheap and lame hell my stereo ended up defeating him actually and they water elemental - it was just that easy yeah why couldn’t you defeat them on your homeworld exactly but it was during this fight that something a little bit screwy happens where Peter shoots a web trying to save the ferris wheel from toppling over and he ends up shooting one of the drones instead and pulls it out of action yeah I had it like kind of do a double-take there I was like did I just see what I just saw yeah well I mean it like we didn’t know what the drones looked like really at the time well we did but we didn’t know they you know BEC was also using them right and it crashes in front of zendaya and I’m like oh that’s a clue let’s see what happens there yeah in the next scene there at the bar and Peter hands over Edith to Mysterio and there’s a big reveal we knew the reveal was coming but the way jake gyllenhaal sold it with that smile and he was like I told you to be easy and like he gets up and makes the toast and we get the whole backstory behind his motivations and everything like that that was a great scene I mean the ex position was just a little bit clunky but given the fact that we had to know all of that information I thought it was handled wonderfully it was handled really well for how much information and exposition we got I think I love the fact that they brought back the actor from the first Iron Man film that was great they planned that this whole time oh my gosh oh my gosh the character’s name was William Riva you think he’d be more upset with Obadiah Stane than Tony Stark yeah considering this stain was the huge dickhead but yeah the fact that they brought him back as a stark employee being one of the most memorable stark employees throughout the course of these films was just great yeah from there Peter and MJ meet up on the bridge since their trip is ending they won’t have a moment together MJ reveals that she was 60 percent sure that he’s been spider-man this whole time and he admits it once they see that the drone is a polygraphic projector and that Mysterio has actually been pulling their strings this whole time and that MJ is probably now in danger since Peter knows that they could probably track the drone to their location and that was probably like one of the big surprises for me was the fact that Mysterio was using drones because I feel like in the comics he’s used two projectors but they’ve always been like mounted right so to hear that he’s been using these drones was so brilliant it’s plausible yeah this is like the perfect time to have Mysterio as a villain that’s on this cusp of believability right right so while rehearsing an upcoming battle Beck and his team realize that Peter knows the truth and they’re going after him I thought that was a great scene the whole rehearsal yeah that was great yeah kind of peeling back the curtain just a little bit I thought it was particularly interesting when Bek steps into his 3d projected suits in the mocap suit because it looks like it’s on him but really the special effects artists for this movie are doing the exact same thing that the villains were doing in this movie they had to track this three-dimensional suit on the sector’s body it was probably a real tracking suit that he was wearing yeah yeah the special effects artists that worked on this movie are the real Mysterio oh yeah absolutely so cool Peter heads to Berlin and there he meets up with quote Nick Fury who takes him to Europol and it turns out to all be a ruse this is my favorite scene of this is also my favorite scene this was amazing I didn’t know that they were gonna take mysterious illusions like this far yeah I’d like to be so just straight out of the comics and just really confusing and trippy you don’t know what the hell was going on it please like spider-man it was horrifying it was kind of horrifying in a way yeah like the giant Mysterio fists that popped out that was so cool yeah and then like there was a zombie Iron Man when he’s telling Peter that if he was a better hero he could have saved Iron Man and the snow globe when Peter was like trapped in the snow globe that was actually Mysterio’s head oh my god that was amazing and then like in the real life it turns out that Peter was actually just like laying on top of a pile of gravel at the construction site and everything right because all of a sudden it looked like Beck was shot by Nick Fury but that was an illusion in itself I am actually like legitimately super surprised that they had the willpower to not put any of that footage in any of the trailers yes because there’s such great imagery that would have totally helped sell this film oh absolutely the whole thing just brought back memories of our scarecrow versus Mysterio Julie I’m so glad we ended up doing that duel I mean scarecrow got trounced but I understand why now yeah after especially seeing like a scene like that compared to you know like Batman Begins yeah he’s just such a cool cool character I went back and actually listen to our Mysterio versus Scarecrow duel episode and it was horrible you know it’s back before we were editing these podcast episodes but it was still somewhat fun the way we improvised that scenario yeah it makes me just really appreciate our podcast honestly like I loved learning about Mysterio and having that knowledge going into this film yeah oh good I’m glad yeah me too and it’s so crazy at the end at how Mysterio makes Peter get hit by a train I was fucked I was so fucked up the only thing that I have against that is that I don’t think Peter would have survived that crash that was a bullet train it was a bullet it was going 300 miles an hour crashed right into him and really he just came away with a few cuts and bruises well maybe it was his spider sense that kind of helped him there maybe heater cycle maybe activated at the very last moment and his reflexes were able to save him somewhat I guess that’s how you have to rationalize it because otherwise you would have been you know a bug against a windshield he’d have been scattered across Europe geez but he ends up in the Netherlands where apparently everybody is happy and nice it was a gorgeous location when he was in that flower field oh absolutely yeah he gets picked up by happy and happy talks to him and you know kind of motivates him to go fight Mysterio again and Peter starts building a new suit I love love the scene where Peter was like tell me something all you would know yeah we stayed at the hotel there was a movie they ordered on pay-per-view that was more expensive than normal movies I love the same core we’re happy was like you take care of the suit I’ll take care of the music and he turns on ac/dc which 20 stark loved yeah and Peter’s like oh I love Led Zeppelin that was great yeah so the film then takes us to London where we see the elemental that’s a combination of all the other elementals you know the wind the fire the water the earth Peter enters the combo elemental illusion and he starts attacking the drones now this whole and action scene I will admit was very CGI heavy now the special effects were great but there was a slight disconnect between this and fight and and fight like against the vulture or something like that where it was more mano a mano a little bit more grounded yeah like a more practical set and everything like that yeah that being said the way Spider Man was able to handle the drones all the different like inventive tricks that he used yeah to destroy them was really cool I thought the shield was cool how he used like the bridge sign yeah as a shield yeah and he had the bomb that you threw yeah I liked the part where he like stuck his feet to the car and then like slung shot himself upward and then dropped the car onto the drones yeah that was already cool the web-slinging is I’m still surprised they’re able to show us new stuff with that yeah it never gets old it doesn’t it doesn’t happy hogan who was trying to save some of Peters classmates I thought there were some pretty funny parts there where they all start like sharing their biggest secrets and things like that and went happy like through the shield at the drone he was like how does kept do that yeah that was great it was fantastic Peter manages to bypass the drone Stan gets into that hallway with Quentin Beck for round two and Peter’s able to use his spidey sense to get around all the illusions which I thought was really damn incredible that was real it was really cool that’s like Spider Man at his prime right there yeah he just with his eyes closed yes that was cool yeah just going off instinct in his senses eventually Mysterio is like freaking out and so he orders all the drones to shoot and he ends up getting shot himself so poetic yeah but it was crazy how him laying on the ground was also an illusion yeah in reality he was about to shoot Peter in the head that was kind of scary and Peter’s spider sense went off at the very last minutes to warn him of that I really loved how they used the spider sense in this movie I love how emotional this scene was just how like hurt Peter was and you could see it yeah but that hole and scene with Mysterio dying was recorded by Riva and manipulated for later on in the movie there’s no way he’s really dead I hope he’s not there’s no way Quentin Beck is really dead they have to be able to use him for a sinister six movies Emily stop killing your villains marvel so after Mysterio dies quote dies Peter and MJ share their first kiss which I thought was pretty damn adorable I mean it was very embarrassing too like I feel like how everybody has their first kiss where you don’t really know how to do it so you kind of just like RAM your faces into each other for like a quick Peck right and then you’re like let’s try that again say that again the kids go back to New York it turns out that Ned and Betty split the couple of the century split up so heartbreaking I felt bad for flash because it like none of his family showed up for him even though he almost died yeah we hadn’t learned that man happier on the same page in terms of their relationship and Peter and MJ go for a swing which I thought was so cool like the way they introduced new elements to this like final swing scene for spider-man which we’ve seen in like in almost every spider-man movie was the fact that they had I’m texting while he was swinging yeah this is the first time we actually see this MCU version of spider-man swinging through New York City through Manhattan yeah yeah which is so cool and he had a few other tricks up his sleeve like his Webb gliders he was able to like fly through that exposed atrium area of that building yeah which people are saying that that’s probably Oscorp it was the former stark tower allegedly purchased by Norman Osborn we don’t know they see if that’s the case yeah I love seeing the swinging from MJ’s point of view it was so scary it looks horrifying it was like really really bad theme park ride yeah I just like no I’m never doing that again and like the noises that she was making we’re like you know that feeling where your stomach sinks down into your ass just like she was doing that looks like real fear yeah I can understand why she was like I’m never doing that again yeah in the mid credit scene which was jaw-dropping not only do we learn that Jay jonah Jameson is back we learned that he’s again being played by JK Simmons right we learned that the Daily Bugle is not a newspaper but a web news program it’s like in for work in the vein of Infowars and j jonah Jameson it’s very cartoony and reminiscent of Alex Jones from Infowars who is also very cartoony right any of this whole theme of fake news suddenly comes up which is very topical in this day and age I’m not gonna lie I was kind of heartbroken when I saw that it was JK Simmons right because it’s Commissioner Gordon you came back to Marvel because he knew what the winning side was oh fuck I don’t understand why Marvel would do that why take a character from a dead franchise because he was the one of the best parts of that franchise I don’t know anybody that isn’t thrilled to see JK Simmons Becca’s Jay Jonah J’s as well I’m Dafoe gonna come back as Norman Osborn now know is alfred molina gonna be Doctor Octopus obviously not but can you honestly say that with any confidence now well yeah what who cares honestly I mean if they want to come back as those characters for like a sinister six movie at least we don’t have to go through the trouble of reestablishing them in this universe well does that mean that the Raimi films are continuity no Jameson just happens to look very similar within these two different continuities don’t worry about it just just embrace they didn’t bother you at all it didn’t bother me at all I loved it really yes hmm yeah you just jealous because he’s not jim gordon anymore right you blown away by the fact though that Peter Parker’s secret identity was revealed yes that was ridiculous - I hated that I hated everything about this really yeah why did you hate that big Simon what are they gonna do like having a feast oh now come in and like restore his secret identity for the next film I don’t think he’s gonna have secret identity anymore I think in this day and age where everybody has a recording device in their pockets the whole concept of a secret identity is kind of laughable no see I’m a DC fan no one else identities are very important no one else in the MCU has a secret identity the secret identities may have been important at one point in time but in this day and age where there’s very little privacy among people it’s just not possible he’s only a kid though like what’s to stop anyone from attacking Aunt May now well that’s what we’re gonna find out in the next movie honestly if they do a brand new day angle I don’t think a lot of people will like it they’re not gonna do that exactly obviously they’re not gonna erase people’s memories they’re gonna figure a way around this maybe it’ll just have to discredit Mysterio again yeah something like that it’ll be fine I loved that Mysterio kind of did get the upper hand at the very end wasn’t that great like yes and no but yes he’s such a great character I get Mysterio used to be like probably my third favorite spider-man villain after like scorpion and Doc Ock but now I think he’s like number one or two he’s up there the end credits scene we’ve already talked a little bit about where Nick Fury and Maria hill turn out to be Skrulls and it turns out that Fury is on some kind of space facility he’s like on a Skrull ship yeah well what I first thought actually was that they were setting up sort which is like the Space version of shield it’s the sentient world observation and response Department but then when I saw that there were nothing but Scrolls in the space facility I’m not sure where they’re going with it I’m not sure if the scrolls will have anything to do with sword or if this isn’t a sword at all and really make sure he’s just taking a vacation on scroll us or something I think they’re setting up the crease Cold War which i think is gonna be a thing in the next captain role I think you’re setting up the secret invasion well yeah they’re sitting there probably setting up both they might be flipping it though because at one point Nick Fury does mention Kree sleeper cells on earth while the two are in Berlin I don’t know if you caught that really yeah I didn’t catch that yeah that’s pretty interesting they might be reversing the whole secret invasion thing to make the Kree the bad guys and the Skrulls help your earth heroes fight the Kree or something I wonder why they would go against the comics like that I don’t know I don’t know if that’s what they’re actually doing but we’ll see what happens I think that does it for this review we’ve gone through the entire story again overall I absolutely love this movie there’s only one or two things going against it and that maybe just inherent within the direction that Sony and Marvel have taken spider-man itself and that again it’s just a continuation of the origin story I think once we get to that point where spider-man becomes the here that he’s supposed to be I think that’ll be a four and a half five star film I give this movie four stars I agree four stars for me as well it was really enjoyable the second half of much more so than the first half uh-huh the movie was comparable to homecoming really comparable in terms of quality and we also gave homecoming four stars yeah I’m really happy with what Marvel is doing with spider-man it kind of still makes me nervous about what Sony has planned for other characters in the spider-man stories like Morbius like venom right it’s like just leave those characters alone see what you’re doing that’s so fantastic with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios yeah you know for a while they were talking about doing a craven film it’s like yeah don’t do that yeah put him in this third spider-man movie it’d be amazing like all of a sudden craving knows who he has to hunt now right exactly yeah exactly so good all right let us know what you guys thought about this movie by reaching out to us on social media via Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and you can find links to all of our social media profiles by visiting dynamic duel comm where you can also find a link to our merchandise store where we sell t-shirts and every other kind of item rugs mugs yeah there you go mugs buy a mug with our artwork on it for this episode I think Jonathan is drawing mysterio know I’ll be drawing spider-man oh you will yeah oh sweet yeah I’ve done Miles Morales in the past but I haven’t done Peter Parker okay perfect can’t wait to own some Spidey tees speaking of Miles Morales in our next episode it’s gonna be a duel episode and we’re gonna be pitting Miles Morales the ultimate spider-man against batwing who if you’re not familiar with him he’s a character named Luke Fox who is Lucius Fox’s son right he’s one of the newest members of the Batman family and he’s basically like Batman Beyond he wears a bat suit but he’s very high-tech based yeah kind of like a mixture between Iron Man and Batman yeah it’s gonna be fantastic because batwing also has you know like cloaking technology and he has like electric blast just like Miles Morales does I think this is gonna be a fantastic duel episode probably like two of the coolest looking characters in comics or yeah I mean initially we were going to go with ultimate spider-man versus Batman Beyond but then all of a sudden you’re like well Batman Beyond is kind of a character in the comics now in batwing so let’s do that yeah so can’t wait to learn all about this new DC Comics character and continue on this spider-man train that we’re on yeah leading up to Comic Con yeah that’ll be a fun episode too so definitely tune in these next couple of weeks because we’re gonna have a blast up up and away true believers

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