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X2: X-Men United Review Episode Transcript

Transcription of our X2: X-Men United Review episode.

Listen to our X2: X-Men United Review episode here!

[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode are 149th episode 1 wanna go we will be reviewing X 2 x-men United one of the greatest x-men films ever made it’s all in lead-up to our next episode which is a Duel episode where we will pit the Teen Titans against the x-men it’s gonna be fantastic amazing battle of the year look forward to that in our next episode but in this one we’re gonna be talking about a fantastic movie it is fantastic I forgot how good it was it’s so good it’s so good we’ll get into that later on this episode first we’re gonna be going over the comic book movie news from the past week of which we got some casting news for Matt Reeves the Batman film will talk about the casting of Alfred and the penguin as always feel free to jump around in our episode our segment times are in our episode description if you’re listening to this like a year from now this is old news so just just skip it who cares about the casting exactly you’ve already seen the movie not quite okay anyway guys don’t forget that we are currently having a contest where Jonathan and I are giving away the four issue DC vs. Marvel miniseries that happened in the 90s we have these comic books bagged and boarded and ready to ship to one of you lucky winners who shares a link to your favorite episode of this podcast on either Facebook Instagram or Twitter make sure you tag us in that post and you automatically get entered to win once we see it yeah it should be a post not a comment on one of our posts and it should include a link to either Spotify or iTunes or stitcher or whatever you’re listening to us on right if you are posting on Facebook make sure that the post is public so that Jonathan and I can see it you can tag us by hitting the @ symbol before our name if you’re following us on Facebook if it doesn’t work for you go ahead and just message us with the screenshot of your post and we’ll make sure that you still get entered oh and also on Instagram you could link to Spotify in the Instagram story because I know that’s kind of a challenge to post links on Instagram oh that’s cool okay so lots of ways for you guys to enter this the DC vs. Marvel series from the 90s was so much controversial but pretty cool I think it was a pretty good read I always enjoyed reading it so if you think it’s cool join up like right now just hit pause on this podcast join up and then continue listening we want to give a quick shout out to Mario Danny and you true come for leaving us reviews on Apple podcasts they brought us up to 169 ratings as you guys know we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on that platform because at that point rotten tomato says that our show is eligible to have our reviews of the Marvel and DC films count toward their official tomato meters yeah it’s a huge goal of ours please help us get there we’re trying to reach it before the end of the year if that’s possible the clock is winding down yeah we have to average like for ratings and episode just to get there can we do it that’s up to you guys alright with all that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic Duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was named a new DC television series that you hope it gets developed for HBO Max and we realized as we were taking answers for this question that we basically asked the same question back when DC Universe came out yeah we’re like what to show you on a CN DC Universe and now it’s what’s a DC show you want to see on HBO max but I said we did get more answers this time right so this week I was looking for something that I thought wouldn’t necessarily appeal just to DC fans like someone who subscribed to DC Universe would write HBO has a much broader audience so I was looking for something that would appeal to that before we reveal who won the answer I want to give an honorable mention to Red Hood from Twitter who gave the answer of Constantine slash Swamp Thing both of whom have had shows canceled but HBO has some pretty dark shows like Game of Thrones yeah so they’re sort of perfect for this platform yeah I watch that show Jeremie or gets honorable mention for his answer of Justice League dark again another dark show it’s a team that has both Constantine and swampthing on it but also you’d get dead man and Zatanna yeah I actually think Justice League dark show has the potential to be like a four-quadrant show yeah probably honorable mention goes to Sena Fargo monde who said that HBO Mac should have a Ra’s al Ghul show or a Red Hood show I think if you do a Red Hood show you probably wouldn’t want to tie it too much into Batman just kind of have him be his own thing yeah and occasionally have Batman elements in there huh but I could also really see a Ra’s al Ghul show for HBO just like him in his early years yeah I mean like how many centuries has he lived there’s a lot of history there to go through yeah history magic and the League of Assassins yeah yeah it would be badass Darian Sykes gave the answer of Captain Atom extreme justice or Justice League and the live-action Justice League would be pretty crazy yeah it could be the Justice League B team that has Captain Atom on it or something I’m just getting flashbacks to that old TV show they try to make like in the late 90s was like Martian Manhunter Adam and Fire Green Lantern yeah captain Adam has always been one of my favorite characters though yeah we’re gonna pay him in a duel matchup against Icarus of the Eternals closer to when that movie comes out next year Jeff miles junior gets honorable mention for his answer of doing a live-action Batman Beyond or static shock those cartoons were awesome I would love to see live-action versions of those I could imagine that they could do a pretty solid live-action Batman Beyond suit kind of like batwing esque yeah yeah and Batman Beyond I felt has always kind of been a semi mature show like you sort of had that like dark kind of appealed to it yeah despite the fact it was a kid show yeah I think he could be translated really well to live-action same with static shock yeah although I don’t think DC quite has the rights to him as they once did ever since Dwayne McDuffie died his creator oh really yeah Shannon Sanderson gave the answer of the spectre I love this answer yeah I imagine it kind of being like the DC showcase animated short they did write the spectre that was cool yeah and the spectre you could have an anthology with it where he goes on a different adventure every week but the thing what the specter is that there is such a broad scope of adventures that he can have he can go cosmic he can go street-level so many different things to explore with the spectre yeah I imagine like true detective but with ghosts sold sold honorable mention goes to Brian Reynolds for his answer of steel would be cool if John Henry irons got his own TV show yeah just making a follow along the storyline from like his first comic run yeah and don’t hire Shaquille O’Neal I have someone who could actually act right I could totally see a steel show working Markus Turner also gave the answer of Justice League and I mean we’re starting to see like Superman and Batman and all these characters in live-action television shows why not bring them all together yeah I like the arrow worst versions yeah exactly that’d be cool honorable mention goes to Joel Seagrave who gave the answer of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold I love those characters I would love to see them in a show together just like traveling through time and joking around would be fun yeah it would be a comedy yeah for sure it would have to be Aaron Alexander Jones gave the answer of doomsday basically going all the way back to prehistoric Krypton when Bertrand created him know they kind of did something like this in the Krypton television show already right well doomsday has been in that show yeah okay final honorable mention goes to Bo Bermudez who said that his favorite character Lobo would be a perfect addition to HBO max because of its mature content yeah it’s just like biker Deadpool in space that would be us sold I’d watch the shit out of that honestly they can even have some of that like HBO after dark content no worry like you see Lobo getting freaky with some space prostitutes with like three boobs yeah she could even have four boobs who knows sold but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to Sir Patrick hindsight who gave the answer of DC Elseworlds yeah I like that answer and the way he described it actually made it be really interested because he said it would be like an anthology series where you would have stories like Gotham by Gaslight for one season and then red Sun for the next Oh so kind of like anthology seasons kind of like American Horror Story exactly exactly but I would love to get a season like I’ve just like steampunk Batman you know Kingdom Come injustice ah oh my gosh yes please do that so congrats again to Sir Patrick hindsight you win this week’s no prize if you the listener want to win euro no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news so the trades reported earlier last week that Andy Serkis is in talks to play Alfred Pennyworth and Colin Farrell is in talks to play the penguin for Matt Reeves the Batman film these are two actors that I never would imagine getting these parts but I also love both choices do you really maybe not so much confer oh but Andy Serkis I think is a great Alfred Pennyworth he’s definitely a unique take on Alfred Pennyworth although I feel like there are so many different versions of that character now like there are some like really tough versions of Alfred now guys yeah there are some like mechanic versions and then there are some you know like proper Butler versions it’s all over the board what kind of Alfred do you see Andy Serkis plank I think I kind of see him pretty close to Jeremy Irons yeah but if you just make him more of a badass that would be really cool any certainly funny and I think he could pull off the mustache I think he could look more comic accurate than like Jeremy Irons version the big surprise about his casting though was isn’t he directing venom he is right now well he’s about to so I’m imagining that if this movie starts filming early next year that you know he’ll be on set for like less than a month and it probably is not a huge role in the film but that just makes me even more excited that they’re able to lock down this kind of talent for small roles are you impressed with the caliber of this cast so far I think it’s shaping up to be something pretty impressive he’s definitely the most impressive of the actors that they’ve cast I believe in my opinion well Colin Farrell is no slouch in the acting Department he is a fantastic actor if not necessarily a box-office draw well maybe he should stop choosing roles like Total Recall they already made it Colin it was perfect don’t they do it the biggest thing that bothers me about Colin Farrell’s casting though is that he does not have the body type of the penguin he’s not short and stout and you kind of need that for the character I believe I mean he looks like he could pull off a convincing gangster but not necessarily like a beak nosed one that has umbrellas that can control birds and I don’t necessarily need the beak nose but I do need like the weight you know he needs to be someone again we mentioned earlier on and a couple episodes ago that you underestimate like you don’t expect him to be a threat mm-hmm although I guess the penguin that was in the Gotham show he was not an overweight individual no but it was also like early years penguin this should not be young penguin because Colin Farrell’s not that young right they’ll stick a pillow underneath his suit it’ll be fine well yeah I guess if they could put Chris Hemsworth in a fat suit they could do the same thing for Colin Farrell yeah so kills me that he had to wear a fat suit for that yeah that was great it’s like dude just eat some Big Macs it’s fine no he’s comes with he doesn’t want to do that if he was like Christian Bale he’d be totally game for it totally I do think this role will hopefully redeem him from his portrayal as bullseye in the daredevil movies oh he hasn’t touched a comic-book property since then yeah that was pretty campy take on the character not a huge fan of it although I don’t hate the daredevil film in general I think he may have been one of the parts that left the worst taste in my mouth huh I think he just needs to study that film and then do the opposite of that for yet one take it super serious leave the camp at the door exactly is the penguin the primary villain of this movie we don’t know yet the penguin the Riddler and Catwoman are supposed to be like a trio like they work together okay but I don’t know if they’re the primary villains probably I think really the only major role they still have left to cast is Firefly yeah he’s the last rumored villain for the movie he’s not even a major like Batman villain so I’m not sure how big of a role that will be that brings us to our question of the week who should play Firefly in the upcoming Batman film right and he’s a Batman villain with essentially just a flamethrower and he can fly right that that’s him exactly he wears a mask so who cares who you cast you’re just gonna think of another question post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic Duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media someone’s gonna be like Morgan Freeman I’m like yes it’s all about the voice and right exactly isn’t Firefly in the legends of tomorrow television show no that’s heatwave what’s the difference between those two characters one can fly okay yeah okay yeah all right well that does it for all the news for this episode let’s go ahead and get into our review of x2 x-men United [Music] all right x2 x-men United was a film that came out in 2003 it was a sequel to the original x-men film that came out in the year 2000 it’s an amazing movie if you guys haven’t seen it yet what the hell what the hell what the fuck go watch that movie it’s amazing not only is it one of the best x-men movies ever made it’s one of the best superhero movies ever made honestly it’s like it’s got to be like in the top ten I still remember seeing this in theaters and just being like holy shit they put a comic book on film I know we’d had the first x-men movie and the spider-man films and stuff like that but this one had so many cool sequences in it that I was just floored by it yeah it came out within a few months sandwiched in between Daredevil and inglese hulk and it was definitely the best film out of those three it was extraordinary it was exemplary it was excellent it was exciting citing it was all the exes except for excrement it was the opposite of that if you guys haven’t seen the movie check it out because this is a spoiler review and we will be going into heavy spoiler territory talking about it if you haven’t seen it in a while like go see it again yeah it’s pretty good totally holds up totally holds up it’s probably been like a good seven or eight years since I’ve seen this movie and it has stood the test of time definitely the special effects hold up the characters hold up everything does yeah I actually think it’s probably the best second movie sequel out of all of a Marvel and DC films actually except for the Dark Knight Captain America the Winter Soldier is pretty far up there in terms of superhero sequels and so spider-man to those four films are definitely the best sequels yeah it is like The Empire Strikes Back of x-men films what makes a good superhero sequel I think escalation uh-huh it’s essentially you know the monomyth where at the beginning of the story you have a character who is afraid and is not equipped to handle whatever happens at the climax right so they have to work up to that well in a sequel you already have a character who has been established as being capable and competent because they defeated the villain in the first film right so how do you up the stakes for the next one you put them through the ringer like so much more than what they went through in the first film yeah yeah and the first x-men film was a great film it was solid especially for its time a lot of people were blown away by the first x-men film myself included I think the only people that weren’t blown away were the die-hard x-men purists who cried foul at the film’s adaptation of the comic book continuity and maybe in the end those purists were right because look at what the franchise became it was like a mess in terms of continuity and adherence to the source material yeah when this resurgence of comic book films was just beginning the first x-men film was regarded as a great film and it proved to be hugely influential and especially for larger ensemble films like The Avengers what x-men did right x-men 2 did even better Bryan Singer really stretched his legs with this one he made everything bigger the cast the spectacle the story the music it was all extra let’s talk about the music now this is probably up there in my favorite superhero scores of all time the music by John Othman was so amazing it’s still to me the de-facto x-men theme other than the 90s cartoon thing oh yeah yeah I was kind of upset when they ditched it for x-men 3 yeah why would you do that well it’s because John Amon was working on Superman Returns that’s right but then they didn’t bring it back until x-men Days of Future past and for a moment there I remember watching Days of Future past thinking oh it’s we’re finally watching an x-men movie again because that theme is so iconic to the team that it just made me feel that way I don’t know crack now the story was also bigger and it introduced the Third Front to the war between the good mutants the x-men and the evil mutants the Brotherhood which is humans or bad humans led by Stryker right exactly and we could say that Senator Kelly was the human element from the first one but he was more of a minor character in that I was compared to Stryker right this movie showed that humans could be a threat exactly and the fact that magneto had a team-up with the x-men to fight these bad guys was a great example of how particularly in the x-men universe the heroism and villainy and bad aren’t always so black and white ultimately the greatest threat that they face is prejudice and how far people are willing to go to eliminate those they hate in fear yeah the film is really relevant like I remember it being relevant back when it was made and it still is today absolutely when it comes to prejudice and bigotry I think this film did the best job of servicing the mutant metaphor that pertains to the non fictional state of feeling and being different than what society considers normal none of the other films and the franchise did it as well as this one it kind of makes you realize that you know as much as we hate Bryan Singer now because it turns out he’s kind of shitty yeah that he was a really good choice to helm these films yeah he gave a valid perspective I think that was shown really well here in the scene with Bobby Drake’s family when he comes out as a mutant and his mom is like have you tried not being him you int yeah that was not subtle at all right what that scene really was and yet he was still able to play it for laughs which was a credit to the writing of this film I think definitely and the acting ironically in the comics it was eventually revealed to the Iceman is gay right so it was unique watching that scene now with that context from the comic I totally forgot about that yeah so the music was on point the message was on point the spectacle definitely was on point I think Bryan Singer really showed here how versatile he can be with his camera there were so many wide-angle shots in this movie particularly to get like a lot of the ensemble cast within the same shot but it was almost like he was using like a I noticed a lot of like tilted camera as well yeah and he used a lot of zooming like dramatic zooming in and during the action scenes too the camera was wildly frenetic especially in the fight between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike that was awesome they can repect just as much punch as the characters themselves as amazing and honestly that style of shooting action probably made up for any kind of lacking choreography or fighting skill on behalf of the actor right because it just looked so cool yeah it was so believable I noticed Bryan Singer too employed a lot of visual tricks to communicate lots of information in quick visual shorthand as opposed to exposition like you have things like just for example the illusions that mastermind would create for Professor X right like they never went out and said this is what this character can do you know but it was easy to understand the way they showed it on screen same thing with William strikers plan he never came out and said through exposition I’m planning to make a copy of cerebro for professor X to use right right there is no like super villain monologuing where he’s explaining his plan to heroes right all you needed was a shot of mystique looking at a computer screen where an image of cerebro was duplicated and you’re like okay that’s what’s going on that’s that’s the big threat here it’s pure cinema it’s visual storytelling it’s great yeah he did so well with that the other big thing I have to commend Bryan Singer for is his handling of this huge ensemble cast of characters it’s a master class in how to handle an ensemble every character felt fleshed out every character got their moment to shine some more than others yeah that’s valid but I was never left wanting with any of the characters even with Cyclops except for fucking Cyclops god damn key and maybe rogue don’t get me started on that but Cyclops has always got shortchanged in these and at least it wasn’t as bad as x-men 3 though yeah like at least he got a fight scene in this movie right it probably James Martin’s best facing out of the whole franchise which is sad to say he’s just sad to say but everyone else I felt was developed and I felt a connection with he juggled a lot of subplots and a lot of characterization but it was so well done that it didn’t slow the movie down no yeah the pacing this film is pretty good it doesn’t feel as long as it actually is maybe towards the end it starts to drag a little bit yeah but for the most part it moves along at a good clip let’s talk about the characters in this film as always the star of the show is Wolverine / Logan played by Hugh Jackman I think his performance in this film really created the paradigm that led the rest of his subsequent performances he really became Wolverine in this film particularly in the fight when he’s defending the school from William strikers team yeah so one of my favorite scenes still the best example of his berserker rage I think out of any film I guess although in Logan in that fight against x24 that was pretty good but he was kind of beyond his prime at that point yeah he really kind of makes these films with how earnest his performance is he’s a damn good actor and he puts just as much effort into it as like you know laid mazhab or any of his other roles he’s a very dedicated actor oh yeah for sure like the whole concept of learning Wolverines origin was pretty enticing like I remember when this movie came out it was like Joe Quesada Paul Jenkins was doing that origin storyline of Wolverine yes origin yeah I loved that so like learning all these things that wants about Wolverine was a lot of fun it was it finally shown some light on what had been such a mysterious character to this date too bad the freakin Wolverine Origins movie just kind of bastardized all of that right all the goodwill that this movie is set up with that story it was just tarnished yeah if you haven’t listened to our x-men origins Wolverine review yet I listen to it though it’s a great episode we had John Adams Spees from the blast from our past podcast join us it was great it was a good times it was a lot of fun let’s talk about Professor X slash Charles Xavier played by Patrick Stewart like Wolverine I think this is the movie where he really came into his own although they did have to nerf him later on in the story yeah but he’s just so powerful you kind of have to take him out as an element’s I do think that they did it well in this movie yeah better than killing him off like in x-men The Last Stand right oh we reviewed that one too you can listen to that one but that was just you don’t even bother I’d like how they did play his power on display here I mean not only was there the cool museum scene at the beginning but towards the end he was like the primary threat of the film yeah his power yeah connected to cerebro it was great how they weaponized him yeah it was really well-written and Patrick Stewart sells the idea of being like brainwashed and vulnerable and everything like that just so well he’s a great actor it could have come across kind of cheesy the way he was just kind of like being hypnotized yeah but it works you know house is a great actor Ian McKellen who played magneto slash Erik Lehnsherr you have so much fun with this role yes he had like most of the best moments in this was speaking of displays of power his show of power and this was just amazing from like the way he escaped a prison haha to reforming cerebro to pulling the pins out of those guys grenades right yeah he also stopped the jet like in midair with his powers yeah that was amazing he had such a good role to play in this film I honestly like felt bad for him he liked being imprisoned and getting like beating up all the time and stuff like that that’s the power of Ian McKellen’s acting he draws the empathy out of you so great that they got these like classically trained actors to appear in this franchise you know who else is classically trained and also a great actor freaking Brian Cox played William Stryker how did they get that guy to be in this movie well this was back when x-men films were good and drew taught talents exactly I’m so glad that he played this role because he’s such a good actor it’s such a convincing performance of this hateful man he could have gone over the top with it and kind of cartoony and in some parts he was a little bit moustache twirly but really only in that scene with Wolverine when he’s kind of like taunting him about his past yeah I wish he could have been in more x-men films honestly but well they tried but it was always like a younger version of him right he dies in this one yeah which is kind of too bad and the comics he was a military sergeant that joined the Weapon X program that eventually became a preacher and used religion to attack the abominations that are mutants and that was a storyline called God loves man kills and that was the ark that really influenced the story of this film they definitely took a lot of elements from it but it would have been weird to kind of see the religious angle that that story took yeah they kind of gave the religious angle in this film to Nightcrawler and like storms arc yeah and that was great that was totally appropriate for this character because in the comics Nightcrawler is a very pious character and he was in training to become a priest and everything like that in discussing Kim Alan Cumming did a fantastic job in this role he nailed it now he’s a British actor I think Scottish but his German accent I thought it was really well done it made me wish that all the other actors had accents that are supposed to have accents like Halle Berry yes and Colossus well Halle Berry had an accent in the first x-men film but she magically lost it for this one right so dumb that being said I do think that in this film she did her best acting job I agree and she had some of the best feet it’s like those tornadoes yeah oh my god yeah that was really cool we’ll get into that and the story breakdown I really like the design that they went with for the Nightcrawler character now I always imagined him as this blue furry guy because that’s how he’s portrayed in the comics but here they decided to forgo the fur I guess just in case they didn’t want to make him too similar to beasts if they introduced him in a later movie yeah here they went with blue skin that is textured with this angelic scarification which is pretty extreme if you think about it because yeah all over his body it’s self flagellation yeah for the penance of his sins but he’s also such a light hearted character that you don’t really think about that too much you know I think Alan Cumming perfectly nailed the tone of Nightcrawler where he’s you know devout and serious but he’s also upbeat and has a sense of humor let’s talk about Phoenix slash Jean Grey who was played by fomka Johnson I think her performance here was was really understated I think she’s kind of like a minimalist approach to it that I think served the character well it makes her feel really human and vulnerable and confused at a time when this unknown power is manifesting inside of her and this whole building up of her power I think they did in a really good satisfying way yeah just little touches here and there it was very cinematic storytelling like you mentioned earlier like they didn’t need to explicitly say like I’m becoming the Phoenix I’m on fire you know right they just showed it yeah gradually first when she like hears everybody’s voice in the museum and then when she disables the missiles that are locked on the x-jet and then eventually when she’s stopping the flood of water from killing everyone and the last shot of the giant Phoenix at the end yeah you know who wasn’t so great in this movie Cyclops slash Scott Summers played by James Marsden who I don’t blame he did get a little bit whiny in parts of this film which I don’t necessarily associate with the Cyclops character from the comics big hit just as many moments where he was like tough I didn’t take no guff from Wolverine and stuff like off I mean shit yeah I think I really liked James Marsden in the role I just wish that he wouldn’t have got his ass kicked so quickly in the fight against death strike I wish they would have given him a few more moments to shine a few more opt blasts speaking of Lady Deathstrike / Yuriko Oyama she was played by Kelly who I really like what they did with the design of her character as opposed to the comics cuz she’s quite kind of a freakish looking character in the comics with giant hands and long fingers that come to a point either Reaver she’s part cyborg with technology created by spiral but here they made her into more of a Wolverine character just with claws that come out of her fingers as opposed to three claws out of his knuckles you know I actually really liked the interpretation as well it just made sense it almost made her look like a better Wolverine honestly oh yeah if she wasn’t brainwashed like she probably could have taken Wolverine in that fight yeah probably mystique had a substantial role in this movie larger than I even remember actually I really miss Rebecca Romijn in this role oh absolutely her physicality and her voice and just her badassness I think made her such a different character from the way mystique was in the first class films she had so many cool scenes she was actually mysterious in this film yeah like you never quite knew when she was gonna pop up then it was just cool seeing her like transform into the different characters and the action scenes she had towards the end she gets her own it was just really cool yeah she was such a driving force on the plot in this last but not least let’s go ahead and get into the COEX babies as likes to call him which consists of rogue slash anna-marie played by anna paquin Iceman slashed Bobby Drake played by Shawn Ashmore and pyro slash John allerdyce played by Alan Stanford they had a really cool arc in this film I think Iceman and pyro did rogue was just kind of there for the ride ballad really the only thing that rogue did was stop Pyro’s rampage at Bobby’s family’s house yeah but pyro was probably the coolest that he’s ever been in this movie I think I think Aaron Stanford did an amazing job with the role and I think he was much better here than he was in x-men 3 because you got to see the kind of gradual walk toward the dark side oh for sure he has an attitude at the school you know ends up identifying with him being seduced by Magneto’s methods and ideology and at the end you know he was just standing there like a lost kid looking for a family waiting to join magneto and his team and again no dialogue right you just understand even when he was like in Bobby Drake apartment and he was just like looking at the family photos you could just see sort of like the resentment they like he never had anything like that right and in the end he’s just looking for a family really exactly he’s looking for someone to recognize his potential right that’s what magneto does more than anyone else yeah everyone else just tries to stop him from using his power uh-huh but not the Brotherhood shawn ashmore his Iceman was a pretty good foil to that yeah he was kinda like the kid who always wants to do good and do well and has the girl you know and had the loving family and is still struggling but in the end chooses the site of right yeah he had the family but unlike pyro he knows that that is not like all it’s cracked up to be because his family had a really hard time accepting him right his brother betrayed him let’s go ahead and get into the story highlights the movie starts off at the white house this is where we get the awesome Nightcrawler attack now how big were your eyeballs popping out over their sockets when you first saw this scene in theaters I was blown away like it literally took my breath away how cool it was yeah I mean like you see Nightcrawler teleport in the comics you know but it’s static you just see the puff of smoke and there he is even in the cartoons visually his teleportation was not that impressive but the speed in which he used it and like the creativity in which to used it in this opening scene was so mind-blowing that all I wanted to do in my life when I saw this movie as a teen was grow up to be Nightcrawler I changed my career goals at that time I just want to be Nightcrawler he took on an entire roomful several roomful of guys with guns he just wiped his ass with them like it was easy for him right and you know he was almost successful in killing the president I don’t know how that would have figured into William strikers plan if he was successful William Stryker is kind of lucky that one of the Secret Service guys was able to shoot Nightcrawler in the shoulder before he carried it out but that’s how the story went there are a lot of like conveniences for William strikers planned throughout the course of this film well I don’t know I think William Stryker still would have gotten funding and the go-ahead to attack the mutant school if the president would have died he would have gotten the funding from the Vice President or the Congress or something exactly yeah so the x-man and the students of Xavier school they learn about this assassination attempt while on a field trip at the Museum they decide to skedaddle because they don’t want to face any repercussions that they know are coming from the human population at large so the repercussions from the assassination attempt come in the form of funding given to William Stryker to essentially storm this meeting a facility that is Xavier school luckily for them mystique happens to find out about it because she’s posing as senator Kelly which I thought was a great nod to the end of the first x-men film oh absolutely I still remember watching this in the theaters when Senator Kelly showed up and I was like dude the guy’s dead than being capitally surprised when I remembered that she had posed as him and at the end of the first film yeah it was great the way they incorporated loose ends from the first film like that Logan returns back to the school after visiting the alkali Lake facility where he didn’t find anything he tries to get Professor X to read his mind again so that he can learn more about his past but Professor X is like nah you got to figure things out on your own which was kind of weird I still don’t understand why he did that I think because Wolverine had a shady past and he didn’t necessarily want Wolverine to figure that out he was protecting him I think of course the shady past had to do with Stryker than the Weapon X program and the adamantium experiment for which he allegedly volunteered for yeah that was a pretty mind-blowing reveal yeah the scene where Wolverine is talking with Professor X for the first time in cerebro that was a great piece of exposition as well were they just an offhand comment saying oh yeah if I concentrated more on Nightcrawler who he was searching for he would have killed him seemingly a throwaway line but it’s really important later on in the film yeah I liked how they kept it short now cerebro is able to find Nightcrawler and Professor X dispatches Jean Grey and storm to go get him meanwhile magneto is in his plastic prison being brainwashed by William Stryker into revealing all the secrets of Professor X and the school which is huge like the ramifications like that is the worst possible thing that could happen to the x-men like I have all their secrets spilled to an enemy it set up great stakes for the film we learn as mystique hexed the pentagons system the striker is planning to invade the school and rebuild his own cerebro but for what we’re still not quite sure yet Jean Grey and storm go to a church near Boston where they find Nightcrawler hiding out and they’re able to bring him out into the open and they have a discussion with him and learned that he was actually mind controlled he’s actually this really caring mutant who wasn’t aware of the actions that he had done yeah I guess he was taken to alkali lake and brainwashed there yes it was great to see just how gentle Alan Cummings performance of Nightcrawler was yeah because he was a little bit scary in that opening scene for sure I watched this film with my daughters and they had to cover their eyes really yeah oh they’re freaks out but they were armed up to him later on though right yeah yeah they did good Cyclops and Professor X go to visit magneto leaving Logan in charge of all the students at the school I absolutely loved all the dialogue that takes place between Magneto and Professor X in all these movies but this is just a good reminder yeah Magneto’s lying when he’s like the war has begun yeah and then they start gassing professor X and he’s like he should have killed me when you had the chance because now he knows that you know there’s no turning back from this right Stryker is gonna do his thing and it’s gonna be up to the mutants to protect themselves and fight back Cyclops goes out like a punk-ass bitch in this scene really sucks so actually what did she even do to him I don’t know she like jumps on him and then she like kicks him in the head and he goes out like a light so dumb he would have blasted her right off of him I think in part it was just trying to set up how much of a badass Deathstrike was yeah but at the expense of the x-men’s leader you know how else were you gonna do it well through an extended battle scene I think true okay yep the x-mansion gets attacked by William strikers forces so many great scenes happen back to back to back within this set piece I love when Wolverine straight-up murders that dude oh yeah I would like the claws on the sides of the chest yeah and the roar that he does oh my god is just so perfect I mean there’s a little bit of humor to it where the guys like trying to stab him with a knife and then all of a sudden boom six knives BAM you know I remember watching this movie in the theater getting kind of emotional at how perfect Hugh Jackman’s portrayal was at this moment especially when he starts like going through the school and just freaking like stealth killing all these dudes it was amazing we get cool moments from other mutants within the school like siren who is the daughter of banshee you know she wakes everybody up by screaming yeah and it’s really kind of tragic the way these soldiers are handling these kids to just shooting them with tranquilizers without abandon right it’s really kind of horrifying so you really root for the mutants that are fighting back like Colossus who had an amazing moments in the scene - I remember being really surprised when I found out that was Colossus so I was wondering earlier in the film like who was that guy when I first saw this in theaters yeah and then he just you know coats up with the metal they tried to shoot him and the tranquilizers just bounce off of him and he just throws it through the wall I love it we got to see Kitty Pryde yeah in this film although we saw her in the first film as well yeah she has such a cool power set I can’t wait to do a Duel episode with her I don’t know against - yet but we will generally yeah I don’t know maybe the kids end up fleeing through these underground tunnels will rain saves rogue Iceman and pyro and they drive away and William Stryker gets access to everything that he wants and I still remember being really surprised when Stryker knew about Wolverines past and the scene where I spent puts the ice wall between them oh yeah that was so good again the whole mystery of Wolverine you could understand why he was like no go on go on ahead but you know yeah this is everything that he ever wanted to learn who he is but his obligation to protecting the kids comes first which is very true to character right after this magneto escapes prison with the help of an iron injection given to one of the security guards by mystique it’s always cool to see Rebecca remain in her natural form as an actress right it’s not all the blue makeup yeah that was just a great funny scene - I remember this time I watched it I remember being so shocked how thick that needle was that she injected into his ass I was like wow it’s good thing she knocked him out before she injected him but in one of the greatest scenes ever magneto pulls the iron out of that dudes blood although you know what now that I think about it why didn’t miss deke just kill the security guard and then pretend to be him and break magneto out that way because she never would have gotten the metal past the security guards she could have killed the security guards she’s good enough to if she would have done that we would have gotten the badass and that followed okay okay that makes sense yeah so he pulls the iron out of that guy’s blood straight-up killing him forms them into these like little metal spheres that just tear the place apart that you wanted to be Nightcrawler we grew up I wanted to be magneto from this after seeing this yeah that was wickel the music was just fantastic just seeing him walk like a badass between these like controlled bullets zipping by him it looks really dangerous the whole plastic prison is falling apart around him but he doesn’t give a shit and just saying Ian McKellen smiling face like in the reflection when he took out the last of the security guards it was just so evil yeah just so glorious yeah it’s everything that you want in a villain Professor X wakes up in the clutches of William Stryker and we learned that though two had a past where Professor X tried to treat strikers son who in this movie is an adaptation of the character mastermind and Legion that’s kind of an amalgamation but we learned that Jason slash masterminds powers is to create illusions and that played a big role as to why William Stryker hates mutants so much yeah that was kind of a sad story about his wife killing yourself yeah yeah got real dark real quick yeah Stryker took Jason to the school to try to get Professor X to cure him but Professor X was like you know this is who he is yes not excellent three yet right jeez yeah Majan how Stryker would have reacted to the x-men cure he would have weaponized it right absolutely yeah well they didn’t that would be anyway yeah but Brian Cox’s performance in this scene is just so damn good he was like my son is dead just like the rest of you I’m gonna spore shadow Inc Wolverine drives rogue pyro and Iceman to Bobbi’s home where they confront their parents Bobby comes out to them as a mutant they don’t understand it his brother gets jealous calls the cops and we have that great confrontation between them and the police and this was really Pyro’s like big action scene moment in this film yeah but it’s preceded by this moment that made my jaw drop when Wolverine got shot in the head yeah I was like oh no and you hear the metal clang and everything so you knew he was fine it was just surprising so it was really satisfying having pyro have his moment here although he clearly goes too far when he starts you know killing these people and rogue has to stop him and really your only effective use of power within this whole film yeah yeah it was really her last effective use of powers in any film that’s true fuck yeah she didn’t really do anything in x-men three and she was barely in Days of Future past as well Wow Wolverine and the teens are saved by Jean Grey and storm who stopped by with Nightcrawler in the x-jet they fly away and the jet is attacked by the US military this was an amazing scene because they also had just amazing moments back to back to back we see you know the Phoenix start to manifest which I didn’t see coming you see her eyes like catch on fire and you’re like I know what’s happening here holy shit right oh my god oh my god oh my god and then you know she blows up the missiles one of the missiles do hit and rogue like an idiot flies out of the jet because she didn’t know how to operate her seatbelt so come on Rogue come on Rose shit together and I’m like oh my god what’s gonna happen a rogue is she gonna just learn how to fly all of a sudden how she gonna get saved and in a moment they came out of nowhere you know Nightcrawler rescues her so cool I love this movie yeah the moment right before this with the tornadoes we was both like really harrowing and impressive but also really like implausible plausible there’s no way those Jets would have been able to like navigate through those tornadoes and I feel really bad for all the people underneath them because they all of a sudden a billion tornadoes are just around them there’s nothing you could do about it yes death well you have to remember that this movie was made right after 9/11 and the nations view of the US military at that time was very favorable so these were hotshot pilots you know that were able to get their missiles off they were able to eject in time and they even had like red white and blue parachutes and everything like that right yeah and we were able to see them like parachute down safely amidst the tornadoes right a parachute and a tornado storm no this is just a time that you didn’t really mess with the US military yeah they played a lot of strong roles and films during this time period so the ex jets going down it gets saved miraculously by Magneto which I thought was a really cool moment they discussed their plan around a campfire they learned that magneto gave them all the information to attack the school and they’ve learned through probing nightcrawlers mind that the alkali facility that will rain thought was gone is actually underground and that’s where everybody’s being helped I always loved it throughout this film how magneto just is not impressed by Wolverine yes shut the fuck up professor X gives you much more credit than I do and he’s also like you think everything’s about you right right magneto is the real badass of this film absolutely there’s a brief romantic subplot moment here between Wolverine and Jean Grey and also mystique who has a thing for Wolverine ever since he stabbed her and almost killed her in the first film right yeah a little weird there was also a great moment between mystique and Nightcrawler in this which was interesting because we all know that nightcrawlers mystique son but the way they played it in this movie it was kind of awkward because it looked like Nightcrawler had a crush on mystique but I don’t know why Wolverine does it have the hospital mystique I mean she’s hot right why do you kick her out of his tent because he’s that loyal to Jean Grey apparently the team flies over to the alkali Lake facility and mystique infiltrates the control room where she operates the spillway mechanism so everyone else can come in safely the team splits up with Nightcrawler and storm going to look for the kids while Jean Grae Magneto and mystique are going to find William Stryker and Professor X and Wolverines going on his own solo thing or he’s learning about his past we have a great little fight between Phoenix and Cyclops a lover’s quarrel as magneto referred to it where Jean Grey’s powers of developing to such an extent that she can stop Cyclops is optic blasts I thought that was pretty cool I remember seeing that in the trailer for this film and should be like yeah although she ends up losing that fights and that battle is kind of what breaks the dam that sets off the whole flood later on she passes out Cyclops snaps out of his mind trance and the two go looking for the others wolverine finds the chamber where he was experimented on and the adamantium was grafted to his bones and some of his memories started coming back to him he’s approached by William Stryker and Lady Deathstrike and will rein learns that he’s not the only mutant of his kind the two have such an amazing fight so violent I was amazed at how they were able to get away with depicting these people with like knives for hands stabbing each other over and over again and you know still have a pg-13 rating right I figure it’s because there’s no blood but there should have been there should have been a lot of blood do you think how fast Kelly who was yes like her rapid-fire stabbing that was crazy yeah I like the part where the blades come out of her fingers and Wolverines reaction to that where he’s like holy shit does everyone’s reaction yeah yeah so cool when she gets him in the neck like that’s the one that really gets her she just had some pains to that cage yeah just like and just attacking him in his back oh so brutal I really appreciated how violent this fight was because that’s how it would be at that point I wanted to be Lady Deathstrike when I grew up meanwhile while all this is happening Professor X is being manipulated by mastermind into using cerebro to track down all the mutants now I’m not quite sure in what illusion scenario Professor X would ever start focusing and killing mutants but I guess that masterminds illusions are so powerful here that they’re not just convincing simulations there’s also some sort of hypnosis effect to them yeah I was might control it’s the whole thing of how William Stryker was able to control Nightcrawler and Lady Deathstrike and everyone else right so it’s a little bit different than how it is in the comics I mean as I mentioned earlier the character of mastermind here is an amalgamation between jason wyngarde and legion who is Professor X’s son and has two different colored eyes and has multiple personality disorder where one of those personalities is a little girl so Professor X starts mentally attacking all the mutants around the world magneto is able to infiltrate cerebro and reverse the technology so that it’ll kill the humans instead which I thought was just such a great twist oh yeah you know you’re rooting for the villain up until this point and then all sudden you’re rooting against him again really well done so magneto of course why he gets a lot of mileage out of that helmet yeah he does yeah he really does storm is able to save everybody by having Nightcrawler teleport her into cerebro of course they’re encountered by another illusion but she’s able to circumvent it by freezing the inside of the room so that Jason loses his grip on Professor X it was great how each x-man had like an integral part in saving the day during this like last scene yeah even Wolverine who came back to save everybody after William Stryker notifies him that the dam is about to collapse and Wolverine uses his claws to destroy the gate control right right again the only one who really doesn’t play a huge factor is Cyclops yeah yeah do you Ben he’s only fucked shit up by making the dam explode on the first right come on well I mean you could blame him for Jean Grey’s death or you could blame rogue because you know she’s flying the x-jet to go pick up everybody and you know she freakin like breaks their vertical liftoff mechanism or something like that so they’re not able to take off right away you know Wolverine says goodbye to William Stryker saying he’d rather you know not know his past and chooses to live life peacefully with the x-men as opposed to knowing all the shit that he did prior to his experiment which was a big choice it was a good scene I wonder if he would have made it if strike her head and told him that he was like an animal and did horrible things before he got the adamantium yes tin him maybe maybe but since the XJ isn’t able to lift off Fenix recognizes what’s gonna happen and she saves everybody by holding back the waters and lifting the x-jet into the air now at that point I’m wondering why once the plane is above the waters why doesn’t she just let Nightcrawler rescue her back into the x-jet she lets the water like overtake her it’s a good question by this point this many years after watching the film I also wondered like Iceman hasn’t done anything yeah can’t he stop the water yeah he could freeze the water we did see him making ice wall earlier in the film yeah later on when Cyclops is asking Professor X and Logan like what more could we have done yeah Wolverine should have been like fuck about Iceman was there dude spell him what was he doing yeah you know also I think Cyclops if he would have taken off his visor could have probably held a lot of that water back - with his optic blasts or storm in her wind power oh my god everybody could have stopped it yeah Nightcrawler could have you know teleported them to safety once once you know Wolverine flew the jet up Jesus [Laughter] anyway Phoenix dies or so we think you know she’s reborn as the Phoenix at the very end of this movie just prior to that the x-men make a stop off at the White House because they know that there’s gonna be policy made in regards to the attack on all the humans against me and so they convinced the president not to do it but was it all an illusion inside of the president’s head put there by Professor X or were they actually there that’s a good question I do think that they were all actually there but there ain’t rants in and out was covered up by Professor X’s mind-control okay what did you think when you first saw the fiery phoenix bird in or being reflected off of the water oh when I saw this in theaters for the fergus yeah I did not see the bird you didn’t know what everyone came out talking but I was like what is everyone talking about what did you see I don’t know I it’s like a Rorschach I didn’t see anything I definitely saw a bird I was super excited by that because I knew that in the next film that means that we would be getting the Dark Phoenix saga of course that all went to shit yeah why couldn’t Phoenix also just fly she could have flown up into the air and then I got crushed by the waves she could have just lifted herself exactly I mean Sophie Turner’s Phoenix was able to do that in the Dark Phoenix film she was able to fly and use her telekinesis anyway that does it for this movie definitely enjoyed it after all these years I loved watching the film I asked myself why I haven’t watched this movie more over the years because it is that good I gave it four and a half stars it’s almost a near-perfect film it almost doesn’t do anything wrong I also give it four and a half stars because it just has so many memorable iconic moments and every character has a chance to shine in this ensemble and the villains are great the acting is great stories great everything about it is great except for Cyclops except for Cyclops and that’s why it gets demoted a half star so let us know what you guys thought about this movie go ahead and write in to us on Facebook Instagram or Twitter or you could write us via email at dynamic Duel podcast at and if you visit our website you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public where you can find t-shirts and and phone cases all with our no prize artwork on it that does it for this episode in our next episode again we will be pitting Teen Titans against the x-men it’s gonna be a big team matchup just like our Justice League vs Avengers episode that we did for episode 100 really looking forward to next week’s episode you guys should be to please don’t forget to share subscribe rate and review our podcast so we get more people to listen to our next big episode and definitely make sure you let people know to write us on Apple podcasts once again we’re trying to get two hundred ratings before the end of the year yeah if you’re on an iPhone it’s Apple podcasts if you’re on a desktop computer or a laptop then it’s iTunes big thanks to executive producers Jon Spees and boto winter for helping us determine the content of this show and we’ll talk to you guys next week I’ll poop it away true believers

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