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Zauriel vs Archangel Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Zauriel vs Archangel episode.

Listen to our Zauriel vs Archangel episode here!

Hey Johnny DC here at the top of the episode just to give all of you listeners a big thank you for listening and for nominating us in the 2019 Colorado podcast Awards we were nominated in all the categories we were eligible for including best indie podcast best co-hosts and best colorado podcast the award ceremony is December to whether we win or not but again thanks to everyone who nominated us if by any chance you happen to be involved with the Colorado podcast aim 2019 hit us up because you’re eligible to vote for the nominees on with the show [Music] [Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast - a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we are going to learn who would win in a fight between DC’s angelic character zuriel gellick he’s a straight up angel what the fuck ever and marbles angelic character Archangel he also goes by angel but we’re gonna call him Archangel just because it’s a cooler name and there have been other characters on the x-men who have been named angel as well so this is to differentiate them there’s only bit of one Archangel and we’re doing this matchup because it’s almost Christmas time and we think that this is the duel to do for that even though that this episode is coming up before Thanksgiving it’s never too early to get into that holiday spirit you guys we find out who would be whom in this ultimate angel duel like that not really look forward to the duel after we discuss the latest comic book movie news of which there is no Marvel news there hasn’t been Marvel news for a while now game kinda bummed by that yeah seriously Marvel show up to the game yeah we should be getting a black widow trailer here soon within like the next couple of weeks I would imagine so until then I guess we’ll just be waiting but anyway we will be talking about how John Turturro has been cast as carmine Falcone in Matt Reeves Batman film and we’ll also be discussing the pretty exciting news that the JSA superhero team is going to appear in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie and that got a release date as well yeah as always our segment times are in our episode description so feel free to take a look at that if you want to jump around to whatever topic strikes your fancy remember guys that this is your last chance to go on social media and post a link to your favorite episode of this podcast and tag us in that post once we see that tag we’ll put your name into a drawing where the winner wins the 90s for issue Marvel vs. DC run Jonathan and I will ship that out to the winner those comic books are all bagged and boarded and ready to go we are doing the drawing and announcing the winner on Thanksgiving Day this week this week so in a couple of days so again your last chance yeah there’s like less than 20 entrants there’s not too many so you still have a chance of winning so again post a link to your favorite episode of our show and Tagus in it that’s all you have to do yeah and if you do get on Facebook sometimes Facebook lets you tag our page in it and sometimes it doesn’t if it doesn’t be sure to message us also be sure that your post is publicly viewable otherwise Jonathan then I won’t be able to see it alrighty guys all right a quick heads up to our patrons we have a special blooper episode coming out on December 1st for you as well as our personal custom doula results for those in our higher tiers if you’re not currently a patron you could sign up at slash dynamic duel stay tuned to the end of this episode where you’ll get a sneak peek of this month’s blooper reel quick shout out to JA seven six six five four three two one superhero Frank and muffins Stefan 63 who left us reviews on Apple podcasts yeah we’re at 173 ratings right now it’s a huge jump from last week thank you so much guys we only need 27 more to go that is not that much we are so close to our goal of 200 can we do it before the end of the year I mean that’s up to you guys right if you guys could give us 200 that would be amazing as you guys know we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on iTunes because at that point Rotten Tomatoes says we’re eligible to become critics on their platform and have our reviews of these Marvel and DC films count toward their official tomato meters you guys are tired of hearing about it we’re tired of talking about it quick to the no prize so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was what would a sequel to The Joker be about and would it tie into a larger DC Universe we got some fantastic answers and I’m actually really excited about the concept pitched by the winners of this week’s no prize right but prior to announcing the winner we would like to give honorable mention to Jeremy or who said that the Joker sequel should be based off the mad of storyline with him in Harley Quinn in the vein of Natural Born Killers I think that’d be pretty interesting of course we already have a live-action Harley Quinn so you’d probably have to recast that role to be Joaquin Phoenix’s Harley Quinn but that’d be cool to see Neal polling on Twitter also mentioned that a Joker film with dr. Quinzel would be fantastic and it would have flashbacks to like all of the escapades that landed him in Arkham hannah hotel 17 from Instagram said that Joker should find a rival in the man that killed Bruce’s parents for Gotham’s devotion and it’s kind of like a Joker versus Joker which I think would be pretty interesting what is interesting Jacob Bell said that he is against a Joker sequel because it’s pointless I was sort of on that ship until we started getting some really good answers I do think that a sequel kind of devalues the artistic merit of the first Joker film absolutely but you know money talks and fans want what they want Jeff Wiles jr. didn’t give specifics on a sequel but said that the Joker could be an r-rated standalone trilogy much like the Blade films and in the final one he could go up against Batman I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Brothers wants that as well honestly CJ Kraft said that he wanted to see a film where the Joker was depicted like a Charles Manson cult-like leader in Arkham who starts a riot that has ended at the end of the film by Batman sort of an introduction to the Batman character yeah but like you don’t necessarily have to show him he could leave him like really mysterious and shadowy that’d be cool honorable mention goes to Calvin John De La Merced who said that a sequel should be like a Libra may host take on the character which is a full-on psychopath taking over Gotham yeah the comic that was done by Lieber mewho and Brian Azzarello was done sort of around the same time that the Dark Knight came out and it was a really good realistic take on the Joker followed one of his henchmen just like a day in the life of Joker yeah it was actually really interesting that would be cool I’d like to see what kina Phoenix is like escape from Arkham and then his systematic takeover of Gotham’s underworld like he’s building up his crime Empire as Bruce Wayne is out there you know training to be Batman yeah kind of like a mob thriller like Goodfellas or somewhere Scarface or something yeah yeah yeah yeah honorable mention also goes to Mike Luthor who said that the Joker should find his twin brother and started a podcast that pits Marvel against DC bridging the gap between the DC EU and the MCU I mean if it gives us a shared Marvel in DC film universe then I’m willing to accept a ridiculous really but yeah I mean like what there are three Joker’s right I don’t even know if that comic storyline is coming out like Geoff Johns has fallen off the face of the earth really pretty much jeez anyway the winners of this week’s no prize are Shannon Sanderson and Joel Seagrave who both gave the answer of Arkham Asylum which was a graphic novel written by Grant Morrison with artwork done by Dave McKean and I think it would be a perfect sequel it’s essentially like one night in Arkham Asylum the Joker takes over the asylum along with Batman’s other rogues and Batman has to go in there to save the doctors and staff from the inmates that would be a fantastic sequel but you would have to have Batman in it you would he would definitely need to be in it but that doesn’t necessarily mean he would be like the main character I still see the Joker being the main character of the storyline mm-hmm yeah I’ll have to check out that graphic novel so congrats again to Shannon Sanderson Joel Seagrave you guys win this week’s no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode if you the listener want to win your own no prize as we will be asking another question of the week now that that’s done arts the news [Music] okay so on Freddie Matt Reeves the director of the upcoming Batman film tweeted out that John Turturro will be playing carmine Falcone in his Batman film now John Turturro is a fantastic actor yeah this is really good casting I liked a lot of course carmine Falcone has been played by Tom Wilkinson before in the Batman Begins films but I totally think John Turturro has the look of the crime and Falcone character from the comics or at least could pull it off yeah John Wilkinson was a little bit use a little bit aged I think to be a convincing threat yeah he missed strike me as like Italian mobster at all no no no no but John Turturro definitely does he’s a great character actor if you’re not familiar with Toro he’s been in roles in transformers he had like the worst part in that film but he was also like in the night of he was in do the right thing and the big lebowski that’s probably like his most famous role was in The Big Lebowski but honestly to me like the biggest surprise in this news is that carmine Falcone is in the film at all it just further proves the theory that the story is being based off of the long Halloween right right I mean we knew that a lot of villains we’re gonna be in this film but for some reason despite everyone saying it was gonna be based on the long Halloween carmine Falcone ‘he’s name never came up right so this is fantastic news I think yeah just one more villain for Batman to go up against it’s gonna be amazing it’s gonna be Batman against the world it’s almost like they’re doing sinister six before spider-man gets a sinister great yeah oh it totally sounds like that yeah honestly is just gonna be an amazing year for comic book films yeah because later on the ear we’re going to get the black atom film that’s coming out in December yeah December 22nd it’s a Christmas release so hopefully it’ll draw people to see it during the holidays the rock is a pretty big draw I’m sure it will happen it seems like it’s gonna be a big action film also jam-packed with DC characters because the rock confirmed in a recent interview that the JSA will be in black Adam yeah that was a rumor that’s been circling around for a few weeks I think propagated by the beyond the trailer YouTube channel but it was confirmed by the rock this past week which is amazing yeah him and Kevin Hart are currently doing interviews for Jumanji too and the interviewer asked to the rock about Black Adam and Kevin Hart was like yeah man am I gonna get a role in that film and the rock was like yeah that you know the JSA is gonna be in this film so I think one of them has like a pet a pet animal or something I love the way they rag on each other it’s fantastic now according to rumors the two confirmed JSA characters are Hawkman and star girl and that’s it really the rest of the roster is kind of like still unknown star girl for sure yeah but she’s getting her own DC Universe television show later on that’s right ohm again we also recently learned that that TV show is also debuting on the CW so you don’t have to get a DC Universe subscription to watch it interesting it’s weird it is weird I don’t know what’s going on with Geoff Johns he’s not the showrunner for that show anymore he was replaced well he created the character he should be the showrunner I guess he can’t cut it but the character I’m most looking forward to is Hawkman as you know if you’ve listened to our Hawkman vs. Wolverine episode haka bands roots go all the way back to ancient Egypt and of course much farther back than that if you’re reading the current rebirth series but apparently his ancient Egyptian incarnation was a prince Prince Khufu and I guess he had ties to Black Adam in some way teth-adam there’s speculation that black Adam blames Prince Khufu for the death of his family I don’t see how that plays into like a modern times as Prince Khufu is now Hawkman right right it makes sense it makes sense to me honestly and if you’re gonna have a villain you know leave the movie why not have the antagonist to be a superhero yeah I bet you they’re gonna have dr. fate in the movie too if we’re talking about JSA characters or for talking about ancient Egypt that would be cool I’ve always loved like the look of dr. fate just seeing him on the big screen would just make my fanboy heart explode I think it would’ve put all the Doctor Strange fans to shame excuse me oh you heard me we could out with the multiverse of madness oh yeah Tony got with black Adam okay yeah I know we all know it’s titles better yeah yeah yeah but speaking of Hawkman that brings us to our question of the week who would you cast as Hawkman in 2021 s Black Adam film post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media but I think that does it for all the news for this episode so let’s go ahead and get into this week’s main event where we find out who would win in a fight between Zara L and Archangel [Music] alright as Arielle verses Archangel now as I mentioned before we’re putting these two guys against each other because they’re kind of the angelic characters of the respective universes and we’re saying that this is our big Christmas related duel or nondenominational related winter holiday themed duel that involves angels that involves angels as you guys know in our last episode we pit the Titans against the x-men Archangel is one of my favorite x-men characters and I was kind of bummed out that I was not able to put him in that matchup in my team of seven so this is one of my ways to compensate for that we’ll go ahead and get into his backstory can’t wait to tell you all about him and I can’t wait to learn all about zuriel yes real isn’t a big DC named character it hasn’t been in too many comic books but there’s a sizable fan base around him because he’s just an awesome character well he was big in the JLA comics in the late 90s early 2000s during Grant Morrison’s run yeah Grant Morrison is the one who created za real yeah the story goes that he wanted to put Hawkman on that JLA team but the editors didn’t want to let him use that character so he invented his own wicked superhero yeah he originally wanted to call the character Hawkman and just have him be an angel but they wouldn’t do that a lot of people like to put Hawkman against Archangel but since we’ve already put him against Wolverine which I thought was a great match yeah to me this is just as good of a match yeah definitely so before we start discussing the characters for those who don’t know the way we determine a winner in these duel matchups is through statistics we take the statistics for each character among a variety of criteria that’s laid out by the official Marvel Power Rankings grid and we incorporate a few more statistics just to make a more robust simulation right and we extrapolate the DC characters stats from that criteria and we randomized those numbers in a series of Monte Carlo simulations now we do that a thousand times and what the Monte Carlo simulation does is it distributes those stat numbers along a normal distribution which is a bell curve and that represents the variables that take place in battle sometimes characters are depicted as stronger and sometimes they’re depicted as weaker characters have all kinds of varying feats within the comics and this accounts for that mild inconsistency right so we compare the results of the which gives us a percentage of wins now so far no character has ever won and if it’s a good match with characters who are pretty equal to each other the win rates will be close to 50/50 right so the winner is not based off of fan votes we don’t consider uncharacteristic feats of strength it’s just stats now before we run the simulations we’d like to give a breakdown of each character’s history and abilities and then after that we go into an improvised speculation on how we think one of the 1000 matches will actually play out but I think it’s your turn to go first so go ahead and teach us all about the DC angel zuriel okay so for billions of years since god also known as the presence first formed the DC Universe the guardian angels are ill served within the peacekeeping angelic host known as the PAX Day the PAX Day was made up of four orders the lion host the bull host the human host and the Eagle host the latter of which sorry all belonged oh and I’m guessing Grant Morrison wanted to make him part of the Hawk host no actually the lion bull human and Eagle were all mentioned in like the Book of Revelations so I think it was always the Eagle host oh really okay interesting now the Eagle host was known for its keen senses and watchful gaze and zor-el gazed a bit too longingly at his charge on earth a woman named Shannon Chen whom’s Ariel fell in love with he also overheard that Lord Ozma del angel king of the bull host and general of Heaven’s army had partnered with the demon ruler of hell near on to overthrow the presence when zuriel was granted an audience with his leader Lord hereupon and the other lords of the PAX day to warn them he confessed his love for Shannon and was immediately banished from heaven like a meteor sorrel crashed into the Pacific Ocean in a fiery blaze where he met Martian Manhunter of the Justice League whom you can learn more about in our Martian Manhunter vs. vision duel episode Ozma Dell found out that is arya learned of his plan to conquer heaven and sent advanced angel soldiers of the bull host to earth to kills ariel before he himself invaded san francisco with his army when the Justice League intervened defeated s modèle left earth and sorry L went to Shannon though just as Ariel declared his love for her the two were attacked as punishment for as Modell’s defeat by the demon Etrigan whom you can learn more about in our chicken vs. Ghost Rider episode afters Ariel convinced edge again that a union between heaven and hell was not in his best interest zor-el and Shannon fled to Los Angeles to escape as Medel as Mattel finally caught up with them kidnapped Shannon and gave her to Neron to bind in hell just before as medel and Euron both stormed the gates of heaven with their armies with the help of Shannon’s boyfriend a nurse named Jerry wait what Shannon has a boyfriend yes sorry Ellsbury all-new this yeah he did well with the help of Jerry zor-el’s vitals were dropped to zero effectively killing him and allowing him to take part in the Battle of heaven alongside Martian Manhunter whom esmad L had killed earlier after successfully beating back the angelic host and storming Heaven’s innermost throne room as Medel realized that the presence was truly everywhere and in everything and was incapable of being overthrown as Vettel was stripped of his power and sent to hell zor-el and Martian Manhunter were resuscitated back to life on earth and Iran released Shannon from hell returning her to Los Angeles as a punishment to Asma Del Shannon decided to stay with her boyfriend Jerry which zuriel understood and zuriel accepted an invitation to join the Justice League as Medel eventually escaped Hell by binding himself to the hosts ‘less Specter whom you can learn more about in our spectrasys Galactus episode with the specters power s Medel was able to freeze hell and caused mass destruction on earth while fending off the combined might of all of Earth’s heroes after as modèle turns Ariel’s wings to stone Zuri led a small group of heroes to purgatory in an effort to find a replacement host for the spectre in purgatory Zuri around the spirit of Hal Jordan whom you can learn more about in our Green versus Nova episode and he brought Hal back to earth house spirit proved to have a greater willpower than asthma Del’s which allowed how to replace the former angel king as the spectres host anser ills wings were returned to normal Zarina remained as a core member of the Justice League up until the world war three event when a planet-sized weapon of the old gods called mageddon was released from its prison at the edge of the universe as a weapon mageddon caused a nearby sentient life to become irrationally aggressive and violent until all life was exhausted earth happened to be in the path of McKibben’s journey across the cosmos and as it approached our solar system Lex Luthor was influenced to form a new injustice gang to defeat the Justice League as chaos erupted on earth zor-el was willingly caught in an explosion caused by Lex Luthor that destroyed the Justice League’s moon based headquarters the real died and I found when he went to heaven that the angelic host had abandoned hope for earth and were already preparing designs for the planets replacement and denied as a real request for Abe as zarela was about to return to earth alone however numerous angels volunteered to leave heaven with him they traveled to earth and stood by the leaders of every nation to bring them calm and peace countering the growing aggression maguet and brought as he drew closer to earth the Justice League defeated mageddon by temporarily giving every person on the planet superpowers to fight the weapon while Superman absorbed the energy at mckennon’s core after the ordeal zor-el was one of several League members to part ways with the group for years he travelled the world occasionally coming across other heroes during times of spiritual crisis to guide them eventually have been charged as Ariel with destroying the hero known as Blue Devil a member of the magic based super team known as shadow pact instead of destroying him however Zorilla was offered by Blue Devil the opportunity to replace him on the team and offers re-land heaven both accepted before the PAX de gaves Ariel the battle sphere of Michael a more powerful weapon than eles flaming sword in the new 52 zuriel was revealed to be the guardian angel of Judas Iscariot who was revealed to be the Phantom Stranger another superhero in DC Comics really elated the team Justice League dark against the villains blights and Felix Faust the latter of whom magically tore the wings officer ills back this proved fatal over time though with the help of Phantom Stranger Zorilla was resurrected by the presence and a new female form to help guide and protect the Phantom Stranger once again so in the new 52 he is the Phantom strangers guardian angel yes interesting the version I’ll be using in this match is Orioles classic pre flashpoint forum as an angel of the eagle host zuriel has enhanced senses and agility as well as accelerated healing and the ability to emit from his voice a sonic flash capable of not only atomizing other angels and disrupting metaphysical forms of beings like the spectre but it could also shatter steel and liquify a person instantly though it puts a lot of strain on him to use the ability he where his heavenly armor that grants him increased durability and strength he lifts about 15 tons and his flaming sword can shoot fire and literally cut through anything including the fabric of reality allowing him to create portals to heaven he’s immortal and anytime he has died he was returned to heaven and then just come back to earth and that’s surreal so good luck killing him cuz he can’t I mean you just need to kill him once to win the match so it’ll be fine baby he’ll come back it’ll be easy it’ll be easy that backstory it was kind of like City of Angels Meets Legion I never saw Legion with Paul Bettany yeah is that bad wasn’t it been Archangel is way different let me go high to get into his backstory Warren Worthington the third was born in Long Island New York to an extremely wealthy family his father the head of an international conglomerate called Worthington Industries his will to do childhood experienced its first crisis when Warren began to grow feathered wings on his back horrified he strapped them down with a special harness and kept them hidden under his clothes so that his parents nor the other boys at his prep school would notice that he was a mutant one night a fire broke out in his dormitory and Warren had to leap out a window to avoid dying in the flames it was then he realized that not only what his wing support him but they allowed him to fly he rescued several other boys from the fire and decided to start using his powers to fight crime as the superhero the avenging angel wait he had wings and he didn’t assume he could fly if I grow wings that’s the first thing I’m assuming he thought they were too small and weak huh he had him strapped down for almost the entire time he never tested him interesting because he was so ashamed by them these vigilante adventures as the avenging angel caught the attention of Professor Charles Xavier immune himself who’s looking for mutants to take in train and instill his belief that humans and mutants can live in harmony Warren became one of the founding members of Professor Xavier steam the x-men alongside Cyclops Jean Grey beast and Iceman though he did display some arrogance and flippancy that stand from his privileged upbringing Warren was a valuable team member who helped protect humanity from the likes of villains such as Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants he valued his abilities and heroism so much that even when the x-men were ordered to disband by the FBI for a time Warren still kept fighting crime he was however unable to save his parents from being killed at the hands of his uncle Bert who was trying to take over Worthington Industries the original x-men were captured by the sentient island of krakoa and saved by a new generation of x-men that included storm Wolverine Colossus and Nightcrawler Warren decided to use this time to leave the team and start his college studies at UCLA in the City of Angels right his hiatus from crime-fighting didn’t last long however as a local threat banded him together with the heroes Ghost Rider Black Widow Hercules and fellow ex member Iceman and the group formed a new team called the champions Warren financially backed to the team using some of his inherited family fortune but the team didn’t stayed together long he fought alongside the x-men during the Dark Phoenix saga when the team had to fight the imperial guard of the Shiar alien race over the fate of whom they assumed was Jean Grey but was an actuality a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix force that had taken on the identity of gene you can learn more about this in our Raven vs Phoenix duel episode he then joined beast and Iceman on the newly reformed defenders team that also included Valkyrie and gargoyle though the group disbanded after their teammate moon dragon turned evil for a time he and the other original x-men established the group x-factor when it was discovered that Jean Grey was still alive it was during this time that a group of Evil Mutants called the Marauders led by mr. sinister attacked and massacred a community of outcasts mutants called the Morlocks that lived in the sewer tunnels underneath New York City Warren and x-factor helped stop the slaughter but not before Warren was savagely beaten to near death and both his wings impaled broken and torn his wings were amputated and Warren was powerless flightless and confined to the ground depressed it appeared he attempted suicide but in reality he was kidnapped by the ancient evil mutant known as apocalypse whom you can learn more about in our Black Adam vs apocalypse duel apocalypse brainwashed and transformed Warren into Archangel one of his four horsemen death his skin turned blue and he was given biometallic razor-sharp wings that could fire blades laced within gyro toxin Warren defeated and captured all of his former teammates but was snapped back to his senses after believing that he had killed his best friend Iceman although it was really just a nice statue he teamed up with x-factor to defeat apocalypse and crash-land his celestial ship but instead of rejoining the team Warren left to overcome his brainwashing and control his deadly new powers eventually he and the x-men members psylocke both received invitations to join the inner circle of the Hellfire Club which is an elite societal group constantly seeking to clandestinely increase their economic and political power the two declined membership but began a romantic relationship retiring to Warren’s Chalet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains his metallic wings ended up molting revealing his original feathered wings underneath the two came out of retirement to help in the fight against onslaught an evil psychic manifestation of Magneto’s hatred and Professor X’s repressed negativity Warren later learned that he had a second power that was manifesting more strongly than it ever had before a healing factor and it was the cause of his reversion to his more normal appearance as it was before apocalypses transformations this power was discovered to be potentially linked to an ancient race of angelic mutants called the shayera fam who were believed to be biblical angels thousands of years ago that’s right so he does have ties to angels of heaven right interesting we touched on them briefly in our creeper verses night crawler episode Warren played a major role in helping the x-men resettle on the island of utopia off the coast of San Francisco after he rescued the San Franciscan mayor while serving on the x-men’s black ops squad x-force his wings were ripped off and studied by a group led by William Stryker called the purifiers who were looking for elements of apocalypses technology Warren sprouted back his metal wings and learned that apocalypses Tech had always resided inside him called the death seed and that he could transform between himself and his more powerful more violent archangel persona at will well Psylocke helped Warren control his transformations and the team helped stop the resurrection of apocalypse killing him for good apocalypse however had a fail-safe for this and the death seed in Warren started manipulating him and transforming him into the new apocalypse silac was able to save him using other celestial tech called a life seed the life seed cured Warren but erased all of his memories making him believe that he was a real angel and briefly gave him resurrection powers but the life seed eventually burned out and Warren went back to normal briefly he had to merge with an archangel clone in order to stop it and took back the appearance powers and rage of the horseman of death however Professor X was able to use his telepathic powers to subdue the Archangel persona and give Warren full control over his own mind finally overriding apocalypses curse he currently lives on the sentient island of krakoa with the x-men establishing it as a sovereign mutant nation and that’s his history powers wise Archangels primary ability is to fly through the use of his metallic wings these large wings are highly flexible and allow him to fly as supersonic speeds you can fire the feathers out from his wings which are sharp enough to cleave stone and are laced with a neurotoxin that his paralysis his wings are durable strong and versatile enough to be used in hand-to-hand combat Warren is a formidable fighter and likely the best in marble and aerial combat he also possesses a healing factor though not as powerful or fast as Wolverine or Deadpool’s I remember when you were younger I had a colossus action figure and you had an archangel action figure I fired a missile out of its back yeah didn’t one of us have a Cyclops I forget yeah anyway I always thought it was strange that he was able to fire his feathers yeah it’s pretty cool it is I always looked how like in artistic depictions of him too they just make his wings so massive yeah they’re just big the size of a football field yeah I think each wing is like 16 feet long so they are ridiculously big he can like fold them in front of himself to use as like a shield is pretty damn cool the way he uses them I think it’s the versatility that surprises me the most and that he can use them in hand-to-hand combat despite their massive size because they’re so compactable that those giant wings can still fold down and hide beneath his regular clothes it’s like origami right exactly Archangel is also strong his wings give him like 200 pounds of extra lifting force so it’s enhanced and he’s already a peak human physicality due to the nature of his mutation so let’s go ahead and get into our speculation so now that we’ve gone over the histories and abilities of the characters Jonathan and I will improvise a scenario detailing how we think a match between the two will actually play out we don’t assign any rules for our speculation say for the fact that each character does not know anything about each other other than that they need to put the other one down and they start off about 50 yards apart from each other on a neutral battlefield that plays no factor on the match right because we don’t take stats for the environment some characters have advantages in certain environments over others but that won’t be a factor here the characters will win on their own stats on their own merits right we just assume that this battlefield has a ground and it has a sky for these two to fly in and that’s about it so let’s go ahead and get started serial vs. Archangel who goes first I will say that as Uriel starts off just by observing Archangel he’s sort of studying all the intricacy of his metallic wings in his form he’s like this being of death is the angel of death yeah so Archangel is gonna start the match off by flying straight up into the air kind of hovering and launching a hail of sharp poison feathers in zor-el’s direction well luckily is real is acrobatic he’s really agile so he just flies straight towards Archangel and any blades that come his way he just knocks his side with his flaming sword by the time he reaches Archangel with his sword he just slashes him so Archangel is expertly sidesteps the sword swing although it’s in the air with maximum efficiency as possible and he spins around midair as the reels close to him warding came off like a saw blade and he knocks zuriel sword out of his hand down to the ground okay you know it’s not like a physical sword right it’s a sword made of flame hit the hilt zor-el kick conjured the sword at will what are you talking about you can’t knock it out of his hand I think you mean he hits like his wrist and like this sword extinguishes yeah that’s what I meant to say okay it’s his wrist all right and slashes his wrist in the process the two heads Oriole has gauntlets covering his wrists whatever all right but right when sorry Elle’s flaming story that gets extinguished he just fires up a new one and then just like flamethrowers Archangel with the fire from its sword so in midair Archangel throws his wings up in front of them and uses them as a shield and like maybe some of like the techno-organic metal starts like melting from zeals attack but Archangel flares his wings wide open and kind of like blows the fire away with the gust that that creates and also extinguishes any feathers that might be on fire and the gust is so great that it even pushes the reel back just a little bit which gives Archangel the space he needs to do this like aerial loop-de-loop rebuilds up enough speed to slam into Israel at a hypersonic velocity okay but I mean he has to accelerate up to that and Zorilla is fast as well so by the time he’s coming out of the loop-d-loop that he’s doing drills no longer there he’s already following Archangel on his you know midair flight path and just like hurling fireballs at him so it’s a duck fight now exactly well Archangel is like corkscrewing and dipping and diving out of the wave these fireballs midair and at one point Archangel just hits the brakes and 180 is really quick and points the tips of his wings straight at Azurill whose oncoming right into them and Israel gets impaled on Archangels wingtips ooh okay I mean but like zuriel has enhanced senses all right so he sees this coming at the last second and he shifts to the side slightly so like maybe his like arm gets slightly impaled but not like his chest okay alright so now like his arm is impaled on one of our Archangels wings this is real is just gonna cut that part of the wing off with his sword yeah he’s gonna cut right through it that’s just gonna cause Archangel to like spiral back down to the ground will it cut through the wing that quickly you think I think it will I mean it cuts through anything especially I mean if it’s just the wingtip then yeah it’ll be quicker okay all right so Archangel has one of his wing tips cut off so he’s like spiraling down toward the ground and said and that’s when sorry I’ll just dive-bombs him just like slams him right into the ground at full force boom except as they were falling down towards the ground Archangels wings are versatile enough for him to almost kind of use them as like hands so he kind of wraps his wings around real barrel rolls himself so that is a real is at the bottom of this dive bomb and the real is the one that gets the impact of the fall to the ground okay but cereals like he’s wearing heavenly armor that makes him a lot more durable I think he’s gonna withstand this impact a little bit better than Archangel does so they both crashed to the ground boom I’m assuming Archangel is like on top on top of zuriel right yeah so that’s one cereal just lets loose like point-blank a sonic flash all right but you know Zorrilla has to take a breath to let loose this shout right so so argh Angela quickly braces himself by throwing up his wings as a shield again he probably gets a big brunt of the impact and gets thrown backwards probably even some of his like internal organs are pretty heavily damaged but he’s healing from that you know he has his healing factor and it’ll work quickly enough in this case well he’ll be stunned he’ll be on the ground recouping from this attack but Azrael gets up he still has full flight capability he flies over to Archangel who’s on the ground Archangel is lashing out he might be a little bit scared at this point he spreads open his wings and hurls another barrage of these poison wing ADEs that probably bounced off of a lot of zeals armor but they hit his wings oh shit and what’s not perforated the blades are sticking into and they’re just kind of like paralyzing thrills wings I don’t think the toxin wood effect is real but he definitely has to like pull these things out one by one yeah it was kind of like a porcupine attack so he has all these like quills in them and with zuriel stunned from that attack our Akane jewel stands up and just uses both of his wings to just chop off zeals wings the heck yeah dang that sucks that’s like been proven fatal to zuriel before getting his wings chopped off yeah I mean it takes months but but the pain of getting his wings cut off definitely makes real scream again do another sonic flash it probably wouldn’t be as powerful because he just got done doing one no but it’s enough to stun archangel for sure okay and that will give the real enough time to conjure a flaming sword and cut off Archangel wings so now that we’re both wingless is that what you wanted no all right so they’re both in pain they’re both wingless so now it comes down to fisticuffs I guess they both stumble up you know they’re both weary but Cyril has his flaming sword Archangel probably grabs his like large like feather blade from the ground and it’s gonna turn to like a fencing match and then Cyril sword cuts right through the feather and amar was like shit but then in the surprise sneak attack he curls a few smaller feathers as real like daggers even if those daggers hit the real you’re just delaying the inevitable Cyril is going to kill Archangel with his sword no because the daggers landed in his face and killed him instantly I mean that’s kind of been probable considering the size of the reels helmet have you seen the size of that it’s huge it was just a really good dagger through doubtful I say they don’t hit him and he just slashes Archangel in half with his sword agree to disagree good sir let’s go ahead and take this to the stats run the simulations and find out which of these characters actually came out on top agreed all right did Archangel put up as much of a match as he thought he was going to he’s definitely more than just like the guy with wings than I thought he was I was like I’ve always never really liked the character of Archangel it’s like yeah you could fly a big-deal Superman can do that right but he’s such a badass with those wings man I really like his look to his character design is pretty spot-on especially when he’s Archangel I think sometimes they just run a little bit dopey when he’s just angel with the feathered wings and everything like that but I really like Archangels design I think both of these characters have really cool designs like if I were to design a superhero suit it would look like one of these - yeah for myself I mean alright so in comparing the character stats there were clothes on quite a number of different criteria including speed they were comparable in how much damage they could do against their enemy surprisingly I thought cereal would be one up on damage but yeah they’re pretty equal yeah but otherwise you know zuriel is a little bit stronger a little bit of a better fighter allegedly which I’m still iffy about but we said that Archangel has a greater range especially with the wide radius area that he can affect at any given moment we said that is reeal having taken hits from the likes of Ettrick in the demon and the spectre and whatnot but we said that archangel was more evasive probably because he is less durable but you know he’s fairly durable in his own right having a regenerative healing factor as well as those wing shields we also said that Sorrell was smarter it helps having been around since the beginning of time yeah although we didn’t think it would have played too much of a factor in this battle since Archangel is from another universe right right so we took all these stats we plugged them into the machine we ran 1\,000 simulated battles and we have a percentage of wins for each character now before you give us the winner going over the poles from social media 67% of Twitter users think that Archangel will be the winner and Archangel is gonna come out on top holy cow I’m feeling good about this I’m feeling good about this well I have the results here and it looks like you and our social media followers are both dead wrong Bucky they’ll say that to us young Zeile wins he beats Archangel sixty four point two percent of the time so he wants six hundred and forty two of the one thousand matches meaning Archangel one three hundred and fifty eight of the matches how does that make you feel not great good are you surprised honestly I don’t know because I didn’t know too much about surreal so I’m not surprised either way like if you would have told me that Archangel stomped I would be like yeah of course but you know you saying those real wins I’m like okay you know DC is a bunch of cheaters so obviously I didn’t see this going any other way like at any point honestly so yeah I’m I’m pretty happy with these results and sorry to all of our social media followers who were wrong again here’s always go for Marvel DC well there are ants there right about our last duel episode so that’s true but that does it for this duel episode of guys go ahead and let us know what you thought about it by reaching out to us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram just do a search for a dynamic duel and you’ll find us there or you can write in via email at dynamic duel podcast at and if you visit our website you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which big heads up there’s a Black Friday sale going on this week and a cyber monday sales going on next week so if you wanted to get a shirt now is the time to do it yeah we have almost every single Marvel and DC character up for sale on the shop just go ahead and look through what we have available and we don’t only sell t-shirts we sell phone cases and stickers and pins and pillows all the things who are you drying for this episode Archangel sweet oh that’s gonna be awesome I always like drying wings but they’re actually really really hard to draw so this will be a challenge it’ll be fun don’t forget guys go on to social media and post a link to your favorite episode of this podcast tag us in the post and you’ll get your name and a drawing that we’re gonna pull from on Thanksgiving Day to find out who the winner is of the definitely stay tuned to our social media accounts on Thanksgiving when you should be with your family [Laughter] our next episode is going to be a throwback review of Batman Returns right because that was the most Christmassy of all the superhero movies that we could think of I’m surprised this is gonna be our fourth Christmas that we haven’t reviewed this film for the holidays yet yeah it’s like a classic I mean personally it’s my favorite Christmas movie guess we write in the holidays mine’s Iron Man 3 is that a Christmas movie yeah I actually haven’t seen that film yet No Shazam is a Christmas movie too but we’ve already reviewed it so yeah I look forward to that next week guys don’t forget to subscribe to the show if you haven’t already share us if you have and please rate us and review us on Apple podcasts or iTunes if you can very much appreciated big thanks to executive producers Jon Spees and boto winter for helping us out with the content of the show and that’ll do it up up and away true believers

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