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Donna Troy vs She-Hulk Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Donna Troy vs She-Hulk episode

Listen to the Donna Troy vs She-Hulk episode here!

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and this is gonna be a great episode in this episode we’re going to learn once and for all who would win in a fight between Donna Troy Wonder Woman’s sister and she Hulk the Hulk’s cousin I’m sure everyone’s thought about this like at least once a week their entire lives oh yeah definitely without a doubt right yeah this is like a high in demand episode it’s going to be an interesting match at the very least repeating these characters against each other because not only do they share a similar power set they also have that familial status within the respective universes yeah they’re related to a-listers but before we get into the match we’re gonna break down the news items from the past week of which there is one news item yeah kind of a slow news week but we’ll be talking about the Suicide Squad set photos that leaked to this past week and we got a good look at some of the new characters that are gonna be introduced in that film as always you can look at our segment times in our episode description go ahead and check out the show notes to jump ahead to whatever topic you want to listen to we want to give a quick shout out to El Diablo money and crispy crumpets who both left us reviews on Apple podcasts we’re at trying to get to 200 ratings so that our reviews of the Marvel and DC films can be counted toward Rotten Tomatoes official tomato meter we don’t have too much further to go we only need like 41 more ratings so if you guys could please jump on the Apple podcasts and rate us that would be very much appreciated how do we get that to happen within the next few weeks here Jonathan dude if I knew the answer to that we’d have 200 right now are we asking too nicely no we’re probably not asking nicely enough rate us on Apple podcasts geez we love you that seems risky to me it’s a strategy alright why not it works but now that that’s all done quick to the no prize a no price is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version of the dynamic duel no prize is a digital lord that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was after seeing the first trailer for birds of prey are you more or less excited for the film we got a few answers here our first honorable mention goes to John Horsley the third who said that he’s more excited he’ll see the movie but he wishes it was a soft reboot to remove Harley Quinn’s tattoos oh man I just wish all of those things were just temporary tattoos it was a joke they just wash off sin afar himand said that he was neutral saying that they messed up the costumes but he hopes to see Lady Shiva in the film Gavin oh my said he’s less excited for the movie after the trailer saying that it brought back mixed emotions from the Suicide Squad trailer which was also excellent but the movie wasn’t that great Harrison fox gets honorable mention for his answer of who the fuck are the birds of prey and that’s paraphrasing but that’s pretty much what he said he does like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn though yeah so I’m gonna say he’s neutral on the trailer yeah that’s fine Bo Bermudez said that he’s also neutral neither less excited or more excited though he does say that the R rating is a plus but he doesn’t think the fan base for birds of prey is large enough for the film to do more than break even which i think is why it’s a Harley Quinn film and out of birds of prey film essentially yeah Caleb Albers said he was more excited saying that the film should be called Harley Quinn but he went from like a 6.5 on the excitement meter to a 7 out of Joel Seagrave said that he’s less excited I think based on his response saying that the GIMP masks are terrible from the film and he’s more interested in the upcoming The Suicide Squad by James Gunn oh man yeah after these set photos meets you and finally Colby hench’s gets an honorable mention saying that he was more excited and that the cast looks interesting in full gear but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to thomas moore of twitter who said that the trailer got him more excited because it wasn’t bad he’s really excited about chance to hel skis action scenes that he’s gonna direct as am i that was the thing that kind of piqued my interest from that trailer was how kinetic and hardcore the action looked now chats to hell ski is the director of the John wick films so you know that the action is just gonna be awesome so great answer I knew Jonathan was gonna pick a winner among the more excited candidates I personally am more excited for the film after the trailer yeah for sure so congrats again to Thomas Moore for winning this week’s no prize if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to the rest of this episode when we will be asking another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news so on Friday just to Jared calm who seems to get like all of the behind the scenes set photos from all of these superheroes yeah they gotta look out for that Jared it’s crazy who is this Jared guy he’s he’s like invisible they released leaked photos of the Suicide Squad characters on set and they look a lot more colorful and just hilarious than the slightly more like gangster grunge costumes from the first film yeah these look a lot more comic-book accurate as a matter of fact one of them almost looks more like a Halloween costume javelin I think that’s his name yeah yeah it looks like it comes with like the pre muscle padding and everything it does so it’s kind of ridiculous he looks like a big dork but so does Nathan Fillion as armed fall off boy who can apparently detach his arms from his torso and swing them around just bludgeoning people with them well the rumor is that he’s not gonna be called armed fall off boy in the film they’re renaming him as the detachable kid for some reason but I’m not 100% convinced that’s who he is really that’s what some news outlets are saying but I think he might be blackguard but blackguard is Who Pete Davidson is playing I thought now I’m convinced personally that Pete Davidson is planck’s Savano because that’s who Michael Rooker is play know who Michael Rooker is playing he’s not in these set photos yeah we also get a look at Mont gal which is pretty interesting yeah that’s definitely a month ago right out of the comics s Mongols daughter and Mongol is a Superman villain from outerspace yes yeah yeah some people have actually like drawn a correlation between these characters and the guardians of the galaxy like mom Cal is the daughter of like this ruthless alien character who dresses in purple and gold okay so you think she’s supposed to correlate with Gamora or baby Drax because I guess the actress planker is a professional wrestler uh-huh we also see Sean Gunn in like a mocap suit of course he did Rocket Raccoon and guardians of the galaxy yeah he did the mocap for that role and here he’s playing weasel he’s a DC villain the dresses in a suit although I imagine here they’re gonna make him an actual like weasel human hybrid the character that stands out the most to me though is actually Captain Boomerang he has cleaned up pretty well yeah Suicide Squad yeah his costume is a little bit cooler here I like the boomerangs yeah hopefully he uses them in this film right of all of these characters though I would not be surprised if Captain Boomerang was the only one who survived unless James Gunn decides to subvert expectations and he’s the first one to go I hope he doesn’t do that I hope Captain Boomerang survives this so they could save him for a flash movie well that and also like he’s a main member of The Suicide Squad in my opinion really he’s one of the few that aren’t expendable and of course like we’re not seeing like any of the main cast members like Harley Quinn or whoever Idris Elba is playing you know they’re not in this photo so some people are saying that this is probably like a scene from early on in the film where half or maybe all of these characters get killed so Amanda Waller has to call in like her a list team to finish the job yeah we’ll see if that happens spoiler alert maybe maybe there’s no way of knowing but this does bring us to the question of the week of the characters we’ve seen in the set photos which character do you think will die first and how get creative yeah we don’t know the names of all these characters necessarily but just do your best and go from there post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media yeah but yeah again it’s a slow news week that’s the only item will be discussing this episode let’s go ahead and get into the main event where we find out who would win in a fight between Donna Troy and she-hulk [Music] okay Donna Troy versus she-hulk we are recording this episode now and lead up to the Wonder Woman bloodlines review that’s coming out in a few weeks the movie is actually out already but I don’t think it comes out on blu-ray for another couple of weeks at which point we will be reviewing the animated film yeah and of course Donna Troy is a member of the Teen Titans and will be a part of our one hundred and fiftieth episode where we pay the x-men vs. the Teen Titans right so this isn’t lead-up to both of those things also she-hulk has a show coming out and isn’t he plus in a couple years so that kind of ramped up interest in her and we think that she’s a great character to face off against Donna Troy now I have to admit I have not been looking forward to doing an episode with Donna Troy since we started this podcast like this is why my worst fear come true uh-huh of all of the DC characters in DC Comics she probably has the most convoluted backstory ever really yes it gets so ridiculous I did the best I could with her backstory below see if people can make heads or tails of it yeah we’ll go through all of that when we go into the histories of the characters before we do that the way we figure out who would win in a fight between these two characters if you haven’t listened to the show before is through stat based simulations what we do is we take the character stats among a variety of categories that we think are important in battle mainly determined by the Marvel Power Rankings grid for which we extrapolate the DC stats from that criteria so we take those values and we run them through what’s called a Monte Carlo simulation simulation does is it randomizes those numbers along a normal distribution which is a bell curve and that represents all the variables that take place in battle so if a character is especially strong in one instance or especially fast in another the Monte Carlo simulation accounts for that running these simulations gives us a percentage of wins for each character now it doesn’t say that any character will always win in a fight against the other no character ever wins 100% of the matches but it does tell us basically the odds of one character beating the other and the character that has the higher percentage of wins we declare to be the ultimate Victor right and we take this approach because Joseph and I are both very biased right when it comes to Barbara and DC comm and we were inspired by the old spike TV show called Deadliest Warrior which they used the same Monte Carlo simulation to find out who would win between like a Spartan and mandro yeah Monte Carlo simulations are used in a variety of applications such as like video game AI and business risk analysis so we feel like it’s fairly accurate and we think it’s a good approach to finally settling these questions of who would win a good objective scientific mathematical approach yeah so we don’t consider fan boats we don’t consider you know uncharacteristic feats of strength we go with their general base stats and yeah that’s it so let’s go ahead and get into the histories and abilities of each of these characters I think you go first with Donna Troy let’s see how complicated this gets alright okay so as you’d know if you listen to our Wonder Woman versus Thor episode Wonder Woman grew up as Princess Diana on the hidden paradise island of the mascara where she was raised by Amazon women since Diana was the sole child on the island the Amazonian sorceress Megillah that Diana should have a playmate to occupy her time so she created another child from a portion of Diana’s soul and her mere reflection a child named Donna oh good so far all right mistaking Donna for Princess Diana Donna was abducted by Dark Angel who mistook her for Princess Diana Dark Angel was an enemy of the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta using her power Dark Angel cursed Donna to experience an endless cycle of tragic lifetimes assuming that would drive Queen Hippolyta insane but instead Donna became stronger and more formidable through each lifetime in one of these lives Donna was an orphan living in the city who was rescued from an apartment building fire by Wonder Woman who then took Donna to the mascara where she was raised in granted magical powers Donna became Wonder Girl want a Roman sidekick and a founding member of the Teen Titans during the crisis on Infinite Earths storyline DC’s heroes from across the multiverse fought to stop a powerful antimatter being known as the anti-monitor from destroying all realities which were over seen by the positive matter being the monitor with the defeat of the anti-monitor the DC Multiverse was merged into one new universe and its continuity was rebooted since in this new continuity wonder omen was introduced to man’s world for the first time in the 80s she wasn’t there to rescue donna from the fire as a child so the new timeline donna was rescued from the fire by Raya one of the Greek Titans of myth who brought her to new Cronus a moon of the planet my gnosis okay this is getting weird now yes yes Donna was raised alongside 11 other orphan children from across the universe all of whom were known as the titan seeds and raised to be the future successors to the Titans of myth each of the Titans seeds were imbued with godly power and named after a Greek city that formerly worshiped the Titans Donna was given the surname of Troy and at age 13 the memories of new Cronus and her destiny as a Titan of myth were erased from her memory along with the other Titan seeds each of the seeds were returned to their home planet until the time came for them to replace the Titans of myth retaining her powers Donna Troy became Wonder Woman sidekick Wonder Girl for the first time again it was again one of the founding members of the Teen Titans whose team name was thought up from Donna’s subconscious residual memory interesting after serving on the Teen Titans for years Donna was attacked by a fellow Titan seed named Sparta who had somehow regained her memories of new Cronus and was driven insane Sparta traveled the universe killing the other Titans seeds and absorbing their power with the ultimate goal of destroying the Titans of myth Donna was able to defeat Sparta with the help of Athens who is the only other surviving Titan seed after which Donna changed her superhero name from Wonder Girl to Troya accepting her role as a future Titan of myth having grown into an adult Donna married a college professor named Terry long and she became pregnant soon after she was attacked by the Teen Titans which was a future analogue to the Teen Titans of the present timeline the team Titans traveled back in time to prevent the birth of Donna’s son Robert who they warned would realize his full God potential as an infant age himself into adulthood and become the evil dictator Lord chaos of the future to prevent this Donna willingly gave up her powers returning them to the Titans of myth and her son Robert was born as a mortal baby boy Donna tried to request her powers back from the Titans of myth after Robert’s birth but she was rejected this led to her joining the ranks of the dark stars an intergalactic police force similar to the Green Lantern Corps who wore super suits instead of cosmic rings as Dark Star Donna had the powers to rejoin the Teen Titans though her husband Terry wasn’t happy with her superhero lifestyle and the danger that came with it Terry divorced Donna and gained sole custody of their son Robert well that seems very irresponsible of Donna yeah Donna dated the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner for a time before Terry and her son were killed in a car accident the tragedy devastated Donna and brought the return of Dark Angel along with the tragic memories of all of Donna’s prior lives in Donna’s grief Dark Angel reset her life once again erasing all memories of her existence from the world safer those of Queen Hippolyta and Donna’s Teen Titans teammate Wally West you can learn more about in our flash vs. speedball episode with the help of Wonder Woman Hippolyta and Wally were able to defeat Dark Angel and bring Donna back learning that Donna had a portion of Wonder Woman soul Hippolyta recognized Donna as her daughter and decreed her as a royal princess of the mascara Donna was eventually killed in an elaborate scheme by a future version of the Superman villain Brainiac but her resurrecting soul was collected by the Titans of men who implanted her with false memories to believe she was Troya the goddess of the moon they recognized that she was the Titan seed of prophecy their Savior who would lead them into a new universe to escape the destruction of the current one in the upcoming Infinite Crisis Donna learned that before the crisis on Infinite Earths event one of her multiversal selves was rescued from an apartment fire by the anti-monitor who raised her to be his assistant this version of her became Dark Angel and she rebelled against the anti-monitor what she managed to escape the merging of the multiverse Donna’s during the crisis on Infinite Earths and in an effort to remain an individual she kept Donna Troy from merging by making her relive all of her lives in the multiverse okay let me get this straight so Dark Angel is actually an alternate version of Donna Troy yes who in an attempt to avoid being merged after crisis on Infinite Earths kidnaps Donna Troy so that she could remain an individual and not get merged oh I think that makes sense yes to punish the Titans of myth for starting wars in an effort to harness power from worship and fear donna used her connection to all realities to banish the Titans to Tartarus through a multiversal nexus that the Titans of myth had discovered so Donna recruited and led a Legion of Heroes to investigate and repair an interdimensional tear in the fabric of reality through which the villain Alexander Luthor tried to bring back the infinite multiverse in the Infinite Crisis storyline Luthor was successful though he was only able to bring back 52 universes Donna along with the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Red Hood and the atom Ryan Troy you can learn more about in our Adam vs ant-man episode went on an adventure through the 52 new universes as a team of sorts known as the challengers from beyond now these 52 new universes should not be confused with a new 52 event that and after flash point which reset DC’s continuity once again huh in the new 52 continuity is revealed that Wonder Woman wasn’t an Amazon made from clay and given life by the Greek gods but she was the demigod daughter of Zeus after her mother Hippolyta was turned to stone by Hera Wonder Woman became the Amazon Queen now some of the Amazons were disgusted by the fact that their new queen had the taint of man so their sorceress dura no sculpted a new queen for the Amazons from the clay remains of Hippolyta and gave it life that was Donna Troy the perfect Amazonian woman and weapon against Wonder Woman Donna was unable to overthrow Wonder Woman however and came to realize while bound with the lasso of truth that she was created to embody hate Donna left the mascara afterward to find a new purpose in life at which time she joined a new Titans team so there have been many versions of Donna Troy but power-wise common among them is the superhuman strength and enhanced speed reflexes and durability of an Amazon as well as the bestowed gifts of flight and her silver bracelets how did she get the silver bracelets to in addition to Wonder Woman all Amazons had the silver bracelets they’re known as the bracelets of submission I remember that okay she’s also an Amazon trained combatant formidable with or without weaponry on occasion she’s had a lasso sometimes gold like Wonder Woman’s sometimes silver and a more recently she’s been equipped with a sword and shield like Wonder Woman most of the time she didn’t carry anything and I don’t think she needs you for this battle okay so she commonly doesn’t have any sort of weaponry it’s a mixed bag uh-huh sometimes she has the sword and shield more recently and not the lasso in the past sometimes she’s had the lasso but also in the past she’s had a Dark Star uniform okay there’s a lot of versions of her okay yeah I’m totally fine if you don’t want to give her weapons man she-hulk doesn’t carry weapons yeah I don’t think she needs him to win this match I think she’s gonna run oh that’s your mistake my friend because she Hulk is the best let’s get into her backstory Jennifer Walters has always been the less serious version of the Hulk archetype Bruce Banner is cool and all but his stories are always more full of angst and tragedy and paranoia whereas she-hulk is what you get when you take that same power set and give it to someone who relishes in the power who seems to benefit from it in her personal life and has fun with it granted the fact that she got to retain her own mind while in Hulk form unlike Bruce was a big part of the appeal but she’s incredibly strong she’s super smart super accomplished she’s funny she’s got it all Jennifer Walters was born and raised in Los Angeles to LA sheriff Morris Walters and Elaine Banner who was the aunt of Bruce Banner who would later become the Hulk and you can learn more about the Hulk in our doomsday vs Hulk duel episode Bruce was 5 years older than Jennifer but the two are close to escape his father’s abuse Bruce would often visit Jennifer as children and they developed a kind of brother and sister bond often spending time reading books to each other in the library as the two grew older however they grew apart and became successful in their own careers Bruce as a nuclear physicist and Jennifer as a lawyer she completed her undergrad at UCLA and earned her master’s at Harvard Law where she was a top scholar she moved back to LA where she defended a mobster in court who was testifying against a crime boss named Nicholas Trask in retaliation Trask shot and fatally wounded Jennifer on the same day Bruce happened to be visiting her Bruce rescued her from the attackers and broke into a doctor’s office to hide and treat Jennifer realizing she was going to die from blood loss Bruce performed a blood transfusion to save her life giving her his own blood because there were no donors of their blood type available he then carried her to a hospital where a misunderstanding over who caused Jennifer’s injuries led to Bruce having to flee the police as the Hulk when Trask’s men came to finish Jennifer off at the hospital she transformed into she-hulk Bruce’s gamma-irradiated blood turned her skin green and increased her strength and man and she just annihilated the mobsters initially her transformation was brought on by anger like her cousin but eventually she learned how to change back and forth at will and she would retain her own mind through the change this was revealed to be because she never suffered as much psychological trauma as Bruce did as a child and therefore had better control over her emotional and mental state after time she decided to just stay in her green form permanently seeing no reason to change back her more stable mental state made her a better fit for the Avengers which she joined after quitting her law practice I thought she was unable to change back that’s interesting for a short time she did think that she was unable to change back but that later proved false it was her own psychological block Jennifer helped fight against the forces of evil in the first secret war event afterward taking the things place on the Fantastic Four team when he stayed behind on battle world when the thing returns to the Fantastic Four Jennifer left and rejoined the Avengers but as a reserve member she would remain on call for serious emergencies while working on the New York District Attorney’s Law staff a capacity that teamed her up with Luke Cage and iron fist in the Heroes for Hire but her time juggled between the Avengers and the District Attorney’s Office led to her termination from the department fortunately she was quickly hired by Goodwin Leaburg hootsburgh and Holloway as a lawyer in their superhuman law division they accommodated her time more flexibly as she worked there while also fighting alongside the Avengers the avengers disbanded however when the Scarlet Witch went insane due to manipulations by dr. doom she caused Jennifer to lose control of her rage and she-hulk ripped vision in half and nearly killed Captain America shocked at what she had done Jennifer decided to abandon her she-hulk transformation for a time and focus on her legal job in her regular human form she helped spider-man win a settlement against the Daily Bugle for defamation and defended starfox in a sexual harassment case what do you know who starfox is yeah yeah yeah you can manipulate emotions yeah Jennifer sided with Iron Man during the super human civil war event and signed the superhuman Registration Act though she offered legal counsel to heroes on both sides of the battle she also defended speedball during this time whoo many blamed for the incident that led to the Accords which you can learn more about in our recent flash verses speedball episode she later learned that her cousin Bruce had been shot out into space and a pissed her off she transformed back into she-hulk to angrily attack Iron Man and when Hulk returned to Earth after the events of Planet Hulk Jennifer tried to reason with him but to no avail the two ended up fighting and the Hulk defeated her and held her with his other superhero captives until the world war hulk debacle was over she then began working as a bounty hunter tracking down supervillains who had missed their court dates although later she started her own firm and hired her friend Hellcat whom you can learn more about in her Catwoman vs. Hellcat episode as her assistant during the events of the second secret war Jennifer helped create an all-female team of Avengers alongside Captain Marvel Dazzler Medusa Miss America and Niko Minato from The Runaways during the second superhero civil war in which Earth’s heroes divided themselves over the issue of using precognition to arrest villains she-hulk went into a coma during a battle with war machine she woke up learning that her cousin Bruce Banner had died and developed PTSD from the incident and became a grey she Hulk savage angry and out-of-control like Bruce through therapy self-help books and medication Jennifer treated her mental state and went back to being green and that’s her history now she-hulk has all the powers of Bruce Banner the Hulk she’s incredibly strong able to left well over 100 tons she can accelerate to running speeds approaching a thousand miles in a single jump no she can’t fly okay cool she’s extremely durable her skin can reject most physical weapons however if she is injured she has a powerful healing factor to repair most wounds she can generate concussive shock waves by clapping her hands hard or generate tremors by slamming the ground the one power she doesn’t have that Bruce has is the ability to increase her strength through rage but she is a better trained fighter with training from Captain America and Gamora lastly she’s highly intelligent and is one of the best legal minds in the Marvel Universe but has she lived through thousands of lifetimes um all I heard you explained was like four lifetimes at most no Donna Troy has lived through thousands and she remembers them now I mean there were lifetimes that were spent through the Dark Ages man what kind of advantage does that give her I guess we’ll find out all right so now that we’ve gone over the histories and abilities of each character what Jonathan and I like to do before running the simulations is speculate on how we think a battle between these two characters would actually play out we don’t say any rules for the speculation other than the fact that the characters don’t know anything about each other except that the other character is the threat that they need to put down yeah the characters start off about 50 metres apart from each other in a battlefield that has no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment and certain characters have advantages in certain locations over others so we just say that the environment has no bearing on the match right the characters have to win on their own merits not because of some outside help or advantage right all right so let’s go ahead and get started Donna Troy versus she-hulk who goes first so Donna Troy is faster than she-hulk she can move a lot faster than what was at 60 miles per hour yes she can move at supersonic speeds okay it’s all see that Donna Troy starts by flying towards her at high speed just tackling her into the ground or where where did she take her up into the sky where she has an advantage I mean she doesn’t know she has an advantage but whatever okay so Donna lifts she-hulk into the air at which point she Hulk uses her grappling skills to pry down his arms off from around her and stretch them out and just Spartan kick Donna Troy right in the chest sending Troy flying backwards at which point she Hulk lands back onto the ground she can land from from tremendous heights without injury she does it all the time and once she lands she leaps forward back up into the air toward Troya to press the attack okay so Donna’s on the ground she sees she-hulk leaping for the attack okay so right wind shield gets close enough Donna banks her bracelets together and that creates a shockwave that kind of stalls she-hulk like in midair right in front of her okay okay oh so the force of the shockwave kind of prevents she Hulk’s forward momentum exactly all right at which point Donna Troy does a sure you can uppercut right to she-hulk straw sending her flying into the stretch fear dang now that was a pretty good combo move yeah okay so she Hulk is just like flying upward into the air I guess there’s not really much she can do at this point but you know just flail it’s just going up and then starts falling back down towards the ground that’s right but you know what Donna could do well she could fly up after her okay so Donna flies up after she-hulk grabs her by the leg then like spins around a few times and throws her back down to the ground real hard alright so that was a pretty good move it was a powerful move so she Hulk’s pretty hurt she’s like in this big crater in the ground I’m assuming whatever type of ground she managed to fall into but I left these huge cracks in the earth right right so she picks up a huge mass of it holds it above her head and as Donna Troy is flying toward her she-hulk just hurls that thing as fast as like a bullet and it just slams right into Donna Troy okay but Donna Troy can move fast enough where she could react to the boulder flying at her she catches it and then she just throws it back down at she-hulk okay so she Hulk sees the boulder being thrown back at her and what she does is she slams her hands together creating a shockwave that just kind of like shatters the boulder apart and into a bunch of tiny little pebbles that just go flying back at Donna Troy like a bunch of tiny little bullets which which Donna will block with her bracelets yes but in one smooth motion after clapping she-hulk leaps toward Donna Troy and she’s busy blocking grabs her midair flips are upside down and does like a piledriver type move it straight into the ground well like Sankey from street fighter yeah she like wraps her legs around her and like spins as they slam back into the earth dang okay so Dunn is probably like smushed into a crater in the ground right now yeah another big crater alright so I’m assuming she Hulk is still close by though yes okay so Donna Troy gets up flies towards shield really fast just slams her down and just flies around dragging she-hulk into the ground oh well yeah this battle is really tearing up the terrain that they’re fighting in huh yeah we’re not supposed to assume environment but I think it’s safe to say they’re not fighting like under water or in space or something like that right alright so she-hulk us being like drugged along the ground but she-hulk like plunges both fists into the ground punching the ground really hard which kind of hits the brakes on Donna Troy’s move causing Donna to go flying off of her okay and she Hulk stands up and she runs as fast as she can over to where Donna Troy has landed and the two start like wrestling like greco-roman style okay she like pincer arm behind her back and then Donna does an expert Amazonian counter wrestling move because they freakin invented wrestling just trips she-hulk down to the ground like pinning her on her back and then she hook flips over from her back and she wraps her calves around Donna Troy’s neck like suffocating her and like squeezing like oh well then Donna reaches with her legs to she hooks neck and search choking her out so it’s like a double double leg choke out yeah whoever faints first loses well I mean I think I don’t know if Donna Troy could actually reach with her legs because she Hulk is like six seven so I’m pretty sure that Donna Troy wouldn’t be able to reach she Hulk’s neck with enough squeezing force she could do it with her toes just like pushing really hard into like she Hulk’s neck artery okay well alright I guess that does it for this match we’ll go ahead and run the simulations now and come back to you guys with the winner of this particular matchup all right that was a pretty good matchup these who are fairly well matched I think the only difference between them was the fact that Donna Troy had those shield bracelets and she could fly Brian that actually gave her a pretty big speed advantage as well as evade ability we said that Donna Troy is a little bit more evasive due to her aerial acrobatics the one thing that she did have in her favor was actually intelligence yes yeah we think that she Hulk is smarter than Donna Troy but just barely yeah everything else is fairly comparable in terms of strength in terms of how much damage they were able to inflict their durability is comparable although we did say that Donna Troy is probably a more trained fighter having grown up with the Amazons and such right right so it’s close let’s go ahead and get into the results who do you think won this match I’m pretty sure Donna Troy won this and Twitter agrees with me I put up polls on Twitter and Instagram to find out who the listeners thought would win this match huh Troy okay and what about Instagram while on Instagram 56% of them chose she-hulk all right so it’s a split it’s a split all right well is here the results the winner between Donna Troy and she-hulk is Donna Troy I knew it yeah her superior speed fighting skill and flying ability came into play here and she Hulk’s intelligence was not enough to overcome it so Donna Troy won 664 percent of the matches compared to she-hulk only winning 33.6% nice a 1000 fights so two thirds of the time Donna Troy wins almost yeah not quite as close as maybe I was hoping but yeah no that just sucks actually not quite as close as I was hoping there’s no positives to that she-hulk lost to a sidekick how do you feel about that I feel like since Donna Troy is a sidekick Marvel just has better characters because we have like few if any sidekicks and yet she Hulk’s still lost to one whatever who cares but that is it for this episode to go ahead and let us know what you guys thought of this Donna Troy vs she-hulk match by reaching out to us via email at dynamic duel podcast at or you can find us on social media on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook by searching for word dynamic duel podcast if you visit dynamic duel comm you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which has a variety of t-shirts and mugs and phone cases all of which have our no price art that I draw on there and who are you drawing for this episode she-hulk sweet yeah I can’t wait to see how that one turns out because I think she’s a damn cool-looking character I’ve always liked her look to look forward to that guys again visit dynamic duel comm for that in our next episode we will be reviewing the film that came out during San Diego comic-con but has recently been released on blu-ray and DVD it’s Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans it’s the two television shows squaring off against each other we reviewed Teen Titans go to the movies last year during which time they teased that this movie was going to come out so I thought it would be appropriate to review this one yeah this is a direct-to-video sequel for that films yeah and in the episode after that we’ll be reviewing the DC animated film Wonder Woman bloodlines a lot of animated DC fare to get through and then crunch time until our 150th episode which is Titans vs x-men yeah so look forward to that lots of good stuff coming your way don’t forget to review and rate us on Apple podcasts if you can and also don’t forget to share or subscribe to us on whatever platform you’re listening to us on special thanks goes to winter and Spees the executive producers of this show and I think that does it for this episode up up and away true believers

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