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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Review Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Review episode

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hey marvelous Joe here guys and it’s Halloween time and one of my favorite ways to celebrate the spookiest season of the year is by watching scary movies and by reading scary stories it’s so much fun one of your fellow dynamic duo listeners named CJ Kraft has written a collection of spooky short stories called three tales pages of terror he self-published it and his book is now available on the stories are quick and creepy one about a ghost mythbuster who gets more than he bargained for while looking for proof of the paranormal the second story is an Edgar Allan Poe esque account of a love story gone wrong and the third is about a mysterious woman who visits a medieval town with a cart full of miraculous cures the tales reminds me of the scary stories to tell in the dark books we used to read as kids and that they’re short but effective the book is 21 pages long and it’s only one dollar and fifty cents to buy on Amazon so getting your Halloween chills support a fellow listener and check out the book by visiting the link in our episode description again click the URL in our show notes to get spooked today on with the show [Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m as twin-brother marvelous Joe and in this episode we are reviewing the animated DC film wander Roman bloodlines right and that’s a tie-in to our last episode where we pit Donna Troy who is one woman’s sister against she-hulk and that of course ties into our 150th episode coming up in November where we’re going to pit the Titans against the x-men yeah that’ll be a fun episode I know that last week we said that we would be reviewing the Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans animated film but at the last minute we decided to punt on that mainly because we’re trying to focus on theatrical releases and the official you know DC Animated universe films plus DC released these two films like pretty close to each other so I didn’t want to do too animated DC films back-to-back right which means that next week we will be doing a special Halloween themed review for that episode so I think it all works out yeah yeah before we get into our review of Wonder Woman bloodlines we’re gonna be breaking down the news items from the past week which includes my reaction to Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans just to throw that in there but we’ll be talking about the casting of zoe kravitz as Catwoman and Paul Dano as the Riddler for the upcoming Batman film we will also be talking about how Kevin Feige has been promoted to chief creative officer of Marvel yeah and the venom 2 casting of Naomi Harris as shriek as always we list our segment times in our episode description so go ahead and check out our show notes to jump to whichever topic you want to listen to we want to give huge shout-outs to AC adonai and jay brock 69 for leaving us reviews on Apple podcasts right we’re at from last week we are only 36 ratings away from 200 oh my god this is like the homestretch can we do it before the end of the year only with your help you specifically person who is listening - this right now go ahead and go on to iTunes or Apple podcasts and give us a rating help us get to 200 ratings before the end of the year because once we hit films will be eligible to get counted toward Rotten Tomatoes official tomato meter thanks so much to everyone who has given us a rating all 164 of them it means a huge deal to us being dried tomatoes critics is a huge goal of ours and we really appreciate it yeah thanks guys but with that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was of the characters we’ve seen in the set photos for the Suicide Squad which character do you think will die first and how yeah we got a few answers here all of them are hilarious let’s go ahead and break him down honorable mention goes to Ken Johnson for his answer that Pete Davidson’s character will get crushed by a car by King shark like immediately like right when he pops up on screen for the first time is soon yes bridge Wiggins of Twitter said that Michael Rooker’s character would die first but he would come back as Solomon Grundy that would be cool Michael Rooker has like this like mug that’s perfect for Solomon Grundy for like a zombie character that’s rude son if I Roman said that arm fall off boy would die first by getting his legs chopped off Oh No the irony animal species also gets honorable mention for saying that Pete Davidson’s character would get crushed to death by a billboard for an ariana grande concert I guess the two used to date I don’t follow up on this stuff yeah yeah they used to Destin welcome gets Arnold boo mentioned for saying that jav’lins neck bomb explodes right after accidentally impaling the arm fall off boy in a panic yeah you like freaks out and accidentally throws his javelin killing our Fall Out Boy right as his head explodes two-for-one Jimmy what chick gets honorable mention for saying that boomerang or Rick Flagg would die first setting up Harley Quinn as the leader of the team but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to Harrison Fox for saying that arm fall boy would die first by getting beaten to death with his own arms and what he describes as the ultimate stop hitting yourself scenario hilarious happen that way has two very great great answer Harrison Fox that was a fun question of the week if you the listener wanna win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news okay so in the upcoming Batman film that’s being directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson we have our Catwoman cast and our Riddler who are over to b2 of amongst like four or five villains that will appear in the film right yea leged Lee the story will be based off of the long Halloween so there’s gonna be quite a few villains yeah may have gonna be a trilogy we’re not sure yet oh wow that may be filmed all at once but zoe kravitz has landed the role of Catwoman which i think is fantastic casting we’ve known for a while that they were looking for an actress of color to play the role and I seriously could not think of a better actress to play Catwoman than zoe kravitz yeah i know for a while the rumors were that Tessa Thompson was the frontrunner for Catwoman oh no and I was just like no no she’s in Marvel yes a way she’s Valkyrie but I mean also zoe kravitz was in a Marvel film she played Angel in x-men first class right right I’m not actually too familiar with zoe kravitz his work other than x-men first class I know she’s been like in an HBO show big little lies yeah yeah and she’s been in a number of other things like the divergent series fantastic beasts she was also on that one oh yeah yeah she has cred she has a pretty good fan base going it doesn’t hurt that she’s the daughter of Lenny Kravitz you know yeah she’s the goddaughter of Jason Momoa really yeah Oh Jason Momoa is married to her mom Lisa Bonet what yeah really yeah Oh fascinating yeah she’s pretty easy on the eyes so I could totally see her playing a sultry cat woman for sure yeah oh if she’s gonna cut her hair short like how its portrayed in the comic I’ve seen some photos of her with her hair really short totally looks like Selina Kyle yeah yeah it’s gonna be great this is really good so you’re excited about the kalmyk casting are you excited about the riddler casting absolutely paul dano is a fantastic actor i love like all the films I’ve seen him in I really like there will be blood I really liked Swiss Army boy he’s been in so many good roles he’s just really good at playing like they sniveling kind of like creepy characters yeah I mean I was really hoping that it would be Eddie Redmayne and I still think that would be a better casting choice than this but I can’t fault this casting choice because it seems pretty spot-on he has just really intelligent features and I think he can convincingly portray a psychotic brilliant madman now there’s so many different depictions of the Riddler yeah like from the comics across all forms of media you have like Jim Carrey Riddler yeah you have like the cool Riddler that they have in the comics right now under rebirth cool like sideburns and stuff and like tattoos he’s supposed to be like interesting no cool but he’s always been lanky I wouldn’t say that paul dano is necessarily lanky at least not more linky than Eddie Redmayne but again this is the next best choice you could have gone with and I’m entirely satisfied with it one of my favorite versions of the Riddler is from the Arkham City games yeah Arkham Asylum games where he’s just like so insecure and annoying and he just you know he’s taunting to you all the time I hope he’s like that like like jigsaw yeah crazies elaborate death traps yeah you guys haven’t listened to our Riddler versus Arcade duel episode definitely check that one out after you listen to this episode because I think that’s one of the more enjoyable matchups that we’ve done the Riddler is just a great character yeah yeah he is of course Jonah Hill is out of the running for the penguin yeah that sucks cuz I was really hoping that he would get that role because he’s a fantastic actor and he looks penguin esque yeah I’m kind of concerned about what actors are looking for because it was rumored that seth rogen who was also in the running for the penguin and I’m like no way too tall well Jonah Hill has ventured out into more serious fare getting a number of Oscar nominations for his work in Moneyball and Wolf of Wall Street but Seth Rogen I think the most serious role he’s had was in observant report I think and even that was a comedy yeah it’s hard to imagine Seth Rogen in a serious role ultimately I think Warner Brothers just didn’t want to pay Jonah Hill what he wanted for the role yeah and they should have I think you would have added some clout to the cast Megan I don’t think he even wanted to be the penguin I think he wanted to be the Riddler oh really so you know this is pretty quick turnaround on that role Oh interesting but this brings us to our question of the week who would you cast as the penguin yeah a pretty simple question this week but looking forward to hearing the answers that you guys have put your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw the a person a dynamic duo no prize that will post to social media in other news the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige who is the guy that oversees and produces all of the MCU films he has been promoted to the chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment so he’s an executive of all of Marvel now overseeing all of the creative talent including all the work that gets put into the films and all of the television shows and the television shows were once under Ike Perlmutter who is the CEO of Marvel Entertainment but now all of that is going to be overseen by Kevin Feige and I guess Jeff lobe is just out of a job maybe or Jeph Loeb will report to Kevin Feige which is not a bad position to be in right the comic books in terms of the creative talent involved there are also going to be reporting under FOIA as well actually they’re gonna report to Dan Buckley who now reports to Kevin Feige I guess the main reason this is so exciting is because Kevin Feige can do no wrong if he can bring the same creative genius that he brings to the studio’s over to the comic books where you know they’ve been making questionable decision after questionable decision for a while now it’s just gonna be fantastic I’ll be really interested in seeing what the future holds specifically for the publishing division of Marvel but one of the things that Kevin Feige won’t be in charge of of course is the Sony universe of Marvel characters you know the series of films that are being produced by Sony in the spider-man universe one of those films is venom 2 which is coming out next year we received word that Naomi Harris has been cast as shriek so she will be joining Woody Harrelson’s carnage as kind of like a team-up of bad guys in the venom sequel now shriek in the comics has always been known as kind of Carnage’s a girlfriend in a sense I guess she is a mutant that has the ability to shoot sound waves wait yeah obviously she’s not gonna be a mutant in this venom movie it’s possible that since car is the offspring of venom carnage maybe creating his own offspring and that results in shriek although that won’t quite make sense considering that shriek has the ability to shoot sound waves and symbiotes are weak to sound waves man if she is a mutant that would be sort of like the first mutant in the post fox x-men universe world the fact that they’re even using shriek here is kind of surprising she might have had her first appearance in a spider-man comic for them to be using her actually yeah her first appearance was in spider-man unlimited number one so she is considered underneath that spider-man universe umbrella there you go she always resembled Domino to me in the comics so I always kind of got the characters confused for a while but they have completely different power sets what do you think of the idea of venom two having two villains I’m actually not surprised considering that a symbiote was the villain of the first movie they probably want to mix it up a little bit yeah they had to find a way to make a venom carnage fight feel different than the venom right a fight from the first film that that’s true yeah we’ll see what happens there but I really like Naomi Harris she’s a great actress I love her his Moneypenny in the new Bond films so looking forward to her playing streak in our last bit of news I just want to touch on the Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans direct-to-video sequel to the Teen Titans go to the movies from last year yeah it’s a really good movie yeah it’s sort of like crisis on Infinite Earths but with Teen Titans go the animation quality is a lot more like the TV show and less like the feature film but it’s still pretty good there’s less musical numbers which was good a sad again I love the musical numbers in the yeah they’re really good the story involves stopping trigons from the Teen Titans go universe and the Teen Titans universe from taking over the the multiverse and we get to see dozens of different versions of the Titans including like ones from the the DC movie universe like Wonder Woman bloodlines takes place in like those Titans okay and also a Disney like Steamboat Willie kind of version of the Titans and stuff like that what about the Titans from the Titans television show on DC Universe no they didn’t it was all animated okay yeah the film wasn’t as funny and it was as well made but the action a lot better than teen teens go to the movies and there are a ton of gags and references to how like all the hardcore fans prefer the original Teen Titans show yes your Teen Titans go but if you’re a fan of either I would recommend that you definitely check it out it’s it’s a good time to be had by all nice well I mean we didn’t review it here but it was good to get your thoughts we gave Teen Titans go to the movies three stars and when we reviewed it I think I would give the sequel three and a half stars okay that’s decent but I think that does it for all of the news for this episode so let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we discussed the animated film Wonder Woman bloodlines [Music] okay so Wonder Woman bloodlines came out on October 5th on digital and that comes out today on blu-ray by my counts this is the 15th film and the DC animated movie universe after reign of Superman and Batman hush I think this is the first time that the Trinity each get their own animated film in the same year like ever oh that’s pretty cool yeah the animation in these films is pretty cheap but overall this is a pretty good film that starts off pretty MIT it gets better with each new act spoiler alert the end battle is freakin crazy it is it’s really good it kind of makes this whole movie because like you I started watching this film and I was like I’d rather just be watching the live-action version with a gal gadot cuz that’s just a much better version of this movie yeah but then the third act really dials everything up to 11 and really made this movie worth watching I think for sure for sure so if you haven’t seen the movie yet it’s available on all platforms and DVD at this moment so go ahead and check it out before probably listening to this review if you don’t want to spoil things for yourself right now I’m a pretty big fan of the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film with the voice work from Keri Russell Nathan Fillion and Alfred Molina do you remember that one no I never watched that one what that was a really good introduction to the character and like the whole mythological world inhabits for like a long time I really wished that Warner Brothers would have just made a live-action version of that exact film uh-huh because it was it was just that good now bloodlines is Wonder Woman’s first solo animated film since that one from would handle her origin in this post new regards to whether they’d make her a clay forged Amazon or a demigod daughter of Zeus yeah so interestingly they kind of brushed past her origin in this film and got her off of the mascara pretty quickly if it wasn’t for the introduction of the purple healing grey and the sword fight between Diana and her mother Queen Hippolyta you probably could have started the film with Diana meeting the capitalist family the fight between Diana and Hippolyta was important however because it set up the mother dynamic themes of the film both Diana and the character of Vanessa capitalist live in their mother’s shadows under the gaze of their judgment and I think that’s something a lot of women can relate to like my wife did at least she loved this film a lot more than the death of Superman movies and the flashpoint paradox yeah like watching her tear up at parts in this film actually made me tear up tear up at what parts like the end when Queen Hippolyta says like you are a true Amazon to Diana okay I guess that was it was beautiful it was beautiful the whole movie is kind of a retelling of the prodigal son not that diana is a prodigal or a son but she left home against her mother’s wishes and was told she could never return mm-hmm quick sidenote I liked that they established the fact that once Diana left her mind would forget the location of the mascara it’s a concept borrowed from Greg Rekha’s rebirth era run in the Wonder Woman comics and it makes a good case for why Wonder Woman wouldn’t just live in famous Kyra right in the Wonder Woman live-action film Hippolyta tells Diana that if she leaves the mascara she could never return but they never say why yeah like after she defeated Ares shouldn’t she have just gone back home at least in this movie there’s a reason why she can’t go back and it results in a tangible goal for Diana as compared to simply wanting to make the world better I liked that they introduced the concept of Diana for getting the location of the island paradise I don’t like the concept that that mascara could be found with satellite imagery and fish that was fucking stupid it was a clever way to find it I think I would still think that the island would have some kind of cloaking protection from space cameras I would hope you know it’s not it’s it’s cloaked magically it’s cloaked from everything not just from eyes but from technology yeah my favorite version of that mascara from the comics is actually like a floating island like floats over the water or like like something from Avatar or something like that it’s not an actual island so you wouldn’t be able to tell from like the topographic ocean floor that there’s something there interesting now they say that once you leave home you can never go back again and Diana certainly believed that she felt guilty that her mom and the Amazons hated her for leaving and stealing their sacred armor but this whole film is essentially Diana learning the same lesson of the prodigal son that when you have someone who cares for you if you let go of your pride and guilts the chances are in your favor that they’ll accept you with open arms the film has this great heartfelt message but at the end of the day I think it’s safe to say that this is an action film what Ronin goes up essentially against her own version of the sinister six which in her comics is known as villainy Inc we have dr. poison doctor cyber Giganta cheetah Silver Swan Medusa and Veronica kale and you might even be able to throw in like the Minotaur and her mother Queen Hippolyta is like adversaries in this film Oh is the Minotaur a Wonder Woman villain from the comics she’s fought a Minotaur before but a Ferdinand is actually a character from the comics okay not a lot of people are familiar with the one a Romans villains so it was cool to see the writers squeeze all of them into one film though I will admit outside of Silver Swan and maybe Veronica Kael we didn’t get much in the way of character development for the villains so much of their plans and goals are like a mystery in the film and it’s hard for one woman’s character to not just be reactionary to what the villains are doing that makes your characters suffer a little bit I like seeing all the villains though I thought they were all great characters being that I’m not too familiar with one woman’s rogues gallery I thought all of them provided a big enough threat and I thought they all kind of fit together well thematically as the best rogues galleries do yeah the villains were definitely a plus in this film I think the elements that it took from the live-action movie were also a plus I think what this movie didn’t do well though was build the character of Diana she was fairly robotic during the whole course of this movie and that’s not just rosario Dawson fault I think the character was written largely without a personality and I’m not sure why it just makes me appreciate gal gadot to take on the character a lot more because she definitely was not lacking character like this one was no no luckily the film was able to compensate for that mostly in the third act through the high-octane action that it was able to deliver yeah absolutely and like the film as a whole I thought Rosario Dawson’s performance got better over the course of the film her performance I agree was a little wooden at the beginning as it was the animation yeah like the Amazon characters were a little too rigid and expressionless like rosario Dawson has a good strong voice she was the voice of Artemis in the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film but really yeah she is always like the best at selling some of her lines it’s been that case throughout the entire line of this DC animated movie universe her character is good in spurts from what I’ve seen her in these other animated films when she’s part of the Justice League I thought she was fine but here now that she you know is starring in her own movie and she has to carry this performance over the course of an emotional arc and a two-hour runtime it really doesn’t hold up as well as I would like it to I wish that her take on the character was a little bit more compassionate like in my head there’s no version of Wonder Woman that could live in this household where the daughter that lives there grows up to be this goth thanks man villain she wouldn’t let that happen exactly so that kind of threw me off you know Wonder Woman she should be caring that’s her primary thing you know she helps people out because she cares she would see this struggling teenage girl living in the house that she’s living in and she would not ignore the troubles that Vanessa capitalist was going through in this movie I don’t think she ignored them I just think that she couldn’t relate to them and she wasn’t aware of them because of that I mean in the movie and in the comics I think Diana’s always portrayed as fairly naive when first entering a man’s world you know that she’s fairly quickly and here she was naive but although Wonder Woman is naive at this stage in her superhero career she’s not stupid and I think that whole aspect of this story made her seem stupid especially if she’s been living with the family for years like she did in this film I could totally see your argument there why did one woman have to live with this archeologist family for years before she decided to venture out and fight crime as a superhero that was kind of like a departure from the origin that didn’t sit well with me either it was interesting I thought she had started her superhero career right when she got to man’s world right but wasn’t yeah again it wasn’t four years until she began and at that point when she fell she was ready she fashioned her own costume even though she already had a superhero costume she left them mascara with it well that was the costume of the Amazons champion and I don’t think she felt worthy to wear that costume since she wasn’t officially ordained as their champion but she felt worthy enough to wear it as she fought Medusa because she was returning home dressed as their champion you know she didn’t earn it maybe she was just returning the armor back I don’t know but what’s interesting is that they may have just kind of messed up their continuity because in the Justice League war film she’s acting like she’s experiencing man’s world for the first time she’s tasting ice cream for the first time and it’s like you lived with two women for years and he didn’t eat ice cream I don’t know if I believe that well I’m assuming that Wonder Woman decides to live with a capitalist family after the events where she fought the parademons and Darkseid because that’s where the film starts we see Steve Trevor’s plane get attacked by parademons Wonder Woman who rescues him and ventures into man’s world to help fight Darkseid right but it says in the film that that was five years ago right so I think at the start of this film the Darkseid war happened maybe two three years ago so the first wave that came that I think attacked Steve Trevor that must have been some like scout scout or something like that a crew interesting speaking of Steve Trevor he was voiced by Jeffrey Donovan who took over the role from george newbern in the last DC Animated universe movies and I’m not sure why george newbern also did the voice of Superman and like the Justice League cartoons that I think Jeffrey Donovan did fine in the role though like his Steve Trevor is essentially one to Romans Lois Lane so it’s always interesting to see how they’re going to incur operate him in the action scenes since he’s a soldier and since Wonder Woman is so much more capable than him yeah they gave him enough henchmen and minotaurs for him to like hold his own but what he really brought to the film was comic relief or at least he tried to and so of his jokes were so bad like the whole oh she’s the goddess of pacifiers I was just like why even put that in the film like you’re trying too hard yeah the whole relationship dynamic that he had with Diana was interesting because it seems like although they met many years ago the romantic relationship was just starting because I think that previously in this continuity she was mainly paired up with Superman yes yeah as it was in the new 52 comics got you yeah and it was until later that Superman hooked up with Lois Lane right now I’m not too familiar with the comics so I don’t know the particulars of the relationship from the source material but here it appeared as though Steve Trevor was kind of worn Romans handler on behalf of the United States government yes yeah that’s what he was in the new 52 oh really yeah he worked alongside like Amanda Waller he’s a government agent okay I wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first but if it’s from the comics the network’s here moving gone to Silver Swan / Vanessa capitalist she was voiced by Marie AB chorus who did a pretty good job with Vanessa’s voice through her different ages and stages of becoming Silver Swan she did yeah she sounded very teenager e when she was a teenager she felt very adults when she was an adult but she pulled off both the sympathetic aspects and the villainous aspects well yeah I’ve always liked Silver Swan as a Wonder Woman villain not because of her design which I actually think is pretty terrible in the film and in the comics yeah I just don’t like it reminds me of Archangel from the a kind of yeah I like her because of her familial relationship to Diana and her tragic turn as a villain like typically my favorite water Roman villains come from Greek mythology like personally I’d rather see Wonder Woman fight a Minotaur or a Gorgon over a humanoid cheetah or someone like dr. cyber but it’s easy to relate to the character of Vanessa and it’s easy to see especially in this film how Dianna kind of unintentionally ruined her life it’s hard to compete with perfection especially in the eyes of someone who expects perfection from you like Vanessa’s mom Julia yeah you know when when Diana tells Vanessa that she wants to make the whole world better that asks Vanessa what she wants like how’s Vanessa supposed to respond to that especially as a 16 year old yeah Vanessa didn’t know what she wanted other than she wanted to be something anything other than her mother it was kind of nice for shadowing to the fact that she would become some thing different and it was believable motivation for why she stole veronika kills artifact you know despite her best efforts Vanessa had become an archaeologist like her mom working for Veronica kale like her mom she just wanted to get some money to get away and when she tried to exert some independence and willingly you know make a mistake do some of that she knew her mom wouldn’t approve of you know Little Miss Perfect one woman got involved to save her and Vanessa’s mom died it’s a good villain story yeah how does that compare to silver swans origin in the comics like she didn’t grow up with Wonder Woman in the comics right no she did oh really yeah it’s a pretty on point with the comics I keep thinking that this movie made all these changes and they really didn’t know this was established I think by George Perez in his 80s run of Wonder Woman okay Silver Swan was created by George Perez but I think the idea that Silver Swan was a cyborg created by Veronica Kael I think that’s a rebirth aspect of the character oh really yeah that even new 52 no rebirth the interesting so they’re starting to incorporate some of the rebirth elements into these films now yeah they’re kind of straying out of the new 52 era yeah definitely greg rucka it was a big Wonder Woman writer in the 2000s and recently with rebirth and you could see a lot of his ideas present in this film like the idea of one woman losing her memory of where the mascara is that’s his idea so wonder oh man Steve Trevor and Silver Swan I think those are the three main characters of the film everyone else is kind of you know like a side character or a cameo at best what about Etta candy I thought she was annoying in this movie she was annoying in every movie what about Veronica Kael I don’t know much about her but she seems kind of like Wonder Woman’s Lex Luthor that’s her exactly oh really yes I thought the voice actress who did her voice did a really good job I thought so as well in Veronica Kael do you know who it was yeah her name is Constance Zimmer she’s a television actress essentially she was like in house of cards entourage they definitely set her character up as like a villain for potential future Wonder Woman animated films if they make them yeah and I hope they do I think this was well set up for a sequel I actually really enjoyed Veronica Cales arc in this that her whole plan as is revealed in the end credits scene of this movie was was kind of brilliant how it all tied together did you see that coming no you didn’t know she was a villain no okay I do okay well lucky you know I had no idea I just let’s use this business owner doctor lady who’s helping them out no so at the end I was like Oh in the comics it’s actually Veronica Kyle’s partner who’s like Wonder Woman’s friend Veronica kills much more like a villain look like Lex Luthor like you said yeah I thought dr. cyber was the main villain of the whole thing no but she turned out to just be a puppet exactly yeah like dr. cyber is not a real person in the comics Veronica Kael created her she’s artificial intelligence really yeah oh that’s pretty cool yeah let’s get into the story highlights so the opening scenes move incredibly fast the film opens right away with a boom tube parademons crash Steve Trevor’s plane near that mascara and before we could even see Diana’s reaction to the aliens and what’s happening she rescues Steve and we see him being healed by the purple ray in the next scene Steve is imprisoned and Wonder Woman breaks him out of the Amazonian prison after an implied off-screen conversation with her mother over what she saw and how they needed to help Steve they didn’t show that in the film for some reason yeah that would have been helpful Danna fights her mother during their escape Hippolyta wins but still lets her daughter leave with the stolen armor and what Bin’s and diana and steve set sail for man’s world diana is introduced to the conflicted capitalist family with whom she lives with for years until she finally decides to done a superhero suit and call herself Wonder Woman and then we get the movies opening title almost twenty minutes in its a prologue that’s about ten minutes longer than it should be so after the title the film jumps forward in time to the current timeline in the DC animated movie universe we know this because steve has a beard now and Wonder Woman is missing the silver hairband that she lost in her fight with doomsday in the death of Superman film yeah Julia comes to her after finding out vanessa is stealing from their employer and asks for Diana’s help vanessa finds out that the buyers for her stolen artifact are dr. poison and dr. cyber I guess the artifact was the stone lock of Medusa’s hair which they used to recreate her in the fictional country of Corrick and I thought that was interesting I didn’t see that coming I didn’t see that coming either I thought it was just some kind of like magical serpent artifact right right I don’t know why you needed both dr. Poisson and dr. cyber honestly like I think you could have just gotten away with dr. cyber but since dr. poison was in the live-action film I could see why they wanted to include her yeah and she’s also a part of villainy Inc so that works she didn’t make poisons in this film so much as upgrade serums so you know like the opposite of poison the serum a gigantic grow but even then like Wonder Woman made pretty short work of her Julia died in the scuffle and Vanessa blamed Wonder Woman when Steve said there was no way Julia caught a ricochet I thought for sure Vanessa killed her mom that’s what I thought I’m kind of glad that turned out not to be the case right right in Vanessa’s hatred she let dr. poison and dr. cyber turn her into silver Swan which allowed DC to get in their requisite nude scene for their animated films did you watch this movie with your daughters yes I not too concerned with butts their butts everybody has but ever it is but butts are like belly buttons I don’t know yeah that’s true Silver Swan was spotted in Crocs oh what a Roman and Steve go there in an invisible jet which thank God they got that right like I’m so sick of people thinking it’s like Super Friends where it just looks like Wonder Woman is just flying through the air in a sitting position you’re not supposed to see Wonder Woman at all that’s the whole point no I didn’t like how the invisible jet was not magic it was US military tech that’s fine what’s up with that does it need to be magic just needs to be an invisible jet like the whole point of the jet is stealth you know it’s not magic or anything like that but it wouldn’t make sense for Amazon’s to have invisible jets they never left their eye line but it wasn’t like a real jet it was like it was like this invisible flying bird I thought magic bird I don’t know no I always just assumed it looked like a Greek jet what the hell like steampunk but like way man no now for a while in the comics it was like alien tech yeah but even then like no one moments like mythological give the alien stuff to Superman I thought it was like mythological tech it’s not I mean they kept referring to Amazon tech in this movie yeah yeah like the purple healing gray or like even they’re like this sailboat that they sailed away on yeah that had some kind of like globe navigation system exactly but it was invisible it could have been the way they did it in this film was the right way to do it well kind of like the ships that they had in Thor the dark world that the Asgardians were flying around in oh yeah there were like Jets they were like spider ships but they looked like Norse Vikings you know something like that that would be cool as an invisible like a sailboat jet something like them and I’m not gonna draw some concept art for you just to use your fucking imagination like the jet I liked this version of the jet I hope if they introduced it in one room in 1984 they do it just like this it doesn’t need to be any kind of magical mythological alien anything just make it like experimental US military tech like what’s an area 51 I don’t know if I like the mythology magicangle better they didn’t have jets in ancient it doesn’t matter moving on one ruin captures Silver Swan well dr. poison escapes with the Medusa prototype Silver Swan is taken to Veronica kale to try and find a cure when they discover they won’t be able to find one Diana realizes that Vanessa’s only hope is the purple ray onthe mascara the purple healing green it’s actually called the purple ray it does a lot more than heal oh really yeah oh it’s from the comics yeah yeah they didn’t make that up for the movie it was actually created by William Moulton Marston Wonder Woman’s creator oh really it’s that old okay Julia’s notes on the whereabouts of the island lead one to Roman to the temple of pacify where they meet cheetah which seemed random to me like the whole scene seemed like an excuse to get a fight scene with cheetah yeah who we know is going to be the next live-action Wonder Woman movie villain Wonder Woman and cheetah fight for a bit before a cheetah pulls out one of doctor poisons super serums which left me wondering you know as I was watching the film where exactly was she carrying the serum to begin with okay she doesn’t really have a costume yeah yeah exactly the prospects are not flattering you know it was cylindrical so once she hulked out into it’s a super buff super fast cheetah Wonder Romo gets her onto the invisible jet and we don’t get a see how cheetah gets defeated or depowered we just got to see her tied up in the lasso yeah well I mean cheetah kind of turned into a speedster character when she took the serum and by trapping her on the invisible jet she had less room to maneuver and utilize her speed Wonder Woman was able to use that to her advantage that makes sense oh by that just wish we could have seen it yeah nice I mean it really goes to show though why we can never do a cheetah vs tiger episode because cheetah is way more powerful than Tygra yeah she could go toe to toe with Wonder Woman right so the labyrinth scene was pretty cool it was pretty clever the way Steve and Etta used the Minotaur to get to the center fountain that was in the middle yeah water went drinks from the fountain and sees visions of her mom vanessa some fish and a rod of asclepius symbol which was a clever call out to both medusa because of the snake yeah and Veronica kale as a pharmaceutical magnate oh I didn’t even put that together you have to watch it twice it’s clever ok this symbolism is there yeah yeah it was cool to see the Minotaur be revealed as Ferdinand who as I mentioned one of Diana’s allies he’s a chef from the comics oh really yeah Veronica kale helps them locate the mascara based off of the fish in Diana’s vision and in that same scene Veronica also points out that the tech making up Vanessa’s body comes from her company and I’m still confused why she would point that out like why did she think Wonder Woman needed to know that I mean it threw me off not knowing who Veronica kale is I was like oh that was a helpful little bit of advice you have a mole in your organization lady and you are the mole so how does that scene change knowing that she is the most it’s a bit of deflection on behalf of people who don’t know who she is like me I guess that makes sense yeah so dr. cyber hacks Veronica’s lab and free Silver Swan forcing the heroes to flee before the lab blows up now in the same way that Superman changed from his new 52 to his rebirth costume by the end of reign of the supermen or the way the Batman got his blue cape and cowl in Batman hush Diana also gets a new look by the end of this film when she suits up in the stolen sacred armor of the Amazonian champion before heading off to the mascara so Wonder Woman and Steve share a moment where she confesses her guilt for leaving that mascara the way she did and she and Steve share a kiss before they arrived to find the island already under attack yeah this is where the movie actually gets really good I love this movie once they arrive back on that mascara I think once she puts on the armor yeah then it becomes like oh shit yeah exactly yeah so as Diana engages in an aerial battle with Silver Swan I’m sure I’m still trying to figure out how Silver Swan was able to see the invisible jet well she has tech so she might have like technology eyes so make excuses for her doctor poison and dr. cyber and veiled their ultimate weapon Madusa which was a huge surprise and who turns on her creators before taking doctor poison super serum which makes her both bigger like Giganta and more animal-like like cheetah Medusa was sweet I never knew that the character was a Wonder Woman villain she’s one of the coolest characters from Greek mythology and I just love how powerful she was just turning everybody to stone and killing everybody else that she didn’t turn to stone it was amazing it was crazy this end battle between giant Medusa and Wonder Woman was insane they say that by the third act in a film the worst possible thing that could happen what the audience fears what happened yeah needs to happen and it’s hard to think of what else could have gone wrong for Diana here other than actual death right like Steve and her Amazonian sisters were turned to stone and she was blinded and yet being to hell she blinded herself so that she could fight Medusa which is the coolest concept in the world I mean she could have done what Perseus did in mythology I think which was using mirror yeah but they she didn’t have one so she did like the most hardcore thing that she could they she could possibly do which is blind herself and so she was fighting Medusa based on you know her other senses alone yeah and it was just it was incredible I thought that was such a cool concept and that’s also from the comics really I had to do that to defeat Medusa in the same way oh that’s so cool yeah and when Medusa’s snake hair like bit want to Roman in the arm and left here with like those big holes I was like damn yeah she was like bleeding all over her body and she was blind and she was struggling to find Medusa it was one of those battles where you wonder how can the hero possibly overcome this yeah and when they do is just that much more impressive you know yeah if Silver Swan didn’t have a change of heart I’m not sure Diana would have made it out of this one alive yeah they did like a fastball special at the end and water went off Medusa’s head yeah that was awesome everyone was healed by the purple ray in the end and Vanessa was being rehabilitated by the Amazons and Diana was officially declared their champion which was nice I guess Queen Hippolyta also said that she was opening up that mascara to the world once again yeah that’ll be interesting how it plays out in subsequent DC animated films yeah so in the mid credit scene Wonder Woman confronts Veronica Kael and Veronica confesses to not only financially backing dr. Poisson and dr. cyber but to killing Julia which makes me wonder like why the hell was a Veronica put in jail at the end yeah one woman just slammed her sword in her desk and then walked away she should be taking her to jail for murder I’m pretty sure of ronica kill could eventually get that sword out of the desk yeah I think Wonder Woman’s gonna come back a black whoops I didn’t really mean to leave that there just a spur-of-the-moment thing I need that back but it was a cool plan of Veronica’s in order to get Amazonian tech all the steps that it took to get there including the way she was able to manipulate Wonder Woman into revealing the location of them mascara and stuff I thought it was a pretty damn decent plan yeah yeah Veronica kale is a really good Wonder Woman villain I like her a lot so overall it’s a really good film not great not as good as the first animated film or the live-action film in my opinion it’s still really good yeah kind of a weird first act kind of a slow second act but that third act totally makes up for anything that this film lacks I think and I think because of that I’m gonna give it three and a half stars almost four that seems about right I would give like the first act is like a three star film the second act is like a three and a half star film and the fourth act is like four stars so if you average it all out yeah overall three-and-a-half stars yeah one thing I want to mention about this film is if you get the blu-ray version or the digital version there is a DC showcase short that comes with the film this is the first one that DC has done in quite a long time and they did it on death of the endless from The Sandman series yes it is the best showcase that they’ve ever done I don’t want to spoil it because I’m sure like you haven’t seen it and I’m sure a lot of other people have it as well but definitely check it out it’s really good well I guess that does it for this review go ahead and let us know what you guys thought about Wonder Woman bloodlines by writing in to us at dynamic do a podcast at or you can reach us on facebook instagram or twitter by searching for dynamic duo podcast on those platforms and you can find links to all of our social media accounts on our website dynamic duel comm where you can also find a link to our merchandise store which is auntie like you could get a variety of cell phone cases and pillows and t-shirts and t-shirts mainly t-shirts with our no prize artwork on them who are you drying for this week’s no prize art Donna Troy okay just Italian to the last episode yeah please don’t forget to share subscribe rate and review our podcast on whatever platform you’re listening to us on especially iTunes though if you’re listening there and you haven’t given us a rating yet please do that once again we’re trying to get to 200 rating yeah we’re so close don’t forget to check out the show notes and click on the link to to check out your fellow listener CJ crafts new book 3 tales pages of Terror it’s great for Halloween I highly recommend it he did a great job with stories again check out the URL in our show notes big thanks to executive producers of the Showboat o winter and jeonse peas and that does it for this episode in our next episode we will be reviewing blade review yeah I can’t wait actually really liked that film yeah yeah it’s a lot of fun well until then up up and away true believers

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