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The Creeper vs Nightcrawler Episode Transcript

Transcription of our The Creeper vs Nightcrawler episode

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[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and I’m his twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we’re going to learn who will win in a fight between the creeper and Nightcrawler now these two characters were pitted against each other in the other than the fact that they resemble each other in appearance you know I did I know too much about the creeper before this before doing the research this past week yeah I have to say he’s a fascinating character he’s really cool I understand why they put him against nightcrawler they’re both like these bouncy agile weird-looking impish kind of creatures yeah I think this is gonna be a great match I can’t wait to get to the duel portion of this episode yeah and of course we’re doing this episode now because we have our big episode 150 coming up in the next few months and in that episode we’re going to pit DC’s Titans against Marvel’s x-men so we’re getting a lot of the excellent and Titans characters out of the way plus our next episode is going to be the Joker and you know if you’ve seen the creeper then you probably noticed the physical similarities between him and the Joker right so right so it’s a leading it works as always we list our segment times and the episode description so check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic and before we get into the main duel event we’re going to go over the comic book movie news from the past week which we had some of the biggest news of the year booting spider-man returning to the MCU for one word movie in a deal between Sony and Disney I’m so excited when I heard this I was surprised the other news that we’re going to be talking about is the Batman casting Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon and Jonah Hill as either the penguin or the Riddler so we’re gonna talk about that real quick we want to give a shout out to Arsdale walk a ball bats and Joe balls on fire for leaving us reviews on Apple podcasts we’re also at 154 ratings now which if you’ve listened to the podcast before you know that we’re trying to reach 200 ratings on Apple podcasts because at that point we meet the criteria set by Rotten Tomatoes to become official run Tomatoes critics and have our reviews count towards their tomato meter score yeah we’re so close we only need 46 more ratings not even reviews just ratings on iTunes and we’ll be there so close thank you guys so much everyone who has helped us along the way we just have a little bit more to go so if you can rate us on iTunes and Apple podcasts or please share us with your friends and family on social media or in person let me know if you like the show and hopefully they can rate us as well and one more announcement to all of our patrons we have a bonus blooper episode being released the day that this episode comes out so as 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that’s done quick to no prize so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was based on just the visuals of the first birds of prey poster what’s another film title that this movie could have gone by we’ve had some hilarious answer yeah we had a pretty good time ripping that poster to shreds in our last episode let’s go through some of the answers honorable mention goes to Jeremy or who said that the movie should have been titled Harley and a pharmaceutical factory I really like this one because Harley rhymes with Charley exactly it’s a play on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Harley in the pharmaceutical factory that’s great there’s a lot of clever ones proud of you guys Harrison Fox gave the answer of winging it with Harley Quinn he told us to read it in the South Park voice which is pretty good because you know there’s wings all over the place they’re gonna be okay Kolby headcheese gave the answer of Love Actually Joel Seagrave gave the answer Harley Quinn and the emancipation of the DCE you tagline pray for these birds I don’t even know what the state of the DC EU is at this point right me neither none of us do George kinetise gave the answer of Harley Quinn and the 24% rotten DC Phil oh oh I got it he gets the he gets the tomato meter on this at 24% oh we gotta award him something yeah seriously at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets that honestly but we’ll see Caleb Albers gave the answer of acid the movie tagline stay in school kids yeah I said in our last episode that this movie poster makes it look like an acid trip of a movie does it was perfect Erin Alexander Jones gave the title the borrower’s to next evolution based off the book series the borrower’s about the little people yeah there’s little people all over the postern yeah or he said the movie should be called Winx Club but I’m not sure if I know that reference I think Erin Alexander Jones has daughters I think you must need daughters to understand this reference it’s this cartoon thing of superhero fairies it’s very colorful and and bubblegum that’s kind of ridiculous okay oh but they have wings and stuff yeah yeah that’s kind of perfect Winx Club I like it Destin velcome gave the answer of making of a 90s music video and that’s again that whole bubblegum type vibe yeah he specifically referenced the aqua song barbie girl yeah yeah yeah or Barbie world yeah I heavily get those vibes here John Spees gave the answer Who Framed Harley Quinn which is a great deep cut to Who Framed Roger Rabbit we’re at the beginning you know he gets a fridge dropped on his head and he starts seeing birds in the script he’s supposed to see stars so they like cut filming and get mad at him nice nice she’s saying birds like in the cartoon Krishna rabito gave the answer of Fern Gully duck face because those were the two things that immediately came to his mind when he saw the poster yeah yeah I could totally see that a sequel to Fern Gully where they just make a lot of duck face yeah makes sense for this Matthew Rivera gave the answer Harley Quinn and the other chicks and the birds of prey which is kind of a dig at the Harley Quinn centric nosov this birds of prey film rights yeah it’s although Harley Quinn is in the birds of prey in the comics now or she will be soon oh really yeah they had to do that of course Darian Sykes gave the answer of non comic accurate characters and a lot of Harley Quinn which is kind of the reverse of the previous answer it’s a long guest title but surprisingly it’s still not as long as the actual movie title that’s horrible sign afar home onto gave the answer of Harley Quinn if I’m crazy you should see the other guy which i think is a reference to the Joker oh yeah yeah that makes sense that makes sense anomalous analogy gave the answer of Manic Pixie dream girl which is exactly what Harley Quinn and Margot Robbie’s portrayal of her is yeah a Manic Pixie dream girl is a trope in cinema where it’s like this girl that guys are attracted to because of her eccentricities and her attractive outlandish Ness yeah and sensor was also good because of its kind of play on the word pixie since we have like these flying winged creatures flying around Harley Quinn yeah that’s good great I mean I’ve decided the answer of my life as a psychopathic clown lady it’s low on the nose and the camp Omar I give the answer of Honey I Shrunk the Kids I do think that that title is taken but maybe it’s a remake we don’t know they’re remaking things from the 80s all the time yeah yeah and finally CJ crafts gets his honorable mention for his answer of Harley Quinn Fear and Loathing in Gotham that’s such a great answer because this poster the weird surreal vibes that it gives off kind of reminds me of the word surreal vibes that The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas poster gave off right I mean for all we know this film could be about Harley Quinn and a couple of girls going on a drug-fueled road trip yeah totally we don’t know much about the movie so who knows but the winners of this week’s no prize we picked two of them Jonathan and I each picked our favorites the one that made us laugh the loudest my pick for the winner of the snow prize goes to Salvador Martinez who said that the movie should be called 50 shades of cray which is fantastic because you know the poster is so colorful right and she’s crazy yeah I was a big fan of that answer too and the other winner of this week’s know prize goes to hello go to Instagram who gave the answer Hartley’s angels it was just so simple and just so perfect for what we’re seeing on the poster yeah it was a great answer great homage to Charlie’s Angels which is you know a kick-ass female fighting franchise great answer perfect it’s a perfect answer Congrats again to Salvador Martinez and hello goat you guys win this week’s no prize if you that listener would like to the win your oh no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news [Music] so a month ago or two months ago I can’t remember how long it was time was just flying by we announced to you guys that spider-man would no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I wouldn’t from this point forward just be a part of Sony spider-man universe due to negotiations between Sony and Disney falling apart the news broke the internet and everyone’s hearts yeah I went on like a two-hour Twitter rant I was so pissed you guys know you guys remember from a few episodes ago but in the most amazing news we learned that Sony and Disney came to an agreement where Marvel and Kevin Feige will produce the third Tom Holland spider-man film and spider-man will get to appear in one more MCU film and you just know that if these films do well they’re gonna add another yeah they’ll keep going as long as it makes sense for them to continue doing so if any of these movies is a failure at that point the plug might get pulled but this franchise shows no signs of stopping spider-man far from home was an amazing film I really can’t wait to see where it goes from there I’m so glad that Feige is still on board producing that film now apparently all of this stemmed from the fact that Disney announced that Kevin Feige was going to produce a Star Wars film right I think that kind of made Sony panic and realize that they may not have Feige available even if they want him if they come back to the negotiation table so they cut a deal like almost immediately they went with Disney’s very first initial offer that they Co financed the film at 25% and get 25% of the box-office take now after Sony initially denied that deal prior to far from home coming out and grossing over a billion dollars Disney’s like hey we helped produce this huge amazing blockbuster for you now we want 50% and Sony goes like get out of here go and that’s what led to this whole thing and now like chumps Sony is coming back and accepting their initial offer which they should have just accepted in the first place right the fact that I came down to this kind of makes them look bad it makes them look like idiots basically they wasted all this time all this worry when none of it needed to happen yeah exactly yes somebody could have saved themselves from the whole boycott Sony hashtag if they just would have accepted the offer right away they just would have been not dumb dummies from the beginning so I was so glad that spider-man’s back at the MCU for at least one more movie he’ll probably being an Avengers film and at that point they could kind of move on have him go play in his own universe for a while I mean at least it’ll be planned right you know right yes they could do some more setup and make for a more smooth transition out of the universe instead of having it be so abrupt right so hope you guys are as excited about this news as we are can’t wait to start speculating on what we think this third film is going to be about and that brings us to our question of the week who do you want to be the primary villain of the far from home sequel and why so there’s a lot of spider-man villains still out there we’ve already gone through the seed Green Goblin Doctor Octopus Sandman venom lizard rhino electro vulture shocker and Mysterio and yeah that’s all of them so outside of those guys it’ll probably be somebody new who do you want that villain to be post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person that dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media in other news Jeffrey Wright has been cast or is in final negotiations to be cast as Commissioner Gordon I think that’s a great casting I love Jeffrey Wright I think he makes a fantastic felix leiter in the James Bond movies but I’ve also liked him and almost everything else I’ve seen him in I think most recently I saw him in West world the guy just exudes like solemnity and wisdom I think he’s gonna be a great like a mentor figure for Robert Pattinson’s Batman he’s pretty tough too I like that I like having like a real tough Commissioner Gordon and I think he’s right up there in the same vein of actors like Gary Oldman and JK Simmons who have played this role before he’s gonna do great it makes me wonder if they’re gonna race pained Barbara Gordon you know oh yeah if they decide to introduce her in this series we may have a black Batgirl which will be interesting if she ever joins the birds-of-prey franchise because they’ve already raised Ben’s Black Canary right this is not the first time that we’ve had a black Commissioner Gordon he was black in the Lego Batman movie oh that’s right I completely forgot about that and so is back as I was backer so there’s precedent for this there you go awesome makes me like this casting even more now Jonah Hill is also circling the film although variety is saying that’s taking a bit longer for him to sign the final paperwork because he’s asking for more money he’s asking for 10 million dollars to play either the Riddler or the penguin yeah and I’ve heard that’s twice as much as what Pattinson is being paid yeah although that makes sense you know that news bothered me at first until I realized that Michael Keaton only made like a tiny fraction of what Jack Nicholson as the Joker made in the an insane and of money for that phone blows like the record at that time and also considering that Jonah Hill has like two Oscar nominations under his belt yeah as compared to Robert Pattinson 0 yeah I mean Jonah Hill brings a lot more clout to the movie then robert pants and does right so i mean you pay for the talent that you get Jonah Hill is a more accomplished talent than Robert Pattinson despite the roles that they play so it makes sense that he would get paid that amount I hope they pay him whatever he wants because I absolutely think that Jonah Hill makes a perfect penguin he’s a great actor and he really looks the part I could totally see him playing The Riddler as well though I’d rather see what’s-his-face who’s campaigning for the role Eddie Redmayne that’s right yeah the guy who plays Newt Scamander in the fantastic beasts movie oh man he would be the perfect Edward nygma yeah no one else you’re right yeah that would be perfect I hope he gets the world too they start shooting I think in November so I think we’re gonna start getting a lot more casting news coming up soon they’re still rumored to be casting I think Catwoman uh-huh that needs to be Alexandra Daddario she’s rumored for the role she’s around the same age range as Pattinson and she has those crazy cat eyes she’d be perfect for it oh man just just ask me who I think should be cast that will cast this movie for you but they also need the cast Firefly that’s the other rumored I don’t care here they cast for that yeah I mean either he’s gonna be wearing a helmet so yeah weren’t there are a lot more villains in the long Halloween storyline upon which this movie is allegedly based yeah but I think the rumors right now are that it’s gonna be these four villains so penguin Riddler Catwoman and Firefly yes okay well can’t wait to see what comes down the pike for this movie and those other two roles yep the film doesn’t come out until June 25th 2021 wow that’s like insanely close to the release date of the next spider-man movie that’s coming out really yeah the next better man is coming out within a month of that one on July 16th 2021 2021 is gonna be a great year for superhero movies yeah a lot of exciting stuff is coming out then Ching Chi Doctor Strange and Thor love and thunder coming out then and Suicide Squad yeah it’s gonna be great note to self do not die before think that does it for all the news this week let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we find out who would win in a fight between the creeper and color [Music] all right so for this match I really have no idea what to expect - given that these two characters while similar in many respects have very different power sets you even know the power set for the creeper is he’s like jumpy and strong sort of yeah that’s that’s the tip of the iceberg okay okay well we’ll learn more about him what we do in the show if you’ve never listened to one of our duel episodes before is we find out which of these characters would win by comparing their statistics against each other and randomizing them so we take their base stats which are given by the official marble power rankings grid and from that criteria we extrapolate the DC character stats and we had a few more statistics to make a more robust simulation and we randomized these numbers a thousand times in what’s called a Monte Carlo simulation which plots the figures on a normal distribution which is a bell curve and that simulates all the different variables that take place in battle we compare the numbers against each other for those thousand simulations and from there we get a percentage of wins for each character this was the same approach that the television series Deadliest Warrior used that was on Spike TV about ten years ago the Monte Carlo method like finds a lot of applications in like video game AI and business risk analysis it’s known for its accuracy and of course we do it this way because that’s the most objective scientific way we could find both Joseph and I are very biased and this was the best approach we could think of right so there’s no fan votes we don’t consider outlier feats of strength it’s just stats before we run these simulations we’d like to give a breakdown of each characters history and abilities and then jump into an improvised scenario of how we see one of these 1000 simulations actually playing out so let’s go ahead and get into that I’ll go first with nightcrawlers backstory I’ve always liked the Nightcrawler like he’s been with a more interesting x-man I think he’s so damn cool man he’s way cooler than creeper no he is way cooler than creeper okay don’t even argue at that this is the fact don’t argue with facts now Kurt Wagner was born in Bavaria Germany and is the son of the shape-changing mutant Ravan dark home also known as mystique mystique was married to a rich man named Baron Christian Wagner but had an affair with a mutant named Azazel Azazel was a man a sub race of ancient demonic looking mutants called mia femme thousands of years ago the NIA femme were imprisoned in another dimension called the brimstone dimension they were banished there by an opposing ancient race of mutants called cherubim who all resembled biblical angels actually the x-men member Archangel is a descendant of the chair of him but we’ll get into Archangels backstory in a future duel episode now did like early humans confuse these races of mutants as like demons and angels yes that’s correct so they zl-- is actually the biblical Azazel oh wow that’s cool where he was confused for a demon Azazel is the leader of the Nayef m and was able to occasionally escape the brimstone dimension for short periods of time and it was during one of these escapes that he met an impregnated mystique while she was pregnant Baron Buckner became suspicious of the child’s parentage and mystique killed her husband her was born already visibly mutated with dark blue fur a prehensile tail and pointed ears during the strain of labour mystique lost control of her transformed appearance and shape shifted back into her normal blue look the image of the child and his mother frightened the local townspeople and they formed a mob to kill the two mystique escaped but as the crowd closed in she threw baby Kurt into a river the child was saved by a Romani fortune-teller who worked at the Bavarian circus Kurt grew up performing acrobatic tricks in the show for crowds who assumed that he was just a man in a demon costume he was not treated well behind the scenes however often sedated between performances and he once tried to escape the circus leader chased him into the woods and nearly shot him before a cursed teleportation power activated for the first time and saved his life he hid in a nearby church where he was discovered and welcomed by the local priest despite his demonic appearance finding peace and acceptance in the church he learned about the Christian faith while helping the priest with daily chores it wasn’t long before the circus found Kurt though and kicked down the doors to take him back Kurt teleported the priest away to safety before attacking the armed circus men he nearly killed them before remembering his new faith her fled to hide out in winds el Dorf but was discovered by the townspeople who threatened to kill him he was luckily saved in time by Professor X who offered him refuge within the x-men he accepted and became part of the second generation of x-men who helped save the original team from the island of krikawa he was given a holographic image inducer to hide his appearance while out in public but eventually he felt like he had nothing to hide and threw it away during a fight against their Brotherhood of mutants to stop the assassination of Senator Kelly and the events of Days of Future past Kurt met mystique for the first time as an adult and felt a mysterious bond there one that wouldn’t be explained until later did mystique recognize him right away yes she did he asked her about why they looked so much alike and she told him to ask his mom who was the Gypsy woman that raised him in the circus now after many years of fighting with the x-men along the likes of Dracula arcade the dire wraiths and the Sentinels Kurt joined Excalibur a team of mutant heroes operating out of Britain during this time he learned that mystique was his mother and was devastated by the news but while an Excalibur he developed his natural affinity for swordsmanship and became an expert fencer he stayed with the team for a while even leading it for a time before returning to America and rejoining the x-men he later took a leave of absence from the team to join the seminary and trained to become a priest the supposed death of Colossus due to the legacy virus however caused Kurt to question his faith he left the seminary before he was officially ordained it didn’t help that around this time he learned that the knee FM mutant Azazel was his father Azazel --zz plan was to sire children and used their connection to the brimstone dimension to try and escape that realm the x-men were able to help Kurt prevent this though the idea of his father being a quote demon referenced in the Bible did not sit well with him he built a chapel on the x-men’s new base outside San Francisco and was instrumental in helping protect Hope Summers who was the first mutant born after the events of M day when the Scarlet Witch depowered most of Earth’s mutants hope was sought after by many groups seeking to kill study or exploit her during an attack by the Sentinels Kurt stopped the Sentinel Bastion from killing hope teleporting between them and getting impaled on bastions armed with his last breath he teleported her back to the x-men’s base before dying Kurt went to heaven but refused to join the heavenly choir feeling his time on earth was not yet done his father is a zl-- used their connection to teleport himself and an army of neo femme to invade heaven and wage war Kurt was able to stop him by using gazelles own blood magic to banish them both out of heaven hmm Kurt was among the living again but he can never ever return back to heaven and that’s his backstory so he does magic no no he exploited his father’s magic that one time okay yeah now powers wise nightcrawlers primary ability is the power of teleportation he can generate an internal portal to displace himself into a dark shadowy dimension known as the brimstone dimension and instantaneously reappear back in a different location when he teleports some of that brimstone dimension atmosphere comes through in the form of smoke which you can use to somewhat mask his actions Nightcrawler can also teleport a certain amount of mass along with him as long as he’s making direct contact with it this includes other people although traveling through the brimstone dimension can make others feel physically ill Nightcrawler can use this effect as an offensive strategy by quickly teleporting his opponents in rapid succession and incapacitating them it’s typically stated that Nightcrawler can travel three miles in a single teleportation however he’s been shown to go up to five miles per jump and on rare occasion much further although it’s extremely taxing on his body he has a spatial awareness when he teleports preventing him from teleporting into the ground or a wall however this ability is limited so he prefers to see where he’s travelling if he hasn’t been there already he has extremely enhanced dexterity with his hands feet and his prehensile tail allowing him to stick to walls and surfaces and his tail is strong enough to lift his own bodyweight Nightcrawler is an accomplished and adept combatant highly trained in martial arts especially in the art of sword fighting and finally he can see in the dark and meses powers will he have a sword in this match I was thinking about that and I don’t think I’m gonna give him one mainly because he didn’t use one all that much outside of when he was in the excalibur team I think bringing a weapon to this when the creeper doesn’t have weapons would be an unfair advantage seeing is that traditionally Nightcrawler is not depicted with a sword okay he is a really cool character he has such a cool look the purple smoke that appears when he baths it’s just so unique and so amazing I will confess that like if I ever had a superpower like I would want teleportation yeah I don’t know if I would want the stinky brimstone smell I’ll take it okay okay it was cool that he kind of uses teleportation in a way that no other superhero does I think he’s more about the speed you know yeah and less about the functionality of it right where he’s teleporting cold groups and stuff you know yeah yeah yeah you know who’s just as cool as Nightcrawler and most people probably don’t know it because he’s pretty obscure not the creeper the creeper okay so the creeper first appeared in 1968 and was created by spider-man creator Steve Ditko oh really well that makes sense because both spider-man and the creeper have like eccentric costumes that shouldn’t really work webs do yeah absolutely he has one of the most bizarre looks I think in all of DC Comics he doesn’t look like a DC Comics character in my opinion yeah you know he has green hair the strange colored skin and this grin that just betrays his insanity like the Joker yeah so the creepers real name is Jack Ryder an edgy confrontational television host of the Gotham City news talk show called you are wrong one of his shows interviewees was a scientist named dr. Vincent yes who announced on Jack’s show that he had been developing an experimental nano cell serum called smart skin that could specifically he’ll burn victims completely and theoretically heal any injury of any kind down the road as a selfish and somewhat corrupt journalist Jack visited dr. yaksas lab after the interview with the intent of stealing the smart skin formula in order to monopolize the details of the revolutionary research unfortunately Gotham City mobsters had a similar plan and in order to protect his research from the mob dr. Yates injected the entirety of the experimental serum into Jack during their escape during which Jack was fatally shot in the head the nano-cells within the serum healed his wound however and resurrected him as the creeper who with his enhanced abilities made short work of the mobsters unknown to Jack at the time doctor yet says serum contained a nerve agent given to him by his silent benefactor who turned out to be the Joker what he was intent on combining dr. yahtzee’s research with his Joker venom to create an army of maniacal immortal soldiers huh Jack learned he was able to trigger his transformation from himself and his a new creeper persona and initially Jack wanted nothing to do with that other side of himself as he was uncomfortable with its insanity over time however Jack learned the advantages to enhanced abilities and let the creeper loose from time to time in the service of justice in spite of the creepers appearance and insane unpredictable nature Batman teamed up with him early in his career to stop the enraged Joker who later killed dr. Yates for losing the nano self formula now was this Joker aspect to the creeper character was that a retcon or has always been part of his lore it was actually a retcon okay yeah initially he had no ties to the Joker surprisingly well it makes sense because the creeper is so Joker esque exactly it totally works yeah so since the creeper proved himself Batman recommended him for Justice League enrollment though he was only deemed suitable for second-tier reserved status Jack remained in Gotham City and when he wasn’t courting Vicky Vale or very sweet to the weather girl he was fighting crime from time to time as the creeper often against his arch-nemesis the shape-shifting super villain known as Proteus and occasionally teaming up with Batman to take on the League of Assassins or the Joker who you can learn more about in our Joker vs. Green Goblin episode eventually the creepers chaotic nature attracted the attention of Eclipse Oh an agent of the Lords of chaos who tricked the creeper into wildung one of his dark crystals which put the creeper under eclipses control eventually freed by Bruce Gordon the former host of the spirit of Eclipse oh the two helped form a team to defeat eclipse Oh known as the shadow fighters with the help of Amanda Waller who’s of course well known for putting together the Suicide Squad when the shadow fighters invaded a South American territory that had been conquered by Eclipse though the villain possessed a pack of hyenas that managed to tear apart the creeper killing him hmm the surviving shadow fighters collected what little remained of the creeper which over time regenerated back into his full body leaving some doubts over whether his abilities were scientific in origin or supernatural magic and it was suggested during the reign in Hell storyline that the creeper was a demon possessing Check Writer demonic possession through chemical injection that’s kind of weird yeah it was an idea that was further explored in the new 52 when the creeper was initially defined as a chaotic Japanese Oni freed from the broken soul taker sword wielded by katana you could learn more about an air katana versus a lecture episode The Creeper Oni resurrected and possessed the deceased scumbag television personality Jack Ryder who died during a monster attack in Metropolis this new version of the creeper could fly hypnotize the weak-minded and generate change from his body with kusarigama which are like small ninja sites at the ends of the chains huh and the rebirth era though the creeper has gone back to the pre flashpoint pre demon version of the character though we recently learned in the Doomsday Clock storyline that Jack Ryder’s transformation into the creeper in addition to that of Metamorpho magma and firestorm was part of a highly classified project by the American government to create metahumans as part of a superhero arms race with Russia and the rest of the world interesting so his transformation is scientific in nature as to mystic yeah okay and it was developed in part by Martin Stein one half of the firestorm persona okay so power is wise The Creeper has enhanced strength you can lift just under a ton he can’t lift a car or anything like okay it’s one of the few like non overly powered DC characters I thank God I don’t I’m lifting planets so he has enhanced strength stamina and speed and using his strength with his superhuman reflexes and agility allow him to climb and maneuver around his environment like a pinball which also makes him an unpredictable and formidable fighter his fingers have sharp claws and he has full control over the red mane of hair on his shoulders and back allowing him to grapple enemies or unpick locks wait what so he can pick locks with his hair yeah I thought that was just like like a feather boa or something comes out of his back no I well initially it was a boa a fur boa but like it grew into him and he could control the hair oh that’s so bizarre he still looks cool though despite how bizarre that sounds he’s still a cool-looking character yeah so most notably the creeper has an accelerated healing factor that can bring him back from death and his shrill laugh can shatter glass and cause paralysis and pain in those who hear it interesting that’s the creeper all right bizarre bizarre character but really cool yeah I’m glad that he’s still showing up often really the only experience I have with this character is through the Batman the Animated Series television show yeah and in this show actually his origin was related to the Joker I think the Joker like gave him Joker toxin then pushed him in some chemicals he came out as the creeper yeah I didn’t realize how much this episode would tie into the upcoming Joker review that we do are in our next episode but yeah there are ties between the characters all right now that we’ve gone over each character’s history and powers let’s go ahead and improvise a scenario in which we speculate on how this match would actually pan out we don’t set any rules for the speculation say for the fact that the characters know nothing about each other other than there are threats that need to be put down they start about 50 metres apart from each other on the battlefield and they fight in a location that plays no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment so these characters have to win on their own accord without any outside environmental help okay so the characters start at 50 yards 50 meters apart from each other who goes first that’s a great question I’m gonna say Nightcrawler why just because he is quicker you know okay yeah that’s fine he has instantaneous travel so I think that callers gonna start off by teleporting onto the creepers back and he’s gonna wrap his tail around the creepers throat choking him out in like a sleeper hold okay well little did Nightcrawler know the creeper can of course control the fur growing on his back his mane so he he wraps the fur around Nightcrawler and he lets out his shrill laugh which brings sharp pain tonight crawler well no but Nightcrawler is on the creepers back so he’s not in range of the creepers sonic shout no it’s not like an energy that he projects from his mouth it’s just if you hear it huh so the pain that that crawler feels because this is tail to loosen and he just kind of like drops to the floor paralyzed okay so yeah Nightcrawler drops to the ground with his hands over his ears going like mine guts and that’s when the creeper grabs him by his ankle and just like flings him across the stage well Nightcrawler teleports as he’s being thrown midair and he uses that momentum of being thrown to teleport himself in a direction where when he comes back he slams right into the creepers face with his fists huh can I curl or do that is this like portal yeah yes that momentum whatever momentum he has going into his teleportation into the brimstone dimension he comes back out of with that same force okay well that sucks cuz creeper threw him like really hard okay and now with creeper knocked down onto the ground Nightcrawler like he gets into a hunched stance like defensive stance ready for what’s coming next okay but the creeper doesn’t just like lay there once he gets knocked out like right away he’s tucking and rolling like doing backward somersaults and like reverses course just laughing like a maniac and she’s so creepy she rolls right into Nightcrawler Lonnegan tool again Nightcrawler has his defensive stance so what he does is he times it perfectly so that as this rolling maniac approaches him at the perfect moment he grabs the creeper and teleports him high into the air where he just drops him and lets him fall okay but right when Nightcrawler lets go of the creeper that’s when the creepers main just like reaches for night crawlers ankle oh and then he brings him down with him so yeah the creeper grabs him and they start falling together but Nightcrawler teleports away while creeper keeps falling okay meanwhile the creeper finds all of us hilarious he’s just laughing hysterically as he’s falling now he lives in Gotham City where they have really tall buildings and he’s used to dropping down to the ground from skyscraper height uh-huh so that’s what he does he just lands on the ground just tucks and rolls essentially his body is durable enough to withstand that okay damn it and again this whole time Nightcrawler is like feeling pain because he’s hearing the laughs so now caller knows he has to take a more like offensive approach so what he does is he just pulls off the most amazing badass combo ever well if teleports over to a creeper punches him in the face then instantaneously teleports behind the creeper sweeps him off his legs so he like trips him up into the air and then instantaneously teleports above the creeper and kicks him down towards the ground while he’s in midair and then as the creeper bounces off the ground and I call our teleports beneath him and just uppercuts him right in the back geez yeah all like within the span of like less than five seconds so cool okay but the creeper has enhanced reflexes okay so as he’s going through this barrage of attacks he reaches out and grabs nightcrawlers tail which is just kind of like dangling there okay so he grabs it Yanks it he bites it what and as that color does like a Tom and Jerry that’s when the creeper flips over him still holding the tail then Yanks the tail flipping Nightcrawler over him slamming him down into the ground like onto his belly then the creeper pounces onto his back and just repeatedly slashes nightcrawlers back ah well okay that was pretty good combo night colors like screeching out and pain from getting slashed in the back but he has his own sharp weapon his own sharp tail so he sticks his tail straight out and stabs the creeper right through his kneecap and then teleports away from the creeper slash okay so the creeper has been stabbed in the kneecap but he heals really quick uh-huh okay so almost without missing a step he’s like giving this really awful screeching laughter towards Nightcrawler paralyzing Nightcrawler again okay okay and then he just does a full-on sprinting charge like a hyena like a wild animal okay uh-huh then once he gets close he does like a front handspring dive right into Nightcrawler with his claws okay and as the creeper is running towards him Nightcrawler is just standing there he’s paralyzed and in pain he has like a bloody nose and like you just can’t move oh and then he just gets stabbed in the chest with the creepers claws okay well I think that getting stabbed in the chest kind of snaps Nightcrawler out of his paralysis and because he’s in a super amount of pain I feeling nauseated because the the screech will make you sick oh really yeah well Nightcrawler knows how to make creepers sick so what he does is he grabs creeper and he teleports him in his quick series of rapid succession teleportations and the creepers exposure to the brimstone through that move makes him nauseated as well so like they’re both just puking just they’re just picking all over each other like creeper can’t handle the brimstone dimension Nightcrawler can’t handle the creepers screech and I’m pretty sure like the creepers like laughing hysterically as he’s puking right so that it’s kind of like a game to see who can get the sickest the most first so they’re both just barfing uncontrollably that is a really weird way to end this man that’s gross but it is a good place to kind of stop we’ll go ahead and run the simulations and find out which of these two characters got the least sick and won the match there we go all right we’ll be right back they’re creepy they’re crawly they’re both a little bit gross the way we ended this was gross as we’ve learned they can both make their opponents sick which led us down a route that I don’t think we saw this match going but maybe in some respects was just inevitable right so what did we learn about these characters and inputting their stats we learned that Nightcrawler is a heck of a lot faster than creeper yeah like it’s not even close yeah Nightcrawler is almost treated as like a speedster type character with how he uses his teleportation and there wasn’t the only step that Nightcrawler like totally surpassed creeper on he’s also a lot more invasive than creeper surprisingly because the creeper is pretty evasive he’s pretty agile Nightcrawler is just as agile but he has the added benefit of being a full-on teleporter though when I came to the physical stats the creeper just barely managed to edge out Nightcrawler in terms of strength and durability and even the amount of damage that he’s able to inflict yeah so while Nightcrawler has the creeper beat definitively in a couple of stats I’m still a little bit concerned because creepers physicals are up there so who do you think ultimately came out with a higher percentage of wins well I think it’s gonna be close but I’m gonna say Nightcrawler just because I want Nightcrawler towing well guess what we don’t always get what we want but in this case you do Nightcrawler why my curler 158 percent of the time 580 Wayne’s out of a thousand nitin okay as compared to 420 Wayne’s for the creeper that was not as close to match as I thought it was going to be well I came out to about what I thought it was gonna be I think I liked close but there’s just no fucking with Nightcrawler I really thought creeper was gonna come out on top on this one when I was writing his bio I was like oh he’s so cool he has all the coolest powers yeah well I mean he may have him in physicals and he may have that color beaten range but the things that Nightcrawler excels at he excels at a much higher level he just can’t compete with this speed and invasiveness yeah they go a long way we’re just part of what I think makes him such a great character he’s like a specialist you know yeah yeah but that does it for this episode go ahead and write in to us and let us know what you guys thought about this episode by emailing us at dynamic duo podcast at or you can reach out to us on social media on Facebook Instagram or Twitter and you can find links to all of our social media profiles by visiting our website at dynamic duel comm and if you visit our website you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public where you can find t-shirts and mugs and phone cases and body pillows with the characters from Marvel and DC that I draw for our no prize winners and who are you trying for this episode oh nightcrawler awesome I can’t wait to see how he comes out yeah I think you’ve been getting better at your dry everybody should check out Jonathan’s drawings on our Instagram page just do a search for dynamic duo podcast they’re coming out great well I mean if you go back to the very beginning when I wasn’t really even trying and just slapping some watercolor on it yeah it’s gotten a lot better recently actually I’ve been trying a new coloring technique which i think is pretty cool well I like how you show the time-lapse of you drying them that that’s pretty cool to see yeah you guys can find that on Instagram if you ever want to learn how to draw the same way I do just study those time lapses but that is it for this episode we’ll talk to you guys next week at which point we will be reviewing the movie the joke oh my gosh I’m so excited did you like it’s like you forgot Prosecco that was our next episode no I just remembered it this week is the Joker Joker week oh my god calm down no holy shit are you going tickets it’s gonna be awesome check your expectations it’s gonna be a good movie but I predict that it’s not gonna be an enjoyable movie at all that’s fair it’s a joker film is this supposed to be you’re not supposed to like this guy yeah I tend to like movies more that I have fun with you know well you must be a Marvel fan yeah I am hell yeah I am you alright guys well we’ll talk to you in a week with our thoughts on the Joker and don’t forget right at the end of this episode we’ll have a sneak peek of this month’s blooper reel for our patrons on patreon thanks to our executive producers Jon Spees and boto winter up up and away true believers

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