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The Avengers Review Episode Transcript

Transcription of our The Avengers Review episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in step based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m as twin brother Marvel is Joe and in this episode we will be reviewing the first Avengers film right and this is in celebration of the Avengers end game film surpassing avatar to become the number one highest-grossing film at the worldwide box office and also Avengers and game releases on digital media the day that this episode releases so we wanted to go back and revisit the moments where all these characters first met each other and have to say it was a joyous experience can’t wait to revisit this film with all you guys and just talk about how freaking great it was I loved watching it again especially with the context of endgame oh yeah absolutely I’m not gonna lie it has aged really well oh yeah yeah like it’s still a really good film it came out a while ago which is surprising but it still feels like yesterday can’t wait to talk all about it later on this episode before that we’ll be going over the comic book movie news from the past week there is a news drought there’s always a news drought right before and right after comic-con right so we only have one news item to talk about yeah we’re gonna be talking about how the Joker film is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival as always our segment times are in our episode description so feel free to jump around in the episode to whatever you want to hear we want to give a quick but heartfelt shout out to foul pal and if Ted jib give Vic erki from Canada and Hawaiian hiji we’re all giving us ratings on Apple podcasts actually they all gave us reviews as well but we got a few additional ratings in there from people who didn’t leave reviews so thank you to everyone who gave us a rating this past week we’re at 131 ratings now on Apple podcasts which is a huge jump from last week and brings us so much closer to our goal of getting 200 ratings on iTunes because once we hit that number we’ll have met all of the criteria set by Rotten Tomatoes to become a certified critic on their platform right and our reviews for these marble and DC films will count towards those films official tomato meters which would be amazing be so great we really appreciate if you guys can help us reach that goal if you haven’t already so if you have an iTunes account or you’re on Apple podcasts please rate us on that platform or shares with someone that you think would enjoy the show and you know has an Apple account and even if you don’t have an iPhone if you have something like an Apple TV or anything like that you have an iTunes account and you could rate us oh yeah that’s true that’s true definitely thanks again to everyone who raided us you guys are the real MVP s of this episode one other thing I want to mention before we get into the know price segment is that this Thursday August 1st we will be releasing a blooper reel on patreon to all of our current patreon subscribers we will be featuring a preview of next month’s blooper reel at the end of this episode so make sure you stay tuned for that and if you want to sign up to our patreon it’s only $2.00 a month and you get that bonus blooper episode at the start of each month as well as of access to our backlog of bonus content including our movie pitches and our top 10 lists and our quick-draw animations as well as a bonus video of jonathan and i answering your guys’s questions and just a heads up that we’re currently planning to launch a new tear for our patreon hopefully by September so if you sign up now you’ll be prepared for that when it comes oh yeah that’ll be fun to announce to you guys don’t forget to stay tuned at the end of this episode for the after credits preview of our bloopers episode with that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was which other Marvel character that has never been on screen before like shang-chi do you hope gets their own film in Marvel’s phase 5 you’ve got a lot of answers a lot of good answer that has great answers for this one our first honorable mention goes to Tim bran who gave the answer of Nova as did Kristian rabito although Kristian seems to prefer Sam Alexander where I’m assuming Tim Brown would probably prefer Richard Reiter they’re both great characters I personally prefer Richard Reiter I just can’t wait to see him on the screen we saw the Nova Corps but we haven’t seen Nova himself yet so Richard Reiter definitely I think has the worst name in all of college books yeah a lot of people call him dick writer whatever be adults about this yeah right honorable mention goes to Jason Brownlee who gave the answer of dr. doom which is a great answer I think Victor is one of the rare supervillains that can carry their own film and I would really like for them to set up dr. doom as the next big bad of the Marvel Universe you know now that Thanos is dead oh yeah if any Marvel villain is deserving of that it’s dr. Dewey has such a rich backstory to that you really couldn’t get into if you introduced him as the primary villain of a Fantastic Four film yeah you can learn more about his history in our Superman versus dr. doom duel episode honorable mention also goes to CJ Kraft who gave the answer super skirl that would be cool I mean we kind of saw no mosh the super scroll in the rise of the Silver Surfer movie right with Johnny Storm yeah but I would love to see cooler in a Fantastic Four movie or in a Captain Marvel movie like if they do Secret Invasion it’d be great if it was part of that if you want to learn more about super scroll you can listen to our Metamorpho versus super scroll episode I love to that episode that was a good one Adam Spees gave the answer Great Lakes Avengers that would be hilarious they might be a little bit more suited to a Hulu TV show or something like that I think Joel Seagrave said that but it’s just a hilarious cast of characters they’re like the biggest losers of the Marvel Universe I don’t even know who’s in the Great Lakes Avengers it’s people like flat man who could go flat and stretch like mr. fantastic where’s mr. immortal who can’t die there’s Big Bertha who’s like this model chick who can like grow into this big huge blob looking character you know Squirrel Girl was part of the latest incarnation I would love to see squirrel girl like Squirrel Girl could probably have her own film as well wait whatever happened to the Squirrel Girl like TV show Oh new warriors yeah I have no idea that it was supposed to start milena Vayntrub I think yeah and Squirrel Girl it was supposed to be like really well received so well received that they were like shopping it to other networks something like nothing ever came of it I don’t know yeah hopefully we see that pilot sometime soon I was really interested in that project it was like two years ago yeah shout-out to Caleb Albers who gave the answer of MS marvel that’s Kamala Khan who is totally deserving to her own film we gave a profile of her back in our Elastigirl versus miss Marvel episode honorable mention also goes to Joel Seagrave who gave the answer of Moon Knight as did Iran egami of Instagram I fucking love moon May I think you guys know this if you listen to our Batman vs. moon night episode I love him so much I wrote a pitch for a movie about him which you’d listen to if you sign up to our patreon Alexandre Jones gave the answer of the Beyonder slash molecule man yeah either they’ll be under or Owen Reese and that’s primarily because Aaron wants to see a Secret Wars film which I really would absolutely love to see that’s like the next big cosmic thing that the MCU has to do and if you did that you probably could have Doctor Doom as like the main villain of that right right Oh totally yeah you could usurp the beyonders powers and everything boom so cool honorable mention goes to Shawn teni who gave the answer of Wonder Man we know that Simon Williams did have a cameo in the Thor Ragnarok film in a scene that was cut from that film and he was played by Nathan Fillion which is fantastic because Nathan Fillion just suits the character of Wonder Man so perfectly I think we have that same cameo in the guardians of the galaxy movies that’s what I meant sorry yes right that’s good honorable mention also goes to but a winter who gave the answer of Alpha Flight the whole team and I thought that that would actually be a good way for Marvel to introduce Wolverine oh that’s true right yeah putting make them a part of Alpha Flight before joining the x-men you set them up as a cameo in an x-men film and then revisit them later that’ll be pretty sweet honorable mention goes to Andy Freeman who gave the answer carnage I mean a venom can have his own movie carnage can have his own movie and we haven’t technically seen carnage yet but we have seen Cletus Kasady right played by Woody Harrelson yeah honorable mention goes to shun Nightingale who gave the answer of Perea Skrill who is Fire Lord who is one of Galactus is cosmic heralds after the Silver Surfer I would love to see a whole movie just based around Galactus and the heralds that would be cool Xavier Henderson gave the answer of blue Marvel and I’m not too familiar with him he’s like he’s like Superman right uh yeah kind of he’s powered by negative universe energy like his weakness is neutronium he’s pretty powerful he’s pretty cool you could definitely have his own filter on him yeah what a ripoff yeah and speaking of ripoff honorable mention also goes to Steve of Twitter who gave the answer of the Sentry and Trevor are well and Trevor are Wallace also gave that answer he thought it would be cool because he was a hero who could sort of become a villain within the cinematic universe I’ve kind of grown tired of the century but initial marble nights run with Paul Jenkins and Jay Lee it was amazing that would be a great movie we need to see that honorable mention also goes to Jeremy or who gave the answer of Captain Britain I would love an Excalibur team it’s kind of like Alpha Flight like maybe first introduce an x-men movie and then branch off with like Alpha Flight and Excalibur and things like that Jeff miles junior gave the answer of Galactus oh yeah speaking of like the sentence heralds yeah right you could definitely have his own movie honorable mention also goes to Gavin of mine who gave the answer of she-hulk pitching it as a kind of romantic comedy all these answers are just so good the she-hulk book has always been a comedy book for the most part and yeah give her her own romantic comedy branch out into a new genre yeah this is your honor that the MCU has it really touched yet has it no it has an entry Hulk would be perfect for that and cameo Mark Ruffalo in it would be great why not CGI casting a that gave the answer of spider-man 2099 and we saw Miguel ohhara briefly in the spider-verse movie but that’s not like back che just maybe want to seem so much more so give him his own film that’ll be great you know eventually these Marvel movies are gonna go until the year 2099 no they won’t they’re fad that’s gonna last no five more years than diet Marvel is forever DC is forever J scrump also gave the answer of the century and Andrew Jason Ellen gave the answer of gambit which we’ve already seen him on screen before right but he hasn’t received his own film as you know the Fox was working on a Channing Tatum led gambit film for like years and years and years and that’s probably fell through the cracks due to the Disney acquisition but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to Kenneth McNeese jr. for his answer that he would want a squadron supreme film loved his reasoning because he wants to see if marble can do DC characters better than DC can now if you guys know squadron supreme is a direct ripoff they’re Marvel characters but it is a direct ripoff of the Justice League of America from DC Comics right and the story there is that the DC characters kind of went authoritarian and took over their planet you know ridding all crime and then they were exiled to another dimension that dimension being the Marvel Universe so you have Hyperion who is Superman essentially you have power princess who is Wonder Woman spectrum who’s Green Lantern the Whizzer who’s the / Nighthawk who’s Batman all these great characters and if Marvel is able to pull that story off better than DC can it would be so hilarious yeah such a troll move go ahead and try out sue your ass on behalf of DC on behalf of DC I was like no that’s hilarious you bet Congrats to Kenneth McNeese jr. for your answer you win this week’s no prize and if you the listener wanted when your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week which is actually right now so here’s this episode’s question of the week tying into last week’s question which DC Comics character that has never been on screen before do you most hope gets their own film in the next five years you just had to piggyback off my marvel question didn’t you well yeah you got all these great at Marvel answers and you wanted to join the party and I won’t have like a ripoff answer like yours too because DC were original alright guys post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media and with that all out of the way onto the news [Music] so we’ve known for a while that todd phillips the director of the joker film that comes out this october wanted to put the film on the film festival circuit starting with the venice film festival which is a big deal a lot of Oscar contenders debut and the Venice Film Festival the big award that comes out of that festival is called the Golden Lion and last year’s winner was Roma now typically Warner Brothers doesn’t really like to put their films in the film festival circuit because it’s kind of risky if your film doesn’t win people don’t talk about it they only talk about the winner so the director of the Venice Film Festival told Variety how Warner Brothers was really hesitant to put the Joker in the festival but once they saw the film they agreed so that’s where it’s gonna premiere so it seems like Warner Brothers and todd phillips is convinced that they have a kind of like art house comic book movie there are at least an art house performance through joaquin phoenix in this joker film they feel that they have an Oscar contender and it’s something that the Venice Film Festival director his name is Alberto Barbera agrees with he’s seen the film apparently and he has to say that this film is really surprising he says it’s the most surprising film that they’ve got this year and it’s one that he says is going straight to the Oscars how was it a surprising film if the movie appears to be so derivative of works like taxi driver and the King of Comedy I have no idea he didn’t elaborate upon that does he just think it’s an Oscar contender because it reminds him of those films I think if it did he wouldn’t say it was surprising so maybe it’s less like those films than we originally thought maybe maybe who knows what surprises we have in store there are a lot of plot leaks for this film but who knows what we’re altima lis going to get and he’s not the only film festival director that has been touting the Joker the director of TIFF which is the Toronto International Film Festival his name is Cameron Bailey has also been saying how the Joker film is going to be recognized by the awards bodies so basically this whole news item that we’re discussing is just you trying to convince me that the Joker is gonna be so good that it wins ask no this isn’t me trying to convince you this is News these are big names making big bold claims uh-huh you’re just jealous I’m saying is like I say to you before every DC movie that comes out is check your expectations Jonathan check yourself before you wreck yourself you’re gonna get so excited for this movie and you’re gonna be really disappointed when it turns out to just be merely mediocre well no I don’t think that’s gonna be the case at all because we’re gonna have reactions of the film pretty far in advance the Venice Film Festival is at the end of August so we’ll get our first word on the film soon here yeah look at our first critics reactions which in itself is a big deal to have critical reactions so far in advance of a film’s release at least for a DC film it shows a lot of confidence in the film we’ll see what happens oh we will for sure alright I think that does it for the news for this episode let’s go ahead and jump into the main event where we review the movie The Avengers [Music] [Music] all right an honor and celebration of Avengers endgame which releases today on digital home media and has surpassed avatar to become the highest-grossing film in box office history it was so much fun to revisit the first Avengers film and see how all these characters first met each other there’s like some foreshadowing almost that like probably wasn’t intentional but the way they carried those arcs all the way to the end right it’s just well done well done absolutely this was a great film this will be a spoiler film I doubt anybody listening to this has not seen the Avengers but if you haven’t go watch it watch that film and then come back and listen to this The Avengers movie was my favorite Marvel movie for quite a while I think it really served as a kind of paradigm shift for how tentpole summer popcorn movies are approached these days in terms of scale I think the Transformers movies also had a lot to do with that but those movies are unintelligible so they don’t count I mean the fact that this movie was made much less made well with amazing action and a great script that was true to the characters all these characters from different movies with different tones and feels and it managed to wrap it all up in a shiny package it felt like getting a gift on Christmas Day I’ll never forget my first time seeing the Avengers in theaters and I think I saw it like 10 times in theaters I always saw more than once I think I saw it twice or three times which I never really do for Marvel movies I thought about seeing endgame ten times in theaters but by the time I saw it three times I was like this movie is just too long I can’t do it seeing The Avengers now it was somewhat cathartic after all like the gloom and seriousness of infinity war and endgame now I want to start off by saying that back in 2008 when Nick Fury mentioned the Avengers initiative after the Iron Man credits I remember being like oh that’s cute doubt that’ll ever happen or like doubt that’ll turn out the way I wanted to really even when this movie was in development in 2011 a lot of people thought it would be like this impossible film myself included like I was cynical coming off films like x-men origins Wolverine and spider-man 3 where it seemed like they try to jam as many characters into one story as they could and it seemed like the general consensus when it came to these ensemble casts was that more is actually less because you couldn’t dedicate enough screen time to any single character to make the audience care now up until this movie the most successful superhero team movies story-wise were x-men 2 and Watchmen yeah but I’d say like Watchmen it does have an in szabo cast but it’s not really like a team movie right yeah I mean it has a superhero team in it but it’s not like they all united against like this common threat I mean like a few of them did but you know right it wasn’t like this like three of them did right and like the x-men they’re all so different from the Avengers in that as a team they are more cohesive the x-men are like a family who live together under a common cause and it’s rare for a member of the x-men to have a successful solo comic series outside of you know Wolverine cable or Deadpool the Avengers comic is a team book where nearly every member has a concurrent series of their own you couldn’t tell the team story here without telling each individual story so I think that everyone thought that an Avengers movie would have to be like three and a half hours long with like a budget of a billion dollars to tell and and inside note if you had told me eight years ago that not only with this original Avengers movie be great and a hit and that it would lead it to a three and a half hour long half billion dollar budget Avengers film I would have blacked out on the spot we saved this movie from being a bogged down mess obvious to us now was the shared universe where really helped marble was the fact that these characters all did have their own backstories that we had already seen in previous films yeah exactly we learned that oh yeah you don’t have to tell each individual story if you’ve already told it like we already know these characters and we don’t need exposition for them we only need exposition for the team-building and characters like Iron Man and Hulk and Thor and Captain America they’re interesting enough on their own to still be entertaining even if you haven’t seen the previous films if anything if you hadn’t seen the previous Marvel movies this Avengers movie just made you want to see them all the more I haven’t seen Captain America the First Avenger and what really yeah I mean it didn’t make me want to see it but oh my god but I did eventually when we reviewed it kind of makes you wish Justice League took this approach huh well it did with Superman and Wonder Woman and kind of Batman kind of Batman but not with the flash for Aquaman with Aquaman as great as that film was like that would have made the Justice League film even better if we were already familiar with Jason Momoa as Aquaman and had seen Atlantis yeah maybe he would have even had a bigger part in that movie yeah when will DC learn DC is doing their own thing they’re just they’re doing fine don’t worry about them now this movie is not just great because of what it was able to accomplish in terms of stitching together six different heroes plot threads as well as the villains in such a seamless manner although I do think that it was just a masterpiece of story plotting and editing I think what also made this film great was the dialogue I think Joss Whedon has such a great talent for writing dialogue that’s clever engaging and funny and character appropriate the film was just spunky and fun and all the ways Whedon’s best works are like Buffy and the astonishing x-men series they nailed the characters you know Marvel is all about character and they got them absolutely right in this film and watching this film I was just like quoting along with it the movie is so quotable almost every single line is quotable Whedon is just great he’s great I mean he kind of dropped the ball on Avengers age of Ultron and you can listen to our review of that and Justice League and Justice League but I think this is his best superhero work here this Avengers movie for sure for sure let’s get into the character breakdown so Tony Stark slash Iron Man played by Robert Downey jr. Danny was great here you know he’s never not been great as the character as we know Downey gets a lot of creative control over his lines and his performance in these Marvel films and I especially liked how seamless his own improvisations melded with just Whedon’s writing style it was great and it made me think that they need to do more work together because they kind of have a similar voice yeah Joss Whedon has written a few characters that are pretty snarky in his prior work like in Firefly or Buffy so yeah it makes sense that the standout character of this film would be Robert Downey jr. as Tony Stark the starkest they even then like he was a standout character but he did a overshadow like Chris Evans is kept merica or mark ruffalo as the Hulk the great thing about this movie is that every character not only got their chance to shine but shine brightly I really enjoyed all the more shadowing that they had again it may be not intentional in this film you know like his rivalry with Captain America yeah which foreshadowed civil war and his whole arc in this film mentioned by Captain America about how Tony Stark wasn’t willing to lay his life on the line like fall on the grenade right and what does he do at the end of this film he won’t sacrifices himself literally by falling on a nuclear grenade you know right yeah he kind of proved kept wrong there and you know of course he did sacrifice himself at the end of endgame I tracked that whole argument between cap and Iron Man up to the mind stone and of course it’s never revealed that it’s the mind stone in this film no it’s just heavily insinuated I thought it was pretty cool how we know that it’s the mind stone now and we know that’s how it’s able to be used as a mind-control device and mine and ape you later and communicator across outer space and things like that yeah I wonder when they decided that because they mentioned in this film Nick Fury mentions that Loki’s scepter is powered by the tesseract right which wouldn’t necessarily be the case it would be powered by you know its own infinity stone he probably just didn’t know what he was talking about yeah it was probably just an assumption on Fury’s part let’s talk about Steve Rogers slash Captain America played by Chris Evans as great as Chris Evans is in this film I have to say that Agent Coulson is really the worst costume designer ever I really loved Captain America’s World War 2 costume in the First Avenger yeah and they kind of like butchered it in this film he looks very Power Rangers II kind of and the way he moves in it is a little bit goofy it is fairly comics accurate but I’m really glad that they moved away from it in subsequent films it’s comics accurate except for the fact that they covered his ears it does give him a strange silhouette doesn’t it it does makes his head look like a bobble head yeah bulbous but his ass is on point though it’s America’s ass but it makes sense that you would cover up the ears because like there’s such a sensitive part of the body yeah right but the way the previous helmet took care of that was that it hung over the ears kind of like a military helmet would right I really like how they updated the costume and fix the mistakes of the Avengers costume in the second Captain America film yeah now this movie cap was a little bit of a parody he was kind of like a Boy Scout parody to kind of play off Tony Stark’s Rockstar vibe in subsequent films of his like the Winter Soldier and Civil War he was less of like a righteous Boy Scout and he was a much more real character but I still like what they did with Captain America in this movie I actually really liked that about the character in this film yeah they set him apart from every other character in a way that I thought was was pretty real like when he explains to fury like they said that we won the war but they didn’t tell us what we lost it’s like that makes sense for a time displaced character to probably feel that way yeah this is definitely the most time displaced that the character has been where you get that feeling that he’s out of time and that he doesn’t fit in and that he’s kind of a dork but this all demand vibe really gave him a place to grow from in subsequent films where he became more of a modern character by the time infinity war an end game came around yeah but I mean I’ll always appreciate that like wholesome old man kind of shtick let’s talk about Bruce Banner slash the Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo now this was the first time that we saw Ruffalo in the role of the Hulk and like every time I see him I just have to really appreciate what he was able to do for this character starting with this movie yeah it definitely makes me wonder how it would have been done differently with Edward Norton yeah I mean I like I really appreciate Edward Norton as an actor he’s by far one of my favorite actors but I have to say that I enjoy Ruffalo’s take on the character a lot more than how Norton was in the Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk was an enjoyable film it was very much like an action chase thriller but the way Ruffalo captured Bruce Banner I think connected with audiences more he played him like just wonderfully pensive he brought these mannerisms to the role that I think were necessary to kind of sell the character I think he brought a lot of himself into the role uh-huh you kind of see him do the same thing in other roles that he’s been in in other movies but it totally works Mark Ruffalo as an actor I think he’s not a very aggressive person he’s kind of fast gentle and passive and kind of warm-hearted and to have that dichotomy between that and the Hulk you know to realize that within this gentle man is this like raging beast is pretty phenomenal yeah it’s a great contrast and I think I said this before in previous the reason why this Hulk probably works the best in terms of the CGI character the Hulk is that he more resembles Mark Ruffalo as an actor now the Incredible Hulk CGI character looked nothing like Edward Norton no he looked like a Calvin Klein model yeah so there was a separation there and in this movie you can see not only Ruffalo’s performance but you can see his face it was much more of like a horror angle especially one he like first transforms on the Helicarrier right that was a fantastic scene I’m so glad that they went this route with this character and with the character design and everything like that because I think it really finally made the character relatable I think it’s the way that the Hulk always should have been right in real quick in comparison to Eric vanna’s Hulk in angley’s 2003 movie that film was a pretty decent adaptation of the Hulk as well although they did make weird creative choices with him like where he could grow like you know 215 feet tall and you know he had the face kind of like a baby I mean it’s not a horrible adaptation but it was certainly an inferior one let’s talk about Thor played by Chris Hemsworth I noticed that the dialogue in this movie just we didn’t wrote it very much Old English style you know with a lot of deprecated words he was a lot more serious here than he is as the Thor we know now post Ragnarok comedic Thor yeah he’s not comedic at all really in this movie yeah he was a little bit bland honestly and it’s easy to see why after this movie and Thor the dark world and age of Ultron why they decided to go in a different direction and incorporate more of Chris Hemsworth into the character because it just makes him feel more fleshed out and three-dimensional I do have to say that Hemsworth sold the lines here he sold every line except for you want me to bring the hammer down yeah yeah that was super cheesy I don’t know who could have sold that line because it was just it was just a badly written line it was the worst red line in the script I think but like any time he was speaking to me it wasn’t Chris Hemsworth it was Thor right he just embodies the character in a way even more so then I think Chris Evans as Captain America or Tony Stark is Iron Man and I think it may have to do with the fact that you’re less familiar with him as an actor and it’s much more of a technical performance than having his own like personality shine through in a way that like Robert Downey jr. ziz absolutely it makes you think that would be a great Shakespearean actor to he delivers these lines that are spoken elegantly but with some ERISA Milla - do you know it sounds real right right well there’s real emotion behind this delivery absolutely you saw that he just wanted what was best for his brother you know yeah yeah that was a great relationship that those two had chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston powers wise Thor always does seem a little bit nerfed in these Avengers films I think he could have done a whole lot more against the Chitauri aliens like create tornados and citywide thunderstorms and shit that are just striking he would I take it out the whole city no I mean he could focus his lightning gun just the Leviathans and shit well he did a pretty good job of like bottlenecking the portal sending a surge of electricity yeah that was probably his biggest moment to shine within the Battle of New York scene yeah I would have liked to have seen a little bit more power from him like you know remember that scene when he smashed Jotunheim create a shockwave like I don’t like em to create this big huge shockwave on Manhattan but it would be cool to see a display of power on par with that I think sort of like what they did at the beginning of Ragnarok right exactly let’s talk about Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson now I’ve always given Scarlett Johansson shit but the more movies that we review of her as the character of Black Widow the more I realized that I really don’t actually dislike her as a character as much as I think I do now she’s never been my ideal Black Widow mainly because she doesn’t really do the Russian accent or anything like that she’s not quite as that authentic as I would like my Russian super spy but I actually really enjoy her in this movie I really like the way just Whedon wrote her as a character yeah this is probably my favorite interpretation of her along with the Winter Soldier because she kind of had it all here you know she had the capability she had the action she was super badass in terms of what she was able to accomplish physically against characters who you would perceive to be much stronger than her but she paired that with like this kind of seductiveness like when she was on her mission in Russia it kind of felt like a scene out of True Lies you know where you bring the sexy aspect to the whole spy world yeah or when she was you know sent there to possibly seduce Bruce Banner where she’s like I’ll convince you if he says no things like that you don’t know what angle she’s coming from necessarily but you believe that she can play all the angles when it comes to the spy game totally whether it’s you know manipulation violence or seduction or just intelligence she’s cooler than James Bond in this movie for sure she was the only one really that was like capable of tricking Loki she was that good he was able to outsmart Loki probably one of the smartest ones on the team let’s move on to Clint Barton / Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner now you know despite what everybody says about Hawkeye despite all the jokes that have been made about him I actually think that he’s the most badass here out of all the other movies that he’s been in and that includes his time as Ronin in Avengers endgame he was just so cool with his bow and arrow to me Hawkeye is at his best when he’s like this silent deadly assassin who can pull off these impossible shots he’s just supposed to be a super impressive character and I think that’s what they did with him here like when he’s pulling those no lookers on top of the building you know destroying the Chitauri you chips yeah that’s sort of his trope he’s like the master assassin and also did like jeremy renner just I think embodied the role of Hawkeye more here than in any other film I think the perspective on him really changed once they introduced the family in the subsequent film like I said in our green arrow versus Hawkeye duel Hawkeye doesn’t have time for a family like his whole thing is that he has to keep training every single day in order to be able to fight alongside people like Thor and Iron Man and he’s willing to make that sacrifice yeah that’s the sacrifice that he makes his superhero power is his training pretty much he’s like Batman you know family doesn’t have time for a damn farm and a family off in the middle of nowhere you know I was kind of upset that they did that to him and I think I mentioned that in our age of Ultron review yeah but here like he was still pure to you yeah this is pre family this is him still like a badass who was just like an expert marksman yeah able to cause massive headaches for the entire Avengers team and shield you know with a couple arrows just a couple of well-placed arrows is all it takes that’s what haka is about well hopefully they’ll showcase that in the TV show hopefully let’s talk about the villain of the movie Loki played by Tom Hiddleston obviously Tom Hiddleston’s performance is amazing but what really makes me appreciate Loki in the Avengers is how evil he is he’s able to accomplish so much as a villain he’s a badass in this movie Tom Hiddleston was basically born to play loki he just plays him so well he does I can’t wait for the Disney Plus television show because this version of the character is my favorite the version that hasn’t gone through the redemptive arcs of Thor the dark world and Thor Ragnarok just this like evil son of a bitch character you’ll just kill people for the joy of it without thinking because he considers them beneath him right it’s so true to the comics like I really appreciate how they were able to make him the villain of this first Avengers team-up film because that was the first villain that the Avengers team fought in the comics right that was great how they did the hair but the Justice League film didn’t do that’s not like they fought Starro or something like that you know actually that would have been pretty cool they also didn’t fight Darkseid like in the new 52 but if they wanted to say to the comics that would have been a great easter egg I guess of sorts kind of yeah fanservice yes fanservice this film is fanservice like a lot of Marvel movies right totally totally it’s what makes him so great I also really liked how each team member had their own chance to like go up against him you don’t have their own interaction with Loki yeah cap when he fought him and Black Widow when she interrogated him and you know obviously Thor when he fought all of them the scene with Tony Stark and Loki that was iconic yeah that’s a great scene how they’re just doing like a battle of the Wits as Tony Stark is trying to like fight his time right I really like Loki’s plan in this movie I thought it was very smart the way he divided and conquered the team while on the Helicarrier and stuff I can’t wait to see this Loki again in the upcoming show I’m really curious about that show and what they’re gonna do with it who knows what we’ll see last but not least let’s talk about Nick Fury played by samuel l.jackson I think this is also the best we’ve seen Nick Fury in any of these movies he had great action pieces although brief but you know appropriate for the director of shield who’s up there and age was still capable and still a badass and I loved how manipulative he was in this movie oh with like the Trading Cards yeah with the trading cards with getting the team together to begin with and really fighting for them and really pushing against the council and when he needed to like an effective leader would yeah he was a great leader totally by him as a guy who could run the world’s largest intelligence organization yeah yeah I think that’s all the characters so we have to go through let’s go ahead and get into the story highlights now the movie starts off in Thanos original sanctuary and we get voiceover from the other who’s kind of sitting up then Oh says more of like a universe conqueror as opposed to a universe balancer right he’s like you know the world will be his the universe yours we learned later that Thanos doesn’t really want the universe he just wants to balance the universe so that was something that they didn’t quite foreshadow quite right which is interesting to see now that you’re watching the first film again now that we really know who the character of Thanos is and he’s not just like this end credits Easter Egg did you know this was Thanos when he first saw this film in theaters I did because I spoiled it for myself I read that Thanos was gonna appear in the movie so I assumed that if Thanos would be one powerful enough to equip Loki and send him on a mission to go conquer earth I didn’t know that Oh Thanos so when I saw this in the in the theater like I totally glossed over I forgot that that opening scene and that opening like dialogue even existed because I it just wasn’t important really yeah interesting in fact when I saw it last night for the first time in quite a few years I was like what is this seda remember this the movie moves on to the shield base it’s the same shield base that we see in Captain Marvel where Carole learned about her past a cell Vegas testing the tesseract Loki returns on the scene through the tesseract they really like how they establish early on how dangerous he is to our planet because he’s just able to like mop the floor with the shield organization yeah and explode this entire shield facility in like a two-mile radius so many people died yeah yeah Loki escapes from the shield base with the cube you know he’s converted Hawkeye and salvage off to go do his own thing Nick Fury declares war and we get the opening title of the Avengers Ghost and Natasha’s interrogation scene just love that it was just a great spy moment where you think that she’s being interrogated but really she’s doing the interrogation yeah she’s gathering Intel and then she kicks all their asses when she learns that hot guys been compromised she learns that she has to go to Calcutta to try and recruit Bruce Banner to help find the tesseract you can see how like afraid she is right off the bat of dealing with him yeah yeah she knows what she’s up against and in this scene I thought it was just kind of like a great acting moment maybe not necessarily for Scarlett Johansson well every line delivery that Mark Ruffalo gave in the scene I thought was just it was brilliant it was calming yeah in a way that’s so different from what we’ve seen from other Bruce banners but coming in kind of like disconcerting way where you see that obviously he’s kind of hiding something yeah it’s a great reintroduction to the character yeah to this version of the character my favorite part is where he tests her by you know pretending to get angry and then you know she pulls the gun on him and you learned that the entire place is surrounded by you know like 50 shield agents with guns is so great of course yeah we revisit Captain America who’s working out at the gym and gets his mission by fury he learns about how he has to go after the tesseract again because it’s been stolen by a villain other than the Red Skull Loki and a lot of the scene was like the end credits of the First Avenger film right yeah that little teaser that they had at the end there of course I didn’t know that at the time when I saw it we moved to stark tower where we learned that Iron Man is setting up kind of sustainable energy for that building and he’s approached by Phil Coulson who makes him kind of study up on the situation as the Avengers consultants to learn how he could put his mind to help against this worldly threat low-key communes with the other over in the sanctuary that was a great acting moment I think it was just really downplayed by Tom Hiddleston and what would kind of be a weird scene you know the other is kind of like this weird out there sci-fi creature that were not really comfortable with because we don’t know a whole lot about him yeah he’s like a hooded mysterious figure but I really like the dialogue back and forth between the two characters I still had no idea what was going on who is that guy what is he so you had no idea who the Chitauri were what that whole army thing was was that no I was still pretty lost by at this point in terms of like what Loki’s plan was and what this army was Oh fascinating because I never had that moment I always knew what Loki’s plan was from the very beginning so you were learning you as the movie was progressing right yeah interesting from there the movie goes to the Helicarrier now the Helicarrier design was just amazing sometimes you get a set design in these superhero films that’s just so grant and iconic that the look carries over into the comics for example like the x-men and cerebro that look of how cerebro is depicted in the first x-men film was totally adapted into the comics and now every time we read a scene that takes place on a shield Helicarrier in the comics it looks exactly like this set it was a gorgeous set those always cook is like I never pictured the Helicarrier as like this naval air carrier you know they can fly right okay because usually it was drawn as kind of like this big bathtub kind of thing it was like an encapsulated kind of ship right yeah like you didn’t walk on top of the top decks right that’s that you could when I was like really high in the air but the fact that it was like this giant transformer was really cool oh he transforming from like a water carrier to an air carrier right yeah that was pretty sweet the team learns their mission they get set up with what they got to do as Loki is learning what he’s got to do he’s got to go to Stuttgart Germany where they got to get the iridium and you have that great scene where he like tells the people to kneel and he gives this speech and you have that great moment where the old man’s like we won’t bow to men like you and Loki’s like there are no men like me and he’s like there are always been like you such a great well-written scene then I think is from the comics if I remember correctly and of course it’s pretty fitting that Captain America would come onto the scene here because you know he’s seen this before he kind of came out of nowhere but it was a great moment for sure it was kind of goofy how he was trying to fight loki like all of a sudden he’s just like his on the ground then he does like a spinning roundhouse not today yeah it’s like you’re not don’t get anything against lucky sorry yeah look he’s too powerful for you dude that’s why Ironman had to come on the scene I love how he played ac/dc Oh through the Quinjet speakers as he was coming in solid moments man I remember seeing this stuff for the first time and just grinning ear-to-ear they take Loki up in the Quinjet prisoner and they’re approached by Thor your kind of kidnaps Loki I just remember everyone cheering when Thor arrived and how cool that was of how he arrived oh just like you see the lighting and then you’re like you slowly catch on like oh that’s lightning if you see how worried Loki is you’re just like Thor is coming yeah when Loki was like I’m not overly fond of what follows the lightning can yeah yeah so good and he and Iron Man end up having a fight which was a fantastic fight it was so good I forgot how good this scene was I think I think where I really bought that they just nailed this fight was when they were fighting in the trees knocking the trees over you know these big huge almost redwood looking things and they’re just falling in the forest like buildings toppling as this fight between these two gargantuan characters is taking place I like the whole like rock-paper-scissors aspect of the whole like Avengers Trinity of like Captain America Thor and Iron Man Thor can’t hurt Captain America but if they also can’t really hurt Iron Man because when he shoots them with the lightning it powers Iron Man up yeah but it was cool to see those varying power levels you can see that Thor is obviously stronger than Iron Man Iron Man has a whole lot more firepower kind of Thor definitely used his hammer and the lightning well in the scene I think it was great it was so great and it’s also just a great conflict to have the characters like these main three characters clash before they have to come together they do so well with the inner conflicts between the superhero characters in this movie you can see where each hero is coming from and you’re rooting for both of them at the same time yeah so they take Loki back to the Helicarrier Loki’s put in a prison they discuss his motivations Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are set to work trying to track the Cosmic Cube and we get a lot of great character moments between the science Bros and between cap and Iron Man and between Natasha and Loki this act doesn’t really have a whole lot of action but there’s conflict and there’s tension I think it’s really the dialogue that saves it it’s never boring no no the scene between Natasha and Loki’s most that we’ve gotten so far of Natasha’s backstory where you know we learned that she was an assassin that got on shields radar the claimant was sent to kill her he made a different call and we learned about all the bad things she did like with Dredd cops daughter and cell Apollo and the hospital fire and things like that I hope they visit a lot of this like dark history stuff in the Black Widow film oh yeah they have to along with all the backstory we got in age of Ultron those flashbacks yeah it’s around here that everyone kind of reaches their boiling points and when they’re all manipulated by the mine stone and there they all start arguing you know Tony and Bruce and Steve are mad at Nick Fury for making these weapons of mass destruction using the tesseract akin to hydras weapons like using the tesseract to power like this weaponry right exactly and then you have Nick Fury and Black Widow arguing against the fact that you know like they they need these weapons because there are super-powered beings in the world now right exactly and they need to be able to defend themselves should you know one of these superpower beings decide to fuck shit up and Thor is like he’s like why you blaming me for needing this deterrent it’s all great it’s you know all their points are valid and I saw remember like realizing that oh crap they’re all being manipulated because before it’s like oh jeez they’re all arguing this is what kind of team up film is this right then the whole camera goes upside down straight to the scepter and you’re like oh snap yeah and it all leads to like the reveal from Bruce Banner that he like tried to kill himself which i think is a reference taken from a deleted scene from The Incredible Hulk where he tried to shoot himself in the Arctic it’s a pretty powerful like reveal yeah it’s tense it’s tense too and of course it’s punctuated with the return of Hawkeye who just comes back and just you know fuck shit up on the Helicarrier it’s awesome yeah it all goes crazy The Hulk gets Unleashed from hot guys attack and we have Thor versus Hulk which is another great moment and something that still carries on all the way it’s like thor ragnarok that rivalry right you know yeah captain Tony ended up saving the Helicarrier by reactivating one of the turbines to get it spinning again that was a lot of fun to watch while simultaneously Black Widow was trying to deal with Hawkeye and you have Coulson who is killed by Loki that was a huge moment I didn’t see that coming because everybody loves Coulson he’s like this teddy bear of an agent just a sweet guy and you want to root for him and all of a sudden just out of nowhere steps through the chest yeah he was a character who was introduced all the way back in the first Iron Man film so it was pretty surprising yeah and he had made cameos in most of them Cu films up to this point that’s right he was in Thor he was in Iron Man 2 yeah and he had it I think he had a few Marvel one-shots as well those shorts that they were making ah after Coulson dies the team is like in shock Loki’s able to escape the Hulk leaps off in a rage or explodes off rather by the jet that was a cool moment too they really served to show how dangerous the Hulk is when the pilot that he was attacking like tried to eject out of his jet d’eau catches him yeah he’s so fast so cool Thor is ejected from the Helicarrier so everything’s in disarray they’re all separated yeah fury shows captain Tony the cards from Coulson’s death cap and Tony were the most affected by Coulson’s death it seems yeah and in their talk Tony figures out that Loki with his grandiose manner of doing things is likely using the stark tower arc reactor as a means to activate the portal to Thanos army and I love how like Tony is trying to describe loke as like this like diva who wants his name written in the sky and he realizes like oh that’s what I’ve done oh my my tower yeah heaps odd the parallels there right I also liked the conversation between Clint who you know has come to through Natasha’s cognitive recalibration yeah it hit him really hard on the head yeah yeah and just like the conversation that they had about how they were never trained for this but they’re gonna go out and help because they need to because it’s who they are right Tony suits up and flies over to the stark tower he has that great scene with Loki he gets thrown out of the window and the portal opens and we get the opening to the Battle of New York which is really it was longer than I remember it’s like a good 45 minutes long just 45 minutes of action so fantastic from the opening of the battle where Iron Man’s flying up toward the portal and doing you know doing as much damage as he can to the arrival of the rest of the team including Thor who fights Loki and of course the memorable moment where Bruce Banner returns and reveals the fact that he’s always angry and that’s how he’s able to control his transformation into the Hulk and he takes out the Leviathan with a punch it’s insane for me the Hulk like totally stole this whole like final battle like any time he was on screen I was just like yeah from like the Leviathan to Loki it was just alright stuff yeah with the puny God moment yeah yeah or even the part where he punches Thor in the face yeah that was funny too or when he saves like Iron Man at the very end yeah you know yeah I loved his roar that is given in response to the Chitauri roar after the Leviathan falls and we go from that to just circling around the rest of the team as they all kind of grouped together for the first time in unison yeah that’s the money shot of this whole the whole movie yeah that’s why you’ve been waiting to see this whole time that I’m all standing like back-to-back just ready to take on this huge threat I wanted to die in the movie theater at that point I really did life was just too good what I appreciated the most about that particular moment specifically is how it was Captain America that really took over the leadership role at that point I mean you did have Iron Man saying call it cap but he was seating control to the most capable strategic mind on the team which I really appreciated he knew war before this movie came out I think a lot of people assume that this is going to be the Tony show considering that he was really the standout character out of all these heroes yeah he’s like front and center on the movie poster everyone else is kind of in the background right exactly but camp was the one giving the orders as it should have been as it was Marvel totally gets their characters and he used his team really well right you know sending off different characters to do what they should be doing and I just loved his The Lion of like and Hulk smash I mean he probably should have sent Natasha off earlier to try to solve the portal dilemma as opposed to fighting the Chitauri as a soldier would because that’s not really her role she kind of found her own role herself later on I like the way she did that though yeah yeah I loved how she like used her knife so like stab the back of the Chitauri I was like steering the flank jetski that way yes pretty cool and how she got there - it was pretty sweet what am I not a superhero like why can’t I be that capable because you’re just Jonathan and you’re DC fan the best of one of the best scenes I’m been one of the best moments in the Battle of New York was that single take that follows Natasha steering the flying jet ski we see Iron Man who’s flying around blasting Tatari he flies near cap and they do that kind of cool combo move where he ricochets the repulsor beam off of a shield I don’t know why that was necessary but it was just a cool moment yeah if you think we had planned that ahead of time I have no idea Iron Man flies up and we see Hawkeye had taken fools out from the top of the building and he shoots an arrow that flies over a nearby the Hulk who is taking a Leviathan alongside Thor that all was just one single shot I mean obviously it was a composite shot but it was presented as a single shot that was just so kinetic and so much fucking fun I wanted to die twice in the theater yeah there were a lot of power moves it’s a Teen Titans go reference we’re like two heroes like combined their powers into one like super Power Move like Iron Man shooting the shield or like when Hulk like slammed like that huge spike into the Leviathans like spine and Thor just like hammered it down the power moves there are a bunch of it was pretty awesome so awesome from that fun moment we get into a little more serious stuff during the battle where it looks like the heroes are starting to be a little bit overwhelmed and that’s culminated with the nuclear missile that sent by the council that Nick Fury tries to stop yeah that cancels dumb that council is so stupid but as we learn later there ran by Hydra so they would do something people like that Ironman catches the nuclear bomb and sends it through the portal in a great hero moment that destroys the Chitauri army and they all just kind of like turn off they all kind of die with the destruction of that like huge ship yeah they’re kind of like a hive mind where if you destroy like the queen bee as it were yeah the rest of the hive doesn’t know what to do and they kind of just become inert tony falls from the sky hulk catches him and we have the forever immortalized improvised line by robert downey jr. where he talks about how they should all get schwarmann that was improvised yeah it was well I’m surprised that made it in I mean it was a funny moment they kind of paid off in a pretty funny post-credit scene the team goes back up to Loki and they capture him and they send him back to Asgard along with Thor using the power of the space stone and the council is all pissed off right and they’re like Nick Fury did you mean this all is a threat and a message to the universe that Earth is protected and he’s like no it’s a promise that was kind of dumb yeah it was brilliant all these lines are brilliant was that a threat no to promise it’s like something like a fourth grader would say because I said that in fourth grade you didn’t say that shit did you read threatening anybody in fourth grade shut up The Avengers they all go their separate ways and the movie ends we get a mid-credits scene where we’re back in the sanctuary with Thanos and the other tells him that to challenge earth is to court death oh my god there’s such a great line one of the best lines ever in in any of these movies of course it didn’t really have a whole lot of payoff because Thanos is motivation within these movies was never to romance the abstract embodiment of death I never really thought that they were gonna go down that route because it’s just kind of like a weird concept for the MCU which is more grounded than the comics right but just to see that Oh smile at that statement was everything to me I left the theater on cloud nine I didn’t realize it was a nose until they said that line and I was like Cort wait is this Santos and then it was he looks so different in this movie he does he looks weird in this movie he looks like if Thanos had a baby with Barney he looks a little kind of like a muppet he looked a little Muppet II for sure yeah I’m really glad that they changed that design for subsequent films he was like the wrong shade of purple to it yeah yeah it was a little bit weird but it was such a great end to such a great movie and I could go back and watch this movie again and again and it’s so great because the characters were all pretty much in their prime you know they hadn’t reached that point that I mentioned in the review for Avengers endgame Ruby started seeing like deviations of the characters that have moved from what we deemed the status quo yeah had a lot of fun watching this again I give the movie four and a half stars because as great as it is it has some cheese it does have a little bit of cheese it could have taken itself a little bit more seriously which is what you know infinity war and end game did and those movies did everything that this movie did but on a much larger scale and that’s why those films got five stars this first Avengers movie is just below those and I think sits right at home at four and a half stars but it set the standard for superhero films for such a long time after what still is yeah yeah I agree I’ll give it four and a half stars almost perfect definitely something that hasn’t yet been replicated unfortunately outside of the Marvel Universe and definitely something tried yeah if they ever released the Snyder cut I think it’ll be as good as like Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman so maybe maybe that version of the film already exists maybe it doesn’t who knows until then at least Justice League was passable yeah well that does it for this review and this episode go ahead and reach out to us and let us know what you guys thought about this movie I’m sure everybody loves it but you can reach us on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and you find links to all of our social media profiles by visiting our website at dynamic duel comm or you can also reach us via email and dynamic duel podcast at if you go to our website at dynamic duel comm you’ll find a link to our merchandise store which is on T public and if you use that link you’ll get a discount on your first order when you buy any of our stores merchandise which includes t-shirts and hoodies and phone cases and mugs just the coolest stuff with dare I say some pretty cool art right because we place on them the artwork that Jonathan draws for our no prizes who are you drying for this episode Loki to tie into our next episode which is going to be a duel between Loki and Ares the Wonder Woman villain I can’t wait for next week that’s gonna be a really fun episode these are two like fantastically powerful villains their gods and it’s just it’s gonna get crazy it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun definitely join us next week as we find out who would actually win in a fight between those two in the meantime please don’t forget to share subscribe rate and review us on whatever platform you’re listening to us on sharing is caring sharing is caring and all of those things go a long way in helping us promote the show again as we mentioned earlier in the episode we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on Apple podcasts so if you’ve made it this far by any chance and you haven’t yet rated us please take the time to do so now and also take the time to stay tuned after this episode and when you could get treated to a preview of the blooper episode that’s coming out on August 1st to all of our patreon subscribers I think that does it for this episode yeah you guys next week up up and away true believers

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