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Negative Man vs Cyclops Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Negative Man vs Cyclops episode

[Music] welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m as twin-brother marvelous Joe and in this episode we are pitting negative man against Cyclops right and this isn’t lead up to the Dark Phoenix film that comes out later on this week which we’ll be reviewing in our next episode I’ve been looking forward to this duel for a really long time mainly because I’m just such a big Cyclops fan there’s not a lot of Cyclops fans out there I feel like Cyclops fan like those of us who are Cyclops fans were all in it Scott Summers is the best now- man he’s a little bit more obscure so hopefully if you haven’t seen Doom Patrol you’re still looking forward to learning more about this character later on yeah maybe like do a google search on negative Man if you’re really unfamiliar with the character but he is pretty cool he’s a member of the Doom Patrol who also has trouble controlling his energy powers just like Cyclops yeah so we think it’s a pretty good matchup but yeah we’ll find out who would win in a fight between those two later on this episode before that we’re gonna break down the news items from the past week which there wasn’t a lot of news it’s a very slow news month yeah the whole month we’re gonna be talking about how one of DC’s comic writers Tom King is co-writing the New Gods film with Ava Duvernay right and we’ll also be going over that Jessica Jones season 3 teaser trailer more like an announcement trailer yeah it’s only like 30 seconds long it’s nothing really but it’s something to talk about as always our second items are in our episode description so feel free to jump around to whatever segment you want to listen to yeah we want to give a quick shout out to everyone who rated us on iTunes we had a lot of ratings this week we’re up to 109 ratings on I - although it was announced recently by Apple that they’re gonna be phasing out the iTunes brand and just sticking with you know Apple podcasts Apple TV and Apple music so we should probably stop saying iTunes and just call it Apple podcasts from now on but as you guys know we’re looking to get that point we will be eligible to become critics on the Rotten Tomatoes site and have our Marvel and DC movie reviews count toward those films official tomato meters it’s a huge dream of ours so we’ve wanted for a really long time we apologize for pestering to you guys constantly week but I want to be able to add film critic to my resume that would be amazing that’d be really cool last week I forgot to give a shout out to my buddy Chris Lou Russo who said that he gave us our 105th rating he’s a buddy of mine who started listening to the show recently and hopefully he’s still listening to the show and listening to the shout out I better hear from him otherwise he’s dead to me geez but with all that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who he filled gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was in regards to the Swamp Thing television show that’s debuting on DC Universe we were talking about some of the trailers and they looked pretty scary and the show looks pretty scary so we wanted to know out of all the marble in DC films shows and comics which has been the scariest which has scared you the most and why I do have to say that I was supposed to give my thoughts this episode on the Swamp Thing pilot episode but my wife was like really tired this weekend and I didn’t want to watch it without her I should have just watched these creatures are like assholes and you are one of them I did finish do patrol though and I’ll probably talk about that towards the end of our news segment okay but honorable mention for our question of the week goes to Jason Brownlee who said that he was terrified by blades opening scene yeah that was kind of creepy with all the vampires and all the blood and everything like that but it was also pretty cool was bad I was like simultaneously terrified as well as astounded honorable mention also goes to Andrew Jason Ellen who said that Constantine city of demons was the scariest DC movie he’s seen because it was so creepy and dark it was it was disturbing yeah yeah definitely and you can listen to our Constantine city of demons review that we recorded last year yeah around the Halloween I think honorable mention also goes to David slice who gave the answer of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman which has off-the-wall scenes I love Sandman I’m still really heartbroken that Joseph gordon-levitt never went through with his movie I’m still waiting for a sandmen on screen adaptation yes sure what is DC who cares no geez honorable mention also goes to Joel Seagrave who said that he’d had to go with the death of the family comic where a joker breaks into the Gotham City Police Department to get his face yeah that was written by Scott Snyder I’ve read that and that was terrifying was reigned just like a horror film the Joker was just like he’s a terrific like monster character honorable mention also goes to Alec Sienna’s who gave the answer blackest night because just seeing those closest to you that have all died just coming back from the dead to rip your heart out is just a great setup that’s a zombie movie it absolutely is yeah both superheroes honorable mention also goes to George cornutus who said that the scariest DC movie he’s ever seen was Green Lantern because it was so bad it gave him nightmares I didn’t really appreciate that answer final honorable mention goes to Caleb Albers who said that the 2004 Punisher movie was the scariest Marvel movie he’s ever seen because he saw it when he was just 10 years old and the scene where Spiker Dave gets the piercings ripped out of his face just horrified him and I think I was about 20 years old when I saw that movie so I didn’t think it was too scary but I can absolutely see how it could traumatize a child yeah yeah so the winners of this week’s no prize are Aaron Alexander Jones who said Batman Returns because you know seeing Christopher Walken crush Selena out of the window and like the Penguins bleeding face it was traumatizing for every child who saw that I think I definitely remember it yeah the other winner is CJ Kraft who said that the Legion television show was the scariest thing because of its surreal and creepy setting and like the movements of the shadow king it’s just all nightmare fuel which I also thought was genuinely terrifying probably the most terrifying Marvel thing I’ve ever seen honestly and that includes the movies and the comics but uh speaking on the subject how would you answer this question well I’m actually a pretty big fan of the film Constantine that started Keanu Reeves I like to think that’s scary it’s probably not that scary but I had some scary moments for sure I just liked the tone and the vibe of it mm-hmm TV show wise I’d probably say Constantine again because that TV show did delve into its horror roots for sure huh and comic wise there’s a miniseries that Grant Morrison did called Arkham Asylum a serious house on serious earth and that was pretty wild primarily do I think to David Mack’s artwork it’s like a watercolor kind of some of his work on daredevil was really creepy but I think the scariest Marvel comic I ever read was it was a moon night comic it was an old school one drawn by Bill syncovich and his artwork it’s uh horrifying you know yeah or maybe the New Mutants the new me and Serrano was pretty scary with the demon bear scariest TV show for Marvel’s probably Legion and the scariest movie i think is probably blade - i think yeah I think maybe man think although that wasn’t really that scary I thought there were moments in Blade 2 that were legitimately terrifying and I thought it was much more of a horror movie as opposed to blade 1 yeah I’d agree with that you can’t go wrong with guillermo del toro either yeah but yeah that is a four-hour no prize Congrats again to CJ Kraft and Aaron Alexander Jones if you the listener would like to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news [Music] so depending on what comics you’re currently reading the news that Tom King is co-writing the New Gods with Ava Duvernay he’s either really good news or really bad news why because Tom King is extremely controversial right now if you’re not familiar with him he’s an Eisner award-winning comic writer who’s currently contracted with DC though he’s a ransom stuff for Marvel before yeah he did a great run on the vision I loved that series and he did a great job on mr. miracle who is a New Gods character I just actually finished reading that run a few weeks ago and it was really good so part of me is really excited about this but as some DC fans know he’s kind of I don’t want to say ruined the Batman title wasn’t really but a lot of people are upset with him for the choices that he’s made he’s a fantastic writer but his creative choices leave a little bit to be desired well he makes unconventional creative choices I would say yeah absolutely absolutely but to me that’s part of the appeal of him sort of for a comic absolutely for this movie where we’re introducing these characters to the general public maybe not the most comfortable of choices now of course he’s co-writing this with Ava Duvernay and what other film has Ava Duvernay wrote we know she directed a wrinkle in time and Selma but I’m not sure if she wrote any of those films no it doesn’t look like she did but she definitely has writing credits okay so I’m hoping between the two of them they could come out with something that’s not too controversial and hopefully something that could be enjoyed by everyone ultimately I think this is gonna be compared a lot to Marvel’s Eternals which is gonna go first well we don’t know what the Eternals movies gonna be like right what you’re talking about in terms of like themes and story elements right they’re both sort of like these Pantheon is created by Jack Kirby so maybe you know taking these two sort of controversial writers and creators is a good thing because it will make it different I’m still hoping that the Eternals movie is going to cause DC to back out of a new guts film just because I like fucking with DC fuck you know I’m right about that too honestly yeah because how many times has it happened where DC announces a project it has a writer and everything and then it just falls through um a lot yes like 90% of the projects they’ve announced have not happened yeah we’ll see yeah let’s move on to the Jessica Jones season three announcement trailer there’s not too much to discuss here considering that the trailers just under 30 seconds long and it basically just entails a guy dinking and dashing on Jessica Jones he’s like knocks on the door and then he runs away but he’s talking about how she’s like a phony and a fraud and everything like that we do get a quick few shots of the villain but we don’t know who he is a lot of people are speculating that Hellcats will actually be the primary villain of at least the first half of this season really just considering how contentious things were between Trish and Jessica from the end of season 2 that scene with Trish and what she did while Jessica and her mom are on the ferris wheel that scene still haunts me to this day yeah don’t give away any spoilers I won’t but if you haven’t seen Jessica Jones season 2 it’s um it’s a decent season it’s not as good as season 1 but it’s worth watching if you’re at all interested in probably checking out season 3 but as we know at the end of season 2 Trish gets her Hellcat powers after being experimented on and that’ll be really interesting to see we should do like a Catwoman Hellcat duel episode around the time that the season drops but back to the villain some people on reddit are speculating that this is gonna be a villain known as fool-killer who’s kind of a D level villain and Marvel yeah but he’s like a religious nut who has this special gun that if he shoots you with it you die in 24 hours he says like you have 24 hours to live so make your last date count or die a fool that’s why he’s called the full killer so it’s kind of a creepy concept but if they do anything like that within this season I think it’ll be pretty interesting and pretty on par with all the interesting things that this show has pulled off in the two seasons it’s been on watch the show end up like 24 where each episode is one hour that she has left to live oh maybe no but they only have 13 episode seasons for Netflix so it will be the very last marble show on Netflix so that’s a little bit bittersweet it’ll be an end of this kind of era of the defenders but hopefully it ends with a bank we know that daredevil season 3 went out on top it was probably the best season of superhero television I’ve ever seen yeah so I will see how it goes later on this month we’ll be reviewing it probably towards the end of this month so everybody has time to watch it since the season drops June 14th but yeah talking about this brings us to our question of the week who do you think will be the main villain in Jessica Jones season 3 or who do you hope to see as the main villain post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media speaking of superhero television as I mentioned before I finished a Doom Patrol season 1 and I have to say this is a show that I wish was like on HBO or some other platform where more people are able to see it because the show was absurdly fantastic it is the weirdest hour of television I saw every week and I just loved it really the actors the cast I think are the standout in addition to that to the storyline but April Bowlby as Elastigirl was a huge standout for me she did a fantastic job as an actress playing an actress Brendan Fraser’s voice it was made for the character of robot man he just brought so much humor and heart to the show I just like hearing Brendan Fraser cuss a lot what the fuck every episode every episode Diane Guerrero who played crazy Jane she needs to be nominated for an Emmy for this role because her interpretations of so many different versions of this character were so well done really yeah I remember thinking like in the lead-up to the show based on the trailers I thought her character is gonna be really annoying but she was fantastic and Matthew bohmer as negative man his arc and his performance were just really heartfelt what about cyborg Jovian Wade the actor he did a pretty good job as cyborg not probably my favorite interpretation of the character although one probably more faithful to the comics than like the Justice League film okay but he did a fine job I think the real standout of this was Alan Tudyk as mr. nobody really every time he was on screen it was just so bizarre and so absurd and so hilarious he just gave a fantastic performance and it was it was just so meta - because he would talk to you the audience member and just talk about the show I’ve always liked Alan Tudyk so it’s cool to see that you’re so happy with this performance like I wish this cast made a film version of this because again I I want this to be as accessible to as many people as possible and it will be on Netflix I think soon for people outside of the United States but if you’re in the United States yeah you had to subscribe to DC Universe to see it did the show have a lot of action not as much as you would think but it was always more about the characters the action it did have was amazing like it was definitely a quality over quantity type thing like the final battle of the final episode is between a giant cockroach and a giant rat was like making out in a city street that can teleport and is genderqueer it’s just the most off-the-wall and mind-blowing stuff you’ve ever seen and it’s really faithful to the comic in that respect cool well I I’m actually interested in seeing this but I’m not about to subscribe to DC Universe so you could borrow my subscription I will watch Legion if you watch this really yes deal okay handshake all right antic all right all right if you guys have seen the show let me know what you thought of it cuz I’d love to talk with someone else who has seen this I don’t know anyone else who’s seen it I guess that does it for all the news this episode let’s go ahead and jump into the main event where we find out who will win in a fight between negative man and Cyclops [Music] okay- man versus cyclops as we mentioned in our last episode this is either gonna be a genius match or it’s just gonna be embarrassing now when we determined that we wanted to piss cyclops against someone i actually had a really hard time figuring out is DC equivalent yes because Cyclops is a pretty unique character in a way he’s mostly generic but like ability wise effectively he just kind of shoots lasers well yeah it’s so simple but who else just shoots lasers Booster Gold no cuz he’s also super strong do you see what problem I’m running it yes so I knew that the x-men were based on the Doom Patrol characters and as I drove more into the Doom Patrol characters I kind of saw some connections and correlations between negative man and Cyclops in the fact that they both emit this energy that they have to shield everyone else from you know and if they didn’t like it would be dangerous for everyone they loved and everyone around them right yeah that’s why I like this matchup they’re both kind of tragic figures although I do have to say that even though x-men was based off of Doom Patrol do patrol was based off of Fantastic Four so yeah pretty heavily and the Fantastic Four is based off of challengers of the Ananse so you know how far back do you get all the challenges of the unknown were based off of exactly the invaders nope I don’t think so so we’re gonna talk about this matchup later on I if you’ve never listened to one of our episodes before the way we determine a winner between these two characters is through the character statistics that we place through a probabilistic model known as a Monte Carlo simulation you can Wikipedia that basically what it does is it takes the base character stats that we have which we get from and we extrapolate the DC stats from those criteria and we also had a few more just to make her more robust to simulation right it takes those numbers and it randomizes them along a normal distribution which forms like a bell curve so the base stat will appear the most often and the outliers will appear at least often but randomizing that stat number represents all the variables that take place in the course of battle we take these numbers run them through the simulation and compare the results against each other 1,000 times to simulate 1,000 eles from that we get a percentage of wins for each character and the character that has the most number of wins we declare the overall victor you know of course this was the same method that the spec television series Deadliest Warrior used back when that was on the air like a decade ago right right and they would find out who’d win in a fight between like a ninja and a Spartan yeah exactly same concept so there’s no bias in our results because Joseph and I are both heavily biased the results are not based on fan votes there’s nothing we would consider an uncharacteristic feat of strength it’s just stats but before we run the simulations we like to go into each character’s histories and powers and abilities and then we like to kind of improvise a scenario where we talk about how we think a match between the two characters would actually play out I think I went first in our last duel episode by giving the backstory of Man Thing so I think it’s your turn to go first and let us know all about negative men right so Lawrence aka Larry Trainor was a hotshot test pilot for the United States Air Force when he tested an experimental sub orbital jet he accidentally flew into a cosmic field of strange radioactive energy in the upper atmosphere that shut down his planes guidance system and caused Larry to go unconscious he miraculously survived his plane crash though was badly injured he watched as a rescue plane approached and noticed its landing gear was stuck in a moment of desperation and with a great desire to help the plane he reached out to it and his consciousness shot out of his body in the form of a negative energy being pitch black with an electrical aura the negative spirit saved the plane and returned to Larry’s inert body he was rescued from the wreckage by a team of doctors who found him with translucent skin his body glowing with radiation the doctors managed to stabilize him the one of them died from the radiation that Larry was emitting Larry was confined to a lead-lined contamination cell and unable to have any human contact but was eventually saved by the wheelchair-bound dr. Niles Caulder whom you can learn more about in our Elastigirl vs miss marvel episode dr. Calder presented Larry with lead-lined adhesive bandages which along with a pair of goggles allowed Larry to return to the outside world I’m wondering why they gave him ad he said like lead-lined bandages which seems so less secure than like a lead metal suit or something because it just looks cooler he looks like a mummy yeah shunned from society larry isolated himself and eventually accepted an invitation from dr. Caulder also known as the chief to live in his manor with a collection of other metahuman misfits to form a super team known as the Doom Patrol under the Chiefs care larry learned to omit the negative spirit within him at will though his body became lifeless when he did and he could initially only do so for a maximum of 60 seconds before he risked death as a founding member of the Doom Patrol he fought alongside his crush Elastigirl and robot man then later Mentos and Beast Boy before he and other founding members of the team later died in an explosion to protect the town of cods Ville from the Brotherhood of Evil what a ripoff Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is that what you were gonna say nope you have that reversed my friend what evil means is the ripoff of Brotherhood of Evil really yep shit but while Larry’s physical body was destroyed his consciousness remained in the surviving negative spirit which eventually inhabited the body of a Russian cosmonaut Colonel Valenti Avast Ock turning her into the hero negative woman who joined a subsequent version of the do patrol team whose mission it was to find the chief’s body they eventually found the chief alive and he rejoined the team later making a clone of Larry’s original body which the negative spirit returned to Larry’s return to form was short-lived however as he was severely injured while battling an alien race known as the dominators who had detonated a gene bomb that affected Earth’s metahumans Larry awoke in the hospital to find the negative spirit outside of him with its own separate consciousness the spirit merged itself with the bodies of Larry and his hospital physician a woman named Eleanor Poole the combined entity named itself Rivas and was able to perform all of the negative spirits power while still inside its body after the rebus entity created a new body for itself there he returned to his cloned body Larry later learned that the chief was responsible for the initial accident that irradiated him by corrupting his plane’s guidance system the team disbanded though a new Doom Patrol was formed later on and Larry only agreed to join when he learned that Elastigirl had returned from the dead and was on the team Larry became dependent on the chief after he learned that the negative spirit used up the bodies it possessed turning them into a husk and Larry therefore needed new comatose bodies in which to transfer his consciousness eventually Larry learned to take greater control over the negative spirit and could control it for longer than 60 seconds in the new 52 larry learned that the spirit was an entity known as qEEG Bovo from the dimension known as negative space what Oh interesting power wise Larry’s physical form has no innate power other than the ability to kill you with radiation poisoning if he removes his bandages the negative spirit he projects however can fly at supersonic speeds can absorb and emit thermal energy either in radioactive heat waves or focused into concussive blasts huh it can also face through solid matter included biological matter causing that individual to feel pain this is like a ghost yeah sort of an energy ghost his only weaknesses are that Larry can’t project the negative spirit and definitely and when he does his physical body becomes inert which I admit is a huge huge drawback I mean if he just kind of runs away from the battle and then emits his negative spirit it’s fine I guess yeah we’ll see all right so the negative spirit it used to be his own consciousness and then it turned out to be an actual sentient other being well it was always a sentient other being just that his consciousness also resided within that being oh so who had control of the negative spirit while it was in action Larry did okay got you interesting man I have no idea how that’s gonna play out in our speculation yeah I’m curious as well but let me get into Cyclops so Scott Summers was born in Anchorage Alaska to his parents Catherine and Christopher summers his father was a test pilot for the US Air Force and was flying the family home from a vacation one day when their personal plane was attacked by a shire alien scout ship with their aircraft about to explode Catherine grabbed their only available parachute gave it to Scott and his younger brother Alex and pushed them out of the plane to safety the parachute caught fire however and the boys plummeted toward the ground only to be saved by the activation of Scott’s mutant power a powerful red force shot from Scott’s eyes and slowed their descent enough to avoid death though upon landing Scott suffered a head injury that would forever leave him unable to control his optic blasts Scott and Alex were taken to an orphanage where they were discovered by the criminal geneticist mr. sinister he separated the brothers by arranging for Alex to be adopted and then kept Scott in the foster system so he could be studied in secret going so far as to kill his potential foster parents when Scott was a young teen sinister discovered that the mineral Ruby quartz could be used to block his optic blasts and used a ruby quartz visor to control his power Scott ran away from the orphanage at age 15 and was attacked in public after accidentally destroying a construction crane professor Eck’s discovered him and recruited him into his special school for the gifted and as the first member of the x-men where he would fight for Xavier dream of mutant and human peaceful coexistence under the codename Cyclops though he was an effective leader and strategist against the likes of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants the burden of leadership and his inability to control his power left him socially awkward with his teammates even though he had developed feelings for Jean Grey whom you can learn more about in our Raven vs Phoenix episode Cyclops has mentioned a lot in her backstory to Scott later learned that Jean was interested in him too and the two became romantically involved on one mission the x-men fought a villain called the living Pharaoh who was feeding off the energy of a mutant named Alex Summers who was Scott’s long-lost brother Alex ended up joining the team under the codename havoc as the original x-men team left the school Cyclops stayed on to train subsequent team formations though he still dated Jean on a mission from space the team’s escape shuttle was damaged and Jean sacrificed herself to save the x-men by using her power to guide the craft to safety while being exposed to lethal radiation a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix force placed her in suspended animation and took her place on the x-men team for a while Cyclops helped fight against the she are aliens and discovered his father was alive and going by the name Corsair a space pirate fighting against the aliens who had destroyed his plane all those years ago and killed his wife Catherine meanwhile Scott grew distrusting of the Phoenix force whom he believed was Jean Grey and the entity was transformed into the Dark Phoenix through the manipulations of the Hellfire Club which was a group of sinister mutants Cyclops thought he lost the love of his life after the dark Phoenix force destroyed itself in front of him however the real Jean was still alive in suspended animation distraught Scott left the x-men to live in Alaska where he met a clone of Jean named Madeline Pryor that was created by mr. sinister the two had a child named Nathan summers who would grow to become cabel whom you can learn more about in our Booster Gold vs. cable episode eventually the real Jean was discovered by the Avengers and she and Scott were reunited raising baby Nathan as the original x-men team reformed as x-factor however the ancient powerful mutant apocalypse whom you can learn more about on our Black Adam vs apocalypse episode kidnapped Nathan and infected him with a virus that forced Scott and Jean to send the child to the future in order to help treat him x-factor later regrouped into the primary x-men team and Scott and Jean got married immediately after they were pulled into the future for 12 years to help raise Nathan into cable and fight apocalypse when they returned they became co-head masters of Xavier school and led the x-men after the professor became powerless after unleashing the psychic entity known as onslaught Cyclops had to merge with apocalypse in an attempt to stop the villain from siphoning the energy of the 12 most powerful mutants in the world and in the process was believed to be killed Jean found Scott alive in Egypt his mind struggling to assert itself over apocalypses psyche and she was able to help him regain control but the experience left Scott grim and distant their relationship became fractured especially as jeans attention was focused on her responsibilities as the new headmistress of the school and Scott began a psychic affair with Emma Frost he was caught cheating by Jean who is soon after killed by a mutant named Zorn who was posing as magneto as she died Scott apologized to her and she forgave him understanding that they had grown apart after genes funeral Scott became headmaster of Xavier school and redesigned the x-men to be more prominent in the public eye in order to improve the perception of mutants after The Scarlet Witch eradicated the powers of most of the mutants on earth Cyclops and the x-men were vulnerable they were attacked by a villain named Vulcan who was revealed to be Scott and Alex’s younger brother a fact that was erased from the brothers memories by Professor X who sought to keep Vulcans apparents death a secret disillusioned Scott then relocated the team to an island created off the coast of San Francisco called utopia during the events of Avengers vs. x-men the reconstituted Phoenix force arrived on earth to bond with Hope Summers who was the first mutant to be born after scarlet witch’s decimation of mutant powers in a defensive move the Avengers split the Phoenix force into five shards with one of them possessing Scott he used his new godlike powers in an effort to bring about human and mutant coexistence by solving the world’s hunger and energy crises though the Avengers tried to subdue the potential dictators leading to a fight between them and the x-men Scott corrupted by the power transformed into Dark Phoenix though he was stopped by a vision of Jean Pope and the Scarlet Witch used the Phoenix energy to restore the powers of all the former mutant population the possession by the Phoenix force however left Scott’s powers more unwieldy than ever before which caused him trouble as he began to lead the repowered new in population in a revolution for mutant rights his fight was short-lived however as the Terrigen mists that had been released into the atmosphere by black bolts the leader of the Inhumans began killing and sterilizing many of the world’s mutants this led to a fight between the x-men and the Inhumans where Scott was seemingly killed by one of Black Bolt screams however that incident was revealed to be an illusion created by Emma Frost to make Scott a martyr for his cause in reality he died through exposure to the and mists and you can learn more about this event in our Shazam vs. Black Bolt episode Wow recently Scott was resurrected through the time manipulations of his Sun cable as far as powers go Scott’s mutant ability is the steady projection of a powerful force that emanates from his eyes the power and size of these optic blasts can be controlled through Scott’s Ruby quartz visor combined with his own ability to focus and their most powerful Cyclops can blast holes in mountains and demolish armored tanks with ease as the foremost leader of the x-men since the team’s creation Scott is a gifted strategist and a trained martial artist with black belts in aikido and judo due to his time spent with Jean and Emma Scott is also capable of telepathic resistance so yeah that’s that Cyclops any surprises there what a ripoff what are you talking about the negative man doesn’t need a black belt in Aikido he will just blast you before you even get close enough to use it okay we’ll see we’ll see now that we’ve gone over each character’s histories and powers what we’re gonna do now is improvise a scenario and how we think this fight will actually play out one of the 1,000 petals that we simulate right we don’t have any rules for this match other than that the characters don’t know anything about each other save for that the other person is a threat that they need to take down right and they start about 15 metres apart and also the environment in which the fight takes place plays no factor on the battle itself since we don’t take stats or simulate stats for the environment in the simulations that we run so wherever they’re fighting it plays no bearing on the match itself right exactly when on their own merits exactly exactly so this is gonna be a good match the misfit versus the mutant who goes first um you know Scott is such a strategist that I’m not entirely sure that he would go first he might wait and see what he’s going up against Larry also isn’t one known to like rush into battle he’s a little bit more restrained okay okay well in that case then I might say that Scott goes first with an optic blast all right so he’s 50 meters away it doesn’t matter because Scott’s like the perfect marksman because his lasers go wherever his eyes go right oh I have a question for you okay are Scott’s optic blasts like thermal energy no they’re a force they look like an energy blast but they actually possess physical force it’s like getting shot in the face with like a series of rapid-fire cannon balls or like a fire hose so yeah you get blasted by thus optic blast yeah no because dagger man just dives and rolls out of the way okay well cyclops follows- mans dodge by shifting his head just about and he fires another beam okay so we’ll say negative man gets knocked back but that’s when his negative spirit comes out it grabs his body and flies it to somewhere safe can he do that can negative man’s negative spirit like carry him yeah okay oh okay so as the negative spirit is flying negative man away Cyclops like blasts him out of the sky with one of his optic blasts and he’s like running towards the fleeing negative man okay so when that happens though negative man’s physical body gets sort of like blasted away from the arena that they’re playing in so what this yeah yeah you can’t really interact with them yeah and it fucking dies that falls out of the sky from a freaking optic blast oh isn’t that high pretty low to the ground I’m pretty sure okay so what you’re doing though is you’re putting some distance because I guess the negative spirit can go at supersonic speeds right right so he’s trying to protect his host body exactly the problem is that the negative spirit cannot exist indefinitely outside of negative man’s body just long enough to take down cyclop okay we’ll see so Larry’s body is safely out of the way negative man sets his attention on Cyclops and just charges him at full speed okay well Cyclops sees negative man charging at him and he shoots him out of the air with an optic blast okay and then the optic blast moves through negative man’s body what do you see goes intangible he could go through like physical objects right yeah if you go through matter but even though cyclopses blasts are a force they are not strictly matter it is still an energy can the negative spirit face through energy I don’t know I’m gonna say yes I’m gonna say no well what is a force really like is he pushing air it’s Newton’s like there’s only four fundamental forces which one is it is it gravity exotic it’s an exotic force from another dimension what yeah and cyclopses eyes are the aperture to that dimension are you just making that up no so we’ll have to compromise and say that the optic blasts don’t just go through the negative spirit but they don’t hurt them nearly as much as they would like a standard human body a more physical entity right exactly okay regardless once the negative spirit starts having blasted you know he dodges to the side really fast okay so then he’s just like circling around Cyclops just getting closer and closer and closer until he like rips right into cyclopses body and psyche helps is like ah fuck that hurt so if the negative spirit goes through you it basically bombards your innards with radiation I’m guessing yeah it doesn’t emit radiation just like Larry’s body in fact that’s the source of the radiation got you got you all right so Cyclops has cancer now he knows he’s dealing with like a burning ghost figure so he turns his optic blasts up to like their widest maximum setting at their most powerful setting so it’s gonna be really hard for the negative spirit to continue dodging this accept negative man sees that this is happening so he dives into the ground oh shit exactly so then as Cyclops is like looking around the negative spirit reaches his hand up on cyclopses ankle and causes it to explode and he just explodes his boot right no no the whole ankles fucking gone what are you talking about like he shot like a concussive blast that destroyed his ankle yeah he created an explosion right by his ankle okay the foot is damaged I’m not gonna say it’s like completely like you’re freaking it backwards he’s not walking around on a stump here yes he is okay so then he fashions a quick tourniquet using one of his many like belts that he has on his costume uh yeah okay so he’s not bleeding to death but you know who is about to die who freaking negative man because the negative spirit has been outside of the body too damn long I know this has been like 30 seconds it’s been like 10 minutes what no that’s so far away the negative man’s body is this is fast-paced oh that’s right he did blast him far away okay negative man races back to Larry okay but as he’s racing back to Larry Cyclops shoots a hyper focused beam right through the negative spirits heart the negative spirit has no hearts so you’re saying the negative spirit has no weak points whatsoever no it’s again it’s like a ghost okay well so since we established that the optic blast would have some effect on the negative spirit Cyclops keeps shooting him and slowing him down from getting to the negative man’s body no no he’s just pushing him fast he’s was pushing him fast shooting him at an angle knocking him down to the ground oh he’s above him no he’s shooting at a side angle which is below him he pushes him off course Cyclops is beneath him but if he shoots him at the proper angle just like how a pool cue hits a pool ball if you hit it at the side it’s gonna knock the target off to the side this is another sin here no but he’s an object and Cyclops is really good at using geometry and angles to affect his targets okay so the negative spirit dives into the ground and travels the rest of life it’s so stupid so the negative spirit travels underground the rest of the way since Cyclops is hampering his ability to get back to his host yeah he goes into Larry and then he was like recharged and they need Sue’s back yeah so how long does the negative spirit have to be back in Larry’s body before he’s able to be expelled again basically I mean long enough for Larry to like his heart to resume beating OH does he go into cardiac arrest every time the negative spirit leaves him he becomes lifeless oh shit yeah that’s the worst superhero power ever I thought he was just a comatose I think he liked his brain was a functioning or something no I think his whole body just shuts down interesting that’s fascinating okay so so the negative spirit is back with the negative man and Cyclops sees us from a really long distance and pulls off the most expert snipe he’s ever pulled off his entire career as an x-man okay not necessarily knowing how far the distances between those two I’m just assuming that they’re you know like my lawyer uh-huh so he just blessed and it goes right through negative man’s heart killing him it’s a real focused beam that’s dumb it’s a force it’s not gonna like cut through him he’s been able to focus his beams so narrow to like the diameter of like a pencil and it’s gone through the blob the blob of being a being who can repel almost any force directed against him it like cut the blob yeah it shot through the blob these beams can be sharp when they’re that thin okay so Larry Trainor is dead but not the negative spirit why are you talking about so then the negative spirit leaps from the body this match is over no no that’s not it’s not the negative spirit now is no longer bound to a host so he doesn’t have to worry about Larry oh my god so then leaps from his body goes into the sky and just fires off like massive like radiation heat waves just all over cyclopses area bye guys I think this match is already over anyway since the negative man is dead no no Larry is dead not a negative man why doesn’t negative man just be negative man all the time then why does negative man just not ditch the body altogether that’s a good question actually I think it’s one that has recently been answered in the new 52 when they introduced the whole character of keek bobo I think they liked being a part of each other okay anyway I think that does it for this matchup it’s pretty weird so either Cyclops kills Larry and that’s the end of the match or negative spirit flies up and kill Cyclops and that’s the end of the match I don’t know psycho has pulled off that sniper it was so damn impressive man but he’s too busy like so impressive gripping his ankle oh my fucking ankle it’s gone he’s leading out he’s tough enough to pull it off just like is a badass all right don’t underestimate him but let’s go ahead and run these simulations run their stats and find out who exactly would come out as the victor [Music] okay we’re back it was actually a challenge to determine some of negative Man stats and we ended up having to average sort of Larry’s with the negative spirits on some instances right like as far as durability goes the negative spirit is pretty much indestructible but Larry is very much not and also that goes for invasiveness as well during that negative man is essentially two beings at some points you have to kind of figure out where those two stats at me in the middle and kind of hope that the randomization along the normal distribution will cover that spread right so we said that negative man was faster because the negative spirit can travel at hypersonic speeds but Cyclops is a better fighter and he has more strategic intelligence as an experienced leader right exactly yeah he’s pretty smart he’s one of the most prepared heroes in the Marvel Universe he’s kind of like Batman what No yeah get out here with that no thank you don’t even compare that you need some accent and everything else they were pretty close Cyclops had a higher damage output right because his optic blasts are just they can get so powerful and they’re both about average strength yeah yeah so who do you think came out on top I think this is actually really close but I’m gonna say this Cyclops came out on top just cuz he’s my Bowie yeah you and probably a whole bunch of other fanboys listening right now and you guys would be vindicated because Cyclops one fifty one point one percent of the time I don’t know why for some reason I forgot the word vindicated for like a half second I was like fuck you no way no that’s a good thing alright yeah you wanted 511 out of the 1000 matches - yeah negative man’s 489 this was a coin toss yeah it’s surprising actually although they can went back and forth along the stats so I guess I’m not surprised because it seemed like they were pretty even I’m actually really surprised I was expecting to like lose by a landslide I’m actually kind of happy with his results and I’m kind of happy with how negative men turned out in this battle I really had no idea how you were going to protect Larry well when I was thinking about our speculation yeah cuz I just assumed that no matter what you did Cyclops was just gonna focus all of his energy on the comatose body already right but the fact that you carried him away was a pretty decent strategy oh yeah assuming they’re in an environment where he could do that they might be fighting on like a desert island or something like that and then you know Larry’s fuck then Larry is just sinking it’s okay he’s not breathing so but yeah it’s always super interesting when you have two characters you know they have something in common but power-wise are drastically different that’s end up in regards to the stats being at around the same level yeah definitely like those are some of my favorite battles some of my favorite matches most surprising for sure yeah but that does it for this episode let us know what you guys thought about this fight by writing in to us at dynamic duo podcast at or you can find us on social media on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram finding links to all three of those social media profiles at our website dynamic duel comm which as we’ve mentioned in rhesus has been redesigned so definitely check it out and while you’re there make sure to click on our merchandise link which will take you to our store on T public or if you by various t-shirts and mugs and whatever you want all with our no prize illustrations are on them yeah so I think in this for this episode Jonathan is going to be doing good no prize with negative negative man yeah so if you ever wanted it like a t-shirt or you know a fucking mug or something with negative man on it go ahead and check us out by visiting our website at dynamic cool calm and clicking on the merch link and everyone could be like oh why do you have the Invisible Man on a mug it’s a negative man you dumb dummy in our next episode we will be reviewing Dark Phoenix and oh crap I do not have my tickets yeah you gotta get your tickets actually tickets are still really easy to come by at least they were for me I don’t think this movie’s gonna make a whole lot of money considering that interest in this franchise has all but dwindled due to the suckage that was excellent apocalypse and you know the excitement that Marvel has acquired the x-men rights again so it’s kind of a redundant film that being said do you have any predictions for the film I actually don’t know what to expect from it honestly like I’m still really curious to see how it’s gonna end and how they’re gonna try and wrap up two decades of storyline I predict that I’m gonna go on a 10-minute rant about how much I hate Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of mystique I will look forward to that we’ll see if that happens in our next episode tune in next week and until then up up and away true believers

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