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Batwing vs Ultimate Spider-Man Episode Transcript

Transcription of our Batwing vs Ultimate Spider-Man episode

[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m his twin brother marvelous Joe and in this episode we are pitting batwing against ultimate spider-man Miles Morales if you’ve seen the spider-man into the spider-verse movie you know all about Miles Morales but you may not be familiar with batwing he’s a relatively new character and he’s the son of Lucius Fox of course played by Morgan Freeman and the Dark Knight films yeah both of these characters are fairly recent as far as comic book characters go but they have a lot in common I’m really looking forward to this matchup yeah actually do they know too much about batwing going into this so in my research I learned quite a bit these are really cool characters these two characters have some of the coolest aesthetics and comics right now I think yeah and we’re all gonna learn about them together but before we find out which character will win in a fight we’re gonna break down the news item from the past week and that’s singular because there is only one news item it’s definitely the calm before the storm that is comic-con right yeah there’s not too much news but we will definitely have a whole bunch of news in the next episode when we talk about the news items of spring out of San Diego in this episode we’ll be talking about the newly announced HBO max app by Warner Brothers and how it relates to the DC Universe app that’s currently out there as always our segment times are in our episode description so feel free to jump around to whatever part of the episode you want to listen to right we want to give a huge huge shout out to arrow slash Hawkeye who gave us a rating and a review on Apple podcasts as well as Lily whose real name is Kris who also gave us another review and rating on Apple podcasts these guys helped us get to 126 ratings which means that we are only 74 ratings away from our goal of getting to 200 oh my gosh 74 can be done in like a period of four months so let’s do it by the next episode we’re shooting for 200 ratings by our next episode we could do it right because as you guys know when we get to 200 ratings our reviews of Marvel and DC movies will count toward those films official tomato meters on run tomatoes or they become eligible for that so please help us out if you can buy either rating us on Apple podcasts you do what little a did which was still his fiancee his phone for a little bit since he has an Android phone and he raided us and then you know give it back to her which is sweet its romantic everyone should impress their significant other by rating us on Apple podcast and if you can’t do that please share us with your friends and family who you know would enjoy the show if they’re interested in either Marvel or DC I think they’ll have a good time here so thanks again and with that all out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award marble used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duo no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was should they recast Barry Allen in the upcoming live-action of flash movie and if they do who would you like to see in the role besides Ezra Miller right and this is coming off the news from last week that the flash has a new director in an Dima sketti we’d like to give our first honorable mention to Geoff miles jr. who gave two answers both Alden Ehrenreich I think is how you pronounce his name he was han Solo in the solo movie or a KJ app’ who plays Archie from the Riverdale TV show I haven’t seen solo or Riverdale but I’m gonna trust Geoff miles jr. on this one and say those are great choices I’ve seen trailers for both and based on that yeah Nikki Bonzo gave the answer Nicholas Hoult who of course plays Hank McCoy aka beast in the x-men film franchise oh yeah I love that answer Nicholas Hoult has such like gaunt features he looks just very aerodynamic I think he’d make a great Barry yeah he kind of resembles Grant Gustin from the flash TV show - I think he does yeah honorable mention goes to Joel Seagrave who gave the answer of Kyle Gallner who was Bart Allen in the Smallville television show yeah I barely remember him I remember seeing the episode with Bart Allen but I feel like if you did that you’d have to bring back Tom Welling a Superman well we do need a new Superman now that Henry Cavill is probably out yeah we’ll see Bo Bermudez gave the answer Jesse Eisenberg I actually really like that answer I think Jesse Eisenberg is a fast-talking guy which is what Bo said here but you know he also has those goth features and he’s real skinny and he looks like he can run fast you know yeah why didn’t that win the no prize because Jesse Eisenberg in the existing film universe is still Lex Luthor yeah of Lex Luthor suddenly become the flash that’s so lame he’s he’s such a sucky Lex Luthor though got honorable mention also goes to Matt Estes who gave the answer of Grant Gustin who plays the flash in the DC arrowverse television show and Matt says that he’s already the perfect flash so you saw the show how is he Asbury I haven’t seen like the past two three seasons of the show uh-huh he was fine he’s a good actor he’s charming yeah he’s a good leading man our last honorable mention goes to Jeremy or who gave the answer Ryan Gosling which is a fantastic choice Ryan Gosling is a phenomenal actor great choice but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to Jacob Bell Andy Freeman and Jamie Roe Jake who gave the answer of dave Franco I wasn’t convinced when I first saw this answer right because usually dave Franco plays like the idiot character in movies like this donor idiot yeah but it kind of threw me off guard when we got this answer multiple times and just thinking about it like Dave Franco does have a pretty good range you know he’s a good actor and the more I thought about it the more I thought he could bring like a good energy to the role so yeah great answer you guys win this week’s no prize if you the listener want to go ahead and win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we will be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news [Music] okay so we’ve been talking about this for a while AT&T who now owns Warner Media had been rumored to want to release their own streaming platform to compete with other platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus well that platform was finally revealed last week in the form of HBO max yeah I was not expecting this I’m really surprised that they leaned heavily on the HBO brand it sort of makes sense considering that AT&T and Warner Brothers greatest television asset is probably HBO the problem that arises that I thought of when I first heard this name was that HBO already has HBO GO which is for people who have a cable subscription they also have HBO now which is for people who don’t have a cable subscription but I still want access to all the shows through an app purchase right and now they have HBO Macs they have so many different HBO apps now I think it’ll confuse the market a little bit because a lot of the people I know right now don’t know the difference between HBO Go and HBO now so this just throws another wrench in the Machine well it definitely seems that HBO maxes is definitely gonna be different from HBO Go and HBO now because that’s essentially the same thing well I don’t we have a lot more content it will absolutely have a lot more content it’s gonna programming from HBO Warner Brothers new line DC CNN TNT TBS UTV the CW Turner Classic Movies Cartoon Network Adult Swim crunchyroll roosterteeth Looney Tunes they’re gonna have original shows too like dune I guess in gremlins and like some Stephen King thing I don’t know but it’s really gonna be them early and s22 much about it yet they did unveil a trailer that included scenes from Doom Patrol and they’ve said that the television shows from the DC Universe app the original shows will be on this platform that’s surprising to me honestly I think it kind of devalues the DC Universe app a bit because why would you even buy the DC Universe if your primary goal is to watch these new shows when you could just get the HBO max app and get those shows and so much more unless of course you know you’re just a huge fan of the comics but why would you be Marvel yeah let me know when I could read Marvel comics on my television like a badass no one wants to do that I do it I do all the time yeah I do i was reading batwing comics in preparation for this episode on my TV just the other day whatever jealous I could read Marvel comics on my phone which is like the next best thing yeah I’ll small thank you by 60-inch yes please it’s not the size of the screen it’s how you use it I guess I guess couldn’t lie to yourself but no I don’t think anyone should subscribe to DC Universe solely for the original television content there’s not a lot of it and it’s only one small aspect of the app okay so if you just want the TV shows probably get HBO max but if you want the comics if you want the community if you want all the old TV shows and things like that stick with DC Universe although again maybe there’s all TV shows the old cartoons will be on HBO max we don’t know yet I might just stick with DC Universe I don’t know if I’m gonna get HBO max really yeah wow that blows my mind well I mean I already have access to all the DC Universe original TV shows now like Doom Patrol Titans Swamp Thing uh-huh except for Watchmen ooh that might be a deal breaker there you go no I want you to get the HBO max app that way I can steal it from you at my house well I don’t want Disney Plus this you do your daughter’s do that’s actually very true my wife really wants it between these two apps I don’t know if I’ll continue subscribing to Hulu or Netflix I’ve already cancelled my Hulu account oh you did yeah I’ve canceled tulu I’ve canceled Amazon Prime right now I just have Netflix and DC Universe Wow and I’ll probably get HBO again once Watchmen is released so when is this app coming out we don’t know yet it’s supposed to come out before the end of the year and they’re saying it’s probably gonna be more than the cost of HBO now which is really expensive it’s 15 bucks a month if this is more that’s really gonna hurt although there’s rumors that they’re considering releasing a cheaper version that includes ads oh fuck that I hate ads well I mean I used to have that with Hulu Plus I didn’t mind it too much yeah I guess but that brings us to our question of the week if you could only choose one would you rather subscribe to HBO max or Disney Plus right and this isn’t just a Marvel vs. DC question because you have to consider all the additional content that you’re getting between HBO Max and Disney plus you know Disney Plus comes with all the Disney content that you know and love the Pixar content all the Marvel content Star Wars NatGeo it has a lot but yeah like I said earlier HBO Max is gonna have new line so that’s like Lord of the Rings stuff though crunchyroll who doesn’t love them so a good anime it’s gonna have CNN keeping up to date with the news so it’s really DC and Lord of the Rings or Marvel and Star Wars I think that’s an easy choice yeah considering the cost of one of them is only $6.99 a month HBO max is more expensive because it’s better alright I’ll see what the listeners have to say go ahead and submit your answer to our Instagram Facebook or Twitter or email us at dynamic do a podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media but I think that bizza for all the news for this episode again only one news item but we’ll be talking a lot more news in our next San Diego comic-con episode let’s get on to the main event where we find out who would win in a fight between batwing and ultimate spider-man [Music] okay batwing versus ultimate spider-man aka Miles Morales we knew we wanted to do a spider-man related duel episode following the spider-man far from home review right and we thought since we didn’t get the opportunity to use Miles Morales back when we reviewed spider-man into the spider verse we thought we would use him now yeah and we were going to Pitt Miles Morales up against Batman Beyond considering like they were the next generation all superheroes but you said that Batman Beyond sort of already exists in the present DC Comics continuity yeah the present timeline batwing sort of you can consider him a precursor to Batman Beyond he has a lot of similar abilities yeah and they kind of have similar outfits as well I think batwing looks a lot like Batman Beyond but his emblem is blue and he looks a little bit more armored what’s a light it’s not blue oh it is yeah okay that was a blue light it’s almost like Iron Man it’s like if Iron Man and Batman formed a new superhero it would be batwing when you said the F and formed I think you’re gonna say fucked if I am in fucked and had a baby it would be batwing i guess that as well but let’s go ahead and tell people what we do here so the way we determine the winner between these two particular characters is through stat based simulations what we do is we take their stats and we plug them into a probabilistic model known as a Monte Carlo simulation and what that does is it randomizes each stat number along a normal distribution which is represented by a bell curve and it compares the numbers of the characters against each other those simulations we could have a percentage of wins for each character and we determined the winner to be the hero with the highest percentage of wins and this is the tried and true method that Deadliest Warrior a television show that used to be on Spike TV used in their battles right to determine who would win in a fight between like in ninja versus a Spartan it’s a very scientific very mathematical approach which is necessary for us Joseph and I because we are both very biased when it comes to our respective favorite comic companies right so we let science answer the question of who would win for us so there’s no fan votes no uncharacteristic feats of strength it’s just all stats which we get from the official marvel power grid right and we extrapolate the see stats among those criteria and we also add a few stats ourselves in order to make a more robust simulation a lot of channels that do these type of verse battle matches rely on feats they take a look at all the accomplishments these characters have had throughout their comics histories and you know they pick the best ones saying that these characters are able to pull those feats off all the time and what we say is sometimes comic book characters are written doing things that they normally shouldn’t be able to do yeah it’s kind of writer induced stupidity I guess for a lack of a better term and sometimes you know these characters that can also pull up these amazing feats also are shown doing dumb stuff that would never happen to a character with those powers or something like that yeah someone capable of certain feats also shouldn’t succumb to I don’t know let’s call them anti feet so it’s the opposite of feets lows lows so we think the character stats represents an accurate average for the character yeah baseline and we still get feets and lows for each character through the randomization process of the Monte Carlo simulation yeah that’s what it’s designed to do yeah so it’s all accounted for so let’s go ahead and get into it before we run the simulations what we like to do is go over the backstories and powers of each character in the match and then we like to improvise a scenario in which the two fight yeah like what would happen in one of these 1000 simulations exactly so I’ll go ahead and go first this episode and tell you all about the history and powers of ultimate spider-man in the Marvel Ultimate Universe a continuity not unlike the mainstream Marvel Comics universe Miles Morales was born and raised in Brooklyn New York to Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales he grew up a bright kid and won a lottery to attend visions Academy though he was hesitant to leave his friends for a new school files visited his uncle Aaron Davis against his parents wishes to discuss his future unknown to Miles uncle Aaron was secretly the super criminal known as the Prowler who had recently broken into Oscorp this was Norman Osborn’s corporation which had created the oz formula in an effort to duplicate the last Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America Oscorp tested the formula on lab experiment animals including a series of spiders one of which bit Peter Parker and transformed him into the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s spider-man Norman Osborn tested the Oz formula on himself which turned him into Green Goblin who fought and was defeated by Peter Parker now during the prowlers break-in at Oscorp one of these remaining test spiders crept into his bag and into his apartment where miles was bitten as he was visiting frightened miles ran outside and realized he was able to turn invisible and had other powers similar to spider-man however he had no interest in risking his life and fighting crime as a superhero a few months later the Green Goblin exacta drove an John Peter Parker who died saving his family from Osborne’s attack miles witnessed Peter’s death and asked when Stacie why Peter became a hero in that moment he learned that with great power comes great responsibility and decided to take on the mantle of spider-man in Peters honor after buying a spider-man Halloween costume watching online videos of Peter and practicing his new powers miles still didn’t feel he was ready when the time came to help the Ultimate Avengers defeat electro he was soon confronted by his uncle Aaron who revealed he knew that miles was the new spider-man and threatened to out his secret identity to the family if he didn’t help the Prowler become the new kingpin of crime-- in New York conflicted Myles fought alongside his uncle against ultimate scorpion but later told his uncle that he couldn’t use him as his personal enforcer anymore the two fought and during the battle one of the prowlers vibro-shock gauntlets exploded and uncle Aaron died in Miles arms shaken by his uncle Aaron’s death Miles questioned continuing on as spider-man but was surprised when he ran into Peter Parker from the mainstream Marvel Comics universe who had been teleported to the Ultimate Marvel Universe by the villain Mysterio an event you can learn more about in our Mysterio versus scarecrow duel episode Peter and Myles teamed up to defeat Mysterio and Peter gave Myles his blessing as the new spider-man he was introduced to the ultimate universes Aunt May and Gwen Stacy who bestowed Myles with Peters old web-shooters now miles could finally shoot webs he was then approached by ultimate Captain America who asked him to train with the Ultimate Avengers later ultimate venom attacked Myles dad Jefferson believing he was the new spider-man Myles fought venomoth but the creature returned to attack his dad again in the hospital where mother Ryo worked as a nurse in the fight she revealed to miles that she knew he was spider-man all along and then was accidentally shot by police who were responding to the scene miles mother died in his arms and he ripped up his costume claiming he would be spider-man no more one year later he eventually put the costume back on again convinced by Spider Woman to help her take down the corporation Roxxon miles then helped save the world from the mainstream Marvel Comics universes Galactus by traveling with ultimate mr. fantastic through a dimensional portal to get mainstream mr. fantastics files on how to defeat the world devourer after travelling back miles revealed his superhero identity to his father Jefferson but his father rejected him blaming him for the death of both uncle Aaron and his mom reow Myles fought alongside the spider-man of dozens of alternate universes to defeat the inheritors a vampiric race of beings intent on destroying spider powered people to prevent their prophesied destruction in an event called spider-verse after which came the secret Wars event in which the Marvel multiverse was getting destroyed by an overall contraction of the Marvel timeline as the ultimate universe was about to be destroyed Myles discovered a vessel built by ultimate mr. fantastic to survive the end of times he and the other survivors found themselves in battle world a patchwork planet created by Doctor Doom who had acquired the godlike powers of the beyonders in order to save all of existence after dr. doom was defeated mr. fantastic began restoring the multiverse though Myles found himself now living not in his home reality but now in the mainstream Marvel Comics universe where his mother Ryo was alive once again he began training with the mainstream Peter Parker and he joined the Avengers where he became close friends with Sam Alexander’s Nova and Kamala Khan aka Miss Marvel whom you can learn more about in our Elastigirl vs Miss Marvel duel episode after the events of the second superhero civil war in which Iron Man and Captain Marvel clashed over the ethics of imprisoning prophesied criminals Myles and his fellow younger Avengers became disillusioned with the older heroes moral ambiguity and formed the new champions team in one adventure into another universe to save his father Jefferson who had become a SHIELD agent miles meant an alternate reality version of spider woman who is Gwen Stacy the two developed feelings for each other but decided to stay friends and that’s pretty much his history now powers wise with his origins in the Ultimate Universe mile spider powers are a little bit different given that he was bitten by a different genetically altered spider like Peter Parker he has wall-crawling spider sense and an enhanced physiology which includes strength speed agility and reflexes how strong is he he’s as strong as Peter Parker’s he can lift about 10 tons though miles also has spider camouflage which allows him to blend into his surroundings for an effect that renders him practically invisible and he also has what he calls venom blasts which have nothing to do with his symbiote venom but our bio electric charges that release from his hands like a Taser his blasts can be used to stun or electrocute villains as well as disrupt electronic devices and that’s Miles Morales ultimate spider-man oh I get it you think you’re gonna disrupt the battling suit we’ll see how that turns out that wasn’t my plan at all what are you talking about right so let me get into bowing story yeah considering you know next to nothing about this character I’m really interested in hearing about him yeah he’s a pretty interesting character there’s actually been two different versions of battling and I’ll go into both backstories here the second one is Lucius Fox’s son okay so when Bruce Wayne returned from his apparent death in the Final Crisis storyline he announced publicly that he had been financially funding Batman to protect Gotham City and a nest a global expansion of Batman’s war on crime in an initiative branded as Batman Incorporated Bruce allowed Dick Grayson who you can learn more about in our Nightwing vs. daredevil episode to keep the mantle of Batman in Gotham City for a time while Bruce travelled the world recruiting and training those that he deemed capable of taking up the symbol of the bat during Bruce’s visit to the town of Tunisia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo he met David’s evene Bey an ethical police officer within the town’s corrupt police force David was born in Tunisia after his parents died from hiv/aids when he was just a child and he and his younger brother Isaac were abducted by the local warlord named general IO Qaeda and drafted his personal army known as the army of Don David and Isaac were raised and trained as child soldiers and showed a higher promise than other young boys drafted in their aptitude for following orders and their effectiveness in killing it was a long before the two boys were promoted to general quedas elite force earning the nickname the dragonfly’s for their speed and dexterity in combat when general kata ordered the brothers to assassinate okuru one of his enemies and burned down a Carew’s village david and isaac refused on the grounds that it contained innocent women and children Isaac alerted aku’s forces to their presence by firing his gun into the air forcing general quedas army to flee in retaliation general Qaida punished Isaac in front of the army of Don by hacking him with his machete several times before throwing him off of a cliff dang david fled and was pursued through the Congo jungle by the army of Don but David was able to sneak past them at night and drugged general Qaeda David tied to the general up and drove a stolen SUV to the outskirts of a Carew’s new settlement where David vowed to never kill again and fired his gun into the air alerting a cruise forces to general Qaeda’s location smart David walked for days to an orphanage for former child soldiers where he was raised with a strong morale and sense of justice by the orphanages caretaker ma - Bob who would later be employed in David’s service would Bruce Wayne recruited David into Batman Incorporated Bruce brought David and Matsu to Gotham City where David trained and was given a high-tech armored bat soup David returns to Africa and took up crime-fighting kit within the city of Tunisia as the superhero batwing now did all of Batman’s recruits into Batman Inc get these high-tech suits he was the only one really yeah okay I think because he needed more resources than some of the others he was going up against heavy artillery battling African warlords gotcha so after helping Baron fight against an international terrorist organization known as Leviathan batwing faced off against an armored villain named massacre who’s killing members from Africa’s first superhero team known as the kingdom that wink eventually tracked Massacre back to Gotham City where it was revealed that Massacre was his brother Isaac brainwashed by a man named Josiah Cohn a former member of the kingdom who resented his old team for their inability to save thousands of lives during a botched attempt at stopping a warlord back in the Congo batwing was a member of the new 52 s Justice League international team up until it’s disbanded mint eventually David decided to retire as battling when Matsu was fatally wounded in an attack in Tunisia by the villains sky pirate who also destroyed bat wings bat cave like headquarters known as The Haven after his evene BAE’s retirement Bruce saw a new ally who would act as his global agent against international crime and threats to Wayne Enterprises Bruce passed out a newly created high-tech bowing suit to Lukas Fox the son of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox who designed the soup for Batman huh having been inspired by Batman from an early age and wanting to be like him Luke grew up to be a tech genius like his father graduating early from MIT with a double degree and also becoming a successful MMA fighter thanks to his lifelong training in martial arts he turned down numerous job offers even one from Wayne Enterprises with the hope of eventually getting noticed by Batman and being allowed to join Batman Incorporated his wish came true and it was revealed that Luke was always Batman’s number-one choice for the battling suit after Luke saved Bruce’s life shortly after Bruce announced Wayne Enterprises financial relationship with Batman Bruce chose David’s of eBay first out of respect to Lucius and to Luke’s college studies at the time Luke operated around the world especially in Africa before returning to Gotham City to protect his family from threats interested and his father’s involvement with Batman Incorporated over time Luke began a romantic relationship with Barbara Gordon and with her having retired her Oracle role and now back to fighting crime in the Batgirl costume Luke took up the duty as the bat family’s tech expert upgrading their gear and more often than not his own bat wingsuit now Lucas Fox has no innate superhuman abilities those powered bat suit offers some increased strength he could lift about two tons and durability huh the suits interior shell can monitor vital science and Harden around damaged areas while also administering painkillers the sue also has holographic projectors built throughout it that allows Lucas to mimic invisibility though there is a blurred effect when he’s in motion balli can also project Holograms from his hands and his helmet is equipped with a heads-up display capable of infrared vision mapping terrain and tracking and analyzing foes the suit has retractable wings that allow him to glide and built-in grapple line launchers in his gauntlets which can also emit various gases like sedatives or fear inducing Colusa najin’s if you’re inducing what is he scarecrow it’s based off of a scarecrow formula that’s evil it isn’t drive the user insane it’s more like a truth serum oh it’s more interrogation purposes yes Patchen the illuminated bat symbol on his chest can be used to blind opponents with flash bank like strobes and he could produce electric charges throughout his soup he also has compartments embedded around his waist you stoled gadgets such as energy daggers and various types of batarangs energy Tigers yeah what is he black panther oh he’s better the suit itself is donned in piecemeal flying on to Lucas and sections as he needs them and that’s batwing so his suit flies onto him in sections from where from Wayne Enterprises what an Iron Man ripoff this guy is although he’s not nearly as strong he actually honestly would have been a great match for a black panther I think yeah maybe he probably would have been but so is Black Manta so yeah that was a good match I liked that a lot alright so let’s get into our battle scenario where we improvise how we think one of the 1,000 matches that we simulate will actually pan out we don’t set any rules for this scenario save for the fact that the characters start about don’t know anything about each other other than the fact that they are threats that need to be put down and the environment in which they fight it plays no bearing on the battle itself because we don’t take stats or the environment these characters when they fight they have their own merits without any sort of outside help so let’s get on with it ultimate spider-man Miles Morales vs. Luke Fox aka batwing who goes first I’m gonna say that batwing starts off by scanning Miles Morales and okay noticing that he just has like a different physiology to him like denser muscles denser bones he definitely gets a reading on miles as web-shooters okay yeah I’ll buy that that makes sense but while batwing is busy wasting his time Miles Morales is gonna show him firsthand just how much muscle density he has by swinging across the battleground and landing a punch right into babblings face you never learned your lesson clearly Bailey can see him coming yeah but miles is really fast yeah but bat wings suit gives him computer readings that allow him to act faster and smarter so as miles is coming in towards him that’s when Bauman gun sheaths an explosive better ink and just hurls her right at him okay so Miles Morales his spider sense goes off and he perceives this explosive battering coming at him in like bullet time slow motion so what he does is he shoots a web line at the Batarang and swings it around or it exploded no sings it around now I’m contacting on contact with the webbing it explodes okay well then that means it didn’t explode in that close of a proximity to him because Miles shot the web line from a distance fine so you cut the first Batarang there’s two more coming great Adam except spider-man leaps over these projectiles and spider-man is known to do lands shoots two webs that connect to bat wings feet and Yanks which causes bowing to fall right on his ass okay but as bat wings on the ground that’s when he and leashes a smokescreen of gas so now spider-man can’t see him or what he’s doing okay so spider-man’s like oh I’m still connected to him with these webs to his feet so he cracks the web like a whip which lists batwing into the air and then slams him down to the ground again okay except that batwing is at the other end anymore because while he was in the smoke he used a laser dagger to cut the webbing and as spider-man’s confused that’s when a grapple hits spider-man right through the arm and bamming cents 5,000 volts of electricity right through except the grapple didn’t hit ultimate spider-man because spider-sense went off and he dodged out of the way spider-man can be hit he can be Kate well that like thats not through long-range projectiles that give him plenty of warning so this grapple line just shoots off to the side of him and what he does is he grabs the grapple line and battling retracts as soon as he grabs it so that’s yeah so now spider-man’s being pulled straight towards batwing bringing him into close quarters oh shit miles probably didn’t see that coming with a spider son no no sighs well at least couldn’t react quick enough so as Miles is really close family grabs him and takes a blood sample but yeah how does that work he injects him with a needle or something on his golly he has a gadget where he could analyze blood samples well miles is gonna be pissed by that he’s gonna be like wow that hurt he’s gonna turn invisible while he’s in batwings arms and then kick off of him escaping from his grip to get some distance okay but bat link has infrared vision so yeah spider-man might be invisible on the visible wavelength benign infrared okay so while batwing is like clicking through his visors to get the frequency to see he doesn’t he doesn’t whatever as he’s going through his different spectrum vision it just goes right to infrared what he doesn’t know to do that yeah he does he’s invisible he goes all infrared okay why is he switching to infrared you know what the first thing he sees is what a punch right in the fucking face he sees Miles Morales his fist and he gets punched right in the visor hard and I like short circuits so they he has to like take off his bat lenses so he’d only rely on his normal vision from here on out that’s when his lenses fly off and a new replacement pair fly on burn wood from a gadget holder in his utility belt he has spare lenses here’s a lot of spare parts whatever oh my god well miles is pressing the attack so he’s punching him right in the chest no no as ultimate spider-man comes in for a further attack that’s when bow ink strokes his bat chest signal blinding Miles Morales fuck alright so miles has just been flared he’s seeing spots he’s a little bit disoriented from that sure he turns invisible again when he comes to when as a vision comes to he already sees that batwing is invisible he’s like Oh where’d he go so they’re both invisible right now I guess I guess I guess the only thing that Miles Morales see is the area around him flooding with a fear toxin gasps so go ahead and try not breathing well I know that when miles was first objected to the fear gas by Mysterio when he fought alongside Peter Parker the thing that he feared the most was I think it was his uncle Aaron killing his parents so in this instance what I might think is that he sees bat-winged as his uncle the Prowler hmm and maybe his parents dead off to the side or something so he’s gonna be like uncle Aaron okay so as miles is on this like really bad trip that’s when bamileke sneaks over to him grabs him by his web-shooters it sends an electric current like disabling them disables the web-shooters yeah although I think they would be protected against electricity considering that he does have his own pile electric blasts that actually fire in close proximity from these web-shooters so I don’t think batwings blasts actually disabled paralysis webs now this electric current that batwing sent through miles is not something that miles is unfamiliar with this snaps him out of his illusion and it reach handles all that energy that he just got zapped with into his hands and does like a super venom blast against batwing that like shoots him backwards through the air and probably disables all of his systems nope because again like what you just did his suit is used to having an electric current running through it not this kind of electric current yeah this is kind of like so batwing you know he’s knocked back so now he’s in the air he’s gliding around and Myles jumps up through the air and shoots his webs and while in midair Yanks batwing towards him and like does this cool like a roundhouse midair kick that sends batwing slamming down into the ground and spider-man lands right on top of him with his feet creating a batwing sized crater in the ground combo okay but as spider-man is on top of bat link that’s when valine commits this gas from his gloves ranked spider-man’s face the right away he slaps with an explosive better hang on miles his chest and kicks him away except that Myles saw the explosive better incoming with a spider sense and ducked out of the way except that the chemical gas that battling just emitted and negated spider-man’s spider-sense what how because the blood sample that he took earlier Oh his computer system was able to analyze it and concoct a chemical that counteract the spider-sense okay shit okay so mile spider sense isn’t working he has this bomb to his chest and he just got kicked away by batwing to the ground yep how does the bat bomb stick to him oh it’s like sharp and it just goes into his chest okay I thought maybe it was like a sticky bomb or something like that yeah Myles uses his spider reflexes and speed to yank the battering out of his chest and chuck it over toward batwings location he’s not an expert battering thrower that thing’s just it’s an explosive he just has to lob it you don’t have to be pinpointed Ray’s expensive still razor thin and then it explodes and it destroys batwing since batwing was pretty much already severely crushed by spider-man’s previous aerial attack but I say he doesn’t do that in time and it explodes in his hand all right well I think that’s a great place to end this match either spider-man explodes from the explosive Batarang or batwing falls to his own toy let’s go ahead and run the simulations and find out which character came out on top I always know when it’s gonna be a good fight when the character stats are varying but feel generally overall comparable yes now why’s they differed in a lot of areas spider-man is faster he’s stronger but bat wings a better fighter and is more durable they’re pretty much both even in terms of like the amount of damage they’re able to inflict and the range at which they can inflict it as well as their overall strategic intelligence with Miles compensating with his spider sense to allow him to adapt during battle yeah Lucius is smarter he’s also very young he’s only I think like 21 or 22 well miles is only about 17 you could almost see like miles growing up to be someone like Lucius you know getting like a double degree in MIT oh definitely yeah miles is pretty smart they could both turn invisible they’re both agile although spider-man has the edge in terms of agility and he’s evasive through his spider sense again as well it would be really hard to hit miles with all those evasive powers he has yeah it’s always been a challenge for these duel matches with spider-man because you never want spider-man to get hit like ever yeah I remember they came into play during our spider-man vs Blue Beetle duel episode which was that was a pretty good one yeah no way this is Batman versus spider-man just like the next-generation version liberal powers yeah yeah yeah well do you want to know who wins between Batman vs. spider-man batwing vs. ultimate spider-man I’m really curious okay I will tell you that it is closer than I thought it would be really who do you think won bat wink the winner of the ultimate spider-man Miles Morales versus bat wing Luke Fox fight is please bow and please battle ultimate spider-man Miles Morales won 509 y matches out of the one thousand battles meaning batwing Guana staggering 491 these guys were pretty dead even they’re really close okay I’m not gonna lie I kind of figured Spiderman was gonna win uh-huh did not think it was gonna be that close this is really close so not only do they vary a lot in their stats not only are they very different characters but they ended up being almost dead even in terms of the results which I would call a damn successful duel episode I had no idea who was gonna win this one yeah I was a little worried about going with Luke instead of BAM and beyond but I’m glad I went with batwing yeah this is a lot of fun and I guess from these results you can also deduce that spider-man would beat Batman but just barely all right that does it for this episode go ahead and write in to us guys and let us know what you thought if you have any agreements or disagreements let us know by visiting us at dynamic duel comm where you can find links to our social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and you can also reach out to us via email at dynamic do a podcast at and while you’re at dynamic duel comm make sure to click on our merchandise link that’ll take you to our t public store where you can get a discount on a variety of t-shirts or mugs or phone cases who doesn’t need a new phone case everyone needs a new I definitely need a new phone case yeah me too but you only get that discount if you visit our store via our website dynamic duo comic again click on merchandise in our next episode we will be going over all the comic book movie news to be coming out of San Diego comic-con now marble is gonna have their big Hall H panel at this event though which we expect them to announce the phase four movie slate including the you know Black Widow the Eternals Black Panther Captain Marvel dr. Shane guardians all that good shit I’m pretty sure Warner Brothers is gonna unleash a salvo of content online so definitely keep an eye on their YouTube channel definitely keep an eye on their social media accounts they don’t need Hull H to make a big sigh huh it’s gonna be an exciting weekend news wise it’s gonna be a lot of stuff to talk about hopefully and you’ll get all that coverage here next week so be sure to subscribe to us or if you have Sherriff’s with your friends and family again help us get to goes a long way to helping others find our show we’ll talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers

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