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Dungeons and Doritos

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Embark on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips! Dungeons & Doritos is the classic RPG audio drama that brings tabletop gaming to life with cinematic sound effects and score. Join Jamela the dragonborn, Chair the dwarf that used to be furniture, Vimak t… read more

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57 Episodes | 2009 - 2022

Chapter 1 :: Dungeons & Doritos [Remastered]

October 12th, 2009


The debut adventure of Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos, is back and better than ever! 

Journey to the magical land of Doritodonia, and embark on a mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quest for …

Chapter 2 :: Rollin' Deep in the Dragon's Keep [Remastered]

November 18th, 2009


Jen’Ifer, Vimak, Chair, and Jamela’s quest deep within the local Doritos mines concludes! After fierce battles with shifty foes we come face-to-face …

Chapter 3 :: The Quest for the Erotic Pangolin [Remastered]

December 18th, 2009


The party encounters a sacked caravan of performers missing a peculiar prized possession: a pangolin. Now, a normal pangolin would be odd enough - …

Chapter 3.5 :: Do They Know It's Crunchmas?

December 25th, 2009


Merry Crunchmas! What? You don’t know what Crunchmas is? Oh, you poor dear. Why, Crunchmas is the happiest, and most delicious time of the year! But you know, there’s a little man named Chair who doesn’t know what …

Chapter 4 :: Midday In The Maze Of Mischief

February 26th, 2010


What’s this? Vimak is missing!! Without their moral compass, can CHAIR, Jamela, and Jen’Ifer come together and work as a team to find him? Even when it means going toe-to-mythical-toe with a brand new pantheon of …

Chapter 5 :: Birdbath

June 17th, 2010


Journey once more with CHAIR, Vimak, Jamalla and Jen’Ifer on their questionable travels for riches, renown and… other stuff. After their confrontation with the Maze of Mischief, the band of miscreants finds that their …

Chapter 6 :: The Labrador And The Laboratory

June 26th, 2010


Welcome, fearless listener, to the sixth edition of Dungeons & Doritos! Ye who have been clamoring for more dusty deliciousness have been duly …

Chapter 7 :: Foul Deeds At Cool Ranch

August 3rd, 2010


Welcome back, weary traveler, to the flavor-dusted land of Doritodonia. 

CHAIR, Vimak, and Jamela have gone through some strange and harrowing …

Chapter 8 :: Fouler Deeds At Cool Ranch

September 6th, 2010


No reunion with Jen’Ifer was going to be a happy one – but no one expected it to be this BAD! Dark magicks were indeed afoot in the strange hamlet of …

Chapter 9 :: The Medallion Of Mists

October 25th, 2010


My, how time flies when you’ve overstayed your welcome! 

Our accidental heroes have spent their night in Cool Ranch, and that night became another …

Chapter 10 :: The Fight To Free Tolay

December 18th, 2010


The heroes find the city of Tolay under siege – overrun with the same hyena-men that attacked them when they crossed over into the mirror world. …

Chapter 1 :: Greetings From Corney Island

March 10th, 2011


Join Brian as Jen’Ifer the Tiefling, Cap as Jamela the Dragonborn, Hex as Vimak the Goliath, and Triforce Mike as the chair-turned-dwarf, called …

Chapter 2 :: Escape From Corney Island

April 20th, 2011


What began with an unexpected detour to a tropical isle, ends in peril and doom! What did you expect with this sordid lot? 

Having been put on a quest …

Chapter 3 :: Trial on the Isle of Mages

June 3rd, 2011


Emotional turmoil on the high seas! The vile Tiefling Jen’Ifer has vanished, sending the lovelorn Jamela into a frenzy of woe. Barty has been burned, both literally and figuratively by members of the group, Chair is in …

Chapter 4 :: Night of the Golems

June 28th, 2011


No sooner were our travelers settling into being imprisoned in the Isle of Mages’ luxurious confines, than calamity struck! The gem in which …

Chapter 5 :: D&D-Day

September 3rd, 2011


Following their harrowing ordeal with the golems, our heroes have spent a very indulgent two weeks on the Isle of Mages. But, at last, the word …

Chapter 6 :: Viva La Chaise

October 25th, 2011


Just as our intrepid heroes have somehow dragged their collectively sorry asses off of No! Man Die! Beach to find the besieged Elves. They somehow …

Chpater 7 :: 'Til Death Do Us Part

December 6th, 2011


The war between Elves and Orcs may not be ended, but the tide has turned. Now our troupe of trouble-makers quests onwards through enemy territory towards their goal. But these war-torn lands are haunted with dark …

Chapter 7.5 :: Crunchmas Don't Be Late

December 21st, 2011


Following the events of “‘Til Death Do Us Part” the party could use a little pick-me-up – even if it’s not actually Crunchmas time. 

Links and more …

Chapter 8 :: The Wizard in the Wasteland

January 24th, 2012


Following the traumatic events of the previous adventure, the party continues onward towards the Wizard’s tower. But the war-torn land is still …

Chapter 9 :: Endless Bummer

April 10th, 2012


Our heroes can’t ever catch a break. The Tiefling Jen’Ifer is sealed in a crystal, Lefty the pirate queen has been abducted by an evil force, and now the party suffers their greatest loss of all… Battle-weary, hung …

Chapter 10 :: Back to the Steam Tunnels

May 30th, 2012


Aided by Christopher the wizard, The D&D crew travel the realms of Doritodonia – hunting the evil force that abducted Lefty. After the unexpected return of Jen’Ifer, the fractured party begins to mend – but fate has …

Chapter 11 :: Return to the Ironback Mountains

June 26th, 2012


Aided by Christopher the wizard, The D&D crew travel the realms of Doritodonia – hunting the evil force that abducted Lefty. Hot on the trail of their mysterious enemy, the party ventures into the Ironback …

Chapter 12 :: Shadows of Opposition

September 25th, 2012


Wait... Who the heck are these people?!

Meet Krath, Izzy, and Ryllatrix – a group just as mismatched as the D&D crew you know and love. There is also one more to join them later… but that is for another adventure. …

Chapter 13 :: The B-Team

October 23rd, 2012


Once more we travel with a new crew of adventurers- Krath the Goliath, Ryllatrix the Half-Elf, Izzy the Gnome, and introducing Deen… the Mighty! 

Chapter 14 :: Destinies Collide

February 3rd, 2013


The finale of D&D Book II begins - everything has led here! 

Vimak, Jamela, Jen’Ifer, Barty, and Lefty may have met their match. Thrown back in time, they’re face-to-face with the agents of The Man in Black in a city …

Chapter 15 :: At Worlds' End

May 20th, 2013


The dramatic conclusion to D&D Book II! 

Tolay is under siege and our heroes have formed an uneasy alliance with the agents sent to destroy them …

Prologue :: The Quest for Free Drink Part 1

November 23rd, 2013


After the dramatic conclusion of BOOK II, our party and their new friends find themselves desperately in need of a drink. They set upon the quaint pub of a seaside town and let the ale flow! Ever the risk-taker and …

Prologue :: The Quest for Free Drink Part 2

November 30th, 2013


Barty Gleem’n persists in fulfilling his bargain for free drinks with the barkeep: spinning the most amazing tale he’s ever heard – the story of how …

Episode 1 :: Jailbreak!

February 1st, 2014


The lovable rogue Barty has been imprisoned. It’s up to his old “friends” – Vimak, the noble Goliath, Jamela, the sensual Dragonborn, and Lefty, the …

Episode 2 :: The Temple of Gloom

April 12th, 2014


It’s Adventures in Barty-Sitting! Lefty & Jamela get stuck keeping watch over their fugitive comrade; so naturally they head out on the high-seas! But it’s not all tanning butter and mojitos – no such luck. Instead, …

Episode 3 :: Hearts of Darkness

July 5th, 2014


When last we saw our heroes – Jamela the Dragonborn, Lefty the Pirate Queen, and Barty the Gleeman were scouring an island for riches. They didn’t …

Episode 4 :: The Salsa City Switcheroo

August 24th, 2014


Our band of heroes is in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Word on the street is that there's a kickin' party in the skeezy port town of Salsa City - and, get this, they're giving away Doritos. Not just any …


October 5th, 2014


Fans of Dungeons & Doritos we interrupt your regularly scheduled high-fantasy roleplaying adventures to lift the veil on the drama in …

Chapter 5 :: These Boots Were Made For Swappin’

November 15th, 2014


Last episode Jamela, Vimak, Barty, and Lefty woke up with the world's worst hangover. A foul curse had beset upon Salsa City with our heroes right in …

Chapter 6 :: ‘Twas The Night Before Crunchmas

December 14th, 2014


'Tis the merriest time of year, 'tis Crunchmas Time! 

What's Crunchmas?! Why, you poor devil, Crunchmas is a festival of giving - when all the land is flavor-dusted in a thin blanket of snow, friends sup upon the finest …

Chapter 7 :: Exposition Impossible

February 24th, 2015


Our heroes are in dire danger! Ever since Vimak, Jamela, and Lefty broke their comrade Barty out of prison they've been pursued by the nefarious bounty hunter, Black Pepper Jack. Jack's got some serious beef and Barty's …

Chapter 8 :: It Came From Beneath Doritodan

April 25th, 2015


Something sinister lurks beneath the streets of Doritodan. The once proud capital city is in ruin. Its districts teem with vile creatures of every kind. Nowhere is safe - least of all the sewers! Naturally, that's where …

Chapter 9 :: Run Away!

July 2nd, 2015


We've got a crisis! Doritodan has been devoured in darkness, a teammate is down, and one mad dash is just the start of our heroes' biggest escape …

Dungeons & Doritos Bulletin :: The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program

September 30th, 2015


An important message from Galdap about an exciting new RPG audio drama.

Listen to Call of Cthulhu here: 

The Nerdy Show Network …

Update 2016 :: D&D Returns Monthly

December 2nd, 2016


Your eyes and ears do not deceive you! Dungeons & Doritos is coming back soon... in mere days! And it's back in a big way: Monthly adventures in Doritodonia! But don't take my word for it, hear it straight from Cap …

Chapter 10 :: Bear With Us...

December 5th, 2016


An all-new chapter in Nerdy Show’s epic RPG podcast, Dungeons & Doritos! 

Bear with us here... things went wrong! 

The party escaped a monster-infested city within an inch of their lives, but not unscathed - Barty got …

Chapter 11 :: Barty Hard

December 30th, 2016


In dangerous lands, surrounded by massive Northlanders, with the full moon a mere day away... our heroes are in a bad way. Fortunately, the …

D&D Bulletin :: The Quest for the Erotic Pangolin - Remastered!

February 5th, 2017


Allow Galdap to give you the run-down about how you can embark on a remastered, classic adventure of Dungeons & Doritos - RIGHT NOW!

Find the …

Chapter 12 :: Runt of the Litter

February 11th, 2017


The clear and present danger of Barty's newly-acquired lycanthropy is no laughing matter. (Okay, well, it definitely is a bit - just not for Barty.) …

Chapter 13 :: Rune Quest

March 12th, 2017


Desperately seeking Dwarven magic? Better go on a rune quest! 

Our party bravely ventures into realms where even Northlanders fear to tread in hopes …

Chapter 14 :: Party Poopers

April 3rd, 2017


Our heroes have themselves a flying boat! ...Kinda. It's a start. 

But unfortunately the dwarf who made it possible is none too happy about having her skills put to use by Northlander brutes and is fixing to fly the …

Chapter 15 :: Into the Jötunnden

May 8th, 2017


A risky rescue mission sees our heroes lost in a magic forest that makes even the Northlanders jumpy. Somewhere, out in the all-consuming mists lurk the Jötunn - massive, monstrous man-eaters that did a number on poor …

Chapter 16 :: At Death's Door

June 26th, 2017


Deep in the Jötunnden, a forest overrun with magicks and infested with savage beasts, our heroes lay dying. What should have been a simple rescue …

Update July 2017 :: Upcoming Unscheduled Hiatus

July 1st, 2017


Some bad news Dungeons & Doritos fans. Our next episode, coming out later this month, will be our last for an undetermined amount of time. 

This …

Chapter 17 :: The Root of the Problem

August 1st, 2017


Back from the brink of death, the party finds themselves remarkably more doomed than they were before! A pack of wolves intended to lead the wounded …

Update August 2017 :: D&D Q&A + Lefty on Tour!

August 30th, 2017


Cap updates on the deadline to submit questions for the D&D Q&A, how you can meet Lefty Lucy, and the Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program. Submit …

Update 2018 :: The Happs From Galdap and a D&D Reunion

August 27th, 2018


Do you feel sick to your stomach? If so, that's probably Galdap forcing a psychic message into your Midgardian meat. Best to listen in and the gassy …

D&D Q&A 2

February 20th, 2019


Long, long ago a legend was born... a legend of crusaders... and corn chips... of Dungeons & Doritos...

This groundbreaking hybrid of an actual …

Come See Us at PodTales! Oct 20th, Cambridge, MA

October 10th, 2019


Jamela is upset about the lack of new Dungeons & Doritos, but Cap has a proposal on how you can pass the time.

We're going to PodTales a festival of audio drama and audio fiction. It's free, it's in Cambridge, MA, …

Mystery Program Returns in a LIVE Adventure! November 13th & 14th

November 9th, 2020


We interrupt this yawing gulf of silence with an important bulletin!

The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program and Chaosium have joined forces to bring you …

Regrouped and Poised to Return!

August 17th, 2022


Nerdy Show’s epic RPG audio drama, Dungeons & Doritos has long been dormant. The series was side-swiped by an unscheduled hiatus in 2017, a

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