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6: [LIVE] F*ck Yo’ Labels


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So I’m not a real "vegan” if my veganism doesn’t look like yours? Nah, buddy. Swipe left, and keep your judgments in your pocket. Tune in as Kimberly and Bruce talk about different labels in veganism, dispel a few widespread myths and give insight into future technology trends impacting the vegan industry.
[1:21] HOT FRIES: The technology behind the latest trends in vegan food for 2019. A computer might be behind that steak.[5:16] DRIVE THRU: Get to know Kimberly[8:00] Questions every vegan gets asked…and hates. We answer them once and for all.[13:00] So men are supposed to eat meat because they are men? [14:40] How to deal with cheese cravings when you transition as a vegan.[20:00] Different types of veganism and dieting labels; whole food plant-based, plant-based, Sebian, vegan, etc.[24:00] Impact of food temperatures and nutritional value.[29:09] SIDE DISH: Brought to you by Seva Foods.
Episode Resources:
NotCo plans to completely disrupt the factory-farm food system to bring successful, delicious vegan alternatives to stores and upend animal-based markets in the process.

· NotCo food products testing in Walmart.
· Jet-Eat is making vegan steak with 3D modeling technology.
· 15 sources of plant-based protein.
· What percent of the world is lactose intolerant?
· Sleep, tryptophan and milk.
· Both written history and molecular genetic studies indicate that the domestic carrot has a single origin in Central Asia. Its wild ancestors probably originated in Persia (regions of which are now Iran and Afghanistan), which remains the centre of diversity for the wild carrot Daucus carota. A naturally occurring subspecies of the wild carrot was presumably bred selectively over the centuries to reduce bitterness, increase sweetness and minimize the woody core; this process produced the familiar garden vegetable.
· Grapefruit is a citrus hybrid originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species – sweet orange (C. sinensis), and pomelo (or shaddock) (C. maxima) – both of which were introduced from Asia in the seventeenth century.
· Temperature and loss of nutritional value.

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