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5: [LIVE] You Crossed The Line.


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Let’s just be honest about this, not everyone has reached the same level of human evolution—yes, even in veganism. Not everyone is a PETA ambassador. Not everyone is a Sebian. So what’s your level? Where’s your line? Would you wear leather that you owned before you became vegan? Do you eat honey? Are all your products at home chemical free? Do you refuse to use plastic? Let’s talk about it.

[1:01] DRIVE THRU: Get to know Bruce[2:46] HOT FRIES: Bruce brings forth some hot topics; happenings in the vegan community. [8:15] Bruce and Kimberly talk about the “levels” in this thing called veganism. We’re all evolving on our journey, but where are you right now? Let’s talk about the lines we are willing to cross and which ones we are not.[22:16] SIDE DISH: Brought to you by BeeFree Honey
Episode Resources:If You Eat Too Many Carrots, Will Your Skin Turn Orange?What’s The Difference Between a Water Bug and a Cockroach?11-Year-Old Vegan Activist Launches Animal Sanctuary
Florida Votes to Ban Greyhound Racing
Kimberly's Full Commentary on "Cruelty-Free"
**No resources found to confirm information about honey and hives. If you have this insight, please share from reputable sources.

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