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This Podcast is all about empowering entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make a real impact on the world. Every week, host Tony Delgado interviews guests who have beaten the odds to achieve success. Through their stories, listeners learn how to turn their passion for change into action. With ov… read more

129 Episodes | 2018 - 2023

David Meltzer - The Power of Compassionate Capitalism in Times of Crisis

March 13th, 2023


In this podcast, we explore the power of compassionate capitalism and how it can be leveraged for success in times of disruption. We discuss the importance of finding happiness and opportunities even in the midst of …

Gerard Adams - Entrepreneurial Secrets Of Success

March 7th, 2023


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast, we sit down with Gerard Adams, the co-founder of Elite Daily and a successful entrepreneur, investor, …

Jason Capital - From Basketball to Business Mogul

March 6th, 2023


In this episode, we have an exclusive interview with Jason Capital, a successful entrepreneur who has made the move to Puerto Rico. Jason shares his …

Les Brown - Unleashing Your Inner Greatness

March 3rd, 2023


In this podcast episode, Tony Delgado interviews the legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown, at the Hungry for Greatness event backstage at the Mastermind. They discuss the meaning of the word "hungry" and what it …

Alan Burak - How to Prepare for The Next Recession

March 1st, 2023


Alan Burak on How to Prepare for The Next Recession 

J Flow - Self awareness For Entrepreneurs

February 27th, 2023


Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, where we dive into the topic of abundance and explore what might be holding people back from attracting …

Grant Cardone - How To Invest In Real Estate With Less Than 10k

October 16th, 2022


Real Estate Is The Secret To Building Generational Wealth. We had the opportunity to delve deeper into real estate investing by interviewing one of …

Dean Graziosi - Millionaire Success Habits

October 16th, 2022


Dean Graziosi is a highly successful entrepreneur and business coach who has helped countless people achieve their goals. He is the author of several …

How To Build A Recession-Proof Business With Tony Delgado

September 4th, 2022


It doesn’t matter where you go - there is always someone on social media or on the news talking about how inflation is breaking records, the economy is crashing, crypto and the stock market is going to zero and the …

Jason Capital - How To Become A Self-Made Millionaire

May 19th, 2020


Have you ever wanted to earn the respect of everyone who ever looked down on you at some point in your life? To prove them all wrong and live with true freedom? Well, there are a million ways to do so.

Jason Capital has …

John McAfee - Outlawing Freedom

April 28th, 2020


On this UNCUT episode of the Disrupt Podcast, I sit down with British-American computer programmer and businessman, John McAfee. We discuss how our freedom is in danger during this global pandemic. This is by far one of …

Young Smart Money - Apple Crider

April 25th, 2020


Why I Started The Young Smart Money Podcast w/ Apple Crider

David Meltzer - Compassionate Capitalism In A Pandemic

April 16th, 2020


We are living in crazy time of uncertainty especially in the area of business and entrepreneurship! Companies are being forced to rethink their entire strategy, restructure their roadmaps and retrain their teams. On …

Brian Breach - Unlocking The Power Of Instagram

April 13th, 2020


Brian Breach is a Ted Talk Speaker, independent artist, Co-Owner of GTPS Independent label, President & Owner of Sikey clothing, Co-Owner of & a social media builder (Instagram, Twitter, …

Lorenzo Abbatiello - Modern Day Italian

April 12th, 2020


Italian American Influencer
Promoting Italian Culture 🇮🇹 & Lifestyle 💯

Tony Delgado - Breakfast with the Boss

April 8th, 2020


Tony Delgado sits down with Scott Tanker on the Breakfast with the Boss show to discuss how he started Disrupt and the mission to create a digital economy in Puerto Rico. RVN TV is a platform for people of any industry …

John Sonmez - How To Master The Bulldog Mindset

April 8th, 2020


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast, we have a live interview with John  Sonmez from The Bulldog Mindset! We talk about how he quit his job and …

Ralph Dibugnara - Disrupting The Real Estate Industry

April 7th, 2020


As a nationally recognized real estate expert, Ralph Dibugnara finds his own way to disrupt the real estate industry. Ralph is more than an adviser. …


April 7th, 2020


John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award winning podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. With …

Jacob Galea - How To Give Birth To The Super You

April 7th, 2020


Omar Prestwich - Running Social Media For A Global Brand

April 1st, 2020


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview Omar Prestwich about what It Is Like Running Social Media For A Global Brand Like K-Swiss. 

You …

Tom La Vecchia - New Theory Magazine

March 31st, 2020


"How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch" - On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast, Tony Delgado sits down to interview Tom La Vecchia, Founder and President of X Factor Media and Publisher of the New …

Tony Delgado Interview On Good Morning LA

February 20th, 2020


On this episode of the Good Morning La La Land morning show hip-hop mogul and celebrity DJ PVNCH and Tony Delgado sit down to discuss how we can …

Tai Lopez - WiFi And A Dream

September 26th, 2019


Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts Tai shares …

Ryan Stewman - Hardcore Closer

September 4th, 2019


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview the Hardcore Closer himself, Ryan Stewman about business partnerships, team building and how he …

Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley - Entrepreneurship is the New HipHop

July 10th, 2019


Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley is a Former Music Mogul who Retired at age 29 to Reinvent his Life As A NIKE / Ironman Athlete, Entrepreneurs and …

Ninos Shamo - 16 Year Old Shopify Dropshipper

May 24th, 2019


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast, we get to interview Ninos Shamo a 16 year old boy who changed his life with shopify dropshipping! 

Rramon Fulcher - Winning Is A Choice

May 19th, 2019


Rramon Fulcher is a serial entrepreneur and the bestselling author of the book, Winning Is A Choice: You Must Choose It, It Won’t Choose You.

Interview with Chris Cash in Vegas

May 6th, 2019


Interview with Chris Cash and Nova Bless out in Vegas

El Patronn - Brooklyn Mitsubishi

April 11th, 2019


The King of Cars El Patronn Automotive Industry Executive, Expert, and Strategist. Managing Partner. Brooklyn Mitsubishi.

Follow El Patronn on IG:


April 2nd, 2019


Entrepreneur, Investor, Deal Maker and Master Connector.
Skills include Public Speaking, Negotiation, Human Communication, Recruiting, Team Building and Leadership.

I have built Marketing Teams into the hundreds of …

Bryan Edmund - After Fownders

April 1st, 2019


Bryan Edmund is the Founder of @Afterfound™️ a company on a mission to help you jumpstart your digital marketing career.

John Malott - Influencers in Cars

March 31st, 2019


This is a conversation me and John Malott had on the way to Paul Getters mastermind event.

Interview with Joe Santos Garcia on CodingPhase

March 20th, 2019


This is my interview with Joe Santos Garcia on the YouTube Channel. 

Be sure to subscribe to his channel at:

Justin Schenck - Growth Now Movement

March 20th, 2019


Justin Schenck is the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement and founder of Growth Now, LLC which is a full service podcast production …

Tami Zakrie - GrowthSource Academy

March 20th, 2019


Tami Zakrie is a self proclaimed badass boss lady, New York Real estate agent and she coaches women entrepreneurs. She is also part of Growthsource Academy (GSA) is a non-profit organization aimed at lifting women to …

Joey YAK - Entrepreneur Music

March 20th, 2019


Went from being a recording artist Signed to Nelly and touring the country with Bone Thugs n Harmony to leaving it all behind to go back home to his family. 

To getting into sales and being the number 1 sales rep, quit …

Steven Anthony Thomas Lüthje - How to Disrupt Yourself

March 20th, 2019


25 year old entrepreneur born in New York and raised in the Dominican Republic with 7 years of experience in sales and network marketing, now …

Maxim Trubitski - 7 Figures at 17

March 17th, 2019


Maxim Trubitski is the founder and CEO of VLM Ventures, the largest 1-on-1 E-commerce automation program online. His clients made a combined $3.7 million in 2018.

Maxim quickly became one of the top marketing …

Kamala Chambers - Thriving Launch

March 15th, 2019


Maybe you've seen her in Forbes or on a TEDx stage, Kamala Chambers is the owner of a company that inspires mission-driven entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their global impact. 

By the time …

The Money Podcast

March 11th, 2019


What is money? What is the future of money? This is a discussion that I had in the car on the way back from the beach.

Tanner Chidester - 7 Figure Fitness

March 7th, 2019


Interview with Tanner Chidester on how he scaled his 7 figure fitness business. 

Follow me on IG:

Anthony Delgado - Entrepreneur and Inspire

March 6th, 2019


Anthony Delgado is interviewed on the Entrepreneur and Inspire Podcast 

Anthony Santiago - Dropped out of Med School to Become an Influencer

March 4th, 2019


Anthony Santiago is an Instagram marketing expert and influencer. Anthony started at Rutgers as a pre-med student. He in trying to create an outlet for his passion for art created @Art_Daily and grew it to over a …

DJ Dashti - WorkVille NYC

February 17th, 2019


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview the Co-Founder of WorkVille NYC, serial entrepreneur DJ Dashti 🔥

Adriana Hernández - Teaching Social Media in Puerto Rico

February 17th, 2019


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to interview Adriana Hernández at Piloto 151 in San Juan Puerto Rico.  

Anthony Delgado Keynote at Social Media Week Puerto Rico

February 17th, 2019


In this episode Anthony Delgado gives the keynote speech at Social Media Week Puerto Rico 2018

Felix Ekwueme - The Future Role of Technology for Emerging Markets

February 13th, 2019


In this episode of the Disrupt Podcast, we talk to Felix Ekwueme about the Future Role of Technology for Emerging Markets . Felix loves building …

Why We Started Disrupt - Interview w/ Glenn Parada

February 6th, 2019


On this episode of the podcast, Anthony Delgado is interviewed by Glenn Parada about Why He Started Disrupt. This interview was originally aired on the ParadaWorks Podcast. 

Mr Eddie Kane - Street Fashion Model

January 31st, 2019


In this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview Mr Eddie Kane, a popular street fashion model, born and raised in Brooklyn New York.

Follow Mr …

Jimmie Allen - The Avvocato

January 30th, 2019


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview love and relationship coach, Jimmie Allen of The Avvocato. We discuss everything from dating …

Tetty Thomas - Making Tech Dope AF

January 29th, 2019


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we talk to Tetty Thomas about entrepreneurship,  coding, latinos in tech and blasting female stereotypes. 

Brendan Meyers - Wifi and a Dream

January 26th, 2019


 Brendan Meyers started his career in digital marketing as an influencer, growing 1 million followers on Facebook in 6 months. Since then he has …

Vince Del Monte - 7-Figure Mastermind

January 26th, 2019


Vince realized that his true purpose and passion was coaching other guys to build a rich and fulfilling life, INCLUDING the body of their dreams.


January 19th, 2019


Bobby is a business strategist who's talented team of 17, will predictably grow and scale your business for you using his proven systems and chess move like thinking. If you're looking for an unfair advantage, you …

Raul Villacis - Disrupt Yourself

January 19th, 2019


Father, Husband, Best-Selling Author, Life & Business Strategist, Entrepreneur & Investor

Leading High-Level Men Entrepreneurs to The Next …

Alana Matos - Developing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

January 13th, 2019


 Alana is an entrepreneur, UX designer, and writer. She previously founded the edtech company Caila and participated in Parallel18's accelerator in Puerto Rico. Since then, she’s dedicated her career towards promoting …

Todd Denkin - Digipath

January 11th, 2019


Since joining Digipath, Inc., in 2014 Todd Denkin has transformed the company from a pure digital pathology solution provider into a leader in the …

Latino Wealth Movement Podcast

January 6th, 2019


In this episode of Disrupt, Anthony Delgado speaks with Darwin Roman from the Latino Wealth Movement Podcast. 

Nick Scott - Bots Are The Future

January 6th, 2019


Anthony Delgado, CEO & founder of Disrupt Media & Nick Scott, co-founder of arsenalOS talk about life as former agency owners, learning to provide disruptive services and landing a $900,000 Twilio Bot deal. 

Victor Park - Alternative Asset

December 30th, 2018


Principal and Founder of Alternative Assets, a vertically and horizontally integrated hedge fund capital raising firm with 3 offices in the United States. In addition to being a Founding Partner of

Interview on Dropping Diamonds Podcast

December 30th, 2018


Anthony Delgado gets Interviewed on the Dropping Diamonds Podcast

Paul Faerstein - 7 Figure Practice

December 30th, 2018


Paul Faerstein is a digital marketing guru, public speaker, and serial entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience architecting business growth …

Warren Bailey - Bringing 5G to Puerto Rico

December 30th, 2018


During this fireside chat we sit down with Warren Bailey , the founder of a new company that is bringing 5G Internet to the island of Puerto Rico.

Randy Thompson - Valhalla Private Capital

December 30th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview Randy Thompson, the CEO and Chairman of Valhalla Private Capital. He has been an Internet Entrepreneur since the dot com era, he has helped startups raise over 60 …

Oscar Garcia - Uulala

December 27th, 2018


 Oscar Garcia, a serial entrepreneur, started his journey with the US

Olympic diving team when he was 18, during the Olympic trials there

was an unfortunate injury and Mr. Garcia transitioned from

competitive athletics …

Why 2019 is the best year to start a Podcast

December 25th, 2018


If you are looking to start a new podcast this year or even you’re a podcaster who wants to take your podcast and your business to the next level, …

Gerard Adams - Leaders Create Leaders

December 23rd, 2018


Gerard Adams is an American entrepreneur. Adams was co-founder of Elite Daily a news site targeted towards millennials, which sold to the Daily Mail …

How Millennials Will BEAT Their Parents to Retirement

December 23rd, 2018


PNT GVN (pronounced Point Given), is an author/corporate trainer/public speaker.  He has spent the past 15 years in multiple executive management …

Carlos Gil – Social Media Influencer Panel

December 22nd, 2018


We were lucky enough to catch up with Carlos Gil while he was in NYC and we setup a Disrupt NYC meetup were over 100+ people showed up with under 48 hours of notice. The place was packed and although we had planned to …

Roberto Blake - Creative Entrepreneur

December 22nd, 2018


Creativity, Consistency and Context are the core values in my business & marketing philosophy.

I Help Brands and Influencers understand the value of CONTENT STRATEGY and how to deliver a message to their audience …

Nick Long - The Next 90

December 22nd, 2018


A self motivated and high energy marketing CEO but entrepreneurial at the core. I have a passion for people, new ideas, and networking. I’m interested in working with the industry leaders to provide quality marketing …

Jonathan Chou - Reinventing the Home Sharing Economy

December 19th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview Jonathan Chou, the co-founder of Bee Token, a new app that is reinventing the Home Sharing Economy.

GroceryBit - Get Paid Bitcoin for your Receipts

December 19th, 2018


We interview Pete the founder of GroceryBit at the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, NJ

Jason Dmore - Interview in Atlantic City

December 19th, 2018


We interviewed musical artist Jason Dmore at the BWC in Atlantic City

CORE - Blockchain Community Development

December 19th, 2018


We had the chance to interview the founders of the CORE - Blockchain Community Development team at the BWC in Atlantic City, NJ.

Michael Moll - Reitium Blockchain

December 19th, 2018


We got the chance to interview Michael Moll, the founder of Reitium Blockchain at Token Fest 2018

Why I quit my job and moved to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

December 19th, 2018


This is a section of a keynote that I gave at Social Media Week in Puerto Rico 2018

Dylan Leighton & Matt Starkey from Oracle-D

December 19th, 2018


We got the change to interview Dylan Leighton & Matt Starkey from Oracle-D at Token Fest Boston 2018

Future Predictions for Bitcoin in 2019?

December 19th, 2018


2018 Has Been a Terrible Year for Bitcoin; What is the future of bitcoin in 2019?


Ed Stulak - The Millennial Realtor

December 17th, 2018


I was born and raised into a Czechoslovakian family. Growing up in a blue-collar home; my father; a professional carpenter, worked endlessly …

Ben Oberg - Millionaire Mafia

December 17th, 2018


I grew up in a town with a population of roughly 100 people and did mostly hard labor work through my teens. After high school i turned down college …

Todd Bergin - I left my law practice and became an entrepreneur

December 17th, 2018


Hi! I'm Todd...
I’m just an ordinary guy who has been married for over 20 years, that has two children and lives in Southern California.

I’m enjoying life. My wife and kids are doing great, and I am blessed to have such …

Akbar Sheikh - Building 7-Figure Clickfunnels for Good

December 17th, 2018


Akbar sheikh is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, master of the 7 Ethical Principles of Persuasion, has helped 7 funnels hit 7 figures, father, and philanthropist with a concentration on orphans and …


December 17th, 2018


Spent over $100,000 and traveled the states for 3 years to find a niche.
Found a common problem with influencer entrepreneurs that was a big opportunity, then I started to create courses for them.
I worked with SEO …

Jeremy Slate - Create Your Own Life

December 17th, 2018


Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to. He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in using podcasting and new …

Rene Lacad - Why I dropped out of college at 18

December 17th, 2018


Rene Lacad is a 23 year old entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, California. After dropping out of college at 18 years old he pursued …

Ken Lang - Cosimo Ventures

December 12th, 2018


At Token Fest 2018 in Boston we had the chance to interview Ken Lang from Cosimo Ventures to talk about a new type of cryptocurrency called NDAU. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NDAU is the world's first “Buoyant” …

Paul Getter - Revenge of the Coolest Nerd in Town

December 11th, 2018


On this follow-up episode, we get a change to connect with Paul Getter in person in New York City. Paul stops by Workville for a rooftop interview …

Alex Grieco - From Italy to Puerto Rico

December 11th, 2018


Alex Grieco was born in Italy from a middle class, hard working family. He thought that he had to go to school, pay attention to my teachers and one …

Bitcoin Energy Drink - Liquid Assets

December 10th, 2018


At the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, we got the change to interview Sheel Patel, the CEO and Founder of Bitcoin Energy Drink - Liquid …

Nicole DeCicco - Cold Storage Coin

December 10th, 2018


Want to learn how to keep your Bitcoin safe and secure and away from hackers? We sit-down with Nicole DeCicco from Cold Storage Coin at Blockchain …

Can Blockchain stop Brazil's Economy Collapse?

December 10th, 2018


At the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City we got the interview the team at CriptoHub a local Cryptocurrency Exchange focused on servicing the Brazilian Market. Due to rough economic times and an unstable …

Karim Babay - Health Sapiens

December 10th, 2018



We sit down with Karim Babay the founder of Health Sapiens at the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City.

Fireside chat with Billion from Blockfinity at Disrupt Week

December 10th, 2018


Fireside chat with Billion from Blockfinity at Disrupt Week 2018.

Learn more about Blockfinity at:

Eli Calderon Morin - Food Stamps on the Blockchain?

December 10th, 2018


We sit down with Eli Calderon Morin to talk about his new startup All_ebt which aims to put food stamps on the Blockchain! All_ebt is a smart wallet for Food Stamps. Over 54 million Americans receive SNAP (food stamp) …

Ryan McCarty - Culture of Good

December 10th, 2018


Imagine what our world would be like if all employees of all businesses were given the permission to care about not just their job but also their …

Rhett Creighton - Forking Cryptocurrency

December 9th, 2018


Rhett Creighton helped create the Zclassic and Zen forks of Zcash (Over $50M market cap) and more recently, Whalecoin. He contributed to the Bitcoin Core test suite and is an MIT alum.

Vicky Llerena - Social Vibes Media

December 9th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we sit down with the Vicky Llerena, the CEO and Founder of Social Vibes Media in Jersey City, New Jersey. Vicky Llerena is CEO, host, and digital marketing strategist for Social …

BrainHi - How we got accepted into Y-Combinator

December 9th, 2018


BrainHi becomes first Puerto Rican startup to be accepted into YC!

Jason Malki - StrtupBoost

December 9th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Jason Malki the founder of StrtupBoost. StrtupBoost is a 30,000 strong community of Entrepreneurial and Established Company executives who come …

Laura Egocheaga - Divbe Tech

December 9th, 2018


Laura Egocheaga is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Divbe Tech, a Growth Hacking digital agency servicing eCommerce & Brick and Mortar clients across the United States.

Laura started learning her …

Integrity vs Morality

December 9th, 2018


This is a snippet of a 10AM conference call with the Disrupt team about the difference between Integrity and Morality in an organization.

Sabah Ali - How to Write a Best Selling Book in 30 days

December 9th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Sabah Ali to talk about how she wrote and published a best selling book in less than 30 days!

Daniel Fainman - Larecoin

December 9th, 2018


Daniel Fainman from Larecoin wants to end student debt!

We got the chance to catch up with Daniel Fainman, the CEO and Founder of Larecoin, a tuition token that aims to eradicate student debt. We talk about their …

Jason Fishman - $75 Million in Crypto funding

December 9th, 2018


Jason Fishman has 10+ years experience as a “New Media Enthusiast”, who genuinely enjoys planning, activating, and managing scalable marketing …

Mir Fontane - How Music Impacts the Next Generation

December 9th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with music artist Mir Fontane at the BWC Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. Jamir “Mir Fontane” Daaliya is a rapper from Camden, NJ who was nominated …

Ayesha Sehra - Instagram Fitness Influencer

December 9th, 2018


Ayesha Sehra is a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Personal Development Coach & Social Media Influencer on a mission to inspire the masses through her Lead With Love movement. Lead with Love is a movement catered to …

Lenora Porter - Women in Tech

December 9th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Lenora Porter, Product Designer at IDT to talk about how she broke into tech without a computer science degree!

"I am just a woman in tech …

Jeremy Adams - Unicorn Innovations

December 9th, 2018


Being one of Forbes' &'s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Jeremy C. Adams is not timid to climb the ladder of ultimate success. …

Hamdan Azhar -

December 9th, 2018


Hamdan Azhar is the Chief Data Scientist at a platform allows users to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and Decentralized Application compatible data feeds all on the Blockchain. Hamdan Azhar is …

Nick Thomson - VIVA Network

December 9th, 2018


Nick Thomson is an entrepreneur, blockchain visionary and the CEO of Viva Network, a new blockchain company that is aiming to disrupt the mortgage industry.
We had the opportunity to sit down with Nick at the Blockchain …

Lena Elkins - Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Tel Aviv

December 9th, 2018


A couple of years ago, Lena Elkins was working at your typical 9-5 full-time job. Pretty soon she found herself loathing her position and wishing to …

Arian Ney - Why I Deleted My 300K Instagram Account

December 9th, 2018


Arian Ney is an impact driven entrepreneur, who has collectively motivated and inspired thousands of people to be a better version of themselves. He …

Stephanie Saenz - Scope Marketing Group

December 9th, 2018


Marketer | Analytical | Passion for Digital Space|
Creates winning products and marketing campaigns

Stephanie Saenz is a Social Media & Digital Marketing powerhouse who has won awards and has gone viral for her social …

Justin Wu - Hackapreneur

December 9th, 2018


Justin Wu is a serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, digital marketer, social media influencer, crypto enthusiast and blockchain thought leader. On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we caught up with Justin at the …

Sofia Stolberg - Piloto 151

December 9th, 2018


Sofia Stolberg is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Community Builder and the CEO and Founder of Piloto 151, the first co-working space in Puerto Rico and …

Nick Spanos - Bringing Bitcoin to Wall Street

December 9th, 2018


Nick Spanos is an early American computer programmer, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. found the Bitcoin Center NYC on the financial district of New York City, across from Wall Street. Nick Spanos later co-founded …

Paul Getter – The Internet Marketing Nerd

December 9th, 2018


Just 9 short years ago, Paul Getter was broke, struggling, and trying to make ends meet delivering phone books out of the back of his 1996 Dodge …

John Malott - Build Your Empire

December 9th, 2018


In this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we get the change to link up with my good friend John Malott.

Reekita Gala - Augmented Reality Marketing

September 25th, 2018


Reekita Shah Alias Gala from Vrare-vr/ar experiences. She is an expert in VR/AR Marketing and creating unique Strategies[virtual Reality and Augmented Reality]. She helps marketers, educators, e-commerce entrepreneurs …

Gusten Sundqvist - Instagram Marketing

September 17th, 2018


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Gusten Sundqvist the founder of Entreprnrs a new startup that teaches people entrepreneurship online. Gusten has a passion for helping …

Stephen Lupsha - When will blockchain be ready for grandma?

September 10th, 2018


Daplie Connect is a personal server that’s easy to use and completely secure. It’s a fully automated server that lives at home or the office and …

Sebastian Vidal - Parallel 18 Puerto Rico

August 8th, 2018


I sit down with the executive director of Parallel 18, Sebastian Vidal.  Parallel18 welcomes innovators from around the globe to help them scale from Puerto Rico to global communities beyond the Island. Supporting …

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