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Jesus Eefin Christ

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It's a rancho here on this yakety of an episode. Pickles and kimchi do not mix in this one, let me tell you. Who is in the background of Scrappy Doo's parties? Bleepidly Bleep, surely. Stay tuned for Spencer nailing Booth chatter. Donate to help Tish's friend:

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Thinking About Structurally

October 12th, 2018


Spencer returns for Spencer and Dino time. Dino is still cooking. Later Dana, he's not a Mickey Mouse guy, collecting ephemera. A story of torturous …

Jukebox Monday

October 5th, 2018


Job offers and food, Dana brings them all. In Syracuse, do they have restaurants? Yes, yes, there is a ... chance. Do bones wear pants? For godsakes, they better, but it's October 1st. Edith, ease off the eef and let's …

Lucy Balls

September 28th, 2018


Bobby's Burritos and Jeff Davis arrive. Beyond friends, everyone. Animals named. Crochett and knitting explained. Halloween discussion, sure, why not? But it is getting so late. Read this chapter about Doug.

Speaking Of F Troop

September 21st, 2018


Hello dum-dums. Scott Adsit arrives. "I'm just talking outloud here," with Harpo-ing tales of Fatty Arbuckles and Spencer brings his love of voiceover and we all learn the difference between Daniel Boone and Davy …


September 14th, 2018


Bobby's Burritos, Henry Zebrowski and Natalie are in studio on The Strip Strip. Babies, the boneless crab of the abortion buffet. "I'd kill to be an orphan."


September 7th, 2018


Tooth talk today in the Safe Space. How many berets does it take to make you a communist? How poor do you have to be to afford a barrel? Later, Dana retells his Dave Thomas Wilfred Brimley story. We end with Galen …

Eight Bucks

August 24th, 2018


A self-haunted episode, ghosts of the past, ghosts of the... present? Bagels. Duck cat food. Splotch Eggs. Homes for cockroaches. The famous Something & Something. It's all here.

Baby Agents

August 17th, 2018


"I can't stand cold piss." Artist Ember Knight joins. Dana is late. All beef slaw dogs are on time. Enter Tokyo Bananas with the dressmaker. Waist up …


August 3rd, 2018


Death, no love, and race. How many hotdogs does it take to make a hero? What do millenials blast on? How will Spencer die? An episode of learning, this week in the Safe Space.

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