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Lara Currie is on a mission to transform the way we communicate with one another. The workplace doesn't have to be the source of conflict and discord. She'll teach you how to have open and honest communication with people, how to navigate conflict, and how to deal with the difficult "stuff" we all e… read more

100 Episodes | 2019 - 2021

185 How to Tame a Client

November 2nd, 2021


“Uncertainty creates fear, fear create anger” -- Lara Currie

Out of control Karen’s are the poster people for the rise in bad behavior.

Uncertainty …

184 Camaraderie; Toxic or Not

October 26th, 2021


We spend a lot of time with the people we work with. Whether in person or online friendships form, and leadership often tries to encourage a sense of camaraderie with staff.

Without knowing it, this can create strife …

183 How Toxic Happens

October 19th, 2021


Do you ever wonder how a workplace turns toxic?

It doesn’t happen all at once, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Like a pot that slowly boils there are a lot of steps along the way where you can stop the chain reaction …

182 Leadership & Loneliness

October 12th, 2021


On top of everything else that you have had to deal with this past year, now loneliness is on the rise, and the impact of loneliness on you and the …

181 Walk the Walk

October 5th, 2021


Our best self makes all the plans but she doesn't always show up to implement them

The world is full of information, a plethora of knowledge is just …

180 Using Stories to Relate to Clients with Carol Cox

August 17th, 2021


This is a juicy episode filled with the way’s that you can use stories in your everyday work life, from the boardroom to the stage. Carol and I talk …

179 Difficult Indeed Happened

August 10th, 2021


Well, some difficult S*it just happened.

In 176 weeks of recording the difficult happens podcast, I have never missed a publication. 

It’s time for …

176 Toxic or Not? Compliments

July 20th, 2021


Everyone, at one point in their life, has experienced a compliment that did not sit right. Either it was way too personal, or it felt a little backhanded.

That's why we're tackling whether or not compliments are toxic!

175 The one thing that makes all the difference

July 13th, 2021


"Knowledge is when you learn something new every day." We learn learn learn all day long but do we take enough time to apply? I love to learn, and learning the concepts is one thing, but implementing is another.

This …

174 The Masculine Feminine Myth

July 6th, 2021


What kind of energy do you give off? Do you find yourself expressing more masculine attributes or feminine?

This concept of masculine and feminine …

173 The Distracted Leader with Amber Hawley

June 29th, 2021


Have you ever found yourself engulfed in a project, focused on the little details like font or style, and before you realize it, hours have passed? 

172 Toxic or not? Assertiveness

June 22nd, 2021


When you think of someone who's being assertive, what comes to mind? Do you see someone who is direct and confident, or do you see someone who is …

171 The Impact of Images with Amy Balliett

June 15th, 2021


In a world that is increasingly growing more visual, how do you keep up?

Younger and younger generations are becoming more socially competent in understanding differences in the "true-self" and "Instagram-self," but …

170 Toxic or Not? Loyalty

June 8th, 2021


Do you consider yourself a loyal person? Do you expect loyalty from your friends?

On this episode of Toxic or Not, we are tackling loyalty. Many see loyalty as a black and white issue. You're either loyal or you're not, …

169 Women, money & business with Lesley Batson

June 1st, 2021


Who likes to talk about money?

Money and finances can be a minefield. How much should I charge? What are my costs? Do I really need this? There is a …

168 Toxic or Not?

May 25th, 2021


Have you ever worked someplace and only realized, looking back, that it was a pretty toxic place?

Sometimes figuring out that we are working in a …

167 Self-care as a form of bullying? with Stacy Fisher

May 18th, 2021


“I do not think that word means what you think it means” -- The princess bride.


The term “self care” has joined the ranks of other terms that have been watered down, co-opted, or re-defined to the point that it means …

166 Queen Bee or Bully? Leading a team of women

May 11th, 2021


Have you ever used the phrase "I'm not like other women"?  More often than not, we use this phrase to really say, "I'm not like the stereotype that has been placed on women."

Spoiler alert - none of us are. 

Women have …

165 Drama in the workplace with Patti Perez part 2

May 4th, 2021


“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters to your people.”  -- Julie Bevacqua

How good are you at …

164 Drama in the workplace with Patti Perez part 1

April 27th, 2021


“Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, "What else could this mean?” -- Shannon L. Alder


163 Lara has a Vulnerability Hangover

April 20th, 2021


“Vulnerability sounds like truth and courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”  -- Brené Brown


Opening our …

162 Refresh with Dysfunctional Affirmations

April 13th, 2021


Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see those little affirmation posts? What’s your first reaction? Have you tried them …

161 Restore - Essential Boundaries for Bosses

April 6th, 2021


“Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary.”

-- Doreen Virtue


Do you ever feel like you’re being taken advantage of? A coworker, boss, or even a friend asks more and more of you. It …

160 Reclaim Your Power; Breaking-Up Is Hard

March 30th, 2021


“Our authentic power is found in our truth. This is the place that shows us how to give what is so very good about ourselves.” -- Jeanne McElvaney


159 Recognize what’s really going on when Blame is an issue

March 23rd, 2021


“Blame is a clever trickster. At its root, blame is a form of fear that helps us avoid accountability for our lives.”  -- Debbie Ford

Can’t help but wonder why someone refuses to accept doing something wrong, even …

Bonus Episode

March 18th, 2021


“With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” 

-- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Guess what?! 

This is a very special episode of Difficult Happens …

158 What Entrepreneurs Know (that you should too)

March 16th, 2021


Ever wonder how you can become more productive? You schedule your tasks every day and try to balance your time but fall short of your goals. 

There …

157 When Good Clients Go Bad

March 9th, 2021


Have you ever had a client flip from a Dr. Jekyll to a Mr. Hyde?

Everything was going along fine and then suddenly their behavior started to change to evasive or defensive.

In most cases, they’re experiencing a …

156 3 Things Women Need To Run A Business

March 2nd, 2021


Sometimes we don’t get a choice on whether or not to be a leader.

When you run a small business, you will frequently be put into the leadership role …

155 In the trenches of a toxic workplace with Jenn Trepeck

February 23rd, 2021


What red flags have you missed?

When starting out, you can be caught up in the excitement of the job or dynamic and excuse behaviors while in the moment. A little thing here, a little thing there, it is easy to miss all …

154 10 Toxic Red Flags

February 16th, 2021


Why would anyone work in a toxic environment? 

A toxic workplace doesn’t crop up out of anywhere, it is created, moment by moment and action by …

153 One thing Bosses need to combat manipulation

February 9th, 2021


Manipulative toxic behavior is on the rise. There are studies, books, blogs, and podcasts full of information about this trend. But without this one …

152 The Challenge of Young Leaders with Shelby Moore

February 2nd, 2021


To be an impactful leader you need more than just good management techniques, you need good people skills.

Being aware of what motivates, encourages, …

151 3 Secrets Every Leader Should Know

January 26th, 2021


If you put two people in a room and there will be 4 different points of view. Like the old adage goes 'the definition of a dysfunctional family is …

150 The Key to Success

January 19th, 2021


Do you have a practice? 

I’m not talking about Spanish, piano, or handwriting practice I’m talking about a routine that you intentionally set up that helps you achieve a specific, measurable goal. 

When you have an …

149 The truth about productivity with Amber De La Garza

January 12th, 2021


Did you do some re-prioritising last year? 

With all of the unexpected ‘unprecedented events’ last year a lot of us have reprioritized the way we work and play. 

Many found this past year super productive while others, …

148 Thank you, Next

January 5th, 2021


In Ariana Grande’s song Thank You; Next, she runs down some relationships she has had and what she has learned from them, how she has found wisdom and gratitude even in those that did not work out as planned. 

Lessons …

147 Blame Shifting

December 29th, 2020


Manipulative people have an arsenal of tactics they will use against you. Blame-Shifting is one of the big ones. When it is used by a boss or …

146 How to Tame a Jerk

December 22nd, 2020


Jerky’esque behavior is rampant these days. Shocker (not).

Rude, jerky, manipulative behaviors are dysfunctional coping skills learned and practiced …

145 Magical Speaking - When words are used to manipulate

December 15th, 2020



When a manipulator starts spinning their tale it can feel like you are being tossed in a word salad!


One thing that all manipulators …

144 Get over it

December 8th, 2020


Oprah, Will Smith, & my Mom, all had an impact on the topic of today’s episode. Whether you have experienced a major life blow, like a divorce or a job change, or a more minor slight like a negative comment or angry …

143 When someone is disappointed in you

December 1st, 2020


No one likes that feeling of disappointing someone, or when someone didn’t live up to your expectations, this time of year, and this year in …

142 Unprecedented Change

November 24th, 2020


What changes have you experienced this year?

We are in a time ⏳of (that dreaded phrase) unprecedented change, some changes …

141 The Importance of Miscellaneous Regrettable Decisions

November 17th, 2020


We have all made decisions that we later regret. The question is, did you learn the lesson you needed to learn from that miscellaneous regrettable decision?

Ever turned down a great job because of a shinier one on the …

140 3 Reasons someone gets under your skin and what to do about it

November 10th, 2020


You know that one person who really pushes your buttons? Who gets under your skin? Yea, that’s the one.

Everyone has experienced an irritating person, that one dude who sits on your last nerve, or that mom on the PTA …

139 When Positivity is Toxic

November 3rd, 2020


Think positively, everything happens for a reason, the Universe will take care of it, it will all just magically disappear, it will go away.

Have you noticed this type of messaging out there? These vapid empty …

138 - Using Your Anger for Change? With Leslie D Lyons

October 27th, 2020


Is unintegrated anger impacting you? 

Anger is a powerful emotion, whether it's yours, or someone else's being directed AT you.

Righteous anger can …

137 Building Resilience & Thriving in Tough Times; Calling a Code Lavender

October 20th, 2020


There are markers along the timeline of our lives. Moments that mark a change, a significant event, or a vivid memory. Like anchors that signify that after this moment, we became different than we were in the moments …

136 Why People Get Triggered

October 13th, 2020


Some people just push your buttons, but why?

Manipulators are masters at it, toxic people do it, and those with immature or dysfunctional …

135 The Silent Treatment

October 6th, 2020


Has anyone ever used the silent treatment with you?

Have you ever been ghosted by someone?

It feels awful to be on the receiving end of someone …

134 Go Far Together; Lessons from the Sidelines with Ashley Fox

September 29th, 2020


When you work in an ego infused male-dominated field it can be hard to thrive. How do you build resilience while thriving in adversity?

My guest today, Ashley Fox, is one of the NFL’s most well-respected journalists and …

133 5 types of friends you need in your life, and those you don't

September 22nd, 2020


Have you ever heard the adage if you want to know who you are, look at your 5 closest friends, or show me who your …

132 Why people believe Liars

September 15th, 2020


“Oh what a tangled web we weave; When first we practice to deceive!” -- Sir Walter Scott

Have you ever wondered how people fall for cult leaders? Or …

131 5 Reasons it's WAY better than you think

September 8th, 2020


Garbage in, garbage out.

Have you noticed that there is a lot of negative fear-based messaging out there right now?

If we were to believe every story, post, or article that is published you may think our civilization is …

130 Microaggressions & How they are used to Control

September 1st, 2020


What are Micro-aggressions?

Aggression is aggression. Like most things, there is a scale involved, a range. To one extreme the aggression is war, …

129 How to be a better person while surrounded by Jerks

August 25th, 2020


Is seems almost cliche to say that we are living in unprecedented times. Or maybe it seems trite. Either way, one thing is certain, bad behavior is on the rise, and so is defensiveness leading to a lot of people acting …

128 How to Show Up Online with Deborrah Ashley

August 18th, 2020


How we show up online, now, is more important than in pre-COVID times. In-person meetings and large gatherings are a memory and it’s going to be a …

127 Fearing strong women - the attempted silencing of Kamala Harris

August 11th, 2020


Dog whistles, tropes, Microaggressions. Women in male-dominated fields deal with these attempts to silence, or sideline, them every week.

Last week it came to light that some in presidential candidate Joe Biden’s …

126 How to Tame a Jerk and Outwit a Manipulator

August 4th, 2020


Jerky’esque behavior is rampant these days. Shocker (not).

Rude, jerky, manipulative behaviors are dysfunctional coping skills learned and practiced …

125 What to say to a Victim Conflict-Personality Type

July 28th, 2020


“Get down off the cross honey, someone needs the wood” -- Dolly Parton

Drama Debbie is in the house, and her martyrdom is impacting everyone.

The …

124 The Four types of Toxic Bosses

July 21st, 2020


Every workplace has the potential to become toxic. When you get different personalities together and stressful situations crop up, dysfunctional …

123 When you Disappoint Someone

July 14th, 2020


Did you know that there are two types of disappointment?  

The kind that is your responsibility and that you need to reckon with and make amends for and the kind that does not belong to you and sprouts from others’ …

122 How real change can happen; Mindful Leadership with Puja Madan

July 7th, 2020


The most well established, predictable, staunch systems are being re-imagined. Many companies and leaders are looking to make substantive changes. …

121 Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Manipulation Tactic

June 30th, 2020


Have you ever been talking with someone and there is a lot being said, but not much understanding?

Last  week in the Difficult Happens Podcast …

120 Taking my own advice

June 23rd, 2020


“I felt so much that I started to feel nothing” -- Lara

When we learn, we grow. In my lifetime, there have been many…. let’s say ‘opportunities for growth.’ Today is another one of those opportunities. 

Our bodies keep …

119 When Anger is a Mask Emotion

June 16th, 2020


“When we know better, we do better.” -- Maya Angelou


Anger is a powerful emotion, anger is the great protector. Anger can also be a mask for …

118 Difficult Conversations with Yourself

June 9th, 2020


“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” -- Ford


Have you ever had to have a difficult conversation …

117 How to Listen

June 2nd, 2020


"Listen to hear, not to respond.” Lara


The simple act of listening can diffuse a tense situation.

We’ve all experienced a conversation where the other person is just waiting to respond, not really listening.

116 What Women in Male Dominated Fields Needs

May 26th, 2020


We’ve come a long way baby… and there is farther to go. When it comes to gender equality, the pace of change is slow. If you are a woman in a male-dominated field, the pace of change can feel glacial, and at times, as …

[BONUS] Building resilience in Hard Times Coffee & Conversation with Ameé Quiriconi

May 22nd, 2020


Divorce, changing jobs, shifting friendships, or even say a nasty virus. Hard times and change are inevitable, so how do you make it through and build resilience?

When you are no stranger to dysfunction, trauma, …

115 How to get you through a tough conversation

May 19th, 2020




Sometimes avoiding a tough conversation is the way to go, the ones that involve issues that work themselves out with time. Most …

114 What leadership should look like now

May 12th, 2020




Leadership is evolving and that’s a good thing.


Fluid and ever-changing aren’t just buzzwords, they are the new norm which means that …

[BONUS] Culture, Context, and Discourse - Coffee and Conversation

May 8th, 2020


If you were to graph out what communication is, it would look like a vast interconnected web that goes on forever. There are so many variables that …

Ep 113 Maintaining Business Continuity in a Crisis With Mark Hoffman

May 5th, 2020


"The secret of good crisis management is not good vs. bad, it’s preventing the bad from getting worse.”  Andy Gilman

How do you prepare for days that you hope will never come? 

Uncertainty is an inevitability, and these …

112 Blame Shifting - Toxic Work environment 101

April 28th, 2020


Manipulative people have an arsenal of tactics they will use against you. Blame-Shifting is one of the big ones. When it is used by a boss or …

111 An Uplifting Conversation about Tragic Things with Maja Kazazic

April 21st, 2020


Happiness and Joy can be found in the most difficult of situations. In today’s episode, Maja and I dive Into finding the good in a difficult …

110 Be on the lookout for this...

April 14th, 2020


It might escape notice, slip right under your radar like a birthday of a distant relative and yet it impacts every one of us from Queen’s to service workers. Stress & anxiety has many faces and often escape notice …

109 The Conversation we NEED to Have Right Now with Molly McPherson

April 7th, 2020


This was the conversation we should all be having.

There is a “new leadership” model that is emerging right now. One that is more humanistic, open …

108 Pandemic 101; Assume That & Do This

March 31st, 2020


It is a super strange time that we are in right now. Things are changing by the hour. One thing is certain, during a Pandemic, there will be some uncertainty.

In today’s episode, I dive into how people react, why they …

The Fastest Way to Calm Down (107)

March 24th, 2020



Oh-No she didn’t!

It doesn’t matter who you are; mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey, my Mom, you get mad.


Not like ‘teenager forbidden to …

Jerks at the Gym - Lara’s in a Bad Mood (106)

March 17th, 2020


Have you ever noticed that when you are in a bad mood, jerks and rude behavior really get’s under your skin?

Covid 19, a busy work schedule, travel …

This is Why (105)

March 10th, 2020


Dysfunctional communication, incivility, and bad behavior impact us all. Taking your power back and building strong boundaries is easier than you think.

This is why I podcast. To raise awareness of dysfunctional …

You're Dysfunction is showing (104)

March 3rd, 2020



“It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them” Mark Twain

Gossip, griping, negativity, seems to be everywhere right now. Dysfunctional, passive-aggressive …

I’m Rubber, You Glue - It’s Not Me, It’s You (103)

February 25th, 2020



“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” Joseph Campbell

I’m rubber your glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you. 

This …

Magical Speaking - When words are used to manipulate (102)

February 18th, 2020



When a manipulator starts spinning their tale it can feel like you are being tossed in a word salad!


One thing that all manipulators …

Love and the Modern Woman with Amber Hawley (101)

February 11th, 2020


“When you can be strong alone, you will be stronger together.”

It can feel like you have to choose between a successful career and a successful …

100 Where to draw the line

February 4th, 2020



“Not Making a choice is a choice.”

When is the right time to make a change?

Change happens in a moment, a moment when the status quo, the …

99 Dont say that, say this

January 28th, 2020



“You are a master to the words you don’t say and a slave to the ones you do.”

Touchy conversations can be a minefield to navigate, so how do you decide what to say and when to say it? 

Sometimes we respond out …

98 Leadership & Influence with Carol Cox

January 21st, 2020



“My best successes came on the heels of failures.”

― Barbara Corcoran

What makes a Great Leader?

Sometimes the greatest leaders that impact …

97 How to Deal with Jerks

January 14th, 2020



“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

― Joyce Meyer

What do you do about a Jerk?

You can’t avoid coming across one. You may even have one in your office, social group or sphere of influence. …

96 Toxic Tactics to watch out for

January 7th, 2020


“Negative people have a problem for every solution.”

― Albert Einstein

It’s the little things that create a weak spot in your boundaries, and this …

95 Endings & Beginnings with Ameé Quiriconi

December 31st, 2019


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

― Albert Einstein

In this year-end episode, Amee Quiriconi of the One Broken Mom Podcast joins me to …

94 How micro-managing led to a toxic workplace [Case Study]

December 24th, 2019


The Away travel brand went from a fast-growing popular brand to the epitome of the new toxic work environment leading to one of the CEO’s & …

93 The Fan Incident; I know you are but what am I

December 17th, 2019



It started at a neighborhood wine bar and ended on amazon prime.

Your personal values, along with the social norms of the time dictate …

92 Pressure & Procrastination

December 10th, 2019


Have you ever noticed that procrastination goes hand in hand with pressure?

Whether it is the pressure that came first or the procrastination that leads to the pressure, they go hand in hand.


Everyone procrastinates …

91 Awkward conversations A survival guide

December 3rd, 2019


Summary: Shorter days, colder nights and seasonal celebrations abound, welcome to trigger-season.


This is the season of gathering & …

90 Attitudes and Gratitudes

November 26th, 2019


How do you find gratitude when you have a bad attitude? 

As whole human beings, we experience a range of emotions every day, some are good, and some …

89 How to get over it

November 19th, 2019


How to get over it Whether you have experienced a major life blow, like a divorce or a job change, or a more minor slight like a negative comment or angry road incident, it can be hard to move past it.

On today’s show, …

88 Where you are is the problem

November 12th, 2019


If you are a Perfectionist or have the Disease to Please, your very environment can trigger you. We have unconscious …

Episode: 87 Perfectionism Triggers & the Feels

November 5th, 2019


Perfectionism is a trap that can keep you frozen in inaction or frenzied in productive procrastination.

This perfectionist trap can trigger feelings that lead you down the road to a fight, flight, freeze or appease …

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