Desert Island Discs: Archive 1971-1975

24 EpisodesProduced by BBC Radio 4

Guests are invited to choose the eight records they would take to a desert island

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C P Snow

August 2nd, 1975


Roy Plomley's castaway is writer C P Snow.

Favourite track: Henry IV Part II (Act 3, Scene 2) by William Shakespeare
Book: Russian grammar
Luxury: Writing materials

Helen Bradley

July 5th, 1975


Roy Plomley's castaway is painter Helen Bradley.

Favourite track: Trois Gymnopédies by Satie
Book: A great tome on the law
Luxury: A soap that kills mosquitoes

Ben Travers

May 10th, 1975


Roy Plomley's castaway is farce writer Ben Travers.

Favourite track: My Love Parade by Maurice Chevalier
Book: The collected works by Robert Browning

Sir John Betjeman

April 12th, 1975


Roy Plomley's castaway is Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman.

Favourite track: Ombra Mai Fù by George Frideric Handel
Book: The Golden Treasury by Francis …

Emlyn Williams

February 15th, 1975


Roy Plomley's castaway is actor and playwright Emlyn Williams.

Favourite track: Elizabethan Serenade by Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra
Book: Dictionary
Luxury: Typewriter, pen, paper

Polly James

October 19th, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is actress Polly James.

Favourite track: Your Tiny Hand is Frozen (Che gelida manina) (from La Boheme) by Giacomo Puccini
Book: …

Richard Walker

July 6th, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is angler Richard Walker.

Favourite track: Nessun Dorma by Giacomo Puccini
Book: Puck of Pook's Hill by Rudyard Kipling
Luxury: …

Leslie Mitchell

June 1st, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is broadcaster Leslie Mitchell.

Favourite track: Summer Night On The River by Frederick Delius
Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci
Luxury: Silver box containing a miniature singing bird

Brian Johnston

March 16th, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is broadcaster Brian Johnston.

Favourite track: Double Damask by Cicely Courtneidge & Ivor McLaren
Book: Funny Way to be a Hero by James Fisher
Luxury: Automatic bowling machine & cricket …

Roy Fox

February 16th, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is bandleader Roy Fox.

Favourite track: Whispering by Roy Fox and his Orchestra
Book: Volume of crossword puzzles
Luxury: Radio …

Sir Terence Rattigan

January 12th, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is playwright Sir Terence Rattigan.

Favourite track: Forty Years On by Harrow School Boys
Book: The Decline and Fall of the …

Dr Jacob Bronowski

January 5th, 1974


Roy Plomley's castaway is scientist and broadcaster Dr Jacob Bronowski.

Favourite track: Se Vuol Ballare by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Book: Volume on …

John Mills

December 22nd, 1973


Roy Plomley's castaway is actor John Mills.

Favourite track: Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in D Major by Edward Elgar
Book: Book on zoology
Luxury: …

Arnold Ridley

November 3rd, 1973


Roy Plomley's castaway is actor and playwright Arnold Ridley.

Favourite track: Tannhäuser (Overture) by Richard Wagner
Book: Bradshaw's Railway …

Denise Robins

January 20th, 1973


Roy Plomley's castaway is romantic novelist Denise Robins.

Favourite track: Die Walkure by Richard Wagner
Book: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Luxury: Family photograph

Beverly Sills

November 18th, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is soprano Beverly Sills.

Favourite track: Salome by Richard Strauss
Book: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Luxury: Telephone

Imogen Holst

October 30th, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is conductor and musicologist Imogen Holst.

Favourite track: Rondo by Henry Purcell
Book: Reverend Francis Kilvert, Diary …

Edward Ardizzone

August 5th, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is water colourist Edward Ardizzone.

Favourite track: Piano Concerto No 5 In E Flat Major by Ludwig van Beethoven
Book: The …

Sir Arthur Bliss

July 29th, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is master of the Queen's Music Sir Arthur Bliss.

Favourite track: Fair Is My Love by Arthur Bliss
Book: The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss
Luxury: Pair of field glasses

Alec Robertson

June 3rd, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is writer Alec Robertson.

Favourite track: In Paradisum by Gabriel Fauré
Book: 48 Preludes and fugues by Bach
Luxury: Piano

Leonide Massine

April 22nd, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is choreographer Leonide Massine.

Favourite track: I Have Attained The Highest Power by Modest Mussorgsky
Book: The Theory of Choreography by Leonide Massine

Isaac Stern

January 8th, 1972


Roy Plomley's castaway is violinist Isaac Stern.

Book: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Luxury: Refrigerator

Artur Rubinstein

August 28th, 1971


Roy Plomley's castaway is concert pianist Artur Rubinstein.

Favourite track: String Quintet In C by Franz Schubert
Book: Any one from his library

Alan Keith

February 8th, 1971


Roy Plomley's castaway is actor and broadcaster Alan Keith.

Favourite track: Symphony No. 5 In C Minor by Ludwig van Beethoven
Book: The Oxford Book of …

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