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Explore true stories of the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of hacking, data breaches, and cyber crime.

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98: Zero Day Brokers

August 3rd, 2021


Zero day brokers are people who make or sell malware that’s sold to people who will use that malware to exploit people. It’s a strange and mysterious …

97: The Pizza Problem

July 20th, 2021


What if someone wanted to own your Instagram account? Not just control it, but make it totally theirs. This episode tells the story of how someone …

96: The Police Station Incident

July 6th, 2021


Nicole Beckwith wears a lot of hats. She’s a programmer, incident responder, but also a cop and a task force officer with the Secret Service. In this …

95: Jon & Brian's Big Adventure

June 22nd, 2021


Jon and Brian are penetration testers who both worked at a place called RedTeam Security. They’re paid to break into buildings and hack into networks to test the security of those buildings. In this episode they bring …

Introducing: World's Greatest Con

June 15th, 2021


This is normally my week off, but I wanted to share something with you, another podcast I think is awesome! It's called World's Greatest Con ( It's a new podcast hosted by Brian …

94: Mariposa

June 8th, 2021


Chris Davis has been stopping IT security threats for decades. He’s currently running the company Hyas that he started. In this episode he tells a few tales of some threats that he helped stop.


Support for this …

93: Kik

May 25th, 2021


Kik is a wildly popular chat app. Their website says that 1 in 3 American teenagers use Kik. But something dark is brewing on Kik.

92: The Pirate Bay

May 11th, 2021


The Pirate Bay is a website, a search engine, which has an index of torrent files. A lot of copyrighted material is listed on the site, but the site doesn’t store any of the copyrighted material. It just points the user …

91: webjedi

April 27th, 2021


What happens when an unauthorized intruder gets into the network of a major bank? Amélie Koran aka webjedi was there for one of these intrusions and tells us the story of what happened.

You can find more talks from …

90: Jenny

April 13th, 2021


Meet Jenny Radcliffe, the People Hacker. She’s a social engineer and physical penetration tester. Which means she gets paid to break into buildings and test their security. In this episode she tells us a few stories of …

89: Cybereason - Molerats in the Cloud

April 6th, 2021


The threat research team at Cybereason uncovered an interesting piece of malware. Studied it and tracked it. Which lead them to believe they were …

88: Victor

March 30th, 2021


Victor looks for vulnerabilities on the web and reports them responsibly. This is the story about discloser number 5780.

Listen to episodes 86, and 87 …

87: Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers

March 16th, 2021


In 2016 the LinkedIn breach data became available to the public. What the Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers did with it then is quite the story. Listen to VictorEdwin, and Mattijs tell their story.


Support for …

86: The LinkedIn Incident

March 2nd, 2021


In 2012, LinkedIn was the target of a data breach. A hacker got in and stole millions of user details. Username and password hashes were then sold to …

85: Cam the Carder

February 16th, 2021


This is the story of Cam Harrison, aka “kilobit” and his rise and fall as a prominent carder.


Support for this show comes from IT Pro TV. Get 65 hours of free training by visiting And use promo …

84: Jet-setters

February 2nd, 2021


How bad is it if you post your boarding pass on Instagram? Our guest, “Alex” decides to figure this out for themself and has quite a story about what happened. You can read more from “Alex” on their blog 

83: NSA Cryptologists

January 19th, 2021


In this episode we interview two NSA Cryptologists, Marcus J. Carey and Jeff Man. We hear their story of how they got into the NSA and what they did …

82: Master of Pwn

January 5th, 2021


The Zero Day Initiative runs a hacker contest called Pwn2Own. The contest calls the best hackers in the world to demonstrate they can hack into …

81: The Vendor

December 22nd, 2020


This is the story of a darknet marketplace vendor we’ll name V. V tells his story of how he first became a buyer, then transitioned into seller.

This episode talks about drugs. Listener discretion is advised.

If you want …

80: The Whistleblower

December 8th, 2020


In this episode we hear a story from a social engineer who’s job it is to get people to do things they don’t want to do. Why? For profit.


Support for this episode comes from SentinelOne which can protect and …

79: Dark Basin

November 24th, 2020


What do you do when you find yourself the target of a massive hacking campaign, and you are getting thousands of phishing emails and someone …

78: Nerdcore

November 10th, 2020


Nerdcore music is music for nerds. In this episode we hear from some of the musicians who make Nerdcore music.

This episode features guests ytcrackerOhm-I, and Dual Core.

Content warning: This episode has explicit …

77: Olympic Destroyer

October 27th, 2020


In February 2018, during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea, a cyber attack struck, wiping out a lot of the Olympic’s digital infrastructure. Teams rushed to get things back up, but it was bad. Malware had …

76: Knaves Out

October 13th, 2020


This is the story about how someone hacked into JP Morgan Chase, one of the biggest financial institutions in the world. It’s obvious why someone …

75: Compromised Comms

September 29th, 2020


From 2009 to 2013 the communication channels the CIA uses to contact assets in foreign countries was compromised. This had terrifying consequences.

Guests this episodes are Jenna McLaughlin and Zach Dorfman.


This …

74: Mikko

September 15th, 2020


Poker is a competitive game. Unlike other casino games, poker is player vs player. Criminal hackers have understood this for a while and sometimes …

73: WannaCry

September 1st, 2020


It is recommend to listen to episodes 53 “Shadow Brokers”71 “FDFF”, and 72 “Bangladesh Bank Heist” before listening to this one.

In May 2017 the world fell victim to a major ransomware attack known as WannaCry. One of …

72: Bangladesh Bank Heist

August 18th, 2020


A bank robbery with the objective to steal 1 billion dollars. This is the story of the largest bank robbery in history. And it was all done over a …

71: Information Monopoly

August 4th, 2020


In this episode, we’re going into the depths of North Korea to conduct one of the greatest hacks of all time. To find a way to inject information into a country run by totalitarian regime.

A big thanks to Yeonmi Park for …

70: Ghost Exodus

July 21st, 2020


Ghost Exodus is a hacker. He conducted various illegal activities online. Some of which he documents on YouTube. He’s also a great musician. He got into some trouble from his hacking. This is his story.

A big thanks to 

69: Human Hacker

July 7th, 2020


We all know that computers and networks are vulnerable to hacking and malicious actors, but what about us, the humans who interface with these …

68: Triton

June 23rd, 2020


A mysterious mechanical failure one fateful night in a Saudi Arabian chemical plant leads a cast of operational technology researchers down a strange …

67: The Big House

June 9th, 2020


John Strand is a penetration tester. He’s paid to break into computer networks and buildings to test their security. In this episode we listen to stories he has from doing this type of work.

Thanks to John Strand for …

66: freakyclown

May 26th, 2020


Freakyclown is a physical penetration tester. His job is to break into buildings to test the security of the building. In this episode we hear stories of some of these missions he’s been on.

Thanks to Freakyclown for …


May 12th, 2020


PSYOP, or “Psychological Operations”, is something the US military has been doing to foreign audiences for decades. But what exactly is it? And …

64: The Athens Shadow Games

April 28th, 2020


Vodafone Greece is the largest telecom provider in Greece. But in 2004 a scandal within the company would pin them to be top of the news cycle in …

63: w0rmer

April 14th, 2020


The hacker named w0rmer was active within AnonOps. These are Anonymous Operations which often organize and wage attacks on websites or people often with the purpose of social justice. Eventually w0rmer joined in on some …

62: Cam

March 31st, 2020


Cam’s story is both a cautionary tale and inspirational at the same time. He’s been both an attacker and defender. And not the legal kind of …

61: Samy

March 17th, 2020


Samy Kamkar is a hacker. And while he’s done a lot of stuff, he’s best known for creating the Samy Worm. Which spread its way through a popular …

60: dawgyg

March 3rd, 2020


This is a story about the hacker named “dawgyg” and how he made over $100,000 in a single day, from hacking.

Thanks to our guest dawgyg for telling his story.


This episode is sponsored by SentinelOne - to learn …

59: The Courthouse

February 18th, 2020


In this episode we hear from Gary and Justin. Two seasoned penetration testers who tell us a story about the time when they tried to break into a courthouse but it went all wrong.


This episode was sponsored by …

58: OxyMonster

February 4th, 2020


OxyMonster sold drugs on the darknet at Dream Market. Something happened though, and it all came crashing down.


This episode was sponsored by …

57: MS08-067

January 21st, 2020


Hear what goes on internally when Microsoft discovers a major vulnerability within Windows.


Thanks to John Lambert for sharing this story with us.

56: Jordan

January 7th, 2020


This is the story of Jordan Harbinger. A bit of a misfit teenager, who was always on the edge of trouble. In this story we hear what happened that lead to a visit from the FBI.


Thanks to Jordan Harbinger for sharing …

55: NoirNet

December 25th, 2019


A holiday special episode. A private pen tester takes on a job that involves him with another eccentric pen tester, a mischievious smile, and his …

54: NotPetya

December 24th, 2019


The story of NotPetya, seems to be the first time, we see what a cyber war looks like. In the summer of 2017 Ukraine suffered a serious and …

53: Shadow Brokers

December 10th, 2019


The NSA has some pretty advanced, super secret, hacking tools. What if these secret hacking tools were to end up in the wrong person’s hands? Well, …

52: Magecart

November 26th, 2019


Credit card skimming is growing in popularity. Gas pumps all over are seeing skimmers attached to them. It’s growing in popularity because it’s …

Ep 51: The Indo-Pak Conflict

November 12th, 2019


Kashmir is a region right in between India, Pakistan, and China. For the last 70 years Pakistan and India have fought over this region of the world, …

Ep 50: Operation Glowing Symphony

October 30th, 2019


Operation Inherent Resolve was started in 2016 which aimed to combat ISIS. It was a combined joint task force lead by the US military. Operation …

Ep 49: Elliot

October 15th, 2019


In this episode we meet Elliot Alderson (@fs0c131y) from Twitter. Who is this strange masked person? What adventures have they gotten themselves …

Ep 48: Operation Socialist

October 1st, 2019


This is the story about when a nation state hacks into a company within another nation.


This episode was sponsored by IT Pro TV. Get 65 hours of free training by visiting And use promo code …

Ep 47: Project Raven

September 17th, 2019


This is the story about an ex-NSA agent who went to work for a secret hacking group in the UAE.


This episode was sponsored by Thinkst Canary. …

Ep 46: XBox Underground (Part 2)

September 3rd, 2019


This is the story about the XBox hacking scene and how a group of guys pushed their luck a little too far.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series.


This episode was sponsored by IT Pro TV. Get 65 hours of free training …

Ep 45: XBox Underground (Part 1)

August 20th, 2019


This is the story about the XBox hacking scene and how a group of guys pushed the hacking a little too far.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series.


This episode was sponsored by Nord VPN. Visit

Ep 44: Zain

August 6th, 2019


Ransomware is ugly. It infects your machine and locks all the the data and to unlock you have to pay a fee. In this episode we dive into some of the people behind it.


This episode was sponsored by CMD. Securing …

Ep 43: PPP

July 23rd, 2019


This is the story about how I acquired a black badge from DEFCON (pictured above).

We also hear the story about who PPP is, and their CTF journey at DEFCON.

This episode was sponsored by Nord VPN. Visit

Ep 42: Mini-Stories: Vol 2

July 9th, 2019


Three stories in one episode. Listen in on one of Dave Kennedy's penetration tests he conducted where he got caught trying to gain entry into a datacenter. Listen to a network security engineer talk about the unexpected …

Ep 41: Just Visiting

June 25th, 2019


Join JekHyde and Carl on a physical penetration test, a social engineering engagagement, a red team assessment. Their mission is to get into a …

Ep 40: No Parking

June 11th, 2019


Take a ride with a red teamer. A physical penetration tester as he tries to make his away into unauthorized areas, steal sensitive documents, hack into the computers, and escape with company property.

This episode was …

Ep 39: 3 Alarm Lamp Scooter

May 28th, 2019


A talk at Defcon challenged people to find a way to destroy a hard drive. A young man was inspired by this challenge and was determined to find a way to destroy a hard drive. But this is not a typical young man, with a …

Ep 38: Dark Caracal

May 14th, 2019


A journalist wrote articles critical of the Kazakhstan government. The government did not like this and attempted to silence her. But they may have done more than just silence her. Perhaps they tried to spy on her too. …

Ep 37: LVS

April 30th, 2019


The Venetian casino in Las Vegas Nevada was the largest hotel in the world until 2015. The parent company is Las Vegas Sands (LVS) which owns 10 properties around the world. And the CEO and founder of LVS is Sheldon …

Ep 36: Jeremy from Marketing

April 16th, 2019


A company hires a penetration tester to pose as a new hire, Jeremy from Marketing, to see how much he can hack into in his first week on the job. It doesn't go as planned.

Thanks to @TinkerSec for telling us this story.

Ep 35: Carbanak

April 2nd, 2019


ATM hacking. Hollywood has been fantasizing about this since the 1980's. But is this a thing now? A security researcher named Barnaby Jack …

Ep 34: For Your Eyes Only

March 19th, 2019


Nude selfies. This episode is all about nude selfies. What happens if you take one and give it to a vengeful boyfriend. What happens when a hacker …

Ep 33: RockYou

March 5th, 2019


In 2009 a hacker broke into a website with millions of users and downloaded the entire user database. What that hacker did with the data has changed the way we view account security even today.

This episode was sponsored …

Ep 32: The Carder

February 19th, 2019


A carding kingpin was tracked by the Secret Service. How did he steal the cards? Where was he stealing them from? How much was he making doing this? And where did he go wrong? Find out all this and more as we listen to …

Ep 31: Hacker Giraffe

February 5th, 2019


In late November 2018, a hacker found over 50,000 printers were exposed to the Internet in ways they shouldn't have been. He wanted to raise …

Ep 30: Shamoon

January 22nd, 2019


In 2012, Saudi Aramco was hit with the most destructive virus ever. Thousands and thousands of computers were destroyed. Herculean efforts were made …

Ep 29: Stuxnet

January 8th, 2019


Stuxnet was the most sophisticated virus ever discovered. It's target was a nuclear enrichment facility in Iran. This virus was successfully able to …

Ep 28: Unit 8200

December 15th, 2018


Israel has their own version of the NSA called Unit 8200. I was curious what this unit does and tried to take a peek inside. Hear what I found by listening along to this episode.

This episode was sponsored by Nord VPN. …

Ep 27: Chartbreakers

December 1st, 2018


Something is wrong with the Apple Podcasts top charts. As a podcaster, this personally annoyed and intrigued me. I investigate how this is happening and who is behind it.

For show notes visit

Ep 26: IRS

November 15th, 2018


The IRS processes $3 trillion dollars a year. A lot of criminals want to get a piece of that. In 2015 the IRS had a large data breach. Hundreds of …

Ep 25: Alberto

November 1st, 2018


Alberto Hill was sent to prison for a long time for hacking. For a crime he said he did not commit. Listen to his story and you be the judge on whether he's guilty or not.

Ep 24: Operation Bayonet

October 15th, 2018


Darknet markets are online black markets. They are highly illegal, and dangerous to run. Hear exactly how dangerous it was for Alphabay and Hansa dark markets.

Ep 23: Vladimir Levin

October 1st, 2018


When banks started coming online, they almost immediately started being targeted by hackers. Vladimir Levin was one of the first ever known hacker to try to rob a bank. He succeeded a little, and failed a lot. Vladimir …

Ep 22: Mini-Stories: Vol 1

September 15th, 2018


Three stories in one! In this episode we hear about a penetration test from Mubix that he'll never forget, a incident response from Robert M. Lee which completely stunned him, and a social engineering mission from Snow.

Ep 21: Black Duck Eggs

September 1st, 2018


Ira Winkler's specialty is assembling elite teams of special forces and intelligence officers to go after companies. Ira shares a story about a time he and his team broke into a global 5 company. A company so large that …

Ep 20: mobman

August 15th, 2018


Chances are, if you were downloading shady programs in the early 2000's, you were infected with malware he wrote called SubSeven. Hacking changed mobman's life. Hear how it happened by listening to this episode.

Image …

Ep 19: Operation Aurora

August 1st, 2018


In 2009, around Christmas time, something terrible was lurking in the network at Google. Google is the most popular website on the Internet. It’s so …

Ep 18: Jackpot

July 1st, 2018


A man addicted to gambling finds a bug in a video poker machine that lets him win excessive amounts of money.

Ep 17: Finn

June 3rd, 2018


A 14-year-old kid who finds himself bored in class decides to hack someone's twitter account and ends up with more than he bargained for.

Ep 16: Eijah

May 1st, 2018


In 2007, a hacker named Eijah got fed up with the way DRM prevented him from being able to play the content he paid for. He decided to fight back against the AACS and find a way to circumvent the DRM. By the time Eijah …

Ep 15: Ill Tills

April 1st, 2018


A major retailer was hacked. Their point of sales machines were riddled with malware. Listen to hear how digital forensics and incident responders handled the situation. What malware was found? Where was it found? How …

Ep 14: #OpJustina

March 1st, 2018


In 2013 a hospital was accused of conducting a medical kidnapping against a young girl name Justina. This enraged many people across the country, including members of anonymous. A DDOS attack was waged against the …

Ep 13: Carna Botnet

February 15th, 2018


In 2012 the Carna Bot was built and unleashed on the world. But it didn't have any intentions on doing anything malicious. It was built just to help …

Ep 12: Crypto Wars

February 1st, 2018


In the 1990's the Internet started to take shape. But the US goverment had strict laws regulating what type of cryptography is allowed to be used …

Ep 11: Strictly Confidential

January 15th, 2018


What happens when an innovative tech company, that's trying to develop the next big thing, detects a hacker in their network? We hear the story from …

Ep 10: Misadventures of a Nation State Actor

January 1st, 2018


In today's world of intelligence gathering, governments hack other governments. This episode takes you on a ride with a nation state actor to see exactly how it's done.

Ep 9: The Rise and Fall of Mt. Gox

December 15th, 2017


Mt. Gox was the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. It suddenly went offline. What happened?

Ep 8: Manfred (Part 2)

December 1st, 2017


Manfred found a way to turn his passion for video games and reverse engineering into a full time business. He exploited video games and sold virtual …

Ep 7: Manfred (Part 1)

December 1st, 2017


Manfred has had the most epic story of all online video game stories. For the last 20 years, he's been hacking online games.

Ep 6: The Beirut Bank Job

November 15th, 2017


Jayson E. Street tells us a story about the time he broke into a bank in Beirut Lebanon.


November 1st, 2017


Security researcher Kyle Lovett bought a new Asus router in 2013. He found it was riddled with security vulnerabilties. He set out on a mission to …

Ep 4: Panic! at the TalkTalk Board Room

October 15th, 2017


Mobile provider TalkTalk suffered a major breach in 2015. The CEO tried her best to keep angry customers calm and carry on. The UK government and …

Ep 3: DigiNotar, You are the Weakest Link, Good Bye!

October 1st, 2017


The 2011 DigiNotar breach changed the way browsers do security. In this episode, we learn what role a CA plays, how browsers work with CAs, and what …

Ep 2: The Peculiar Case of the VTech Hacker

September 15th, 2017


VTech makes toy tablets, laptops, and watches for kids. In 2015, they were breached. The hacker downloaded gigs of children's data. Discover what the hacker did once he took the data.

Ep 1: The Phreaky World of PBX Hacking

September 1st, 2017


Farhan Arshad and Noor Aziz Uddin were captured 2 years after being placed on the FBI's Cyber's Most Wanted list for PBX hacking. In this episode, we explain PBX hacking and how hackers are racking up billions of …

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