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The Couch Riffs Podcast is hosted by musician Mike Squires and features a variety of musical guests of all backgrounds and styles. Please check out the video counterpart of this podcast on IG, YouTube, Facebook, and at the Couch Riffs website! Support this podcast:… read more

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Couch Riffs Episode 80 : Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves

May 27th, 2020


Blag Dahlia, aka Blag The Ripper, is the leader of legendary punk band The Dwarves who have been pushing boundaries and melting brains since the mid-80s. Blag, it turns out, is quite well spoken which I was expecting. I …

Couch Riffs Episode 79 : Kathy Moore of Kathy Moore Super Power Trio

May 25th, 2020


This episode features guest Kathy Moore, one of the most in-demand and active guitarists in all of Seattle. We met a handful of years ago and it is …

Couch Riffs Episode 78 : Ken Haas of Reverend Guitars

May 18th, 2020


Ken Haas owns and operates Reverend Guitars in Ohio, USA and we are happy to have him as a guest on the Couch Riffs podcast this episode! Reverend Guitars has been producing amazing guitars since the late 90s and I …

Couch Riffs Episode 77: Dustin Boyer of John Cale and The Dusty Meadows Band

May 13th, 2020


Dustin Boyer is one of the most entertaining people to hang out with and talk to. There is literally no time for slowing down a conversation. But, more importantly you are hoping that some of his magic will rub off on …

Couch Riffs Episode 76 : Chris Buck of Buck and Evans, YouTube Creator, and Multiple Award Winning British Guitarist

May 11th, 2020


This episode features guest Chris Buck, one of the most talented rising stars in the guitar world today. Being a relatively early adopter of using …

Couch Riffs Episode 75 : Andrew McKeag of The Presidents of the United States of America, Andrew McKeag Band, and Tour Manager

May 6th, 2020


Our guest on this episode is a most excellent friend, shredding guitarist, and professional tour manager type, Andrew McKeag. Andrew is the type of guy that you can call at 3:30am to help get your car pushed out of a …

Couch Riffs Episode 74 : Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz

May 4th, 2020


Our guest this episode is the incredible Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz who last year put out their first album in well over a decade. Jimi went in deep on his process of writing this album along with the spiritual elements …

Couch Riffs Episode #73 : Jason Finn of The Presidents of the United States of America, Love Battery, Nevada Bachelors and more!

April 29th, 2020


This episode we feature guest and longtime inside-joking friend, Jason Finn known best for drumming in The Presidents of the United States of America. He will be our final guest for the official and not-real Drummer …

Couch Riffs Episode #72: Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Barrett Martin Group and tons more

April 27th, 2020


What can I say? Drummer Awareness Month is kicking ass even if it isn't a real thing. On this episode we have yet another amazing drummer in Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Barrett Martin Group, Tuatara, …

Couch Riffs Episode 71 : Oskar Haggdahl, NY Session Drummer

April 22nd, 2020


Our guest for this episode is the great NY drummer, Oskar "The Finnisher" Haggdahl (that's not really his nickname, I just made it up). He's performed with a number of artists in NY and around around the world including …

Couch Riffs Episode 70 : Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers and Big Talk

April 20th, 2020


Ronnie Vannucci is the drummer for The Killers, one of the biggest bands to emerge and remain from the early 2000s. These guys have a list of hits nearly as long as my family's felony conviction history. I met Ronnie a …

Couch Riffs Episode 69: David Bader, Guitarist and Music Journalist

April 15th, 2020


David Bader is a sweet man. I met him when he was pulling coffee at the Rough Trade Records coffee stand in Williamsburg and we hit it off …

Couch Riffs Episode 68: Scott Kannberg aka Spiral Stairs of Pavement and Preston School of Industry

April 13th, 2020


I'm so happy to have gotten the opportunity to get this episode recorded with Scott Kannberg. I've known Scott for many years, meeting after Pavement …

Couch Riffs Episode 67: Luis Kalil

April 10th, 2020


This episode's guest is the insanely talented and humble Luis Kalil. This young Brazilian shredder has been impressing and dazzling people for years on the internet by way of his YouTube videos and ESP Guitar clinics …

Couch Riffs Episode 66: Alex Auxier - Worldwide Artist Relations Manager for Orange Amps

April 8th, 2020


Our guest in this episode is Alex Auxier who has an interesting job in the musical world, Artist Relations for a renowned amplifier company, Orange Amps. If you've not seen the promotional videos that Orange has been …

Couch Riffs Episode 65: Jon Sortland drummer of The Shins, Cigar, EV Kain, and fancy video creator/director

April 6th, 2020


I met this episode's guest, Jon Sortland, 16 or 17 years ago, played with him a couple of times (even recorded an original song at one point) and then lost touch. Fast forward all these years later and he's in THE SHINS

Couch Riffs Episode #64 : Johnny Nails of The Chasers and Studio Professional

April 1st, 2020


My guest Johnny Nails was the singing guitarist/frontman for one of my favorite Seattle bands, The Chasers. I was fortunate enough to get to spend a short while as a member of this band in its final days and it was one …

Couch Riffs Episode #63: Kate Reddy aka Keli Lalita of 108

March 30th, 2020


My guest on this episode of Couch Riffs is Kate Reddy, guitarist of NY Hardcore band 108 and Krishna devotee. She also happens to be my neighbor, which is pretty fun. Even still, we did the interview over the phone …

Couch Riffs Episode #62: Ryan "Fluff" Bruce of Dragged Under and Riffs, Beards, & Gear

March 25th, 2020


I was stoked to have Ryan Bruce of longtime YouTube fame on the Couch Riffs podcast for this episode. Recently he was out on a national tour with his band Dragged Under as direct support for The Used, however, and he …

Couch Riffs Episode #61: Todd Kerns of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and LOTS OF OTHER THINGS

March 23rd, 2020


I hope you're all staying safe and healthy out there. This episode of Couch Riffs features the multitalented and charming sci-fi nerd Todd Kerns of …

Couch Riffs Episode #60: John Guffey of Hammersmith Rock Institute

March 18th, 2020


This episode features a dear friend, John Guffey, who co-operates a music school for kids in Vancouver WA called Hammersmith Rock Institute. John is …

Couch Riffs Podcast #59: Jason Verlinde, Publisher of The Fretboard Journal and semi-professional saw player

March 16th, 2020


Our guest for this episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast is none other than the publisher of The Fretboard Journal, Jason Verlinde. Now, this man is partially responsible for this podcast being what it is. He's given me …

Couch Riffs Episode 58: Dave Hillis - Producer/Recording Engineer (Pearl Jam/Alice in Chains/Afghan Whigs) and Guitarist (Mace/Sybil Vane)

March 9th, 2020


My guest on this episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast is Dave Hillis who transformed from 80s thrash guitarist to engineer and producer on recordings that you have most definitely heard. Albums like Pearl Jam's "Ten", …

Couch Riffs Episode #57: Corey Congilio, Guitarist and Instructor

March 2nd, 2020


Corey Congilio is a super bad mojo and, as a guest on the Couch Riffs video series, chose the toughest and most ambitious song of any guest we've had so far. What a stud! He nailed it, of course. Corey has tons of …

Couch Riffs Episode #56: Derek Sheen - Comedian, Metal Head, Guitarist

February 24th, 2020


Derek Sheen is probably the person I have the most in common with any Couch Riffs guest to date. And, I can't imagine hosting someone that I have a more similar history with. Please go check out Derek's comedy albums …

Couch Riffs Episode 55: Matt Gabs of Ravagers and formerly of Biters

February 18th, 2020


This episode's guest is Matt Gabs of Ravagers and formerly of Biters. Matt's a great hang and appeared in the Mississippi Queen Couch Riffs video alongside the party of Marvin Guitars and Daredevil Pedals wrecking crew. …

Couch Riffs Episode 54: Myrone - Producer, Writer, Rock of Ages guitarist and Soft Shred Pioneer

February 14th, 2020


By total chance, I met Myrone at NAMM '20 this year, introduced by our mutual buddy, David Von Bader. I must be the last person on Earth to learn about this insane talent because Myrone is one of the most exciting …

Couch Riffs Episode 53: Earl Slick of David Bowie, John Lennon, Phantom Rocker & Slick and more!

February 3rd, 2020


This episode's guest is none other than legendary sideman, Earl Slick. Earl has been a guitarist for David Bowie, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Robert …

Couch Riffs Episode 52 : Doug Rappoport of Edgar Winter Band

January 30th, 2020


We are happy to host Doug Rappoport in this 52 episode of Couch Riffs Podcast. Doug is the guitarist in the Edgar Winter Band and is a monster player and a great hang. We have met a few times over the years but only …

Couch Riffs Episode 51 : Mike Byle of Michael Byle Guitars, former Head Luthier of Private Stock Acoustic at PRS and Guitar Industry Fixer

January 27th, 2020


It was my pleasure to host Mike Byle in episode #51! I struck up a fast friendship with Mike while we were both working for PRS Guitars and bonded over our military pasts and punk rock music. But, we had PLENTY to talk …

Couch Riffs Episode 50: Scotti Hill of Skid Row

January 23rd, 2020


I was so stoked to have Scotti Hill of Skid Row as my 50th podcast guest! What a guy! What a player! I've seen Skid Row a couple of times, once in the early days and once recently and they are still kicking ass and …

Couch Riffs Episode 49: Robb Benson of Nevada Bachelors and Stereo Embers

January 13th, 2020


This episode features the amazing Robb Benson of Seattle's Stereo Embers and the band we both spent a good portion of the 90s in, Nevada Bachelors. Robb's current and longest running band, Stereo Embers, has two great …

Couch Riffs Podcast Ep. 48: Danko Jones

January 9th, 2020


This episode features guest Danko Jones from Toronto. Danko is a longtime torch carrier for rock music and has expressed his passion for music in many forms, most notably by fronting his own, Danko Jones, band but also …

Couch Riffs Episode 46: Wes Geer of (Hed)Pe, Korn, and Rock to Recovery

December 28th, 2019


Our guest this episode (and last episode, listen and find out what this means exactly) is Wes Geer of (Hed)Pe, Korn, and most Rock to Recovery. We met about 8 years ago in a festival catering tent and hit it off and …

Couch Riffs Episode 45: Aaron Mlasko of Mlasko Drums and Former Touring Drum/Stage Tech

December 19th, 2019


My guest on this episode is Aaron Mlasko, builder of Mlasko Drums and former touring stage manager/tech for numerous bands including my band, Duff McKagan's Loaded. Aaron's resume is pretty impressive and I feel like …

Couch Riffs Episode 44: Gabe Rowley of Rowley Guitar Co.

December 18th, 2019


The guest on this episode is Gabe Rowley of Rowley Guitar Co. This young luthier has been turning out beautiful guitars for 4 or 5 years now and I'm …

Couch Riffs Episode 43: Luke Hilton of Stone Deaf FX

December 16th, 2019


This episode's guest is Luke Hilton of Stone Deaf FX out of the UK. Designed and built in the UK, these pedals are worth checking out. I have enjoyed using their flagship pedal, the PDF-1, for about 7 years now and it …

Couch Riffs Episode 42: Jefferson Angell of Walking Papers, The Missionary Position and Post Stardom Depression

December 12th, 2019


My guest on this episode is the finely focused and driven Jefferson Angell, best known as the frontman of Walking Papers. As a 20 year friend and fan of Jeff's body of work it was a treat to have him as a guest. We …

Couch Riffs Episode 41: Scott Parker, Music Industry Survivor

December 10th, 2019


This episode's guest is Scott Parker, former record label guy, (my) former band manager, and former manager of Foo Fighters' studio, 606. From a record store to the label mail room and onward Scott has seen a bit of …

Couch Riffs Episode 40: Kelsey Warren of Blak Emoji

December 6th, 2019


Joining us for this episode is New York musician Kelsey Warren of Blak Emoji, a dark and sexy electro-pop band from NY, NY. The new album, Kumi, is about to get a deluxe re-release in 2020 with new tracks and remixes. …

Couch Riffs Episode 38: Billy Rowe of Rock 'n Roll Relics Guitars and Jetboy

December 2nd, 2019


This episode's guest is a double-whammy! Builder of Rock 'n Roll Relics Guitars AND guitarist in Jetboy, Billy Rowe hopped on the line for a long …

Couch Riffs Episode 37: Bart Rose of Fort Worth Sound

November 29th, 2019


This episode's guest is Bart Rose of Fort Worth Sound in Dallas/Ft Worth TX. I've know Bart since grade school but his early impression on my musical …

Couch Riffs Episode 36: James Carbonetti of Carbonetti Guitars and Caveman

November 27th, 2019


Our guest this episode is NY native and man about town, James Carbonetti. James builds the beautiful and unique Carbonetti Guitars, plays guitar in

Couch Riffs Episode 35: Hutch Harris of The Thermals

November 25th, 2019


This episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast we have Portland's finest, Hutch Harris of now defunct band, The Thermals. I've probably spent more hours listening to The Thermals than any other Portland band. Possibly any …

Couch Riffs Episode 34: Steven McSwain of McSwain Guitars

November 22nd, 2019


This episode of Couch Riffs our guest is Steven McSwain of McSwain Guitars. Absolutely ridiculous, intricate industrial/art guitars that do not …

Couch Riffs Episode 33: Wolfe Macleod of Wolfetone Pickups

November 20th, 2019


This episode's guest is the one I've known the longest of any (so far), Wolfe Macleod of Wolfetone Pickups in Seattle WA. Wolfe and I grew up in the …

Couch Riffs Episode 32: Jon Sullivan of Sully Guitars

November 18th, 2019


This episode's Couch Riffs guest hardly needs an introduction if you're a person in the guitar building community. Jon Sullivan of Sully Guitars has …

Couch Riffs Episode 31: Robb Cappelletto

November 14th, 2019


This episode of Couch Riffs features Toronto-based guitar maniac, Robb Cappelletto. If you aren't familiar with Robb's brand of prog/jazz/rock writing and playing, do yourself a favor. Go find him on Spotify, iTunes, or

Couch Riffs Episode 30: Dallas Seger of Seger Guitars

November 11th, 2019


This episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast features guest Dallas Seger of Seger Guitars out of Bangor, Maine. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, "The Seger YG model has the sickest carve you will find …

Couch Riffs Episode 29: Tony Reed of Mos Generator, Hot Spring Water, and Big Scenic Nowhere

November 7th, 2019


This episode of Couch Riffs Podcast features guest Tony Reed, the creator of one of my all-time favorite albums, Mos Generator's "The Late Great Planet Earth". If you've never heard this album, do yourself a favor and …

Couch Riffs Episode 28: Johnny Wator of Daredevil Pedals

November 4th, 2019


This episode features independent pedal builder and musician Johnny Water of Daredevil Pedals, The Last Vegas, and The Evictions who are about to record a new album. Started in Chicago, Daredevil Pedals is putting out …

Couch Riffs Episode 27: Derek Springer of Rola Amps and Union Jack Amps

November 1st, 2019


This episode features guitar amp builder Derek Springer of Rola Amps in Tacoma, WA. If you've seen a rock show in Seattle in the last 8 years or so …

Couch Riffs Episode 26: Adam Grim of Satellite Amps

October 28th, 2019


The newest episode in a series with independent builders and makers in the music world! Adam Grim is not a shy man. He loves to tell a story and he certainly has some to tell. He also builds great guitar and bass amps …

Couch Riffs Episode 25: Keith Horne of Marvin Guitars

October 24th, 2019


This is the first in a series of episodes through the end of 2019 featuring independent music instrument builders and makers.  Keith Horne has been hand building Marvin Guitars since 2015 and is doing amazing work. His …

Couch Riffs Episode 24: Kim Warnick of Fastbacks and Visqueen

October 9th, 2019


This Episode of Couch Riffs Podcast we are SO happy to have our first woman and one of our favorites of all time: Kim Warnick of The Fastbacks. If you don't know Kim or The Fastbacks you're missing out. She's …

Couch Riffs Episode 23 : part 2 Frank Sidoris of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

October 1st, 2019


Part 2 of my very long and fun conversation with Frank Sidoris of Slash's band, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! 
Thanks for listening! Please check out the other Couch Riffs …

Couch Riffs Episode 22 : part 1 Frank Sidoris of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

October 1st, 2019


The youngest of The Conspirators by many years, Frank has the amazing position of holding it now for one of the most (if not THE most) recognizable …

Couch Riffs Episode 21 : Eric Howk of Portugal. The Man

September 13th, 2019


My guest this week is the always-a-good-time, shred loving guitarist Eric Howk of the band Portugal. The Man. Eric is a veteran of the Seattle music scene, a great player, a smart musician and writer, and an awesome …

Couch Riffs Episode 20 : Luke Doucet of Whitehorse, Sarah McLachlan and Veal

August 21st, 2019


Couch Riffs is very happy to have Luke Doucet as a guest. I've been a longtime fan of Luke's music and, in particular, his guitar playing. We cover a …

Couch Riffs Episode 19: Christian Martucci of Stonesour and Black Star Riders

August 2nd, 2019


This week Mike talks with Christian Martucci, a rock 'n roll lifer who had the talent to make some higher level stuff happen and the persistence and …

Couch Riffs Episode 18 : Ryan Waters of Sade, Liv Warfield, Heart, Pink, and Roadcase Royale.

July 24th, 2019


Ryan Waters is as cool as they come. And, he's a wicked guitarist. And, possessing those two qualities will get you in to some great situations which …

Couch Riffs Episode 17: Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver

July 10th, 2019


Dave Kushner is the guest on this episode of the Couch Riffs Podcast and I LOVED having him as a guest. Dave's career is one built out of persistence (and talent, of course). He cycled through many bands and projects …

Couch Riffs Episode 16: Rob Balducci (Favored Nations Recording Artist)

July 3rd, 2019


Rob Balducci was a humble and cool fella to hang with for an afternoon and a Hell of a guitarist. He has released 3 albums on Steve Vai's record …

Couch Riffs Episode 15: Ben Goldsmith of Ben Goldsmith and The Original Band

June 26th, 2019


Ben is 13 years old and totally crushing it already. He has a bright future ahead of him and I'm extremely excited to see what he does with his …

Couch Riffs Episode 14: Sonny Mayo of Snot, Amen, Hed PE, Sevendust, Ugly Kid Joe, and Rock to Recovery

June 19th, 2019


Sonny Mayo is one of my favorite people I've met and when I say ever I mean ever. When I simply think about him I usually feel better and smile. That's his way. We met, like many of my acquaintances and friends, on tour …

Couch Riffs Episode 13: Joe Reineke of Society of the Silver Cross

June 13th, 2019


This episode features my good friend, musician, engineer and producer, singer/songwriter, and all-around good and decent human being, Joe Reineke of The Meices, Alien Crime Syndicate and, most recently, Society of the …

Couch Riffs Episode 12: Mrs Smith

May 21st, 2019


This episode's guest is the charismatic, mysterious, unlikely guitar hero Mrs Smith. Mrs Smith first came on radar a couple of years ago after some videos of street-shredding/busking came across my screen. I've been …

Couch Riffs Episode 11: Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard and Last In Line

May 8th, 2019


Vivian Campbell has had a great career playing in legendary bands since the early 80s. Sweet Savage (as covered by Metallica), Dio's original band for the first three albums (Classic KILLERS, all three), Whitesnake …

Couch Riffs Episode 10: Shane Enholm of Santa Clarita Tattoo

April 21st, 2019


I'm honestly not sure how this slipped by and went unpublished until now. I mean, Shane recorded the intro that I use on every single podcast for …

Couch Riffs Episode 9: Buckcherry's Stevie D, Kelly Lemieux, and Kevin Roentgen

April 3rd, 2019


On this episode of Couch Riffs Podcast I had the pleasure of hosting the guitar/bass team from Buckcherry, Stevie D, Kelly Lemieux, and Kevin Roentgen. We played Nights On Broadway by The Bee Gees and it was a gas! If …

Couch Riffs Episode 8: Timo Ellis of Netherlands

March 27th, 2019


My guest on the Couch Riffs podcast this week is one of the earliest Couch Riffs performance guests from pre-podcast conception. Timo Ellis is an …

Couch Riffs Episode 7: Jared James Nichols

March 15th, 2019


This is the complete conversation during my hang with Jared James Nichols in which the entire video was loooooost! NO! That's okay, the show was …

Couch Riffs Episode 6: Nabil Ayers of 4AD

February 27th, 2019


I've known Nabil for over 20 years, been in two bands with him, and clocked countless van miles with him. He's one of the most consistent and rock …

Couch Riffs Episode 5: Brad Houser of The New Bohemians

February 24th, 2019


To say that Brad Houser merely impacted my musical life is hardly true. He almost entirely put me on a course, in fact. I must've seen Critters …

Couch Riffs Episode 4: John Roderick Part 2

February 24th, 2019


What can I say? John Roderick is like my brother, driving me crazy much of the time but I love him a lot. Like anyone close to John I've spent countless hours having discussions with him, like this one, late in to the …

Couch Riffs Episode 3: John Roderick Part 1

February 24th, 2019


What can I say? John Roderick is like my brother, driving me crazy much of the time but I love him a lot. Like anyone close to John I've spent countless hours having discussions with him, like this one, late in to the …

Couch Riffs Episode 2 : Alex Skolnick of Testament

February 18th, 2019


Alex Skolnick is one of the most versatile guitarists in the metal game and was waaaaay ahead of the curve when it came to shred metal guys taking a …

Couch Riffs Episode 1 : Matt Sweeney of Chavez and Guitar Moves

February 8th, 2019


Our first episode is finally here! The amazing Matt Sweeney and I had almost an hourlong conversation immediately following the recording of our …

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