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Waste Not, Warm Not: App feeds people instead of landfills


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You don't have to be an extrovert to do something big for the planet.  Food Rescue US is a smartphone app developed by a pastor and a programmer that harnesses our collective good intentions to solve the difficult problem of food waste.

The app connects businesses and farms with food to donate,  agencies feeding the hungry, and volunteers into efficient community networks that direct edible food away from landfills and into people's bellies.

This reduces landfill methane, a potent short lived climate pollutant and prime target for rapid climate action, while bringing disparate parts of the community together. 

We talk with co founder Kevin Mullins about the spiritual aspects of food rescue, learn about the digital nuts and bolts from computer programmer Jim Reeseman and hear first hand accounts of food rescue missions organized by the app and the reactions of donors, recipients, and volunteers.

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