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Join me in the Conversation of Our Generation as we solve the problems of today with the wisdom of the past. We will look at politics, news, religion, philosophy and more with the hope of diving below partisanship and bias to understand the Truth better. Support this podcast:… read more

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240. What happened to yesterday's episode?

September 1st, 2021


So sorry to miss the episode yesterday! Here's an update on what's going on with me, and an apology for not keeping my schedule.

--- Send in a …

239. Neo-paganism & The Human Person | The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

August 24th, 2021


I've noticed a revival of pagan ideas and rituals that have caught on in numerous movements. The climate movement, racial movements (on both the …

238. Postmodernism & The Human Person | The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

August 17th, 2021


The postmodernist movement is a reaction to the ideas of the enlightenment, often referred to as modernity. Basically, it developed in the mid 20th century, largely due to the developments of the 19th and early 20th …

237. Scientism & The Human Person | The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

August 10th, 2021

Why Science is Good

Science is a tremendous gift, and has led to incredible human flourishing. The advancements we've seen due to science allow us to live radically more comfortable lives than our ancestors. Because of …

236. Materialism & The Human Person | The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

August 3rd, 2021


According to Wikepedia, "Materialism is a form of philosophical monism that holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all …

235. Naturalism & The Human Person | The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

July 27th, 2021


According to Wikipedia, Naturalism is "the idea or belief that only natural laws and forces (as opposed to supernatural or spiritual ones) operate in the universe. Adherents of naturalism assert that natural laws are …

234. The Golden Mean for Understanding Objective and Subjective Reality

July 13th, 2021


I've discussed the Golden Mean a number of times on the podcast and in various ways. Today, I want to reiterate what the Mean is and how we use

233. Is Patriotism Good? | Reflections on the 4th of July

July 6th, 2021


Today, I'd like to take a break from the series I've been rolling out to discuss patriotism in honor of Independence Day. We should always be …

232. Unity of Subject and Object

June 29th, 2021


In today's episode, I want to talk more about the marriage of object and subject in the human person, and what that means.

Find out more here: Unity …

231. What is Subjective Reality?

June 22nd, 2021


Last week, I discussed objective reality and why we can trust our intuitions that the world around us is there. And, we can come to know things about the world, even if limited. Today, I want to discuss subjective …

229. What is Objective Reality?

June 15th, 2021


Shownotes: What is Objective Reality?

A major problem I see in our society is that we've divorced objective reality and subjective experience. Instead of recognizing the world around us as it is and trying to relate to …

228. Peter Kreeft's Intro to the Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas

June 11th, 2021


 I wanted to start reading the Summa Theologiae by Thomas Aquinas - until I realized it was a multi-volume set. So, I despaired and looked for …

227. You're Not A Monk | Unexpected Advice From a Priest

June 8th, 2021


"You're not a monk." That was the reaction I got from a priest as I confessed that I'd slipped in my prayer life. And it struck me. He pointed out that my duty is not to spend X amount of time in prayer, but to be a …

226. Nicomachean Ethics Book 2, Class 2

June 1st, 2021


Because I'm not feeling great today, I'm posting class 2 from my course on the Nichomachean Ethics. I wanted to still have something for you today. …

225. Suffering For The Truth & The Importance Of Integrity

May 28th, 2021


The importance of integrity cannot be overstated. If we want to be good, honest people, we have to act out of integrity. We must find a way to uphold …

224. When Civil Disobedience Is Justified

May 25th, 2021


Civil disobedience is a popular way of changing laws without violence. This is an option when we can no longer use the normal channels like …

223. Human Nature In Stories | Lessons From The Lord of the Flies

May 21st, 2021


What can we really know about human nature? I think one of the best ways to understand it is through stories. Sure, biology can tell us how our body …

222. We Should Ban Abortion | Why We Should And How We Do It

May 18th, 2021


The Supreme Court is taking up a case that could seriously limit abortion. Mississippi banned abortion after 15 weeks, and now the Supreme Court is …

221. Problems with Libertarianism | A Look At Libertarian Political Philosophy

May 14th, 2021


Libertarianism is a fractured and somewhat incoherent political camp if you look at libertarians as a whole. But, there are many sharp libertarians …

220. The Most Beautiful Place I've Ever Been & More Mailbag Questions

May 11th, 2021


Today's episode will be a mailbag episode with 4 really good questions from people in the Conversation of Our Generation community. I really appreciate the feedback I've been getting and wanted to hear what's on …

219. Why a Political Philosophy Is Important | Natural Law by Lysander Spooner

May 7th, 2021


Our society has a problem discussing politics and political ideas, and I think I know the issue. Our country has divided itself on many issues, but …

218. Political Division in America – What's Causing it, and How Do We Fix It?

May 4th, 2021


Political division has become a serious problem in America. But what is causing this divide between right and left? I discuss that with Ross Benes, …

217. The Use of Comedy in Literature | Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors

April 30th, 2021


Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors is a great example of how slapstick comedy in literature can bring life to a story and make it more enjoyable.

"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious."
-Peter Ustinov

Listen to or …

216. Confronting Feminism and Media Bias with Traditional Values

April 27th, 2021


I sat down with Julie Mastrine to discuss feminism, media bias, culture, and traditional values. She's a writer at @evie_magazine and director of …

215. How to Tolerate Injustice | Lesson from the Martyrdom of Polycarp

April 23rd, 2021


Our society is not perfectly just. There are many shortcomings and issues we face as we work toward a more just society. But, we do not know how to …

214. Finding Purpose As A Man In A Culture Hostile To Masculinity

April 20th, 2021


One of the biggest struggles for young men today is how to find their purpose. In a culture that is hostile to men, deeming almost everything "toxic …

213. How to Protect Privacy and Property from Big Tech

April 16th, 2021


Privacy is a major concern right now as big tech runs rampant, doing whatever it pleases. So, how do we protect our rights to privacy and property from the greedy and intrusive hands of big tech? That's what I'll …

212. Antitrust and Big Tech | Why Conservatives Should Tread Carefully

April 13th, 2021


I had the chance to sit down and speak with Ashley Baker, an expert in antitrust. We discussed antitrust and big tech, and how conservatives should …

211. Elitism and Prideful Disdain | A Nasty Story by Fyordor Dostoevsky

April 9th, 2021


In Dostoevsky's Nasty Story, we follow the dreadful evening of a prideful bureaucrat. The story follows Ivan Ilyich Pralinsky, as he decides to crash …

210. Political Action and the Call to "Do Something"

April 6th, 2021


Every time we have a tragedy or catastrophe happen, there are calls to "do something." Often, the "something" we're supposed to do isn't specified. …

209. Breaking the Rules of Philosophy

April 2nd, 2021


I once heard a teacher tell his students, "If you want to be able to break the rules, you have to know them first." Basically, the point is something …

208. Failures of Modernity and Rationality

March 30th, 2021


In this episode, I talked to John Timaeus of Modernity Has Fallen about epistemology, rationality, and the failures of modernity. John writes about …

207. Was Lincoln a Good President?

March 26th, 2021


Many will argue that Abraham Lincoln was the best president we've had, or at least one of the best. What made Abraham Lincoln great in many people's …

206. What Is Distributism?

March 23rd, 2021


What is distributism? I talked to a distributist about how to implement a distributist economic system and why it's best.

I recently sat down with Michael Thomas of Sharon to discuss distributism, and how it's different …

205. How to Criticize Government | Two Treatises on Government by John Locke

March 19th, 2021


John Locke was an influential Enlightenment thinker whose work inspired many of the Founding Fathers. Locke was a philosopher and is commonly regarded as the Father of Liberalism. Since his work has come up in other …

204. Defending Property Rights From Government and Big Tech

March 16th, 2021


In this episode, I talked to Brook Medina from the John Locke Foundation about defending property rights from government and big tech. But, we also discussed capitalism vs. distributism, John Locke, beauty, and much …

203. Why Christianity Is True | Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton

March 12th, 2021


I recent finished Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton, and it was a truly delightful book. Although it might have helped reading it with a scotch and cigar. …

202. Are Online Courses The Key to Education?

March 9th, 2021


Instead of truly educating people, we've used our school system to push out mindless drones. That is not to say that the average person today doesn't …

201. Conquering Evil | Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Book Review

March 5th, 2021


In my previous book reviews on the first two books, I discussed how to take responsibility and know when it's time to fight. Each of those is a great lesson, and I recommend you check those out if you haven't. For this …

200. Restoring Old Homes with Beauty and Purpose

March 2nd, 2021


I've talked to a couple of architects and discussed the charm of local neighborhoods. In my conversation with Bill Martin, we discussed restoring old …

199. Time to Fight | Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Book Review

February 26th, 2021


There comes a time when you have to fight, even if it seems hopeless. I think we're at that point in our culture. And no, I'm not calling for actual …

Sneak Peek | Course on The Golden Mean | Nichomachean Ethics, Book 1

February 25th, 2021


This is a sneak peak of my course on the Golden Mean. In this installment, I go through the first book of Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics. Together, …

198. How to Prevent Burnout

February 23rd, 2021


This episode is a bit of a departure from my normal conversations about politics, philosophy, etc. Nicole from the Infinity Twins podcast joined me …

197. What is Virtue? | Book Review Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

February 19th, 2021


A lot of people are happy to note that virtue is lacking in our society, and we have a lot of work to do if we want a virtuous society. But, I hear …

196. The Golden Mean

February 16th, 2021


The Golden Mean is an idea found in Aristotle's Ethics, The Tao Te Ching, and the Analects, and describes the right way of being. I've talked about …

195. Take Responsibility and Bear Your Burden | The Fellowship of the Ring Book Review

February 12th, 2021


Today, I want to talk about the first book of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. I think we're in a place where each of us has had something similar to Frodo thrust upon us. In the book, …

194. How to Build A More Virtuous Society with The Vital Masculinity Podcast

February 9th, 2021


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephen and Brian from The Vital Masculinty Podcast to discuss how we can build a more virtuous society. On …

193. Problems with Money | What Has Government Done to Our Money by Murray Rothbard

February 5th, 2021


Today we will be talking about what government has done with our money. Or better yet, the book: What Has Government Done To Our Money by Murray Rothbard. And, the reason I want to talk about this today is because I …

192. Traditional Architecture Lesson| History of the Pantheon and St. Peter's

February 2nd, 2021


I've wanted to do a deep dive into the history of architectural landmarks, and recently got the chance. Frank Cunha, who I've been talking to via Twitter, offered to talk about some of the buildings that changed how we …

191. The Road to Hell | Book Review of Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky

January 29th, 2021


Not sure if you've ever read Russian literature (I know I avoided it in high school). But, if you haven't it is something unique. In Notes From …

190. Saving the Family From our Culture - Scott Yenor Interview

January 26th, 2021


The family is under attack in our culture today, with many ideologies attempting to undermine it. So, what can be one to push back? Last month, I …

189. Learn How to Discuss Ideas from Plato's Symposium

January 22nd, 2021


Plato's Symposium is a great guide on how to discuss ideas. In this book, you'll get an in-depth look at a lengthy discussion about love. Despite having competing theories, the people in this book are able to discuss …

188. Finding Unity and Mending a Divided Nation

January 19th, 2021


Our country is obviously divided, politically, culturally, and religiously. Despite living in the same country under the same laws, we have two …

187. The Common Sense We Need | Book Review

January 15th, 2021


Common sense is in short supply nowadays. People are up in arms about politics, but should we be? Well, Thomas Paine explains his case for rebellion, …

186. Smiles Matter, Problems With COVID Lockdowns

January 12th, 2021


The Covid lockdowns have ruled our lives for nearly a year. Still, there seems to be no end in sight. Despite the issues with the lockdowns, we can …

185. Civil Unrest in Shakespeare's Henry VI

January 8th, 2021


Shakespeare's King Henry VI teaches us what the costs of civil unrest can be. Furthermore, it shows us how tensions rise and reach a boiling point that cannot be reversed. So, have we reached that point? I don't think …

184. Crazy Elections in America's Past

January 5th, 2021


This year's election is no doubt one of the most interesting we've had, and certainly unique. Trump's presidency was notable in many ways, and that continued through the 2020 election. With all the chaos and confusion …

183. Top 25 Must Read Books for 2021

January 1st, 2021


Instead of another book review, I decided to make a reading list with 25 must read books for this year. Reading is a great way to learn and connect with the wisdom of the past, so I wanted to help people find some great …

182. What Divides Libertarians - My Conversation with Sean Boston

December 29th, 2020


What divides libertarians is often just degrees of liberty that should be allowed and tactics of how to achieve those ends. Mainly, libertarians …

181. Have a Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2020


I hope you are having a Merry Christmas! Today, I want to remember what this day is about and take a moment to read the stories given to us about the birth of Jesus. So, I will read the stories of the Nativity in the …

180. Talking Politics And Virtue

December 22nd, 2020


In our society, politics has jumped to the front of most everyone's mind. Despite its prominence in our lives, it seems that many people don't know …

179. Book Review | The Recovery of Family Life by Scott Yenor

December 18th, 2020


So, I'm now back in the office for recording, and if you can't see it you should check out my YouTube Channel. You'll be able to watch the book …

178. Problems With Feminism

December 15th, 2020


I talked with the ladies from Freed From Feminism a few months back and wanted to revisit a few great parts of our conversation. In this conversation, we discussed a wide range of problems with feminism. So, I thought …

177. Book Review | Plato's Republic

December 11th, 2020


Plato, one of the best known Greek philosophers, was a student of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle. He's notable not only for his tremendous …

176. Answering Your Mailbag Questions

December 8th, 2020


Today is mailbag day! So, I'll be answering your Mailbag Questions. Before I dive into those questions, I'll be talking about a tweet of mine that went viral and why I think it did. Plus, I'll discuss how people …

175. Book Review | Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis

December 4th, 2020


This is the second book by C.S. Lewis that I've reviewed. The Abolition of Man is a work that I believe is prophetic, but not just because it …

174. Reviving Traditional Art

December 1st, 2020


I recently sat down with Amy Mastrine, an artist who works in traditional mediums, to talk about the state of art. Finding a way to create new …

173. Book Review | The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli

November 27th, 2020


In order for you understand the modern political landscape, it is important to read Machiavelli's The Prince. It includes detailed and wise accounts …

172. Power of Ancient and Esoteric Wisdom

November 24th, 2020


I recently sat down with Brendan Heard of the Aureus Press to talk about traditionalism and power of ancient and esoteric wisdom. After his book about the decline of Western Art, Brendan continued to writing. This led …

171. Book Review | The Meaning of Conservatism by Roger Scruton

November 20th, 2020


Roger Scruton is one of the leading conservative philosophers of the last century, and potentially of all time. His book, The Meaning of Conservatism,

170. Culture From the Conservative Perspective - Alan Cornett Interview

November 17th, 2020


Today, many people don't understand what it means to be conservative. In fact, the whole conservative perspective is often misrepresented and …

169. Book Review | State of the Nullification Movement

November 13th, 2020


The nullification movement is something that has been pushed by the Tenth Amendment Center and other people concerned with limiting Federal power. …

168. Drawn in by Beauty - Stained Glass Zealot Interview

November 10th, 2020


Recently, I sat down with the Stained Glass Zealot to talk about the beauty of stained glass, and how it draws you in. Check out his Twitter account …

167. Book Review | Nineteenth-Century Thought by Richard Schoenwald

November 6th, 2020


A lot of change started happening in the 18th century and by the 19th century it was full steam ahead. With change came a lot of difficulty adapting. …

166. Election Thoughts, Libertarianism, ACB and More with Sean Boston

November 3rd, 2020


With the election today, I thought it would be good to share a discussion I had with Sean Boston where we talked about our election thoughts and much …

165. Book Review | Shocking Secrets of American History by Bill Coate

October 30th, 2020


In keeping with this week's episode on history, I decided to bring out a book from my library on history to review today. In this episode, we'll look …

164. Dispelling Common Catholic History Myths

October 27th, 2020


There are so many Catholic history myths out there that are so ingrained in our minds that we just believe them. But, are these stories we know for …

163. Book Review | The Analects, The Doctrine Of The Mean, and The Great Learning by Confucius

October 23rd, 2020


I wanted to review the Doctrine of the Mean and the Analects because I think they are full of amazing wisdom. Confucius is, in my opinion, on par …

162. How To Engage In Discussions - Conversation The WGN Podcast

October 20th, 2020


I had the chance to talk to the guys at the Winner Gets Nothing Podcast about a range of topics. In this episode, we discussed, politics, religion, …

161. Book Review | Titus Andronicus By William Shakespeare

October 16th, 2020


Titus Andronicus is a beautiful tragedy out of the collection of William Shakespeare's works. I think it's important for modern people to read …

160. Restoring Traditional Architecture - Zach the Architect Interview

October 13th, 2020


The art of architecture has been corrupted. It is no longer aiming at beauty, but either purely utility or novelty. Instead of aspiring to lift up …

159. Book Review | Jefferson's Great Gamble by Charles Cerami [A look at the Louisiana Purchase]

October 9th, 2020


One president and two future presidents worked together on the Louisiana Purchase. This book dives into the story of how they did that, and what it …

158. Justice, Politics, Reading and More with The Vital Masculinity Podcast

October 6th, 2020


I had the chance to sit down (virtually) with Brian Murphy and Stephen Sloyer from the Vital Masculinity Podcast to talk about some of the things …

157. Book Review | Letter to a Suffering Church by Bishop Robert Barron

October 2nd, 2020


I know the abuse scandal was a huge obstacle in my faith. I felt as though I couldn't trust the Church or the pastors who were supposed to shepherd …

156. Art From the Point of View of an Artist - Amy Mastrine Interview

September 29th, 2020


I sat down to chat with Amy Mastrine, a talented artist, about her work and the state of art today. Beauty and art are essential to culture. When the

155. Book Review | How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

September 25th, 2020

About the author, Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie's life is a story of success - a true rags to riches tale. Though he shares the last name of the steel titan, Andrew Carnegie, they aren't related. Dale Carnegie actually …

154. How To Become A Published Author

September 22nd, 2020


I sat down with Matt Nunes, author of Last Call to learn what it takes to become a published author. If you're interested in writing and publishing your work, this interview will give you what you need to get started. …

153. Book Review | Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard

September 18th, 2020


The Anatomy of the State is a great look into how the modern state operates. It is a guide to understanding how the idea of government has largely been perverted. Today's book review will dive into this book and who …

152. Where's The Line Between Politics And Morality?

September 15th, 2020


When can we legislate an opinion? Who is to say that an opinion is a fact? The left has long called to bring the personal into politics, while also …

151. Book Review | The Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

September 11th, 2020


Recently, I decided to revisit The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde because it had been a while since I'd read it. And, I must say that I forgot how entertaining the book is. That's why I recommend you listen …

150. Unplug To Recharge

September 8th, 2020


We're so plugged into the internet all the time that we rarely see how much of our attention it requires - and how much energy that zaps from us. …

149. Book Review | The Screwtape Letters By C.S. Lewis

September 4th, 2020


We all can fall to temptation, normally without even realizing it. The Screwtape Letters are a riveting series of story-like letters that show how people can be tempted to turn away from God. Whether or not you believe …

148. Justice of the Ancient World and Today

September 1st, 2020


What is justice? It is something that we feel intuitively, but often have trouble pinning down. We know very often when a particular action is …

147. Book Review | Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands by Roger Scruton

August 28th, 2020


With leaders of the influential BLM movement claiming to be avowed Marxists, I think it's good we look at what Marx and his followers believe. This …

146. Observing Politics Without Going Crazy

August 25th, 2020


The important thing in observing politics is to maintain objectivity and ability to discuss politics in a disassociated manner. This allows one to …

145. Book Review | Win Bigly by Scott Adams

August 21st, 2020


I read Scott Adam's Win Bigly a couple years after the election of Donald Trump, and it was then that I realized what happened in that election. Up until then, I thought it was a bit lucky with some skill combined with …

144. How To See Through The Media's Lies

August 18th, 2020


We recently looked at how much faster lies spread than the truth. But, I want to dive deeper to see how we're being lied to and help you identify …

143. Book Review | Empire of Lies by Andrew Klavan

August 14th, 2020


Play the episode below, and once you like it, subscribe to the podcast.

This is the second book I've reviewed from Andrew Klavan, and the first book of his that I've read. He offers a riveting story that has you …

Bonus Episode 3 | Conversation With Joe Rigi At Our Warpath

August 13th, 2020


Play the episode below, and once you like it, subscribe to the podcast.

The Catholic Church has a term called the "Church Militant," which is the …

142. Don't Attribute To Stupidity That Which Is Proven To Be Malice

August 11th, 2020


Stupidity doesn't explain everything. And, in our culture, it seems like too many sensible people deny evidence that points to malice in favor of the …

141. Book Review | Freedom of Religion Decisions of the United States by Maureen Harrison & Steve Gilbert

August 7th, 2020


A great bonus to buying this book is that it has a copy of the entire Constitution and the amendments in the back. (Just sayin...) But, more importantly, it is a barely-edited version of the decisions by the Supreme …

140. Secularism, America's Established Church

August 4th, 2020


We now have an established church in our country, and it is a Secular Church. The first amendment's "freedom of religion" clauses had a distinct …

139. Book Review | Art of War by Sun Tzu

July 31st, 2020


It's truly amazing the way the wisdom from Art of War has lasted, and most likely will last much longer. There's tremendous advice relevant to those …

138. Feminism And The Attack on Femininity | Interview with Freed From Feminism

July 28th, 2020


I sat down on Saturday with Beth and Theresa to talk about why they've decided to reject the premises and conclusions of Feminism. These two ladies have left behind the ideas of feminism and embraced their femininity, …

137. Book Review | Villains of the Early Church by Mike Aquilina

July 24th, 2020


Go to the episode.

Wonder how the Church has addressed issues as they arise? If you want to learn more about the early heretics and persecutors the early Christians faced, this is an easy book to read.

Buy your copy of

136. Reclaiming Beauty in an Ugly Culture

July 21st, 2020


The beautiful has been lost in our culture. Beauty has been reduced to lustful images and true beauty has been neglected and attacked. If we want to …

135. Book Review | Filthy Rich by James Patterson

July 17th, 2020


With everything going on with Ghislaine Maxwell, and potentially another "suicide" on the way, I thought it would be good to give my thoughts on a …

134. How to Defend America

July 14th, 2020


One of our Founding Fathers, and first President, George Washington gave us tremendous advice on defending the nature of our republic at his farewell address. He described a set of problems and how to address them that …

Conversation of Our Generation Trailer

July 10th, 2020


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133. Book Review | The Supreme Court Landmark Decisions by Tony Mauro

July 10th, 2020


This is a great book that will help you understand the Supreme Court, how they make decisions, and how those decisions affect you. It's a great look into the major cases that have shaped America, and most especially, …

132. Is America Worth Defending?

July 7th, 2020


Is America irredeemable? Is it an intrinsically evil place, built on evil principles? Or, is it a place worth defending?

-Frederick Douglass"A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the …

131. Book Review | The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

July 3rd, 2020


In Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway tells the story of an elderly fisherman in Cuba who's struggling to make ends meet. He's poor, and desperately so. He has a young man who helps him, and he mentors him some.


130. Interview with the Vital Masculinity Project

June 30th, 2020


A few weeks back, I had the chance to sit down and talk to the guys at the Vital Masculinity Project. The conversation covered a range of topics, and …

129. Book Review | 12 Rules For Life by Jordan B. Peterson

June 26th, 2020


In case you haven't heard me talk about Jordan Peterson, you should know I'm a huge fan. I think he's one of, if not the, greatest intellectual …

128. Why Marx is Wrong From Premise to Conclusion

June 23rd, 2020


Having read the Communist Manifesto and most of Das Kapital, it is apparent where Marx goes wrong right off the bat. All of his thought is littered with bad logic, but most of all, it is built on the improper …

127. Book Review | Controversial Essays by Thomas Sowell

June 19th, 2020


Thomas Sowell is one of the clearest thinkers and communicators, and has a deep knowledge on a range of topics. Controversial Essays is perfect proof …

126. When Lies Spread Faster Than Truth

June 16th, 2020


Our world has turned its back on truth, and instead looks to the comforting story. Truth is not as important as avoiding cognitive dissonance. The idea is "if you upset me, it's not because something's wrong with me,

125. Book Review | Politics by Aristotle

June 12th, 2020


Our politics are breaking down, and has been for a while. I think that if we want to talk to each other, we’ll need to start speaking the same …

124. Our Pornographic Culture

June 9th, 2020


We have effectively separated the subject from the object in our culture. We no longer see other people as people, but as "bodies." This is evident …

123. Book Review | Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

June 5th, 2020


If you're looking for a better understanding of statistics and what they mean, Outliers, is a really interesting look into how trends can really affect individual outcomes en masse.

I have written and talked about the …

122. Problems With Police And Riots

June 2nd, 2020


Those of you who listen to my podcast and follow my blog know that I have no love lost for the authorities. I believe that many of our institutions …

121. Book Review | True Crime by Andrew Klavan

May 29th, 2020


If you're looking for an entertaining read, True Crime is a great book. It is an interesting look into the criminal justice system and what it's like to sit on death row.

-Thomas Aquinas"Justice is a certain rectitude …

120. Keep The Old Normal

May 26th, 2020


I'm worried that we're being prepared for a "new normal," and one that will be harmful to us. I've seen a couple signs of this and wanted to call …

119. Book Review | Don't Burn This Book by Dave Rubin

May 22nd, 2020


In a time when discussion is angry and partisan, it is refreshing to have a book that addresses real issues seriously- but not too seriously. Don't …

118. Direct Your Intellectual Pursuits

May 19th, 2020


It seems to me all to common that people pursue theories for sake of pursuing them, rather than a search for truth. The problem in this is that truth is the end, and our capabilities to be rational and seek truth are a …

117. Book Review | Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

May 15th, 2020


Marcus Aurelius was an Emperor of Rome. He was also a wise, Stoic philosopher. He might be more remembered for his writings than what he did as a …

116. 3 Fallacies Destroying Our Discourse

May 13th, 2020


In today's discourse there is a lot of bad dialogue. Many people fling ideas out there with little to no consideration, and many of these ideas are fallacious.

I'd like to look at several fallacies that really disrupt …

115. Book Review | Confessions by St. Augustine of Hippo

May 9th, 2020


Saint Augustine - "God had one son on earth without sin, but never one without suffering."

Saint Augustine of Hippo, a late-in-life convert and one …

114. What has man done to man?

May 6th, 2020


One of my favorite poems is William Wordsworth's "Lines Written in Early Spring." I came across this poem a couple years ago as I started reading his …

113. Book Review | The Soul of the World by Roger Scruton

May 2nd, 2020


While I have no problem looking at the world and seeing the spiritual realm as well. I am not a materialist. But, for those who are, this book will …

112. Time To Do The Things You've Wanted To Do

April 29th, 2020


With the lockdown continuing and even the prospects of a reopen small, it would be a good time to do the things you've wanted for a while. I've tried …

111. Book Review - Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell

April 25th, 2020


Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell is a great look into how economic disparities that we hear a lot about play out in the real world. Statistics are a snapshot at a certain time, in a certain place, of a …

110. The Economy Is People

April 22nd, 2020


We have a lot of talk today that "It's worth saving one life, even if we ruin the economy." People who say this overlook the fact that the economy is …

109. Book Review - Walden & Civil Disobedience

April 18th, 2020


In these times of social isolation and government encroachment, we can take some lessons form Henry David Thoreau's Walden and essay Civil …

108. Die Free Or Live As A Slave?

April 15th, 2020


We are in the middle of a real threat that I don't want to underplay. I do, however, fear that our solution is untenable. We cannot violate our …

107. Book Review- The First Philosophers: The Presocratics and the Sophists

April 10th, 2020


Wanted to try something new to take your mind off of all we're facing right now and start a new part of the podcast where I review books I've read and loved.

I started this on my YouTube channel, but am not always …

106. A Time For Rebirth

April 7th, 2020


Spring is a wonderful time of year. Gardens, trees, forests come to life and emerge from their slumber. Today, as we are in our mandatory hibernation …

105. Basics Of Money And The Problem Of Government Spending

March 31st, 2020


We just passed the largest stimulus bill in American history by a long shot. And while people may celebrate their $1,200 check or complain about the …

104. Coronavirus Rules Everything Around Me

March 24th, 2020


Over the last couple of weeks and months I’ve avoided putting out an opinion on the Wuhan Flu, But with the reactions we’ve seen from authorities, I think it’s important to have different ideas out there

There is a lot …

103. Irish Influence in America

March 17th, 2020


I’ve recently been reading a book about Irish immigrants in the American West during the westward expansion. This open my eyes to the role Irish …

102. How To Start Off On The Road To Financial Freedom Pt. 4

March 10th, 2020


Last thing we have to look at in this series is how you get your adult life started building wealth. We'll look at things people put off for so long …

101. How To Start Off On The Road To Financial Freedom Pt. 3

March 3rd, 2020


In this episode we’ll continue our discussion on financial freedom. Well look at some alternatives to college that can help you get better jobs.

The …

100. How To Start Off On The Path To Financial Freedom Pt. 2

February 25th, 2020


After high school comes a fork in the road. Today we will cover one of those which is the college route.

"Financial freedom is available to those who …

99. How To Start Off On The Path To Financial Freedom Pt. 1

February 18th, 2020


I find that one of the most important things that we can do in our life to increase liberty is to be financially free. That doesn’t mean you have to make $1 million a year. And, in fact, I want to start off by talking …

98. Do Facts Matter?

February 11th, 2020


My answer, yes... most of the time at least. It seems that facts only matte when they serve your point of view. People use them as clubs rather than in search of truth.

"I went to the woods because I wished to live …

97. How To Attain Virtue Through Discipline

February 4th, 2020

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature."
Marcus Aurelius

The 7 …

96. How To Handle Emotions: A Discussion On The Passions

January 28th, 2020


In this episode, we'll discuss the Passions, or emotions, and how to channel them properly. This comes from St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, and …

95. Why We Have The Right To Guns

January 21st, 2020


The Second Amendment debate has recently heated up quite a bit due to new laws that Virginia is trying to pass to restrict gun ownership.

Today we will talk about why there is a second amendment and four major reasons …

94. You’ll Be Missed, Roger Scruton

January 14th, 2020


A couple days ago, a genius, philosopher, and one of my personal inspirations passed away. Roger Scruton has done yeoman's work answering the Modernism and Postmodernism that has set out to define our time.

“Art once …

93. The Way, The Truth, The Life: Part 4

January 14th, 2020


In the last couple episodes, we discussed how you can come to know things about God, the order of creation, and how we should act in their creation, …

92. The Way, The Truth, The Life: Part 3

December 24th, 2019


Last week I talked about the Logos or "That which gives order to the universe." We talked about how it was necessary that Truth flows from the Creator God.

Today, we'll talk about the Way- or what Aristotle and …

91. The Way, The Truth, The Life: Part 2

December 17th, 2019


Last week we talked about God as the Creator and source of life. We established certain pieces of his nature that have to be present to be the supreme being.

This week, we'll discuss more about His nature and the order …

90. The Way, The Truth, The Life: Part 1

December 10th, 2019


Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." This is a hard thing to understand. How can He be the way to God, Truth Itself, and real Life?

I believe that we have to …

89. Why Christmas Shouldn't Replace Advent

December 3rd, 2019


There's no more Advent season anymore- just Christmas. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, it's the Christmas season, not Advent, that is all across America.

However, I believe we lose a big chunk of what it means to …

88. Thanksgiving And The Importance Of National Holidays

November 26th, 2019


When we live in fractured and splintered times like we do today, it is more important than ever to have times and traditions that we all hold sacred.

87. Impeachment Update

November 19th, 2019


This will be a quick episode where I try to capture my basic thoughts on the current impeachment proceedings. I try not to talk too much about the …

86. What’s Wrong With The Wealth Tax?

November 12th, 2019


With everything going on with the election, and all the hype around Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax, I felt it would be good to weigh in on this idea. …

85. What Does Kanye’s Conversion Mean For The Culture?

November 5th, 2019


Kanye, as a cultural leader and visionary has influenced every piece of pop culture from music to fashion. His latest album has made waves-as did the …

84. The 80/20 Rule Of Politics

October 29th, 2019


The 80/20 rule is often used to find the highest value next steps. You should ask, "how can 20% of the effort get me 80% of the way to the place I …

83. College Is Dying- What Will Replace It?

October 22nd, 2019


The college system is going away. It's obvious that the economic writing on the wall is there. However, education will remain. The question is what …

82. Scientists Aren't Philosophers... And Vice Versa

October 15th, 2019


It seems as though we have trouble delineating between different means of understanding the world and how those should be used. I've seen …

81. The Climate Change “Crisis”

October 8th, 2019


The panic over climate change seems to be getting worse and worse despite the fact that the predictions have been wrong time and time again. Today, I …

80. The Problems With Schooling (And Some Solutions)

October 1st, 2019


It seems that school has lost sight of the goal that they should be educating and challenging students instead of indoctrinating them. The system we …

79. Finding Freedom Through Discipline

September 24th, 2019


This is something I discovered in my life a while ago, and have not had a single way of saying until listening to Jocko Willink and Akira the Don's remixes of his talks. There's one song called Discipline Equals Freedom …

78. Can We Make The Government A Little Less Stupid?

September 17th, 2019


Our government system has corroded over the 240 years since our founding, but I think there's a chance for us to revive it a little bit. I do not …

77. What's With The Nation-building?

September 10th, 2019


As Trump calls off a meeting with the Taliban and the leaders of Afghanistan, we asked the questions: Why are we still there? When can we leave?

The first question is easy to answer for anyone who has little siblings. …

76. Problems With Objectivism

August 27th, 2019


I find that today many people that I agree with on many things subscribe to the objectivist philosophy. It almost seems as if Ayn Rand is every libertarian-leaning person's favorite philosopher. Today, I'd like to talk …

75. Glossing Over The Good- Rewriting History As Racist

August 20th, 2019


Today we discuss why America's history is not a story of racism, but one of triumph over racism, though it could have been faster to do so. This is …

74. What's Wrong With Asking Questions? The Fallacy Of Conspiracy Theorist

August 13th, 2019


It's all too common to hear Conspiracy Theorist thrown around as if it is an argument stopper. However, it's just another example of ad hominem …

73. How To Talk About Tragedy

August 6th, 2019


We have a problem in our society of standing on the bodies of innocent victims and placing blame. Instead, we should do the right thing: pray for the …

72. Nullify, Nullify, Nullify

July 30th, 2019


I am in favor of every means of exacting back power and sovereignty from government overreach that does no harm to individuals in the process. I do not advocate defiance of every law, but I do see it fit to have the …

71. Correcting The Course Of The Arts

July 23rd, 2019


Today, art is most often trivial or vile, and there's little that truly brings enrichment to the human experience. But how can we find a way to make …

70. How To Find Success- And What That Really Means

July 16th, 2019


The recipe for success is not as straight forward as people like to make it out to be. There are many factors that play into success: how hard you work, inherent skill, passion, and some luck.

Today, I'll explain …

69. What It Means To Be A Patriot

July 9th, 2019


With the Fourth of July behind us, I wanted to take time to reflect on what it means to love your country and to be a patriot. I think this is an …

68. Don't Jump The Gun

June 25th, 2019


It's all too common for us to jump to conclusions in the digital media world. But, a little patience and context can help us save ourselves from rash judgements, and therefore, save the person we're judging.

"Take …

67. What We Need To Come Together

June 18th, 2019


We need forgiveness and mercy to return to our society if we want to see it mended. You cannot reconcile, nor would anyone look to do so, if there is …

66. The People Behind The Statistics

June 11th, 2019


We often hear stats and detach ourselves from their reality. Yesterday, I heard a podcaster make a great point about statistics and give them life. Today I'd like to look at that and expand on it.

"Life it is not just a …

65. Gay Pride And Secular Prejudice

June 4th, 2019


Today, I'd like to talk to you about several recent events or news stories that have made the news, and what they say about our culture.

"Without …

64. The Abortion Debate- How To Have The Conversation

May 28th, 2019


Today we'll be diving into the topic of abortion. Due to the new bills being put forward, it seems necessary to touch on this issue. We will walk through the main arguments on both sides and why I fall where I do. Then, …

63. A Rose By Any Other Name...

May 14th, 2019


It seems to me that commonplace things like gender and sex have been upended. But, that was not where this relativistic use of terms began. Many terms have turned into "what they mean to me," rather than what they …

62. Gardening Your Way to Freedom

May 7th, 2019


There are many ways to take control of your life. One big thing we can do is to create self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and preparation into our …

61. Masculinity and Femininity Revisited

April 30th, 2019


I found water in my basement this morning, which had to be addressed, but didn't want to leave you hanging. So, I pulled this out of my archives. …

60. Take The Personal Out Of The Political

April 23rd, 2019


We can't have rational discussions when disagreement is a personal affront. That's why the issue of "making the personal, political," is such a …

59. Lessons Of History And The Loss Of Notre Dame

April 16th, 2019


Yesterday, the historic Cathedral of Notre Dame was all but destroyed in a huge fire. While lamenting the fact that I will now never see that work of art, and all those in it, in the way people have for centuries, I …

58. We Don't Need No Education

April 9th, 2019


Today we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of college, why I think it's a bad deal for almost everyone there, and other options that are …

57. Oh, That's Just Semantics

April 2nd, 2019


Why is language important? Well, it's a way of conveying meaning, and when it's used for masquerading meaning instead, that's deceit. Today, too many people misuse language or twist the meaning of words to forward …

56. Don't Put Your Faith In Princes-Observing Politics And Celebrity

March 26th, 2019


My first episode of the podcast talked about the collusion being floated around and why it's absurd. Now, the report has come out and only the people …

55. The Faults Of Modernism

March 19th, 2019


Modernity has done a lot to improve the circumstances of billions of people around the world. Free markets, personal liberty, science, and art have done amazing things for humanity in the last several hundred years. …

54. Simplifying Our Lives And The Good It Brings

March 12th, 2019


It's Lent, and this is a time of fasting for Catholics, but it's also a great time to learn what it's like to simplify life. We can learn which …

53. Always Question Assertions, Narratives, and Opinions

March 5th, 2019


Today, both sides of the isle take too much as true on their own side and dismiss any point the other side makes off hand. We need a middle ground. We need people who question whatever is said by those in power, and …

52. Have a Sense of Humor

February 26th, 2019


Today let's dive into the thing our society needs: humor. What makes things funny? Why is humor in short supply in our culture today?

"Everything …

51. Finding Truth in an Unsure World

February 19th, 2019


Today there are two quotes of the week to show you two prevailing views of the Truth. One is that it is something that exists outside of ourselves and is able to be conveyed through honesty. The latter is that it is …

50. Capitalism vs Socialism

February 12th, 2019


President Trump declared in his latest State of the Union that, "America will never be a socialist country." This is a positive declaration by a president who has often flirted with too much intervention in the economy. …

49. How Can We Move Past Race?

February 5th, 2019


The racial politics we're in right now has had obvious negative effects, especially over the last ten years. What can we do to move past race and see …

48. Render Unto Caesar

January 29th, 2019


Can public schools teach the Bible? What does the 1st amendment say? What can we learn about reading the Bible both religiously and secularly?

47. Healing the Country's Divisions

January 22nd, 2019


In honor of MLK Day, I wanted to talk about healing the country's divisions, since he was so instrumental in healing our racial divisions. It seems we are divided among new lines.

We may have all come on different …

46. Make the Government Shutdown Permanent, Mr. President

January 15th, 2019


I know I've tried to be less political, but I think this is a good lesson for us. It's been weeks since the government shut down, and you would never …

45. Becoming More Disciplined Through Abstinence And Action

January 8th, 2019


I apologize for the 2 week hiatus! Both of the last 2 Tuesdays were Holidays, and with family in town and an unexpected illness, I was unable to do …

44. Leap of Faith or Just a Step?

December 18th, 2018


I want to talk about faith and how it is not some giant leap that starts you on a journey, but a small step at the end of a journey of learning.

"Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to …

43. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

December 11th, 2018


We often look at our ancestors as rubes or primitive, but they were far smarter than we give them credit for. Maybe they hadn't advanced technology …

42. Everyday is a New Year

December 4th, 2018


Learn how everyday is the start of a new year. With that in mind, I often find motivation for the year to come, and gratitude for the past year.

"Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every …

41. The News Makes You Stupid, So Ignore It

November 27th, 2018


Over Thanksgiving weekend, I stopped watching news, checking Twitter, and binging political podcasts- which I'm pretty sure upped my IQ by a solid 20 …

40. Gratitude In A World Of Envy

November 20th, 2018


With Thanksgiving this week, an episode focusing on gratitude seemed like it would make sense. This has been a focus in my life due to a push in the …

39. Empathy, A Cure For A Fractured Nation

November 13th, 2018


Empathy is an undervalued skill since in a world of victimhood, we focus all too much on sympathy.  No one seems to want others to understand their …

38. To Vote Or Not To Vote...

November 6th, 2018


With the election day being today in Indiana, I wanted to discuss my decision. I will weigh the pros and cons of voting and how I would vote if a …

37. Restoring Civility In America

October 30th, 2018


With a week filled with obvious signs of escalation from rhetoric to real threats of violence and even ideologically driven violence, it seemed …

36. Importance of the Arts

October 23rd, 2018


Too many people today have little regard for what the arts are. It seems to me that art is often more about being absurd or outlandish than portraying beauty. Rather than being a vehicle for expressing the truths that …

35. The Ethics of Liberty

October 16th, 2018


Today, I will take a look into the way Liberty falls into an ethical landscape. We will discuss why it's important to have Liberty to be an ethical person and why a society founded on the ideals of Liberty require an …

34. Learn From Failure, Don't Fear It

October 9th, 2018


Learn how failure can be conquered from the micro level to the macro. Understand the process of taking failure as it is and incorporating it into your life.

"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed …

33. From the Battle Within to the One Without

October 2nd, 2018


Today, I won't be talking about war necessarily, but the idea of battle and how that can manifest within oneself, in politics, in philosophies, and …

32. Institutions of Justice

September 25th, 2018


As we've talked about before, an institution is far more than a physical place, but the shared understandings our culture uses as shortcuts to …

31. Meditations of an Emperor and a Sage

September 18th, 2018


Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor, possibly one of the greatest emperors, but is remembered mostly for his Meditations. These are a compilation of thoughts he recorded for himself as a sort of journal, and were never …

30. Marriage In Today's World

September 11th, 2018


After last week's show, I've decided to continue with the format that I tried last week as it seemed to go smoothly. I enjoyed hitting a topic from several angles, and I think it's an idea worth continuing, so this week …

29. Education From Different Angles

September 4th, 2018


We have a new format! Instead of an hour of me going on about one topic, I decided to break it up into segments about each of the main tenants that make up the Conversation of Our Generation. I will still have my quote …

28. Changing Hearts to Building Virtue

August 28th, 2018


How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

-William Shakespeare

What can we do to brighten our world? How can we light the candle that shines a light onto the beams of our …

27. Philosophers, Artists, and Sages

August 21st, 2018


Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. -Ludwig van Beethoven

The man who arrives at the doors of artistic creation with none …

26. Creating Good In Your Life And In Your World

August 14th, 2018

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

In a time when fear and hatred seem …

25. Corruption of Good

August 7th, 2018


This week, I will discuss the idea of corruption. What does it mean to be corrupted? How does one become corrupted?

What is power? Why does power have this corrupting effect? How do we defend against it?

"Power tends to …

24. Is God Good?

July 31st, 2018


The question of whether or not God is good came up recently in a debate on Twitter with Vin Armani and I, and it made me reevaluate my position on this. I was striving to reconcile the idea when a quote in Confessions 

23. Artificial Intelligence and Human Consciousness

July 25th, 2018

Those who know the Self become the Self. None in their family forgets the Self. Freed from the fetters of separateness, they attain to immortality.
Let this wisdom be taught only to those who obey life's unity. Let this …

22. Confessions of St. Augustine and How They Apply Today

July 18th, 2018

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? …

21. Lessons Millennials Can Learn From The Jungle Book

July 10th, 2018

If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs, and blaming you. The world will be yours and everything in it, what's more, you'll be a man, my son.
-Rudyard Kipling

The jungle book it is a …

20. 4th of July Special, a look at Our Founding Documents

July 4th, 2018


The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are two of the most important documents in the history of governance, especially in the United …

Bonus Episode 2: Dan Johnson of We Do Better

June 30th, 2018


Today, I am honored to welcome Dan Johnson of We Do Better to talk to me about how to help charities and organizations that provide better solutions …

19. Freedom and Ethical Behavior

June 27th, 2018


Quote of the week:

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one."
-Marcus Aurelius

This week we have seen what the media is …

18. Binging On Jordan Peterson's Podcasts

June 19th, 2018


Quote of the Week:

As a caterpillar, having come to the end of one blade of grass, draws itself together and reaches out for the next, so the Self, having come to the end of one life and dispelled all ignorance, gathers …

17. The Value Of The Individual

June 13th, 2018

Today is a special show

Today, I will discuss the ideas behind the inherent value of the individual and lay out my beliefs on how the idea of the individual interacts with hot topics of today's world. I will dive deep …

16. The Fracturing Of Capital And Decentralized Economies

June 6th, 2018


Today, I would like to build off of last weeks show about bureaucracy. I touched on how businesses, like governments, will have to shed bureaucracy …

15. Predicting The End Of Bureaucracy

May 30th, 2018


In this episode I take time to speak about Memorial Day and what it means. I think it is important to spend time reflecting on the sacrifices made to preserve our freedom. Also, I begin a new series and part of the …

14. College Do's And Don'ts

May 23rd, 2018


This episode we will discuss:

  • How to save money at college
  • How to make the most of your time there
  • How to balance work and college
  • How to …

13. Talking Ideas, Not People

May 16th, 2018


"Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People."

This quote is often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, but its origins are unclear. The truth in it is indisputable, however. As we …

12. The Effects Of Love On Society And Its Divine Roots

May 9th, 2018


In this episode, I dive into the divine source of love, and the effects that Love has on society starting from the individual level.

Join the Conversation of Our Generation!!! SUBSRIBE to The Conversation of Our …

11. Is The Collective Good... Good?

May 1st, 2018


With last week's travesty in the U.K. over Alfie, I wanted to discuss the idea of the collective and the collective good. In this, I will argue that …

10. Institutions And Conservatism (Not The Way You're Thinking About It)

April 25th, 2018


Finally to 10 episodes!! Today, I discuss what institutions are and how they come about as well as the conservative view on them. I also dive into what conservatism really means through the lens of The Meaning of …

9. Americanism, Grit, Entrepreneurship, And Solutions

April 17th, 2018


This episode covers the idea of Americanism from Mark Levin's new book and some of the non-political takeaways I had. One of these characteristics …

8. Victimless "Crimes" And My Birthday Reflection

April 11th, 2018


Today I discuss victimless crimes and how the only victim is the person being sent to jail for their "offense."

Also, with it being my birthday, I take time to reflect on the past year, and how I look at the milestones …

7. Roseanne's Ratings And What It Shows About Conservatism

April 3rd, 2018


Roseanne made headlines with a huge debut of her reboot, the culture of Middle America was thrusted into the realm of debate. Was this reboot …

6. Omnibus Bills, Clear Backpacks And The Constitution

March 28th, 2018


What do the clear backpacks in Parkland and the Omnibus Bill have in common? Both are a misunderstanding of our system and the Constitution.

We …

5. Absolute Truth And Natural Law

March 21st, 2018


Join me as I dive into my thoughts on Truth and Natural Law. I discuss  my idea on the Truth and the idea that it's an asymptote. From that I derive my understanding of the Natural Law as the order that proceeds from …

Bonus Episode 1: Vin Armani Interview On Cryptosavagery, Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy And Culture

March 15th, 2018


Join the Conversation of Our Generation and Vin Armani as we discuss the direction of our culture. We will talk about a range of topics from …

4. #MeToo, School Shootings, Masculinity vs. Femininity

March 13th, 2018


Listen to the whole show to hear the Big Announcement at the end!!

This episode of the Conversation of Our Generation focuses on the #MeToo Movement …

3. Free Speech In Today's World

March 7th, 2018


In this episode, we will talk about a guy arrested for giving a cop the finger, Prager U's lawsuit with Google/YouTube, Jordan Peterson's interview with Cathy Newman and what the Founding Fathers have to say about Free …

2. The Road To Progressivism And The Amendments That Paved The Way

February 27th, 2018


Progressivism has become a huge part of American Society. But where did it come from? What are the underlying ideas? Where is it going? This podcast …

1. Trump-Russia, Fusion GPS And Machiavelli

February 20th, 2018


For the first episode of he Conversation of Our Generation podcast we will look at Trump-Russia collusion and Fusion GPS's role from a new angle. We …

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