Surfin’ Safari, s01e04

June 23rd, 2018

Episode description

Surf music @ Tracklist: Surflamingo - Cantina The Reventlos - Death Of A Reventlo The Langhorns - The Vice Of Killing The Monzels - Sharkskin Sleepwalkers - Mr. Z Waikiki Makaki - Interstate Death Toll The 427's - Stingray Shuffle No. 1 The Sentinals - Pismo Beach Federale - Road to Battle Gary Hoey Feat. Dick Dale - Misirlou The Astronauts - Pipeline The Supertones - Shangai Surf Friends of Dean Martinez - All The Pretty Horses Natural Calamity - Dark Water & Stars Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Mummy Walk Rubens & the Barichellos - Geronimo The Barracudas - I Can't Believe You're Really Mine Lost Acapulco - Miradas De Amor Playboys - Desperado Satan's Pilgrims - Buggin' Out

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